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An analyst for Tesla believes Elon Musk and co could be profitable in September! Also, we must discuss some bad news for tesla.

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Oh my word a day cannot go by without some big Tesla news my goodness guys we got a lot more Tesla news here to cover today. So an analyst has come out and now said that they will be profitable.

He’s expected them to be profitable in September and news analyst is one of the most famous analysts on all of Wall Street he covered Apple for a long long time he still to this day covers Apple but basically Apple through its growth days he used to cover it.

I remember he would come on TV all the time talking about iPhone this iPhone that looks like he’s moved on tests and now talking about that. also talk about some bad news that came out in regards to Tesla, but I’m not so sure it is really bad news.

So we’ll look at that there guys. So Tessa will be profitable by September says gene Munster once again this this is a pretty famous analyst. He covered Apple for a long, long time. So here’s what he’s saying.

Okay, so loop a ventures gene, Munster predicts the embattled automaker will be profitable by September Okay, we’re already in July. That’s only a couple months away. CEO Ilan musk announced Tesla aims to produce 6000 model threes per week by August.

But Munster says September is a safer bet this 5000 production number was the first time in about nine months he’s gotten one right. I think it’s safe to always dial back what he’s saying.

That’s why we think Tesla’s going to meet production number by the end of September quarter monster said on CNBC fast Monday, if they hit that number is going to equate to 48,000 model threes produced in the September quarter.

That should get them to profitability, slightly profitable monster said it’s not going to be wildly profitable in September. I just want to warn everybody, but it moves in the right direction.

After repeatedly pushing back targets Tesla vowed in January to build 5000 model threes per week, by the close of the second quarter to demonstrate it could mass produce the battery power sedan Tesla finally met its goal in the final week of the quarter with the final car rolling.

We just talked about that the other day here. So the bears have their case to say that even though the 5000 number was pretty, they had to throw everything at it to get it there. Okay, the 10 the whole deal if you don’t know the 10 is trending on Twitter and and whatnot.

The reality is they haven’t ramped monster set. Okay, so so monster believes they haven’t, you know, Tesla hasn’t even really ramped in a big way. Right. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna come back to that in just a second here.

All right, so this other story is a really big one. So Tesla’s engineering chief is out after taking a leap of leave of absence, Tesla’s engineering chief won’t return from his leave of absence.

A person familiar with the situation says as automaker heads into the pivotal period to prove it can sustain production of model three sedan, Doug field, who has been Senior Vice President of Engineering.

A very important title that Tesla stepped away from his work overseeing product development at the Silicon Valley automaker in early May. All right, so roughly two months ago or so, at the time.

A Tesla spokesperson said Doug is just taking some time off to recharge and spend time with his family. He has not left Tesla right people familiar with the move believed at the time he would return six weeks later.

But he hasn’t his departure is one of several high level executives that have left Tesla many of them have left you know from from basically that Solar City acquisition though, but Tesla has lost a lot of guys are a key leader at Tesla since joining in 2013.

So you’ve been with the company about five years from Apple he came over from Apple Mr. Field oversaw the engineering of the company’s vehicles and last year was given oversight of production until Mr. Musk resumed that role last spring Okay.

So basically this gentleman had taken over as kind of the the head of you know, production operations and so here’s kind of the question with this whole deal and we may never know the answer did this guy leave.

Just because he he just you know want to maybe he was burnt out of Tesla maybe he spent so much time maybe just want to spend time with family did he leave for that reason? Did he leave because musk took over and now.

They just hit production records and maybe this gentleman wasn’t doing such a good job and musk is like Dude, I can do this way better than you We don’t need you here anymore. like you’d like you fell off or whatever.

We don’t know. Maybe he got sick of you know, playing co Captain there. You know, this guy never gets any respect or ever talked about obviously the head of the head of Tesla Elan Musk is the one that gets all the credit for anything that goes on with Tesla he also gets all the blame, right.

Maybe this guy, you know, would did a Kyrie Irving movies like sick of LeBron James. He’s like, I want to go be my own man. We don’t know, we’ll probably never know why he’s decided to leave Tesla and just you know, and I ended up taking off there.

So here’s something you know, I just want everybody to step back a second from Tesla. Okay, I think that’s really important because there’s so much going on here in the short term.

There’s so many moving parts are Tesla hitting the hit 6000 The number Okay Can they consistently hit 5000 model threes one of the price points of those cars can they get to 10,000 maybe next year something like that like there’s so much.

Short term here that’s going on so many moving parts is executive left must tweet this there’s so many moving parts around this right now right so many moving parts is just craziness chaos.

When you step back for a second you when you step back for a second from tests, okay? And you look out you go by every car dealership in your city or your state you go by every single car dealership.

What do you see on there lots you see a cars galore you see every single car imaginable on that lot trucks like like it’s not hard to go get a car or a truck or an SUV tomorrow like you can go to a Ford dealership.

A GM dealership any dealership you want and you can get a car just like that is nothing okay? literally right off the laws Aren’t you got the money like it’s there for you times a million okay? Doesn’t matter what city you live what state you live.

We’ve seen you know, every single dealership is loaded up in their parking lot, which is cars galore. Okay. And we have a massive amount of people saying we don’t want those. We want Tesla’s This is big guys.

When you just step through, step away, and you didn’t look at it from that perspective. It takes you back a moment because the anybody will get a car right now is is not hard guys. People want Tesla cars specifically.

There’s a massive demand in the marketplace right now for specifically Tesla cars, right? tests, people want to test stuff. This reminds me so much of Apple back in the day, it was so easy to get a smartphone, you can get a smartphone from anywhere any wireless carrier and any you know any Best Buy or whatnot.

But people the mass amounts of people wanted iPhones and they were willing to wait for an iPhone and pay substantially more pray, you know, higher prices than for some other phone.

And it was like, why are people doing this? Right? When you step back for a minute, you just realize what a company has going for it long term when they have this type of demand, the products available out there and people are saying no, I don’t want that.

I want this over here. Okay, I want this over here. It’s just you sometimes just gotta step back from something like this and really view in it’s pretty amazing. Now as far as will they hit profitability, you know, that remains to be seen.

I think they have a great chance to do it. Maybe in September, August, we’ll have to see you know, you got to kind of take Musk’s words with a grain of salt right now he has missed a lot of numbers, he has missed a lot of numbers here.

So you know, it can hit those numbers maybe. But at the same time, you know, you can’t really count on him in that respect right now, can he execute this big vision I’m pretty confident he’s going to be able to execute it.

And Tulsa is going to become the dominant auto manufacturer as i’ve you know talked about on this channel for two years now. I’ve been talking about they will become the dominant auto manufacturer within five to 10 years I think he’s going to execute on that plan.

But in terms of short term goal heading you know, I can’t trust musk with that so I think this analyst is actually really ingenious and insane let’s push back another month here the chance that he’s talking about with all the other going to hit August it’s like not at all let’s say September because that’s more realistic.

So anyways, I really want to know your guy’s opinion on Tesla, all this short term moving stuff, long term stuff. I really want to know your guy’s opinion in that comment section. As always, make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this today and make sure you follow me on Instagram.

If you have not already I post a lot of content and Instagram stories, especially about breaking news stories that are happening in the stock market and whatnot. Can’t wait to see you on the Thank you for watching. Have a great day.


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