5 Ways To Make $50 Per Day Online in 2018

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Today we do an in-depth video on how to make money online. Some of these ways can help you make passive income online as well as make active income online. The great thing about making money online is the start-up cost is virtually nothing, you can do it anytime, and everyone is online. This video is 5 ways to make $50 per day online in 2018. Enjoy!

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Find ways to make $50 a day online, not only am I going to give you guys five ways to make $50 a day online, I’m going to give you an in depth view on how you can succeed in doing this.

It’s one thing to just throw out a list like people do online all the time. Oh, here’s five ways to do this. 10 ways to do this, it’s another to go in depth and give them the tactics. So someone can actually pull that off, right? Otherwise.

We this video could be over in 10 seconds, like say, oh, here’s five ways. No, I’m going to give you the actual tactics behind it on how you can actually achieve this and make $50 a day online. All right.

Now, why should you even care about making money online? Like why is this important? Right? Why should you care about making money online? Well, the first thing you got to understand is everyone is online in some form of another, okay, everyone is online.

I don’t care if we’re talking grandparents, I don’t care if we’re talking obviously, the younger generations online, everybody is online to a certain extent, okay, everyone, you know, at once in a while.

Watch a YouTube video or searches on Google, or does something or buy something on Amazon or Ebay or something like that? Pretty much everyone out there is online. Okay. So if everybody’s online.

There’s a phenomenal opportunity for you to make some money out there. Okay, something you got to think about. Also, here’s another huge thing online can be done any time. Alright, so you got an online business.

And you can do this any time, this is a beautiful thing. This is what our parents and grandparents would have dreamed about. All right, it was so unrealistic to have any side hobby where you make an extra money on the side, right.

In the past, because in the past, you know, think about our grandparents generation, if they want to make any extra money after their job was over, after they got done at the factory or whatever they were doing for work, right.

They actually had to be at a physical location. So they’re pretty much spending all their time in these physical locations and whatnot. When you are online, you can do anything at any time.

Like, I could record this, like I’m recording this video in the middle of day right now. But I could record this video at 3am. Like, it would be nothing to me, I can record this video at 3am.

I can record at midnight, I can record it at eight in the morning. It doesn’t matter. Okay? When you’re making money online, you can do it anytime, whenever it’s convenient for you. And that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Okay, literally people would drink it.

You know, our grandparents never had this opportunity is a whole new opportunity for our generation to take advantage of making money online. Man, it’s a beautiful thing. It costs almost no money. Okay, well.

I will say low money, in some cases literally cost you no money to start online businesses, low money or no money? How like, like, what? Does it get any better for a business model out there? Does it get any bit better out there.

It takes virtually no money or very low amount of money to start, right? Everyone is accessing this, right? Everyone you can possibly imagine is accessing this. And you can do it when it’s convenient for you.

It’s the most beautiful thing in the world, guys. So for someone that’s not trying to make money online, I’m just like, why? Like why, like, you must have no ambition to try to make money you’d like like, I’m like, like, it’s amazes me, guys.

You have this golden opportunity in front of you, I could understand if it was super high cost to start an online business, I can understand why people wouldn’t want to take the risk. But that’s not factual information.

It’s very low cost or no cost to start most online businesses. If no one was using online products, I could understand why would you want to be on but when everybody’s on it, why not? Okay.

And if it was like, you needed to be here at a certain time and do this at a certain time and all those type of things I could understand. But when you can do at any time, guys, this is a golden opportunity.

And last thing before we start to get into these five is people you know, might look at $50 a day and it might not sound like that much money. Okay. $50 a day. Well, the beautiful thing about $50 a day is this really starts to add up and especially if this is your side income.

Which you can do it as a side income. Okay, we’re not talking about making $500 a day online. We’re not talking about making $5,000 a day online $50,000 $500,000 like some people do online every single day. Okay.

We’re talking about $50 that can be pulled off as like a side hustle. Okay, as a side hustle. $50 a day that is $350 a week, okay. $350 a week of extra money. That is around 15 $100 per month of extra money okay? 15 $100 per month.

And that would be over $18,000 per year of extra money in your pocket okay $18,000 a year that would change the majority of people’s lives out there. Okay, I don’t care if we’re talking about developed country like the United States or Canada or you know, any place in the EU or whatnot.

I don’t care if we’re talking you know, low income countries don’t matter where you live. If you make an extra $18,000 a year the average person’s life will literally change Okay, there will literally change your life in the things that can do the amount of money they can invest all those type of things.

Okay? An extra $18,000 a year is just a life changing type thing for most people because most people out there making you know, let’s say even in developed countries are making maybe $40,000 per year.

So you’re pretty much almost going to have a 50% raise in your income, if you can just pull off $50 a day that is massive guys, that is massive. So many people are trying to, you know, worry about trying to make an extra dollar a day or a few dollars a day by getting a raise at their job.

And I’m like, What are you doing that for? So what you you make $11 per hour, and then you go up to $12 per hour, and you work eight hours a day, and you make an extra $8 per day, dude, FOCUS Online man, this is where the money’s at.

This is where the money’s at, guys. So I hope you really enjoyed this video today. I hope you learn a lot from it. And I hope you actually go out and apply it a lot of people watch these videos.

And and Do they ever do anything? No, they never do anything. By the way, just for reference for you guys, it took me I was able to achieve $50 plus per day consistently within the first 12 months of me deciding to focus on making money online.

2016 the very beginning of 2016 was when I was like, you know, I can make some money online, I can do some things I can provide value out there to the world, I can make money online. And within 12 months.

I was able to get to a place where I was making over $50 a day online. While in 2016 2017 I was still had my my my main business, which was a real estate marketing company. Okay, so I had my real my real estate business.

And for the first two years of making money online, I was able to just do it as a side hustle. And nowadays I do it as a full time deal. So I hope you guys really enjoy this hope you learned a lot today.

Hit a thumbs up if you enjoy content like this. And let’s get into this already. The first way you can make $50 a day online is the platform you’re watching this on now. I thought I’d do this one first before all the others because you’re watching this on YouTube.

And it is through YouTube ad revenue. Okay, YouTube ad revenue. Now this one has gotten a bad name for itself over the past few years because of a lot of situations with some big creators, and it caused problems for smaller creators.

Okay, so first off, you got to understand if you want to make YouTube ad revenue, you need to get over a threshold, what is the threshold that you need to get over to start actually making YouTube ad revenue, you have to have 1000 subscribers, okay.

You have to have 1000 subscribers and you need to have 4000 hours of watch time. Okay, watch. Time. All right. Now, people might say, dang, I need to get all that. Well guess what, if you don’t have at least those numbers, you’re not going to really be making any money on this platform.

And anyways, like I used to have my real estate marketing channel, okay, for instance, it used to have less than 1000 subscribers used to not get that much watch time. And it was technically monetized.

But it would make like $1 a month or something like that, or $2 a month, it was like pretty much nothing. Okay, so first thing I understand, you got to hit these numbers. Now, that is pretty realistic for most people within about a six month span, depending on how much work you put in.

Okay, and depending upon strategy. All right now I got to give you the strategy on how you get to this $50 a day It took me on the financial education channel, the channel you’re watching this on.

I think I hit started hitting this around a month 11 or month 12 of doing YouTube, somewhere around there is when I started hitting $50 plus per day, consistently off of ad revenue. All right.

Now, a lot of people don’t understand how to get views on YouTube, how to make money on YouTube. What is the right strategy? I’m going to share all that with you guys here today. Okay, so many people start about it the wrong way when they think about starting a YouTube channel.

All right, first thing you got to think of before you think of anything, like a lot of people think about the viewer first. And that’s the last thing you actually want to think of. That’s the last thing you want to think of the first thing you want to think of if you want to be successful on YouTube.

Is you got to think about me. Okay, you got to think about you. You got to think about yourself, what type of content would you enjoy watching on YouTube? What What is it you’re passionate about? Okay, all those type of things, because basically what’s going to end up happening is, if you’re not passionate about something.

It’s going to end up starting to shine through, and you’re not going to get any views. Okay. And the other thing you got to understand is YouTube is a long treadmill that never ends. YouTube is a treadmill that never ends.

And you’re constantly going to be running, okay? You’re constantly going to be running on this treadmill. Can you make a ton of passive income from this from backlog videos if you have evergreen content, evergreen content, meaning content that gets used for months and years in the future.

Yes, absolutely. But still, if you want the new views coming in, it’s a never ending treadmill. So if you’re not passionate about something, if you can’t wake up every single day and want to talk about that subject or do videos about that, right? It’s not gonna work out for you.

It will not work out for you. I can pretty much 100% guarantee you, it will not work out for you unless you’re passionate about something. So many times people try to start YouTube channels around trying to money chase something, okay.

So they see something being popular and they’re like, oh, let me try to make money off that and they end up their channels dive really, really fast. Okay, guys, if you want to be here for the long term, you want to make money off easily YouTube ads for a long, long time, right? You got to focus on you first, okay.

You got to focus on you and what type of content you would actually enjoy watching on the platform. The second thing is all right The second thing is, you got to worry about what YouTube wants. Okay? What does YouTube want? YouTube wants two things.

Okay, two things in the end, in my personal opinion from being on YouTube for several years now. I’ve seen it time and time again, YouTube’s looking for two things, all right? They’re looking for content that gets a lot of watch time.

Okay, they’re looking for content that gets a lot of watch time, which I think is honestly one of the one of the reasons why this channel has succeeded, okay? Because all the videos I do on this channel are generally pretty long, long videos.

And the reason being is they’re in money, they’re about money. They’re in depth. It’s not like I’m making some comedy skit here or something. Like these are really in depth videos, I’m giving tactics behind things.

I’m talking in depth about stocks, or whatever it is. Okay, so these videos are generally longer. And if you look at my moat, if you were to go on my YouTube channel, and look at my most popular videos, the ones I’ve gotten the most views ever.

The majority of them are 10 plus minutes long, and a lot of them are 20 plus minutes long, okay? YouTube favors those type of videos, and they want to push that out to more and more people because it’s getting watch time.

Okay? YouTube loves watch time, and we can speculate on why they love watch time. But they love watch time. Okay, that’s the first thing and YouTube what else they love, they love money, okay, they want videos that make them money.

I always have at least I or at least I try to have at least two to three ads per video at least. And here’s why. It’s not necessarily just so I can make more money. It’s because YouTube favors these type of videos more, okay, YouTube favors these type of videos more, okay, they want money.

They want watch time, if you if you’re not getting watch time, and you’re not making YouTube money, then they’re less likely to promote the content in my personal opinion. Now, we don’t have any, you know, specific statistics to back this up or anything like that.

I’m just looking at it from a perspective of the videos that I have to make the most money and have really long watch time, those videos somehow happened to do really great on the channel in videos that, you know, might even be on a super popular subject.

But it was only you know, seven minutes or eight minutes and it didn’t get a lot of watch time. Those videos don’t flourish on the channel. Okay, so there’s something more to it, right, there’s something more to it there.

So, you’ve got to think about that, then Okay, then you can start thinking about the people Okay, then you can start thinking about the people, then you can start thinking about you know, what would make somebody click on this video, okay, you got to make a good thumbnail.

Okay, and what I mean thought, good thumbnail. Some, some people think like, it’s got to be super complicated. That’d be all these fancy tricks. And you got to know Photoshop and all this stuff. No, no, no, no, no, it’s got to be a good thumbnail in the sense that you capture somebody’s eyeball, and they see it.

And then it explains kind of what’s going to happen in the video and then you got to execute Okay, then you got to execute on the promise that video. So you might have a, you know, a video title or some time you execute on the promise.

If you want to build up loyal subscribers and loyal people that are gonna watch your channel, if I name this video, five ways to make $50 a day online. And then I don’t talk about five ways to make $50 a day online, or I like, you know, have you go to some course or whatever, to learn about that.

And the video didn’t, you know, deliver on what was promised there? Like, you’re not going to build loyal subscribers, I build loyal subscribers every single day, 300 400 500 subscribers a day on this channel.

Because I deliver on my promises. When I say I’m going to talk about something, I talked about that subject I get in depth with it and whatnot. That’s how you do it. And so you got to always focus on you know, how do you build loyal subscribers? And then how do you get new subscribers, okay? It’s a balancing act.

It’s a balancing act on YouTube, if you want to be successful, okay? You can’t just focus on getting new subscribers all the time or your, your turn off the loyal subscriber. At the same time.

You can’t just focus on your loyal subscribers all the time with you content, otherwise will end up happening is you’ll get no new subscribers, okay? So it’s a balancing act of keeping both happy, okay.

And when you do daily, it’s a lot easier because you know, people might not come back every day your channel, but they might come back a few times a week. And generally if you you made some for the loyal and so for the new thing, guess what, you probably had a.

You know, some people that are gonna check out a few videos from the week and whatnot. Okay? So that’s the first thing, okay? And now, why do you want to, you know, make sure you take a screenshot of this or whatever.

Because that’s going to help you out a lot. Why do you want to make money on YouTube? Why should you care about YouTube? Okay, well, there are several reasons why you need to care about YouTuber who should care about YouTube and building up a YouTube channel.

Okay, here’s why. over a billion people, okay, over 1 billion peeps are on YouTube. All right. This is a massive, massive numbers a monthly number two, okay. If we were to take up how many people use YouTube probably on a yearly basis.

We’re probably talking about 2 billion plus people use YouTube, okay. When you have that amount of people in there, it’s probably a pretty good place to be right. Also, another thing got to understand is ad rates are going to start going up substantially over the coming years.

In my opinion, based upon historical trends based upon what happened with the Google search engine. Basically, as you know, more and more advertisers Come on, what ends up happening.

It pushes up ad rates up and Ad rates and they go higher and higher and higher. Okay? So there’s definitely an advantage to being on YouTube because of, you know, billion plus people are using this site all the time.

And rates are going up. It’s a phenomenal thing. All right. So And one last thing I want to leave you guys with about YouTube before we get onto number two is you got to make sure you’re good on camera.

Okay, you’re good on camera. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to you need to have gone to film school or something like that. I never went to film school. But you got to make sure you’re going camera.

How do you get good on camera through repetition, okay, through a number of times doing something all right through a number of times doing something. So in this case, you need to record a lot of videos.

I recorded 100 plus videos before I even started to get decent on camera. Okay, when I first I always leave up my first videos ever done on YouTube, just so people can view it and kind of see how bad I sucked back then, and how, you know, it was just really boring videos.

And I was just, you know, like, oh, like a deer in headlights. So most people are when you start YouTube, okay, you got to get good on camera, you’re not good on camera. This is TV guys. This is TV, what you’re watching this on is basically TV, okay, it’s called YouTube.

But in the end, it’s taking people’s time away from watching Netflix or television or whatever. Those people are really good. Okay. So if you want to be really good on camera, you need to do these things, number of times, you need to practice over and over and over and over and over and over.

It’s like anything, okay? You want to be a great three point shooter, man, you better get down the course and start shooting shots unit need to be shooting them every single day, okay, that’s the way it needs to be.

So YouTube’s a phenomenal way to make ad revenue off that by the way, if you just wondering like, basically anybody that watches, either an entire ad, or at least 15 seconds of an ad, that’s how you get paid.

So every time that happened, or if somebody clicks on an ad, a banner ad or whatever, you make money from that as a YouTube creator. So it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing, it’s definitely a great way to make at least $50 a day.

Let’s get into number two, the number two way you can make $50 a day online is through an affiliate website and affiliate website. What does this mean? What does this actually mean? Okay? Obviously.

You know, and the amount of people that search on websites every single day Google Search things is off the charts, right? So what you can do is you can create a website, okay, so you create this website.

And what you want to do is you want to create a website around a specific niche, okay, you want to create it around a specific niche of some kind. All right. Um, so let’s say your niche, let’s say your niche for this example is, you could do something on, you know.

Smartphone covers, okay, smartphone covers, that’s, that’s really what your website is about. Maybe you dip into a couple other things, but let’s say you just talk about smartphone covers, okay, we’ll just say, SC here, smartphone covers, that’s what you talk about on your website.

That’s what you’re trying to rank for. So if somebody searches, you know, best smartphone covers for the iPhone 10, okay, or the you know, anything about smartphone covers, hopefully, your your, you know, website will come up there and rankings.

And if it’s getting a lot of views, if it started getting more and more views, it’s going to rank higher and higher in Google, and it starts to push you more and more, okay, it’s a slow build, at first no different than anything.

YouTube or anything pretty much making money online. It’s a slow build at first. But once you start getting some momentum and start making a success as website, the next thing you know, you’re the view start poor now.

So you got this, this website all about smartphone covers. All right. Great. That’s really interesting. Okay, I’m sure we would probably get a lot of clicks a lot of people are searching about smartphone covers all the time.

Now, how do you start making money off this? How do you start making money off this? Well, you could make money off of like banner ads you can have from Google and whatnot.

I don’t suggest that in my personal opinion, okay. Although you can make money from that. I think there’s a lot better way and is through affiliate marketing, okay. Affiliate Marketing, a affiliate marketing, what affiliate marketing is, is every single pretty much retailer out there has some type of affiliate program.

Which basically means if somebody clicks on a link within 24 hours and buy something off that website, you make money off that sale. Alright. So a good example is Amazon. Okay, Amazon.

Amazon basically has an affiliate program where you can you know, it’s not hard to become an affiliate with Amazon or whatnot, you can apply online is super easy. Like you just you can just google search or affiliate marketing through Amazon, and you literally sign up for them.

You get approved and what you end up doing is you start putting affiliate links on all the different you know, pages you have on smartphone covers, okay, so this is when you combine them all right, this is when you combine them, so we’ll have smartphone covers.

Let’s say you’re doing a top 10 iPhone 10 smartphone covers, cool, cool video, right? You have Amazon or any retailer out there, whatever one you want to set up with, you’re gonna have Amazon links for all 10 of those smartphone covers.

All right. And here’s the great thing when people click on to see more of that smartphone cover. Guess what ends up happening as long as they buy that smartphone cover or any smartphone cover or anything on it.

Amazon within a 24 hour period, you make money off that, okay, so long as they buy something off Amazon within a 24 hour period, you make money off that all because they clicked on that affiliate link, how beautiful of a business model.

Is that? Right? How beautiful a business model is that? Okay, so you got this smartphone cover website was a really nice thing, right? But people are searching smartphone covers all the time, okay, you could come up with so many cool ones, you know.

Not just like top 10 smartphone covers for 2018 then you can come up with ones like, top 10 most expensive smartphone covers top 10 cheapest smartphone covers on top 10 clear smartphone covers like you could come up with so many different ones, you come up with so many different ideas for that.

It’s like off the charts, top 10 smartphone covers celebrities use top 10 most heavy duty smartphone covers, I can give you a million of examples just off the top of my head that you could literally make different web pages about right and hopefully start getting clicks.

The more clicks you get, the more clicks it’s gonna produce in the future, then people start clicking on these Amazon affiliate links. And guess what, you start making money. It’s a beautiful thing, guys, that’s, that’s um, when I started making money online, the first way I started making money was through YouTube ads.

Then after that I was like, maybe affiliate marketing. So that’s what I started doing. I would you know, having all my videos linked, like some of my favorite stock market books and business books and things like that.

And pretty much every single day I would make affiliate money of some kind, it wasn’t a lot. It was sometimes like $5 a day or $10 a day, maybe $20 a day, it wasn’t a lot of money, but it was still extra money on top of the YouTube ad revenue and it was awesome.

Okay, so affiliate marketing is definitely you know, a way you can go and doing it through a website, you could do this for so many different niches out there, guys, you could do it for food related niches, okay, you could do it for working out related niches.

Imagine all the workout products you could have on your website, whatnot, there’s so many different, you know, possibilities out there, affiliate websites is definitely a phenomenal way you can make money, let’s get into number three, the number three way you can make at least $50 a day is something.

That’s kind of a new industry that has kind of popped up within the past few years, at least in a serious way. And number three is something we call course selling rk or information selling whatever you want to call it.

But core selling is basically what it is all right core selling, core selling is the new books. Okay, core selling is the new books, all right, what books used to the core selling is starting to become that all right, where instead of people wanting to buy a book for something.

They’d rather watch a video course where somebody teaches something, and they have interactive slides in it, or, you know, they see the person’s face and it has audio and whatnot. People actually much prefer courses rather than than books.

I know when I came out with my course, versus my book, like, like sales for the book dropped, you know, substantially in core sales went through the roof. Okay, people want video courses is such a, you know.

It’s just a ton of demand out there for video courses versus books. So this is a huge opportunity for you. All right. What you got to understand is a few things. Okay, you probably have some info.

You probably know something really well, okay, you probably know something really well, I don’t know what it is the only you know what it is you got to really think about it. But whatever you know a lot about you probably create a course around that. All right.

Let’s say you know a lot about cars, right? You know a lot about cars, you would create a course around, you know, fixing different things in your car or changing oil or different things like that. All right, you could create courses around that.

There’s so many possibilities. All right, let’s say you know how to code, you could create a coding course. So say you know how to create apps on the App Store, right, the Apple App Store and how you know, somebody the process of how somebody can get an app approved.

You could create a course around that there’s so many possibilities. It’s endless for you out there. But you just got to know some type of info that other people don’t know that they might be interested in.

And you can sell courses. Okay. Now, a few things about selling courses is first you got to get attention. Okay, first, you need to get attention. If you want to sell any actual courses, you got to get attention on some kind.

There are a lot of different ways, you know, on social media, you know, it is I wouldn’t say it’s easy to get attention, but it’s not that super hard. Let’s just put it that way. So first thing you need to get his attention through socials, Instagrams a possibility.

YouTube is a huge possibility. Facebook snapchats a little harder. In my opinion, Twitter’s a little harder because not as many people use Twitter nowadays and whatnot. But there’s still plenty of possibility, especially when you think about Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Okay, those are the kind of the three main ones in my opinion.

Also, you could do websites, you could do blogs, you do so many different things. You could do a podcast, there’s a million, there are a million different reasons on how you can get attention and ways you can get attention.

Once you start getting attention through these socials, then you can actually start selling a course of some kind that provides value to people out there depending upon your niche that you talk about or discuss all the time. Okay.

So basically, here’s here’s how the economics of a course This works All right, let’s say you have, you have 100 people a day on your thing, which is not a lot of people, okay? You have 100 people that have attention that you know.

Brings attention to you every single day, somehow either YouTube views on your YouTube channel, Instagram views or our Facebook views or or blog views or podcasts use whatever it is, okay? You have 100 people a day that come to that, right.

Here’s how you make $50 a day, you have a course that is $50. All right. All you need to have is one person that thinks that’s interesting to buy per day. And guess what you end up making $50 a day, okay? It’s not complicated math.

And that’s only 1% of people. Okay? Now, obviously, the more people you have that view your stuff every time, the more attention you have the much higher probability you’re going to have more and more core sales over time. Okay.

Now, by the way, I wouldn’t suggest usually pricing at $50 what teachable, which is a phenomenal platform, that’s actually the one I use, what they suggest is that you actually want to start over over $100, okay, you actually want to be over $100 price point.

You want to provide enough value that it’s worth more than $100 and the reason being is a lot of times these cheap courses, you know, less expensive ones are not viewed as valuable from the consumers.

Okay, so what teachable has found is the top selling courses, generally appraise somewhere around $300 is what they say okay, based upon their statistics, and they got the statistics to prove it.

Okay? The best, the best price courses are usually around $300. Okay, so you don’t want to make it too expensive in the in the respect of, you know, no one can afford it. But at the same time, if you’re having a really low value, a lot of people will look at that and say, oh.

There’s probably not much value there. It’s only 20 bucks only a $40 course it’s probably not much value there. When it’s a higher price point they view it as more value and they could have the same amount of videos right they could have you know.

One could have the $40 course cap 50 videos the same in the the $300 course could have 50 videos of the same the one that has a higher price point will end up doing better numbers it’s weird guys, it’s really weird.

This is where the human mind works. Okay, so core selling phenomenal guys you can you can do this okay, the trick is just got to have a lot of people think they and I can understand if you’re super young.

You probably you might not have anything valuable, but you might you might know you might know I know Clash of Clans so dang Well okay, you might be a clash of clans expert, you might be you know, the best Clash of Clans player you have ever known.

You know out there or whatever, you will create a course on how to be a great Clash of Clans player. And if you get attention somehow through a clash of clans YouTube channel or whatever, or Instagram page may guess what people are going to pay for your course.

Okay, he might save that silly, no one’s gonna pay for that course. Dude, people spend billions of dollars on Candy Crush and clash of clans and all these different games to buy gems and stuff like that you think they’re not going to pay $100 for a course if you’re a really good Clash of Clans player.

And you can teach them how to get a level 150 Bass or whatever, dude, like like, you’re gonna make money off it, okay, you’re gonna make money off it, you just gotta know how to get attention.

Once you get attention through the socials, then it’s just a numbers game, the more attention you get, the higher probability and the better salesperson you are to the higher probability you’re going to get sales for your courses. Okay? Course selling is phenomenal, guys.

Definitely take advantage of it. Let’s get into number four. Are you guys the number four way I’m going to give you to make at least $50 a day online is through something called drop shipping.

But it’s not just drop shipping. In general, it’s drop shipping, but through an Instagram page. Okay, so drop shipping through Instagram, okay? through Instagram. All right, here’s how this is done.

I’m gonna explain you exactly how this is done that a lot of people making a lot of money from this, drop shipping through Instagram. By the way, drop shipping real quick, if you don’t never heard that expression of the term or whatever.

By the way, I got drop shipping, for beginners video on the channel, you might want to check out after this ends if you’re interested in that. But drop shipping for in the simplest thing is basically a business model where you don’t have to take into any inventory.

And you can create a website, a Shopify store, something like that, where you get sales to something. And that thing is connected with AliExpress, which is over in China, which is owned through a massive company named Alibaba or you can have it through different companies.

Just the most popular one is going through aliexpress. And you can sell items without ever taking inventory. So some of you have you, you know, have this page on Instagram or whatever Facebook and basically people end up seeing it and they see a product on there and they’re like, I want to buy that product.

They buy that product for $10. You go in maybe you only have to spend $5 on AliExpress that AliExpress directly ships it to that customer, okay, and you just made yourself a $5 profit. It’s a beautiful thing. Okay, so how do you go about doing this? All right.

Let’s say first thing you want to do is you want to start an Instagram page around some type of niche. Okay, you want to start an Instagram page around some type of niche. All right.

So let’s say you start Have an Instagram page around cats. Okay, you start an Instagram page around cats? Well, you know what, let’s just not let’s go even more niche than that. Because the more niche you go, sometimes the better off you be.

Let’s not just make it about just pure cats. Let’s make it about those make about black cats. Okay, let’s make it about black cats. All right. That’s what your whole Instagram page is about, okay? And what you’re going to want to do.

You’re going to want to post tons of pictures and videos and whatnot, and make sure you’re, you’re hashtagging them for all the right hashtags on cats, okay, and guess what’s going to end up happening over time, you’re going to start building this Instagram profile.

And the more posts you do, the better chance you have of hitting the lottery hitting the lottery. And Instagram is a post that often gets fed out to a lot of people gets on the Discover page and whatnot.

And next thing you know, you start picking up a lot of views, okay, the more times you go out there, and you do something like that, the higher probability you have of getting a video that clicks if it’s a video, you create an Instagram or picture that clicks and a lot of people start liking it.

And what it ends up doing is in the description, you say, hey, if you let black cats come follow my page, I post pictures all the time people start checking it out, there’s all these cute pictures of black cats all over the place, and videos, whether you take in them or you repost it that somebody else took or whatever, that’s how you do it.

Okay, so you have all these people now that are on your page for blackcats. Okay, great. All right. Now what you can start throwing in every once in a while, once you’ve built this out, and I would say spend at least six months building the audience, okay.

Before you even worry about selling stuff. Okay? spend about six months just building the audience. Now you’ve got an audience bill, hopefully you have at least 1000 you know, followers, if you’re really successful, and you really did this, you know, you really know Instagram inside and out and how to build an Instagram.

You could have maybe gotten to, you know, 10,000 plus followers on Instagram. Okay. So now what comes in is now you want to start making money through drop shipping, okay? So once you start doing is every once in a while you make a post that is not necessarily it’s about black cats.

But it’s not necessarily your typical thing of Oh, it’s a cute picture of two black cats Katalin or whatever or, or this video, okay, now what you start doing is you post something that’s a drop shipping item, okay.

Like, let’s say calendar, that’s just an example there a calendar, a mug that has you know, black cats on it, or calendar that features a bunch of, you know, pretty black cats that everybody thinks are so cute, or whatever your audience would love, right? You post that.

And guess what, you have the link in that actual post, or you put it in your below your description of your actual Instagram page, and you have this link that takes people straight to buy that item, that drop shipping item.

And you because you created a Shopify store or whatever, or just a website in general, they have this link there, they click on that link. And some people buy some people buy, some people don’t buy, you start making money on this.

Okay, so let’s say that calendar is on, let’s say you charge $20 for it, right? Let’s say you get it from AliExpress and the shipped to the customer, everything for $10. Right? $10, all you had to get was how many people, five people, five people times $10 profit each time equals your $50 a day. All right.

Now hopefully with this, you’ll get more than five people to buy it right. Especially if you have a bigger following you have 5000 10,000 20,000 people following you on Instagram, a much higher probability that you’re going to get a way bigger number than that, okay? And what you can start doing is.

You know, twice a week or three times, let’s say you post, let’s say you do seven posts, okay, let’s say you do seven posts a week. So every single day, you have a post of some kind coming, what you can start doing is you can start doing two posts a week that are basically you know.

Some type of drop shipping posts where you’re trying to sell an item to your audience, okay, two times a week. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful thing, okay. And if you have a really loyal audience there, and they’re around this specific niche.

You’re you’re advertising for free. It’s not even like you’re having to advertise to them. It’s free, because you’re just posting another post about this, this calendar and people are gonna see it.

And as long as you present it in the right way, they’re gonna see, oh my gosh, it’s a calendar about black cats. Oh my gosh, I love black cats. I’m gonna buy this calendar guys. It’s very simple.

Okay, it’s a very simple business model. not complicated at all. Let’s say you want to create one around fitness. Okay, I’ll give you another example of what you can do here, just so you guys can get a really good idea.

So you’re just creating something around fitness. Now, once again, I want to suggest you do general fitness. That’s really broad, right? That’s really broad. So you’re gonna want to niche this down a bit. Okay.

So let’s say your focus is all around legs. Okay? So your posts on Insta are all about legs, alright. They’re all about legs. They’re all about how people can build up their legs, okay, thighs, calves, the whole deal. Okay, get run faster, all that type of stuff.

Anything that’s involved in the legs. That is what you post about, okay, that’s what people can come to your page, expecting. All right. Basically, you’re going to continue to build this for at least a six month span.

In my opinion, before you start worrying about selling anything, you have to build this you’re going to have innovative posts that you know how different people can do different workouts, motivational type stuff, you know.

Had pictures of some guy squatting 1000 pounds or whatever, a ton of different things today from creative things, the more creative you are, the better off, you’ll be, right? So you spend that time you create this thing.

And then you know, you start doing your two to three posts per week, that involves something that you’re drop shipping some type of item that can help people build up their legs more, okay, that can help people build up their legs more, or, you know.

I’ll even take this another step, you could even have something affiliate, okay, which wouldn’t be a drop shipping at all, you just have something affiliate marketing, even some type of link to some type of Amazon product or whatever that people are going to see.

And they’re like, well, that’s cool, I can build up my legs, you’ve got a niche, you’ve got a niche all around people that just want to learn about building up their legs and are very passionate about that.

And I want to have the best look and legs out there. Okay, you have this passion, a bunch of people that are around that, right? And guess what you’re gonna end up probably be able to sell them some products, guys, it is not rocket science behind this one.

I hope you guys learned a lot from this. Let’s get into number by the last one, number five. And this one’s gonna go pretty quick, because you’re already introduced to two of these different products.

But what this one is, it’s affiliate marketing through YouTube. Okay, affiliate marketing through YouTube. So before we talked about the first one we talked about was YouTube for basically making ad revenue.

This one is around affiliate marketing through YouTube. And I can tell you, there are tech channels out there that are making six to seven figures per year, okay, per year from affiliate marketing. Okay. The greatest example of this, well, this wasn’t even a direct tech channel.

But Casey Neistat back in his prime, he had affiliate links to all the different products he used, right? That guy there was estimates that he was making at least six figures per month from this, okay, basically how it works is once again, you get attention through YouTube.

But instead of trying to focus on making ad revenue, which you can still make ad revenue, right? You’re focusing on making affiliate marketing income. Okay, so you got all those links in the pinned comments, you can have all your links in the pinned comments is a beautiful thing.

You can pin comments now, Amazon affiliate links or whatever company affiliate links there. People click on those affiliate links, and they buy products, okay, because you created a list of Top 10 Gaming computers that people should get this year, okay.

And guess what, some people if that gets a lot of views, like some people are gonna click on that. And they’re either going to buy that thing you talked about in that video, they’re going to buy something on Amazon or whatever website within a certain amount of time, and you’re going to end up making oodles of money from it.

Okay, this one is not complicated. Okay, not complicated. We already went through how to get views on YouTube, we already went through what affiliate marketing is, this one is just combining YouTube and combining affiliate marketing guys.

It can be done very successfully. I’ve another, like a second channel called regular guy tech. And I do kind of this, but I don’t really do it the way it should be done in that channel doesn’t get a ton of views right now.

But like, like, if I start really shouting things out, I can make much more affiliate marketing money. I make affiliate marketing money every single day from that channel. It’s a very, very small channel.

And every single day, I make money from that channel based upon affiliate marketing, because that channel doesn’t even have ads hooked up to it yet. So the only way I make money from that channel is through affiliate marketing, which I could make so much more money if I started shouting it out in the videos and whatnot.

But anyways, I hope you guys really enjoyed this five ways you can make $50 a day online. There’s so many different ways to make money online. It’s up for you to take the action now and go out there and try to explore something be like, you know what, I don’t want to do this.

But I think this over here, I could be passionate around this and I could do this successfully. It’s up for you out there to create something. There’s so many possibilities. It’s a beautiful thing guys get on it, get doing it. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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