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Holy Smokas This Ain’t No Jokas! Today I will be talking to you about Jack Jackson Stocks. I believe that you all should consider at least one Jack Jackson stock for many reasons. I will tell you exactly why Jack Jackson stocks are so important. Not only that, I will tell you about a bunch of Jack Jackson stocks!

If you don’t know what Jack Jackson is, I’m sure someone in the comments will explain this nickname. Most of these stocks are very spec plays so be careful when investing in them. Make sure you do your own research on any stocks you buy but especially these spec stocks.

Leave me your opinion on Jack Jackson stock in the comments. Do you own any of the stocks that were mentioned in the video? If you do, what is your thesis? If you don’t own any Jack Jackson stock, why don’t you own any? Would love to hear your opinion in the comments. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Well, Holy smoke is is a no joke. Oh my goodness, guys, today I’m going to share with you a bunch of jack Jackson stocks out there and I mean a I’m gonna show you a list of ridiculous amount of jack Jackson stocks.

I don’t think people even realize how many stocks are really in this space. I think a lot of people think there’s only like five different stocks because those are the ones you hear about.

But I’m going to share a list with you here today. That is ridiculous. Okay, just a ridiculous amount of stocks that are in this jack Jackson space, which is a massive space.

And before we get into that massive list, I want to share some perspective with some of you out there because I know a lot of folks don’t even own one jack Jackson stock in their portfolio.

And I want to kind of share some perspective with you here at the start on why you should at least consider why you should at least consider owning one or two jack Jackson stocks in your portfolio. And I just got into the space about a year ago, okay. And I think it’s, you know, very widely known out there that I was a planet investor, okay. And obviously, I shared the channel that stocks done tremendous for they have a very bright future.
And that was a first stock ever invest in the space. And the way I’m seeing things it’s like, I feel like now’s the right time for you know, the, let’s say the past year, so it’s the right time to kind of get in now a few years ago, it was too early days, you know, back in 2018 2017 2016, when a lot of folks were jumping in this space, I felt like it was too early days 2020 2021. And these future years, I feel like now is kind of a very interesting time to get involved.

So hope you guys enjoy this video. As always, don’t forget to smash if you want to apply for my private stock group that will be linked in the description area for you.

If you want to check that out. If you want to try to join stock club, that’s our free discord chat. And that is also linked in the description area as well in this video.

Okay, so when we’re talking about the jack Jackson space, and by the way, if you don’t know what jack Jackson is, you know, I don’t know what to tell you maybe look at the comments or something like that. Okay, but there’s many reasons why you should at least consider adding one to two stocks in your portfolio. Okay.

One is, this industry has massive Tam, okay. When we’re talking about Tam that stands for total addressable market, in in the jack Jackson space. I mean, it is crazy. And it’s already built out in that’s what makes this industry so special and why I think a lot of these companies are going to grow super fast over the next five or 10 years.
Okay? When it comes to a lot of industries, you have kind of a built up time. And in this time period, the team is built over time. So you think about smartphones, right? Not everybody went out and got a smartphone right away.

Like over time, people had to go out and get smartphones, you know, even with companies I own like Tesla, right? autonomous taxi network that takes time to build out as a brand new market. like no one’s having cars drive themselves around right now with no driver.

And he as of right now, right? And so that’s something that will take years and years and years to build over time. This industry. The Tam is already there.

There’s no like question about like, Well, is there really actually a big market for this? Yes, there’s a massive market for this. And it is already built out. Okay. And that’s one of the phenomenal things it’s just about going from illegal transactions to legal transactions now. Okay.
Federal legalization is coming very soon in my opinion. I mean, there’s a lot of talk that federal legalization could come within the next one to two years okay.

I fully expect federal legalization in the United States of America within the next five years. Okay, but I do I would put it as like a 5050 right now maybe even a 6040 that federal legalization comes for jack Jackson within the next one to two years okay.

And maybe someday I’ll be able to make videos without calling and jack Jackson and be able to call it something else. Okay. But federal legalization is likely coming very soon. And on top of that, let’s just assume federal legalization doesn’t come cake more and more states are legalizing I think I just heard something about New Jersey. Right.

Am I correct on that? I think New Jersey just legalized very recently. Obviously, we saw four new states legalized in the election that was in the fall, right? So more and more states are moving toward legalization. And this is just a huge opportunity.

Okay, there’s just no doubt in my mind whether federal legalization comes or not more and more states are going to legalize at this point, there’s so many states legalizing I’m just like the like on a federal level, like just legalize like, you know, it just doesn’t make any sense anymore. There’s too many people either for the product or are in middle ground, they don’t really care versus maybe in generations in the past where there was a lot of people very anti on this product, and things like that, okay.
Now capital could pour in I mean, absolutely pour in when full legalization comes in this space, that’s something to keep in mind. You know, right now, it is, you know, not all banks can even invest in this space. You know, a lot of these companies have to list on different you know, OTC exchanges and things like that, in the future when things are fully legalized, okay, there could be so much capital pouring into this this space, it could be really unreal, especially when, you know, folks, investors, funds, banks, everything across the board.

When they realize how much Tam is here, okay, that’s when capital is really going to pour in, especially as soon as you see a few really, really highly successful companies, no pun intended, that’s when more and more capital will pour in. Okay. Now also many of the small guys in this space, so maybe, maybe, you know, companies with, you know, 10s of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars of market capitalization.

So most small companies that are on some of these exchanges, you know, some of them could go under over time, but some of them could also get bought out by the big guys, okay? There will likely be consolidation in this space over time, you’ve seen in every industry, you think about the liquor industry, okay, you might think, oh, there’s all these different brands and things like that, which you probably don’t know is most of those brands, you see it an average liquor store owned by a few big conglomerates. Okay.
Same thing with beer, and even all the popular wines, a lot of them are owned by some big huge holding companies that just own a bunch of them. And so that’s going to happen in this space, there’ll be a lot of the smaller companies will end up if they if they can make it through.

And you know, they can prove success and things like that, they might not be able to become a big giants in the jack Jackson space long term. But they could potentially be a buyout target for some of the really big companies. And I can definitely, that’s already starting to play out a little bit in the space.

But it’s gonna play out a lot more over the next five to 10 years, in my opinion, especially when capitals pouring in, that’s the big thing, okay, then these businesses are likely going to be very profitable, long term, like there’s no way I don’t see many of these businesses being highly profitable ones that sell more commodity related products, meaning they just mass producing, and it’s a very product, I think those ones could maybe not see as good of profitability.

But the ones that have brand names behind the products, and are taking the care to actually grow a customer base that actually likes that product. Those are the companies that I can see being highly, highly profitable, long term. Okay. And when you’re talking about big profits, plus big revenue growth, that’s the magic thing when it comes to business. Okay, and when it comes to stocks right, now, if this market, the jack Jackson market, is this big, when it’s illegal?
How big is it going to be when it’s legalized? That’s one of the big questions because I know, we know, there’s massive Tam already built in this as an illegal product. But when things are legalized, like how big could this industry really be? 10 years from now, 20 years from now, and things like that, okay. So this is something very important to think about there, the TAM is likely going to expand dramatically over the coming years.

In Lastly, there’s so much room because it’s such a huge market, that there will be plenty of companies in this space, that will be future giants, I’m talking there’s going to be you know, I can picture dozens of companies having between a $1 billion and a $10 billion market cap in this industry 10 years from now.

And I can see 10 companies or more having a $10 billion or more market cap in this industry 10 years from now. Okay, maybe, maybe there’s even a company or two that has, dare I say a 50 billion or $100 billion market cap in this industry in 10 years from now I think it is a possibility Okay, so there’s there’s plenty of money to be made around from a lot of companies out there guys. And so that’s why you should really consider at least one or two jack Jackson stocks out there.

And without further ado, let’s get into this list of oh my gosh, that is a lot of stocks. Okay, guys, we’re about to go through it here. All right, now I got the ticker symbol there. So if you want to look up any of these stocks, do some research on them.
Keep in mind a lot of these stocks are penny stocks. A lot of them could potentially go under over time or get bought out or maybe they don’t make it and they have to file bankruptcy you never really know Okay, so keep in mind it is still you know, obviously a risky space especially when it comes to certain of these stocks okay 48 North jack Jackson Corporation right there and C and an F I’m just going to tell you guys the companies you can you can look at the ticker if you want a K for front ventures Corporation acreage holdings if I have any opinion on any of these all share that opinion Okay, some of these I don’t Agra Flora organics international aleafia Health something like that.

Sorry if I pronounced that name wrong there okay. Alternate health Corp American furia that now that one I have heard a lot of okay not not I haven’t really looked into it but I have heard a lot of that one. This one obviously a roar A lot of people have bought or over time okay ticker symbol ACB their oscan Group Holdings Ltd.

Australis cap jack Jackson group man some of these names are just ridiculous a why our strategies believe Inc. Oh man, I’m gonna just has a good name. Okay. Benchmark botanics, Inc. bevcanna Enterprises incorporated behind

Oh man I like some of these names man be hang in biome grow Inc. Boo. Whitman is that serious?
blueberries medical Corporation oh man this is too much K. bloomer wellness by the way if you guys have any super in depth opinion on any of these stocks I’m shouting out here in this list. Let us know in the comment section what your bullish thesis is on any of these stocks especially any of these weird ones that probably a lot of people have never even heard of until they watch this video right now. Okay, bots Inc.

I’m going to read through the comments because I’m really interested maybe there’s a maybe there’s a huge winner in this space. Okay. See 21 investments Inc, Canada house wellness group. JACK Jackson growth opportunity. JACK Jackson.

Motiva can no one technologies can afar mix. Canada trust holdings, and then obviously canopy growth Corp CGC I believe correct me if I’m wrong, I believe canopy is the biggest company in the world but certainly in the stock market when it comes to market capitalization. Correct? Correct me if I’m wrong there, okay. canopy rivers can soar. Tom Inc. CBD global sciences, Inc. Charlotte’s Web, okay.
I think Charlotte’s Web so I remember my brother. He told me about Charlotte’s Web a few years ago. I don’t know how that stocks been doing over the last few years. But I remember he was really bullish on that Charlotte’s Web company. Okay. chemists international sit treen global city view green Holdings, Inc. CLS holdings USA Columbia care Inc. Core dovan. Can Corp cresco cresco labs that sounds familiar.

I don’t know how Okay, obviously this next one’s a big one that a lot of people know about Cronos group okay. khronos group curaleaf Holdings curaleaf Holdings now somebody in my private group owns a lot of that stock and they’re a big believer and they’re always given their bullish thesis on curaleaf holdings. Okay, big believer.

They’re right. Here pharmaceutical holdings, CV sciences, delta nine, Jackson, or science tech, Emerald health therapeutics, M power clinics. mx Corporation even co Incorporated, Experian Holdings Ltd, fin kanak Capital Corp fire and power holdings Corp.

Flower one holdings sounds interesting full self driving pharma just kidding cake but when I do see fsd it does make me think full self driving okay. fsd pharma. Je Inc GB sciences Inc. Gen jack Jackson Corporation global hemp group global tech industries man that doesn’t even sound like a you know a player in the jack shack space a Golden LEAF holdings green organic Dutchman holdings green thumb industries that’s another one I’ve heard of Okay, grow capital G tech holdings ticker symbol g g TTF.
Wow, that really sounds like a really sounds like an interesting stock. That one really sounds interesting. GW Pharmaceuticals PLC Halo labs Inc. harbor side Inc. Harvest health and recreation harvest one jack Jackson Inc. Helio spectra A B heritage jack Jackson holdings Corp hexo Corp high tide okay high tide there’s somebody just gave me like a ridiculous bullish thesis on high tide I’m gonna say ridiculous I don’t mean it was just like it was silly or something like that.

It was ridiculous in terms of like they sent me like so much information on high tide I can’t even explain it to you okay, but yeah, anyways, I got to do more research on that one but it is one I you know, it’s come across my my my radar very recently Okay, holster holster makes me just when I hear the word holster makes me kind of you know, you know like when you go buy a holster store there’s always like that smell you know, it just makes me think a holster bio sciences Inc.

I anthos Capital holdings, ignite international brands. Oh boy. Are they still around? Man? Yeah, like I said some of these some of these are very, very relative. Okay, I think that’s bilzerian one wasn’t that one. Correct me if I’m wrong, okay. India globalization capital Inc. in dis holdings in med pharmaceuticals Inc. inner spirit holdings.
Sounds like a sushi restaurant jushi Holdings Inc. Kaia holdings I guess kiron Life Sciences Corp, Cohn and gold solutions.kushco Holdings, leaf buyer technologies Levin fan natural products Liberty health
Science Live Wire wow I haven’t heard that word in a while Live Wire economics Inc. Lotus ventures Inc. Mirror med Inc.

Medical jack Jackson Inc. medicine man technologies that’s not to be confused with the mind med rate oh man everybody’s all hyped on that mind Ben what’s going on with that one okay that’s not really in this one necessarily but you know anyways Medi farm labs Corp medmen Enterprises med men I believe I did check out that one before actually bought the planet stock if I recall.

I did actually meta growth Corporation Mountain High acquisitions. nim stay technologies I think some weird sketchy stuff went down there a few years ago correct me if I’m wrong.

Neptune Neptune wellness solutions nutritional high international organ grant Graham holdings ah the planet Yes. Let’s go the planet Okay, we all love the planet. Planet stock. Huge retailer they build massive stores.

They are the Disneyland of MJ I have many hundreds of 1000s of dollars invest in that company. huge believer long term having sold one share and if anything, I bought more shares over time. I’m just added to the position.

I love that one’s opportunity. We got a store opening in Orange County area ish in basically shoot that one will probably be opening within the next I would say three to five months somewhere around there. So yeah, super excited about that one and then they own brands and the brands are phenomenal the packaging the way they look. I’ve heard good things about it.
It’s just Yeah, the plan. Okay, that’s obviously my favorite of the bunch ticker symbol p L and h f plus products Inc. Red, white and balloon brands. Oh gosh. Okay. Rubicon organics, Seoul global investments Corp. speakeasy jack Jackson club stem holdings. Supreme jack Jackson.

Oh man, you just you just slap a supreme label on him and you’ll start making bank serrana Inc. Terra tech Corp. terrorists and Corp. THC global group, the flower Corporation interesting. The valence company Inc. tilray. Oh man, I still remember the day tilray hit $300 just like many many years ago and call it the biggest bubble in the stock market.

Whoo. Was that cruisey one foot on a tilt Holdings Inc. Tilt Holdings Inc. Again, have us a copy though and twice on accident. Truly. JACK Jackson. Another interesting one that I’ve heard a lot of things about. Veritas farms, village farms international vireo. Health international vivo jack Jackson. Oh, come on, man. JACK Jackson Inc. Wow, man. JACK Jackson, MD Inc.
zelle era therapeutics Ltd. Zinaida. Global Inc.

Holy smokers hope wasn’t no joke is I think I need a glass of water after just listing off that ridiculous amount of stocks. Okay. Now, with that being said, okay, have fun with your research when you’re looking at these companies. But something very important.
Keep in mind, okay, look at the capital positions, especially, I mean, look at the capital positions for all the companies, but especially any of those, there’s a lot of them in there, they’re going to be penny stocks, k stocks that are maybe priced under $1, share, okay, look at the capital positions, do they are they even going to make it to next quarter, and things like that this is obviously very, very important.

You can see, you know, if you can’t see the balance sheet, these companies then don’t invest it basically, okay, you want to make sure they have cash around to fund anything they have going on short term, and things like that, if you want to take any risk in any of these stocks, because keep in mind, some of those companies I just listed off there will not make it through the next year, or especially the next several years, some of those companies will probably get bought out by bigger companies, some of those companies will grow into massive giants over time, and some of these companies are already becoming like massive giants, okay.

But keep in mind, look at the capital positions with these companies. It’s very, very important company like I own the planet. They just announced recently they have I think it was how much was it? 130 million $150 million, or something like that in cash just sitting around their balance sheet. They’re in an extremely great position when it comes to capital, or not all those stocks are in that position. I can tell you that.
Okay, so make sure you look at the capital position these companies here and before you touch any of them and make sure they’re their CEOs aren’t just talking a big game. What are they actually executing on? What is their actual vision for the company? What are they doing today? I think that’s really, really key when it comes to stocks.

So hope you guys enjoyed this. As always, let me know if you own any of those stocks in the comment section. Also
If you got a both pieces on any of these stocks, I’ll be reading through the comments and maybe maybe one of you guys talk me into the next stock in this space. All right

Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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