Jeremy Lefebvre

Coach Tom

Tom’s strategy for success is based on strong fundamental and financial analysis, building solid non-emotional action plans, and coupling those with a powerful mindset.

Coach JH

JH retired in his early forties after a 13+ year career in Manhattan as a Private Real Estate Portfolio Manager where functionally, he was the COO of a very large residential real estate holding company which focused on residential co-ops, condos and buildings.

Tyler Wilson

The first thing he taught me is to not be greedy with price, and if it’s a good company, buy it. Jeremy changed my life.
He is very passionate, consistent and intelligent. He knows what he is doing and is genuine.

Steven Eckert

I know that I could trust him and he gives me the confidence. Jeremy talks about what is good in a stock and he shows how to always keep yourself safe in the market in terms of what you have.

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