Armani Santiago

Well I began around 2019. I got a stable job. I had a lot of cash on hand. I was thinking maybe I should do real estate. But unlike stocks, in real estate, you have to be there physically. You have to worry about everything, like tenants and all that stuff.  It didn’t make much sense for me. So I started with stocks and around June. Probably a little bit after the crash. 

I found Jeremy via YouTube. It seems like he’s not in it for himself. So that’s why I liked him. His channel versus other people’s channels. I would say it’s gone pretty great for me. And I’m fortunate to be in it. 

All right. We’re here with another member from the financial fortress. Our money. How are you. I’m doing very well. Thank you. Fantastic man. How will you tell the viewers a little bit about yourself, man and tell us how you about you a little bit about your investing journey and how you came across Jeremy. Well I began around 2019. 

I got a stable job. I had a lot of cash on hand than originally, I was thinking, you know what. Maybe I should grow up real estate. But unlike stocks real estate, you have to be there physically. You have to worry about everything tenants and all that stuff. 

And plus with the returns. It didn’t make much sense for me. So like you know let’s start with stocks and around June. Probably a little bit after the crash. I was doing well, but I was like, you know, I kind of want to I feel like I was getting lucky because we were in a bull market. So I found him via YouTube and this from I want to see the way he talks. 

So you going to tell it. He’s kind of genuine like it seems like he’s not in it for himself. So that’s why I liked him. His channel versus other people’s channels. And now being that this quarter. I would say it’s gone pretty great for me.

 And I’m fortunate to be in it. I plan on being a stable future. That’s that’s amazing. All right you it’s funny because you said like he’s genuine. He doesn’t seem like he’s in it for himself because we were just talking off camera, but like how you know like everybody’s different backgrounds. If you’re not like raised in a we’d want to see like upper class. 

But in any place in a place where you’re born and wealth and you’re used to kind of acquiring wealth consistently with your family you kind of have them mentality of you want your reserved about a certain way, if you found a way to make money. You reserved about it or keep it to yourself rather than let it open. 

And it’s funny, because the stock market is like the exact opposite, because it’s like I guess they call it a zero sum game where it’s like where it’s like everybody. Like there’s no limit to if somebody else wins it doesn’t mean, it’s the mission from years. It’s like there’s enough for everyone. 

Everyone could win. Exactly so it’s easy to be genuine in the stock market. And in terms of real estate too. I was going to say you mentioned some good points that you have to physically be there. But one other thing. 

Buy real estate and what I found because I come from a place where real estate is pretty it’s one way of creating wealth. But the problem is he needs a lot of capital outlay. That’s right. Absolutely you don’t have that right away. It’s like you need to work your way up that. So you can use the stock market to either get you to a real estate. 

Number one or you can just use the stock market to say, look, you know like General Motors in general. So that’s pretty cool. How was how was the so how was the crash where you. What did you feel like during that time. 

What was it like. Because you obviously didn’t have guidance at the time. I assume I did. And it’s fine. It’s something that’s going like it’s going to always linger on. Fortunately it was March I think 18th or 19th and I had I was ready to put my life savings into Tesla just because I was tracking it for so long. And the thing is I just like Eli a lot. 

So I was like, you know, this is a guy. I feel you could bet on just because of his past. And he’s just he’s just a winner. So I was like, I just have a feeling. It’s going to go great. And everyone around me will tell me not to do it. Don’t do it. We have to have continuous bad news coming out. And these numbers are going to get worse. 

And I listened to that advice. And now I’m just looking at the numbers and stuff like, Oh, what could have been should have been. But I reserved. I’ll put a bond in my Roth IRA around that time. And obviously, that’s doing great. 

But afterward, I started gradually going again. I mean, I don’t think anyone expected the market to react to that at all. But Yeah, it’s been very surprising. And I mean, what the Federal Reserve blowing it lowering interest rates. I’m wondering how long this is going to keep up. That’s a lot or not it seems like an inflated market obviously. 

But I mean, I don’t know they’re making it almost impossible for people to put money into savings or any type of song. Well they’re making they’re making. It also they’re making it easy to invest. So it’s not a false sense of security for someone that thinks they know everything. 

I was there myself to tell you, I’m not saying it as a way of looking down on you when I was I was literally there is that like I was lucky enough to eventually find like some sort of guidance and some people. And it puts you in a cell like this recently. It’s easy just like as a joke and when the markets go back to normal. 

That’s when they like that’s when like this shit hits the fan. It’s like when things go wrong. What were you struggling with. But before you would say join the credit group. What was your main struggle was that the research was at these financial statements. I would say so, yes both. And I guess it’s kind of like it’s a little overwhelming. 

Once you don’t know anything at all. It’s overwhelming to start because it’s a lot of information to look at. Absolutely Yeah, I agree. And so like you were and you were around, let’s say, from what from what I heard, it was like around 60k when you first started into the private group is that correct or is that it. I believe so something or what. 

Yes I think it was 60k but I also had cash on the sidelines and stuff waiting. OK Yeah, and it’s obviously doing pretty good. We’re going to show the charts in a little bit. Look it looks nice. Let’s finish. Regulations on that six figure club is pretty cool. What so what about you. 

What would you kind of like tell the viewers or somebody that’s on the outside looking in. Or would you see the lady becoming master of the stock market course is for you in terms of your perspective on it. Or is it for your saying, Yeah. 

What is it for. And what can someone expect in it. I would expect a lot of information sharing from multiple people that have done their due diligence. And I would say know what they’re talking about. And also it’s something for people who want to be in this for a long term. This isn’t like swing trades or day traders whatsoever. 

This is for if you’re going to buy something, you’re going to hold it for a while. Yeah so you’re talking about the private group obviously rates. So that a private chat room. Yes yes. So it’s OK. I will start there. 

So like the way I found it was like a bunch of very experienced people just talking like stocks, and it’s just like it’s so easy to get information from others. But the problem is when you go on the internet. And there’s a lot of places we can get information that can be misleading. Absolutely not in a way that’s like deliberate. 

It’s more like just information is interpreted wrong. And unless you’re with people that are successful in the market and have shown that they’re successful in the market for a long time. That’s when the only way you can feel comfortable, you can get advice or taking research analysis. 

That’s really one big thing. And how have you found the research process. How does it speed up your research process in terms of the inside the product. Chatwin I like that a lot because people kind of give tips and hence and go read this or go check this out. 

So they kind of give you like are like that blue flags come out it come over. Look at this. Maybe you’ll be interested. So that’s what I like about it. Yeah Yeah. And that’s a thing too like you would probably work a lot. I’m doing 3 from what we saw on nights. 

Yeah and it. So it can become hard to kind of keep up with the Market News and stuff. And I guess when you’re able to get research advice from other people. It kind of narrows down the work that you have to do in front of you to just, hey like you’re being more efficient you’re being more strategic, which are, what your research. 

And that’s a good thing. How about the course, they’re becoming. So the stock market course. How did you how did you find out and what would you explain it to an outsider. I’d say it’s pretty much it’s like a path, you should take when you want to learn about stocks like things you need to read what you need to do. 

And I’d say it’s pretty much just guidance for purchasing stocks yet. And do you think after being elected you think first of all, it’s for everyone you think anybody can benefit from it. No like if it’s someone who wants to buy something very quickly and just sell it after a while, I say this is probably not good for them. 

Yeah so like the day traders and the swing traders, it’s probably not for this. Yeah especially now because now things are just riding on hype and when we read that somewhere where we buy something that’s more on fundamentals. 

Yeah Yeah it’s more for the long term like it’s wealth creation. It’s literally sold over the long term. And it’s that you said that because like Jeremy kind of the only thing he says that consistently makes wealth over time. 

And increases wealth over time is the long term investing. And that’s something that continues to almost never fail the long term. If you were still consistent with it. And you follow a good systematic strategy in it in terms of like in terms of there’s a lot of people that are kind of wishy-washy about the whole thing right. It’s like they might want to go in. 

They might not want to go in and then some of them are just scared of putting capital to look towards their learning or their education or they’re like their guidance. What would you kind of say to people in that area. 

Well I would say it’s an investment in yourself. Once you have this knowledge, I think you’ll start getting better results. And once you get. And I think confidence comes from results. So your conference go up and I could only see improvements from this, to be honest. Yeah No it’s an investment in yourself, man. That’s really what it is. 

Because a lot of people just kind of see it as a fee or. Yeah, that’s like, you’re not putting money into the brokerage account. You know you always want to funnel money into it. Let’s say writing you’re always very eager to make money very fast. 

And the thing is, if you don’t invest in yourself and you don’t put that money in yourself first, and then you won’t have the process to continue making that gains over time. That’s that’s pretty strong. One of the most important things. I feel like it does. It’s kind of misunderstood. I agree. Yeah And so I wanted to actually wanted to show you the chart. 

Your chart, you sent that over and let’s take a look at it, man. Walk us through it here. All right. I mean, you see some nice gains minuses from June 11 until February 17. So it’s not like a couple of days ago. But this is in six months, seven months. 

I’d say more or less more or less. And you like you’ve really experienced and you joined the private group prior to this 94 OK. I believe. So that’s AI day. Well for the sake of talking. Let’s just say it’s like 94 OK. But like 50,000 and any I know the market has been very easy us. 

Are you comfortable with the way you’ve been investing now to say, even after this whole hype stuff passes by that you’ll feel comfortable continuing to invest because you’re around people like this. Absolutely Yeah. All questions. 

That’s amazing. I love it, man. That’s sick. Hopefully one day you’re going to get into that seven figure that’s the goal. No you’re not. You’re not too far. I mean, it’s only a beginning is always the hardest. That’s the thing. So then what’s the portfolio starts to roll upwards. 

That’s when the compound interest really starts to kick in. That’s like bigger amounts yield bigger, bigger, bigger returns. So what would you what would you say to people that we were just talking about people that are on the fence. And that’s it. 

And then you’re talking about an investment in yourself. What what would you say to people that are like scared like not scared, but they’re like, we were just talking about you want to put money to your account, you want to flood and you want to buy stocks.

 But if you don’t learn the right way to do it, then it becomes like detrimental to later. Like what would be your advice to someone that’s kind of it’s a dear friend of yours and it’s on the fence. 

And they’re more concerned with the money going into their account and they feel like it’s secure. It’s like you know they’re taking away their value into their brokerage account. I would say you’re going to regret not doing it. 

That’s one. And then two it’s like if you’re fearful you should be able to confront those fears and does do it now because at night, you’re pregnant regret it later. Yeah and if you’re fearful to doing that. Like what stops you from not being fearful to put money in the market. That’s my exact quote was something that I ask myself. 

And I guess what I could say, you know, I don’t want to say it’s gambling fully. But I mean, it’s getting pretty close. Yeah it’s. Yeah now. Exactly right now it’s pretty much like it’s close to gambling. Like you said, Yeah, it’s I mean, it’s dangerous man. It’s something you never know. And this stuff can turn. 

And you always want to be in a good position because the people in the private chat room like we speak to I wish because I will speak about this with other people is that they’re very they’re able to keep you stoic you’re able to keep calm, cool, collected, and confident in the future. 

And the plan and the process just because you know that they’ve been through stuff 6 and seven figure investors you know seven figure investors themselves. They haven’t been there overnight. You know it takes years it takes decades of in the market seeing it all in there for like a dozen each 10 days a nine year session. That was a big one right. 

And that wasn’t like March wasn’t like it down in an upright away. It was like consistently down. And they must’ve stuck with it. So they have exit and being around those people can keep your emotions in check. What do you think about that. 

Absolutely Because I would say that’s also something that’s very dangerous when you let your emotions play a part. So like I’m sure people in March. Are taking their accounts every day when they should have this looked at something and said, you know what, I feel it is going to go up at least it’s going to this price is going to be higher much higher in a year. 

So it. Let’s us buy and not check for another six months. I feel like that personally would have helped me a ton because I remember looking at the thing every other day and seeing the numbers skyrocket skyrocket or collapse like day after day. And it was a wild ride on the roller coaster. And I think everyone would agree with that. 

Yeah obviously, like I can only imagine like I was already. I was in the private group at that time. So I was like, I was around kid but I still had problems deep handling my emotions and my stress during times of turbulence because I wasn’t used to it yet. 

But older time when you compound that learning and compound that the experience that comes with being in the market. Now I don’t really check my brokerage account because I know I’ve done research on a company. And I know I wasn’t looking at the next six months. I was looking down the road of like four or five years, maybe down the road. 

And I know when it’s going to be it’s going to catch up. The price will catch up to my analysis right. And whatever happens now a scary moment is actually an opportunity like you know we talked a lot. A lot of times people are scared to pull their money out or something goes down. 

We see it as an opportunity because the research, the foundation and what you learn about the stock and the company had it there. And it’s instilled in you before anything happens. And that’s I mean, I’ve covered everything that we can cover here. I think that you have any last words that we haven’t covered that you think would be that beneficial. 

I don’t think so. I would just say stay the course and be true to yourself and like have your own opinion and don’t be afraid to share that opinion with others and also hear what people have to say exactly. And that’s exactly it. 

Like have your opinion, but also, don’t be afraid to take other’s perspectives and put your perspective, out there because that’s literally how you get better. It’s not just around people that are better than you that have been there, done that. 

And that’s a guaranteed way of success. And that’s been proven over time. And no matter what kind of profession you’re in. Yes take criticism from people who are on the position you want to be in later. There you go. I love it.

 Thank you so much. And I appreciate your time. Thank you. People are going to watch this, and they’re going to actually feel like, they’re going to. It’s going to sway their decision hopefully in a positive manner. And it’s going to be very helpful. Thank you so much. Awesome thank you. Klaus

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