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Well, here’s a question I’m getting right now about as much as any other question in the stock market and Well, I mean, I am getting to other questions a lot of people a lot of people asking me if there’s any t stock and a beat on their earnings, okay, a lot of people asked me for my opinions on DraftKings stock, very random stock, but I’m getting ridiculous amounts questions.

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If you want that video, like, let me know in the comment section I could do for DraftKings video. Okay, but the other massive question I’m getting right now from folks is should they be buying stocks? Should they be waiting? The markets being crazy?

We’re getting so much data from so many different places people like Dude, should I be buying this market? Or should I just be waiting on the sidelines? Am I doing the right thing? in all sorts of things. So I said, let’s just do a really in depth video about this.

It’s actually a really like, like, simple question. But to understand, like whether you should actually be buying this market right now or not, it’s a little more in depth than that. So let’s just do a super in depth video. Hope you guys really enjoy this.

As always, let’s get the two housekeeping things out before we even get into this video. Because once I get rolling on this, I just want to roll Okay, 1975 thumbs up. That’s what we have to be in this video. I think we’re going to crush that within like the first three hours of video B now I think we’re going to absolutely decimate that.

Okay, second thing to let you guys know about Memorial Day Sale coming on private stock group you want to get on the waiting list. Link in the description. Okay, let’s start getting rolling. So first off, I’m recording this very, very late on a Sunday night okay?

Very, very late on a Sunday night I’m recording this futures as of right now are up okay, up 200 300 points. And who knows what’s going to happen in the market tomorrow, it’s on Monday, maybe that maybe the Dow’s up, you know, another 200 points, or maybe it’s down 200 points.

It honestly doesn’t matter in for this video, it shouldn’t really matter if the stock market’s up 200 points or down 200 points tomorrow, because when you’re making a decision about buying or not buying the stock market, it’s usually going to be based upon 1000s of points, not a couple 100 points came in, if we look, the stock market has been in this kind of zone over the past one month, if you pull up a one month chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

That’s what we are looking at here. And what you will find is, you know, it’s been up for the past month, it’s been down for the past month. But ultimately, it’s about where was a month ago, like we’ve had a lot of volatility, a lot of, you know, bad days and good days.

But it’s still about the same as it was literally one month ago, you go ahead and look at the s&p 500. It’s about the same exact place It was a month ago, which is incredible. You’ve had a lot of peaks and valleys over the past month, and a lot of drama and a lot of you know negative talk and like some pauses talk like oh, things are gonna bounce back. And yet the s&p 500 The Dow Jones.

It’s about the same place It was literally just a month ago, the only indicee that’s really done really well is the NASDAQ 100, which obviously, you know, the big players in that are Amazon, Microsoft, googling Google and Apple, those stocks have held up pretty well.

And actually, you know, kind of prospered and look at look at the NASDAQ, the NASDAQ still only literally the only indices in the past one month, that’s actually shown a lot of strength. Okay, so that’s just something to kind of take into account there.

But at the end of the day, you pull this out a little further, you go ahead and look at a six month chart. And the fact is the market is still down quite a bit. Although we have bounced back a lot from the lows and wheat that needs to be said we’ve we’ve definitely have bounced back.

We’re still off considerably. We’re off 6000 plus points off the Dow all time high, which was hit literally just back in February, right. s&p 500 it hit you know, it tops out at almost 3400 We’re at 2800 somewhere around there, roughly right now.

So that’s a long way from the bottom when we hit when it was like 2200. But you know, still it’s still quite away from from the peak. Let’s put it that way. The Nasdaq 100 it’s getting a little closer. Okay, the NASDAQ 100. Now, you know, in the futures market, at least pushing up over 9200.

And keep in mind the highs were right around 9800 for the NASDAQ 100. So that one, you know, who knows, we could maybe potentially actually hit all time highs for the NASDAQ within the next few weeks if this trend continues, which is absolutely crazy. Okay, it’s just that’s just crazy in itself.

Okay. conflicting data, we are getting so much conflicting data. And this is what makes this such a hard answer to just say, Go buy stocks, don’t buy stocks, wait on the sidelines, sell your stocks, things like that, because we are getting the most conflicting data I’ve ever seen in my 12 years being the stock market and by far and away, okay.

This is a perfect example. This is the leading headline literally on CNBC app right now. Like when you log in as of right now late late late Sunday night. This is a first thing you’re greeted with on top news, Powell says GDP could shrink more than 30%.

But he doesn’t see another depression. Okay, that that that literally those few words right there that is conflicting data in itself right now. So GDP oh my gosh, that’s awful down 30% Plus, but hey, we’re not going to have another, you know, depression.

That’s a that’s a perfect example of conflicting data we have right now. Apple earnings came out a few weeks ago. Okay. Apple had, you know, pretty good earnings. I mean, they’re good if you’re any other public company for Apple, they weren’t very good earnings. Let’s be quite frank.

But yet on the conference call Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company saw an uptick across the board in late April, thanks to stimulus checks in work from home. That’s that’s a huge conflicting like earnings report rate, bad earnings. You know, a lot of negativity, especially in the month of March, like just sales weren’t good for Apple. But in April, the company saw a huge uptick. So you, you look at that, and it’s just like, oh, that’s just so so conflicting.

You can’t just look at and say, it’s all bad for Apple, or it’s all good for Apple, you’re getting, you’re getting conflicting data right there. Okay. You got Warren Buffett, obviously, you know, the oracle of Omaha, he has a shareholder meeting, which nobody who is at, you know, there’s usually like 15 20,000 people, obviously.

Because Ronnie, Rona, they couldn’t, you know, have people in the stadium. So it’s just him up there talking and answering questions for hours upon hours. Right. And, you know, he’s very bullish on the United States of America long term and has a lot of great things to say and says, you know, never bet against America.

And you know, this is gonna pass and, you know, and just a lot of positivity, but yet he sat on $140 billion, and didn’t buy the dip. You know, this is this is what I’m talking about with conflicting data, so many positive things. He sold the airlines, all those airline stocks at a loss, he lost money on everything. Everything airline related, he lost money, Warren Buffett, you know.

I hate ever selling a stock for a loss. And I’m sure Warren Buffett hates it just as much if not more than me, right. It’s a hard thing to swallow. When you say, dang, I was wrong about this. And Warren Buffett, you know, sells all these airline stocks at a loss.

That’s that’s pretty dang interesting. Right? But yet yet he’s bullish long term, yet. He’s not there’s not like he’s selling a whole his stocks. He just sold off this one group over here. Right. And so that, you know, the main investor in the market, what, who everybody looks to in the stock market, Warren Buffett, he’s showing so much conflicting data. He’s not selling off a bunch of other stocks.

But yet he sold off the airlines. And the airlines are kind of like, you know, you just think about the economy, right? The economy is really strong. Usually the airlines are doing really well, right, economy’s really weak, guess what, usually, the airline’s doing really weak, you know, 100 and $40 billion, roughly, they’re sitting on the market dipped, and yeah, the market did dip very shortly.

And then it started to bounce back, obviously, very quickly, but didn’t buy anything. Like they didn’t buy anything on a dip, not even their own stock. You know, this is that that is massive, conflicting data from the face of who everybody looks to in the stock market community.

You know, that’s just crazy. Okay. You want to hear about some conflicting data in my own life, right? Toll Brothers. So you know, I’m looking at all this whole situation, you know, the worries, economic worries, I’m like, I can probably negotiate a really good deal on.

You know, a really nice home out here in Vegas, right? So I go to the sales office, and I start negotiating on a deal a few weeks ago. And I say it was like pulling teeth. I mean, I’m, you know, I’m pretty dang good at negotiating. I know about every trick in the book when it comes to, you know, one on one negotiations and negotiating with a company to get what you want, and be able to walk out of the room and not even contact them for weeks.

And I gotta say, guys, I was like pulling teeth to try to get them to do anything as far as a discount on a lot or anything like that, or upgrades. It was ridiculous. They were so steadfastly, like literally, it was like, here’s what we’re offering you.

If you don’t want to take your money and go home, it was incredible. They’re so not desperate over there. I was like, I was literally It was shocking to me, that’s the best way I could put it. It was shocking how little desperation that company had that they were literally just like, No, you this is this is the only thing we’ll do for you.

And it’s that worth nothing. And to end this is a you know, a very high value property. And needless to say, I was negotiating on that’s conflicting data. When I look at something like that. I’m like, oh, here’s a home builder on the high end, and they literally don’t even care about my money like they they would rather have me walk Then give me what I want it.

That’s you know, okay, more conflicting data, hey, guess the housing market is not too bad. Or, you know, at least it looks at least on the higher end of the market. Because they if things are bad, believe me, they would i would have all of the negotiation leverage there.

And it’s just it’s not that way right now. Okay. You look at the stock market, right. The stock market in itself is conflicting data. The Nasdaq 100 has just went on a crazy run and such as the NASDAQ, the s&p 500 The Dow we looked at all the charts.

Meanwhile, what have we gotten over the past one to two months? just awful news. I mean, it’s just been disastrous. I mean, every bit of news unemployment rates, GDP declines, obviously Roni, Rona everything awful, awful, awful, bad, bad, bad.

And yet where the stock market trend for the most part, Gad had some days that were downs, things like that, but mostly, it’s been up in a way we reached that bottom back, you know, in was that mid to late March. And then literally ever since then.

It’s just you know, it hasn’t Get up everyday, but sprint pretty dang close with an onslaught of awful news. And you always think about the stock market, right? The stock markets always kind of like, you know, looks to the future a bit, right.

And so it’s kind of gonna pray some things in sometimes that sees going on in the future and things like that. And you’ve got to look at it. And you got to say, Man, maybe the market knows something, and maybe the market doesn’t. But the fact is, we’ve had nothing but awful news for the last one to two months.

And yet the stock market’s been pretty much going up for the last one to two months. Okay. Tesla stocks a conflicting data point. I mean, touch the stock, everybody said, wait till the stock market gets rough for that one. Great till we have a recession.

Hey, the recession is here. It’s massive. It’s Goliath, right? And look at how well Tesla stock is holding up that Tesla stock today is 800 bucks. I mean, yeah, it’s not an all time high. But I mean, 800 is pretty dang high. This was a stock that last year, you could pick up for $180 a share $200 a share, you can pick this one up for and, and, you know, 2019 and this was this was the stock.

This was like the the face of stock market when it came to man, when the big recession comes, when the bird stock market, you know, collapse comes, we’ll have to see what happens with Tesla stock. And it’s like, it’s actually held up pretty dang. Well.

It’s actually amazing how well that stocks, that’s a conflicting data point in itself. Look at the unemployment rate, it’s climbing to all you know, right around 15%. Now, it’s probably it’s probably going to go over 15% and could approach 20%. Right.

But on the conflicting side, you can say, Well, yeah, that’s insanely high. But guess what, as the economy starts to open back up, that number is going to come down. We don’t know how much it’s going to come down. But the fact is, the unemployment rate will come down.

The question is, how much is going to come down? How many jobs are going to come back as the economy starts to fully open? And let’s say the economy is fully open at some point, 2021? Let’s say it takes all the way till 2021 to fully get the economy back open.

How many jobs come back? What is the unemployment rate go down? Does it does it come down under 10%? Or does it stay above 10%? Does it come down to 7%? or seven? You know, 7%? Still pretty high? Right? Does it go all the way down to 543 percent?

Again, like we’ve been for the past couple years? These are that’s, you know, that’s a lot of conflicting data. You look at my city, right? Las Vegas, a city built on tourism, if people come in here have a great time, right? Right now the strips completely closed, and it’s being completely closed for two months now.

Okay. That means 100% of those jobs are gone at the moment. Okay. All those people are counting in on those unemployment figures as of right now, okay. All those dealers, all those servers, all those maids, all those janitors, everybody, okay?

Unless they’re super high up at the company where they know they have that type of role that they have a job always no matter what, pretty much, right? Almost 100% of those jobs on that strip, you see, right there are gone right now completely gone at the moment.

But we know the strips going to start to open back up, it looks like me possibly as early some properties as Memorial Day weekend, we’ll see what happens with that. But regardless, it looks like the strips gonna start to open back up in some form, at least in June, right?

So you say, Okay, if the strip starts to open back up, and Jim, what, how many of those jobs come back? Is it 50% of the jobs come back? You know, who does that what it’s going to take? Is it going to be more like 75% of those jobs come back is going to be 90%?

We can assume it’s probably not 100%? Right? That might be a little unrealistic that 100% of the jobs come right back. But But where is that number? And what about 2021? You know, if, let’s say 75% of jobs come back this year? Is it 90% next year?

Or are we back to full employment, 100% of those jobs come back in 2021. This is something we just don’t know, because we haven’t gone through this. We’ve never gone through a situation where you the district’s never closed, okay, the strip has never closed in its history.

I’d look it up. It’s just this is not something that happens, you don’t just like like even after, you know, 911 they didn’t close the strip, right? This went down considerably. But they didn’t say oh, we’re gonna close the whole strip or something like that.

This is just not something that happens. Anything about all the other things that happened throughout time, you know, over the last 20 3040 years, the strips never closed, the strips been closed for two months. So, you know, we don’t know how this thing is going to open back up.

And this kind of leads me to just say, I give up, man, I just give up you, you have so much conflicting data. You’re running through all these different scenarios. And like, well, if this happens, this happens. But this is going to, you know, be a domino fall in the wrong way.

But this is going to pick things back up. And it’s like, oh my gosh, it’s just, you know, I released something in the discord chat the other day, and the breadcrumbs tab, right? It was it was an audio message, basically, where I’m just saying, My brain is fried from this whole thing. just flat out.

I mean, you put so much thought into this and just going through all these different scenarios and looking at all these different data points, and trying to figure this crap out. And it is like it is a mess to figure out like one minute I feel like oh, my gosh, this is this is just bad, bad, bad. That’s been I’m like, Well, you know, is maybe maybe things are, you know, it’s glass.

It’s like the famous expression, right? It’s a is a glass half full or is a glass half empty and Right now I can give you I can, I can go on either side of that I can give you the, you know, glasses half full scenario. And I can say, Well, you know, here’s, here’s the good stuff, and I can go on the other side and I can I can give you a doomsday scenario and why nothing’s ever going to be good again, I can go through both of those scenarios with you.

And that’s just you know, that’s the type of stuff that just hurts my brain. And so if we go back to that top news on the CNBC app, right, just that thing right there, right, that just literally those those few words right there, I could say, well.

I could go, you know, definitely the negative side and say, well, that’s horrible GDP 30% plus decline. That’s awful. And guess what, it’s going to stay bad. And it’s gonna stay bad for quite a while. And I can say, won’t recover. And I could go that route.

And I could definitely go Doomsday route. And that could also go the flip side and say, Well, hey, he said, there’s not gonna be another depression. That’s great news. Okay. And guess what GDP is going to bounce back in 2021. Awesome, man.

This is awesome. You know, I can I can literally go both sides of this. Okay. You want to see some some crazy numbers, you just get ready for this. And I think this is what really gets down to the bottom of the core pit of just the complete confusion out there.

And these conflicting data reports and all those sorts of things. Get ready. Okay, we go to federal Okay, this is a website, this is going to give you all the information you want to know and what the Fed is doing. Okay, get ready see something crazy.

This time last year, the Fed’s balance sheet had about 3.8 trillion, it was actually shrinking for a while though the Fed’s balance sheet was actually shrinking through a lot of 2019. There was good was good, the Fed’s balance sheet was shrinking.

Awesome, kind of like de leveraging there, it was a 3.8 trillion. That’s the Fed’s balance sheet, okay. Today at 7 trillion. Today, it is $7 trillion of Fed’s balance sheet, that is the most startling crazy, like, you could have never made this stuff up scenario, in a 12 month span, from 3.8 trillion to $7. trillion.

And climbing, and it’s not going to stop climbing anytime soon, that number is going to go higher, and higher and higher throughout likely the rest of 2020. If you expect that number to get back down to 3.8 trillion, or any number even remotely close at anytime soon, it’s not happening, that number is going to continue to climb.

And this is where things start getting so dang complicated, because the Fed is throwing so many different things at us with so much money and stimulus and PPP plans. In back a business is big and small businesses, bailing out the airline’s bailing out this bailing out that $7 trillion we’re looking at now and it’s going to continue to climb.

The White House is exploring $5,000 stimulus checks in exchange for delayed Social Security benefits, the house just passed a $3 trillion stimulus package. And that might not get all the way through. But I there’s a high probability, we’re going to have another stimulus package within the next let’s say 15 to 30 days, high probability came as might not be that exact $3 trillion dollar plan.

But I would say, you know, more than likely, I would say 99% probability within next 15 to 30 days, we have another massive stimulus package coming, it’s just a question of, well, you know, what are going to be the details in there, but it’s going to be another big one, okay, we know the White House is likely to support a new round of stimulus checks.

Okay, flat out, there’s gonna be more stimulus checks coming. That’s all, you know, when both sides wants something they’re gonna get it done the details around that, that still remains to be seen. But there will be more stimulus checks coming.

The question is, how much money is it going to be? Is it gonna be 600 bucks, 1200 bucks is going to be up to $6,000 per household? Is it gonna be less than that more than that? Something’s coming. Okay. And when you see all this with the stimulus money, the bailouts, the the loans, the forbearances on rents and mortgages, for you know, some folks, you know.

For several months in the future, if not years, and then now they’re actually making a change, where instead of you having to pay all that money up front, a lot of these mortgages, you’re just going to pay down the road essentially, is just going to be you know.

More money added on to the end of your mortgage, which is smart, because, believe me, if you couldn’t pay your mortgage or rent one month, you’re not going to come up with three months to magically at the end of the pie. Like that’s just unrealistic.

So I figured they would somehow bailout that whole system, and that looks like they’re gonna likely do that. Okay. And this is this just so confusing. Okay, so let’s go through bad news. Good news. Bad news. Unemployment is crazy high. Number two, GDP is crazy low.

I mean, it’s going down so fast right now. Number three 0% interest rates, you know, the feds fund raids out at 0%. heck does even talk to they could take them to negative interest rates. We’ll see what happens. Okay. That just means more debt, right. more debt in the system.

I mean, you know, you look at that as a positive or negative a lot of people are gonna look at that as a negative right number for the economy’s still kind of closed. I mean, some businesses are opening back up slowly but surely, but the economy for the most part is still close.

We have no facts out there right now. Right. More and more people are getting Ronnie Rona, then pretty much ever before. Number six. Many people are very uncertain about the economy in their jobs, many people I mean, it’s a lot of people out there.

It’s not just people that care about, you know, the, you know, stocks and real estate and things like that. A lot of people in general, just like they don’t know, you know what their job situations looking like. So number seven corporate earnings are awful, right?

You know that I haven’t seen very many good earnings reports. I’m like, wow, that company really smashed and had a great net. It’s just not go home right now, for 90 to 95% of these companies out there. corporate executives, CEOs, these companies, they’re clueless, they can’t get they can’t guide for anything right now.

They can’t guide for 2020 they can’t guide for the next quarter. They’re completely clueless. And it’s not because they’re not very intelligent people. They just have no clue. How is Ronnie Rona situation is going to roll out when their business is going to be able to fully scale and fully open back up.

So these corporate CEOs are clueless. That’s a lot of bad news. Good news is unemployment, it’s going to come down in June more than likely how much as we spoke about we don’t know, but it’s likely going to start, you know, coming down at some point in June.

Number two, GDP is going to likely bounce back if you’re looking on a quarterly or quarterly basis in 2020. As well as 2021. We’re going to possibly be looking at some you know, year over year gains actually in GDP. Okay. Number three, would you say low interest rates, okay, you know, low interest rates.

But guess what, that’s usually good for asset prices when interest rates are really low, which is a great thing for asset prices, usually stocks, guess what usually go up in an environment where interest rates are super, super low real estate, what does real estate usually do when interest rates are super, super low?

Which mortgage rates by the way are like the lowest pretty much they’ve ever been right now? Literally, it’s like insane, right? Usually, that’s great thing for asset prices. Number four, the economy is starting to open back up. Yeah, it’s not fully open.

But guess what it is starting to open back up. Number five, a fax is coming. Who knows how much longer it takes six months, 12 months, 18 months, but there was almost 100% probability of facts is going to come at some point in time. Number six, the picture is going to become clear.

As you know, things start to get rolled out, the economy starts to open back up, the picture will eventually get clear that it’s just another question of is this take three months, six months, nine months or 12 months to get that clear picture number seven, corporate earnings will likely improve in 2021.

Number eight, executives are going to start getting a clue on their business very soon, possibly as early as three q if not four Q and they’ll be able to start giving some guidance around their business and kind of what they’re looking at. Okay.

And so there you are left at the end of the day. There you are right there. Okay, you’re like, Okay, do I buy? Do I wait, I have heard all this data. We’ve gone through all these different scenarios, what’s going on? It’s a lot of conflicting data.

The end of the day, here’s my advice for this three groups of people that are watching the video right now. And you’re fitting into one of these groups, I can guarantee you that came first group, you let’s say you have most of your money already invested in stocks.

You’re one of those individuals, including myself, you have most of your wealth invested in stocks right now. You’re in that group. Wait, in my opinion, I wouldn’t buy stocks here. If you already had the majority of your wealth invested in stocks.

I think this is a time to just say, let’s just let’s just wait, let’s just see how things play out over the next few months in the next few quarters. If the NASDAQ goes back to all time highs, oh, well, it goes back to all time highs, and we missed some little more gains on some of these stocks, if Apple stock is let’s say $307.

Today, right? And let’s say over the next six months, it goes to $320. And we missed out on some gains in Apple stock. Okay, great. We’re already heavily invest in this market. Why? Why do we the ones that already have the majority of our wealth invest in the stock market?

Why do we have to stick all our money in right now? Like literally literally just like, why do we have to stick all our money in because it could go back to all time highs or something like that. We already have the majority of our wealth invest in the stock market.

Like right now, if you’re in this scenario, it makes sense to say I’m gonna I’m just gonna chill over here right now. Let me see how the economy opens back up. Let’s see how much vigor the consumers have to go out there and spend money. Let’s see, you know how these stimulus checks get rolled out.

And let’s just let’s just wait and see. Let’s just have a little patience for a moment. Let’s not stick at all. That’s not go 100% invested. Let’s not even go 90% invest in this market. Let’s just wait and see. We got the majority invested.

If it goes up a bunch great. We’re gonna make a ton of money. But why do we need to have every penny in this market right now? Okay, that’s the first group came the second group of folks out there that are watching this video right now. You’re the if you’re somebody that has very little to none of your money invested in this market, okay?

You have very little of your money or none of your money invested but you want to get invest. Okay? If and this is a big F if you know what you’re doing, you know what to look for in stocks, you know how to value a company, you’re pretty confident in your abilities.

Okay. You can buy some stocks right now. Okay, keyword is some stocks you like right now not let’s put 100% of our money into the stock market right now and get every diamond vested, okay. If you want to do that when the market was at, you know, that was at 18k.

You know, good for you and you got in right at the bottom and you went all in but now You know, dow approaching 24k, NASDAQ 9200. And still definitely some things we got to work through. I think it’s hard to be, you know, say, just because I have, you know, let’s say you have $10,000 on the sideline right now you got $1,000 invested in stocks and you want to, you want to invest your money.

It’s very hard for me to say go invest all that 9k right now, it’s very hard for me to say that, but on the flip side, if you know what you’re doing, and you see an opportunity, the market which there are a few opportunities in this market, okay?

Just because of markets bounce back a lot does not mean all these stocks have bounced back, believe me, there’s still some opportunities in this market for some great companies that are probably going to double up or triple up their stock values over the next you know, three to five years.

If you identify one of those, it’s worth investing. Okay, that’s if you know what you’re doing Okay, the last group of people that are watching this video right now, if you’re clueless on what you’re doing, if you’re clueless on what the heck to look for in a stock valuations and things like that, and you don’t know you know, you’re brand new this game, you don’t know anything.

Don’t buy be a benchwarmer right now, okay, sit your butt on the bench, it’s not your time okay? If you don’t know what the heck you’re doing out there, sit on the bench Have a seat. And you know focus on learning about like what to look for in stocks.

This is not the type of market and not the type of economic time you want to get involved if you’re completely clueless. Okay, learn focus on you know, learning the game before you ever think about investing so many times people want to invest their money out you know.

They create a robin hood account or or a fidelity account or whatever and they just want to invest all their money it’s like man, if you don’t even know what to look for in the stocks like you’re playing at a scary time you’re playing at a very scary time to be investing all your you know your your money out there when you don’t even know what the heck you’re doing. Have a seat on the bench and chill.

Okay, that’s my advice there for those three groups of people after going through all that gauntlet of data we just went through so I hope you guys really enjoyed this always just let you know that Memorial Day Sale is coming up. That’s gonna be huge.

The link down there is going to be in the description if you want to get on the waiting list for that make sure you take advantage of that, especially if you don’t know what to look for in stocks and whatnot. I cover it all like literally we go through everything in there there’s like a video for everything to know exactly what to look for in stocks, how to build your account up how to you know end up prospering in the stock market.

So definitely take advantage of that if you have not linked down there in the description. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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