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Well guys today I am going to be talking about 5 stocks that I have not talked about this year! A lot of people have been asking me for update videos on certain stocks. Lately I have been talking about a group of stocks and I have not talked about my other stocks in the portfolio.

So today I decided to make a video on these 5 stocks that I think are flying under the radar. These stocks I believe are great stocks and I don’t have intention in selling for the exception of one!

I will update you on the stock price and some news that have come out of these companies recently. Some of these stocks have released numbers since last time I’ve talked about them and I will let you guys know some of these numbers for each of the companies.

Hope you enjoy this video! This is a fun video that is information packed! A little update video on a group of stocks that I own. Let me know if you own any of these stocks in the comment section. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now! DONT FORGET TO SMASH!!

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Hello guys, welcome into today’s video hope you’re having a great day out there as always here today i’m going to share with you five unbelievable stocks, five B stocks I hardly ever talk about recently in 2021.

These are stocks that I own and I used to talk about them a lot in 2020. However, I haven’t been talking about them much at all the last few months and a lot of people are wondering, do you still own the stocks?

What’s your opinion on these stocks, things like that. So I said let’s do a video today that updates on this whole situation. Recently, over the past few months, I’ve been talking a lot about obviously Tesla, the planet CRS.

Our rate course here gaming tattooed chef te DCF GG TTF in Facebook, okay, those have been the stocks I’ve really heavily talked about the last few months, but there’s other stocks that I was talking about a lot in 2020 that I’ve just kind of haven’t really talked about.

So we’re gonna get into that guys hope you enjoy this video. As always, don’t forget to smash the thumbs up as always, I do appreciate you guys smashing as much as possible if you’re looking to apply for a private stock group so you can learn how to scale your portfolios to six figures seven figures eight figures and up. 

From there that will be linked in the description might also have that is the pinned comment down there already guys, let’s start getting into these five stocks.

First one up here is the very good food company ticker symbol v RYYF. It’s been a while since I’ve really talked about this one, this was a stock I was talking about quite a bit in 2020 was a stock I was super excited about and I was buying it’s about a $400 million market cap company.

They’re in the plant based food space. They’re growing rapidly. And this is supposed to be a big expansion year for them. Okay, so first off, do I still own the stock? Yes, I do. I own literally every single share I ever bought in this company.

So 40,100 shares in total and the stock has done very well for us. And I have absolutely no interest in selling out of the stock and in some of that, you know something that kind of bugs me you know, being in my position you know.

I understand like, you know, having like the notoriety in the stock market space is awesome and you get to make a lot of money on youtube and those sorts of things. One of the annoying things is like people just make some people okay in a very select percentage but there is that amount out there that literally will just make up lies about me and say oh.

He sold out that stock he was just a pump and dump because he hasn’t talked about in like two months or something like that. And it’s like, Listen, man, I own a lot of stocks like it doesn’t mean I have to talk about each one of these stocks every single day or something like that.

So I still own every single share I’ve ever bought in the very good food company. A lot of good news has come out recently in regards to very good food come right look at this February 18. The very good food company announces increased distribution with national retailers February 24.

A very good food company completes acquisition of the culture nut in March 9 which is today the very good food company announces signing of committed Canadian $70 million credit facility non binding term sheet with prominent institutional investment firm as well as the very good food company recently announced a new director of us sales and provides e commerce update all right.

So the culture not acquisition Okay, this is this is something that has definitely some big long term potential they basically acquired this company it’s a highly popular artisan vegan cheese producer on the west coast of Canada with current sales distribution and several online in grocery retailers including select Whole Foods stores all right, then if you think about this space long term.

I mean it is absolutely mass culture nuts products current average wholesale price is $4 per unit and very intends to scale culture nuts existing production facility to over 100,000 units per month in 2021.

With plans to scale production further in 2022. To ensure a successful business integration, the founders of the culture nut and certain other key employees have entered into employment agreements with vary in the transaction structure includes conditional payments based on the achievement of production in product innovation milestones.

I like that, okay, so these folks coming over, we’re going to be very incentivized to build that business much, much larger, build these volumes up, get more distribution and all those sorts of things. I love this, okay.

The very a few months ago had the earnings come out by the way, the next very earnings will probably come out in the next I would say 30 to 45 days, man look at the revenue growth 322% year over year, gross margins are going way up for this business.

The business is just clicking on all cylinders, huge potential here long term. They’re in such a good financial position versus when I first started investing in this company. And ultimately the very good food company is a long term hold for me still hold all 40,100 shares Time will tell where this one goes long term.

I’m a big believer in it. That’s why I continue Hold the shares despite being up, you know, considerable amounts of money still hold all the shares. And I look at this and I say, What if they can just become a fraction of the size of beyond meat long term? You know.

I think this definitely can be a company that gets to a billion or $2 billion in market cap over time, maybe maybe even bigger than that. But it remains to be seen, obviously, they have to execute on a high level. Right now. It’s a $400 million market cap. So I’m gladly holding that one.

for the long term. It’s, it’s one of my three players in that space, basically, TCF very good food company and beyond me, beyond me in that space is arguably maybe the safest, right, because they’re the big dog. They’re doing partnerships with everybody.

T DCF is kind of that, you know, I think it has limited downside, but also massive upside and the very good food company probably has the biggest potential upside, but obviously that one’s the biggest risk on the bunch, because obviously they are the smallest.

But yeah, very good food company. Love that company. And that’s why I still hold every single share ever bought in a company and I plan to continue to it. We’ll see where things go over the next few years with a very good food company.

What are you guys next stock up here number two, a five is revolved group ticker symbol. RV, Lv haven’t talked about this one quite a while okay. $47 stock here day $3.3 billion market cap. The stock has been just a consistent climbing stock for the past year.

I mean, you look at that chart. And I love a chart like that there’s no like necessarily time where just skyrocketed and then fell a bunch. It’s just consistently thrived and thrive. They play in the e commerce space.

With apparel, I like the management team in place for this company. They continue to grow Beasley on this, okay, as far as my holdings for the stock, I hold $111,000 worth of shares in the public count that’s 2375 shares at a cost base of $11.86.

We’re up at $3,000 on those ones there. And then in my main private account, I didn’t build that position nearly big enough in my main private account is actually one of the smallest positions, things do the second smallest third smallest position in my big dog private account, it only have $56,000 in it there.

So I wish I would have built that so much dang bigger in that account, I just was slacking, I was just slacking on that one. But needless to say, I’m a big believer in this company a whole 1200 shares in the main private account as well, this company should be able to grow massively for years to go in the future.

I’m talking years to go in the future in build into a very, very profitable business model that that starts to become very consistent, okay. And as far as this year, they’re expected to grow revenues over 18%.

Next year, they’re expected to grow revenues over 17%. So this is one of those companies that they should be able to grow double digits per year, every year for you know, as long as I can see, like, like, pretty much for the next 510 years.

I expect them to grow double digits, top line, year after year after year. Okay. emember have talked about I think this company’s gonna be very, very profitable, long term came in here’s, here’s what expectations are expected to do 70 cents APS in 2021? Don’t be surprised at all, if that number ends up being low.

And I’m talking really low. Do you see that? 2022 number 97 cents? Don’t be surprised at all, if they end up coming in with that type of number in 2021. Okay, where do you think that stock price is going if they come in with that type of number, and it remains to be seen, they obviously got to put up some impressive numbers, they got to execute on a high level.

But I’m just looking at that 70 cents i’m saying i think that could potentially be actually really, really underwhelming Lee low, I think there’s gonna be there’s huge pent up demand for apparel, clothing and those sorts of things this year, in 2021.

Just I feel like a huge pent up demand. I mean, people weren’t really doing stuff last year. And you know, this is going to be the year where people start getting back to life as normal, right? Especially in the back half of the year, going on trips, vacations, oh, guess what you do a lot of people’s, you know, love to buy new clothes, when they’re about to go on vacation, or you got to go to that concert, go to that sporting event, things like that.

And apparel sales do very well in that environment. And so this company, regardless of the next several years should become a very, very profitable business, throw off lots of cash flows, they should be able to expand the business bigger and bigger, put more money into advertising, marketing, getting the word out about this company, maybe making acquisitions, expanding this business more overseas.

And yeah, RV Lv is a long term hold for me another one of those stocks that I don’t care what price it goes to, in the short term on the holder, this company, I’ll gladly continue to hold those shares that I hold and I’m happy with that. And we’ll see how things play out.

But I know the management team there I like those guys a lot. I think they I think they have a very bright future for themselves. And I think they could be one of the biggest players if not the biggest player in e commerce when it comes to pure clothing sales.

Average ordered or vlv is usually like I think it’s like 300 bucks, man. Not a small amount at all right? Alright guys, let’s get into them. Next stock up here number three or five of these stocks. And that is a Dropbox ticker symbol DB x.

So this stock in 2020 I was talking about is so much in the back half of 2020 people got sick of me talking about this stock all the dang time, okay. But this year, I haven’t really been talking about that much. But I got to say, I love this company more than ever before.

Just because I don’t talk about a much lately, doesn’t mean I don’t love this company because I do okay, about $10 billion market there in the cloud space smart workspace, ie sending a documents is a very interesting acquisition here to date, and I’m going to share with you okay, so in the public count, I hold $123,000 worth of shares in that account, were up 26,000 on them, they’re okay.

In my main private account, I hold $246,000 worth of Dropbox and that account, were up over 44,000 that one, as far as I also in options account, I hold essentially, like almost $40,000 worth of call options in an options account.

It came with 18,000 so far on that those call options which a call option if you don’t know, basically a bet that a stock price is going to a certain price by a certain date, those expire in January of 2023. Okay, so I have a few years to play with.

They’re, they’re at a $20 strike price, okay, I think I’m going to make out like a bandit on those, let’s just put that way. When I sell out of that, it’s probably going to be worth $100,000 we’ll see what happens you know, maybe I’m wrong.

I think I’m gonna sell out and it’s gonna be six figures of those those those call options over the next year or two. because keep in mind, I don’t have to hold those call options until January 2023, if I don’t want Okay, and then also in this random chase account I have it’s like a little brokerage account, I have like $46,000 worth of Dropbox stock in that account as well.

And this is another one of those things that the very small percentage of see lies like this out there. Dropbox is a crap stock, it’s a bump stock, you’re losing money left and right on that, you know, what a dumb stock pic. And I’m like, you know, the fact is, we’re up nearly six figures now on Dropbox, nearly six figures.

Yeah, it’s not my best performing stock I’ve ever had, I’ve had a lot better performance docs and Dropbox, but then the day is a stock I’ve been in for what six to nine months. And we’re up nearly six figures on the stock. So you know, that’s the unfortunate thing people will make up lies about you and say whatever they want just you know.

I don’t know if some people are on educated or they just want to see you fail or whatever. But I was just like when I read stuff like that I’m just like, what are they doing that day? But anyways Dropbox is a beast in the stock will be respected I can promise you that the stock can get disrespected for for a while, but then it always turns around and over time the market recognizes the beast, okay.

And Dropbox is a beast Okay, as far as revenue growth expected to do double digits in 2021. Next year expected 8.8% kind of double digits in my opinion next year as well as far as revenue growth goes, Okay, as far as APS 93 cents of epi back last year, and then $1.27 expected in current year.

Okay, so expected for massive epcs growth in this year, and then up to $1.43 in 2022. This is a thing a lot of people have missed out on Dropbox. Okay. It’s not just about the revenue growth story as much as about the fact that they have like virtually no customer concentration.

Recurring revenue streams is one of the most beautiful business models I hold, if not the most, in its needs basis, probably the most beautiful business model I arguably hold of any business I hold out there. But people have just consistently forgotten about the fact that this is a business that is just starting to reach massive cash flows in wait to see where the cash flows come over the next few years.

Remember, this company has talked about a billion dollars of free cash flow, I think by year 2025. And people have just kind of like, whatever drop off, and I’m like, dude, you’re missing out on the potential 2x 3x 4x stock with very limited downside.

That’s the best part of this. This stock has easily 2x 3x 4x potential over the coming years in my opinion, but it also has an extremely low probability the stock drops 50% or something like that. In these type of stocks I thrive with when they have extremely high probabilities of doubling or more than doubling over the next three five years and extremely low probabilities of dropping 50% plus over the next three five years.

That’s what makes a magical stock for me Okay, Dropbox just announced this here today Dropbox to acquire secure document sharing startup dot send for $165 million. Dropbox announced that it plans to acquire doc Sen for $165 million.

The company helps customers share in track documents by sending a secure link instead of an attachment. We’re announcing that we’re acquiring docs and to help us deliver an even broader set of tools for remote work in Docs and helps customers securely manage and share their business critical documents.

Backed by powerful engagement analytics said Dropbox CEO drew How stem when combined with the electronic signature capability of Hello sign K, which Dropbox acquired in 2019. What a business to acquire right before, like everybody starts having a sign Everything okay?

The acquisition gives the company an end to end document sharing workflow. It has been missing Dropbox doxon and hellosign will be able to further offer a full suite of self serve products to help our millions of customers manage their entire critical document workflows and give more control over all aspects of that house and explain another brilliant acquisition in the making here for Dropbox In my opinion, forward P of 18 is laughable.

I mean, it’s it’s almost painful. I mean, it excites me because I know the stocks going to 2x 3x 4x over the coming years. But it’s just it’s laughable. Literally we’ll have a bullet this stock trades at a Ford pa 18. Like just just silly.

That’s all I can say about that. I you know, as I was prepping this video, all I thought to myself is I need to buy more Dropbox by another six figures at Dropbox, Jeremy, by No, that’s when I watch this video back Jeremy. buy another six figures at Dropbox immediately.

Jeremy, do you want to make the money do you want to and and that didn’t make the money. Okay, I need to do that ASAP. Now at this point, I’m just talking myself not even talking to you guys anymore. Okay.

But then the day this is going to be a multi six figure gains coming for me in Dropbox over time already, guys, let’s get into the fourth stock of these five stocks up here. And that is our board. This might be the most requested stock or certainly one of the most requested talks about you know, the fact that I haven’t really talked about this one recently.

240 $5 stock, it’s climbed extensively recently, okay, up work. It was the perfect year to buy the stock in 2020. Okay, this was a $5 to $15 stock almost the entire year in 2020. Like the majority of the year is between $5 and $15.

It was the perfect pickup. I recognize this and I picked up a lot of shares for very, very dang cheap on this company. But I didn’t pick up enough. Okay, let me be completely honest, I should have picked up a lot more. Okay, as of today a whole $37,000 worth of upward stock in the public count and then my main private account, I hold another $37,000 worth of this stock camp.

This company is beasting clicking on all cylinders. They went up huge on their last earnings that was reported very recently. Okay, look at these earnings almost shockingly good. Okay. All pork reported quarterly earnings of six cents per share, which beat analysts consensus estimate by 11 cents.

But gay, you won’t be able to beat that is it’s ridiculous. But that’s not even the most impressive part is next things are the most impressive part. Okay. The company reported quarterly sales of $106.2 million, which beat the analyst consensus estimate a 97 million by 9.1%. This is a 32.27% increase in sales year over year.

Okay, well, we I mean, some people they had this company thinking they’re going to go down to 5% 7% growth, and then they come in with a 32% revenue growth number. Oh my gosh, okay. The company also issued first quarter in 2021. Sales guidance above estimates. That is great news.

Okay, watershed year 2020 was a watershed year for upward in the fourth quarter, we achieved our highest year over year growth since going public CEO Hayden Brown said in a press release, phenomenal Hayden those believed in you and you have come through in a massive way. Okay.

Look at the growth expected for this company in 2021 25%. Revenue Growth expected next year in 22. They’re expected to 22.5% revenue growth, this company should just grow massively bigger over the next 510 years.

The freelance economy, it’s not shrinking, it’s just getting bigger and bigger and bigger in will year after year after year. Upwork is pretty much the biggest player in this market. Then the day if you need freelance work, whether you’re a small business, midsize business or even a large corporation, okay, you’re likely going to one of these two places.

These are the two main Upwork and Fiverr, Upwork and Fiverr. Some people prefer one over the other. I feel like a lot of you know more corporations prefer Upwork some of small businesses prefer more Fiverr it just depends but at the end of the day, you’re pretty much going to one of those two if you’re looking for any type of freelance work and so the opportunity here that Tam for this company long term is massive.

That’s why I bought in the stock. I love Upwork I just wish I bought heavier. I just wish I bought heavier I didn’t go nearly heavy enough in Upwork and I’m disappointed in myself. I just didn’t you know that’s another reason I remember I was just talking about Dropbox.

I’m like buy another six figures at Dropbox Jeremy because I look it up work. And I’m like, everything I ever thought was gonna happen. for that company is coming to fruition it everything’s working out exactly how I thought it was in stocks beasting and I didn’t go heavy enough not even close to heavy enough.

I should have bought six figures in each one of those accounts, you know, but it is what it is. You need to say I’m doing great in it. I love that company for the long term. Kay, let’s stock up here number five or five for everyone that’s been rocking with me on the channels for a while this video I put out 160 days ago, okay.

it’s called this stock is about to 2x fast, epic short, squeeze COMM And I put that video out on the main channel, okay. And a lucky 102,000 people got to watch that video. And that video was on a stock named Nordstrom j w n. It was such a being down dog sock. I saw a massive potential for this stock.

It was being priced like they were Macy’s and JC Penney’s and all the other bankrupt retailers. I’m like, I understand this business model and very high level. I’m like, No, they’re not okay. You can’t put them in the same category. You put JC Penney’s in Macy’s. It was a joke. Okay. It was a complete joke.

His management team and Nordstrom is unbelievable. And people have been wondering, like, what am I doing with this stock? It’s almost $38. You know, this was a stock in the fall time, September, October, you can pick up for 1112 $13 a share. And it’s, you know, tripled up since then. Okay.

So as far as Nordstrom, this was never supposed to be a super long term investment. For me. It’s kind of just one of those plays. It was like, you know, when it reaches in the 30 to $40 range, we’re expected it was going to go Why were they expected to go to 2425. But I said, you know, basically, if it goes to 30 or above, I’m definitely going to consider profits.

And I’ve taken a lot of my profits now on Nordstrom stock or all these other stocks I’m holding for the long term. Nordstrom has limited long term upside potential. So I’ve taken a lot of profits, taking most of the profits. I hardly hold any Nordstrom shares now at this point in time, okay, the only Nordstrom shares I still hold are in the dividends only account.

I hold about $71,000 worth of Nordstrom, in that particular account. And obviously the dividend only account the name of the game isn’t just like share price appreciation, but it’s really to hold the stocks and throw off you know, those stocks that are off dividends in Nordstrom is going to be a big dividend payer over time.

As far as the shares, I think it could potentially go to 50 or $60. Long term. Okay. But stocks been there before. It’s definitely very possible. I was at a Nordstrom, you know, about what was that a week ago, two weekends ago, I’ve never seen a Nordstrom that busy in my life has Scottsdale fashion square, that place was crazy busy, okay, they’re putting up numbers.

So I wouldn’t be surprised that the stock doesn’t go back to maybe $50 or $60. What I can tell you is, you know, I don’t think it’s growing much past that long term. And that’s why we want it to take a lot of my profits, you know, once this reached, you know, 30 $35 or so, and just hold in the dividend account. For this one.

I feel like most of the huge upside is done in the stock. I think it still has some potential upside but I feel like you know, is squeezing out the last bits now at this point, I feel like the massive move has already been made, you know, the time to get in the stock was back in the fall when I was doing that video on this was like, you know, 10 1112 $13 stock.

Now I feel like most upsides done that’s why I’ve cashed out a lot of my shares and only hold those $71,000 worth of shares left to keep but it’s a great dividend stock hold. The way I look at this is if I’m holding the stock is not for the share price appreciation anymore at this point.

it’s just for those dividends a stock will likely throw off in future years and Nordstrom has done very well and I think it’ll continue to do very well on those shares I hold in the dividends only account Hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always be touching on these five stocks.

I know a lot of people always want me to talk about my feelings on them things like that. Be sure to smash as always I appreciate all you guys so much if you’re looking to apply for my private stock group that’s gonna be linked in the description males have there’s a pinned comment if you’re looking to scale your portfolio to six figures, seven figures and beyond.

We have the strategies in there that if you’re willing to put in the work and implement those you have a clearly probability of doing very well in the coming years we’ll even have one on one coaching now with six figure and seven figure students of mine who are phenomenal at what they do as far as holding you accountable teaching you everything you possibly need to know in things like locks. Thank you for watching, and have a great day.

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