Bogdan Oleksiv

I am originally from Ukraine. I was doing day trading for 3 years. I don’t know what I was doing. When the pandemic started, I had a lot of time so I went to YouTube and saw Jeremy. I knew he was not a scammer. He knows what he was doing and I was able to understand what he was talking about. The next day, I joined his private group. I am so happy I am here. This 100% changed my life. As soon as I joined the group, I quadrupled my account. I am now at 125K. What I like about the private group is that everything is so organized.

Hello, folks, good morning. Good morning, and this is another member of Jeremy’s private group, Bogdan. How are you doing? I’m good, Thanks. How are you? I’m doing good, I’m doing good. All the way from New Jersey, I’m Mia from Canada. 

So what about how about you tell us a little bit about yourself to the viewers, a little bit about yourself. And how did you come across, Jeremy, your investing process? OK, so I’m originally from Ukraine. I came to the United States in 2012, was working hard, of course, and I was thinking, OK, I’m going to work hard right now, make a good amount of money, and then they’re going to put money work for me.

 So it’s like doing some research on how to make passive income and all the stuff. And I went over this beach. And the science looks like it’s in my nature. So I was dating and losing money left and right, then in these different children’s schools. And yes, I was just gambling money, you know, I don’t know what I’m doing, just looking at the chart, because I think they’re going to be here.

So, you know, when you do, you think like this, I wouldn’t buy 1,000 shares. $0.10 up $100 is the quick math. Right? when you think about the risk. And then it goes down. And then you start panicking, selling what I was two years. I was like, this. Three years. 

Three years. Oh, man. That’s a long time for trading. Three years. That’s like good on you for being able to understand this crazy. That’s fine. But because when I was in this stock, when the epidemic started, you know, this thing. And then and then I had a lot of time. So I went to Europe again and watching these different videos and then they see Germany. 

And this guy has like 200,100 1,000 years. I was like, OK, I know this camerino well, you know, it’s my time to watch know. And then it’s like when I had lot. Another time, let me watch. So I watch of the first video, I was like completely like, Oh my gosh, that’s the guy fujikura. That’s that’s my next day, the next day, and I send him a message on Instagram. 

I said, hey, Jeremy, you’re clearly, you know, I really want to learn from you. And he replied, maybe. I love this game anyway, and then she’s like, OK, what’s your account size and where you see your account. In the next two, three, five years? 

So I looking forward the teaching and stuff. So I joined this German stock. But something is going on tonight. And I’m so happy. I’m here. This is 100% of my life. I was I was going to say I was going to say, I’m sure you’re probably very happy because you showed me your portfolio. And we’re going to show it to the viewers soon. 

We’ll do it maybe a little bit towards the end. But we obviously benefited so much from it. And it’s all congratulations, because I think that much. It’s really cool being able to grow like that. And it gives you so much confidence. It’s funny because you said you watched his video and you said right away you knew he wasn’t like a scammer. 

You knew he was you know, he was legit. He knew what he was talking about. But what was it that really made you say, look, this is like he knows what he’s doing in terms of stock picking and he knows what he’s doing in terms of leading people to and teaching people how to do it for the long term. What made you say yes? 

That was that resistance legit. I mean, the really off the first day when I saw this video, I was like, that’s crazy. Maybe the way he talks, the way he explains stuff, really the stuff to people. It was so easy to understand. I was like, it’s like I think he’s talking about like he’s thinking, oh, my gosh, this guy is perfect for me. 

I read through the comments, and I see the comments, people posting, you know, like this is actually going to go in there. And that’s Yeah. That’s honestly, that’s probably the. That’s probably the one thing we keep on getting. It’s like he’s very simple with his like his explanations are very simple and he understands that people don’t understand financial statements all the time. 

So he delivers everything in a way that makes it very easy for anyone to come in and understand it. And it’s funny, like I was very similar, but like, it’s really outstanding. How how many times I hear that at the simplicity that he makes, the complex issues simplify things. 

Exactly but, you know, when I go to Europe, I see the guy has 130,000 years. So it’s like, Oh my gosh, another scam, like most of the people probably in the stock market. Yeah, I mean, I’ve been open, to be honest. I was like when I let me go that my students all the time, I just thought, OK, let me try it. One time I watched so many of in the other. 

But let me show you this thing. So and then right there off the first thing the next day I join his group. And then just I was single even one year ago about tussler by tussler. But I said, well, yeah, that’s funny. And so like what we’re like, let’s maybe talk about your what was your account size before because you were treating what was your account around before you joined and what was your returns obviously treating?

I don’t know if you can give us that exact number, but it was probably all over the place. But what were your returns before and how much was your account around before? OK, so before I was deploying money to the account, because obviously about 25,000 years of military service and then as soon as I had 25 thousand, I was like beeching by my count, just like this little bit up there. 

But there will be no change. And I just can’t make money here. Losman obviously, I guess they started, I don’t know if we’re going to make money. If I go on the list. And I make 500 today, it was 1,000 other things that make the rounds and it was almost like the straight line. 

Casino gambling gets 100% So I didn’t I didn’t buy. So many shares in the Casino. I’m learning a lot. Yeah candidatures. But by 2010, they were negative. Not a lot. Maybe like 2011, 2013. Also negative like 2000, maybe $300. And the sentence in this group was double Michael, not even more than double. Yeah, well, I was going to say, well, what do I say when you’re in a six figure clubman? Look, this year, I some I crossed 100,000 and look, the month is OK, just generally just finish. 

And I’m at 120 to the president, so $12,000 a month. I mean, you started at 25,000. Now you’re like, I one almost 125. That’s almost like. I mean, it just shows like the stuff is like real because, you know, people have been investing for a long time in the market. It’s just that the ones that made money over time are the ones that know what they’re doing. 

And they use fundamentals and they use logic. They use good stock market rules. They hold for the long term. But it’s not only that, it’s knowing where to put the money because there’s so many companies and it’s knowing which companies is bad, good and being able to separate that. And that’s, I think, what really gives everybody the opportunity to do that. 

But we talk a little bit about the private group. So the private group, obviously, you’re in the chats, you’re in the private discord. How has how first of all, can you explain maybe to people what is about before. And then maybe we’re going to after how it’s helped you. But can you just explain it to the viewers a little bit? 

Yes, just like remember what I like about this school, because everything is so organized, everything is. So with simply like let’s say there is individual stocks like let’s say christianities or Facebook or 13 or Tesla. Let’s say I’m investing in 2013 and I’m just going to this chart. And all these people, all of the good just talk about entertainment. 

I just did not stop that person. The people from around the world, they post different resources that they found just going, you really need to go to a general stock market and look for your plan. Things like what people are talking. 

You just go there and our Facebook vendors are and why it’s so because some simplified you know, you go to gym chat, chit chat, people talking different stuff even outside the investor or you go to market, you know, just about the market, everything. So simple. You can benefit from this. And my favorite. 

Yeah, I was just going to say, like. And these people that are talking that these people are very knowledgeable people, they’re very you know, there are a lot of them are very they’re very wealthy individuals in the middle of the market. 

You know, they’re six figure 7 figures and they’re full of them. And it’s just. And I always go back with people, as they’re always they’ve been in the market for so long that they’ve seen so many downsides, they’ve seen so many upsides. 

They’ve seen so many negative points, like the pen and ink. They’ve seen the financial crisis. They’ve seen crisis’s before that they’ve seen market corrections and they have some sort of confidence and calm because they know what they’re doing. 

And when they give advice, it’s based off of experience. And you’re getting somewhere, you know, 10 year, 15 year experience in the market. When you ask a question inside of there. And you get a bunch of people answering you, you get in multiple people’s experiences over time. 

And I don’t think people can get that on the outside unless you’re with people that are in the stock market consistently, that’s the only unless your friends are filled with six, seven figure investors in the stock market. I think it’s the there’s no way that you can get it unless that that’s the only exception. 

And the probability that people have those friends around them is very little. I know myself like I love the stock market, but all my friends are not really stock market investors. You know, a lot of them have maybe real estate, maybe this, maybe ex maybe, but they don’t have the stock market experience. 

And I feel like the group gives you that because you make friends, you make you make good conversation. You provide a thesis about a stock and they rip it apart. They completely rip it apart. They say maybe it’s wrong. 

And, hey, maybe it’s a good thing because you want to know you’re wrong because you’re going to be putting your money there. You’re not going to be putting like just $200. You’re going to be putting a big chunk of cash. So you can realize. 

So it’s good that you mentioned that. I love I love that. And it’s organized. Like you said, it’s very organized. How has it helped you? How has it helped you personally? Because I know you, like you said, a little bit, your English wasn’t great. 

And then you were trying on the internet with day trading and you were getting information from all over the places we were talking before we started recording. How has that private group. And the charts helped you personally in your investing? Again, it’s everything. So organized, and if I see the guy starting rootstocks and I can see. 

He’s experienced what is good because he can direct messaging, you know, just direct message, I mean, talk about stuff from people. Sometimes people go to play, but most of the people like I was talking to another guy I’m going to mention his name by his account is like nine. Huge account, huge. He’s making. So much money.

So I was trying to scam a benefit and be like, look at this. Look at that. This number that the guy has experienced. So that’s been me a lot. And, you know, I usually go to the market, try and start that structure. I just read the stock because people experience people talking always about stocks, you know, nothing else. 

Yeah, I mean, that’s the best medicine. And the best medicine. And I don’t have any friends who like actual Frank the stocks. I didn’t have ever since online. And Actually, I do have friends right now because I convinced myself that is the Jeremy, he’s like, I said, listen, isn’t that right? 

So I sent him a couple minutes of him. He’s like, oh, this guy’s bugging like a good start. I said, listen, you a joint because we a look at me. I am going to like you I’m your friend. Like, look at my car. I was here for two years. 

And I soon as I my Scarlett. Yeah, no I, I give him a couple more days, give him a couple more videos. I think I’m alone. Will start realizing how great. It is. Are funny because Yeah. I try to convince some of my friends as well. 

And it’s hard to explain it without showing you have to show them some because you have to show them. And the fact that he has this public account out there, the fact that he shows his account because around January his account is public and was around $300,000. 

It’s $1.4 million. Now And it’s been tracked throughout the whole time. Like people can see what he bought and he showed that to the public. But the great part about the private group is that he shows us what stocks he’s researching, what stocks he’s into before, or even anybody knows about it. 

And obviously, us it’s a nice bonus knowing that he’s buying a stock before anybody knows it. That gives you confidence that you can go and research the stock and actually have you know, it’s not only your thesis that’s on it. 

You have first of all, Jeremy, you have other people in the group that have looked at it and given their opinion. And then you make a choice. And then the public gets to know it afterwards, which is it’s nothing wrong with it. 

But for him to show his guilt over time, it’s crazy. It’s for me, it’s one of the things that I think attracts so much people because they see he’s putting his money where his mouth is. And that’s probably the it’s probably a focal point in his style. 

And it’s that he’s not afraid to show that he’s doing it. Well, Yeah. If you do whatever you say. At the moment. There’s Brett. And so there are some technical difficulties, the connection was bad, but you were talking about the bread crumbs and you can continue on for the bread crumbs for me. And Jeremy is looking into some stuff. He’s letting us know. 

OK, guys, I’m doing a deeper search. I’m thinking maybe buying this company and everything. So he is letting us know it had. So we can do our own research. As soon as he makes a move my head. And then can go to the public. OK, guys, here is the story. 

There are three experts. We already know. Curiously enough, the head and the story could benefit from there. I it’s funny you explain that pretty well. It’s not you know, there’s nothing crazy to it. It’s just that it’s very organized. It’s filled with people that are doing what you want to be doing. 

And I think that’s probably the most important thing, is that you can get feedback from people that have experience, including Jeremy. I mean, Jeremy is very approachable on this score as well. I’ve gotten personally a couple of times. 

And I’m pretty sure anybody can. And he responds obviously is a little bit busy, but he likes time to respond. He he really does this crazy stuff because. Dam, speaking of like academy, thanks, Jeremy. I was like almost impossible because millions of people every day, he has so much stock, so big. So I sent him my screenshot and it’s like Jeremy liquica.

 This I was going to remember. Yeah, I have a huge job. Jeff, what if you had something like that? I think this is a big case. Like what I would think is that he replied, you know, he gave me his opinion about this. And it took like one to two days. But he did reply. So like talking to the people on this level, it’s like, yeah, it’s cool. 

Like, I never thought you would reply either. I to be honest, when I first joined, I didn’t think he would reply. And I had a lot of questions. I mean, I would ask a lot of questions in his and had been for him. So I was surprised when he replied to. 

But yeah, like you said, it’s pretty crazy that he is replying because he is so busy and he’s always trying to find us that next door. So he can advise us and that next lesson he’s trying to teach us. And he finds time for the stuff that maybe we thought, wouldn’t be enough, I have a. You know, we wanted I wanted to we talked about how well you’ve been doing, is it. 

How about you show us the screenshot of we were talking about. We’re looking at the screen shot earlier about your account and maybe maybe you can show the screenshot. And you can tell us where you were before. 

And how will we be all the time. Quick explanation. Don’t worry about it. I’ll give you some time to start showing the screen there. OK, so my screen. OK, so you like 2018, I was deposited in my mind a little bit later in the year 2018 flat, completely clear. 

It’s like $100 C $100 that I listed on almost flat. And look, beginning of 2009, I joined and that’s what happened. My account exploded. And I was surprised. And I can’t believe it’s happened. So I could continue doing this five, six years. I’m going to have a million in the stock market. 

That’s your next goal. You have to figure soon you’re going to get there. But that’s your next goal. I mean, that one is a beast on its own. Get into seven figures. What did you approximately when was I tried it was, I believe, April, April or March 2001, beginning of 2001. 

You can even see by the account. Yeah Yeah. Despite my account is right. The next time, I’m looking for pullbacks. Yep yep, Yep. No, you can tell like around January was a little bit flat. It was going up just a little bit. And you know, around when you join in April or July where it really took off. And it’s pretty cool to see that, to be honest. 

You just come down and it’s probably after you’ve gotten that. And I can imagine the S&P 500, the NASDAQ definitely don’t have that type of is going the opposite direction during your people in April and February, march, everything was going down looking like. 

Yeah, Yeah. I mean, that’s pretty cool. I mean, honestly, it’s pretty cool to be to see that, like, it’s one thing seeing the account, go up, but it’s also just knowing that you’re benefiting from it personally because, you know, you’re learning a skill that you’re eventually going to be able to do on your own. And that’s the goal, right? 

It’s the goal is not to go and follow someone else to do the things that he’s doing, because eventually, you want to learn how to fish yourself. And that’s I think that’s the most important thing, because if this skill is learned, this skill can go for forever. 

You know, it’s something that you can just take with you wherever you go. You know, the stock market. Now is so much easier to access through the internet. Everybody has smartphones nowadays. And it’s just it’s all about knowing where to look for, knowing how to pick and just learning that at an age, let’s say, young or old, you know, someone that’s older, you can still learn this. 

There’s no limit, right? Absolutely no limit. And this can definitely be a life changer for families because it can create generational wealth. You can learn it and teach it to your kids eventually. And so on. And friends and family, like you said, you’re trying to get your friend in there. You know, I can only imagine if you had a brother sister. 

Yeah, I do. Yeah, well, I have a sister and I open like $1,000. And I bought for her. I bought for her. And the government is the. Morgan, so instead of buying. Put the money in place. It’s like, yeah, Yeah. She’s happy. That’s how powerful is in your sense of it. Like it was like, I was saying, it’s powerful. I mean, look at you. You’ve got your sister, you got your friend. 

And there’s people that have bigger families. There’s people that have know, you have a couple of kids and you want to make sure that their kids know what they’re doing with their money because financial education is not taught in school. I come from an accounting background. 

I’m an accountant. And I can tell you, even as accountants, they don’t teach financial literature in school. They teach how to do the job. They teach everything, specify something else, financial literature. The last thing on school curriculum is mind at any stage of all your schooling. So it’s really cool. What is happening. 

I wanted I wanted to thank you for your time. It was actually like it was very nice talking to you. We probably took a little bit of your time in the morning. But before we wrap it up, is, is there any last words that you feel like you want to say or that we didn’t cover if there is before we see something like this? 

I do not like this guy is changing my financial life. 100% 100% If somebody if I see this on the internet and some somebody is thinking like me right now, I’m going to be very skeptical. Oh, my gosh, I’m nervous, but I’m very honest. I’m 100% this guy is tenjin, my financial life for sure. 

And it’s like to my sister, to my friend, this family open an account for his mom. His mom also start. It’s like it’s like his mom. It’s like 50. And it is a. So even at this age, she’ll help account for her and invest in Dropbox. It’s great. It’s like, yeah, I mean, look at that. 

Like we were just saying no age limit. You know, it’s like anybody can learn. And that’s the cool part about it. I think you said it best. I thank you for being here. Thank you so much. I mean, I’m positive a lot of people are going to benefit from watching your story and knowing about your story and many others, you know, just being able to see someone else go through it and kind of tell their side of the story. 

It’s definitely it brings that extra reassurance that, you know, if they put in the work, if they put work, obviously, everything is dependent on you putting to work. I guess you can join and not put in the work. You won’t see any benefits. But if you come in and put the work, that people see that you need to put inside the group. And Jeremy as well. It’s very difficult to tell. 

It’s difficult to say it’s bad. It increases the probability of succeeding much better. We’ve seen it in your account. We’ve seen in. So many other people’s accounts and. I mean, we can leave it at that. There’s nothing else to say. 

That’s just one more thing that even make even more this crazy like 2012. I moved from Ukraine, the United States zero English zero in my bank account, 100% And what I’m saying is, if you really do want to if you really want to achieve something, you have to put a lot of work, a lot of effort, and you for sure can. In 2012, I had zero in my bank account, in my stock investing that had over. But there’s no English. I didn’t speak any English at all. 

My name is Bob metzer and the capital of Ukraine is considered. That’s it. I mean, your story is your story is a little bit different because obviously you came from another country and you had basically nothing. You started from nothing, not only financially, but resourcefully in terms of language that I mean that, you know, the language of the country you’re in. 

Right, so so it just shows anything is possible. You can do what you can do. It’s just you have to be committed to invest in yourself. And I use that word very loosely, but it’s something that can really. Give you that push and drive to actually work hard, and once you have that hard working mentality, and you have obviously, you have a system because you can work hard and not go anywhere. 

But if you have a system. And obviously, this is like a system that we speak of you. And I like the group. This is a system. This is a vehicle for you to get from point A to point B And point B is the ultimate goal of potentially financial freedom for your family, for yourself and you put in the work anything is possible. 

And obviously, when you have a system in a vehicle like the group like that, I’m like, what Jared offers the road there becomes that much more clear. It’s just about putting your head down, grinding, and eventually things will happen, just like that account when we saw stagnant. 

And then, I mean, it just shows that you need to put in the work. And once you do, results come and they fall. And, you know, it’s not like get rich quick, you know, like some people would say, invest in yourself. It’s 100% That’s what I was thinking. 

OK, let me make money in stock market. I’m going to make X amount of money. And then they’re going to buy cross-class and then they’re going to invest in something like this. You know, you want to make money fast. And it was even more it was even more just by the curse. The guy going to step by step from the beginning, you know. 

So you work to look, what to learn what the people from around the world did, getting the stuff right here. You just need to put work. If you do work, I’m going to be like this 100% There’s one thing I’ll end it with this. And I first of all, thank you for your time, but I’m going to end it with this is that you said, get into the course.

 And I see the course, as if you’re buying a stock. If you’re really a long term investor and you see a stock that that has a very, very bright future ahead of it, you would put money in it and hold it for a long period of time. The investment that you put when you come and join, it’s the investment is in you. You’re investing money in yourself. 

You’re the stock and you’re the individual that’s going to grow over time. And that skill that you learn from them. That’s new will allow you to do the actual stock picking later on. And it’s just a domino effect after that, because once you learn it, it becomes repeat, repeat, repeat. 

And once you repeat, the more you repeat, the more you learn, the more you get and the better your results become. Thank you, borgmann. I appreciate your time. I appreciate everything. I’m sure a lot of people, like I said again, a lot of people have benefited from what you just said, because a lot of people have your story, very similar story. And anything is probably going to help them a lot. Yeah, just take a risk and invest in yourself. know, the biggest risk to take a risk. So there we go. That there is nothing better that can be said in that.

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