Apple To Hit 1 Trillion, Guy Loses 127 Million in Bitcoin, Chipotle Disaster Continues

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Today, we discuss a story where a guy lost 127 million dollars in Bitcoin and Apple stock possibly hitting a 1 trillion dollar market cap. We also discuss new allegations of a possible outbreak at a Chipotle in Los Angeles California location.

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Three stories we have to talk about here today guys. The first one is in regards to Apple, we got to talk about Apple. Then after that, we got to talk about how a guy has lost $127 million worth of Bitcoin we got to discuss that story that is crazy. And last but not least, we got to talk about Chipotle a in the disaster that is Chipotle a currently.

So you know what guys, let’s just get into this. By the way, make sure if you have not joined my stock market membership group you get in, there’s only 10 days left to get in for $29 A month after December 31 is going up to $49 a month for anybody that joins up to that point, click that third link in the description get in there, guys, Apple.

So let’s talk about this first off, Apple is set to hit a trillion dollar market cap. And it could happen very, very soon, which would be the first public company to ever reach trillion dollar market cap status. Okay, free now it’s just under 900 million, or excuse me, I was raised under 900 billion is a market cap currently.

So that means essentially, the stock needs to go up about 11 to 12%, then it will be an a trillion dollar market cap guys, this is absolutely insane. And for p 14, we can see that that can easily happen. The only one that’s kind of given us a run for its money is Google.

But Google is so far back there guys, we’re looking at Google here about a $750 billion market cap. So that stock would have to go up a massive amount from here for p have already have 25 on Google. So real quick on Apple, let’s just think about this.

Never underestimate the things that can happen in your lifetime. Never underestimate yourself. Think about this guy’s Apple did not even exist. 40 years ago, four years ago, Apple didn’t even exist. And now it’s going to be the first company in the history of the world first public company to reach a trillion dollar market cap.

It’s a company that was even around 40 years ago guys like like never underestimate yourself and what you can achieve in this world unbelievable stuff. Next story we got to talk about this Bitcoin story this is insane guys. So James house and it worker living in the United Kingdom knows exactly where his misplaced 7500 Bitcoins are, but the city council where he lives won’t let him retrieve them.

They say it’s against the law. According to report published by in the telegraph house, we can begin mining Bitcoin on his personal laptop in 2009 in 2013, though, after I had stopped mining, the laptop I used was broken into parts and sold on eBay, hotels, the Telegraph, he kept the drive used to collect the Bitcoins. So if Bitcoin did become valuable one day.

I would still have the coins I mined while cleaning his home in 2013. he supposedly mistakenly put it into a waste bin at his local landfill in Newport, South Wales, where it got buried. Oh my goodness, guys, now with bitcoins value hovering just around $17,000 as of Wednesday, how 7500 lost Bitcoins are worth more than one $127 million.

A massive fortune theft guys massive fortune, more than four years worth of garbage have poured into the dump since his mistake which would make any recovery effort a significant undertaking. A modern landfill is a complex engineering project and digging up one brings all sorts of environmental issues such as dangerous gases and potential land landfill fires House says it’s a big, expensive, risky project.

This is just insane guys, so they won’t let him dig it up. He wants to try regardless, but the Newport city council won’t allow it. In an interview with the tech website wired. A council spokesperson said their offices had been contacted in the past about a possibility of retrieving a piece of it hardware said to contain bitcoins but digging up.

Storing and treating the waste could cause a huge environmental impact on the surrounding area landfill reportedly contains 350,000 tonnes of waste and more than 50,000 tonnes are added each year it is likely the hardware would have suffered significant galvanic corrosion due to the presence of landfill lactates is or whatever you say that word and gases officials pointed out.

Even if the drive is recovered, it may not work after being exposed to weighty and possibly toxic waste for so long. This is just an insane story guys. Like like this is kind of, you know, kind of the scary thing with Bitcoin like one if you don’t keep it in a wallet or something like that.

You’re you’re you’re liable to get all your money stolen, right? And if you get your money stolen, like there’s no one there to replace, it’s not like a bank or something like like if somebody stole the money out of my JPMorgan Chase account right now or did some unauthorized transactions like I’d be calling them right now.

It’d be replacing that money immediately in my account. So it’s kind of scary that you got to keep it on a hard drive like this. And then what happens if you mistake them mistakenly place that hard drive somewhere guys, it’s freaking really scary. Now think about if he had 127 million in cash, that would be a pretty hard thing to kind of lose because you would need to store the massive amount guys.

And so I don’t think they’re gonna end up letting him do that and Honestly, a one I’m sure he’s probably got investors that are investing, you know, to try to do this project that said, Hey, we’ll put in 10 million to do this, you know, excavation and whatnot. And you know, you got to give us 20 million or 50 million of profit or whatever and so he gets obviously keep a massive portion of it.

I don’t think they’re gonna let him do it and plus even if it is recovered, what are the chances it still is in good enough shape where they can actually use it and retrieve the bitcoins from it? Like I don’t see that be impossible when you’re talking about this thing is buried and what are the chances they’re even going to find it guys? What are the chances are you think about this?

50,000 tons are added each year. That thing’s been in there for four or five years now, guys, I know. It’s just a crazy story. It’s unfortunate for the guy but man, that’s crazy, crazy, crazy. Job portly, the disaster that is to pull the continues. This talk is obviously down over 20% year to date. You thought maybe it was going to recover.

And now if we look the past three years here 2015 down nearly 30% 2016 down over 20% 2017 down over 20% down over 55%. In the last three years. This has been a disaster stock one that was a wall street darling. And it’s just turned a disaster because of a lot of outbreaks and whatnot.

We might have another one a triple A so poorly suffered his worst stock decline in more than a month on a report of a possible illness outbreak in Los Angeles. renewing fears about the burrito chains food safety crisis. The local health department’s acute communicable disease unit is investigating illness tied to a location in Los Angeles.

According to Business Insider, Chris Arnold, his spokesman for AAA said that company is aware of reports of sickness of user generated websites but has not any complaints made to local health offices as a precautionary measure. We have implemented heightened preventative procedures at this restaurant, which we do as a matter of policy if we receive any reports of illness.

Oh my goodness, guys, what is going on? which apparently is this company ever going to like like pull it together when they just kind of get out of this? It’s just one thing after another you heard you know, the first time it happened the first time they kind of had an outbreak situation.

I think that was 2015 it was kind of like okay, we’ll give him a pass and another one happened and then another one happened and now we hear this and it’s like, I don’t know if this company can ever pull it together and soon they’re going to end up actually losing even their most core customers.

People like myself that still have you know, kind of look past some of that stuff. But when you haven’t happened again and again you’re going to even lose your core customers at that point. So I don’t know if they will you know, this is just kind of like breaking news right now is just came out within the last couple hours.

So we will have to see what happened that if this gets national news, and that’s you know, in the spotlight again, it’s just shines a really bad light on AAA so it’s not a stock I can touch at this point in time even though it’s fallen so much over the past few years. And even though I enjoy the food there it’s just not realistic guy.

So anyways, hope you enjoyed these three stories. I would love to hear your guys’s opinion on this stories in that comment section. Thank you for watching. I’m a little under the weather as you can probably tell from my voice. Thank you for watching guys and have a great day.

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