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Holy smokers guys, it is Sunday night and we got to talk about some breaking news that has come out here within the past few hours. We’re going to discuss this. It’s in regard to Tesla.

Mr. Ilan musk himself has just sent out a tweet that is gonna shake up the stock market world tomorrow, right? He just says 7000 cars, seven days love Tesla team. This is a very simple tweet. And this is a massive tweet, guys, this is a massive tweet.

I got to explain why this is such a big deal. Okay, first off, like, like, obviously, it’s a big deal in the sense of everybody was expecting them to maybe get up to a production rate of 5000 model threes.

Now we’re talking about maybe they just did 7000 model threes. But let’s be clear for here for a second. He doesn’t say in there necessarily. It was 7000 model threes. He says 7000 Tesla cars.

So we don’t know if it was necessarily 7000 model threes he did or just 7000 total Tesla cars. So it could have been a good portion of model threes. Then another portion of that Model X in some of those types of things. Okay, so we don’t know all the details around this, right.

But this is surely something that is going to shake up the stock market in a real way tomorrow. So listen to this right. Now, here’s why this is a big reason. All right, everybody was expecting around 5000 model threes, all right on them to get to this rate per week by the end of June.

That was kind of the cut off, right? They just did supposedly 7000. Now we once again, we don’t know for sure it was model threes or not. But let’s just assume for a second. It is model threes. All right.

So they be by 2000 per week. All right. So 2000 per week, why is this such a big deal? Right? Well, the average model three right now is selling for somewhere around $50,000. All right.

So I know the one that gets talked about is the model that is $35,000. So like that 35,000 to $40,000 bracket, they haven’t even started producing those type of cars yet. Okay, they’re producing more of the high end model threes right now the ones that have, you know.

The distance that can go further and things like that. All right. So these are pushing up towards 50,000 Plus, here’s why this is a big deal. Okay, 2000 extra model threes. If they did that.

Time is $50,000 a car? That’s 100 million extra dollars of revenue. Okay. $100 million of extra revenue in seven days. Alright, seven days, or 100 million extra dollars of revenue. We’re talking about a big number here. All right.

Now, let’s assume that they can keep it this production rate over the next month or a couple months. Now we’re talking about if you take 7000 model threes at an average price of around $50,000. All right.

We’re talking around $350 million of revenue each month or at least $350 million. Okay? It’s gonna be a little above that. Because we know there’s more than 28 days in a month. Okay. So 350 to let’s say, $400 million, somewhere.

If that’s just pure model threes, now all sudden, we’re talking. Okay, now we’re talking about Tesla’s starting to reach real scale at this point in time. Okay. But we got a lot of questions. Okay.

Is are is does he mean 7000? model threes? Does this mean? 7000 total Tesla cars? All right. Also, can they keep this number up? Let’s, let’s assume this was 7000 model threes? They did? Can Tesla keep this type of number up.

Is this sustainable for the coming weeks in the coming months? Or is this going to drop back down? Was this just a fluke thing where they are able to get a ton of production out there? Or are we about to drop back down in a major way and all sudden they start producing.

Let’s say only 4000 model threes per week or 3000 or something like that, right? And it’s not just a big factor of you know, the extra revenue coming in the door which Tesla needs every dollar they can have right now.

It’s not just that it’s also keeping customers happy. A lot of customers have canceled model three orders because, you know, they just felt like they needed another car, okay? Elan Musk has said that himself, you know.

When he’s been asked about a you know about customers that have canceled orders, he says pretty much every time somebody ever cancels an order, it’s just because we haven’t been able to get them the car fast enough.

And they they need a car. So they went and bought another car. Okay, so that’s kind of situation. Those are words from him. So what we’re talking about here is we’re talking about big numbers.

All right, but we got to find out here is an extra 2000 model threes or was an extra 2000 just regular cars. Regardless, we’re talking about Tesla’s starting to get up to big big numbers now.

Now we are talking about where’s that stock price going to go tomorrow? Okay. Well, Wall Street I think was kind of baking in that that Tesla was going to be able to get to that 5000 number. Okay, so I think the Wall Street has been like, okay, they’re gonna get to that 5000 number.

We’re pretty confident in that. Right. pretty confident that I think that’s been baked in the stock, but now if they did 7000 model threes, all right, that’s a massive, massive beat there. Okay, that’s, that’s a huge beat to go from the Oh, yeah.

We might do 5000. Now you do 7000. This could be a situation where that stock blast up tomorrow, but we just don’t know. We just don’t know the clarity around it right now. Actually. You know.

I would go out there on a limb and I would say if it’s 7000 model threes they did if they come out and specifically say it was 7000 model threes a dead set of 5000 I would say Tesla’s stock should go up more than 10% tomorrow. Okay.

10% Plus, but the question is, once again, is it 7000 model threes they did or 7000 total Tesla’s All right. That’s the big key because that’s what everybody is focused on right now. Can they get to big scale here with the model three guys.

The numbers and this is going to be a fun one to watch tomorrow guys, it’s gonna be a fun stock to watch tomorrow and it’s gonna be fun to see if any more clarity comes out. I think this is a type of thing that Tesla is gonna have to come out and give some more clarity tomorrow morning about because right now with just that tweet is exciting.

But it’s like, we need more specifics around this is this sustainable? Was this 7000 model threes or seven and 7000 Tesla cars in general? What are we talking about here? So it’s gonna be a fun one the Tesla’s just a fun stock to watch right now there’s so much drama in this one.

It’s a it’s a blast to watch so Tesla shareholders out there I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow. I hope you guys make a lot of money. The short sellers we know is a lot of Tesla’s short sellers out there it’ll be interesting to see if they get burnt tomorrow if maybe it’s not so bad.

Time will only tell So anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this. Make sure you follow me on Instagram as always for breaking news on the stock market. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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