Jeremy Lefebvre

Ricardo Andres

“We feel so confident about what we are doing and what we’re learning. We feel like we took our investment experience to the next level.

With the private group, you don’t feel alone. You share ideas with a lot of experienced investors or beginners, but it’s like a family, you don’t feel alone investing.

The BMSM course, I think it’s something you should not only watch once. You should watch it 3 or 4 times per year. This is something simple but very important. This is something that every investor should know. Like this is the basic, this is very vital things that everyone should be aware of.”


I watched him every day and I think that he is cool and I appreciate his frugality, He made me feel more confident and now I understand a lot about stocks.

Menachem Flamer

The first impression I had when he was doing his introduction for 2 minutes was tapestry and when he started talking about his education it gave me conviction.


I actually wanted to do investment banking and it’s so infuriating to just look at math all day. So, I got more of a banking job with sales, which I love a lot more because I was still around finance. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and Jeremy popped

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