7 High Growth Stocks To Buy Now! September 2020

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Today we have a chat about 7 high growth stocks I love for the next 5 years! I would definitely put these stocks in the stocks to buy now category or at least stocks to watch!

These 5 stocks have huge revenue growth ahead and I think there is a high probability thee stocks will go up a lot the next 5 years.

I also think the probability one loses money in these stocks over the next 5 years in these stocks is low. Its hard for me to imagine anyone buying these stocks now and the valuations being lower in 5 years tan they are today!

These are some of the fastest growth stocks in the stock market moving forward. LMK in the comments if you think any of these stocks are stocks to buy now or just stocks to watch!

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Well guys here today we’re going to talk about seven high growth stocks that are going to be beast in future years in my opinion Okay, all seven of these high growth stocks I’m going to share with you here today are expected to grow by at least 10% plus next year in some of these are expected to grow between 20% and all the way over 100% next year Yes.

You heard me write one of these stocks actually. So I expect to grow over 100% next year okay. All seven stocks are almost impossible in my opinion to lose money in over the next five years obviously in the stock market everything’s possible not every investment you ever make in the stock market will always work out but when.

I look at these seven high growth stocks in the valuations that currently Never mind that these stocks continue to drop a little more, it’s almost impossible for me to not imagine these stocks, you know, basically going up quite considerably over the next five years.

Never mind you know, the chances you actually lose money in these stocks over the next five years. Okay, all seven stocks have the possibility to increase by at least 50% to 250% Plus, in the next five years in my personal opinion looking at the valuation of these companies versus where their growth rates are at in this video.

It’s not just about me telling you about these seven stocks it’s about me going in depth on them and explaining like why I’m so excited about these stocks like why are they so special as high growth stocks? Okay, these aren’t like that. We’re not talking about Coca Cola and Pepsi in this video.

Okay, we’re not talking about Johnson and Johnson Procter and Gamble in this video. Okay, these are high growth stocks we’re talking about here today. Okay. Now, before we get into this, do not just buy these stocks because of this video.

Okay, every time I ever make one of these videos about high growth stocks or stocks, I’m super excited about you know, a ton of people go out there and they just start you know, flooding money out.
They’re like, Oh, well, Jeremy’s buying I gotta buy, do not just buy stocks because of this video, okay? Know what you’re doing in the market Be confident that you are making the right decision because you know what you’re doing that’s not a sustainable long term strategy just to buy based upon the stocks I talked about in a particular video.

Okay, I live in Las Vegas, as many of you might know, okay, this is a city built on what gaming okay? people you know, gambling their money around and losing at the house, okay? And, you know, if you’re just buying stocks, because you read an article, you watch a video, you’re just gambling in the end, okay.

Let’s call it what it is, you’re not using your own strategy and your research and things like that. Okay, now if you need help, knowing what the heck to do in the stock market, like what to look for in stocks, how to run a portfolio, all those sorts of things, we have that opportunity for you.

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And even if you’re somebody that’s looking for like one on one help, we even offer that now with coaching from people that are confirmed multimillionaires in the stock market that have learned directly under me we offer that as well now so first link in the description down there.

Okay, I hope you guys enjoyed as always smash the thumbs up. Thank you thumbs up squad. I appreciate you guys. As always, let’s get rolling. Okay, stock number one, a seven up here slack technologies. ticker symbol on this is work put in the work, okay, it’s a $25 stock.

And my goodness. So slack is now on my front page on my iPad, my phone, everything, you know, Slack, something I don’t even know about a year ago. And now this is actually a service that is pretty integral with our actual business like I use it every single day to communicate with many different people.

We have a coach’s chat now. So all the seven figure coaches and I can easily communicate with each other share documents back and forth, you know, talk about different things, rather than like through emails and text messages and all that kind of like more old school things in living all if you got.

You know, several people inside a company like you don’t really want everybody texting you all the time. And those sorts of things, as well as like any administration, any people that do backend work for us, you know, independent contractors, all those sorts of things like we can easily communicate all in slack.

And it’s went from something that literally I didn’t even know about this, like year ago. And now it’s like integral with my actual company. So super, super important. And imagine how many businesses that over the past few years have found out about slack.

And now this is like, you know, key to their businesses. Okay, slack just reported revenue growth of 50% for the third quarter in a row a few days ago. Okay. 50% plus for third quarter in a row. That’s amazing.

Okay, now the interesting thing was the other headline was the company has not seen the change in its win rate against Microsoft. Okay. It’s also hasn’t seen an increase in this loss rate either. You know, I use two different ways of looking at it, right. Okay.

So earnings, they basically broke even on a non GAAP basis when it came to earnings revenue beat they came in with $215 million of revenue or $209 million are expected by analysts and the company reported a gap net loss of 73 million but that’s versus 360 million the previous year.

So there’s a massive increase in the business. It’s getting closer and closer to profitability. Okay. And in 2021, I actually believe there’s a decent probability that slack work, okay, we’ll end up actually making a slight profit on the bottom line in this is that type of opportunities, you know, you can get really excited about in a stock.

And this is where we can see stock prices increased dramatically. And the way investors look at a business model increased dramatically, right? When you go from a business that historically has been losing a ton of money, right to all of a sudden your breakeven or start making money on that bottom line.

That’s when time after time after time again, we see some of these stocks all sudden increased 100% 200% 300% in terms of stock price, because all sudden, a mass amount of investors also like Wait, what is that company losing, you know, 300 million a quarter while back and old, another profitable?

It’s a whole different way of looking at things, especially if the company is expected to continue to grow in the future. And this company absolutely is, okay. Next year, analysts have this company growing about 28% revenue. I think that numbers low and I think that numbers really low. Okay,

I think this company has 30% plus revenue growth, you know, going for years and years and years and years into the future. I don’t think you know, I mean, there are 50%. Now, even if that slows down, what’s it going to go down to maybe 45%, then 40%, then maybe, you know, 37% 35%, there’s going to likely be many, many years of future phenomenal growth for slack in general.

Okay. Now, yesterday in the breadcrumbs tap, I actually posted a little kind of interview clip from come off from a few years ago, okay, very intelligent guy in the VC land been been invested in, in around so many successful companies, a guy really knows what’s going to be huge, and what’s likely not going to be huge. Okay.

And in that video, he goes on to say that slack will become one of the most important companies in the world in the future. Okay. And especially in the enterprise space, I think that’s rather important. Okay.

I think that’s really, really important. And that’s really, really big that somebody like Camacho would say something like that. And by the way, when he said that, that was like a year or two ago, so you know, for him that that type of confidence, right come off, having, you know, being confident like that, it makes me say, Hmm, there might be something pretty big here, right.

And especially when you’re talking about a company that has under $15 billion market cap, you know, somebody like kumbhak super intelligent knows this space, so well. And he says, this is going to be one of the most important companies in the world moving forward.

And it’s, you know, under $15 billion market cap, hmm, it’s probably got some room for the upside, right? Maybe just a little bit right. Now, if you think about the space around, okay, company communications, there’s one main competitor to them, and that’s it, okay, one big competitor, it’s like them versus that, okay.

That’s Microsoft Teams, okay, Microsoft Teams and Slack, they’re going to make up the high high majority of basically this space moving forward, okay. 80 90%, market share is what the companies will have combined.

Now, who wins in the space, we’re gonna have to see who wins long term. But I can tell you imagine in the future, when every single small business, midsize business and enterprise, like large business, right, is on one of those two platforms and uses these, you know, like, every day, and it’s like integral to their business, right, which is where we’re going over the next 510 years.

You know, regardless, there’s gonna be a huge market opportunity for both companies in this space. Obviously, this is what slack mostly focuses on, you know, 100% focus is on right, Microsoft Teams, it’s like, you know, Microsoft is one of Microsoft focuses, right?

slack just focuses on this and building out this product. So you know, who wins there, we’ll have to see over the next 510 years. But regardless, I can tell you, it’s not going to be like, you know, slack is going to get all the market share, or Microsoft’s going to get all the market share, they’re going to divide them up between the two.

Some companies will use Microsoft Teams, it will be better for them, and some companies will use Slack, it’ll be better for them. For us slack makes more sense. It depends on the business and the business model and all those sorts of things. Okay. Now, when it comes to balance sheet around this company, nominal 1.5 billion plus dollars in cash and cash equivalents.

And remember, this isn’t like a massive company, right? It was what a, you know, less than a $15 billion market cap to have 1.5 billion in cash sitting around, that’s pretty darn attractive, that’s like over 10% of our market caps just sitting around in cash, right?

They do $630 million of long term debt at very low interest rate, they could pay off that debt tomorrow and still have what $900 million in cash sitting around cash and basically short term investments. So they’re in a very nice financial position, let’s just put it that way.

No 2020 through 2030. This is going to be a growth beast decade for slack. Okay, now, the obviously the growth number percentage will slow as the years tick on. But when you talk about how big these numbers will start getting, especially as we go up on 2022 2023 2024 2025.

And they still continue to grow the business at let’s say a 10% plus clip, the numbers are going to start getting really really large for slack as we go you know, throughout this decade and especially as we’ll start to move through the end of A decade is a company that just keep innovating coming out with products and services that are phenomenal.

They got that at their core that’s in their DNA. And so it’s going to be an exciting stock, needless to say, and I think has a lot of upside over the next 510 years. It looks like okay, let’s get into stock number two of seven, it is Dropbox, a cloud provider ticker symbol DB X on this one, this stock is under $20.

Right now, this stock, I really, really liked, okay, for many different reasons. Dropbox does a market capitalization on his company of $8.1 billion. Okay, 8.1 billion, you’re getting one of the biggest cloud companies in the world, right? trailing p looks like super expensive, right? 246.

And so at first, it looks like man, this is really an expensive stock, right? And tell you back out and look at the forward P of 22 on this company. Okay? That is ridiculously low. I can’t even explain how, you know, unfathomably low that four P is for a company like Dropbox that has a type of growth going forward for this company for the next 510 years?

Absolutely. Unbelievably low, way too low. Okay. Dropbox should grow next year, double digit percentage, okay. 10%. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if this company ends up growing revenues between 12% and 14% in the future year, and they should continue to grow for years and years and years into the future as a cloud company.

Okay. And you add on top of that, what they’re trying to do in smart workspace, right. And with obviously, hello sign and hello works and things like that company, and they bought very recently, I’ve been using Dropbox for five years strong now.

Okay, for my businesses, my real estate marketing business, that was a first business ever started to use Dropbox for and ever since then it’s my main cloud company that I use, okay, and I have no plans to change, you know, I’ve basically use this product for, you know.

I just started buying Dropbox stock within the past month or two. And I can tell you, I’ve been loyal to that company forever in terms of actually using the product and enjoying the product and service. And I have no plans to switch to any other cloud company out there. Okay.

It’s like, what why would I like, why do I want to switch from Dropbox and one of these other ones, it doesn’t make sense, it’s so easy to use, like, I’m used to using it, all my data is there, like I’m not moving from Dropbox, okay, five years, going strong in Dropbox, I think isn’t a real nice position, in terms of the way they’re running their business.

They’re doing an open ecosystem, a lot of these, you know, enterprise companies, I like to try to close up the ecosystem, and they want to be everything for everybody. Whereas Dropbox says, we’re going to work well with everybody.

And you think about what’s going on when it comes to like government looking in on these big companies and whatnot, and being like, do you do play well with others, or you’re just trying to get monopoly? Take market shares, right.

And when we think about some companies like Microsoft, right, don’t be surprised if government starts, you know, coming after them if they feel like, you know, Microsoft’s getting any type of Monopoly market share, or making it unfair for other companies to compete in this space.

Whereas a company like Dropbox obviously has an open ecosystem. And by the way, slack as well, they have a super open ecosystem, okay. Now, when it comes to Dropbox, this company has years and years and years of growth ahead of them, okay, the company has 600 million plus registered users 600 million plus k 350 million of those are potential high value targets.

Company only has 15 million a little over 15 million paying users as of right now, needless to say, this company will continue to grow for a long time into the future. In that in nevermind if they go up on their plans.

Like if Dropbox also decides to go up on their plan for me $10 or $20 or $30, next year, I’m not dropping out of Dropbox and going to somebody else, maybe if they double their price, maybe that would be a different situation.

But I can tell you, if they went up on me for price, I’m not like it’s too much work is too much hassle. Go switch over to another cloud company all for 10 1020 $30. So they have pricing power, long term in the space, long term targets for Dropbox, $1 billion in annual free cash flow compared to 392 million on a non GAAP basis as of right now.

I mean, imagine if this company gets to that type of level over the next five years, which is very much a possibility. $1.1 billion sitting around in cash and short term investments, remember Dropbox, right?

It was what $8 billion dollar market cap and they got 1.1 billion sitting around in cash and short term investments. That’s incredible. And no long term debt on this company at all, which is absolutely amazing. All they have is capital lease liabilities and net debt.

Okay, so that is an absolutely amazing balance sheets, one of the best I okay, Dropbox, once again, a billion dollar valuation as far as the market cap right now, the valuation over the next five years is going to be up up in a way in my opinion in a massive way. Okay, that covers Dropbox.

So so far we’ve done Dropbox we’ve done slack. Next one up here. You know what you guys like to make easy money. Be honest. Do you like to make easy money because this stock is? Yeah, it’s a pretty easy money. Okay. Facebook is stock number three of seven.

I’ve been calling this stock easy money since it was 100 something dollars a share. Okay? And guess what? I’m going to be calling this stock easy money all the way until it’s 400 plus dollars a share in here today in the 200 it’s still dang easy money, okay.

I mean, I’m up 42,000 plus dollars on this position in the public count right on my 371 shares. And I can tell you, let’s just you know, this, I say we got a little scenario here. Let’s say I was forced to either sell my 371 shares of you know, the FB in the public count, or I was forced to buy another 371 shares and I’m forced to do one of those two, I got to do one of the two.

I’m buying another 371 shares of the FB way before I’m selling 371 shares of the FB I’m telling you that much. Okay, the FB is silly value. Okay, it’s a 25 four p on this company. We’re talking about one of the safest business models in the entire world in my personal opinion.

I mean, just year after year, what do they do they keep their users the you know, the user numbers grow daily, monthly, it doesn’t matter. Okay. People continue use FB people continue to use it, people continue to use WhatsApp, you know, it’s just it is what it is. It’s one of the safest business balls in the world at a 25 four p with amazing growth.

Next year, this company should grow revenues at 24% Plus, okay, amazing, amazing growth in this company will continue to grow for years to go in the future. And I’m talking about high level growth, like 10% plus revenue, for as far as I can see, they have a top five best balance sheet of any public company in the entire world.

Okay, when I was think about the two like best balance sheets in the world, I was thinking about Apple, I was thinking about Google, okay. And then after that, it’s up for grabs, you obviously have Microsoft, you have FB and you have Amazon, okay.

And it’s a top five balance sheet in the entire world, the amount of ads that are basically shown on their different platforms and services, right FB, G, WhatsApp, anything across the board in a new, you know, products or services, they come out in the future, you know, the amount of ads shown will continue to go up as an advertiser.

The amount you have to pay per ad is going to what is going to continue to go up. And guess what the FBS other revenue streams is also going to continue to go up, up in a way okay. And so I mean, this is, this is literally the simplest one of the seven Okay.

It’s still easy money for the next five years, it’s just as about as easy as it gets, in my, in my personal opinion, that the chances you know, if I’m buying FB here today, the chance I lose money in the in the next five years is almost impossible for me to fathom, you know, five years from now this stock being down from where it’s at today.

And the chances I make a considerable amount of money in the stock over the next five years, very high. Remember, if b could be the biggest company in the world market cap wise, in five years, I’ve said it, I believe it. I think it’s going to happen.

Time will tell Okay, stock number four of seven up here of the high growth stocks is a company named Upwork ticker symbol up Wk it’s a $15 stock here. So you know fairly cheap, this stock hasn’t done anything since its IPO. You know, this one went IPO like two years ago, right?

It was 20 plus dollar stock here today. You know, couple years later, it’s $15 a share sitting at a $1.8 billion market cap stock has done nothing, absolutely nothing. Okay. You ever know Jeff Bezos has an amazing you know, saying says your margin is my opportunity when it comes to you know, growing Amazon, your margin, your profit you’re making, it’s my opportunity.

Okay. And I have a similar saying So mine is your IPO that wall street didn’t get is my opportunity. Okay? is why I never buy into IPOs they’re usually overvalued and they usually don’t work out. But sometimes Wall Street just frankly they just don’t get it they just don’t understand and they’ll hammer stock or the stock won’t go anywhere for a while.

And then Wall Street just doesn’t get it it just doesn’t make sense. Investors just don’t get it that happened with the company. We just spoke about the FB rate FB after they went public, the stock price went down 50% Okay.

50% can you imagine that? It went down to $19 a share. We’re talking about a company that was on trajectory to be one of the biggest companies in the world. And Wall Street was like, I just don’t get it like what if they’re the next mindspace what what how are they gonna make money?

I just don’t get it and they just never like they just didn’t get it man. A stock sold off over 50% after that IPO from like $38 a share when it went public that day to $19 I think it bottomed around 18 they’re like I just don’t get it man.

And yeah in the same you know that FB went on to becoming one of the biggest companies in the world and it’s on its way to becoming possibly the biggest Okay, ridiculous. That’s Wall Street for you. They just don’t get an investor.

Sometimes they just don’t get it and when it comes up work, I Just don’t think they’re getting it right now. Okay, aboard ships, you know, continue to grow double digits plus for years and years and years to go in the future.

As of right now, Wall Street has them growing about, you know, as far as analysts have them growing about 15% revenues next year, the freelancing economy is about to go crazy from 2020 through 2030. Okay, I mean, the freelancing economy, I feel like really woke up in a real way over the past decade, right 2010 through 2020.

I think it became a lot bigger, a lot of these products and services like an Upwork really got expanded, and, you know, started to get popular, and, you know, over this next decade, it’s going to become way big, like freelancing economy is gonna become way bigger than we have ever seen in modern history.

In my personal opinion, okay, I think, you know, a lot of workers are basically going to be offering freelance work of some kind, whether it’s as a full time job, or the full time business, or just as, like a part time way to make money on the side. From there, you know, maybe they have a main job, but they want to make some money on the side.

So maybe they have a special skill and something they can sign up on Upwork. And guess what, then go ahead and, you know, do some work on that as well. Okay. Upwork might be the company that is best set to take advantage of the freelancing economy, the freelance workforce, okay.

I can’t really think of a better company that is better suited to, you know, thrive in this space. If we’re talking about freelance work. Obviously, there are different competitors in this space, I think the the biggest competitor in this space long term will probably be Fiverr.

I think it’s going to be between Fiverr and Upwork. But like, we talked about what the whole Microsoft Teams, and the whole slack situation, right? Not everybody’s just gonna, you know, go to Fiverr. And not everybody’s just gonna go to Upwork.

There’s gonna be plenty of market share out there for these two companies. And that’s the type of opportunities I like to think about if I’m going after high growth stock, I want massive Tam opportunities, and we’re talking about freelance economy.

I mean, this is something that’s just going to go crazy over the next decade, in my personal opinion, okay. The market capitalization for this company is $1.8 billion. How much of a joke is that? Okay, $1.8 billion. This is one of the biggest opportunities when it comes to freelance economy, a trend that’s going to take off over the next 10 years. At 1.8 billion.

It’s just ridiculous. Okay, so Upwork In my opinion, can I see this company being a 5 billion plus dollar market cap and five years? app, sir? Dang lately? Okay. Absolutely. I mean, you gotta be flipping my flapjacks for the team me to see that company out of $1.8 billion valuation.

I mean, you know, it’s just Wall Street investors are asleep on this one, they’re asleep at the wheel. And, yeah, they’re not going to be asleep for much longer wait to see what happens with that stock over the next five plus years. It should be pretty exciting.

And it’s Yeah, I think it would definitely, you know, be a probably as far as a 5 billion plus dollar company in the next five years. Okay, speaking about all these five, what is stock number five of seven we have up here? Okay.

It is a company named box ticker symbol box. Okay, this stock is not to be confused with Dropbox. This is also a cloud company, they focus a little more on enterprise, whereas Dropbox focuses a little bit more on small businesses and mid sized businesses box likes to focus a little more in the enterprise in the bigger companies.

Okay. $18 stock as of right now is a once against cloud company, don’t confuse it with Dropbox. Okay, it’s kind of confusing, that one’s name Dropbox, one’s name box, and they’re both in the cloud space. Okay, small market cap on this one, under $3 billion for this particular company, for a PMS company of under 40.

Okay, pretty darn intriguing for a cloud company, you know, it’s just funny, the cloud was, like all the hype, you know, five, five plus years ago, cloud was all the hype, and everybody was, you know, as far as VC funds were piling into this.

These companies went public and you know, now no one wants a piece of cloud and it’s like, these companies are finally going to start getting the real profitability like these were huge money losers for a longest time.

I think the real opportunity was if you were early stage on these companies or you’re getting in these type of companies now when it comes to like Dropbox box and those sorts of things, you either have to be super early days or you know you gotta be late stage when these companies are starting to get to profitability over these next few years and major profitability.

If you’re caught anywhere in the between you kind of got stuck in like a stagnation period. And that’s just what’s happened with box in with Dropbox particularly Okay, company should grow 10% plus revenues next year, the company’s you know, analysts have them grown 9.9%.

I think they’ll easily grow 10% plus next year $271 million on the balance sheet when it comes to cash and cash equivalents and short term investments. And you know, it’s just a really good balance sheet, especially for a company this size.

So let me be very clear, I like Dropbox better, okay, I like Dropbox as a better play, I feel safer and Dropbox, I feel like the chance I lose money in that stock over the next five years almost not exists and I think the chance I get really high gains and I stock over the next five years, you know.

Super super high and then box I feel like you know, there’s really good opportunity there. I just like Dropbox a little better. But the hat include box in this list because it’s just like, I think they’re going to see their stock price appreciate quite a bit over the next five years as well.

So for me to leave them out, I just can’t do it. And also when it comes to box, keep this in mind. I think it’s actually going to be buyout candidate. Okay, if this stock doesn’t get moving in a major way over the next six to 12 months.

I think personally, this will be a perfect buyout candidate to a bigger tech company out there. Maybe Dropbox buys them out, that could be a possibility and kind of grow into more of a cloud giant to compete even on a higher level.

Right. I think there’s a lot of different companies out there that will love to add box at a you know, it’s a $3 billion market cap roughly right. So what do you have to pay, maybe you pay a four or $5 billion valuation for this company, for all these big tech companies is nothing to pull something like that off, they can easily get the financing for that.

Or if we’re talking about the big dogs do they could pay cash for that tomorrow if they want. It’s nothing to them. Okay. And so I think box, watch out. It could be a buyout candidate, as well. Already, guys, it is time to get pumped.

It is time to get excited because stock number six of seven up here. The P 13. Squat up it is time to get rolling. Let me give you a little hint about this one. Okay. Gordon Gekko said if you not inside, you’re outside.

And yeah, if you don’t know what we’re talking about when we talk about p 13. Then you’re on the outside. Okay, hood 13 Holdings ticker symbol p L. and h f. This is the highest growth company I will talk about on this list.

Okay, it’s a $3 and some change stock here today. You know, I don’t read very many good messages ever on Yahoo message boards, okay. Most of them are like, my, my intelligence level goes down a little bit when I go on message boards.

But I can tell you actually saw a great one yesterday. Okay, one of these gentlemen, he says Planet 13 is equivalent to an early venture capital style investment. It’s exactly how I view this one. It’s like getting or in early as a VC fund is up, you know, obviously average Joe’s like, we can’t just get in on that, right?

But you look at something like this, because of basically being an MJ space, they can’t get as much traditional financing and funding that they wouldn’t be in other situations. So also, you know, on the OTC exchange, we’re kind of like those people that are funding it to a certain extent and that’s why this is such an interesting opportunity in the stock.

They have a store business model that works on a very high level Okay, when it comes to their planet 13 you know, obviously their location they have in Vegas. I can tell you Vegas traffic is down massively Okay, there. It’s not like Vegas is packed.

I can just guarantee that the convention business is 100% gone. The travel business as far as like people taking leisure trips to Vegas is down considerably. And yet the the P 13. Store go there on a Friday night, Saturday night.

Crazy busy, okay, any night, it’s very, very busy, but never mind on the weekends. absolutely packed, okay. Their business model works. It’s like Cabela’s back in the day, which was one of my most successful investments ever.

Cabela’s, okay, the bellows was like this, they have this they have these massive stores, stock went from five bucks to like 70 plus dollars from basically I think it was around like 2009 2010 through about 2014 2015. in their stores were massive.

They sold fishing equipment. So you know, all types of things, hunting related items, and you know, obviously, clothing, all those sorts of things, but they’re their stores were awesome experiences.

And that’s why they were able to do such volumes, because people want it to go to Cabela’s, it wasn’t like, gotta go to Cabela’s to get something I was like, I want to go to Cabela’s, I don’t want to spend a bunch of money at Cabela’s, because it’s a fun place to go.

And when you look at plant 13, they offer that exact same experience, but it’s in the MJ space, okay, and so this business model will work across it, you know, United States long term, and they will be able to open up these type of stores in every major city in the United States over time, as long as they can legally do it.

Okay, their products, they sell their own branded products are selling very, very well. Okay, there’s a considerable amount of revenue they’re getting in their stores from their own products. So so very well, the branding on those is phenomenal. Okay.

And so it’s just a matter of time, as this company, you know, will expand across the United States over the next 510 years. If you live in a major city plan 13 is going to be coming to your city over the next 510 years, in my opinion.

I mean, we’re talking about is going to expand everywhere, okay, maybe even, you know, some some stores and some of the big cities in Canada, and maybe even internationally long term. I can tell you short term, as far as you know, short term being next 510 years, you know, you know, plan 13th coming to your city if you live in a major city.

And you know, this is interesting, because a lot of people say, Oh, it’s so over valued. Is that a $400 million plus valuation of so overvalued and say, if you’ve got a really short term perspective, and you’re only judging the business off what they’re doing today.

I can understand that argument. But do you understand the type of opportunity this company has in front of them over the next 510 plus years? It’s It’s so crazy. Okay. I mean, think about this. They have one store in Vegas right now. Right? The medicine store the other store they have in Vegas that they just got the license back for will probably open within the next quarter or two right.
Then you have the massive Santa Ana location opening in 2021. Hopefully in the front half of 2021 right the Santa Ana location 10 minutes away from basically Disneyland, a huge opportunity. Okay, never mind, they’ll be able to actually start selling their branded products across California, once basically they start in California.

Imagine that, right? And imagine this company is going to probably build one to two stores a year, almost every year for years and years ago, in the future, they’ll probably do between $40 million and $100 million per store, they build revenue, right, depending on the city, obviously, right?

On, you know, much less of a investment than that, let’s just put it that way. Never mind. they expand their brands, their own brands, you know, across all these different cities and states as they continue to build.

Never mind if we tack on federal legalization coming, hopefully, at some point within the next few years. Let’s put it that way. Like who knows when things will get passed. But I can almost guarantee you federal legalization is coming. Why is it coming? Well, one, the people want it. Okay.

But to and more importantly, States federal government, they need more tax revenue. Okay. And and how do you get more tax revenue, you know, let MJ space expand and watch, you know, the type of revenues that will start coming in for, you know, basically cities, states and the federal government across the board. Okay.

And so ultimately, in five years, could this be a 2 billion $3 billion market cap company, I think easily, easily, this could be a two or $3 billion company, when I look at how many stores are likely to be able to expand into over the next five years, how many cities they’ll be able to expand into the products?

I mean, I mean, we’re just talking about, you know, we’re talking about massive potential in this one 101% revenue growth. Analysts are expecting this company grow next year. I think that numbers low guys. Okay, I think that number is actually really low.

I think they’re going to destroy that number. Think about that. Analysts expect this company grow revenues. 100% Plus, and I’m here telling you that I think that numbers low, that kind of gives you a little bit of context on how much upside this stock potentially has as far as revenue growth going for years and years and years into the future.

And so P 13. In my opinion, is a huge winner the next five plus years, okay, no doubt about it. Start number seven. Number seven. Pretty simple one. Okay. Let me give you some hints. Let me start out by showing you this picture here.

Okay. You see that? You know, what is that? Okay, let me show you another picture. You know, well, you What is that? Okay? It’s okay, great. Okay, maybe you’re still not getting Okay. What if I show you a piece of cheesecake? Now?

Do you know what stock I’m talking about? I’m showing you a piece of cheesecake there. Okay. No, you don’t get it. Okay. All right. Let me show you a picture of a factory. Now. Is it starting to hit OK, factory?

Yeah, let’s go back cheese cake. Okay, let’s go the next slide factory. Those go back Cheesecake Factory. Yes, the Cheesecake Factory ticker symbol cake on this one is stock number seven of seven. This is a stock that is 20 something dollars that share like $29 a share here today, the stock.

I’ve already made a lot of money on in a very short amount of time, right? Public count I already made like, you know, $6,800 on a stock, then in my main private account, I’m up over 12,000 plus dollars on this particular stock in that account.

Okay, this is a this is a company that will grow quite nicely over the next few years. And my personal opinion, I’m not selling out their stock anytime soon. If anything, I’m probably more interested in buying rather than selling at 31 plus percent revenue growth expected next year. Okay.

31% Plus, also, this business model is going to go from taking a massive loss to all sudden having very nice profitability, assuming like we don’t close down the entire economy again, or something like that, right.

So it was put in a horrible situation, restaurants, anything in this space was put in a horrible position, often whole, the whole economy has to close. We have to close our restaurant once and you take massive losses.

And you know, as things continue to open back up, and hopefully, you know, the Roni Rhona numbers won’t go crazy next year or something like that. Hopefully, that will stay down, you know, this company should be very, very profitable.

And when I look at this business model, like this is going to be a 40 plus dollar stock again, it will be there’s no doubt in my mind that this will be a 40 plus dollar stock again in the future. Okay.

There are multi years of 10% plus growth ahead for this company in my opinion comp restaurant sales, which essentially is like you know, basically if you think about a restaurant that’s been open for at least a year, like how much do they grow sales.

I think they’ll continue to grow sales for years and years to go in the future when it comes to Cheesecake Factory, they’re going to have more and more restaurant openings North Italy I think is going to take off over the next 510 years.

I think they’re going to open a lot of locations is going to be highly highly successful. And so overall like cheesecake factory, I love that one on a valuation basis and the type of growth that company will provide over the next several years.

Oh my goodness guys, this has been a beast of a video to put together I hope you guys enjoyed it. And you know smash the thumbs up if you don’t mind that helps the YouTube channel out in a massive way. If you know anybody that is into stocks, maybe share this video out with them, get their opinion on these stocks and make sure you research all of these Okay.

If you want the opportunity to learn directly from me on how to make more money in the stock market while taking less risk felt the application below also if you’re looking for One on one coaching actually have millionaire students in there now that actually do coaching for us.

So if you’d like to learn more on like a one on one basis with somebody that’s, you know achieved everything you ever tried to achieve. We have that opportunity for you as well first link in the description to apply. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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