All Stocks I Have Sold In 2019 (With Screenshots)

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Today we take a look at all the stocks I have sold in 2019 in the stock market. Some of these stocks we took losses on while others we took big gains. We also hold some dividend stocks even though I am not into dividend investing really and we have made some good money from those.

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Well, good day subscribers Hope you guys are having a great day out there. As always, I could do an interesting video for you guys here today that will bring out a lot of value. Okay, a few days ago on the channel, I posted this video about my $265,000 stock market account. And we fully disclosed every single position we own in that account how many shares we own cost basis, everything across the board.

And I think in that account, we were up 30 something $1,000 as of right now, not to give you guys a spoiler or something like that, definitely check out the video if you haven’t. But some people were curious, like, what have I sold so far in 2019? In that particular account, like have I sold for profits have I sold for losses and whatnot.

And so in the courses video, I’m going to show you every single stock we have sold so far in 2019, which we are a little over halfway through the year as of right now. And we’ll discuss like Was it a good decision? Was it a bad decision to sell that stock? What of those stocks done since then what was kind of my mindset in relation to selling those stocks?

I think you guys should get a lot of value out of this. Because it’s one thing that like no one to buy a stock like no, you know, all I need to look into this, I need to look into that. And oh, this stocks undervalued here, let me go ahead and buy it. But the question is, when do you sell a stock? Sometimes?

That’s actually the hardest thing to figure out in the stock market? When do you actually take a loss on a stock? When do you have to say, you know what, we’re down in this position, but it’s not working out, it’s not going as planned, I need to sell out. Or you know what, I love this stock a lot.

But there’s something better has come along or you know what, this stock has gone up too much has become overvalued or it’s already fairly valued. Let me go ahead and sell out of that. That’s some of the hardest decision you have to make as a stock picker in the market. Okay.

And I know there’s gonna be some folks out there that are gonna say, Jeremy, you say you go to buy a stock and you’re supposed to hold it for years. And sometimes you only hold these stocks for a few months, and then you sell out of that, what are you you’re not a long term investor into that I say this, okay.

I wrote down my thoughts, okay, I’m dating these stocks, with the best of intentions, sometimes something better comes along, and I’m gonna go ahead and date that. And sometimes a stock is not what I thought and we simply break up, okay, that’s the best way I could describe it. It’s like dating, when you’re investing in stocks.

It’s like dating, right? If you want to, like seriously date somebody who have the best intentions usually going in, or at least I would hope you do. And there’s at least a thought that maybe this could work out long term, okay, but you don’t usually, or Usually, it’s a bad decision.

If you go in and you start dating somebody and say the overnight, I’m going to marry that person, usually that’s not going to work out, right, you should go in and say, Hey, I’m gonna try this out. We’re gonna see how things progress. And maybe I do hold this stock long term, a lot of times it just doesn’t work out that way.

So sometimes, I might go into a stock and I might say, I’m gonna plan on holding this for a long time. But sometimes I find another stock that I’m like, my my money’s better spent over here on this stock, or this stock has gotten really overvalued. Maybe it’s time for me to sell or it’s just like this stocks crazy.

This is not the stock I plan on buying management’s making a lot of bad decisions. Like sometimes you might have thought you were getting into something that was really good. And you’re like, this stock is crazy. Okay, that’s how I describe it. Okay, we’re dating stocks, we’re not marrying them.

Our intentions are to hold long term. Sometimes honestly, that doesn’t happen for one reason or another guy. So that’s the way it is. Okay, I talked about that by becoming master the stock market course which is on sale right now. It is 70% off here today, it’s going to be linked down there in description goes into everything I look for when picking a stock.

You want to check that out, guys. Okay, so first off here, when you’re thinking about, like, How much have you made on stocks, or lost in stock? So once again, we’re looking at my private account, which is available on my private stock group. Okay. First thing you got to think about is did you make any dividend money?

Have I made any dividend money in the course of 2019 yet? And yes, we have made some dividend money in 2019 in this account, okay. So if we look at kind of the first quarter, we made about 350 bucks roughly worth of dividend money in the first quarter of this year, and so far in the second quarter, we have made about another $340. So roughly, we’re a little under $700 worth of dividend money we have made in this particular account.

So you know, I’m not a dividend investor, but you know, about 700 bucks, so just under $700 in dividend money, like I love making that dividend money and what do I do with that dividend money, I just go ahead and reinvest it back into stock so it’s not like I’m like oh, I made $700 in dividends so far this year.

Let me go buy some let me go buy a new flat screen for $700 like I just go ahead and I reinvest the money okay. And by the way, that’s what I do with pretty much all my stock sales whenever I sell a stock let’s say I sell stock you know, we’re gonna see some stocks here that I’ve sold for big profits.

I don’t go ahead and take that money out and spend that money I go ahead and reinvest that in the stock is just about building and building and building Okay guys, so that’s what I do. And with that being said the circuit into some of these positions.

Okay, the first one up here, this honestly might be the most interesting one of all you s Steel Corporation ticker symbol x, we took the biggest loss on this stock that we’ve taken on a stock since the GoPro disaster. Now this really can’t be compared to the GoPro disaster because the GoPro disaster was a whole other thing but needless to say the loss was still very big on the stock at During 25 shares we sold out of at $19,000 in $336 worth of proceeds.

Now our cost basis on that was $23,707. So we took a $4,371 loss in US Steel, once again, that was the biggest disaster since the GoPro disaster. And that was a hard one for me to take because one, it was a big loss, okay, it’s just like hard to like, like, finally there’s like, swallow your pride and say, you know what I got to get out of this.

And that was kind of my decision with US Steel, it was kind of like one of those stocks that was like, I just made a really bad decision with this stock. And I think it’s going to get a lot worse because of kind of industry trends and what was going on. And the China us situation looked like it was gonna get worse.

And so I’m like, I just need to sell all these shares. Okay, so if we go ahead and do the math on this stock, okay, go ahead, and we take the $19,336. In proceeds, we divide that out by 825 shares. And that essentially means we sold out of that stock at about $23.43. And so we got to ask ourselves, what is US Steel stock price that today, we sold out $23, and some change, and US Steel stock price today is in the $14 range.

Okay, the $14 range, that is a dramatic difference. Needless to say, we made the right decision. Okay, let’s go ahead and do the math on it. Now, let’s say we were selling out of US Steel today at $14.69 times 825 shares, that would mean our proceeds would be just over $12,000, which essentially means we saved over $7,000 by going ahead and selling that stock when we did rather than still holding that stock today.

And that’s honestly one of the hardest decisions to make. When you’re down big on a position and you have to swallow your pride and say, this is probably going to get a lot worse, I need to get out of stock, I need to put this money in a stock that can work a lot better for me and what I kind of figured out and I kind of had like an epiphany when I like, was about to sell that stock.

I was like, why am I in a commodity related stock what us Steel’s a steel related company like commodity related stocks in me, we don’t go good together. And so like commodity related stocks, I should just honestly never date them. They like we’re just not meant for each other commodity stocks and me were not meant for each other.

And honestly, that was one of the best sales I’ve ever had when it comes to a sale where I lost money. But I pulled the trigger. And it was the right decision to make because like literally we’ve saved over $7,000 by getting out of that position when we did and you know, it is what it is we took the loss it hurts, it wiped out a lot of our gains for the year.

But I’m happy we just sold out it was a bad decision to get in that stock in the first place. I don’t belong with commodity stocks. And it’s just the bottom line. Okay, next stock up here that we have sold out of this year is Whirlpool Corporation, okay 60 shares we held in Whirlpool in the public account and the proceeds we got for that one was $7,715, we had a short term gain of $437 on that particular stock.

So if we go ahead and do the math on that $7,715 in proceeds divided by 60 shares, that basically means we sold out about $128.58. And today Whirlpool is out about $138. So it’s about $10 a share higher. So we missed out on maybe some potential profits. But of course you got to think about it. Well, we put that money in another stock and most stocks we put money in you know are doing very, very well.

So something at least factor in there. But needless to say it has gone up since we sold out of those shares. Okay? Next one up here is Intuit, Intuit, if you guys don’t know they make products like TurboTax, QuickBooks, those type of products, okay, just a very small position, we just didn’t get this position to get built out, which is why I decided to sell it just started going up too much after we bought and you know, I wasn’t gonna buy up there.

So we had 11 shares who sold out for proceeds of $2,561, we took a $408 short term gain on that particular stock, you do the math around that $2,561 divide out by 11 shares. That means we sold about $238.81 and we gotta ask ourselves what is Intuit at today? Well, Intuit today is about $258.

So essentially we missed out on 25 $27 basically of additional profit per share on Intuit I wish we had gotten that position built out in a substantial way we just didn’t get it we bought the 11 shares and started going up and started going up and I didn’t you know if it’s not going to be a serious position that.

I can build into five figures plus and I’m probably just honestly going to sell it off and take the profit and that’s what we did and into it okay so took a profit but could have made even a bigger one. Next one up here is Eli otherwise known as Callaway golf. Okay, now let me just talk about Eli for a second.

One of the big factors that kind of led me to sell Callaway was not just the the the you know, US China trade tensions getting worse, they made a big acquisition of jack wolfskin. And the more I got to think about this, they took out I think it was over $400 million in debt to basically make that acquisition work.

From my understanding jack wolfskin wasn’t really making money so essentially men Callaway was buying a business. I wasn’t really bringing in any money, but they were taking out foreign Your million dollars in debt, the more I got to think about it, I just really don’t like that move that Callaway made there.

And that was part of the reason that made me say, you know what, I want to get out of this stock completely and take some profits. Okay. So in terms of Eli was sold out all 850 shares we held on the public account, the proceeds we got from that were $13,446, we took $121 short term loss, but we took a $360 long term gain.

Now if we go ahead and do the math on that, okay, that $13,446 worth of proceeds divided out by 850 shares. that essentially means $15.81 was essentially what we got per share. Now, the day after we sold out of that stock, there was news that came out that certain Investment Fund, like an activist investor type fund had bought a big position the stock, and they’re basically going to try to sell out the stock.

And so the stock shot up literally the day after I sold out. So now the stock is at $17.83, which is about $2 per share more than what we sold out. So go ahead and do the math on that $2 times 850 shares and essentially, we left $1,700 worth of profit on the table. But that’s one of those things that is super frustrating.

But it’s honestly out of your control like literally the day after I sell big news comes out activist investor at bought in, and they’re going to go ahead and try to sell the company like what are the chances of that they’re very slim, and sometimes in the stock market, you have good luck.

And I’ve definitely been on the side of good luck many times. And sometimes you just have bad luck and some news comes out the day after and like 17 $100 of extra profit we could have made that just wasn’t made, but it is what it is we still made a profit on the stock overall.

Okay, next one up here is a good old LC beauty, which is obviously a cosmetics company. Okay, so we still hold a lot of elf beauty shares, but we have taken some nice profits in the stock. And so needless to say, we have sold off 1475 elf beauty shares so far for proceeds of $18,874. And we’ve taken a short term gain on that stock of $5,618.

Okay, so we go ahead and do the math on that $18,874 worth of proceeds divided out by 1475 shares. And what you’re going to get is about $12.79 per share, we have sold out of elf beauty, you know at an average price so far. Now if we go ahead and look at elf beauty stock price, today, it’s almost $1 higher, about 95 cents higher than what we sold out those average shares for us, we essentially left about 1415 $100 worth of profit on the table with elf beauty.

But you know, alpha has gone up so much that I was like, you know, it’s time to just, you know, start taking some profits in the stock. I mean, we’ve only been in that stock for a few months time. And like with most of our lots, we were 50 6070 some 80% on which is absolutely ridiculous in a such a quick amount of time.

Like literally like three months, four months, something like that we’ve been that stock, it’s not a long period of time and to go up like that substantial of a rate. Like that’s the type of gain I was hoping for. And maybe the over the next couple years, you get that in a few months time, like sometimes you just kind of book some profits.

And we’ve booked some profits in health beauty, and I’m happy to have booked those profits. Okay, next one up here is Apple, the Goliath apple. So we bought 35 shares when it was dipping real low, it was a stock like that, of course, you’re gonna second guess and say Man, I wish I bought heavier. But that’s what you’re always going to say when you’ve made a lot of stock in a quick amount of time.

Okay, so we sold out of our 35 shares of Apple proceeds of $7,133. And we took a short term gain on that stock of over $2,000. There, if you do the math on that, you’re going to do $7,133 worth of proceeds divided up by 35 shares. And essentially we sold for just under $204 per share. Apple today is at about 197. So not too far off there. Now before we look at the total like gain or loss and they count in total, I just want to mention one thing.

Keep in mind, I think as this account goes further and further into time, because keep in mind, this accounts like a year and a half old or something like that, really, it’s not a very old account. And so if we’re selling stocks, most of the time right now, they’re going to be for short term gains. But as this account gets older and older, once it hits three years, four years, five years.

I think you’ll start to see more and more positions that are long term sales versus right now when it’s such a young young account, like most of these positions are going to be short term sales, because that count is not even that old in the end, okay.

Now, basically, we have made about little over $4,300 between our short term and long term gains, then you add on another $690 roughly of dividends, essentially, we made about $5,000 profit on this account alone in 2019. And something to keep in mind obviously, you know, we’re have unrealized gains of probably more than $30,000 in that particular account, and we should have a lot more dividend money coming through the back half of this year.

So needless to say I’m very happy with the account overall. It’s always nice to have booked profits of over $5,000 on that account so far through the year just being a little over halfway through the year and you know, to haven’t taken You know that type of loss we took in US Steel to overcome that and still be you know, positive and positive by.

$5,000 roughly and have unrealized gains of obviously you know five figures plus obviously puts me in a position where I’m very happy with the account overall it’s just about building that account building that account over time. As far as goals for that account. I know some people are asking about like goals for that account.

Um, I mean, I have a three year goal of about a half million in that account, which as of right now, we’re a little over halfway there. So I would love to get to around half a million dollars within about three years we’ll see if it happens obviously some depends on the market is there a big crash in the next three years or something like that.

That will play a factor but I think it’s definitely possible for us to get back down to maybe about a half a million over the next three years but we shall see. So anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, hope you guys got a lot of value make sure you smash that thumbs up button. It lets me know that you guys actually enjoyed this video. Alright, thank you for watching and have a great day.

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