Jeremy Lefebvre


The absolute worst money moves you can make in 2018. That is what I’m sharing with you guys. Today, I tried to compile a list here of the four worst money moves I can see people making in 2018.

Nvidia Stock Explodes

Holy smokers guys, Nvidia just hit its 52 week high but not only is it 52 weeks high, it just hit the highest price it has ever been in the stock’s history. Are you flipping my flapjacks this stock is over $216 per share today it hit over $218 per share at one point guys, we get to discuss all this we got to look into why exactly this is happening?

The Worst Advice Ever

The worst advice ever. Today’s video is about so much more than just the worst piece of advice you can get. Because there’s a million, there are a million bad pieces of advice out there.

Top 5 Worst Stocks Ever!

Top Five worst stocks ever welcoming guys I am Jeremy This is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about top five worst stocks since I’ve been invested.


I want to address something today, I want to address something today, that’s been on my mind. And it’s been the comments section a few times.

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