Warren Buffett Top 10 Biggest Stock Market Investments

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Today we discuss Warren Buffett’s current biggest investments in the stock market. These Warren Buffett stocks are some of the biggest of the big. Warren Buffett if you did not know owns a huge chunk of Berkshire Hathaway which then invests big time into many big stocks. These are Warren Buffett’s biggest investments. Enjoy!

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Well, good day subscribers Hope you guys are having a great day out there. As always welcome into the new holiday. I call it national Warren Buffett day earlier today I did a video about why Warren Buffett is really holding so much cash right now. And now on the main channel.

I thought I would share with you guys the top 10 biggest stock market investments Warren Buffett has right now in the stock market, guys, I hope you enjoy it. As always make sure you smash that thumbs up button. Now if you’re wondering who is the Warren Buffett, he’s one of the richest people in the world.

By the way, he’s given away a lot of money already during the course of his life. So his net worth would actually be well over $100 billion if he never gave away that money. But still, he’s a third richest person in the world. As of right now only behind Mr. Bill Gates, and only behind Jeff Bezos, he got his company up and running in the 1950s.

And he’s regarded as one of the best investors in the history of the world and one of the top business people. And when I kind of think about like, Who are my business legends, I looked up to who’s investing legend like right at the top of the list is Warren Buffett, I look up to him a lot as far as his investment principles.

And just like what he’s done in business in general, now, something very important to just kind of pay attention to whenever you hear about Warren Buffett’s company, which is called Berkshire Hathaway, whenever you hear about like some of their biggest investments, or some of their newest investments and things like that.

It’s not just Warren Buffett running the money anymore. He has two other guys that also can invest billions of dollars ones named Todd, one is named Ted. And both of those gentlemen are able to like invest billions of dollars out there. So if you ever see a move that’s like, wow, Warren Buffett really bought that stock.

Sometimes it’s not honestly Warren Buffett buying it might be Todd or Ted. But I can guarantee you most of these biggest positions have been bought by Warren Buffett, because many of these positions are 10s of billions of dollars. So really, that type of capital is being deployed by.

Warren Buffett, okay, sometimes the smaller positions at Berkshire are more like Todd and Ted positions, something that might only be like a few 100 million dollars or only like a few billion dollars, some of those might be top 10. But a lot of these are actual Warren Buffett pics, guys.

So let me know what you think about these Warren Buffett stocks if you think these are good stocks, bad stocks, and I want to hear your guy’s perspective in the comment section. And as always, okay, let’s start getting into this guy. So coming in at number 10 is a company named the.

Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, an actual pretty small market cap for a company Warren Buffett’s invest in okay $41 billion, which is still huge, but for a warren buffett company is actually pretty small, probably p and this one is about six and a half the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation provides a range of financial products and services to institutions, corporations and high net worth individuals in the.

United States and internationally. That’s a bank that’s much more focused on institutions, corporations and like high net worth individuals. So it’s not like a Wells Fargo or bank of america is really going after like average consumers or something like that.

They’re really only going after high net worth individuals and like big companies and things like that, guys. So that’s their 10th biggest investment coming in. And number nine is a company named Moody’s Corporation ticker symbol M. co. You’ve probably heard about Moody’s Corporation at some point in time, even if you don’t know exactly what they do.

Once again, one of the smaller companies he’s invested in a $37 billion market cap on this one, kind of a high trailing P and four p for Warren Buffett company 29 on the trailing P and then we have a 22 on the forward p and this one, Moody’s Corporation provides credit ratings in credit capital markets and economic research data in analytical tools worldwide.

Okay, so if you ever heard of that, like, like, Oh, this company has a credit rating of blah, blah, blah, or, oh, this company over here, their bonds are rated, you know, triple B or something like that. Okay, have you ever heard like those type of terms a lot of that comes out of the credit agencies which.

Moody’s is one of the biggest Okay, so if you ever hear something like oh, that company’s credit is rated triple A Okay, that names basically it’s really really good and Fitch is one of the other big credit rating agencies out there. Okay guys, so if you ever hear terms like that, a lot of that comes out of Moody’s Corporation.

Okay, coming in at number eight for the number eight biggest investment is JP Morgan Chase ticker symbol j pm This is somewhat of a new addition for Warren Buffett as just a few years ago. I believe he didn’t have any position in JPMorgan Chase and absolutely massive market cap on this one.

$357 billion trailing p on this one of under 12 and a four p on this one about 10.38 price to book value on this one of about 1.5 JPMorgan Chase at the end of the day is a massive bank Okay you guys probably know if you live in the United States you probably know Chase Bank there’s like one on every freaking corner guy so you might actually even be a customer of Chase Bank they’re pretty much one of the biggest in the entire world.

Okay, coming in number seven. Oh my goodness. You mean to tell me another bank is on the list. Okay, this one’s US Bank Corp ticker symbol USB marquee cap on this one of over a $3 billion trailing p on this one about 12 and a half four p on about 11.5 price to book on this one’s a little higher than JPMorgan Chase.

This one comes in about 1.8. us Bancorp is a financial services holding company providing various financial services in the United States and we’re starting to get an idea Oh buffet might like the banks. Okay. We’ve had many banks already on this list. All right.

Coming in at number six is a company that has gone through a lot of trouble reading Certainly I mean a lot of trouble a lot of bad numbers out of this company and the stock has been hurt dramatically. Okay. And that is the Kraft Heinz company ticker symbol KH see this market caps down to $37 billion.

It has gotten really really low. Okay four p on this one about 10.6. If you don’t know Kraft Heinz, they own a ton of super popular brands. Okay, obviously the Kraft brand Oscar Meyer, Heinz Heinz ketchup as many you guys know Philadelphia cream cheese Lunchables, I mean, planers peanuts, Maxwell House coffee, Capri Sun.

I mean, you guys probably know a ton of these brands. They’ve gone through a lot of issues recently, especially in terms of their balance sheets and their debt numbers and things like that. So we’ll have to see if they can get back on track and there’s obviously the big move like doing more and more online shopping graph to see how Kraft Heinz handles.

That obviously so it should be very interesting and obviously consumers tastes have changed over time and some of Kraft Heinz products are not as relevant as they might have been when I was a kid let’s say for instance Okay, so that’s their sixth biggest investment coming in at their fifth biggest investment is American Express company ticker symbol a XP.

This one has a market cap of over $140 billion trailing P of 15.9. And a Ford p under 14 on this company American Express company, together with its subsidiaries provides charge and credit payment cards products in travel related services to consumers and businesses. worldwide. You guys probably know American Express credit cards you might even have an American Express credit card there’s a picture of some of them there and holy smokes.

I just want to look at their interest rate 27 and a half percent on the Platinum card. Holy smokes guys, that makes me think I want to start a credit card business like forget investing in stocks and trying to get 20 or 30% per year. That’s really hard. I just want to start a credit card business so.

I could charge like 27% interest rates like that sounds really really fun. Okay, all right, guys. Let’s get to this next one. Number four biggest investment for Warren Buffett is one he’s had for a long time. This is one of his longest investments. And that is the Coca Cola company ticker symbol.

KO market cap on this one’s over $200 billion. Trailing p on this was 32 four p and this one is about 22 and a half price to sales ratio on coke cola is about 6.7 at the moment, Coca Cola Do I have to read you off all the brands they own? I mean, you guys probably know Coca Cola very well.

They’re on a massive amount of the some of the most popular drinks in the entire world. And they also have ownership stakes and a ton of the most popular products in the entire world. Okay, as I mentioned, Warren Buffett has been heavily invested in coke cola since literally the 1980s is one of his largest holdings and one of his longest holdings he’s had in the stock market for a long, long time.

And needless to say he’s done very, very well in that position, not just in terms of how much money he’s made from the stock price going up over the last few decades. But also in terms of the amount of dividend money he’s collected over the past few decades. Like it’s absolutely insane guys, so needless to say Coca Cola investment has paid off in a huge way for Warren Buffett.

All right, coming in number three biggest investment for Warren Buffett is oh my gosh, you don’t tell me Wells Fargo company ticker symbol WF see the cap on this one is $206 billion. Trailing p on this one is 10 four p on Wells Fargo is actually under nine. We know Wells Fargo’s had a dramatic past few years they’ve gone through a lot of drama.

A lot of negativity in the media and whatnot over some decisions have been made by upper management with that company. All right. And Wells Fargo at the end of the day is a diversified financial services company provides retail commercial and corporate banking services to individuals businesses and institutions.

Wow, another United States related bank oh my gosh, who would have known and oh my gosh, coming in number two is another United States bank known as Bank of America ticker symbol b a c okay market cap on this one of 270 billion trailing p on this one of 10 and a half for a P of nine price to book on this one’s actually one lowest I could find in the entire banking sector price to book on this one of 1.11 very low.

And once again, Bank of America another bank. Okay, so here we go. Guys. Before we get into number one, we got to ask yourself, why are so many banks on this list? Why is Warren Buffett so addicted to like investing in United States related things? All those banks are united states focus for the most part, right?

Not like a bunch of European banks or China banks or something like that? Why United States related things? Why so many of them are his biggest positions? And it’s a question we got to ask ourselves, okay. There are four reasons in my opinion why Warren Buffett chooses to invest in so many United States banks.

One banks are huge, they’re easy to buy and sell. As we saw there, all those banks have market caps in the 10s of billions dollars, or hundreds of billions of dollars, which means if you’re Buffett and you’re buying in for billions of dollars at a time or 10s of billions, it’s really easy to do so.

And whenever you want to sell out of that position. It’s really easy just because it’s so much market cap, there’s so much trading volume in names like that. Number two reason is Warren Buffett is a huge believer in the US economy and how well US economy will.

Do over time and banks are basically a direct bet on the United States economy over time if the United States economy does good over the next 50 years, guess what the US banking sector over the next 50 years will probably do good as well. Okay.

Reason number three is banks pay dividends, although banks do have to get approval from the government on how much they can pay in dividends and things like that they pretty much all pay dividends. And we know Warren Buffett loves dividend paying stocks in as long as banks earnings keep going up over time.

They’ll be able to increase their dividends over time, which means he’ll make more and more money. Okay, that’s reason number three. And Reason number four is banks are pretty much backed by the US government, which means Warren Buffett kind of looks at that and thinks that’s pretty easy money, right? With the US government really let JP Morgan Chase fail with the US government really let Wells Fargo fail.

No, they proved in the financial crisis that a bank really got in trouble and it was a big enough bank, they’ll go ahead and step in and save that bank as maybe that could lead us down to like having an actual, like economy that instead of a recession is actually like a depression, like what happened in the 1930s.

Right? So when you’re looking at the banking sector, and you look at from a risk reward standpoint, yeah, there might not be huge reward in those banks. But more likely, the stock values will go up over time, more likely, the dividend payments will go up over time.

And if you’re thinking about a risk, there’s not as much risk as you really think because it’s backed pretty much by the government and the most these big institutions, they literally won’t let them fail no matter what. So from that standpoint, it makes sense why Warren Buffett many of those stocks that are on the list, which number one, by the way.

He’s not a bank, but most of the stocks on the list are banks. And it all starts making sense when you start putting these things together, guys, by the way, number one biggest investment for Warren Buffett is Apple Corporation. And this one’s really amazing for two reasons.

Now we’ll get into here in just a second, okay, Mark cap on this one over $900 billion, which by the way, it’d be well over a trillion dollars if they hadn’t been buying packs so much stock over the past few years and taking so many shares off the market truly p on this one about 16.64 p about 15 and a half.

And obviously, Apple pays dividends. And I mean, if you don’t know Apple, like you must hide under a rock. The slightly popular product is called the iPhone and things like iPads and Macs and air pods and Apple Watch and Apple TV and all those sorts of things. Okay, this is amazing for two reasons.

One is is a tech related company. And we know Warren Buffett hardly ever invest in tech related companies. So fact that a tech related company is the number one biggest investment. It’s pretty crazy, right? And not only that, number two, this was a position Warren Buffett just started buying in 2016.

So the fact that he built into the number one biggest position at the company really speaks volumes to how Warren Buffett believes Apple will do over time because he rarely ever invest in tech company and to build that bigger position in that quick amount of time is absolutely amazing, guys.

So anyways, I want to hear your opinion on any of the stocks discussed in today’s show. Anyways, I want to hear you guys opinion on any of the stocks we discussed in today’s video. Do you guys own any of these stocks? Do you not like any of these stocks? Do you think any of these stocks will do bad or good over time?

I would love to hear from you guys in that comment section. As always, make sure you smash that thumbs up button and make sure you check out the other video on financial education too on why Warren Buffett is holding so much cash right now. Okay, make sure you guys check out that video. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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