Brendan Franco

Brendan Franco

I’ve been investing since I turned 18, which was last April. It was something that I’d like to do. I was just always interested in business and in math. When I turned 18, I made my own account and got started.

I had been watching Jeremy before I even started investing. When I started, I put in around $6K.
And then that tripled in a matter of three months. So I was already 20K plus in a matter of three months!

There are a lot of copy cats out there but I stick to Jeremy, Jeremy is legit. He knows what he’s doing.
And I have high confidence in Jeremy.

How are you doing, brendan? I’m doing that. Awesome, awesome. So tell me a bit more about your journey, how you started investing, and then how Jeremy came along into it. I’ve been investing since I turned 18, which was last April, and.

As always, something that I’d like to do, and I was just always interested in business and math in school and, you know, once I to start 18, I made my own account. And I got started. And it just so happened that the crash had happened, like when I turned 18 in April.

So I was like, OK, perfect timing, right? We had very similar stories. Miami, my kind of too. But that’s awesome. Glad to see that there’s other people out here really trying to better themselves that early age. So at one point, at what point did you find Jeremy then?

Oh, I had been watching him before I even started investing. Awesome So you start off with Jordan right away. So you always took a long term approach. Yeah yeah, that’s. Yeah And so tell me some stocks you’re holding right now, some stocks.

I’m holding right now, JD dotcom. I’m holding a. I’m holding walgreens, I’m holding series logic, I’m holding this new stock I just invested in New beverages, new age, beverages, beverages. Yeah, that’s what I think that’s going to do really well.

Grapefruit and I yeah, that’s just the majority actually aren’t more diversified and such, but also what are some important lessons you’ve learned from Jeremy so far? I will just stay a long time, that’s for sure, because obviously, there were times like this year that I try to be greedy and I threw a portion of money in like short term call option, and that didn’t work out.

But obviously, there was times that I actually made a lot of money from jermey with Nordstrom. Yeah, it was absolutely insane. I bought some apro call options for 15 or Nordstrom, and Nordstrom was at 30 and a week, I believe, in the back in November.

And I sold, I believe, 12 my money. I think it was just absolutely insane. That’s crazy, man. So what was your portfolio when you started. And what is it at now? Well, when I started, I put in around $6,000 and then by myself in the March crash in April, the first stock I ever invested in my spirit airlines, and it was like $7 a share.

And then obviously, that tripled in a matter of three months. So I was already 20,000 plus in a matter of three months. And then in the summer in the summer, I put I wasn’t really diversified much. I put it all in roku’s stock and it doubled it doubled up in a matter of three months.

So I guess I was just beginner’s luck, but it was absolutely insane. And then at the time, I was on my portfolio was a little 40 k, but I only threw a Nordstrom. And that was doing things. And so what do you think you’re missing right now to secure your investment to the next level?

Oh, actually, another crazy investment in one year, the stock as a stock. I was I was highly convicted of it. And it was it was kuvan 3/3/60 digitized. And they were at $10 in the beginning of January and throughout the whole month of December. And I actually.

And I was telling my brother about it. And I was like, this stock’s going to go to 30 like Nordstrom. And it was just insane. I told my brother about it. And he threw it. He threw $70,000 at it because obviously, he’s in his 30s.

He’s way more developed to meet up. And I told him about it. And, you know, he I told him, you know, don’t sell it. This thing’s going to go to 30. He sells it when it goes to 15. And I don’t think he has his regrets for sure.

I mean, so so tell me, like I said earlier, what do you think you’re missing right now to take that to investing during level? Right now. What am I missing? I don’t know, because I spent a lot of time investments in spending time researching stocks in such.

Awesome, awesome. So tell me a bit more about your research to see then, do you typically go to YouTube first look at some articles. What do you do? No, I don’t I don’t really look at YouTube. That is probably say the only two where I look at is Jeremy.

And obviously, there’s copycats who have come along like, you know, I’m not going to name names, but I mean, we know. Yeah, but yeah, I stick to Germany, the Germans legit. He knows what he’s doing.

And I have high confidence in Jeremy and I’m glad to hear. So So tell me then, what would you do then. Well typically on a day to day. I I really looked through a list of, like I probably do hundreds of slack’s like on a stock truck or whatever.

I just did. Some days are certain categories of like, what did it look like today? I don’t look at a supressed what’s this, a press secretary right now in the market. What market hasn’t rebounded yet? And that’s how I found kuvan when I had found it.

And again, that’s really what I do, is look at different sectors day by day. And then just scroll through many, many stocks and whatever ones that providing the best value. I’ll just go and research that. And then I’ll look into there.

If there’s one stock that seems like, wow, is this a value trap or is it just to jump out? And then obviously, when I found tufan was like under a 42 and that’s what really attracted me the first time. And then when I seen their growth numbers, I was like, wow, I got to happy. And then, you know, ever since then, you know, that’s what I’ve been doing.

But I have definitely not found a hard nordström again. And that’s what I’ve been looking for again. And right now I’m really I haven’t I want to invest heavily in a serious logic. And I live in. I live in Austin. I want to go check out the headquarters just yesterday with my brother and I.

And we talked to some engineers, this Sears logic. And obviously, we tried to get some we try to get some more information out of them. But he wasn’t saying anything. But Yeah. And I’m investing heavily right now trying to get more into call options.

I haven’t really touched call option since nordström, but I, I think I want some change of call options they see with that. Right but I’m glad to see that Jeremy helped out a lot already. And gave you a good foundation from his videos alone. Started really looking to some stocks.

Yo, what’s something you’d want to make a video on. Oh, there’s I think from like understanding a well first, I think I, I personally think I like I know how to understand everything, but like I guess what he can make videos on is just like more individual stocks.

I mean, because like, actually, I had invested in Ponchatoula IPO. I just wish it was easier to get in contact with Jeremy. Yeah yeah, for sure. I know you mean. But Thanks for taking time out and helping on here with me. Yeah I’ll get those rooms.

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