Anthony Calderone

I was always looking at companies that I didn’t care, I was like, I’m about this company 4, 3, 2 five years. I was just ramping up maybe 20000, max, I’m hitting these like 400% home runs and making $2,000 or $1,000

I went into the private group. And had my first session, I think I was that still around 20, and 19 stocks. And I thought it was a good thing because I always considered more options to win. I have more great plays, and they’re all great companies that I thought I had, it was just like Jeremy would say you like no one more than like number 20, you know.

So that was my issue. I love all these companies, but my conviction, I needed to narrow that down to like five because when things were popping, I mean, I was winning, but I wasn’t winning as much as they should have. So that was my issue.
And now I’m basically, I’m saying like six positions.

All right, folks, this is the first time I’ll ever have this, but we’re having a three way conversation with two members. The third one is myself. But from the financial fortress private group, we have Dillon. Dillon, how are you doing up? And we have Anthony. How are you? Not bad, not bad. 

I’m doing good, I hope you guys are both doing great. You know, let’s just start maybe telling the viewers a little bit about yourselves and and, you know, how you came across Germany, basically. Let’s start with we’ll do Russian roulette here. 

Let’s start with Anthony first and we’ll go back to Dylan Cole. I think everyone was probably going to say they met Jeremy through YouTube and a good amount. A good amount, definitely. In the springtime during all the COVID stuff, the one. 

That’s when I first started, I got into investing heavily, not heavily, but I got to investing like I really cared about it. In January, before everything hit, I got a new job, started making more money. And so it was like, where am I going to put it? 

I always want to just build wealth. So I’m 23. So once I was able to get a job that was allowing me to move out and get a place and. Provide myself with the next thing was always, you know, what am I going to put my money? Where am I going to invest? Because I’m pretty cheap. I don’t buy fancy stuff, fancy stuff. Don’t mean shit in five years or so. 

And then from there, you know, he I think his first as first stock the guy, man was the planet. I ended up going to Vegas during the summertime and went to the planet and was like, this is an awesome company, awesome. This awesome, man. 

So I just started watching his videos and then once heard about the private group, I was like, I got to be in it. It’s over. I mean, why not? That’s why my first segment, first of all, you got into the planet. That’s pretty cool. No one, I got the first one. Get into. 

Yeah, Yeah. I’m in Chicago. So me and my buddies, we flew to Vegas during 4th of July and I was like, my first stop is the planet. I got to check my resume. It that’s pretty cool in Chicago. That’s pretty sick. Yeah Yeah. I’m sorry to interrupt me, although you can keep going. 

It’s got anything else to do. No, I mean, I mean, that’s just how it all started in terms of long term investing. I’ve never really tried to go for anything crazy. I followed and I still follow because of my father. You know, he was in a service through Parma and Philly. 

He’s a he’s an old. Stockbroker, hedge fund manager, and so like I was always looking at companies that a little bit bigger market caps and just not just the speculative plays and stuff like that. And so I had a good mindset. It was just I was spread too thin in the beginning. 

And so Jeremy’s got me to consolidate, you know, a lot of those positions and actually have conviction in a few and not just have hundreds of them in the air. Like these are all cool. And, you know, we’ll get into that in a second, maybe like we’ll keep that in mind, the spending to 10 and then keep consolidating, doing what you meant. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your story about that. OK, let’s see. I’m 34 going on 35. But I’ve always had trouble with finances. And they don’t teach in high school that they teach you like homework and math, but they don’t teach you how to put the importance of paying off credit cards and the stock market and all that. So and investing, putting in something that appreciates that depreciate. 

So I, I think racked up a debt, but it wasn’t that bad. But in my mind, 17,000 is a lot of debt. I’m not going to take forever paying it off at 25% interest. So I filed for bankruptcy at war. Yeah, I filed for bankruptcy at 30. What was it. 2018 Yes, it wasn’t too long ago. So Merrill’s 31 or something like that. 36 You’re the six figure now. Yeah Yeah, that’s for sure. 

So Yeah, the whole six figure thing. I was like one Jeremy introduced that, I was like, Oh that’s, that’s nice. Yeah, sure. I’ll probably get there. In my 1840s or something like that. But And then Yeah to me, it’s not even about the money, it’s like it just that’s more. So you’re looking at the trophy. I see. I said, look at it to me, it’s like, it’s more like a slump. 

That’s more it’s not about the money. It’s kind of like it’s more just where I was and where I’m at now. It’s up. Yeah so I filed for that. That was not too long. I think I got four years left because you have to wait seven years for credit. 

All messed up. So I started working for my brother December 20 ’17. It was that, that fall in December, like three months after I filed and it was just a good opportunity because he runs his own business. And I’ve just been doing these little six month temp jobs, like working with fire alarm systems. So now he has a fire sprinkler business. 

So with him. I got benefits. And I got a 401(k account. So with that, you can invest in it. So I was like, oh, I could buy stocks with this. What should I do? So my brother, he’s actually pretty successful in the market, but he does long term trading like Jeremy, but he does it off of Long term technicals. So what you have works for him. So I was like, OK, cool, I’ll try it out. 

And then I was like, now I’m trying day trading because I so I like learning things the hard way. So but Yeah. So I came across some YouTube or YouTube ads, I think it was named Jason Bond. He, he, he, his thing is trading small caps or something like that. 

But what he does is he gets in the trade, then he texts the group. These are in. So then. Yes, Yeah. So by the time you buy it. It’s too late. So I tried him, I tried a couple of other things. So there was that first year. 2018 I think I put forth. 4,000 Or 7,000 in the market, I think I was down to like. 1,000 or something like that, so this is from day trading, day trading or playing earnings, stuff like that, opnet options, options. I had no idea what options are. 

Yeah, but once you go through that rough patch, you’re going options like you really get it down. So I just by leaps and all that. Now So yes, I think I was down 90% that first year. Twenty, eighteen, 2019 was better, at least for my four 401(k account, because that’s when I started following hyper change gally Galilea and he really got me into following the whole thesis of like really diving into a tech company like that. 

And so I got the Tesla. So Tesla is what got that account up to like negative 1,200 to like 80,000. So it was so hyper angel watching Tesla videos. And then I came across recommended. I think their buddies, so gallion, jaromir friends. 

And I started coming across Jeremy when he was selling Apple to get into Tesla. Yeah, so now is the crash, those that there’s a crash in 2018 where Alltech was on sale, trade desk, Twilio and all that. So I wanted to buy all of them, but I was just like, well I was like, Anthony, let me just stick 2, 1, build on that. So those tousle and then Sarah Palin Jeremey on there. I was like, well let me. I wasn’t sure what you was all about, but I figured, like, I showed my brother that. 

And he was like, he’s like, yeah, I kind of like where he’s at because he’s you can always, you can usually trust an investor, if he has a long term outlook. Usually don’t. You usually don’t want to follow the ones that have the get rich quick mentality. 

Yeah so there’s something to it. If they’re like a long term investor then. Yeah, there is some merit to it. And then he’s also got the public account, so I mean, that has its track record, too. 

And so basically. So Anthony’s first stop was planet mima’s Tesla. But I didn’t have any Tesla in the Robinhood account, so that one stayed negative through 2019. So that was the lagging on. That was. So my four 401(k was going up, my robinov one was still going down, but Robin had one caught on. Finally last November when slack slack sold out to Salesforce. 

I remember that, that it was the private group went crazy when that happened, that it was like a it was, it was just like everybody was really there’s a lot of people that are excited about slacking. And when that happened, just like kind of everybody started speaking about it. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I was kind of disappointed because I was like, I kind of like butter steyr butter filled, as I said, Butterworth’s. Yeah, Yeah. That’s part of it. 

And that’s part of the marketing and whatever. That’s a thing, man. When you pick a good stock and you pick a big company. And how to pick a good company, there’s always that. There’s so many. There’s obviously, the factor of it going up right over time that you gaining those capital gains. But then there’s always that buyout target. 

And, you know, when a company gets bought out, you know, you had a good company because the company is I get bought out, you know, you had something there. And that bigger company that put it out or whatever, it could be smaller, but. 

Saw something in it, obviously, you know, that probably you saw before, but that’s the coolest part of him To being in a private group. And you get to see those. I just wanted to. So I wanted to get into the struggles you guys had before, because I know Dylan, you were day trading. 

But Anthony, you kind of have probably the exact opposite kind of story. Your dad kind of had you in the financial background before you touch on briefly, both of you felt like what you struggled with if there was something specific before you entered into the group. Yeah, for sure.


 So, yeah, I was always looking at companies that I didn’t care, I was like, I’m about this company 4, 3, 2 five years. I’m not trying to do anything like that. You know, I bought a square at 35:40 in March. I bought karvan at $40 in March. And it’s 2. 

Those were both 250 at one point. But I had 12, 15, 20 shares of all these companies. You know, I had maybe 20 positions at the time. You know, I was just ramping up maybe 20000, max, I’m hitting these like 400% home runs and making $2,000 or $1,000 I once saw, like, it was nice.

 It got me like a stable base moving forward, but, like, man had been nice to just had two of those stocks and put 20. So when I went into the private group. And had my first session, I think I was that still around 20, and 19 stocks. 

And I thought it was a good thing because I always considered like, hey, more options to win. You know, if I have more great plays, and they’re all great companies that I thought I had, it was just like Jeremany would say you like no one more than like number 20, you know. 

o that was my issue was. I had I love all these companies, but my conviction, I needed to narrow that down to like five because when things were popping, I mean, I was winning, but I wasn’t winning as much as they should have. 

So that was my issue. And now I’m basically, I’m saying like six positions. That’s that’s the next 20 to 6 that takes a lot of homework, takes a lot of homework to be able to bring down a lot of discipline and a lot of confidence in your picks for you to be able to bring them under that much weight. Because when you see those companies go up still and you’re like, for me, I’m like, that’s OK.

 The ones I have, you know, I think they’re going go higher anyways, risk reward wise. But it is. But again, like, who cares if those go up? I don’t have them anymore. And I wouldn’t have made that much because I had whatever a couple of thousand in exactly ten, 15 positions. So I do hear that a lot. And it’s being spread too thin. I hear that a lot is a big problem. 

And it’s like it doesn’t look like the fun. And the funny part is it doesn’t like you said, it doesn’t look like a problem. It’s kind of disguised as a positive thing that you have more shots like a Casino, you have more slots or something that you can hit home runs with. Promise you’ll hit a home run or one of them. You realize that’s it. 

And it’s like, oh, after you make the mistake, like Dillon was saying, you learn the hard way. Then you got to fix it now. And then obviously, you know, like, we’ll speak about how, you know, how the other group can help. You don’t have to. 

Man, what was the struggles that you kind of went through with trading? Let’s see. Well, we’re trading well, first of all, day trading alone. It’s like it’s kind of something that’s hard to keep locked. Like you can definitely make money. 

And I know people that have made money, but I just know personally, I have never seen anybody make money over the long term with it consistently. Oh, I had some winners. Yeah but it was it wasn’t sustainable. It was maybe one win out of 20 trades. I think you need to day trading. 

You need, you need to be lucky to and I’m not a lucky guy. So So it seemed like I was missing out on a lot. And then I think one thing is there’s a lot to be said with holding shares, because there’s less pressure when you’re as opposed to holding options because of options. You’re tied to a date where it has to be at a certain price and equity. 

You can hold forever and just be like, you can even not even check your account and just check it four months later, and like, oh, yeah, I did have those. So it does take an element of stress out of investing. But yeah, that’s part of investing a sleeping environment. Yeah, I wasn’t a bad person. I was asleep alza as well. I twitch of like much when I look. 

Yeah Yeah that’s, that’s good. You know that’s, that’s cool, man. Honestly it’s pretty cool seeing like one guy I like had had an investing background. But still had a problem. Another person wasn’t even investing and obviously, they had a problem. 

So it’s like, you know, there’s a learning curve for everybody. And it’s sick to see that. It’s really cool to see that. I find, you know, really quickly. I know, Dylan, you said your accounts were negative before you entered the group. Was that right. Or did you? Yeah, I was I down like in my Robinhood account. 

I was down like 95% or something like that. And what was around like before you joined the private around, what was your account value. Let me see. 

For Robinhood or just all the accounts. Yeah, you can ballpark all the accounts just kind of for, for viewers purposes to kind of have a gauge. Let’s see here. And then you can pull that up to the curb before. We’ll see. Well, we’ll ask you this question. When you get that question first. We’ll see who gets there first. Say 14. 14,004 Robinhood.

 And now it’s at 26,000. OK Yeah. And then. The 401(k that’s the winner for you. Yeah, I took screenshots, but there’s been some crazy gains last week, what the heck had, like, crazy, crazy?

 I just, you know, if you guys don’t know that just yet. We’ll get to that later on. I could definitely go. I just I had two separate accounts at the time. And I consolidated it all. So the data is all messed up. It sucks. But based on my fidelity account, I was around 20 at 60 in that one. And then my Roth was also around 15 or 20 and I’m at 60 in that one. 

So so around a 3x four, you react just of consolidating and actually believing in some African companies that I just for believing I love it. Did you get that number? Yeah $112. $0.39 Very linear. I can see the chat from Anthony from looking like to see that again. Yeah $112. $0.39 And then now it’s. $80,443 I don’t know how to do the math on that.

 Yeah, you need that. What’s the like? I need those big calculators to kind of generate the we need to save money for a couple of minutes for it to calculate that figure. Yeah, it’s $900 million. What the heck. Yeah, that’s crazy. 

Well, it’s showing negative 30% And then right now it’s 1484. Wow that’s right there. That’s why I don’t I think the cover of this video is not going to be your three xanthan. I think it’s going to be a limited percentage for billion there. And that was crazy when that happened. But how about you guys tell me a little bit, maybe like. 

A lot of the viewers want to know about the product they want to know to be coming back to the stock market, cause let’s start with that basic stuff. You know, what have what’s in there and who is it for. And what have you learned from it? The first is going to be when I go, first of all, to see first things I’ve learned from that. 

Well, you know, yeah, when I first joined the private stock market group, I was like, well, oh, no. You know what? Jeremy was on Instagram. He was doing me on Instagram. He’s like, yeah, yeah, join the private group. 

And I’m good. And then I think he was. And then he was like, well, I might be interested in that stock market class. He has, which is an online class. And I took that one. I’m like, well, practice better. So yeah, I was like, well, I’ll try the private group for like a month. 

He’s like, OK, we’ll try for a month. And I did. I joined it. And this was back on the Discord chat, had maybe a couple of people. It wasn’t a lot. So I was able to check the messages like with no problem. And then a lot of people out of like a lot of get input and advice on different things. But Jeremy, before the breadcrumbs he used to. Yeah his comments used to be in that chat. So you get to get a lot of useful stuff out of there. 

But one thing I know with Jeremy is like he’s he cares what happens to your money, oddly, you know, it’s like your money, but like, he cares what happens to it. So that’s cool. Like he does no reason to. But that’s the one thing I was like, man, I mean, that’s a good dude. I can, I can trust them. So that in the Friday the my favorite part wasn’t the Tuesday, the Monday Q&A thing. I think it’s the Friday videos. The private videos. 

Yeah, Yeah. Friday videos. He he breaks down basically different companies. He’s looking at. I’m like, OK, it’s cool. Something to keep a radar on. And he always had a he always had a stock at the end alpha. I don’t think he does it anymore, but he used to have like a stock, you would look at the end of the video. And kind of do like a breakdown of it. 

I remember the one actually did follow on was Kirkland and McHarg. Lonzo’s like when he did the videos, like a 14, I think. And then March I went down to 77 is about the zero. 39 You know, I did get a dig at Kirkland call options and like a TD Ameritrade account and. I forgot I had that account. 

And I checked it, it was I checked like eight months later, I think I sold it. One Kirkland’s was like. And maybe $9 not 25 or it is now, but yeah, I would say, yeah, but you get a lot of like you get like a lot of get kind of like Nuggets out of those Friday ones. Yeah, I like you. 

Just I, I asked about the upcoming master of the stock market and you went into like five different things that you can get value from. It’s crazy how much stuff like different people learn different ways, obviously. Yeah, I always like videos, I always like different people talking and it’s pretty cool. So like it’s like to see that anybody can actually benefit from somewhere, like there’s somewhere to benefit from obviously. 

So it’s. How about you, Anthony. What was it like maybe talk a little bit about the becoming massive stock market, you went through. Yeah, like I was back in school because I was just like brought the notepad out and was just going through every video. And it’s so simple. Yeah once you actually figure it out. 

But people just don’t want to put in the work or they just don’t because it’s anything else. It’s like in fitness, it’s like what’s nobut what’s that pill that I can take and said like I don’t want to put the work in. But once you know. And it’s like it’s not that hard, you know, you find a company or that you go to the next page and you start from there. 

And so I’ve never done that. I was always like Google, Google the company and look at the news and see whatever. So it was great. And then I’ve not only looked at that. And I’m going to go through it again, but, you know, I’m looking at buying property for myself and buying a property from my father in Florida. 

And so I’m been looking at the ground stuff and video for real estate investing. I’m on the fourth video of that, too, and know there’s just so much research, there’s just so much knowledge and all those videos. It’s fantastic. 

And so take notes. I have all my Apple notepad thingy and I can go back. And every subject and go back and see what do you talk about there, what you talk about there. So that’s great. I think those videos are fantastic. And everyone needs to be looking at those that want to be investing as far as just because it’s all about conviction. 

You know, if you hold some of the stocks that are on the chart for me, like for planet, for dropbox, for beyond me, for like the chat’s and the breadcrumbs keep you focused. They keep you like in this zone, you know, especially with GameStop going on and AMC seven, I have a buddy who doesn’t know a damn thing about investing in a million damn dollars. 

A million, a million. He put his whole life into this thing. And I look at them on Jeremy said, sanderling, just danielsson because he gamble. Cuomo can catch him and anyone will catch anyone. And and so I look at that. I’m like, no, I have this discord chat. And I can go. And I can read on these stocks that I’m investing in and I have conviction in. 

And then I get to talk to all these people, and then they’re sharing very valuable things, not just like the stocks going to the moon. OK, how y you know, what would you want to you know, we have bullish thesis is all the time in the group. 

And so like it keeps you in the zone, keeps you in the game, doesn’t keeps you have strong hints. I mean strong. Yeah Yeah. I agree with everything you just said. The funny part is like the, the, it keeps you in your lane. 

The private group that the private keeps you in your lane, it keeps you, you know, you have six, seven figure investors like you don’t have some, you know, like newbies and nothing’s wrong. Newbies like everybody wants to learn, you know, like I was a newbie you were doing was a newbie. So it’s just that when you want to learn, though, you don’t want to learn from people at your level. You want to keep learning and look up and say, you know, 

I’m learning from somebody that’s been there, done that, made a boatload of money off of this and knows how to do it. And once you have that, and you get that conviction, like you said, you can get that confidence, you can get that, you know, going forward. And it’s like, you know, I know what I’m doing now because I’ve learned from people that I’ve done it. 

And I’ve learned the right way. And then becoming master the stock market, like you said, it’s simple. It’s so simple. Like the market like this. The funny part is the market is not complicated. In a sense of how it’s supposed to work. 

The reason why it’s complicated is because people just don’t fundamentally stay in it for the right reasons or for and fundamental ways. 

They just do it in a kind of there’s formal plan, there’s emotions. There’s you know, and it gets you that mentality first. Obviously, I don’t know if you guys have that. And of course, it gets stuck to with mentality first before it gets into fundamentals.

 Yeah So you first you feel like you’re watching something like beginners videos. Well, yeah, you are. Because, you know, you have to change the way you think about stocks for you to invest. And then, you know, like you, it helped you consolidate, which is like that battle on just knowing how to consolidate and like confidently weed out stocks and get it into something smaller, knowing that you are more confident in the ones that you’re picking that just shows how much you’ve grown. 

You know, I just I wanted to maybe how about this, Dylan, I don’t know if Anthony has a. You have a chart, like you said, you showed us a chart there of your gains, it’d be pretty cool to see Dylan already has it. 

So Dylan wants to show will let Dylan show in and maybe like, well, we thought, well, we’ll let you fill it out. OK, let me see if I can pull it up on the browser. This is your county, so let’s do it. We’re in there. So, yes, this is going to open up by robinett count, June, June 15. 2018 It says 21,584. 

But I definitely didn’t have that much back then, maybe a couple dollars. And then I had an and call. It was like a 15 strike and call. I think I sold it at like $16 and something like that. It was like five minutes. Yeah, it was a, it was a 2022 14 strike and call, which is probably worth like $7,000 nowadays. But I think I sold it for like a $40 profit. 

That’s the problem with day trading when you used to be like the things that we missed out on that long term. If I, I wanted to hold it long term. That’s why I got so far out. But I was like, oh, wow, 60 bucks, I’ll take it. So but then I was like, oh, there’s this other company. 

I started following nutanix to cloud enterprise, but I started to start buying calls on their earnings. And that one just shot me down. Was that couple $4,000 $1,000 by December, we had that crash, December 20 ’18 crash, that’s what the word Jeremy was buying Apple pretty heavy. And he was buying something else. 

Beauty I didn’t know I didn’t know Jeremy back then, but that’s what I know he was buying back then. So this is one I stop pretty much doing Messing with options. And I’m like, well, let me start from scratch. Just buying shares. And then here February, I’m like, OK, Tesla shares are too expensive. Let me just start buying. Neo is. $7 are out here. 

So buying new, buying new goes down, goes down to $4. I think add a bunch of leaps, too, and then I bought some Neo4j. I think I end up selling those at a loss like a dummy, like 80 bucks or something. Right and then here, what happens here? October 20 ’19. 

Well, at this point at this point, my other account, my 401(k account, I’m just I’m just like racking up Tesla shares on the other one. So I wanted to buy Tesla shares in this one, but I was like too expensive. So but now you could do part. 

I wish partial shares were a thing back then because I would have just partial shared into Tesla for sure. And I didn’t have the conviction because. I think I figured I was going to take market share from them eventually, so I’d see down here 2019 it’s still going down. 

I wonder what that was up until this year. OK, so 15,000 were you in by then? Were you in the group by that time? I was. I was I was in the group like here like around this period. And when did you start taking it about seriously? 

Kind of following the groups like not recommendations but following the philosophy, like just buying good, solid companies that can, you know, you’ll see gains in a couple of years rather than just Messing around with options. 

Yeah, well, I think I did start taking it seriously. It’s just at this point, it’s just here I was buying I was buying a mix of his stuff. I was buying my stuff too. So I was buying, like, a lot of slack and. Well, the other stuff we’re buying. 

Dropbox is by dropbox, too, so slack and dropbox, I think about Slack somewhere in the 30s, but I was buying it down at like 20, 30 or something like that to you, right? Yeah and dropbox, the same thing. So eventually here’s where here’s where aslak. 

Yeah November 13, slack slack gets bought up by Salesforce and actually and Dropbox started moving at the same time, too. So I guess the difference between this step down, step down is that this came down. But actually held this time. So I mean, yeah, I held through the volatility. So I think that was like, I was a good six. No, that was good. 

Nine months. I held through it. So my nine months to be like, yeah, I like to hold on to emotions during that time. It takes a lot of. Yeah, that’s so that’s so if you’re, if I learn this is showing one thing, it’s just showing you like just holding through volatility and that’s something Jeremy Jeremy stress emphasizes to. 

So and eventually, you know, if I had done the same thing with and the Am calls, I’d probably be sitting at like a. $200,000 account, but I mean, still gains are gains, right? Yeah, that’s the thing. I like being stoic in the market, being holding, being convicted, 

having conviction in the stocks that you think it just comes with no one. If you’re alone, you’re always going to be drawn in to families to draw on to like, oh, let me sell a quick buck here, quick buck here. You know, I don’t know, I don’t want you guys or something that helped me a lot was just being around people that are like telling you. 

Why not to sell and like, what’s their bullish thesis on the thing? Even if something is going down slowly, it’s like more of an opportunity than it is a bad thing. You know, it’s like you pick the stock for a reason earlier on. 

You’re just getting it on sale. Now and just having people around you like telling you having the same goal. It’s like it allows you to do that. And I don’t know if that was the case for you, but those for me for sure. Oh, Yeah. Definitely Yeah. Oh Yeah.

Here some of the. I still am holding on to Dropbox here. I got I got some other positions here. But And that’s pretty that’s pretty darn cool, I like I like that. I like the fact that, like, you know, like you said, that little Downward and then shut up. 

It just shows that mental shift and mental the mental game that you played it yourself. It’s kind of like you allow yourself to reap the benefits later on by just all you have to do is just stay. Yeah diamond hands right now. 

Yeah but I started by Regeneron and this is probably my next big thing here, as is Regeneron. So I’ve done a lot of research on this one. I know it’s. And again. Sorry, sorry to interrupt there, but the research you’ve done, have you have you implemented a lot of philosophies that you learned inside, like kind of to be able to do that research? Yeah, definitely. I know like is kind of out of Jeremy’s circle of confidence. 

But, you know, there’s some stuff that I learned from him, like the Ford p on this one stupid Jeep. It’s like. And that’s something he’s always looking at and, !invisible!, and like they have to have, like, pretty good stuff on their pipeline. So it’s kind of like my next play here, Regeneron. Yeah yeah, Yeah. So you know, the other account, I mean, if you want to. 

Yeah, sure. Why not just give it a quick glance here since just like we’re running a little short on time. But still within a couple of things. Sure Yeah. Like that Sean. Yes, yes, like see here, usually the charts of the best things to look at, it’s kind of just, you know, just shows you the. It is. So this one I had 85 Tesla post flip. 

And then I was selling it, I actually did end up selling out the Tesla. Not that I wanted to, but it was I was up like. I don’t know, 2000 percent, I don’t know what percentages, but I was up 20 on it. Yeah, so let’s see here. I ended up buying other stuff here, but let me show you the performance stats. OK, cool. All right, so this is my fault for one account. 

Yes, let’s see. I have it on all time since I opened it. 2018 says it’s up 81,000 on it. 1% Because we’ve been talking since the time. Yeah Oh Yeah. About 81,000. But my account value’s 80,000. 

At one point, I was negative account. So it’s up 1,300. A lot of that is Tesla and that is. Yes I started getting up pretty crazy up about here. So 20,000 and holding that building will definitely do that for you. Yeah, just hold it there at. That’s an.

 I don’t know if this is going to tell anything, but. Oh, yeah, opening balance. Opening balance was zero dollars 2018 I would say depreciated. I was down $952 and so that’s what the negative was. And now because we can what you have right now, how much you’ve progressed and it’s good to laugh at. Yeah, I can tell you it’s pretty cool. 

So I think my initial cost basis on Tesla, I think I put in maybe 7,000 total. And then Yeah. I think maybe sold it for. 70 thousand, yeah, so so it’s like a 10x pessimism. Yeah, let’s switch it up. Let’s see, let’s see. Anthony, do you have any give us some time to show us. 

Absolutely sure. Here we go. Nice chart. Let’s do it. So I opened this account. Like I said, I open fideles just because of plan. I couldn’t buy anywhere else. I had Vanguard for my Roth. I just recently transfer that over. And so it’s not completely transferred over yet. But as you could see, I started that when I finally got into Jeremey or on April, may ish, those for planet. 

And then once I joined the private group in around December, I’ve gone from 25 to 16. This account, like I said, that was just more consolidating and going over with. 

You know, he didn’t really. Because I had some things that were more speculative, I guess you can say, in terms of stocks, you know, we kind of went over it like it’s OK, you know, I’m young. 20 three, so I can take a little more risk. 

And so if I believed in it, you know, he believed in it as well. And so as long as I was consolidating and not telling myself to short, he was OK with it. And so it’s worked out. And I was like, the decent amount. That’s pretty cool. Right right. 

And then from what I can find in my Vanguard at the time, it’s not accurate because there’s like 60 in there. I don’t know it’s like 40. But, you know, same thing almost, I would say around 20 to 25. When I joined in, it said 60. I don’t know why, it’s just 39 and just three 3x overall in a couple of months, just from just from one strategy that’s obviously easy to talk about. But hard to implement. Actually, it wasn’t even a year, you know, like a jeremey position. 

A lot of it was 3D systems. I put like 23,000 of six extra money in two months. It’s just it’s a theory. It’s how to invest. You know, you have to pick the right stocks or his stocks. I mean, I have Dropbox and some things, but yeah, it’s just having that conviction. So it’s OK.

 Like you can you cannot share. And I will just I just wanted to actually ask you a little bit more about the coaching field. Right I’m sure a lot of people are going to benefit from this. You don’t like to explain a little bit coaching. I had to explain the coaching. Explain like how you know, how it’s helped you after you explain what it is. 

Yeah help me at least what I can think of. And two probably in three ways or one was the obvious one. I was just I walked in, I felt the stock log out. 

And I kind of like joined thinking like, oh, it’s going to be great. Like, I got all these cool stocks, like, I can talk about them. then it was just like, you got to money, right? 

And then from there, I really like the way he laid it out because, you know, Jerry would use Excel and he’d be like, listen, you’re 60% in this industry or, you know, 10% in this industry. And then, you know, a lot of it’s SPAC. And then he divided it into spec growth. 

And then maybe there’d be safer places, et cetera. And so you can really step away from the portfolio and go, OK, because it’s hard sometimes people getting to like tech, it’s growth. It’s supposed to be this great growth machine, you know, and that allowed me to, like, take a step back and go, OK, well, now I really can see what’s going on here. 

And that allowed me to then cut my positions down because I was able to see a bigger picture of everything. And so what I did, he got that. Yeah, well, through cutting through positions and kind of moving, I’m sure they don’t just tell you to do this. 

Tell me. No, you know, but he did give me homework to say, you know, I want you to rank your stocks. And I want your bullish thesis on one stock, which I bet was planet. And then I’m also, I got like really into crypto. I’m not like people got into crypto. 

Now, I’ve been a couple for a while. And so he wanted to hear that because obviously, it’s nothing that Jeremy obviously was in or preached. But as long as I had my thesis on it and an exit plan and a strategy, he was OK with it. And so that was the first session was just getting that to get together, getting the Excel sheet down and consolidating.

 And so I went back. And we had like a two week gap. I ranked my stocks. We he also showed me, you know, ranking is not everything. If you rank the stock, let’s say dropbox, I think it was in the top three, one or two because it’s safe, right? Like it’s a cash machine. If I close my eyes and three or five years, it probably is going to be up. 

Yeah, that doesn’t mean that it’s number one in terms of risk reward, you know. And so that was really cool because then we went into looking at five years out making a growth model for these companies based off just analyst expectations. And we obviously think that’s going to be a higher growth. The analyst expectations. 

And then using that number. And looking at it five years down the road. And now you’re like, OK, that’s my number one stock from a perspective. Like I like the company, but is it minimal in stock in terms of risk reward? And that was really cool because it changed my perspective totally.

 Cowpox being number one, it turned out like, you know, maybe touchups number one, because you have a lot more growth ahead, but risk reward there. And so it just optimized too many things. It was fantastic. I mean, I one concern. 

My biggest concern was where do I need to have a lot of cash? I’m young, I want to keep growing. And so he kind of called me down and was like, it’s OK. Because Jeremy obviously always says, you know, 10% to 30% of cash in your portfolio. 

And I like. I got two options, I either go quickly and strong or I start having cash positions and stuff like that, and so we talked about sales force or picking a stock where you could have like a cash hoard where you don’t have to necessarily stay out of the market. You just get a safer play over time. Let’s say historically, the stock market goes down. 

Does that stock go down as much as the entire market? So then you can maybe even sell that stock and deploy and take advantage of bigger dips. But you’re also not missing out on the market. 

And that made me feel so much better because my cash position is low right now. And it should be higher. It could be higher. But I’m all about trying to grow as fast as I can right now, taking advantage of it. So that made me feel more at ease. 

I think overall, it just makes you feel way more at ease. You feel like you’re on track, you feel more confident. And then from there, it’s like, I can sleep. And like you said, that’s it. And it’s only after two sessions. Right right.

 That’s it. That’s I mean, like I mean, first of all, I that’s two sessions. So I’m assuming it’s probably a lot of introductory lot of getting to know. You get your style, getting to know your risk tolerance, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. You can go in a whole list of it. Like I can only imagine after like six sessions or something like that, or whatever it is you’re probably going to because I didn’t even know that stuff. You know, the cash hoarding.

 This is just something that he’s probably been in the market for so long for him. And he’s experienced that kind of, you know, that kind of dilemma, just like you were, you know, and he’s able to give you some insight.

 And you wouldn’t have never really thought about it right away. You know, you probably you know, you’re way off of that at the time. I would be way further than you. But I just like you know, the one thing I do get a lot from people is that it’s very tailor made to you. You know, they’ve been their style, they’ve been there, their process, but they bend it to your good. 

They don’t just bend it just because you want it to be bent, dependent, because they see your situation and they want you to achieve your goals. And how do they get you to a point, which is right now to your goal point, like B and they kind of like fit a style towards you and they kind of give you the nudge that you need. 

And obviously two sessions you’re telling me a bunch of stuff that you learn. You know, obviously, that’s going to compound as well, right over time. And how has the experience been with that? Is it been you think, first of all, do you think coaching is for anyone? You think anybody can actually benefit from coaching if they put in the work?

 Obviously, that that’s the constant. I’m going to assume, right. If you’re putting in the waterfront, you’ve got to put in the work. But if you have an open mind and you’re I mean, if you’re thinking about coaching, you probably have an open mind. 

But I always looked at it as like their a catalyst. Why would I not want a coach? Because at first when I was going to join, I was like, OK, how much could this really be? And I was like, I want. I’m all. And I want all the coaching and this now. And then I found out the numbers, I was like, I’m still young. I’m still trying to grow this economy. 

I don’t want to go too far in the whole let’s do two sessions and go from there. Yeah now I’m in a mindset because I knew I’m like, I don’t know anything. I don’t know zero, zilch compared to these people. 

And so they’re going to catapult me to the next level, even if it’s in one area. That’s all that matters. And so I think if you’re going into coaching, you have that mindset where you’re going to get something out of it. So I would say coaching is everybody two sessions at least do that. And then go from there. If you want. can always get more sessions and more sessions and after you just try it out. I mean, what’s the worst case scenario? 

You have another person who is way more successful than you give in your opinion. Like you said, tailored to you, though, that you fill out a 10 page document basically on your income, everything, your goals, where you want to be, how much are you putting in the market? And then they’ll tailor that and show you plain and simple, this is where you can be if you get this percentage. And how we’re going to get there is tailored to your goals.

 But I’m going to help you get there that I love hearing that, because, first of all, like you were in a position where a lot of people would have been in as well. 

You know, I don’t want to coach. I don’t want to get a coach because I don’t want to put myself in a hole. I don’t I want to funnel more money to my account. I want to grow fast. The problem is like you need that. You need that knowledge for that to happen. And exactly. It’s like a hole. It’s like buying a stock. You’re buying a stock. But look, you’re just buying in a different form. 

But like you said, like you found, you didn’t want to put yourself too much at all. Not only the coaching was tailored to you, but also the package that was given to you as like, you know, as an idea of get to sessions, see how it goes that was tailored to your financial situation. And you’re obviously, the how open your mind was to it. Right, so that’s good to hear because no complaints. It’s great. That’s amazing.

I love it. I just I want to ask one more thing for both of you coming off of tailoring and just being all the learning you get for people that are on the fence. You know, and I think I just covered that with you. For people that are on the fence, they want to put more money in their account more than they do want to invest in themselves and coming in, let’s say, joining the group or something. What would be your recommendation for these people?

 It doesn’t have to be coaching for dealing. It could be just coming in, getting the value from the private group, from the course for you. For you, Anthony. Could be all three, of course, the private group. And the know, let’s hear Dylan’s thoughts on that. What would you say to people like that? They’re on the fence. 

They don’t know yet. They say I’m not sure how the chat is nowadays as far as like volume goes, but it’s much more than when you came in that they’ve separated the shots in a way where it’s not convoluted in one place. It’s like there’s a million stocks, and you can go into each stock and talk about that specific stuff. Awesome OK, Yeah.

 Because I don’t I get like sensory overload on that happens. But I, I love the Q&A. Jeremy does like I feel like it’s a lot more definitely streamlined. Everyone gets a question. And if you ask early enough, make sure you jump on at the beginning of it. So yeah, you get to ask them anything that you don’t know you’re unsure about in the market and/or how it works.

 And also the Friday videos, those are the nine to like I’m on the average everything of my membership like last week, but I’m mainly doing the Q&A is are even if I’m not asking a question, usually I don’t ask a question. I’m just there listening. Yeah and then the second thing is the Friday videos, which has got a lot of content and breadcrumbs. 

That’s the third thing. And you can always, you can always do Jeremy. He’ll get back to you at like two, 3:00 in the morning. You know, he’s always going to get back to you whether you’re sharing. I usually just I’ll ask him a question every now and then. I’ll ask him questions. I’ll send him like a news article on us, on a stock that we’re both following that he might find interesting.

 Yeah, just a. It’s different, interesting news throughout the market or. You know, I saw old Saturday Night Live video from three years ago. And I saw a financial education commenting on it, a screen shot about that. And everyone and everyone that everybody was calm and acted like it seemed like they didn’t know who he was at the time. 

So so I designed a screenshot of that. So, Yeah. So that’s cool. He’s a pretty accessible, I would say as far as he’s pretty good about that. Yeah he’s busy and he keeps it, he tries know like IBM to do it. He may not respond to it like in an hour. 

He’ll respond to you in a day, but he’ll definitely respond to your concern or your question or whatever the hell it is, they’ll respond to it. You’re one of the ojisan in the group you’ve been in there for. So you’ve been in there much longer than anybody. For me, at least. Even yes, it’s pretty cool. Yeah, there’s still like a good.

 There’s like some good, good guys in there that they have certain strategies where it worked out, where I actually adopted some of it. Like once I did sell off my Tesla, and I was like, yeah, I need some cash because I’m not sure if the market’s going to keep going up or go down. So I learned the best strategy of selling cash covered. 

But so every week. I’ve been collecting premium on Dropbox or whatever, and I’ve given me like Beyond Meat was netting me like $500 to put so that I would make like 1,000 in premium, a week. So, so that. 

And then with AMC, he was talking about AMC yesterday. Let’s say AMC is at 5:50. Right you can, you could sell weekly puts at 4:00 AMC 550 strike for like 70 bucks and then that brings your cost basis down to 470 or 80. 

And if you keep doing that, you can eventually get your crawlspaces down to 0. If you don’t get it to get a signed on to it is kind of crazy, but yes, I want that. I wanted that. Yeah it’s crazy. What you learn from other people. 

Exactly Yeah. Yeah and you get like, like you get from some people like I think recently, I got put on to that. If if it’s one of the group, don’t give it away. OK oh, is this going to be public or whatever? Yeah, yeah, Yeah. OK, Yeah. 

So so, yeah, I got the thesis on that. I was like, wow, it’s like a really good breakdown. So it’s different perspectives, man. That’s the thing about it. It’s like you’re like, I was saying open minus 1 minus comes in. So many forms. It’s like listening to other people’s explanations or reasoning to why they’re picking a stock. 

That in itself is like it’s a whole thing on its own or it’s like there’s so much benefit to it. If you’re open to it, obviously. And I that’s pretty that’s pretty cool. And honestly, I hopefully I can learn some options as well. And so I just got to spend the time a little bit on it. And I think it’ll work. 


How about you, Anthony, what would you say to people that are on the fence that, you know, it’s funny because billions more he learns from. He uses the group or uses the for so many different reasons that you and I do it. It’s like he specifically let us just those videos and the A’s and he gets so much action out of those and value.

 But obviously, you were kind of a little bit upset. The other coaching you have the know, the course, you have the group as well. But how what would you say to people that are on the fence? They want to put more money in their account rather than invest themselves. Like what? Would you advise someone if he was a dear friend of yours? Right I feel like if you’re on the fence, right, you probably washes windows. 

So you got conviction in him. So it’s like, OK, you know, this is real and like the people that are in that group, you know, they are for real. And so there’s this barrier of I’m here and there’s a lot of people over here that are very successful. 

And in reality, if I can pour in five, ten, $15,000 into a stock, why can’t I put in to whatever into myself so that I can exponentially grow in the time frame? It’s plain and simple. so, you know, if you have the conviction in watching YouTube videos of all of the videos, would you not want to know before he releases a video? 

And then you go like the inside scoop and you have this like, great. Like I want to entice people. So, like, that’s the reason why you got to it. Of course, an added bonus. But let’s be honest, there are a lot of the people that they watch these videos to get information. 

Right they love this information. So you can be one of the first to know that’s not that should be your number one reason. But it really comes down to you have an option to spend a few thousand dollars to put your portfolio into an exponential catalyst because of people that will help you that be, coaching or not. It’s like I say, plain and simple. If you just have conviction because of the stocks that are in that Discord chat and you can talk to people. 

And you can collaborate with people, you’re going to hold that company. And more than likely, that company is a great company and one likely you’re going to grow in five years and you’re not just going to sell out because of a bad earnings are because of something crazy. I mean, look at Dropbox. Like everyone said, they’re holding strong. 

It’s because we keep telling each other like you’re undervalued, just keep on smiling, you know, so it’s so powerful in. So many ways. And like you said, we’re all going to find our own niche and how we use it. But that’s up to you eventually, once you get there. 

But you’ll never know if you don’t join. And so many people in their life go, I should have bought that stock. I should have bought this. I should know about that. Just do something for once. Yeah who cares. That’s that’s the thing. Like it’s like it’s like you said, like I think you mentioned that perfect. 

The way you’re saying it, like, you know, I don’t even think about spending money. I just think about it like, invest in a stock like that to convince you to invest in the stock, invest in this. You’re the stock and think about it as like it’ll just help you invest in better stocks later on.

 And like you said, like even if you’re coming in just for the inside scoop of what are you going to pick, that alone will cover any investment you’d like, even the most basic value that you probably want to get. But the littlest value, I think I don’t use that word right. 

The smallest value you can possibly get is enough to, like, offset anything that you felt you lost coming in. And that just shows that. And then if you just add on top of that, a little bit of work that you want to put in, like, you know, 10% to 15% more work than your if you were, let’s say you were completely lazy. You don’t want to do anything. You just add 15% more than you’re not alone. 

Will just know there’s no stopping where you can go with that alone. And then obviously, you know the work ethic because being around people. Right and it’s just a good domino effect. And then you’re not growing. So that’s a good man. 

That’s honestly, that’s the best way to end this thing. I think both of us would be happy, to be honest. I was that was really insightful. I was first time doing a three week convo with two people with completely two opposite views of the private. I think it’s good.

 I think it’s good. We’re like that. Yeah, I think that’s good. But I had to do a very good job of keeping it real because yeah, that’s the funny thing. You know, when I grow my skills like this. And those cool chill talking to you guys, I don’t know. 

A lot of people out there are probably going to see this later on. And they’re going to benefit just by, like, seeing other people’s views and their experience and, you know. And your opinion and your opinion, Dylan, I think you guys are just like, you know, everybody has their different ways of learning. And if they can see this. 

And you can help at least one person each, that’s positive. Right, so I’m going to say good night because it is like here on orders where you guys are. 

But I thank you both for being here. Thank you, Anthony. Thank you, everybody. Thanks for hosting all that and using yours in. Nice meeting of the scores, you guys. There you go, man. I guess I don’t want to. 

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