Brad Jackson

2017 I was actually homeless and down on my luck, I lost my parents and I actually inherited money. And things have gotten brighter since then.

I was struck by Jeremy Lefevbre because he was more informational. He didn’t really use as many gimmicks to catch my attention.

And honestly, I agreed with him a lot on Tesla. So that’s a huge reason he caught my attention and. I knew nothing at the beginning, so I was super skeptical about everything, even joining the private stock group, I got in at a good time and just the information has been invaluable.

And Jeremy’s financial fortress actually has the breakdown information that I was wanting without having to pay, like, you know, a financial institution for a degree to get the information on the internet. So that’s what I was looking for with Jeremy.

And through his private study group, I’ve seen success. And more than the success, I’ve got information and knowledge.

Everybody, this is another member of the financial fortress private group Brad here with me. How are you doing? I’m doing well. Good to hear, man. The viewers want to know a little bit about yourself first and then how your story of investing you before joining Jeremy was. and how did you come across the guy himself? 

You know, it’s kind of an interesting story, I started off rough on my wife. 2017 I was actually homeless and down on my luck, I lost my parents and I actually inherited money. And things have gotten brighter since then and don’t need to be so morbid. It’s just the start of the story I. 

Inherited this money, I just didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do except for what my father told me, you got to have money to make money. 

So the stock market is the place I knew to go. I initially put the money, a lot of it in the safe, like a home and lots of other places. I wasn’t going throwing money around and I got on the internet looking for testable somebody that made sense. And there’s a lot of stuff out on the internet that and YouTube that really is deterring is just bullshit information.

I was struck by Jeremy because his was more informational. He didn’t really use as many gimmicks to catch my attention. And honestly, I agreed with him a lot on Tesla. So that’s a huge reason he caught my attention and. I knew nothing at the beginning, so I was super skeptical to everything, even joining the private stock group, I got in at a good time and just the information has been invaluable. 

And Jeremy’s financial fortress actually has the breakdown information that I was wanting without having to pay, like, you know, a financial institution for a degree to get the information on the internet. So that’s what I was looking for with Jeremy. 

And through his private study group, I’ve seen success. And more than the success, I’ve got information and knowledge. Yeah, it’s cool you said that because you said a lot a lot of information is out on the internet. It’s like you’ll find everything from true to not true to the kind of like phony and just back ways and means talks like you see now.

 It’s just like it’s everywhere. So it’s like it’s good to have the good information piled up in one area so that you can actually put your head down and go to work and actually kind of follow a structured system. How about your maybe we’ll talk about said you had a little bit of money coming in to the market and coming into the group. 

What was your portfolio, let’s say, around ballpark’s before you entered the group? I probably had 50,000 up front. I knew I wanted to invest, it was actually money. I saw his retirement. I wanted to put away and forget about the long term investment strategy in. I just I knew I could see more gains, I could see gains in like an index fund, but I just wanted more and I found that with the no loss, what is the moderniser? 

Long term investing is just kind of like Warren Buffett. But, you know, moving fast pace with the fast pace market that we have today. Yeah, it’s cool because, yeah, Warren Buffett is you know, his strategy is always going to work, I feel like. 

But, you know, when you can kind of couple that with some modernized strategies and like thinking and coming with some trends as well, with some in the new wave of like millennials and all that, it’s pretty cool, because you can have the best of both worlds. 

How about, you know, did you struggle with something in terms of investing before you entered, or was it kind of like a whole veg situation where you just didn’t know anything like myself? I knew very little, I probably knew what a stock was, what the New York Stock Exchange was and. People made money, sometimes they didn’t. 

I knew about the stock market crash and. That was that. That’s a good base knowledge man. That’s a good base knowledge about the market, but not all kidding aside, I mean, it’s pretty cool to hear that, like, you know, like someone that knew nothing before found benefit and in the private group. And, you know, like if you can explain, it’s probably the most basic thing that is offered in the private group is the becoming mass of the stock market course. 

So if you can maybe inland the viewers a little bit about what that caucus is about, what does it help with. And then how it helped you, obviously. 

Well, I think one now that we’re coming back to the stock market has, you know, the psychology, you need the approach and basically a step by step process of how to pick a stock based on value or growth, how to pick a good stock that’s going to be green over, you know, a generalized time of three to five years long term. 

It’s you know, it’s so simple, he said, but, you know, it’s just work has to be put in with anything good. Yeah, actually, I mean, I think you kind of gathered in to you put everything into like a very small precise it’s literally tells you the mindset, gives you a psychology. 

It’s kind of like a lot of people say it’s a pep talk at the beginning. But I mean, it’s a strategically placed pep talk where there’s a lot of mentality shifting that needs to be done before you put money in the market because you don’t want to be emotionally driven, obviously, in the market, you know. Yeah and so, yeah, it’s been one heck of a time to be emotionally driven. 

I remember buying Tesla’s stock in September of 2019 holding it till February when it was going up thing was great. February and then for a new investor to have coronavirus happen and it’s like the psychology needed to have kept that money was absolutely crucial. 

The patients, the Warren buffett, to be told that inevitably over time, stocks go up. And have that sort of security and I like the abundance of money mindset, it’s kind of. It’s kind of crazy to have truly have. I’m not really I don’t think I am really there. 

You really got to I feel like you’ve got to have some bread, really feel that. But I guess it doesn’t come without its without its Jews. Yeah, but I definitely would have never I probably would have sold out at coronavirus or something silly and then just been scared away from the market. But, but I had the information beforehand. 

Yeah I think that’s, that’s, that’s a really good. Some summation of the mentality that is needed in the market and what you learn in the stock market, because it’s like it really keeps you stoic. You know, I use that word along with others. They did. 

And I got that where it keeps you stoic and very hectic situations. And obviously, the crash was like, I don’t think we’ve seen something that fast. And it would have been easy to be emotionally driven during that time being around people that I was. 

But there I think we’ll see. We’ll see the accounts soon. Obviously, you did pretty good, for example, that’s for sure. How about being around, you know, multi, six, seven figure investors in the private discord, in the private chats? 

How has that maybe helped with the psychology and just gaining information on certain stocks before you were able to invest? There’s so many people in there that know so much more than me, that’s where the real that’s a lot of it to. I can’t think of anybody specifically. That has helped me more than Jeremy, but. 

But yeah, the private groups create the news feeds always full with information current up to date or by category. I’m always on Tesla chat. It’s always good to have someone from Tesla and the people that work in Tesla at the company are in the group. Yes it’s almost satisfactory to you, but not really. It’s not insider trading, but it’s pretty close to something like you. 

You definitely get an advantage of knowing I was talking to another member as well about just having people in every stock. Almost planet 13 was another stock that people were very close to, the facility that is being built near that. 

Yeah and just having people near the area constantly going there, updating their pictures. We have that with, you know, with tattooed chef as well, like people going in different stores and different supermarkets, taking pictures of the products, you know, updating everyone. 

And it’s like you’re almost just like you’re there, but you’re just all you’re doing is leveraging the information from so many places around the world and you’re getting to such a place. It’s more of like the attitude and investor attitude, the talk about the way people operate in different parts of the world to it’s a way of thinking. 

And I think a lot of people in the group have that, you know. Yeah and it’s we’re all watching the channels and the markets of different investor fields. You know, I know I look at Sam’s club, they always have that plasma protection and snapped a few pictures and sent them to the group. So people know I’m watching, too. 

And that’s literally what it is. It’s like a community of people that like they’re all driven for the same goal. And most of them, if not all of them, at least, you know, for me, it’s like a lot of them have way more experience than I will ever have in the next even decade in the market for four decades, they have millions in the market. 

You know, they’ve been through crashes like the pandemic. They’ve been through the financial crisis. They’ve been through so much. And they just know what to do in certain times and in certain situations. 

And that kind of, you know, and and they kind of guide other people. Obviously, you can just like post a small question about something and you get 10 people just answering you and giving you different perspectives, which which is very cool. I found a huge help. And obviously you have as well seeing the results that you showed me earlier for the viewers in a bit. 

But so one problem that I do see, and I was I was probably one of those people, is that I wanted to instead of investing myself first, I thought you have to funnel money into your account. And nothing wanted to stop me from that. 

And investing in and of course, that would help me, let’s say, pick stocks for the long term like this. I was kind of hesitant and I know a lot of people are. 

In that position right now, and especially the fact that there are so many YouTube was so and nothing against YouTube, you know, like it’s just there’s so many people providing information from such little experience that it’s become very difficult for people to trust anything out there anymore. 

What would you say to people that are on the fence, on the outside, looking in of the private group and they’re thinking of joining what they have, have the mentality of maybe wanting to consistently? Funnel money into their account and not use that money for anything else, like investing in themselves and learning, oh, it was a question. 

So basically, if somebody is on the outside looking in, they are more concerned about filling their account with money rather than spending that money on investing in themselves and learning. Oh, well, I’ve always. I’m being a do it yourself or am I cause always driven me and know and understand everything has always driven me. 

So that’s what something you have to Excel. Beyond typical conventions of society then. I think always investing in yourself, whether it’s at education, continuous education and continuing an open mind towards the others, so that’s really where the value is. I mean, what’s money at the end of the days? Like, just marks on a page? 

Yeah, I mean, that’s one thing to do. And another is like people like, you know, they’ll definitely go into the market without the fundamental knowledge in this. And I’ve always spoken about it can be dangerous because like we talked about earlier, there’s emotions. And below the emotion is there’s just a fundamental knowledge that you need to have. 

So you need to control the emotions and you need to have the knowledge to be able to know how to pick a stock, how to actually research how to do the work. Because it’s not just as easy as buying a stock. There’s a lot of work that goes into it. And you need to have a process and a structure. So that that’s very, very, very important. 

So it’s good that you nailed down on that. So here, I’ll show I’m going to be showing everyone the good old performance that you showed me, which is pretty incredible. To be honest, I hope everybody seeing this right now and that and then, yeah, I think this is the big jump there where I deposited money. So this chart is actually showing the full growth. But you can see coronavirus and, you know, patients and good stock picks. It just grew. 

That’s incredible. That’s that’s a pretty nice jump. I mean, you joined when did you join the group around? It was the right at the beginning of 2020. I think I joined. Yeah, right there before coronavirus started in January, right? 

So you had around, let’s say, here, if I can ballpark guess, it’s probably around 120 120 five, if not hundreds fifty, if I think the charge a little bit. Yeah, that was me buying Tesla. That was my first stock pick and actually bought more than your average amount. I did not Jeremy my position. And so it was, it was kind of a Hail Mary. 

Yeah and I, I knew I wanted to invest in a company that was going to grow. And I liked Elon Musk. I knew what he had done in the past about people, about success. And then I’d seen more cars on the road. The model three was happening. 

It happened really in just where I was living. I saw them where I go. They were installing the energy stations there. Yeah so it’s pretty cool to see, you know, like Jeremy Jeremy was talking about that, like, I think. You, if I can go, it was a country I bought in it, it’s funny, it says to 27 personal value because that is the it was the price before the stock split is what I paid it to. 27 So it was like 89 a share. But a good portion. 

That’s that’s a nice price and most important, like you were talking about Tesla and how you started seeing the cars and you started seeing everybody using them a little bit more. Jeremy had you know, I think he had seen it prior to it blowing up on the roads as much. Yeah so it’s pretty cool to see that, you know. 

You know, he was able to pick out that nuance of future projection of 10 and like that in a stock like Tesla and the fact that he’s teaching everybody to do something the same, which can be so valuable later on, because just being able to see things before. 

They happen, you’re not a fortune teller, but you’re going to have some sort of skills like that where you can project certain outcomes. And you can before for sure, the psychology behind it was necessary to understand the why it was going up and how stocks work. 

Learned that all through. This group and other supporters, I mean, yeah, that’s the I mean, that’s the whole thing about it. It’s just it’s just being around people. Your network is your net worth. If you’re around people that are driven like you have the same goal as you but are better than you. 

You know, you kind of set yourself up for success, more so than not, and obviously depends on the work that you put in. 

But, you know, if you just put that aside, if the work is there and you do if you put yourself around the right people, you know, Jeremy being a mentor, other people in the group being mentors, you know, following the course, strictly investing in yourself before thinking of investing into stocks, you know, you set yourself up for success, that it’s kind of hard not to succeed. 

And I won’t say you’re 100% succeed because there’s a lot of variance in it. But that’s my thought process. But how about do you have any final words that maybe we didn’t cover that you would like to say to the viewers or to anyone that you feel like you could benefit from it? 

About the group, no, it has a lot to do with education investing in. Like a network of information and taking a step towards education in finance, I think is a lot like how warmblood buffet described planting a tree. You plant a seed somewhere, you just get up and do it. 

Yeah and that’s pretty. That’s that’s a nice way of putting you got to plant the seed. And it’s the same thing with education. There you go. You plant the seed and you water it with continuous work. And I feel like that. That way. 

You know, I think you set yourself up again for good success. And then obviously, you know, you you’ve experienced that. Hopefully we can get you into the seven figure club soon. That’s also. Yeah that’s very odd to me. 

That sounds like everybody, when you get there, hope we can have another chat about how that could be another conversation on its own, the one, that’s for sure. Yeah, you’re right. I thank you for being with us. 

It’s honestly, it’s been a pleasure speaking to you know, a lot of people are going to know, they’ll take your word and vice and obviously your experience and definitely will help them in their decision process as well. Thank you very much. You’re welcome.

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