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I have been investing for over a decade and I have been putting money mindlessly into investment companies. I was on a good track already but part of my personality is I like to be pushing it. I started looking for videos on YouTube and I came across Jeremy’s video. I reached out to him and we got connected with a group. I watched his mastery videos and I started working with a coach. I started doing very very well. 

I’ve converted $300 thousand, and I’m now over a million. Coach Bryan, I think very highly of him. He does want to keep me safe, per-say. So if you’re talking specifically the Discord Chat, I like to see the concepts, the thesis behind what people are thinking. I feel like it keeps me more in tuned with what inclinations people have.

All right. How’s it going, folks? You know, I’ve always been knocking on the door on that fix for the club, but my man here has cracked the seven figure club. Mr bill, how are you doing, man? I’m doing well, thank you. Why don’t you tell the viewers a little bit about yourself and, you know, what got you into investing and how did you get to know Jeremy himself? 

And how did you come across some. OK, so before and right when it hit, I thought I was going to be a great opportunity to start investing some money, so I took $300,000 and I started investing it into oil and gas. And because it took such a dive, it didn’t work out that. 

Well, in my favor. And I started doing some investigations on stock picks and doing some research with that. I wasn’t moving away. I was hoping that for the COVID really took a longer time to bounce back than when I was anticipating. 

So it kind of prompted me to start looking for videos. And I’m a big YouTube fan. I enjoy watching videos on YouTube of mine investing in different topics that interest me. So I came across one of Jeremy’s videos. He was talking about us. 

And that was a stock was trading. And and I was thinking about it. And I was like, man, I could have used that money much more resourcefully, could have made much more gains, made more money investing it in individual stock picks instead of investing in ETFs or having someone manage my portfolio for me.

 So I’ve been investing for sense for over a decade, but I’ve just been putting money mindlessly into like an investment company. And then they would diversify some of the money and invest in all these different companies. But the returns were pretty where I was like, go as aggressive. You can go, which was like 10 to 10% to 14% And then we’re like, that’s pretty aggressive. 

And so I was like, all right. So I was on a good track already. But part of my personality is I like to be pushing it. And I felt like once after watching his videos, I felt like I was able to I reached out to him. We got connected with the group. I watched all of his stock mastery videos. And then I was like, I want to do some, some. And I watched his option videos as well. 

And paid for that course. And that was OK. Yeah, I want to be working with the trainer on improving this. So I started pushing working with Brian Koch. Brian, he’s more geared to options as well. So we started doing some evaluating some of the options that I was doing. Some of the positions. I was in as a stock started kind of coming up. 

I started trading out of us, so I started trading into more individual stock picks. And then I started doing very, very well. And as it started growing very rapidly, I started just combining some of my trading on my Roth IRA. I said, my SIMPLE IRA is and I personally enjoy. I personally take it more a little bit of more of a aggressive approach on things. So so I’m more ambitious and my risk tolerance is pretty high. So I like to go and take a lot of risks.

 And I like to I like I do trade on margin, so I do trade on margin. And that’s something that is personally to my tolerance and what I like to do. And I am I am breaking over 100% Which seems so that’s also been layering and layering out to reduce my stocks going down. So like right now, the stock market’s going up. So I’m trimming my profits from it. 

And then obviously, it’s going to go down. And I’m going to be buying more into weakness. And once my indicators are where I want them. And I’m choosing really good stock picks. So I’m saying. I’ve been having you know, I’ve converted 300 thousand, you know, over and over a million to that’s incredible. To be honest, I do. 

You know, it’s funny because you mentioned and I’m glad you mentioned that your aggressive style. I really like that point because I not a lot of people know about the coaching programs. Obviously, you’re a coach, one of the coaches here. And would you tell us maybe because how did the coach adapt to your style? Because obviously, you know, we like to we like to say that it’s a tailor made system. It’s not just a one fit all for everyone. 

You know, the coaches really work around your type of style, your goals, your type of risk tolerance. And you mentioned you have a higher risk tolerance. You like to play with options. You like to have a margin. How did the coach was it was you open to that right away? And he adopted his plan and a strategy to help you learn and kind of work towards that kind of how do we say this kind of your desire to do those kind of riskier trades? 

Well I think from I keep from my I think Coach Bryan, I think very highly of him. He does want to keep me safe, per se. So I think each person has their own individual balance, like taking a shower. You got to find the right temperature for you where you’re pushing the envelope. But at the same time, it’s not too hot. It’s not too cold. That’s right. 

For me and me and Brian, I’ve had conversations. I’m like, I just don’t feel like I’m pushing it hard enough. I feel like I can be doing more. And it’s very personal on what feels right for each person. I spoke to my father about doing individual stock picks and he doesn’t quite have the ambition and talent. 

So it depends on where you are financially and what you’re willing to live with and. Yeah, and it’s good to know that, like I coach Brian chieftainship, but at the same time, he lets you he adapts to your style, as you just mentioned, obviously. 

Can you maybe elaborate a little bit on the private group, the disaccord chart, and how that helped you personally? Let’s say you turned out 300 came to a million other than obviously coach fine had a huge impact on that. 

But how did the group and messaging and how did it help with your research? Yes, 1.2 right now, so says 1.2 million keeps going about a second, doesn’t it? Yeah, yeah, I like it. I mean, it’s still I still feel like a small little fish in the ocean. But but Yeah. 

We’re going there. I will crack $10 million. I know what I’m doing for you. I’m telling you. So So Yeah but but we’re there. I’m hopefully Jeremy opens up an 8 figure club. I would love to add that as an accomplishment. In regards to your question, do you mind your question, please. Yeah, of course. 

The private groups. So just see the charts. How how did that help you in your research? How can I help you filter out all the bad stuff? Obviously, yes. So if you’re talking specifically the discourse chat, I like I like to see. 

The concepts, the thesis behind what people are thinking, I feel like it keeps me more in tune with what inclinations people have. I was actually for me and specifically about the discourse that I like that. You’re able to get on little teams or groups, so coach Bryan did a really amazing thing. 

And connected me with several of his other personal students. So with that specific one, I enjoy posting what the next phase is or what my stock picks, which ones I’m bullish on, which ones I’m bearish on, you know, which ones I’m considering. And so and then we had a discussion on cryptocurrency.

 And originally. I’ve been very I didn’t know what it was. I really had a lot of skepticism towards cryptocurrency. But but with the group discord, Chad, I mean, we’ve been connecting and I’ve been doing my own research on it and being like, you know, I think you want to do a little bit of exposure in it. 

And I mean, it’s been taken off, you know, so so I got a waiting for a really good opportunity to put in to put in a few thousand dollars into more crypto. Yeah so, yeah, that’s actually nice to hear because I know the group itself, it’s just nice to have different perspectives. Bunch of people with six, seven figures like yourself in the market.

 It’s great to hear their perspective, especially from a small fish. You call yourself a small fish. I think I’m the small fish here, but it’s nice hearing other people’s perspectives. And when you put a thesis out there and they kind of break it down for you or the other, they attack it. So then that you have a strong thesis on it.

 Since I feel like that’s a huge, huge gain in the and if we transition here, like let’s say we for somebody else on the fence, somebody that’s on the outside looking in. Would you some would use something, would that be something that you recommend coaching if obviously, if it fits their style, no. One, and you obviously want them to make their own decisions. 

But would it be something that you recommend for others? And does it help you learn all a faster scale learning from someone that’s been through all the dirty stuff in the market. And over her decades and decades? Like coach fine, let’s say. It depends on the portfolio and where you are financially from that perspective, if you talk to a person like me.

 And I have $10 to go into it. I know you just stick with the videos. You just kind of focus on your job, focus on what you’re doing and build up some build up a reputable amount of money to start going into it. So I think it depends on where you are financially. If you if you’re like, hey, I have a few thousand dollars half a million dollars, I want to start pushing it and see what I can do to get out of it. This is money that I could leverage it.

 I can do a margin call on it. If I needed to, in of financial position where I can put it to work. If you’re able in that position or if you’re in a position that you can be know, you have a decent size portfolio where it makes sense. And ultimately, you’re going to have a good return on your investment, doing the math behind it. 

And being like, if I were to do 50% of my portfolio, if I was to increase at a 50% ratio, would it pay for its expenses? Looking at it from the perspective of, you know, what my expense. And what’s going to be my benefit and do, is it going to pay off rates of return on investment? So so is it going to be a good return on investment? 

That I think that depends a lot on your portfolio size and depends a lot on what is your and what is your own personal tolerance and your personal outlook and your ambition and comfort and involvement in what you’re wanting to do. 

So I think if you feel like you have the and you’re willing to put in a little bit of work and be involved in it, and also, you’re able to be in a good place financially and you have the extra cash. You know, it’s absolutely a phenomenal decision to do. 

Wonderful that’s great to hear from you. Obviously, someone that’s been in it for a while and, you know, like you mentioned, for people that have a little bit less in their portfolios that are not there for the coaching, there is obviously, the becoming master of the stock market where it teaches you the basic fundamentals of the stock market, how Germany picks a stock and how others in the group have succeeded that way. 

So for the viewers out there, that’s one option. If you’re on the lower end of the portfolio site, though, do you have any last words? I mean, it’s been great talking to you, but is there any last words that we haven’t covered that you feel like the viewers might benefit from before we wrap it up? Yeah, I didn’t want to touch on that. 

But on the topic of the people that may have a few. I don’t know, maybe like something less than $50,000.20 $1,000 or $10,000. I guess, let’s talk on people that have more along, have $5,000. What should I do now? I was working originally with another coach. I believe it was coach Bryce. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. See and see. 

He would be a good coach for starters. So for a starter coach, when you’re going into a company and you’re like, OK, we want to set this up kind of like from basic rudimentary concept of just investing and being methodical about it. Your bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. 

You every month you put in your money, you pick some good stock picks and you just stick by them. And you evaluate them. And you when you buy when it’s down, you you’re bullish on it. You’re you continue to work at it. You’re really not. Brice’s style from my previous conversation with him was very much like bullish on Tesla. 

Just be buying, buying and buying. And we like it. Just keep buying it. And it was I made a ton of money on Tesla, so I just that the way he was approaching it wasn’t so much buying in the dips, checking the relative strength index. What is a twenty, 1,500 day moving average is it was very much of just this is the stock. 

We’re bullish on the stock. Stay consistent on making the deposits and this is what to look for in a good, strong stock. So it depends also on if we’re looking at a smaller scale, a smaller amount of money that we want to stick to the fundamentals. 

I think Bryce would be a great option for something like that, where it gets used to and accustomed to making consistent deposits and getting the foundation set up for well, for at a much more rudimentary level of being like, OK, I’m going to deposit $200 or $300 a week or two, $300 a month or something. 

It may be more manageable to ease into that aspect up and being really bullish on a certain date, certain stock and what’s a good stock, what’s a bad stock, what to look for. So being paired up with the appropriate coach on where they are. 

And what I do believe that you do need to be investing and consistently putting money into the market every time. So that’s good. And where you are, and starting to putting your money consistently and putting on good individual stock picks. Lovett Jeremy does a great job on that stuff. 

Really solid structure to it, very methodical, very some. There are some really basic concepts behind it as well. So, so, so I have I think those are good, depending on where you are financially needs to be dependent on which coach and the approach you need to take to it. If it’s something very rudimentary, it it needs to be addressed in a very rudimentary way. 

If the foundation isn’t set up or you’re not set up too much financially for that, I think that approach is going to be very solid. And I do see value in setting that up, especially if you don’t have a good setup right now. 

That that’s a very good way of getting set up in a good direction from a rudimentary standpoint. That’s actually wonderful. I’m so glad you mentioned that. And I’m so glad you came to that kind of advice to the viewers that, you know, no matter where you are, there is some sort of steps that you can take to be in the market because investing is a crucial way to, number one, create the financial freedom, create that passive income, create that side income that you can not always work for your money. 

And the fact that you mentioned cauterise and the fact that there are different stages that we have in the group, that was great. I feel like a lot of people will benefit from that advice. I thank you so much, though. We took too much of your time.

But, you know, because I appreciate everything that you mentioned today. And thank you so much. All right. Thank you so much. Take care, man.

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