Jeremy Lefebvre


Investing is hard. Learning it for most can be even harder. So how do we make it easier and more rewarding? Jeremy Lefebvre found out how 4 years ago when he launched one of the first Financial Education channels on YouTube, bringing secrets of the super rich and top investing minds to the masses in a fun and engaging way.

Now in early 2021 Jeremys company boasts 5000+ students and 100 team members many who’ve accumulated multi 7 figure portfolios for themselves. The greatest transformation of wealth is happening right before our eyes and Jeremy is helping lead the way. BUT, there’s a massive problem, a virus, spreading to the minds of every new investor with a smartphone.

It’s draining bank accounts and leaving people in ruins. And that’s what Jeremy calls “Short Term Shiny Object Syndrome”. A state of mind when you are throwing your money at anything that is marketed and sold well without looking deeper at the long-term sustainability of it, just eyeballing the “quick-profit potential” it’s perceived to have without weighing the risk.

This was a hard lesson Jeremy had to learn first hand in his first couple years of the stock market. Now with over a decade of experience he’s dissected how to help people avoid this trap entirely while still building the skills that allow investors to still create 10x, 20x, and even sometimes 50x opportunities using a sound Modern Long Term Investing research approach and accountability systems to keep the course. And although claiming he can’t see the future, his track record in picking great companies at deep discounts almost makes you wonder if he’s got a crystal ball stored in that cowboy hat of his. What’s his secret investing weapon?

The Ace up his sleeve? With Jeremy, it’s all about those who you surround yourself with and the quality of the data you’re using to make decisions. Get both of those on point and your first few years of investing will set you up for life.

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