Abby Brown

Being in the Private Discord Group, gives you exposure to ideas and ways of thinking that you would have never had. I don’t think people understand the language of money and even that necessarily that we go super deep into that in these courses but it exposes you to people that do understand the language of money, your coaches understand the language of money and they will help you re-train your brain, because the way that we have been taught to think about money is not necessarily, in my opinion, the right way, with the way everything is changing. 

You have to look at money differently and you have to know the language, and this group has helped. I thought I knew the language of money before. I would consider myself to be a pretty successful individual way before I found Jeremy’s group, but I’ve realized, from joining this group just how ignorant I am on a lot of things. It’s opened my eyes.

I’m 40 years old, I can retire at 42 had I found this when I was 21. Who knows what could come of the connections you make on Discord. You know, maybe they just give you a great idea of something you can go invest into, but maybe you find a business partner. Who knows. 

All right, everybody, this is another member of the financial fortress private group from Jeremy B How you been? I’m good. Really good. That’s good to hear. I, I love that. And maybe the viewers will get a little bit to know about your story a little bit. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

How’d you find out about Jeremy and your investment career? How did that start? OK, well, a little bit about me. I think that is pertinent information to start with, as I am an incredibly driven person. And when I set my mind to something, it doesn’t matter how outlandish it is, it always happens. It may take me a while. 

I usually get told I’m crazy, but I make things happen. So I think that’s an important thing to put in there, because I think people can get maybe scared of way of doing things that other people are crazy. But it’s like if you don’t take big risks, you don’t get big reward. And when I say big risk, I mean it’s a calculated risk. 

One of the things I’ve learned really quickly from being in Jeremy’s group, probably one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to actually do not just listen to what other people are saying. It’s really easy to watch some of these videos on YouTube. You get all excited, you hear a news story. But what where the value add for me has been? 

Well, for one, the biggest value add for me actually would be just be a part of the discord. The coaching has been great. Jeremy’s videos are great. But where for me personally, I find the videos are where I find the value is being around. 

Like minded people know I want to be around people who I can pick their brain and give my ideas that I’ve looked into and have people that are just as excited about these things that are actually doing the work. I don’t want to hear somebody’s opinion. 

I want to hear the facts that they’ve researched and then I can take that and go do my own research and go from there. But that’s led me to a lot of opportunities, a lot of different companies that I may not have ever looked into that have been done really well for me. 

The other things I keep having messages pop up. The other thing that I’ve learned from his group is more of how to set a plan, a realistic plan. I think a lot of people, especially right now, are and I’ll be the first one to admit, like you call hope.

 I guess that’s what I’m also decrypted crypto and we say opium, but it’s like you get so stuck on something you’re so sure it’s going to happen to all is OK and we get these unrealistic expectations. So I think one of the things that I like about this group, too, especially with Jeremy and I feel like some people take it the wrong way, is when he’s saying, like, don’t be a little piggy. 

Like, it’s kind of offensive, but it’s so true because, you know, I in the beginning, I was just jumping into stocks, like he said. And I remember at one point when I joined, I told my sister, I’m like, I found the golden goose. Like, I’m just going to do what he says and I’ll make money. 

And what I’ve realized is when the market goes up and down, if I don’t have the conviction behind those companies to feel safe and stay, at least for me, I get scared and I sell these companies, I sell stock even I don’t do that anymore. Now I have conviction behind, but I’m buying something. There’s conviction behind it. 

And I don’t care what happens the next weeks, months, whatever. If anything, I feel, if anything, I feel glad, like it’s a whole change in mindset. Like now when I see Reds, those are almost exciting for me. Before it wasn’t bad and I’m like, yeah, let’s go buy. Right now things are on sale. So it’s the group. The group has provided me like minded individuals that have similar goals, like give me tips and tips and their steps to success. 

And then it also keeps me from making these quick off the cuff decisions that could cost me thousands and thousands, Tens of thousands of dollars. Yeah, no, you said it perfectly, having conviction and having people around you that are like minded people that are around you in the group, because I was going to ask you about the product group in the private chat, but you kind of delve into it a little bit. 

I mean, that to me is the biggest. That’s where I found the biggest value. I mean, the coaching has been great. But I would even say, like, I know this is expensive. And if people can’t afford it, I totally get that. But I would say is do the get in just the bottom minimum to get into just the discord, not the free one. Get into one where people are paying, because to me, if you pay for it, there’s a little bit more of you care about it a little bit more. 

You’re going to get more people in there. You know that if this was $5 I would probably have people in there. If I knew them in real life, I wouldn’t want to hear their opinion, nor would I take their take their opinions versus where I know there’s people that are serious about this. This is that they take this seriously. It gives you a different perspective. 

And then right now, especially with all the lockdown’s, they say what you are. The combination of the five people you spend the most time with. OK, great. So I’m locked out. I don’t have any time except for with my two year old, my dogs, my parents and my neighbor. 

It’s like that’s not what I want. The culmination of what’s making me grow to be. I want to be around people that are driven in the business world. They have similar ideas. And so I have to put myself in those situations. And when you’re in lockdowns like this, you have to find ways to get around those type of people. It gives you exposure to it gives you exposure to ideas and ways of thinking that you would have never had and. 

I feel like I’m doing a sales spot for you guys, but I really value in this business, I don’t think people understand the language of money and even not necessarily that we go super deep into that in these courses, but exposes you to people that do understand the language of money or understand the language of money. 

And they will help you retrain your brain, because the way that we have been taught to think about money is not necessarily, in my opinion, the right way, but the way everything’s changing. We’ve got hyper inflation coming here soon. I mean, job instability, you have to look at money differently and you have to know the language. 

And this group has helped. I thought I knew the language of money before. I would consider myself to be a pretty successful individual way before I found Jeremy’s group. But I’ve realized from joining this group just how ignorant I am. Not a lot of things. It’s opened my eyes and I think that’s part of the reason I’ve had such insane success. 

And this group is because I’m really trying to learn lesson like when I signed up for the course, I hired a babysitter for like 10 days straight and all I did was watch every single video, did every single thing. I just became I became obsessed with it. I guess that’s been the way to success when you have to be obsessive to succeed. And we were talking about off camera. 

We were just talking about it like you were a busy person. You’re not it’s not like you have all the time in the world just to spend on this stuff. How has the private group, the chats, obviously, it’s probably saved you a boatload of time. No one. And you’re still able to fit it in your schedule, which is it’s pliable. Well, true. It depends on the person. I think it’s very different for different people. And I think you have to come into this and realistically understand what your goals are. 

And I have very aggressive goals. And so to me, going to come in here and I start learning this stuff, if anything, it’s made 10 times or because all of a sudden I learned something new. And I’m like, OK, I need to know everything. I need it. I need to know everything about that subject. And then I’ll dive in and spend. I mean, in the last year or six months, eight months I’ve been following Jeremy my I probably only work even though I should be working full time.

 Like if I’m being honest, I’m probably only putting like 30 hours a week into my paycheck job. And I this is like I do it all day, every day nonstop. And it’s not because I feel like I have to. It’s like realizing that I have such a passion for this stuff and I’m realizing there is an opportunity to get out of this rat race. And when I say I want to be able to retire from my job, it doesn’t mean I want to retire. 

That means I want to be able to move into not even necessarily full time investing, but, you know, like the real estate course that’s on there. I have a very familiar background in real estate because I do a lot with rentals. And, you know, that was a great cause. 

Even though a lot of I mean, I thought I knew everything, you know, about real estate. And granted, I didn’t know a lot of the stuff you were saying, but it just refreshed my mind enough to realize, OK, now I’m mechanical. I’m seeing where my profits are going to come. I’m not going to keep rolling those into continuous stocks. 

Like I’m going to move over to real estate. And all of a sudden I’ve got opportunities with people in this group that have been doing things with real estate, that you start having one conversations, you start getting new ideas like having your rental property, doing the birdbath that and then be able to do a category five where all of a sudden, you have all that money back. 

And it’s like I’ve been learning all these new business strategies that I had never even thought of, that they weren’t even on my radar. And I had been doing rental properties for ten, 12 years. But because I was on this group having these one off conversations with people, you know, you start planning all these new opportunities and I’m realizing, oh, my god, I’m really setting myself up in a path where in the next two years.

I’m hoping to be able to step away from my six figure job and do something like this full time, because now there has been an outline given to me, a course curriculum, whatever you want to say, a retirement curriculum, a curriculum to being self-employed that’s been given to me. And, you know, it’s the study guide. 

All I’ve got to do is work the program. It’ll work for me. And so it’s more of than just this has been more than just interesting for me. This has really been a complete shift in the way I think the way I look at money, I mean, everything like if my family thinks I’m crazy right now, like I have, I’m not trying to brag, but I have a really nice house. I have a brand new luxury car that’s paid off. 

And I’m sitting here going, OK, I want to go trade in my car that’s completely paid off and go buy some piece of crap so I can take that 60 grand and go invest it into these things like I had never, ever really seriously considered. And I’m not saying that Jeremy’s telling me to do this, but I’m the point is this group has taught me the way to think about money. 

It’s taught me how to think about money in a different way that I’m looking at going, hey, I’m 40 years old. Like, I can retire at 42. Had I found this when I was 20 one, I would have been retired five years ago, you know, I could have set myself up to be out of here. 

And I think there’s a lot of young people that. Have a really awesome opportunity right now to set themselves up for something in the future that they never even thought could be possible. Yeah, I, I totally agree with everything you said. 

To be honest with you. I’m busy myself. I find time for this. And it’s been something that it’s an opportunity, like you said, and the people around you, the people that are in the group, they shift your mentality, the course just as your mentality. 

And I’ve heard that not just from you. I’ve heard that from many people. But obviously you’re just more adamant about the mental shift that you’ve gone out of it, which is probably the best thing you can have, because if you can shift your mentality in any sort of market, any sort of time zone, in any sort of struggles, you’ll be able to have the focus on how money should be dealt with and how money should be. 

Thought about that example you said about the car or something like that, that’s pretty. That’s that’s just evidence shows that it takes a lot to go and change. You know, you see 60 grand as something different than when you saw it before. 

And what I think is interesting, too, is, you know, again, I considered myself very financially savvy. And so I didn’t even know that I needed a mindshift like I had that wasn’t even in the course of like something in my at all. Like, I didn’t I didn’t think I needed that. 

That wasn’t something that I was looking for. I was just looking like, hey, let’s make some extra money. I’m always I’m always working on the next hustle. Like, that’s something I’ve been doing my whole life. And so when I found Jeremy, I’m like, oh, stocks the next hustle. 

But what I’ve realized is it’s not even necessarily that stocks is solid, that this is teaching me the new way to think about money so I can make my hustle. But I can also take that side, hustle, profit and rolling into other ventures that can get me really going on my own. Because I really I personally believe you need to be very diversified.

 I don’t think you should. I know Jeremy has all his money in stocks. For me personally, that’s not the way I want to do it. But I think if you have 80% of your money in stocks, but you’re pulling profit and rolling it into diversification with real estate like he’s talking about in his group, and he gives you he has a whole program about what do you do once you become a millionaire. 

And I remember when I signed up and my dad looked at that program and he’s like, OK, what you like, this guy is just trying to sell at you. Like, why would you even need that? But it’s like when you watch it and you start really seeing money rolling, like, those are all very valid things that you might not think is something you’re going to need. 

Maybe you’re starting maybe you’re starting with a little bit of money. You don’t think it’s going to happen. But like to put it in perspective for people that are watching this. You know what I found, Jeremy? I wasn’t trying to go all in. I mean, he got me all excited, but I put $30,000 on and said, let’s see what happens. 

And you know that $30,000 is turned into like $135,000 in the course of six months. It’s been crazy. It’s like I know that’s normal returns. And so that’s part of the reason I want to pull profit and returns other things. But the whole point is I would have that would have never even been something that I would have been exposed to had it not gotten more involved into his group. And it’s not just me. Like it’s been very interesting to me in the Discord chat. 

I’ve had random I’ve lived all over the country and I live back in Michigan now. But I had like two different people in the discord that I know from other places I’ve lived that just recognize my name. And so it was just crazy to think about people that I come across paths within my life. They’re seeing this, too. And then when we start talking and I’m not just hearing, oh, a friend of a friend had this success. It’s like, here’s a screenshot of my portfolio. 

This is what I’ve done. And I know that person, so I know it’s true. So just gives you even more motivated to keep moving on. I love that. That’s that’s pretty cool, to be honest. Yeah you definitely meet people there and you can build a network. Your network is your network. You know, it’s a cliche, but it’s hey man. Like when you have a network you have opportunities and opportunities, create your stuff, give you the opportunity, give you the chance to create wealth. 

And that’s the whole point. One thing, people may miss it, maybe even people my age, too. But, you know, networking is everything when it comes to business. Networking is you might think you’re just taking somebody out for dinner and a business dinner, but it’s not even about that. It’s about building that relationship. Someone opportunities come. 

They come to you. Well, it’s just like that with discord. You know, you’ve got to put things aren’t is going to be given to you. Right if you put in some effort, you start making connections. Who knows what could come of the connections you make on Discord. They just give you a great idea and something you can go invest in to. 

But maybe you find a business partner. I mean, who knows? But the fact that you have a bunch of people that are like minded with similar goals and similar ambitions, to me, it’s like a no brainer. Like you want to be involved in that. If that’s the direction you’re trying to go, you need to be involved in that. Like, life is what happens when you’re sitting there making plans, like stop thinking about it, like do something and make it happen. 

And this is the time. These are the kind of steps that you have to take. To make to make changes. I love it, I’m going to I’m going to add one last thing, and then I’ll probably ask you a little bit about the coaching. I just I just love the fact that your focus on the whole benefits that you’ve gone out of that has been kind of the way from just stocks. 

And it’s cool to see that because obviously you’ve had success in stocks. So you just said your account went from 30 to 160. I mean, something that’s a loan should be something that people are going to be like, wow, that’s something you could get into, but just a mental shift. 

The network, the way you speak about having that opportunity, that with being around other people, it’s pretty cool to see that. And it’s like a lot of people have had conversations with have been kind of focused around the stocks and how to pick a stock and how to, which is great. You still probably don’t. But the other stuff that you’ve gone out of, it is just cool to see that anybody can benefit from this. And it depends on your mentality, depends on you. 

You’ll find something for you in it because you’re just putting a bunch of successful or want to be successful people in one place. And great things happen from that. Let’s face it. You want to get a sorry. Go ahead. I was let you. I’ll let you. Well, I was just going to say, if somebody you know, there’s probably a couple of different types of people that are coming out of this platform. 

Right there is the ones that are like, show me what stocks if I’m going to buy them, I want to make money. And all they’re seeing is dollar signs. And then there is the other people who genuinely want to learn. And then there’s other people that not just want to learn, they want to know the great stocks, but they also want to learn. 

And then they want to implement that information and have it go to places. And for me, I think the latter two are the ones that are going to be the most successful because the software is on fire right now. Are federal governments injecting us with cash? So it’s, you know, granted, we’re getting really good stock tips here or making a lot of money. 

But realistically, I’ve had this talk with my financial advisor multiple times because when I first on Jeremey, I was like, I’m retiring in a year. And like I had these pipe dreams. I wasn’t thinking clearly. But, you know, when the stock market does start or if you do start to lose money or the stock options, then you shouldn’t have all of a sudden tanks. 

It’s like, what are you going to do then? Like if you haven’t put in the work to really understand what you’re doing and why, which is what this course gives you, then you’re totally screwed. You’re going to give up, are going to be like screw the stocks the way some money. I’ve lost all my money. Like, I don’t trust the system. You you have to understand what you’re doing in order for it to work long term. And that’s what this gives you. Not to mention it’s a one off. 

Friendships I’ve made through conversations like a perfect example would be like I’ll start when I first joined on to describe what I awarded network. Right so I would anybody that wrote some comment that I thought was interesting, I might respond to. And then we start DME on about that just off the top of that area. 

So long story short, I come across people that are talking we’re talking about the real estate investing that is part of the course and what we want to how we’re going to make profits and what we’re going to do with it. And I already own three rentals, so I thought I knew what I needed to know. But next thing I know, this person’s going into all the tax reasons of why I need to do my rent, like go buy rental, but do it this way and open up an LLC. 

And here’s why. Long story short, this is all information that I guess I could have found if I looked for it, but I didn’t even know that I needed to look for it once or it’s going to save me about $40,000 in my taxes this year because of the information I got having this one off conversation because of networking. So, yeah, for me, the value of this, I mean, great, don’t get me wrong, I love Jeremy. I love all the lessons. 

He’s taught me a ton and he is a massive, massive value. But I think the other big, massive value that’s really understated here is the networking. If you really try to network, you can get really good connections in this group. I love that. I actually love that. And speaking of that, we can still use networking as a way. How is the coaching been? 

How is it is it was it for you when you first got in it and then how you benefited? So I’ve only done a couple sessions, so I’m really new into this coaching. But I like about the coaching, though. Does that help me? It’s holding me accountable. Robinhood really does feel like a game sometime. It’s really it was really easy in the beginning. 

You see all these stocks rising and then you hear about what’s next hot stock that’s going to go up and you see that the stark you’re invested in maybe went down a little bit. And so you’re just quickly changing over to the next one because that’s what people are going to do. And you don’t have that conviction, whatever. Well, then you meet with your coach in there, like, where is that? 

Where is your Excel sheet showing me when you bought and why you sold, why you did this? And when you have to start actually putting down all your buys and sells and being able to explain to somebody why you’re buying and why you’re selling, it puts a different level of accountability on you. 

So you start making different you start making different stock purchases and different sell sell purchases. You start doing things differently than what you bought, because now it’s not just like people are seeing some of the crazy trades are doing it. When you have to explain why you’re doing it and when you say it out loud, you’re like, Oh my God, that really was stupid. You start it helps you catch yourself on your own. B.s., I guess would be the. Way to put it, at least that’s what I found from it so far. 

Accountability that’s the thing about it. And how was the how is obviously the coaching is it’s not a one size or one shoe fits all kind of thing. It’s kind of it’s tailored to certain people’s goals, certain people’s risk tolerance. How was that an assessment for you? Have you have you found that it’s been tailored to your goals and to what do you want from the market?

Oh, yeah, at least for me, I feel like we were talking about a whole we’ve talk about a bunch of things. So it’s tailor made for the person you need to be matched up with the right coach that understands what your goals are. And as long as you the thing is, if you’re going to get coaching, though, like before you sign up for that, like don’t sign up for coaching and just think, oh, this is going to make me rich. 

Like, you have to have some in my opinion, you need to have clearly defined goals before you even come into this without set goals. What’s the point of having someone that can lead you there if you don’t where you want to be led? You’re the reason for leaders to get you somewhere that you want to be. 

And if you don’t have that clear, then it’s going to be it’s going to be an ambiguous ride for anyone. You sit down and you say, this is where I’m trying to be. That’s realistically this is where I want to be. Well, that person is going to and then you meet with that person. You say, this is what I’m doing and this is where I’m trying to get them. 

They can kind of come in there and tailor make it for you. Like, well, if it was me, I wouldn’t do this. If it me, I would go this way or that way, or they may or they might push back and some of your ideas, because, you know, they’re human, too. You know, you just want the opinion of somebody that has much more experience and success than you. 

So they’ll push back, look at you different ways of thinking, think of things and look at things. And I mean, to me, education is education and knowledge is everything. So you can have exposure to somebody with that big of a portfolio. It’s a no brainer to want to do that. If you can be that big a portfolio. First of all, they’re not shouting, shouting in and out. 

And if they are shouting out, you’re probably not somebody that I want to get opinions from anyways, because I want to be around somebody that’s maybe more humble and just goes after a versus somebody that’s super flashy. Like, look at all that I have. That’s not those people maybe don’t have as much as you think you do. You want to go to these people that are the quiet type that are you know, my coach doesn’t need to be doing this. He’s doing this because he wants to educate. 

And those are the kind of people you want to learn from. So now all of a sudden, you have exposure to these people with these massive portfolios that know what they’re doing and they’re only doing it to help or are doing it to make any money off of you. It’s I mean, everybody will have their own experience, but I feel like it’s kind of a no, it’s a no brainer. 

You’re if you’re going to have to invest in yourself. If you want to get anything in life, you have to invest in yourself. This is an investment, you know, and I’m actually waiting to hear back from my tax guy, but I’m fairly certain you can write this off on your taxes, by the way. 

There’s got to be something for sure. He’s checking into it, but I’m pretty sure it’s considered education. You can write it off. So those are things to think about. I mean, everything that’s, you know, anything of value usually doesn’t come for free. You have to know for sure, like 100% You said a couple of things that I was like very that resonated. It’s an investment in yourself. 

It’s an investment in education. And these people are not there like the coaches, that they’re not there because they have to do that because they want to. And that’s probably one of the coolest and probably one of the life hacks that you would have in this whole scenario is that they were there just to help. You know, they’ve made so many mistakes. 

They’ve made so much money in the market already that they can retire if they want it to them. I don’t know their personal situations, obviously, but you can make that assumption. And they’re just did make so many mistakes, had been in there for decades. They made a lot of money. What else do you need other than that knowledge from them? 

Because they don’t want you to follow the same rules that they fell into. And if they can, you can get you to their goal faster. I mean, hey, it’s a win-win for everyone, you know, out where the middle class is eroding, like we’re going away. 

So maybe not everybody. Here’s a parent. I’m a parent. So I start looking at my daughter and I think maybe she doesn’t have the same opportunities that I had. You know, she’s going to have things a lot harder. And everybody’s saying, you know, before I found out, I also was part of Dave Ramsey following for many years. 

And I always had a 529 for her, which for people that don’t know what that is basically a tax deferred education savings plan. And long story short, after talking to my coach and other people, other coaches in here just on one offs, I’ve realized, you know, if I started this with my daughter, she was one. I put $50 a month into what was four, 529. 

Now it’s a stock account. But if you just pull up a simple compound calculator, like, my daughter will have a million by the time she goes to college because I. $50 a month away for her. And my goal with that is that’s going to allow her to be able to make her wealth is freedom of choice. Right so then she can decide, do I want to go to college or I want to start a business? 

Do I want to do that? But long story short is I’ve got an ideas now that when Jeremy talks about creating generational wealth, this is not just. About you screaming generational wealth, and that’s my goal to it’s these are setting me up. This is giving me the tools so I can make sure that my daughter is set up for success. 

Like my parents were really involved. And they seem financially savvy. And I’m learning all this stuff and I’m like, oh, my god, why didn’t they teach me this when I was younger? Like, I would be in such a different it’s well, education. All right. You guys joined this group. You start learning about this stuff. Maybe you don’t have kids yet. 

Maybe you have young kids and you are at a job where you just live paycheck to paycheck and you want something better for your child. Guess what? This is giving you the opportunity to network with people that are going to show you how to do it. And I just feel like there’s. Aside from the upfront costs, there’s really no downside to doing this. 

There really is. And I just I feel like I’m on a sales commercial for you guys. I just have a very strong belief of what you guys are doing and what Jeremy’s doing and why. And I’m a very strong believer in why he’s really pushing on people to not just be a little, as he says, little piggies, but actually learn because learning is going to save your assets or save you. 

Sorry, it’s not to be copying somebody like you really want to get out of the financial situation you’re in now. You learn it’s not to do. That’s the thing. Knowledge and learning. And I think honestly, you’ve summarized so much. I love it. 

Like, I know a lot of people are probably going to benefit so much from this. Just just the input, just from your input, the way you thought about it. You spoke about it. You brought a whole new level of thinking to the private group, which was networking and how that can help you. 

And I think that should help allies. Any last things that you want to add that I haven’t even covered yet. I mean, I guess I don’t know. I didn’t realize this is being videotaped, but I’ve gotten ready. But if anybody watches this and they are not looking for what are you doing, but actually want to have conversations about different ways to invest in real estate or the market or, you know, I would love to hear from people brown. 

I’m like I’m looking for more like minded individuals like this. Exposing yourself in what you’re looking for will help make that happen. So I guess good luck to anybody that’s signing off. And I hope you have the same success that I’ve had so far. 

Amazing you heard everyone. So Abby brown, get in there, talk to her. She loves networking. And thank you so much for being here. We appreciate it. And thank you.

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    We will never rent, sell, or spam your information.