Jeremy Lefebvre

David Sullivan

I buy stocks a lot and sell a lot without knowing and my fundamental concept about stocks was not that good. I don’t know what to cover so I started watching Jeremy. His videos are very educational and easy to understand.


I watched him every day and I think that he is cool and I appreciate his frugality, He made me feel more confident and now I understand a lot about stocks.

Menachem Flamer

The first impression I had when he was doing his introduction for 2 minutes was tapestry and when he started talking about his education it gave me conviction.

financial education jeremy


I realized that I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning of my journey with stocks. Jeremy’s videos helped me understand stocks better. He is very energetic and trustworthy.

Phil Morrison

I started buying my own stocks and followed his advice as I watch his video. Jeremy is very sincere and experienced at this stuff he is very easy to understand.

Bud Thien

I thought it was very interesting so I kept watching his videos. After listening to Jeremy, things started to change. I started making a lot of money while learning through Jeremy’s help.

financial education jeremy

Hans K

He shows everything! Like, when he lost on a stock price and even took a screenshot of his account to prove it. That is what I appreciate about Jeremy – his credibility

financial education jeremy

Rolando Brid

His content was very entertaining. I see a lot of value in his videos. He establishes a great mindset on how to look at a company and understand it. Jeremy’s videos are very helpful and interesting.

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