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I started investing pretty seriously about four years ago in my own retirement funds. I used to work at MIT. And we had like good retirement funds there. So I tip my toes into the stock market, trying to pick a few of my own stocks. And that was a pretty mixed bag, focused a lot on advanced technology companies since that’s the space that I work in. And that’s my area of confidence.

And as I decide to learn and grow through YouTube and through reading, Jeremy popped up. He’s one of the biggest YouTubers out there in terms of financial education. His channel is really, really great.

That’s where I really started taking my YouTube education seriously, watching Jeremy and following his recommendations and just looking at how he analyzes his stocks. He has this pretty long time horizon and thinks about valuations, but also thinks about the markets that the stocks are disrupting or leading or changing in some big ways. He’s got some great companies that he’s been recommending since before they were great companies. So he shaped a lot of my initial mindset on stock picking.

All right, another member of the financial fortress private group, Alex, how are you doing? Good how are you? I’m doing great. I’m doing great. And you’ve been part of the chatroom. You’ve been part of the private group for a while. Give us a little taste of how your investing journey started. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to know about Jeremy. Sure so I started investing pretty seriously about four years ago in my own retirement funds. I used to work at MIT. And we had like good retirement funds there. So I tip my toes into the stock market, trying to pick a few of my own stocks. 

And, you know, that was a pretty mixed bag, you know, focused a lot on advanced technology companies since that’s the space that I work in. And that’s my area of competence. And as I decide to learn and grow through YouTube and through reading, Jeremy popped up. And, you know, he’s very much one of the biggest YouTube viewers out there in terms of financial education. 

His channel is really, really great. So that’s where I really started taking my YouTube education seriously, was watching Jeremy and following his recommendations and just looking at how he analyzes his stocks and has this pretty long time horizon and thinks about valuations, but also thinks about the markets that the stocks are disrupting or leading or changing in some big ways. 

So he’s got some great companies that he’s been recommending since before they were great companies. So he shaped a lot of my initial mindset on stock picking. I love it. That’s yeah, that’s pretty much sums up what everybody says, including myself, about how you find it other. 

And you like the way he you know, what resonated with him, what resonated with you about his style? Because I know he wasn’t just like he doesn’t he doesn’t just do technicals. He doesn’t just do fundamentals. He doesn’t he doesn’t like. 

Sure Yeah. So I think that’s really what drew me to him is that variety. So one thing I really like about Jeremy is a he’s very entertaining. Right so, you know, after a long day’s work, you want to do some research. You already kind of burned out from the day. 

Jeremy is one of those guys, you can tune in on and you don’t feel overwhelmed, like, great, I’m starting my second job. So that was really nice. But that variety gave me a lot of exposure to a lot of different investing ideas. And just like you said, not every ideas for everyone. But one of the things that really resonates with me about how Jeremy approaches things is he’ll quickly talk about all these different sections of the company. 

Right, so whether it is the fundamentals or whether he’s pulling up yahoo! Finance or is going through an investor presentation or he’s just talking about the market, the stock is in, you know, Teso mesilla, he does a great job of not just sticking to all the news items, but, for example, you know, talking about the things that Tesla is actually leading in his experiences with Tesla. 

You know, how it’s not just a car maker. So he’s kind of on the right side of thinking about companies like, you know, drawing a circle around the whole company instead of focusing on one product or one service or the thing everyone already knows about it. Right like which helped me, like, broaden my horizons about those same companies. Yeah, no, it’s totally true. 

He doesn’t that’s one thing I’ve realized as well. It’s kind of there’s a lot and nothing’s wrong with other YouTube’s way of doing it. It’s just some of them kind of focus on, let’s say, fundamental numbers, financials, and that’s cool. And everything. 

But the problem is like I think from my experience and maybe you can say the same, given that you have that same background, you research yourself, it’s you kind of have a. A way of kind of looking macro economically, but within the company, not in a macro as in like the economy itself, it’s more of the macro company and it’s like there’s so much. 

There’s fundamentals. There is, tam. There is just marketing, there’s brand. There’s this, there’s that. And it’s just altogether, if you’re able to put it together, then you can have a thesis that’s kind of like unstoppable in your mind. You’ll have. And that’s the good thing about it. And the thing is, if you focus only on one and you kind of let go of the others, you can miss out on a lot of great gains. And, you know, over time, wealth creation in the market. 


Yeah, it’s cool that you mentioned that. I love it. I, I wanted to. You know, so what were you out before kind of when you first started in the market? Obviously you’re in the retirement fund, but then you kind of probably wanted to make a little bit more of yourself in terms of stock market investing. And how were you before kind of joining and where were you at in terms of research and how was your. Struggles, let’s say, for sure. 

Yeah, so I performed what I thought was pretty well until I joined the group. And I saw some crazy numbers in the group. So like you just said, I started by, you know, sort of managing my own retirement account, taking a chunk of that. And allocating it the way I want, instead of the options that you get by default through your 401(k and your Roth IRAs and all that. And then I slowly over time, amassed about close to six figures in capital to really aggressively invest about, I would say, six or seven months ago. 

Now, this is during the whole crazy tassell bull run and everyone was getting in. And I was definitely one of those people getting in at the top, kind of like crying in bed at, you know, a tazawa dip, 30% And all that crazy stuff. And that’s kind of what turned me into the group. I decided, hey, look, I have the resources. 

And I have the willingness to learn. And now I want to connect to a community of sort of passionate, dedicated investors. And and behold, I think it was the same video where I was thinking about it. Jeremy mentioned it in one of his videos. Hey, you know, we have a private stock group. It’s part of financial fortress, a link in the description below. 

And he kind of just talked about the value of just having a community of investors to bounce ideas off of understand all these different ways to invest in all that kind of stuff that comes with having a I’m guessing at the no, but like a couple hundred, you know, close to 1,000 members in this really tight knit community. So that was my cue to just jump in. 

Right like I wanted to. I was willing to spend the money to grow my mindset to be a smarter investor than just buying Tesla, because that’s what’s dominating the news. Turns out Tesla is a great investment, but so are plenty of the other investments that I found out along the way. And got to contribute along the way in the private group. 

Does that answer your question? Oh, it does. Yeah, it does. I was going to say. I love that you said, kind of like investing your mind. You’re investing in your education or investing your growth or whatever it was. 

You know, it’s all about like it’s all about looking at it as an investment because like when you do that, you kind of put yourself around people that are very successful and, you know, in some way or another, it starts tilting towards that success. You know, it’s just magical. It’s like, you know, you put yourself around successful people. 

And in some way or another, you start becoming successful slowly. And that’s right. And yeah, it’s growing more than 1,000 let’s say like four years now. But like obviously, like it’s still very I wanted to get your take on it. It’s a bunch of, like, you know, very successful investors. Six, seven figure has been in there for a long time, et cetera. 

You can name all the credentials that they have. And then there’s the coaches and there’s that. And, you know, and how has that shaped your investing? And maybe if you can tell the viewers a little bit about it, and then kind of tell us how cheap your investing style, tell them about the community, like. Yeah, just the private the private group. Yeah, sure. There’s a huge benefit to that alone. Yeah so I agree with that. 

There’s a huge benefit to the private community on Discord. It’s well moderated. It has a bunch of coaches, it has about 1,000 investors spanning all sorts of different styles, which is something I greatly enjoy. I focused mostly on disruptive innovation, advanced technology. I run a YouTube channel that does that as well, which I focus on bringing to the. So that’s the kind of stuff that I bring to the table to that group. 

But there’s people from all walks of life, from dividend investing to value investing to, you know, technical analysis, which I really enjoy learning a lot about, because all of those different things, turns out, are really good filters for including companies or discouraging companies or discounting companies. 

You know, we all get together every earnings season. And we are carefully tracking who’s doing what and seeing what during their earnings presentations. And, you know, there’s so many Twitter feeds and other social media things going on from the company side that it really does take the whole community to just keep track of the market day by day. 

Right, so I get a lot of value out of the community, whether it’s whether they’re talking about stocks that I happen to be investing in, you know, like the arc funds or not, whether it’s, you know, something that is like a Tesla or something that’s more like a Berkshire Hathaway or something that’s more like a Walgreens. 

You know, I think that’s all valuable to hear about, especially through things like the pandemic and changes of guard with the election and all that. Right, so it shaped my world view a lot. Yeah, it’s important. You said to even if you’re not invested in insurance, think it’s cool to hear other people’s perspectives about how it is. 

And then be able to kind of track the perspectives to the performance over time. You can collect data and your brain to, you know, you know, I wasn’t Walgreens or I wasn’t in, like you said, Tesla at a time. But they were talking about innovation and. 

Struction and these smart people in the group were saying that at the time, and that’s when it started to take off a little bit. So you can start picking up trends where you can kind of replicate later on your own with other stocks, other companies that are coming in and being destructive for sure. You know, obviously happens with your too, like I’m sure you use in your new YouTube channel. 

You know, I Yeah. I’m actually going to give it a watch. I’m very curious now. You got to be very curious. I love it. And then so there’s that. And then there’s also the becoming massive stock market. I wanted to actually maybe get your take on that. You weren’t maybe a complete beginner. So it’s good to have a perspective of someone maybe that has benefited from that course, even when they’re not a beginner. I haven’t taken that course. Sorry, you haven’t taken the course. 

OK, yeah, I rigourous. Yeah so I just don’t want to. Yeah sorry. No it’s cool. Yeah, I’ve taken it, but, you know, I think they’ve heard my opinion on it very well. It’s not I wanted to see, like, you know, there’s a lot of people that kind of speak about social investment investing in yourself. It’s like it’s a term that gets thrown around very, very loosely nowadays, especially like investing in yourself. And Warren buffett, a famous quote, you know, and the best investment. 

Absolutely in yourself. It’s so loosely thrown around that. It’s kind of lost its meaning a little bit. And I feel like it’s a shame it should be actually taken with more seriousness. What are your take on that? I feel like this is the perfect segue way. So I run a channel called ticker symbol you and the tagline for that channel is the channel that invests in you. And I definitely agree that investing in yourself is not only important, I think it’s the most valuable investment you can make. 

Right when I joined Jeremy’s community, I was investing in myself. That’s money. I could have put in the market. You know, the community is not cheap, but you get way more than you pay for, right? I think investing in your own education, in your own mental well-being, your physical well-being, those are all key, not only just because life is for living, not for investing, but also because it helps you develop good investor behavior, strong hands and all the other things that come with being a smart investor. 

Right being able to mentally sit down and dig through a single stock for hours is not easy. Bouncing ideas off of a group with 1,000 people in it can be pretty daunting. So investing in your own education and the tools that drive that, the tools that help you with your own investing, not just the dollars that you invest yourself, I think is fundamental. 

So I think building one of the ways that I did that was my channel kind of started as a self diary, just a way for me to reflect about my own investment ideas, decisions, the people. I thought were kind of the heroes of investing. Kathy, would Elon Musk chermayeff, Paula hoppity. 

Right and that’s turned into OK, how can I help others invest in themselves through education, understanding tough technical subjects, right. Autonomy, robotics, artificial intelligence, gene editing and so on. And so all of that is under that mantra of invest in you. 

An educated investor is going to do leaps and bounds better than somebody just throwing their money behind whatever is making the headlines. I’ve been on both sides of that coin. Right, so so that’s how that Kimbell. 

Coming from a guy that’s a content investor, it’s pretty cool to see the benefits that you kind of drawn from the private group. And say, I’ve seen a lot of I’ve spoken to a lot of people that have benefited from it for their personal use, for their personal investments, kind of growing their accounts, growing their retirement funds, et cetera, getting financial freedom. All right. You’re kind of more of a you’re on the side of content creation. 

So you want to kind of outflux that information to kind of help others as well. How is that kind of filtered in? Because I know you probably have a lot of subjects that you probably go through in your YouTube channel. Yeah so, OK, go ahead. I’m sorry.

 And then you probably use a lot of it, maybe not use it, but you definitely get something ideas worth from others that are in the group. Absolutely absolutely. Yeah So the really you know, and the group is a private group. 

Right, so I want to be careful and just make sure that a people in the group, but PB people outside the group who might be watching us understand there is a little bit to the group of like, hey, what happens in the group? Please don’t share because everyone here has paid for this value. Right? yeah, but the ideas you get about investing, the frameworks that education, the conversations and the friends you make are things that I take with me. 

And for sure shaped the way I decide to shape the content for my channel. Right there are a lot of pieces of education and ways of looking at stocks and thinking about how to value things in the market that I learned from the group and that just bleed in to my channel by virtue of me being both a group member and a content creator.

 Right, so a lot of those things aren’t necessarily individual stocks. For example, my channel talks about almost no individual stocks besides Tesla, but it is a really good. I use a lot of the information that I gained in the group to divide the market into certain chunks, write software and streaming and services is one chunk robotics.

 And, you know, physical goods would be another chunk. Right you know, health care, gene editing and sort of the more health oriented services would be a third chunk. So not necessarily market sectors, but like how would I group all these different stocks into maybe five or six or 10 bubbles? You know, that’s a constant. 

And evolving conversation that happens in the private group as well. Your example, does that make sense? Well, it absolutely probably basically acts like a data gathering mechanism. And it’s like it gives you confidence that that’s pretty cool. To be honest, I never, never thought of it that way from. It’s from a content creator perspective. 

But hey, man, whatever whatever comes out of it comes out of it. And it’s good. You mentioned something earlier, and it was I found pretty cool. Was that the discipline that you end up getting? Because, you know, the work that you have to put in to actually find one stock or any sort of investment that you kind of want to make, especially in a stock market. It’s not like real estate where you’re just buying and all you have to care about is the area. 

And, you know, maybe like the little founda is a foundation. OK, you’ll do that up front and it takes a little and you can get even someone else to do it for you. The stock market’s like it takes a lot of discipline. You have to sit down and read for hours and hours and being able to filter certain things from your reading, being more efficient, being more willing to do it. It definitely comes from accountability. 

And I feel like accountability comes from mentors and mentors come from network and your network and particularly the private group. And you have that. And that’s definitely something that I found to be very cool because I’m a very excited, non sitting down type of person. I want to be second. I can and reading a 10K. Thank you. 

And reading all this stuff related. It’s something else on the brain for sure. How does how does the accountability feel like in the group? Yeah, that’s a great question. I think you hit the nail on the head. First of all, like the private group is definitely my primary news source and all the connections. But more to your point, the other thing the private group is that we almost skipped over is it’s very well moderated and it has a bunch of coaches in it. 

Right, so not only are you getting access to a community of dedicated investors who all cared enough to be part of the community to pay into it, but you’re also getting access to these coaches who do a number of things. 

Their lines are always open. You can literally open a private discourse, chat with any of these coaches, which is great. I’ve definitely utilized that service and it’s helped me better shape certain investment thesis theses on specific stocks. 

Right but the other thing that happens is they sort of act like these discipline moderators, for lack of a better word, right. Where people will start talking too much about price action or swing trading or sort of, obviously, the group is tailored to around Jeremy’s investing style. 

And that style is very much a cool, calm and collected long term outlook. Buy today. Hold through the rough times, reassess your investment thesis. So when people deviate too far from that and they’re talking about buying Tesla 300 and selling out of the 1,000 to try to buy back when it dips to 800, the coaches actually will step in and say, hey, man, just remember, that’s risky. 

That’s not why we’re here. This isn’t about quick money. It’s about building wealth. And even further than that, you know, richness, right. A rich life full of good behavior, discipline, all the things that kind of started this question. 

So the coaches do a great job of moderating out all the b.s., so to speak, but also keeping people in line with the larger vision of investing in their version of the future. Right like, remember, you’re not supposed to invest in stuff for a quick buck. 

You’re supposed to invest in stuff because you fundamentally believe in the company behind the stock, which is very much Jeremy’s approach reflected through the coaches. I think. I love that. That was that was probably you put you tied everything together for me. I don’t even think I can say anything else other than that. 

That was. Yeah, that was cool. I, I appreciate that you kind of spent the time here. And I wanted to ask maybe one more very sensitive, more sensitive question. Let’s say you had someone that is more that is a dear friend of yours, you know, and he wants to or she wants to get into the market or get into wealth creation. 

And, you know, they’re more concerned about putting money into their account rather than making that investment in themselves. That’s right. And we talked about that. And it’s like I was in there. I was there. And I say that I was there, like, I’m guilty of it just as much as anyone else. 

You know, I wanted to funnel more money into my account, like, how am I going to get rich if I don’t funnel money in my account? Well, there’s a way. But, you know, investing in yourself is actually a stock as well. If you’re looking at it from a perspective like that, it’s a stock. 

And that stock will grow over time if you put enough at start. And how what would you recommend to someone that’s in that position, maybe like teeter totter there where they’re choosing between investing in themselves or investing beginner in the stock market? Yeah, I mean, that’s perfectly sensible. 

I would say that if you’re still choosing between educating yourself and putting money in the stock market, if that’s still a choice for you, the answer is always yourself, because the more you can invest in yourself, the more you can grow your wealth outside of your stock market fund, which makes it easier over time to put money into your stock market fund. 

Right I know that’s a little counterintuitive. If I never put money in, how will I ever grow it? But the answer is to get yourself into a position where you can put money in and keep investing yourself without feeling like you’re either stretching the bank or keeping food off your table. 

Right, so I always, always, always the best thing you can do is become a better investor because I believe this is a true statistic. Almost 95% of investors. Do not beat the market. They do worse than just throwing their money in an index. 

Right which means that’s investor behavior keeping you back. So when you’re investing in yourself, you actually are investing. You’re trying to close that behavior gap until you’re actually meeting or exceeding the performance of the market, at which point. 

Now it probably makes more sense to throw money into the market knowing that you’re not going to do worse than it, right? Yes. Does that. That’s how I would answer that question. That’s what it was, an opinion based question. You turned it into Fox. Say I’ll any of a data driven guy. It’s like I love it. And I. Alex, thank you so much for being here. 

I appreciate it. I know a lot of people are going to appreciate your words and your kind of thoughts and the one on things. And they’ll definitely it’ll resonate with them. And it’ll definitely make it a change in their decision process. Sure my pleasure. Better glad to be here real quick, did you want me to share that picture or do you not want to do that? 

Oh, I do, actually. And the combo is so good that I completely forgot about it. Let’s do it right now. Yes, I’m happy not to. I’m happy to know I want you to because I want to see it again. OK, what would you like me to do? Here we go. OK, so this is just a picture of the balance history. I started with about $100,000 when I joined at Jeremy’s group. 

And you know, you can see there’s obviously volatility in the market, me investing and reinvesting. And then my the combination of being in Jeremy’s group, which has helped me a lot with the fundamentals and building strong hands along with my passion for advanced technology, arcand best and ultimately, all the material. You can find on my channel has resulted in the same exponential growth that I tried to cover every week on ticker symbol you.

 I love you and you join around, let’s say, yeah, I joined, I joined, I believe in like October. So like way down here you’re like, yeah, I’ve been a member for the group for about six months. And you can see this whole chart is only about seven months old or so. 

Right, so now that’s pretty cool. I love it. I absolutely love it. All right. We’ll end it at this because this is pretty nice of you to look at. So I’m going to stop sharing my screen. Is that ok?

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