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Holy Smokas this Ain’t No Jokas! Bitcoin price has gone up and I felt the need to make this video to explain to everyone a little more about bitcoin and its past. In this video I will talk to you about Bitcoin price and Bitcoin history. How a lot people thought that Bitcoin was going to go to ZERO!!! But it has done completely the opposite!

There is a lot of loyal investors in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency has been very popular in these years and recently I decided to get a little exposure into cryptocurrency. So I bought a stock named Microstrategy. Now that more companies are taking Bitcoin serious, what’s next for Bitcoin and for cryptocurrency in general?

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Well folks here today we get to talk about a subject that we have not talked in depth about in quite a while on the channels Okay, give you guys a while back about a Bitcoin stock I bought Okay, maybe I’ll show you a thumbnail somewhere around here and we talked a bit about that stock but we didn’t really talk in depth about Bitcoin itself the price of bitcoin where it is going over time. 

And I really want to talk in depth adjust about Bitcoin here today and dedicate an entire video to this and give my full opinion on where I think Bitcoin prices going over time, what I think is happening with Bitcoin and some changes that are very big that even if you don’t own Bitcoin, in any form that at least should give you like some thoughts about maybe it’s worth researching a little bit and trying to see if there’s something there.

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So first off, if you’re going to understand Bitcoin, we got to do a little history lesson on the view of Bitcoin right? And you know, we’re talking about the the price of bitcoin where bitcoins going over time, we’re not talking about the underlying technology that Bitcoin is like, there’s a million other videos that you know, will explain that in depth for two hour lecture or something like that. 

Okay, for this video, we’re focusing on the price of bitcoin in the perspective of humans buying Bitcoin and what they think about this and where this is going over time where my crystal ball kind of is telling me Okay, so history lesson 10 years ago, in regards to Bitcoin, almost no one knew about Bitcoin, okay? 

I mean, you had to be super super up on like kryptos, Bitcoin, these sorts of things to even have a clue 10 years ago, on what the head Bitcoin was, let’s be quite honest with ourselves. Okay, so that was a moment where Bitcoin was almost worthless, right? 

The market cap was insanely small. Hardly anybody knew about it, hardly anybody believed it. And it was what it was. And I that’s probably around the time that the whole pizza story comes valid, where some guy I don’t know, like, paid 10,000 Bitcoin for pizza or some ridiculous story like that, right? 

That’s like a famous like Bitcoin store. Okay. And that was back then. Then we get to about four years ago, and Bitcoin was just going, you know, crazy. It went from about 1000 a coin to it went to about 20,000 per Bitcoin, in a matter of, I think, was about 12 months or less than 12 months. And that was a huge move.

 And there was definitely some rumblings about, you know, is this a bubble and there was a lot of talk about is this tulips Okay, and at that particular time, I remember I put out a video it was one of my most viewed videos ever at that particular time back in the channel, it was like December 2017 or November 2017, or something like that.

 And you know, I kind of talked about like a Bitcoin you know, crash was probably going to come in it came in Bitcoin crashed, I think was 3000 or so, at its low, somewhere around there, roughly. But the thing that happened with Bitcoin is, although that crash was insane, Bitcoin didn’t go to zero. 

It didn’t go to zero and a lot of people that thought, well, bitcoins gonna crash to zero, and you hear you heard that a lot, especially back then you still hear today a little bit, but back then it was like, bitcoins going to zero. Okay? 

It didn’t go to zero. You know, why? Because a massive amount of people still believing in Bitcoin, and they held Bitcoin. And if people are like, you know, believe in this so much, they’re not selling it, if it goes down to 5000 3000 1000, it doesn’t matter if people really believe in it, they’re in a hole. And so Louis, he got was, you know, a few 1000 per coin. Let’s put it that way.

 Okay. And it happened, okay. A year ago, a year ago, I actually started looking at Bitcoin, I didn’t buy it, I should have okay, but I started looking at it, and I started viewing it. And I was like, Okay, this thing Bitcoin over here. It obviously has value to a ton of humans out there a ton of people think this is a great place to park money and they believe in the future of Bitcoin.

 And so I started looking at it and I was like, this might be a deal. And when you get somebody like me to start saying, maybe this is a deal in at least considering it. That’s big. Okay, that’s really, really big when I just start to at least consider the possibility of buying Bitcoin. 

That’s a huge win for Bitcoin in itself. Okay. So I start considered, I didn’t buy it at that particular time. I wish I did, but I didn’t buy it, but at least consider and I think I wasn’t the only person that considered this a year ago. 

I think there were other people that in 2020, at some point time thought they looked at bitcoin price and they thought, Hmm, maybe it’s time to buy a little Bitcoin, okay. And obviously, if you look at what’s happened with the price of bitcoin over time, especially, you know, specifically in the past year, it’s very, very clear. 

A lot of people had the same thoughts I was having like, maybe this is a deal, maybe it’s time to buy some or buy heavy investment funds, things like that. Getting involved with this. Okay, now here today, here today, Bitcoin has been trading between 47,050 1000 pounds Bitcoin All right? 

And I think now we’re at a stage in bitcoins life cycle where people are asking themselves Is this the real deal now Okay, is this here to last but not just here to last, but here to last and thrive? there’s a there’s a difference between a Bitcoin just was floundering around let’s say 1000 to 10,000 for the next 10 years is a big difference between if Bitcoin almost goes up almost every year, right? 

Or let’s say Bitcoin goes up eight of the next 10 years, there’s a big difference between those two, okay, and now, I’m watching it everywhere. everybody’s having to at least discuss Bitcoin in a mature fashion. Five years ago, four years ago, you could laugh Bitcoin off, if you went on TV, and you were asked a question about Bitcoin, who? 

Bitcoin, you know, and that was totally appropriate. I can tell you now, no, you just can’t go on TV. You can’t go on CNBC or Bloomberg and ask you a question about Bitcoin and be like, what a joke that’s tulips. Not nowadays. The the whole perspective on how people are viewing this is completely different.

 And that is big when you’re talking about the price of this long term. Okay, now, we know the crypto gang has been 100% on board for Bitcoin for quite some time, right? Like I’ve never met anybody that invests in crypto and is like, no bitcoins bad. 

I’m not touching Bitcoin. No, that just doesn’t happen. Like every single person I’ve ever met in my entire life. That is into kryptos is invest in Bitcoin at least a little bit. Maybe there’s another crypto like better aetherium I think aetherium is absolutely going to be around look for the long term. I think that’s absolutely a huge thing in the future. Just put it that way, much, much bigger than it is today.

Okay, and the guy behind it’s just like super genius. All right. So crypto gang has been 100% on board on this. And those folks, they’re not selling, they’re not selling, they’re not interested, they buy and they hold Okay, that’s crypto game, like unless some freak thing happens.

Like they’re in that for the long term. Okay? You have companies, right? Tesla square mstr which the stock I own, which owns more Bitcoin than any other stock out there? Pretty much Well, they do own more Bitcoin than any other stock out there.

They own over 70,000 Bitcoin, in other companies, public companies, we’re not talking about private companies, I can almost guarantee you this private companies that with their balance sheet, they’re putting some of their money, actually in Bitcoin, and we’re seeing more and more businesses starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment. Okay?

That is big when a business says you know what, yeah, don’t pay me $1 you pay me in Bitcoin? That’s a huge step in the right direction, if you’re bullish on Bitcoin, your Bitcoin believer long term, okay? That’s like, as big as it gets. So we’re watching more and more businesses accept this as payments.

We’re watching more and more businesses, public companies and private companies, at least invest some of their capital, right? Tesla invest, I think, was $1.5 billion recently, right? in Bitcoin. Keep in mind, Tesla is the most famous company in the world at the moment, and they got the most famous CEO in the world at the moment, right, and Elan Musk, whatever they do, is going to cause ripple effects down.

Throughout everybody, because now all of a sudden, everybody has to consider maybe we’ll put a little bit of our cash, every single high net worth individuals going to say themselves, yeah, maybe I’ll buy a little bit of Bitcoin, what the heck, you know, I got, I got $100 million to my name. 

What’s it to me to throw a million or two in Bitcoin? Hey, if it goes up to a million a coin, I’m gonna just get a lot richer. And, you know, a lot of people are looking at it, it’s like, it’s not going to zero anyways, because so many people believe in this long term.

So what’s worst case scenario goes to 5000 10,000 which would be an epic crash, right? And they’re looking at that and they’re like, I’ll take that risk, I’ll take that risk. I’ll take that risk of the downside, right.

And so you have this whole thing going on. In those folks, a lot of them that are buying up Bitcoin, their plan is not to sell it off like it goes up to 100,000 so to sell Bitcoin No, like mstr from my understanding, their plans are to hold Bitcoin long term as long term as possible.

Tesla, I don’t think Tesla’s is going to sell out a Bitcoin tomorrow unless they really need that money that’s tied up in Bitcoin but they have 10 billion plus dollars in cash just cash like why would they just sell the Bitcoin square all these different companies that are buying they’re buying for the long term they’re not just buying to try to get in and out of this or something like that?

Okay, then you have more investment funds and investment managers investing capital in I’m talking real assets under management real hmm right, you know, funds that are have hundreds of millions of dollars or billions of dollars or dare even say 10s of billions of dollars or investing some money into bitcoin Keep in mind, some of these funds are strictly focused around kryptos and, you know, strictly focused around Bitcoin.

And those funds are just put a massive buyer in the market, right? mess of buyer. All right. Then on top of that, you’re going to have a situation over the next year or two, especially if Bitcoin continues to climb in price and we see more and more companies jump on board, you’re going to have every public company CEO that has a bunch of cash sitting on the balance sheet have to answer questions about why not just put one percent of your capital 3% or capital 5% of your capital into bitcoin

I can almost guarantee you, Tim Cook’s gonna have to answer that question over there at Apple, because they usually have 100 200 plus billion just sitting around on their balance sheet and money, they could easily put at least a little portion of Bitcoin.

 I guarantee you, the CEO of Google is gonna have to answer that question. Hey, guys, you know, Google’s usually got 100 billion plus just sitting around or 80 billion plus in cash to sing, right? Why not just put a billion or 2 billion or 3 billion over there in Bitcoin? 

You know, a Facebook? I always guarantee they’re gonna have to answer that question Zuckerberg and the folks over there and Sheryl Sandberg, they’re gonna have to answer that question. Okay, you guys, you know, last time I looked, you know, I own Facebook sock they owned, they think they had over $60 billion in cash. 

Why not put a billion or 2 billion in Bitcoin? Why not just $100 million? For that matter rate? You have to answer these questions, analysts are going to start asking investors gonna start asking it, especially if Bitcoin continues to climb higher, why not just put a portion of it, you have to put the whole if you’re Facebook, you don’t have to put the whole 60 billion or whatever in it, your Apple, you don’t have to put all $200 million you got laying around or $200 billion laying around in Bitcoin, why not just a portion.

And when you have that pressure, starting the analysts Bring it on, the investors bring it on the board of directors all Bring it on, and you start feeling the heat as a CEO, and you start saying, okay, whatever, I’ll make them happy. 

Oh, by 1% of our cash, let’s put it in Bitcoin. That’s what is gonna start happening. Okay. And that’s gonna play out over the next year. 

And that just creates, I mean, when you think about how much money how much money is sitting on a company’s balance sheet that is just get, you know, think about it, all this money being pumped out there is just causing mass inflation, the dollars are becoming worth less and less and less and less and less over time. 

And meanwhile, you have an asset like Bitcoin, which people believe in the most as a store of value long term. And, you know, bitcoins market cap is maybe maybe 10%, the size of gold, like 10%. And a lot of people that, you know, if you talk to actual Bitcoin bulls, they say it’s ridiculous that Bitcoin is valued, as cheaply as it is relative to gold, because a lot of those folks feel like Bitcoin is a way better long term store value than gold, gold, obviously has the, you know, the thing out there

It’s been around for, you know, 1000s of years, and all those sorts of things. And it’s been used as currency and bitcoins, so new to the market, relatively speaking. So that’s the pushback. But then people say, well, bitcoins, much more of a useful thing than actually gold is. 

So you have all those sorts of pushback. But needless to say, it’s maybe 10% of the value of Gold’s market cap. And I’m telling you, everybody that’s super super bullish on Bitcoin. They believe that over time, Bitcoin will take over Gold’s market cap, and a lot of them believe that’s gonna happen within the next within the next 10 years, essentially, like maybe even by 2030. 

And I’m watching, you know, I can’t talk to somebody in the crypto space over the past, you know, year or two that doesn’t believe that, okay, they all believe it. 100% you have only 21 million Bitcoin ever, right? That will be mined, essentially. 

All right? You know, it’s different than some of these other kryptos where they just keep issuing coins and coins just keep coming out and, and things like that Bitcoin is 21 million ever, right? So it’s gonna be a finite amount of it right?

Now, some of those coins are lost forever, we’ve heard the stories where, you know, people lost their private keys or lost the hard drive or something like that, right? Remember, this guy, I think he was in 

England, or somewhere in Europe, right. And he, you know, lost it in a landfill or something like that. And it was like, ridiculous amount of money. And he’s trying to get them to like, dig up the landfill, and all these sorts of things, and like, you know, split some of the money with the city. That’s a mess, right?

And you have a ton of people that have like, lost Bitcoin forever, it’s just, it’s just gone. Right? So that obviously limits the market even more, and then you add the fact that most folks are holding Bitcoin for the long term. 

So which means like, they’re not selling, they don’t care if it goes to 60,000. Tomorrow, they don’t care if it goes to 40,000 a lot of these individuals don’t care. They’re holding Bitcoin for the long term. Okay. And so when you have all these different factors playing out, and you have almost an unlimited amount of buyers, that are potential buyers out there,

I mean, just think about this is there’s more and more people that are getting bullish on kryptos over time, that are becoming you know, believers, specifically in Bitcoin, right? 

Or aetherium. Those kinds of the two main ones, right, some of these companies are going to buy more and more, right mstr didn’t buy the all 70,000 Bitcoin initially, they bought a chunk, and they bought more than they bought more and now they got to a point where they’re over 70,000 Bitcoin they own 

Okay, as a company I continue to buy, does Tesla make a move like that? We’re also going to put another let’s say 500 million in Bitcoin, another billion dollars in Bitcoin. You know, if you think Tesla’s maybe done bit buying Bitcoin, you might be making a mistake. 

They couldn’t be buying more magian when Tesla becomes it gets to a level which they can very soon with an even more cashflow positive, right. Like if you’re even more cashflow positive Well, they got like, you know, last time it was like 14 billion sitting on the balance sheet in cash. 

What about another billionaire? What the heck? Why not have two and a half in right? Think about this right? More and more investment managers more and more high net worth individuals and just investors in general wanting to get on board with the Bitcoin train wanting to invest some of their capital in Bitcoin.

You have every CEO out there over the next 12 months is likely going to get questions about why you’re not buying Bitcoin, go buy some Bitcoin, you have all that plain out man with a finite amount of most people holding long term where you think the price is going over time? 

You don’t I mean, like, Where do you think the price is going over time? It’s probably gone up, right? And so when you just kind of break it down to that level, it’s like outside of some major hacker, things like that. It’s really hard to imagine Bitcoin going down majorly in value or the whole argument about Bitcoin going to zero. 

I think it should just be thrown out. I think that should have been thrown out at least a couple years ago. But I think it should be really be thrown out because Bitcoin we’ve already seen a crash twice. 

Actually more than twice as bitcoins crashed many times, it never goes to zero, because there’s way too many people that are long term believers in Bitcoin and will hold don’t matter what like I said, Bitcoin today is trading at 47,000 50,000 a Bitcoin goes to 100,000 tomorrow, which would be ridiculous, right? 

a ridiculous move in a day, Bitcoin goes to 100,000 there’s a majority of these folks are not selling, if Bitcoin goes to 100,000, tomorrow, Tesla’s more than likely not selling off their Bitcoin mstr is more than likely not selling off their Bitcoin, the high high majority of retail folks that are in Bitcoin are not selling off the investment managers, the high net worth individuals that are playing that as a long term play, are not selling out of that if it goes to 100,000. 

This is something I had to explain back when I was buying Tesla stock, right? And when I was buying Tesla stock, oh my gosh, you know, that was just a couple years ago now. But that stock has gone up, I think we’re up like 1,630%, or some insane number on Tesla stock, okay.

 And when that stock went up, its first 50 to 75%. I watched some people sell it, and you know, be like, Oh, I sold out, you know, I think it’s gonna go down again, I’ll buy for cheaper and things like that. 

And this time, you realize how many people are buying up Tesla stock and holding that long term and not caring? Right? And then it went up to 100% more people sold, right or not more, but some people sold, they made that decision, like, oh, I’ll get out. 

But the high majority did not they’re holding for the long term. They don’t care if it went up at first 100% then it went up 200% 300% 500% 1,000% 1600 plus percent. I mean, this is a type of stuff that’s going on with Bitcoin right now. Okay. 

And so in terms of like a major hack, from my understanding, at least, I think there has to be some sort of quantum computing. And there’s even ways like you know, bitcoins designed to kind of like prevent that sort of situation happening so I don’t even know how real realistic that is. 

But my gosh, is hard not to be bullish is very hard not to be bullish on bitcoin price. Long term really is and really almost despite whatever happens in the economy or the financial markets, this is why I had to put some money in mstr which is the biggest owner of Bitcoin for that it’s a public company out there. 

I had to do it because I’m just like, I have to get some exposure there. And that’s when Bitcoin was like 20,000 or somewhere around there. I said myself, I had to get some exposure and it’s funny, you know, the stock I’m probably most known for buying right is Tesla then they end up buying right it like

I had to get some exposure like just just look at this look at this. What do you think’s going probably a lot higher over the coming years Okay, so anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this. As always, I wanted to cover this in depth on my opinion on Bitcoin and kind of all the things that are going on there a little history lesson on bitcoin price, and things like that. 

So hope you guys enjoyed this. Don’t forget to smash let me know your opinion in the comment section. And I just want to try to apply for my private stock group that’s gonna be linked in description metal sound as a pinned comment as well. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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