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All righty looks like we are going live guys. Hello, hello, hello, hello. Wait for everybody to join before we get going on this live stream here. Let everybody get out the notifications and whatnot before we get rolling on this live stream but needless to say we’re going to be talking a little bit about how to make a lot more money from the stock market so that I could bring you guys some value out tonight.

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We’ll wait for the notifications to go out once you guys are in the live stream. Let me know leave a comment. Say hello. Hey, what’s up guys? It looks like you guys are starting to get the notifications. Cool deal. Cool deal. Hope you guys are doing great out there as always hope you guys are having a great night.

Hello, guys. Hello. Hello. Hello. Holy smokes. Somebody said they’re only 12 years old. They’re on this live stream. Holy smokes. Man. You guys are crazy. Like that amazes me like I think I started so young in the stock market when I got in. I was like 18 or 19 years old. And then we have a 12 year old in the live stream.

What the heck, man. That’s cool, though. That’s cool, man. That is freaking cool. That’s all I have to say about that somebody says I’m seven I don’t believe that. It’s hard for me to believe even a 12 year old be watching live stream nevermind seven year old. But anyways guys, hope you’re doing great out there. Hope you guys are having a great night, I thought I’d bring a little value to you guys tonight.

And kind of chat with a little bit with you and explain how you can make a lot more money from the stock market in a pretty rapid amount of time. So, hope you guys enjoy this live stream. We’re gonna let a few more people join. Before we get rolling on this.

Like I said, we’re gonna be talking about five ways you can make a lot more money in the stock market. I thought let’s bring a little value to you guys tonight. And chat a little bit about this. By the way, Hello, guys looks like we got people from all different ages. Let’s see, what do you guys up to here?

Do you still make non live videos I do. Go ahead and watch financial education to financial education too. I just put out a video that wasn’t a live video today. So if you guys haven’t subscribed over on financial education to make sure you guys go ahead and do that, by the way, hit a thumbs up if you are, you know, happy to be in the stock market.

Love to hear from you guys. Somebody says a market crash today. No, the market didn’t crash today. But what did happen is the market was having a really good day. And then some tweets were sent around more tariffs and the market fell dramatically. I shouldn’t really say dramatically.

I mean, it was like a 500 500 to 600 point fall for the Dow compared to what it was at. So by the way, I’m watching this on a stabilizer or watching this I’m recording this on a stabilizer so the footage should be nice and smooth for this live stream.

So But anyways, it looks like good amount of you guys are here. We’re gonna go ahead and get rolling on this video. Like I said, we’re talking about five ways you can make a lot more money from the stock market. So hope you guys get some good value out of this video here. Make sure you hit a thumbs up if you guys do and happy to have all you guys here as always.

And with that being said, let’s start getting to those guys. So the first one I jotted down first way if you want to, you know the first one of the five, if you want to make a lot more money from the stock market, you got to put in the work, man, you got to put in the work consistently I see people who, you know, see the stock market and they see you know, someone making money from the stock market and, and you know, oh my gosh, look at this guy.

He’s making so much money from the stock market or whatever. And they want that life for themselves. And they’re like, oh, man, it wasn’t that cool. You know, Jeremy has so much money in his account. And oh, man, you know, look at how easy you know, it makes it you know, it almost seems like easy.

Whenever you see someone else being successful at something, right? You think it’s like easy, right? It’s like whenever I watch Michael Phelps swim right in the Olympics. Whenever I’ve watched Michael Phelps swimming, I always use it in my head, even though it was dumb.

I used to always think, Oh, it’s got to be so easy. I could freaking do that I can swim. And then you realize if you actually got in a pool with Michael Phelps, he would like destroy you, right? Or you watch somebody in track, you watch Usain Bolt, like, Oh, he’s not even running that fast.

I could hang with him. And you get out there on the race. And it’s like, oh, no, maybe I can’t. So a similar thing can happen in the stock market where you see someone having success, you see someone making it almost look easy. And you think it is easy.

And so you don’t put in the work necessary to get the type of gains that you want to get in the stock market. So the number one, the first one out of the five is you got to put in the work, okay? If you want to be successful, anything in life, especially stock market investing, you can’t be lazy.

If you’re going to try to be a lazy stock market investor, you’ll get exposed really bad, okay, you’re going to get exposed really bad, you’re going to end up losing money over the long term and it’s not going to work out. You really want a lot of success in the stock market. You want to make five figures, six figures on the stock market.

You want to have accounts that are six or seven figures in the future. You’ve got to be willing to put in that work and what I’m specifically talking about when I talk about putting in the work, not talking about you going to Yahoo. Finance and you do five minutes of research on Apple stock, and you’re like, Whoa, look at their revenues are going up and all their their net income is going up and Oh, that’s good.

I can invest in this company now. No, no, no, no, that’s not real work. Okay, what I’m talking about when I talk about putting in the work, I’m talking about going to a company’s Investor Relations page, I’m talking about listening to conference calls, I’m talking about reading annual reports, I’m talking about reading 10 Q’s, I’m talking about the work that a lot of people don’t want to do.

Okay. Somebody sent me a $2.99 cent Super Chat, thank you so much for that. So, you know, that’s what a lot of people don’t want to do, you want to make a lot of money from the stock market, it is absolutely possible. Even if the stock market is just decent, you can make so much money from the stock market.

It’s insane, okay, and especially if you’re looking at it from a longer term perspective, and as you start building up money, and you’ve been doing this for five years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, like the amount of money you can make in the stock market is almost astonishing. But you’re not gonna make a lot of money in this game, if you’re not putting in the work.

And so as consistently see people getting involved with the stock market. And they think they you know, they’ve read some books on the stock market great, or they took my becoming master the stock market course, and they learned the things necessary, but they don’t put in any of the work necessary to really be successful.

You’ve got to still put in the work just because you know what to look for in a stock doesn’t mean you can’t put in the work, you have to read these, every single company I invest in, I read the annual report, I read the 10 Q. I listen to conference calls.

I listen to investor presentations, and I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. So if you want to be successful, you got to put in the work, that’s just the way it is in anything in life. Okay. So if you’re getting in the stock market, and you think you’re going to make a lot of money in the stock market, and you think it’s just gonna be easy, and you’re not gonna have to put in the work.

I can promise you, you’re making a big mistake, I can promise you that, okay, maybe you get lucky for a few months, and you happen to make a little bit of money or something like that. But over the long term, you’ll absolutely be exposed, if you’re not putting in the work.

And it doesn’t matter how busy you are, you have to be willing to put in the work. I’m busy, like I got this YouTube thing I do. I do Instagram, I got a private stock market group, it doesn’t matter, it’s still the number one most important thing for me over my private membership group over YouTube over Instagram over any of that is that.

I’m absolutely making the most money possible from my stocks, and then I’m a successful stock market investor. So if I’m thinking about, like, Where’s my priority on a given day, number one priority, I know you guys couldn’t be happier about this, you might hope it’s YouTube. My number one priority is always making sure I do the research work necessary on companies.

And if that means I’ve got to listen to a conference call right now, I got to listen to a conference call right now, if that means I have to postpone a YouTube video. And I don’t get to, uh, you know, I would love to post a YouTube video on the main channel today. But I have to do this live stream here.

At the end of the night, basically, because I had other stuff going on, I had conference calls to listen to. And also my wife did have surgery today, but and everything’s good. So my wife had a minor surgery today, I’ll talk a lot about my personal life, but everything went great. So very happy about that. But you know, that’s just it is what it is you got to be willing to put in the work.

If you’re not putting in the work, you’re not going to get the results, you’re not going to get the gains. And then think about it over a long period of time. Think about it over a five year span. 10 year span This is this brings me to another point. Someone was like, Well, someone left a comment on a video recently.

And this comment, this comment kind of bugged me because this person, and we’ll get to number two in just a moment of the five. But this person was like, Well, if you only outperformed the market by let’s say two or 3% a year is it even worth that you have to do all that work? Why not just investment index fund.

And that just shows me ignorance and understanding compounding of numbers. You guys, let’s say the market goes up 8% on average a year for like, you know, most of you guys watching this live stream right now, or your 20s 30s or whatever. So let’s say you let’s say the stock market goes up 8% per year for the next 40 years.

Let’s say you get a gain of 10% per year. The amount of money you will have more in 10 years from now 20 years from now 30 years from now and 40 years from now will be so substantial. It’s going to be probably six or seven figures difference between getting an 8% return 10% return.

So don’t come to me and say well, you got to put in a lot of work. You got to read those annual reports. You got to read those conference calls. You got to you know you got to do to do all that work. You got to listen investor presentations, you got to research stocks, you got to look at p e ratios. You got to do all this stuff.

Why not just buy an index fund? Dude, if you can just get an extra two or 3% over the market year. You’re the amount of money you’ll have 10 2030 years from now is such a difference. It’s ridiculous, guys Pull out a compounding calculator, do the numbers on it, do it based upon, you know, if you let’s say you put in, um, let’s say you put in like $10,000 a year towards stocks, you put in 10,000 a year and you get an 8% return versus an 11% return.

And I can promise you, the mounts are going to be ridiculous. Okay, so it’s absolutely worth the work. If you have it in you, okay, that’s the thing, if you don’t have it in you, and it then it is what it is, if you don’t have it in you to be a great ambassador and do all the work, then that’s fine.

Not everybody has it. Not everybody has it. Okay. I think most of you guys watch me should have it. Because why else would you be here, okay? Unless you just enjoy, like keeping up with stock market entertainment and stuff like that. But if you watching me, you probably want to be a great investor, you probably want to make a lot of money from the stock market, it’s absolutely possible, you got to stay discipline, and you got to put in the work.

So that’s number one. Number one way to make a lot more money from the stock market, put in the freaking work, okay, don’t just you know, learn about you know, the things to look for, and then don’t even do the work. Okay? Number two of five that I jot down here on how to make way more money from the stock market is take advantage of big dips when everybody is scared.

This goes for individual stocks. And this goes for the stock market in general. Way too often, folks will, oh gosh, folks will just they won’t take advantage of buying on dips. And it’s such a mistake, okay. And I’m not talking about a dip like today, okay, where the market was up, you know, 300 points, and then it finished down 300 points, that’s a little dip.

I’m talking about dips, like we had in November and December, when everybody was flooding out of the market when we had massive sell offs and stocks, those are the dips, you need to take advantage of in those in the dips, most people do not take advantage up. Because what will happen is they’ll go down a bunch on their accounts. And then they’ll say, Gosh, I don’t want to invest any more money, because the stock market might go down even more.

And I can tell you in the stock market, it could always potentially go down more. Okay, that’s gonna always be the situation and dips in the situ in the future. And so when things are the scariest, that is when people refuse to buy the dips and in even in like individual stocks.

Like like individual stocks all the time happen to go down. Even if the markets doing good, there’s still some great stocks that fall a ton for whatever reason, and people don’t take advantage of this. And it’s almost like getting free money. Like if you buying a great company, I can tell you this, okay, I did a video on financial education to yesterday showed my entire stock market portfolio I have in the private account, okay.

And almost every single, almost every single stock were up pretty big on in that account, most of them at least in every single stock were up big on. I bought on dips several times. Okay, Facebook, I bought that stock several times when it dipped Cirrus Logic we I did a video on financial education to talk about that position, we were up like 44 or 45% of that position.

I bought that stock so many times when it dipped in a dipped in depth. And then we went lower and lower on the position. And next thing you know, we were down 15% and 20% of the position and I was buying, buying buying while everybody else was scared and selling I was there buying and here we are a year later.

And we’re up 45% of the position. Okay, Sky works solutions, same exact situation. elf elf, another perfect example. elf I started buying the stock, I think it was like nine or $9 or something like that. Now I sort of went down to 876. And I was I started buying super heavy. And then most of those shares we made 100% or more on this is what you guys got to take advantage of man.

And this is what people are scared to take advantage of. Because when you know humans move in the masses. And when humans see everybody’s scared, they want to also run, okay, I’m talking about real fear, real fear in the market, and everything is gonna get a lot worse, real fear and a stock that things are gonna get a lot worse. And they don’t take advantage of these big depths.

By the way, hit a thumbs up if you’re enjoying me sharing these tips with you guys. Make sure you’re taking advantage of these, these these huge dips in the market peg whether it’s a market or stocks in general. It’s just what happens. And it happens on a ton of stocks all the time.

And some great companies you research and maybe someone had already invested in. And if you’re not taking advantage of it, then you just miss an opportunity. And that’s what brings me to another point. Make sure you’re always keeping some cash on the sidelines.

This is why I always keep some cash on the sidelines. Always 10% to 30% of my wealth is in cash all times. It gets up to 30% when the market I feel is overvalued and there aren’t many good deals in the market. And it gets all the way down to 10%. In times when I’m buying like crazy like a December situation like november december of 2018.

I was like buying stocks left and right and we got all the way down like 10% cash, which is like pretty much the lowest I’m willing to go and we got all the way down there because I was buying like you know because it was just like every stock out there was like a sick deal.

Like it was like shooting fish in a barrel and we’re the bottom years, most folks were buying because they didn’t have cash, or most folks were too scared to buy. Because what if it got even worse? You’re always going to be able to make that argument. What if it gets even worse?

Always, okay. There are people in December, you know, in March of 2009, who were saying, well, it could get even worse, and they weren’t buying when the Dow was at 6700. And then a couple years later, most stocks had doubled or tripled since then, you could always make that argument that it could get worse.

Okay, guys, make sure you’re taking advantage of the stock market on dips, make sure you’re taking advantage of great stocks on dips, that you’ve done the full fundamental research and that’s number two, way to make a lot more money in the stock market. Okay. Number three, two way to make a lot more money in the stock market that I jotted down here is don’t sell for a loss unless you were convinced you made a bad fundamental decision.

Way too often, the stock market, people will sell the stock for a loss, whether it be $50 $100 $1,000, several $1,000, just because the stock went down, and now they’re scared. And that’s usually a bad decision. Okay? If you made a bad fundamental decision to buy that stock, perfect, you can own up to that and you say, I need to get out of stock.

I made a bad fundamental decision that stock I’ve done in the past and every single person you should never be too proud to admit, sometimes you made a bad fundamental decision, the stock, you’re down 100 bucks in that stock or a few $1,000 on that stock, and you’re like, this stock is down because I’m down because I made a bad fundamental decision.

I need to get out of this stock, I need to sell it not because I’m afraid it will go down more. Not because I’m afraid of what analysts are saying about the stock or what the market feels about the stock but because I feel I made a bad fundamental decision in the stock. Okay?

If you feel like you’ve made a bad fundamental decision or a stock it makes sense to sell it off. I’ve done in the past and it hurts. It hurts. It really does. It hurts to sell a position you’re down. You know, any amount of money on it doesn’t matter what it is because you put in research work to that stock and then all sudden, six months down the road.

You’re like, dude, I was thinking I made a bad fundamental decision here. Okay, and sometimes you do have to bite the bullet and you do have to sell by the way Pete the shirt you guys like the shirt? The Holy smokes. This ain’t no joke. Chris, my video editor got it.

For me. It was like the sickest shirt if not his thumbs up if you enjoy this shirt. Okay, let me let me know what you guys think about this. But that’s the bottom line there guys. Like Like, don’t just sell because the stocks down Don’t just sell because an analyst hates the stock. Who cares what an analyst thinks?

It’s what you think that’s what matters in the stock market? What is your opinion on that stock? Not what my opinion is not what the guy on TVs opinion is not what Jim Cramer’s opinion is not what the analysts at Morgan Stanley’s opinion is, what matters is what your opinion is. Okay? That’s the bottom line.

That’s how you should make decisions, not just because the stock went down, let me sell for a loss, usually a bad decision. Unless you feel like you made a bad fundamental decision, you have somewhere better to put the money. That’s completely possible, okay, as a number three way to make a lot more money in the stock market, quit selling for losses when you actually love that company, and you believe in our law for the long term.

Okay. Number four way to make a lot more money in the stock market is reinvest games. Oh, my goodness, guys. I watch people all the time, make money in the stock market from stocks, either dividend money, or they sold out for gains. And they don’t reinvest the money into like other stocks, they take the money out, they’re like, Oh, I made $100 off Google stock sweet for me, let me go buy something for $100.

I’m like that makes no sense. Especially if you’re young, if you’re young. And the name of the game is to build, build, build and like compound money. Like I don’t know why somebody would think I like I can’t understand that mentality of thinking that small, where it’s like, you got to go spend $100 on something frivolous, it’s just doesn’t make sense.

The name of the game is to build, build, build compound money. That’s why I always suggest like newer people stock market or just money in general, like understanding investing, play around with the compounding calculator, it’ll change your mentality, you’ll really get to see like, how numbers are built and whatnot, and to make money from a stock and then go buy something with that stock.

Like, what that makes no sense guys, their stocks all the time I take gains on 1000s of dollars and 10s of 1000s of dollars. Don’t go take that money out of the account and say let me go buy a new flat screen with it. No, no. Okay. Like, like from your job or your business you have, you should be making enough money that you can afford to buy the things you want to buy in your life. Okay.

And if you can’t, then it’s time to figure out how to get to that place. Do you need to get a better job duty to start a business? How Where does your focus need to go to get you to that, that place where you can make enough money to buy the things you want?

Okay, that’s the bottom line, man. Not not let me try to make 100 bucks from the stock market so I can go spend it. going out to dinner tonight. That’s just it’s just ridiculous guys reinvest those gains, get that money into more money, the dividend money you make from dividend stocks go ahead and reinvest that build, build build compound money.

That’s how you get to have big accounts. Okay? No one ever got a lot of money because they were taking money out of it all the time. Okay? Like, like even think about like no real estate investor ever made. Oh, by the way, meet Kevin’s here.

No real estate investor ever done a ton of houses and made a ton of money from real estate because they got one property and then they just took all that money and just went and spent it on frivolous stuff. No, they took that money. They use that money they saved up, they bought the next property.

It took that money they bought the next property, even a big giant company like Amazon. How’s Amazon built right? Jeff Bezos always plowed that money back into Amazon. He didn’t take the money out. He didn’t say oh, I’m just gonna take this money out. We’re making 100 million in revenue a year. Let me just take this money out now and go do something with it.

No, he said, I’m gonna plow this money back into the business. I’m gonna build bigger and bigger and bigger and now Amazon’s a company worth a trillion dollars, trillion dollars, okay. That’s how you make a lot of money from stocks, real estate business in general, you plow the money back into whatever you’re doing.

And that’s how you compound money. You don’t take the money out to buy frivolous stuff, guys. It’s just, it’s just really ridiculous. Okay, number five way to make a lot more money in the stock market and maybe take a little q&a for you guys. And then we’ll end this live stream number five is is around dividends. Okay, this is really important. So a lot of people get caught up into just dividend investing.

I don’t necessarily have a big issue if that’s all you want to do is dividend invest and you’re all you want to buy stocks that have dividend, you know, basically pay dividends. But what I can tell you is you’re going to miss out on so many huge potential gains.

Dividends are cool, you know, it’s a lot cooler, huge stock gains, okay. So if you’re, let’s say you just gonna buy dividend stocks, you’re like, if it doesn’t pay dividends, I’m not buying it. I’m like Kevin O’Leary, okay? Remember, I think Kevin O’Leary guy from Shark Tank, he’s like, if it doesn’t pay dividend, I don’t buy that stock.

Cool. You’re just missing out on massive amounts of gainers. Okay? Because there’s what maybe, maybe half the s&p 500 companies does pay dividends, maybe something around that, you know, maybe it’s a little more than that. Maybe it’s a little less than that.

But let’s say that the 500 companies that are in the s&p 500, say 250 of them actually pay dividends. That leaves you with only 250 stocks to pick from an s&p 500. So already, you’re limiting yourself on how many potential great investments you can have in a situation like that, right?

That makes sense, that makes your life a lot harder. A lot harder, guys, if you’re going to limit how many stocks you can actually pick and invest in, you just made your life so much harder. Bottom line, okay. And so everybody gets caught up in all the stock pays a 2% dividend yield, or 3%. Let me buy this stock.

I’m just telling you, the real money the big money can be made from the stocks that actually a lot of times don’t pay dividends, okay. Like I said, I make I make 1000s of dollars a year from dividends I’ll probably make, I wouldn’t be surprised if I make five figure something from dividend money alone this year.

But I don’t invest because a stock pays a dividend. I invest because like a company is a great company. Like I said, I have no problem with dividend investing. And that’s just what you want to do. I’m just saying, you’re going to limit returns, you’re going to limit how much money you can make.

You think about a stock like Facebook, right? Facebook is a stock that went IPO for 38 bucks a share very shortly after it was trading in the 20s. And, you know, over the past few years has gone up and gone up. It’s had some dips here and there. But overall, it’s been up and it’s like a $200 stock now, okay, you could have you let’s say you understood Facebook and you really liked the business model and all those sorts of things.

If you didn’t invest in Facebook, you just missed a massive game. Why? Because it didn’t pay dividends. Amazon Amazon’s never paid a dividend the history of the company. If you didn’t invest in Amazon over the past, you know, five or 10 years all because they didn’t pay dividend.

You just missed out on a ridiculous game. Like I feel like it was just six or seven years ago Amazon was like a $200 stock $150 stock and now it’s what $2,000 or something close to $2,000 a share. You know Shopify, you know, when you go through a laundry list of stocks Google Apple for the longest time didn’t pay a dividend Apple didn’t start paying dividend to like four or five years ago.

That’s when Apple started paying dividends. You could have you would have I mean you will miss out on like, think about all the years you could invest in Apple, you know, in the iPod years when they you know, the iPod came out and iTunes, excuse me when iTunes came out.

And then you know, when the whole business was turning and then iPhone came out, and then iPads came out and the business was growing and growing growing all that time you never pay dividends. And you could have saw apple and been like this is freaking easy money that like They’re obviously like going to become a dominant massive tech company.

And people just kind of looked at and said, You know what, they don’t pay dividends. So therefore I don’t want to buy it. And I’m telling you guys, you’re going to limit, you’re going to limit gains at a massive, massive way, man, if you’re, if you’re just going to buy dividend stocks, you know, you’re just missing out on massive games Cirrus Logic, like I said, we’re 40 something percent in that position.

And they don’t pay a dividend. I could have said all Cirrus Logic, I really liked the business model. I really like what they’re doing. But you know what, they don’t pay a dividend. So I’m not gonna buy that stock. And so let’s say I buy some other, you know, dividend stock, that’s what pays me 3% yield, and hasn’t done anything all year.

You know, and just because the stock, you know, pays a dividend yield doesn’t mean, you’re not going to lose money in that stock, there are plenty of dividend stocks out there that pay a pretty juicy dividend yield of four or 567 percent, and actually goes down. Okay.

So that’s the bottom line with that, guys, if you’re only buying dividend stocks, you’re limiting yourself, by the way in the description, I got a 70% off flash sale going through the becoming master the stock market course going here today. So if you guys want to take advantage of that, make sure you go ahead and do that. All right.

So with that being said, those are the five ways you can make a lot more money from the stock market. Take q&a for a few minutes from you guys and see what you guys have to ask me here. And anything about stock market investing in general, I would be happy to kind of answer those. Whoops, let me see here. What are your thoughts on index fund investing?

Index, one is index fund investing is great. And by the way, like for those who don’t know what buying an index fund is, it’s basically like, you know, you can basically buy an index fund that tracks like the s&p 500. So however much the s&p 500 goes up or down is pretty much how much your account will go up or down. There’s no work involved with it.

And pretty much like how the stock market goes over the long term is how you’ll do over the long term. Okay. And in my opinion, there’s no problem with that. It’s not what I like to do, because I like to try to outperform the market. But if you don’t feel like putting in the work, the next best thing to pick an individual stocks is like, you know, basically, index fund investing in my opinion.

Let’s see what else we have here. How about Baba, somebody asked me about Alibaba, I love Alibaba. It might be my six or seven biggest investment, but I love Alibaba. Let’s see. Do you think the stock are going to go back up tomorrow? You know, who knows? Short term stock predictions. That’s not a that’s not for winners.

Okay. Lydia says you can have both dividend and growth stocks. Absolutely. Like I said, I got plenty of stocks that pay me out dividends, but I think it’s best to not just focus on dividends. But you know, you can do it either way. Let’s see what else we got here.

When you take a profit from a stock to invest in another. So how I like to think about this is is the stock overvalue Okay, now a lot goes into that and itself, okay, we’ll cover that in the upcoming master stock Mark course a lot goes into if a stock’s overvalued, but if I feel a stock is overvalued, or pretty close to overvalued, I’ll sell out of that stock.

Okay, another reason for me to sell a stock and take a profit is if I feel like there’s a better place to put my money. So if I feel like, you know, we’re up on this position, good, oh, man, we’re gonna make 5000 bucks or 10,000 bucks, or whatever amount of money it is on this particular stock.

And I’m like, there might be some growth still there. But there’s this other stock that I think we’re gonna make way more money, and then I’ll go ahead and take a profit on that stock. And that’s what it is, you know, if you feel like, there’s a better place to put the money, you know, my opinion, you got always stay diversified in the stock market, but at the same time, you got to always have your money in the best position to make the most money possible.

And so if I feel like this, you know, a better stock for my money going, I’m gonna sell them, I take that profit, and I’m gonna put that money in the other stock. Okay. Do you think these tariffs today were to stimulate further rate cuts? They possible, you know, they possibly could have been.

I think, really, at the end of the day, I think what Trump is trying to do more than likely, is he’s trying to basically make us companies want to manufacture more in the United States and also get leverage over China and those situations.

And I think his plan, and we’ll see if it actually works, but is to hit companies so hard, and the corporate profits that they see they have to manufacture products in the United States, again, because they’re going to lose so much profit on these tariffs, because the tariffs are so ridiculously high that for some companies, it might actually make sense to actually manufacture some products back in the United States.

So that’s what he’s trying to do. We’ll see if it works or not, you know, it remains to be seen if it’ll work. But I think that’s really at the end of the day, what they’re trying to do love the air pods. Sean, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Do you think Ford and GM are trash? Somebody asked.

Well, trash is a pretty harsh statement. Do I think Ford and GM are trash? That’s a tough statement. And I don’t think they’re trash. I think Ford, I think Ford is definitely behind the game. As far as electric vehicles, I know they’re going to try to come out with the F 150.

Of some kind, that’s electric. I think they’re just way behind the ballgame. Ford really is a long way behind the ball game, GM is trying to do things, but they haven’t really been successful as electric vehicles, yet, they tried the bolt and the bolt and all those different ones.

And, you know, I don’t want to call them trash, but they’re not where they need to be, let’s put it that way. They’re not where they need to be when it comes to electric vehicles. And this this new wave of electric vehicles that’s coming over the next 510 years into mass amounts, they’re not where they need to be when it comes to self driving, although GM bought cruise automation, so that definitely helps Ford is way, way, way behind in that game.

So they’re not necessarily trash. It’s just they’re behind where they need to be, especially as companies that have massive cash flows, companies that are supposed to be forward thinking they should be. So they should be, you know, they shouldn’t.

Why does Tesla have an advantage in electric vehicles and self driving vehicles, they shouldn’t honestly, they’re like a little guy. They’re like a little guy company in these companies like Ford and GM, have let them just come in and take dominant market shares of electric vehicles and get way out in front of everybody.

When it comes to like model three, and then the model wide coming, that shouldn’t have happened, like Ford and GM should have like squash them 510 years ago, and they haven’t. And now, over the next five or 10 years, they’re going to have some real questions about the viability of their business as we move full scale to electric vehicles.

And as we move full scale to self driving, and we’ll see how they compete. But you know, it shouldn’t be the way it is, let’s put it that way, they should have already squashed them a long time ago. Let’s see how many stocks makes an ideal portfolio in terms of diversity? Who asked that question? Marcello asked that question?

Oh, it really depends. So if you have a smaller amount of money, generally speaking, you want to have less stocks. So if you have under, let’s say, $10,000, maybe like three to five stocks is good for you. And of course, it depends on your personality, and what you feel comfortable with, and all those sorts of things.

But if you have a smaller amount of money, generally less stocks, the more money you get, generally, the more stocks you want to have, the more diversified out you want to be. And then if you’re talking about like retirement age, or you’re getting into your late 40s 50s 60s, then you want to be more index, fund oriented, oriented, and just kind of going up and down with the markets and things like that.

But the time to really take advantage of buying individual stocks and going after and really trying to get great gains and trying to get that 20% per year or 30% per year or whatever. That’s when you’re young, in my opinion, meaning your like 20s 30s, maybe 40s to a certain extent.

But as you get older, you obviously generally speaking want to take less risk. Because you know what, you don’t want to make a necessarily a huge mistake or something like that, when you’re when you’re those ages, but if you’ve got a ton of experience, you shouldn’t really make big mistakes.

So that’s the good thing about starting young and getting experience. Um, can you prove you’re not AI created by Elan musk to promote Tesla? I cannot. I cannot system cannot process that. What do you think of Alibaba? Is Hong Kong IPO and stock split? No much.

I mean, they’re going to split the stock, I think it’s a one to eight. So all US Alibaba shareholders are going to get eight shares instead of one. But for those who don’t know, they’re also going to cut the share price by an eighth as well. Nothing much about it. It’s just different.

You know, no other companies do that. Nowadays, they’d like to just let their share prices go to 1000 is what it is. So not a huge opinion on that. Let’s see what else we got here. Someone says Tesla, Bob, the builder says Tesla will double in a year. Marcel says thanks for the explanation. Jeremy, somebody just sent Nick just sent a $5. Super Chat.

Thank you for this $5 Super Chat. Do you believe intrinsic value DCF valuation models are important. Ah, well, I believe in my own process, which is, essentially Paul has a pretty long process. And I want to explain it all right now. But I believe in some of the most important factors I believe in is looking forward p i think looking at trailing P is important to get some judgment on where the business is.

Now. I think looking at price to sales ratio against peers is pretty important. But I think some of the most important things to look at when it comes to stocks is actually looking at the business model. And this is where some people you know, might not like my approach but you’ve got to really look at the business model.

And there’s no numbers you can look at to really understand the business model. Okay, you can look at an income statement and you’d be like, oh, their revenues are this and or their gross margins are this and or their net incomes and their gross profits. In blah, blah, blah. And those are all very important factors.

But at the end of the day, you’ve got to really look at a business model. And you’ve got to be able to forecast by reading the 10. q reading the 10k, you got to be able to forecast where that business model is going over future years. And do you see them as an a business that can expand by quite a bit meaning 50% 100%, maybe more than 100%?

Or is this a business model that you don’t see much growth in and it’s going to shrink over time. So so often, a lot of people love to just get caught up in the numbers in the mathematics behind it. And like I said, all those things are important price to sales ratio, P e ratios for P e ratios, gross margins, all these things are extremely important to look at.

And we talked about them in the course. And they’re all things I look at. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to make a business decision on a stock. And is that business going to grow in the future? And how much is it going to grow? versus what the forward P is out in a particular time and the price to sales ratio, all sorts of things?

How much growth does that business really have, you have to be able to make that fundamental business decision on if that company is a great investment or not. And if you can’t do that, then your returns will always be extremely limited. If you ask me, why is Warren Buffett been such a great investor over the past 5060 years, not because he knows the mathematics better than anybody.

Because if you’re just judging off mathematics, right? You know, and just math formulas and just looking at ratios, a computer could probably do a better job than us. But if you’re talking about you’re going to get great gains over the long term, you’re going to be able to judge that business that is going to expand dramatically in the future, and the market hasn’t even priced it.

Okay. Because think about it like, if you’re thinking about it as just the mathematic side of things, you would never like outperform the market, because the market would already have things priced in and all those sorts of things. Where you get real outperformance in the market, the stock market where you can really outperform is when you see a business that has an unbelievable opportunity is very undervalued.

And that that business executes away it is, you know, the way it’s supposed to the management team does a great job. And, you know, you get those unbelievable gains. That’s where the real money is made in the stock market. That’s where the real money is made. If it was just about formulas and whatnot, there would be no money to be made in this game, you know, there would be no money to be made in this game.

It’s all you know, at the end of the day, it’s really about judging businesses, and you get better and better at judging businesses, through experience. And through years in the market. I can tell you my ability to judge a business now and how much it’ll be able to expand in future years is gone up dramatically over the last 35 years versus the previous five years or something like that.

So I’ll leave it at that. And that was kind of an elaborate answer, though. Somebody says Prudential has great dividend just took a hit too. What do you think of these stock lately? stocks? It’s like a blah stock. You know, it’s got a rich valuation on it. These does and, you know, limited growth.

Let’s put it that way. It’s a blast, Doc. What else we got here? are you investing in cryptocurrency? I’m not at the moment. It’s possibly could be in the future, but not the moment. Thoughts on McDonald’s another stock that’s kind of like a blah stock. Got a rich valuation on it.

It’s like, you know, McDonald, McDonald’s, just kind of like it’s a blast. It’s like a visa stock. It’s boring. You’ll probably make some decent money and earn over time. But did you know when has a separate stock listing? Its Macau property. Yes. There are a lot of companies that do business in China and Asia in general and have actually Hong Kong listings as well. What about GE, it’s in turnaround mode.

It’s not really the turnaround company. I like I like i’d sometimes like turn around companies, but when they’re smaller cap companies and I can really get my head around the business well, and I can understand where that business is going like an elf elf is a perfect example of a turnaround opportunity. I saw small business easy to understand, you know, a company like GE, so many moving parts that.

I sold so many businesses off of the last few years, companies huge. It’s trying to turn around, but it’s hard to identify what’s the opportunity there. When it’s a bigger company. In my opinion, if you’re looking at turnarounds, the best companies are usually those companies that have a $500 million mark cap a billion dollar market cap because sometimes you can get some unbelievable opportunities and some of those are just easier to see in my personal opinion.

Okay. Somebody says no one write anything What to do? What do you think of Uber? I’m not sure if somebody has asked me about Uber. Uber is interesting, actually, at these levels. Not necessarily a stock a buy, but not the worst stock. I will say that I think they got big opportunities for themselves in the future years.

But self driving vehicles is going to be a big thing for them. They’re gonna have to get on that. Wait. Why do you think Amazon will be bigger than Tesla long term because retail web service market is smaller than $10 trillion energy or cap energy industry? I think Tesla has more room to grow.

Here Big Questions. I mean, Tesla’s such a small company when it comes to the energy sector, as of right now, Tesla’s business is dominated by electric vehicles as of right now, you know, Tesla has huge opportunity and and energy. But, you know, if I think about really my bullish thesis on Tesla has nothing to do with energy business, you know, energy business.

So let me think about it this way. So I have to I have to my bigger investments are Tesla and Facebook, hey, Facebook’s my biggest investment tesl is my fourth biggest investments somewhere around there, right? So Facebook, my fundamental like, like, you know, investing thesis around that company, is that the grow advertising revenues huge over future years, and that, you know, advertising rates will go up, more and more businesses will jump on.

And you know, they’re just gonna continue to grow big into the future. And Libra cryptocurrency for Facebook is this massive opportunity in front of the company. And maybe it’s something huge, but I’m not invested in Facebook for Libra cryptocurrency that’s just a, that’s just an awesome thing.

If that happens, now, tests on that hand is a very similar situation, because Tesla I’m invested in because of electric vehicles, and I think they’re gonna be the dominant market share. And I think they’re gonna have a huge opportunity for self driving cars, all those sorts of things. Okay.

So I look at Tesla, and I’m like, that’s, that’s a massive opportunity. Now, the energy side of the business for Tesla. That’s exciting. But that’s not why I’m invest invest in Tesla, if they happen to grow that business into some massive business. Great, cool. Okay. But I, you know, for people thinking like, you know, Tesla is going to be bigger than Amazon in the future.

It’s certainly possible. But, you know, right now, Amazon’s got a market cap, that’s 20 times, maybe more than 20 times the size of Tesla. You know, it’s a long way to go from there, guys, is a long way to go from there. Okay. Somebody says, Do you think Neil could meet expectations one day?

Would you buy it personally as possible? I could buy Neo at some point. You know, I don’t know the stock has gotten a lot cheaper. Needless to say, he’s gotten a lot more interesting. Are you Are you dizzy from walking in circles? Now? I will get dizzy. Your opinion on Microsoft and Disney overvalued? Microsoft.

I don’t like the valuation nearly as much as some other companies that are big tech, apple, facebook, facebook, specifically. Even Google, you know, I just don’t think Microsoft’s valuation, not necessarily I would say it’s overvalued, I would just say, I like some big tech more than Microsoft and Disney’s solid like Disney’s us all.

This all gets. Its ran a lot though. So now Disney, excuse me, the streaming service needs to really come through because Disney stocks run all over the past year or so. Zillow evaluation has been performing very well since you mentioned it. Yes.

Zillow, I think has a huge opportunity in front of themselves. They got to see if they can pull it off. But Zillow, I think is going to be a company that I mean, you could already make an argument that’s fundamentally changed a lot about real estate industry, but in the future, I think it’s going to change a lot more needless to say.

Somebody says, What is this? Matt caco says Tesla will buy lithium, America’s Corporation. Okay. It’s interesting to see about that, is Amazon overvalued? That’s a tough one. You mean you could have made an argument that Amazon has been overvalued since the 90s literally you go back to the 1990s and made an argument that Amazon was overvalued every step along the way, every year along the way, you could have made an argument that Amazon was overvalued.

But at the end of the day, that company just finds a way to grow and grow and grow and grow and grow. So it’s tough guys it’s tough to say Amazon’s overvalued ever you know it’s not my favorite valuation the stock market but at the same time, by the way in the description guys, you want to become a master the stock market course we’re doing a 70% off flash sale today.

So if you want to go and learn exactly how I look what I look for in stocks and whatnot, go and check out that all right, take a few more q&a and then we’re gonna jump off here guys, let’s do a few last questions. Somebody asked him about Express please What do you think it’s undervalued to check into.

Express haven’t checked into them opinion recently, Cesar says opinion on you on coming up with all these massive ideas for Tessa can never seem to focus his attention on one project at a time you own is what do you don’t realize like that you buying a Tesla, you just have to deal with Ilan. Like there’s a lot of great things about him. But at the same time, yeah, he does get distracted.

Sometimes he does talk about how these big ideas and things like that. And it is what it is, you know, I’ve just learned to I’ve just learned to deal with it. Honestly, you know, it just it is what it is. I love kind of big thinking and that’s what Elan Musk is he’s gonna think about big things and big projects and, and you know how you know, this is gonna change humankind and that’s who he is.

So if you’re buying Tesla stock, you got to just understand that’s what you’re going to be dealing with. You’re going to deal with a guy that’s got these massive ideas. Sometimes they work out Sometimes they don’t. But if you look at where that company’s gone like it’s amazing the things they’re doing so, you know, he’s obviously doing something right.

That’s the bottom line there. Let’s see. I think I missed a Super Chat somewhere along here. Oh, thank you so much for the $2 Super Chat there. Good night. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. AMC, please movie theater stocks, Marvel Star Wars, good swing trade, AMC.

I’ve looked into Oh, we also Steven, thank you for the $2 Super Chat album Mari lithium that I’m not even sure about, I’d have to look into that company. But in regards to the AMC question, somebody asked me about amc movie theaters. I looked at that stock several times over the past few months. And, you know, stocks just dropped like a rock.

And it’s interesting, but at the same time, I don’t like the balance sheet bad. Don’t cheat really bad with that company. And, you know, just, you know, and then they’re not even making profits recently. So it’s like really bad balance sheet not making profits recently.

Do I really want to buy a stock that’s not making profits recently and has a really bad balance sheet? And is having trouble growing the business? I mean, it let’s say it’s a bad balance sheet, and they’re not making profits, but they’re growing revenues like crazy, maybe that’s an opportunity.

But when you’re playing like AMC, you’re not growing revenues. You’re not making profits, you have a bad balance sheet. Why would I want to get involved with that stock? It’s just it’s too much of a risk. You always have to think about risk reward in the stock market.

And man, the risk reward is just not in favor of AMC in my personal opinion. Okay. That’s kind of my thoughts there. But it is interesting anytime a stock falls crazy like that. Thoughts on at&t and Verizon, somebody asks a big telecom companies, you know, if I’m looking at 5g, I think Verizon might be the the winner there.

You know, we’ll say who’s the biggest winner. If I’m thinking about Telecom, usually T Mobile, and Verizon might be my favorite plays there. But stocks with limited growth, man, that’s the bottom line with those. I like some stocks that have some big potential growth.

And if I think about at&t and Verizon really, really limited growth. Our says, since we all know about the Giga factory opening for Tessa, would it really jump? Would it really jump? I don’t think you should really look at Tesla stock, as you know, a stock that’s going to jump because China Giga factory opens. Everybody knows that factories coming.

I think if you’re looking at a fundamental basis, companies should be able to grow massively bigger because of that, keep a factory always think about the fundamentals of companies when you’re investing and not what a short term stock price can be. Daniel Sanchez, thank you for doing that in a Super Chat, by the way by do a by low, one hundreds, or maybe even 90s, by do is very interesting to me.

But I do as a company I have thought about investing in, I only have one direct investment in China right now. And that’s Alibaba. And I have one indirect investment in China, which is Wynn resorts, which is my smallest position. And obviously, they’re not Chinese company.

But I mean, they do so much business in China out of Macau, it’s like ridiculous, like the majority of their profits and revenues come from Macau. But I have thought about adding a second. You know, Chinese based company and Baidu is very much a possibility.

I’ve thought about Tencent a little bit. But more and more I looked at it, I think Baidu might be a play for me. We’ll see. We’ll see what happens there. There’s a lot of US companies I’m still a little more interested in at the particular time, but I do like them.

Do you ever look at at free cash flow instead of net income, sometimes, but I judge more off of net income for most companies, unless it’s a special situation, like a company that you know, is clearly not making profits like a Tesla, for instance, Tesla.

At this stage in the game, it’s more important to look at free cash flow because the growth monster it’s a company that grew 60% revenues last quarter, you’re thinking about a growth monster company, more important to look at free cash flow if you’re thinking about most companies, which most companies are not growing revenue 6080 100% Okay, most companies aren’t doing that.

So most companies in my opinion, it is more important to look at that income and less it is an absolute growth beast guys. And with that being said, I’m gonna go ahead and get off this live stream guys. I really enjoyed it with you. Thanks for being here. Hope you guys got some good value out of this.

If you weren’t here at the beginning. Go ahead and watch this live stream back it should be up on YouTube within the next 10 minutes. We talked about five ways to make a lot more money in the stock market. And that’s definitely gonna be something you guys are gonna want to watch. So go and watch the live stream back when it comes out in like 10 minutes. Check out the video I post on financial education today. And I hope you guys have a great day and peace .

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