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The biggest obstacle for me when it comes to investment is confidence, I did not lose money but I did not make money either.

I wanted to invest but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I was trying to figure out ways and better investments through research and I found Jeremy pretty quick.

Investing is something that I always want to do and I remember when I first watched his videos. He has a lot of tricks and gimmicks that you can easily cope up with and that is pretty cool. One thing I learned from Jeremy is trust and confidence.

So, yes, and how did you even kind of like how did you even start investing and how did you come across Jeremy’s channel watching it for three, for a long time? I remember coming out of high school.

I wanted to invest, but I couldn’t figure out, like the means to do it because I was going to go with a guy like grandpa invested with you. You’d have like 10 grand to start with him for him to manage. And then I’d have a lot of money.

So like the fees of like a $5 commission, free trade, it never really made sense until I found Robin Hood and then slowly put money in there. And then I was trying to figure out more ways and better investments.

And then I just found him on YouTube. And I think I started in 2000, 17 January, and I pretty much found him pretty quick after that nonstop auction since that’s pretty cool. Was it like did you start off from high school or did you were you, like.

Intrigued with this kind of investing stuff during high school, or was it kind of just like, hey, I want to make money somewhere or another, I want to make money. And as always, it always sparked my interest.

And it was something that I always wanted to do until Robin Hood came along and then I had a little extra money. I just never made sense. And plus, for funding channels like terrifying to put money in stuff that you weren’t that familiar with. Yeah, no, it is especially like we’re coming out of high school. What are you, like 18? Maybe a usually.

I mean, it took me a while. 25 now, but it took me a while to actually invest. OK, so I’m trying to out how that like if I was even. If I was like, I can’t remember, I don’t think I was maybe that’s maybe that’s when my grandpa got me into because he’s always like, you need to make money, sleeper’s.

Like, how the hell do you do that? And you always tell me, like, my investments, like my dividends, because he was mainly like he invested Reetz and mainly Realty income. So he’d get monthly income because he’d always be like, it pays for my two car, like the piece for my car payments and things. Like what? That’s cool.

We will do that one day. And make money when you sleep, you tell your little kid died later that year, so like it always was in the back of my head that I wanted to make money like that. So that’s pretty cool.

That’s actually pretty funny, to be honest. But in terms of like, how did you even. So, yeah, like what was for you, what was the scariest part about it when you first started? Like what was your kind of fear about it and what was your read your challenges that you faced starting off?

Definitely the biggest thing was just the confidence, like putting your money into something and then like with having it fluctuate daily. That’s where, like, I really struggled because the first year, like.

I didn’t lose money, but I didn’t make money because I was, like, always buying and selling. I couldn’t like even other Robin Hood when I first signed up, they blocked me because I was day trading, because I was selling.

I was buying and selling the same stock in the same given day because it was fluctuating and it was like it was nerve racking. I was like only I don’t have that much money. So I was like, Oh my gosh, I just lost like $5 on this one stock in like an hour.

So I’d sell it and it was just not having the confidence. Like my grandpa only got me so far. I’m really invested and never sold. So it wasn’t like he was chasing the next growth stock or like playing around with Apple or anything.

It was just slow and steady. So, like, I was just always nervous about lose money. And yeah, I mean, first of all, it’s pretty like $5 a day. That’s what I’m saying. When you’re young, it’s like, you know, what the heck is going on.

Could be a lot like it’s a long time since you’re young. Yeah Yeah. Especially the first like I remember the first crash when I was like, what is going on? Like, I sold everything. And I think at that point I was down like maybe like $600.

And I like, I’m never going to be able to make this back. So I sold it all. And then it took me like a couple of months to realize in research and figure out that, like, you kind of have to stay here and get back in school.

Yeah, but I mean, like, first of all, it’s probably thicken your skin a lot, like as a young kid, like you started because you probably realized that a young kid, what people are realizing now. And they’re like 30.

Yeah you’re supposed to go through you’re supposed to like this stuff is normal in the short term stuff. It’s not like the biggest deals. But so you started watching the channel three years ago.
Yeah I yeah, I guess you’re down the rabbit hole you do at the time. Yeah, like I remember I kick myself nuts. I remember like back in the day when you do like the stock market group deals like, no, it doesn’t seem like it works the same as it used to do.

You just used to pay and get in. That seems like you have to go through a process to get in. But I always remember like I remember around like Christmas in January. You have deals like this deja I’m going to do it. I never did it.

I’ve never it’s like it’s weird, man. It’s like if you’re really into the investing game and you’ve got into the young age, it’s like he’s like a he’s like one of those heroes for you as a kid. You see, it is like it’s like you watch a movie and you watch like Spider or like Superman or something.

He’s like, yes. Like I want to be doing this summer. Like, it’s weirdly like it’s like just when you see someone succeed and it’s like making it look easy or something, it’s like, don’t do that. And I can gives you all this hope and ambition.

I mean, he just lays the groundwork to like not even being in the group, which is the gave me the confidence it gave you the right mindset on what to look for, like what to do when certain things happen. So I mean, that’s really what it gave me.

It was like that person on your shoulder looking over in like kind of even though I don’t know him, was like guiding you through on the correct things to do when you have no idea what to do. And correct me if I’m wrong here.

You have no financial background, right? No I mean, like my grandpa, like everyone in my family is like, well, OK. But like nobody ever took investing seriously. It was like you put in, like, blue collar hard work, like my I work for a family business like my dad owns like he built a lot over his life so far.

Like no one ever got into investing. That’s Yeah. So and so. Like I must be like for a guy that’s watching YouTube and soul and destiny stuff, like when you’re looking at this financial stuff, it’s kind of like a first it’s overwhelming.

Like it’s weird because there’s a whole lingual barrier that you have to get to through for sure. Have you have you found when you were watching the channel, obviously like you watched it for so long, but did you feel like that language barrier was broken by the channel, by him, like at least he was meek.

Did he make it? Most certainly. Do you understand? Most definitely. That’s even like his old videos are like he’s like at a glass table with like a really small, like chalkboard, like a whiteboard, like telling you what a PE ratio is like.

I want to tell you this might be here. Exactly and he likes talks different. I was laughing. I actually don’t watch some of them that long. But his hand movements are different. Like you can just see how comfortable he’s gotten over the years, but have seen all those videos.

I remember like when I first I think one of his first videos I watch was like a checking account or something. Yeah he really doesn’t feel like personal finance. He has a lot of tricks and books because like once you’re into investing for so long, you find little tricks and gimmicks that you can kind of, like, teach easily.

And that’s pretty cool. Like, I don’t think I’ve talked to somebody that’s watched him for that long. I thought I watched him for a fairly long time, like two years or so. But three years is a pretty good it’s almost from where he really started to come.

Yeah to kind of like started popping up on YouTube more and more. But it’s cool. Like it’s cool. Like you’re a businessman, like, you know, you run a family business. I say and usually when I’m talking to people that run family businesses, it’s more about reinvesting in the business and then real estate.

It’s never like it’s just it’s kind of to other time consuming or too risky or something of that sort. They like to be more hands on, like they want to take control of their own destiny, in a sense. Yeah, right. Yeah that’s how my whole family is.

I mean, everyone we’re all like blue collar. So like it’s welding, it’s a lot of metal. It’s we work like engineers and everything, but it’s definitely like hands on, see where your money comes from. And then like I like I’m trying to get my uncle right now and investing is like 50.

But he’s still like crossing over the barrier of like you do have potential, like he’s like wants to make money. Like the next four months is like, man, you need to have a two year time frame, like, you know, just like put like, OK, you have this much money put like 10% And then for two years.

I don’t even think about like I can almost guarantee you’ll make some kind of money. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. I mean, you have the right mindset to it. It’s like it’s literally has to be money that you’re not in the sense of like needing in the short term, because if you’re in the process of needing, what you’re doing is you’re just shortening the time frame or making it so much more.

You’re making in a gamble more is more of a sense. And it’s just like usually those don’t work out unless you kind of hit like a Tesla at its peak. Yeah you know, and they usually it’s like you said, like you saw that $5 jump downwards on your stuff usually is going to happen for people.

And then, like, if you don’t know how to handle that, it’s kind of it’s just not going to be it’s going to be a rough road going forward. Oh, for sure. I mean, it started out rough, but now, like.
I’m comfortable waking up and, like, seeing that I lost like five grand, like, it’s not it doesn’t break my heart like it used to. Yeah, no, that’s true. Because I have been the same way like I am now.

I can go in and just not look at my brokerage for like a week. Like I’ve gone to that point where I never used to be like this. I used to like hold my emotions a little bit. I would actually have to look at it every day just to see what’s going on now.

It’s like the more I speak to people also because I’m speaking to people like this a lot and the more experienced people. And it just makes me realize it’s like if you’re ever buying property, like you’re never going to be able to sell the property the next day just doesn’t work that way.

So why were you thinking about the same way as something? If you research your stuff and you really liked it for a long period of time, it’s like you just wait until that comes and then you’ll realize that, hey, like all that stuff, as little as little movement is cute.

It it definitely is. I mean, and then just learning different mindsets, like I, I made like with Peloton over the past year or two, I made like 400 or 500 like I got to a point. I saw Germany starting to sort it.

I started buying and I was like, now that he’s shorting it, like I was already thinking about selling, but I’m going to sell it all because I mean I made a nice profit. It’s like extremely overvalued.

But it’s one of those other confident things and not being too greedy. Has he has he kind of reassured you on the revamped your thought process on valuations? I know for me he has. Now, it’s like valuation means so much to me on the scale of where I should place my money.

How has that been for you? I think it’s perfect because I watch a lot of Kevin, too. And I like Kevin and I. I take some of the things like what he says about investing, but he’s like to out there for me.

Like his realm of possibilities of like you got a really nice thing I like about home games because like, OK, I like Miss a week, but like my stocks and everything that he’s saying is still relevant.

I feel like with Kevin it’s so like hypergrowth that like if one thing changes go stock goes like under the ground, it’s not even worth I don’t have enough time to sit there if it’s like super overvalued, like if Jeremy said something about it, know like a Walgreens or something, it just makes sense because like the time horizon is so far.

Yeah and I one thing I realized about Jeremy and this is over the years, I mean, it could be a little biased. You could take with a grain of salt whoever’s watching. But like in terms of I just feel like, Jeremy, there is something we were speaking about, I think the other day with someone else I was speaking.

And the thing that kind of gave me trust in him as a young individual to coming out like coming out of college, in a sense, was just like he doesn’t go beyond his realm of understanding. Like if he doesn’t understand something, he’ll just like he’ll like you.

I don’t even know if it’s humbleness or it’s just like he was not interested. And I get so much confidence because I don’t want it brought me into my own lane in your land that there was a lot of stocks that I know that he holds that I just don’t.

And some of them I don’t understand. And it’s just like it takes me so much longer to understand them and realizing that it’s OK. And it’s like when you see a role model doing that, some of the successful saying it’s OK now when you don’t understand something, don’t be in it.

Even if it’s like some crazy hype stuff that everybody’s talking about. If you don’t understand it fully, stay away, because the stock market is full of it’s like a catalog full of stocks that eventually you’re going to find something that’s like it’s just and and that resonated with me.

I feel like I built a lot of trust with anteriorly with him. And I realized, like, OK, he’s not trying to. And I think Kevin met Kevin and I love his stuff just because I think his is more of a real estate type of background.

This is more of that. So I feel like Kevin, kind of like you said, jumps to like a million things, like everything that Jeremy will just stick to one. And then even if you don’t watch him for like a week or two, you come back, you realize, oh, like, I don’t really miss much.

It’s just kind of the different stuff that adding on to it, like you said. Yeah, Yeah. I mean, I respect everybody, like, that’s high up on YouTube. Like all those guys are just Jeremy speaks to the most like it makes the most sense in my head.

I feel like he’s got the best interest for everybody, which I feel like Kevin does too. But I feel like if you want to like Kevin and pulling his stuff, you constantly have to be like up on every single stock you’re buying. Then like you can’t take a week off because there’s such small, like sparks and stuff that you have such a high chance of losing money.

It’s true. It’s true. And and one thing, too, that I kind of come across is that if you looked at Jimmy’s stuff, it’s. He’s in the stock market fully, like he’s most of his wealth is in the stock market.

And one thing that I’ve always asked myself like how does this guy like he doesn’t he actually wants everybody else to win as well in the stock market. And I’m like, usually human nature does not really go that way.

It’s like for some reason we’re so competitive as human as human beings. We don’t want everybody else to win because it means that you’re losing. But then I started to kind of reverse engineer that and I was thinking, I’m like, he always talks about wanting to help people. OK, sure, everybody likes to talk about that.

But then I started to kind of gather the fact that the stock market is like if somebody else wins, you don’t lose Yeah It’s not a give or take that big thing. Like if you win and somebody else wins, it’s not like it negates your gains or anything.

It’s like everybody can win at the same time because you’re not competing directly with another business, you know what I mean? It’s more like anything. You’re kind of an ally. And I felt like that’s kind of something maybe that’s why he’s just naturally he actually wants to help because you feel like it doesn’t impede his gains.

You know, I wouldn’t do anything for him other than, hey, I’ll just give him maybe a good feeling of, like, helping someone else know how to do this. Now, if I remember, there’s one thing. One time he said something like resonated me that really kind of goes along with that.

And I was like, I mean, I’m a really competitive person. Like I did a lot of sports growing up, but I never I always felt like if you weren’t first and like you always ask kind of thing. And I remember you talked about like in stock market investing, like there’s a huge list of people that are going to be better or worse.

And you were like, the main thing is like you’re on that list and you’re always like climbing and like you’re trying to better yourself. Like you’re not going to be most likely not going to be number one.

But if you’re like number 1,000 or like 10,000 people, you don’t like really well for yourself, especially the stock market, because if you look at the amount of people that actually invest in the stock market actively, I in like picking their own stocks.

It’s like the most stock market is funny’s, it’s mutual funds, ETFs. It’s just people that just want to put their money somewhere. And I don’t know if it’s laziness or they just don’t have the time for it, which complete and nothing is wrong.

Mutual funds, Buffett says, like, if you know, if there’s one, put them in mutual funds, just forget about them, which is really good. But the amount of people to actually pick their own stocks, it’s very little.

Sort of like you said, it’s kind of if you’re on the list, you’re on the list like it’s like you already sorehead that like you’re just beating your old self every day. And it’s amazing. You just got to look at, especially in the stock market, for sure.

And I mean, I like my foreign keys and stuff. They’re all I can’t pick and choose, but like, I still try to pick. But, like, I feel like if you do it right, like kind of how would Jeremy preaches and how he does it.

Like, I got like 15 stocks and like for the most part, they’re all like relatively safe and like them consistently. They should the majority of them should be like any ETF just picking like the 15 best companies that you could find that you use every day that you really do believe in is like kind of like the sound of it.

Yeah yeah, that that’s a good idea. I mean, when you’re picking your own stocks, if you’re doing it correctly, you should be beating the market on a rate. Obviously, you know, you’ll hit one bad luck one, because I think it should be enough to impede your gains for years or something.

That sort. I like I agree with you there. What was it like? Maybe one thing. I just want to this was probably the last thing I’ll ask. Well, the one thing that like kind of that you took from him in terms of that he taught you or used you learned from his channel, there’s that one thing that really stayed with you.

And it helped you a lot. What would that be? You’d say it’s honesty. I think it’s confidence. Like being confident enough to, like, stay in stocks that, like once you put in this amount of research, even if the stock fell like the next day, like 10, 15 percent, like the confidence to possibly buy more because that’s how confident you are in the company.

Like, the business well enough that, you know, like this is a short term bump or something to do with the market, like we’ve been going through with, like etfs, pulling out of tech, like just to stay in it and not pull out because all of a sudden you’re nervous because you just lost money.

Yeah, yeah, I love that that’s the confidence of the resilience and the conviction is things to stocks, which is something that probably hurts a lot of people now, especially because, like I said, my first year I was buying and selling daily based on how the market was doing. And it’s just my first year.

I don’t think I made any money. I probably lost money. So I was definitely just building the confidence to win. Stuff does go down because it isn’t always going to be able to know that company’s going to do fine and then buying more abs to.

Yeah I mean, likewise, I feel like that’s probably one of them. They’re just holding just old buffers that, you know, the old Buffett way. It’s just stay true to what you first invested time in researching and just stick with it because it’s like the stuff, because if you’re trying to, like, ride the GameStop wave.

It’s kind of exactly the opposite of that. You’re just trying to make money. And I want to make money, but I’m not going to just throw it at something in the hopes you want to do that. That’s what I understood.

I said people I guess now she’s probably always at home and just not doing anything. I’m able to do that kind of stuff. But there’s a small sum of your money that you want to go and play around with share like that’s not it.

But if you’re doing it with, like, your house money, like your money, that’s just kind of like, oh, man, don’t do that. And it’s just, you know, and then I didn’t get so much from Jeremy, but like, it’s, I guess a little bit of him and everybody else on YouTube, like my wife and I like she came from Canada and so she couldn’t work for a year.

And then so me living here and I just got a college, like I didn’t have a lot of money then, like I made the decision to move in with my grandparents, like her, like so I’m 25. She’s 30 at that point in time. Back then.

In the future, in the past, I mean we moved to my grandparents would have to pay rent and like I saved all that money that were paying rent and I invest it and over like two years I could turn 20 grand at that time and they’re like 70.

So it’s like willing to sacrifice and then being confident enough to know like this is why I’m putting my eggs in like all the baskets in the stock market. And I’m like I have the confidence that it’ll rise.

So as to make the sacrifice too. I love it. And that’s I mean. Yeah, like I first of all, thank you for coming on. It was actually really cool to hear somebody else’s perspective again. You know, I do that a lot.

Yeah, of course. I like I hear a lot of different people’s perspectives and that’s basically what I’ve been doing. But it’s so close and different. Feel like older people keep their time or younger individuals, people in the middle.

It’s just like hearing everybody’s like different perspectives, how to channel help and how they’re like investing in actually taking care of their future. That way, it’s really cool. Like you have any other words that kind of we didn’t cover. You feel like you should you want to cover.

Sorry it cut out there. Sorry do you have any last couple of words that we didn’t cover, you and that you feel like would be important for you to talk about now? I feel like we covered everything. Like I honestly hardly I don’t watch most of his videos.

I just listen to them. I have YouTube sitting in the back and I really at work up like when he puts a video, plug it in. I haven’t watched any part of the video. I just listen to the whole thing. Yeah yeah, I was I was like, he should be like doing a podcast because I feel like I do that too. Kind of doing that at work.

Yeah like I feel like I probably only visually watch like 30% of videos. I watch most of people on YouTube, especially germ’s. Yes that makes sense. Yeah, well, I mean, I appreciate you being on thank you for that. That was really insightful, first of all, and I hope our.

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