5 Stocks To Dominate in 2018! (6 Months Later)

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Today we look back at the 5 stocks i picked to dominate the stock market in 2018!

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Just a short six months ago, I made a video on this channel called Five stocks to dominate in 2018. It was a very different from the average video I produce on this channel, right? It got over 150,000 views, which is crazy because the average video on this channel gets 10 to 15,000.

This one did over 150,000 views. And it was different because it was me kind of making short term predictions and I don’t usually make short term predictions. Usually, if you know me.

I like to bet on long term trends I see happening bet on stocks for the long term. This was kind of just a fun video on just trying to you know, pick out five stocks I thought would dominate 2018.

So what we’re going to look at today is are these five stocks I picked six months ago, are they dominating so far in 2018? Or are they going down or you know, in when I think about dominating, let’s see the s&p 500.

So far this year is up around 2.7%. So in order to dominate, you got to at least kind of be doubling up. So I would say we these stocks need to be up around 6% or more to really be dominating in 2018.

So we’re going to look at these and then we’re going to kind of just look at their most recent earnings and kind of tell like why are they going up? Why are they going down and whatnot.

So the first stock up there was apple and Apple is absolutely dominating this year. It’s a well over 14% year to date so far, is having an amazing year. And these earnings they just announced were unbelievable earnings per share came at 273 versus 267 was expected revenue came in at 61 point 1 billion versus 60.

Point 8 billion was expected over 52 million iPhones were sold in that quarter. Fiscal q3 revenue guidance of 51 point 5 billion to 53. Point 5 billion versus 51.6 was expected by analysts their net income was $13.8 billion up from $11 billion the previous year. just unbelievable numbers.

They’re basically making you know three $4 billion more in net income than they were you know, at the same time last year. So it’s just been an amazing year. Also they announced another 100 billion dollar share buyback 100 billion dollars guys.

Unbelievable. So needless to say Apple is clicking on all cylinders. And it is absolutely dominating in 2018 by any stretch of the imagination. The next stock I picked was Facebook and Facebook is dominating the market and it amazes me it’s dominating the market.

So it’s up around 9.7% year to date and amazes me because the fact that so much drama has happened with Facebook this year. Okay, you know, Zuckerberg had to go to Capitol Hill and speak that the whole camp Cambridge analytic a situation, which was a ton of bad PR for the company and whatnot.

And when you have these type of numbers here, it kind of doesn’t matter, I guess. Look at these numbers they just reported last quarter earnings per share came in $1.69 versus $1.35. was expected that’s a massive, massive beat.

Their revenue came in at nearly $12 billion versus 11. Point 4 billion was expected by analysts. daily active users came in on track with 1.4 5 billion monthly active users came in right on with 2.2 billion a year ago.

Facebook earned around $1 oh four of earnings. So now they’re doing $1.67. So that’s around a 60 70% jump there in earnings per share. Absolutely amazing. So despite all the craziness that’s happening with Facebook this year.

And the stock is still well outperforming the markets up nearly 10% so far this year, when the markets not even not 3% guy so very impressive Facebook. Needless to say, Wynn resorts is another one that amazes me. So this one’s up over 8% year to date, so it is dominating the market.

And that’s despite today, actually, the stock dropped over 5% today. So even with that drop, it’s still up well over 8% and this is after the whole steve wynn situation came out in January. Okay, so this is the face of the company.

This is almost kind of like the face of Las Vegas to a certain extent, but certainly the face of Wynn resorts and you know, the whole sexual harassment stuff comes out and whatnot. He basically has to leave the company within like a two or three week span from when the news started to break.

To all sudden he’s gone and he’s like the face of the company. And then two, three weeks later, he’s gone. And yet the stock is still dominating the market. But really it comes down to what these numbers are.

The numbers is amazing how this company earnings per share in this last quarter jumped 58% to $1.96 on revenue 1.7 billion up 16% unbelievable their guys revenue of $1.72 billion up 20.5%.

Helped by its Macau based winpalace and Wynn Macau resorts as well as business in Las Vegas earnings per share came in at $2 in 30 cents there when said it also approved a 75 cent cash dividend payable may 29.

Two shareholders as of record of may 17, that was marking a 50% increase from the prior quarter the company said basically because then you know the company just click on all cylinders.

So this one’s dominating the market and in tons of drama came out like when you lose, I can’t you know, other than maybe Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett what Warren Buffett kind of means to Berkshire Hathaway.

And then then him I would say with Steve Wynn was probably the number two guy as far as if you look at all corporations the face of that company like without question and for him to just be gone in a two three week span and the way it all went down it’s crazy and it’s amazing that the stock has performed the way it has.

This one up here was united natural foods and now this one is not doing well at all This one’s doing really bad. Not only is it not even up on the the year but it’s actually down 6.5%. So what is going on here with United natural foods.

Well, from what I look at with this company, it pretty much has great things going forward across the board united let’s let’s look at the last quarter they just reported united natural foods post a second quarter fiscal 2018. results were in both top and bottom line improved year over year in surpassed estimates.

This marked the fourth consecutive quarter of earnings beat for the company four consecutive quarters The company has beat on earnings. Okay, the distributor of food and non food products reported second quarter adjusted earnings per share of 71 cents a share.

Which beat Zacks consensus estimate of 53 cents and improve 42%. year over year, guys, net sales came in at $2.5. billion, up 10.6% year over year and cruising ahead of the Zacks consensus of 2.4.

The broad based improvements across all core channels in the beginning of the fiscal year improved in the second quarter as well, in addition of growth observed in several product categories, the company’s e commerce sales also continue to be strong.

I mean, there’s almost everything’s positive about this company, only thing negative thing I could really find was a company’s gross profit Rose 7.7% of 371 million gross margin contracted 39 basis points.

That’s really the only negative thing I could find with this company is the fact that gross margin contracted just a bit there. But these numbers are phenomenal. All said management raised its previously issued sales and earnings view for fiscal 2018.

United natural projects net sales to be in the range of $10.01 billion to $10.16 billion, compared with the previous guidance of 9.84 to 10 billion. The update outlook depicts growth of eight to 9.5% from 2017 sales figures, management envisions earnings for the fiscal 2018 to be in the range of $3.06 to $3.14 per share Guide.

Which is a run a 20% increase year over year there. So needless to say, I think I need to look into united natural foods. This is a stock that has beat four straight quarters to a company that has phenomenal growth right now playing in a great growing space there.

And their stock is down over 6% year to date. So needless to say the company I’m going to need to do some more research into Google McDougal there Google is also dominating the market up 8.6%.

This is the last stock of the five stocks there. You know, Google is just you know, been clicking on all cylinders for a long time and still is earnings per share came at $9.93 versus $9.28 was expected by analysts revenue came in at 31.1 5 billion versus 30.2 9 billion was expected by analysts operating.

Income for 2018 came in at $7 billion versus $6.6 billion in 2017. just unbelievable numbers out of Google there. So as we can see four of the five stocks are dominating united natural foods is the one that is not dominating.

If you look at United natural foods business, it’s absolutely dominating if you look at this stock performance, it is not dominating so I hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me know if you own any of these stocks.

Let me know if you remember when I did that video. I would love to hear from you guys. As always anyways, if you want to check out that original video you can go ahead as a really long video a really in depth thing was like if I remember I think it was like 25 or 30 minutes or something like that but it certainly still on the channel.

So thank you for watching guys and have a great today.

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