5 Stocks That Will 2X (Big Stocks)

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Hello guys!! Todays video was a fun one for me! I am going to talk to you about 5 stocks that are going to 2X!! And no I am not talking about small cap stocks like the planet or Very. I am talking about big cap stocks. I am talking about stocks like Apple! That are big companies!

Hope you enjoy this video where I talk about 5 specific stocks that I think are going to 2X!! I will also talk about why I think these stocks are going to do so well! Leave me a comment with your opinion on these companies and if you are a holder of any of these stocks. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now. ENJOY!

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What’s up guys, welcome into today’s video, we have an exciting one. Hope you guys are doing great out there. As always today, in this video, we’re going to talk about five stocks that I believe are going to at least double in their market cap double up their stock price and we’re talking big stocks too.

Okay, not talking about some super small companies with like a $500 million market cap or something like that. Okay, we’re talking about big dogs, okay. When I’m talking about big stocks, I’m talking market caps, over $100 billion in let me just tell you, there’s a lot of money to be made in some of these stocks, when you can get in some of these phenomenal companies.

A lot of people think like, well, if it’s a big if it’s a big market cap, there’s no money to be made there. bs, okay. There’s a lot of money to be made in these type of stocks. Okay. You look at something like apple, okay.

Apple is a great company, phenomenal company. Okay, that stock first hit $100 billion market cap around 2008. Okay, then hit $200 billion market cap around 2010 $300 billion market cap in 2011 $400 billion market cap in 2012 $500 billion mark cap in 2013.

As well as hitting a $600 billion market cap in 2013, then the stock dips, dips, dips, you get a huge buying opportunity. Next thing you know stocks up to $700 billion in 2015, another dip in the stock and then up to $800 billion in 2017 all the way up to 900 billion just after 2018.

Then in 2019, it hits a trillion dollars for the first time ever, then it has another big dip in the stock price, it bounces back to 1.2 trillion then 1.4 trillion in the end of 2019. Kind of going into 2020 we get the huge market sell off stock goes way down all the way down to a trillion dollars then it bounces back. Next thing you know it’s at 1.6 trillion 1.8 trillion.

And here today Apple stock is over $2 trillion dollars. Okay, that’s a perfect example of a great company that was over $100 billion market cap that had you know years and years and years of runway in front of it huge growth in front of it in.

Apple stock has now 20 axed in the past 12 years Okay, so literally if I when I first started investing if I just put $1,000 in Apple stock when I started investing, that would be worth $20,000 today but it would actually be worth even more than that because here’s the thing Okay,

Apple started paying dividends about five or six years ago so now the dividends you’re getting from that stock are also insane Okay, never mind I mean the dividend yield you would be getting based upon your shares that you bought 12 years ago ridiculous.

Okay, and think about that back then in 2008 the iPhone had already come out like they had already been shown off you already had a ton of excitement going around the apple brand they already had the iPod come back years and years before that.

And there was just a lot of growing excitement around apple in here you were with a perfect example of a company that hey, they were over 100 billion and man if you bought that company you made bank okay and and by the way I

could go through a long list of companies that have done that including some that we’re going to talk about here today so yeah, it’s not just like you have to be in like the next very good food company or the next planet or something like that in order to make money those stocks are amazing and you can you know.

If it works out with those stocks, it’s absolutely phenomenal but that’s not the only stocks in the stock market to like make money with and also keep in mind with something like Apple you buy them 2008 2009 2010 you’re taking a pretty low level of risk right?

You just are more versus like a very company a planet like this all those stocks were obviously much more risky when I started investing in those stocks than something like Apple was in 2008 2009 2010 Okay, and so in this video I’m not just going to tell you about these five stocks.

I’m going to explain why Okay, which is always the most important thing in these videos. Why do I Why do I have the conviction to come out and tell 100,000 plus people that are going to see this video that these stocks are going to to x over the next five years Okay.

That’s a pretty big statement out there right so hope you guys enjoy this video as always if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button it helps YouTube channel out massively lets me know you guys enjoy a video like this where I get into some stocks that I think are going to double or more than double over the course of the next five years so.

I appreciate each and every one of you that are part of the thumbs up squad if you want to join stock club for absolutely free that is probably the pinned comment down there. Like I said that’s absolutely free to join you can talk stocks with a ton of other investors from all over the world including.

I think I believe we have every single stock we’re talking about here day as a chat in stock hub so you know definitely enjoy that already guys let’s start getting it so first stock up of these five stocks now I believe is going to double or more than double over the coming years is amazing is on Amazon stock ticker symbol a MZ.

And now when you first look at this, it’s a 1.5 $1.6 trillion company here today. And I mean a double seems insane right? But also a double seemed insane when it was at, you know, 200,000,000,004 100,000,000,800 billion everything across the board.

Okay, so this company needs to go to a 3 trillion plus dollar market cap to double. Okay. And I can tell you, I’m pretty darn confident that this, this company is going to double. Okay.

When you look at their business model, it is magic. Okay. amazon.com, you think that’s going to shrink, or you think that you’re going to continue to have revenues go up substantially over the coming years? I hope every single person watching this video said.

Yeah, yeah, amazon.com and the Amazon app, we’re going to get a whole lot bigger in the coming years than they are now. Right? I mean, if I went back to like, a decade ago, I would buy something on Amazon, maybe, oh, gosh, maybe like once every couple months.

And the next thing you know, you know, if we go back five years ago, purchasing something on Amazon, you know, probably a couple times a month, and now I’m purchasing multiple times per week from Amazon. Okay.

It’s just in that’s just like a think about how many people across like, like, wherever Amazon’s ad, okay, think about how many people are doing that ordering more and more things from Amazon. Like there’s just going to become a bigger and bigger giant here in the future. Okay. AWS, Amazon Web Services or cloud product, right?

Is that going to be bigger or smaller and five years is today, obviously, it’s going to be garganta. Currently bigger in five years than it is today. Okay, Twitch, that continues to be a growth beast. Okay, Amazon pay Amazon logistics, audible amazon prime, like the Amazon Prime business. I mean, that’s just a beast in itself, right.

And then you have things like Whole Foods on top of that, it’s just like, you just look at Amazon. At the end of the day, that’s just a company that’s going to continue to grow massively over the next 510 years. It’s just flat out cape.

Now as far as this current year, they’re expected to grow revenues by about 35%. That’s a very, very nice number.But what cracks me up is next year, analysts have this company grown 18.3%. And that’s amazing. Okay, let me let me not, you know, discredit 18.3%, when your company is doing, you know, roughly 400 plus billion dollars in revenue, okay, that’s insane.

There are very few companies that are doing that kind of revenue in general, like Amazon’s one of the highest revenue companies in the world now at this point in time, okay? If not the highest, right, and to be growing 18.3% ridiculous.

But I call bs on that number, this company’s going to grow 20% plus again, next year, Okay, I see this every time like analysts will have them like finally growing less than 20%. And then Amazon always comes in with huge beats. And next thing, you know, Amazon grows 25% 30%, something like that. I just seen it year after year, it’s like, whoo, Amazon’s finally not gonna grow 20%. And then they end up exceeding that number.

So it happens every year. Don’t be surprised at all, if it happens again, in 2021. Okay. But when it comes to Amazon, it’s not just about this as a revenue base company, and an overall great business model. It’s about the profitability that is starting to expand exponentially for this company. Okay. And profits are really starting to pour in. So if you go back to a year ago, epcs $23 per share, current year, almost $35 per share epcs.

Okay, current year here in 2021, over $45 of EPA is expected. And don’t be surprised if next year they end up coming in with a number that’s, you know, upwards of $50 next year, okay, this is finally the scale is getting to such big levels.

This is what a lot of investors have been waiting for, for like a decade or two, the profits start pouring in. And man, are they starting to pour in? Huge Okay, absolutely huge.

2020 through 2030 for Amazon will be the profit decade. Okay, no doubt about that. In my mind, this will be the the decade that Amazon just has crazy profitability coming in, whereas 2010 through 2020, that was kind of the big growth period for Amazon in terms of top line and being respected as one of the most important tech companies or companies just period in the entire world right now.

The Ford pians company 60. And, you know, this is a company that didn’t even start taking profitability serious until like the last couple years. Okay. So I mean, think about how much Amazon can expand their profitability over the next 510 years. Like it’s gonna be ridiculous, right?

So even though a 64 P is like triple what the market trades that it’s actually pretty darn favorable considering how much profit growth this company will have, like this is a company that will easily be doing $100 of epcs, probably within the next five years.

if not sooner than that, in probably a company that longer term can get to a place where they’re doing 200 to $300 iF epcs per year, okay, so when you look at that, I mean, geez, I mean, this company just has massive growth ahead of it. Okay, so when I look at this company, I see it actually as being a fairly easy double up for this company to 3 trillion plus over the next five years.

I actually don’t think it’s a stretch at all. I mean that the fact is top line is going to continue to beast for this company and bottom line is going to be even more impressive for this company. Over the coming years. And then on top of that, you got Jeff Bezos leading this company, right? There’s no signs of Jeff Bezos letting off the gas.

Okay, this guy is still full though, you know, he’s still moving ahead, right? There’s gonna be way more products, way more services coming over the next five years at Amazon, probably it has kind of, you know, we’ve been working on the download that we don’t even know about yet.

That will end up being big things. AWS, right, that’s a second most important part of Amazon’s business and actually a huge profit machine for the company nowadays, right? Amazon Web Services no one even like was even paying attention at to like the last like three to five years.

And no, like Amazon Web Services if that was split apart as a company be one of the biggest companies in the world. Right. So yeah, there’s gonna be a lot more going Elan Musk is on Jeff basil. He’s common forum Okay, in terms of richest people in the world.

And you might think these guys are like, Oh, yeah, you’d only might say it in public. Oh, yeah. I don’t care to be the richest person in the world BS. Okay, these guys are all competitors. It Jeff Bezos doesn’t want to get passed up by Ilan Musk, no way.

Okay, he’s gonna do everything in his power to out compete them. It’s like saying, oh, the NFL quarterback like these guys don’t care, like who’s recognized as like the best quarterback in the NFL. Right? So bsk these guys are all about competition, trying to beat each other out. So Amazon stock, I had a feature this one is the first one of these five stocks, I can definitely see this being a $6,000 plus stock in the future.

As long as obviously they don’t split it just based upon the fact that profits are going to go crazy for this company. top line is going to continue to beast, and you’ve got arguably the best businessman in the world leading this company. Okay, so yeah, Amazon, it will be a stock number two, five here, which is a future to x stock.

This one I actually hold it is Facebook, okay, ticker symbol FB on this one is a company that right now has a market capitalization a little under $800 billion. So definitely a big big company, one of the biggest in the world. And this one, you know, I honestly see this as probably being the easiest to x of all the socks I’m going to mention in this list. Okay.

And like I said, I’m confident that all these stocks will to x over the next five years, but this is one that I’m the most confident in of the bunch. Okay? Major positions in the stock, Kay, this is going to a 1.5 to $1.6 trillion company over the coming year.

Okay. Here’s the thing, when you’re looking at Facebook, okay, you’re the Facebook platform, which has over 2 billion plus members, okay, logging in every day, then you have WhatsApp over a billion people around the world use Facebook Messenger over a billion people plus use that you have Instagram, which is the most important social media in my opinion for the next decade, that has well over a billion people using that. And then you get Oculus.

Oculus is a number one player in virtual reality and has a very good probability of this being the number one player in virtual reality long term, we’ve heard a lot of hype around augmented reality and virtual reality over the past five years, okay. And all that hype is basically because 2020 through 2030 is going to be crazy growth for virtual reality and augmented reality.

And Oculus legit has one of the best opportunities to be one of the biggest players, if not the biggest player in that market. Okay, over 2 billion people in the world are logging into at least one of these every day. Okay? Every day, at least one of these, that is an epic epic number. All right. So, you know, to kind of get the scale around, you know, this stock, it’s hard to even like, you know, wrap your mind around the type of numbers they do.

Okay, now, this is a company that’s going to grow this year, a little under 20%, likely we’ll see where this next quarter comes in at could be a really great quarter and they actually end up still exceeding 20% growth in current year.

Remember, there’s a company that a lot of small businesses advertise on them. And obviously, a lot of those small businesses were hurt very substantially in March, April, May when their businesses had to kind of be forced to be closed.

Okay, so to still be growing, the way they’re gonna grow this year is amazing. But here’s what’s really exciting a reacceleration of growth in 2021 and you don’t see that often in companies okay.

And they’re finally reaching big big numbers now Okay, when it comes to FB in 2021 that should be the first year ever with this company has over a $100 billion dollar revenue number top line Okay, so and this is a company that’s going to grow 20% plus in my opinion for several years to go in the future Okay.

Just several years into the future they’re going to grow 20% plus and not only that, after that they’re still going to grow like double digits for like the next 10 years like that’s just like impossible for me to see the revenue numbers not going up at least 10% plus per year for literally this entire decade but 20% stills in the bag in my opinion for the next several years. Okay.

And when it comes to FB look at the PS growth Okay, they kind of took a breather on you know, profitability when they tried to you know, get a get a handle on their business overall and the drama they were involved in back in 2017 2018 2019. And that’s fine. Okay, but now they’re gonna start having the profits pour in once again. 643 APS last year, now.

33 expected this year Don’t be surprised that number comes in at $10 plus k 2021. expected from analysts on average $10.47. Don’t be surprised at all at all. If they come in with an $11 to $12 APS number I think, you know, it used to be several years back, you know, the FB would come in with these profit beats that would just blow everybody away on Wall Street.

Okay, but what can you believe what those days are coming back in my opinion over the next few years, okay. And it’s gonna be a fun show to see. Needless to say, okay, the level of disrespect this stock is getting is the most I’ve seen in the stock market, okay. It’s ridiculous. I mean, I’m talking level of disrespect 100 on the stock, hey, the Ford p on the FB is 25.

It’s that’s got to be the silliest thing. I’ve seen the stock market. This is the most disrespected stock in the entire stock market by a mile. And it’s not even close. It’s ridiculous. I mean, the market in general trades that like a Ford P of 20 or So okay, to have this stock just a little above that is silly, plain silly. We’re talking about a company that has, you know, 1020 years of massive growth ahead of that. It’s just, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Okay, so yeah, the valuation will change in the upcoming years, I think the big thing that’s going to get the valuation to change will be the fact that they start smashing APS numbers over the next few years, and then all sudden, Wall Street’s gonna wake up and be like, Oh, yeah, FB is back, baby.

Okay, now, balance sheet wants to talk about top five balance sheet in the world, they’re going to be able to buy back a ton of shares over the next five years, if they want to, they’re going to be able to acquire game changing companies in Silicon Valley, if they want to, they’re going to be able to acquire companies that are huge around the world, if they want to income, here’s their cash flow to Sky, right. $55 billion in cash.

I mean, that’s just a ridiculous number as a top five balance sheet in the world, not just that this company has the best one, two in the stock market in corporations period. Okay, there’s no one out there that can touch these two together. Okay. Zuckerberg and Sandberg they are the chrome Democrats. Okay. A lot of companies have great teams, Amazon’s got a great team. Tesla is a great team. Apple’s got a great team.

Microsoft got a great team, a lot of great teams, no one’s got a stronger one to than these two folks. Okay. There’s just them. And then there’s everybody else as a one, two punch K. You know, people want to talk about flexing all the time. Okay.

The biggest flex I’ve seen maybe ever in my life was desk a the, you know, the president vice president have a meeting with you know, what was supposed to be all the the most important, like, you know, executives in the world, okay. And like Sheryl Sandberg is such a powerful number two, that they were able to send her Okay, Jeff Bezos is there.

Tim Cook is there all the lead dogs but like, like, like, literally, this company is so important that they get a seat right next to the vice president. And then that company sends their number two in sharks over there. Like that was the biggest flex I’ve ever seen in the history of business. Like people think like, you know, some of these other things are flexes.

I’m like, that’s, that’s next level, okay, when you can say, we’re this powerful that we’re gonna get a seat next to you guys. And then we’re gonna send our number two, but that just shows you the power of Sheryl Sandberg and the power of the company in general, by the way, when they do those seating arrangements, they’re not done by accident, okay? You don’t get to pick where you sit.

They’re done for reasons Okay, and they sit there number two is the biggest flex ever seen in my life. Okay, Instagram, Instagram redesign is homescreen the first time in years very recently, they’re starting to take shopping super serious Okay, look out for Instagram shopping to emerge as a massive service over the next five years where right now it’s a very small business I think.

That’s going to grow into a giant business over the coming year is actually something I see them succeeding with Okay, Instagrams tried some other things in the past like Instagram TV and a lot of those I’m just like, I don’t really know about that. Instagram shopping 100% believe that will be a huge success.

Okay, so over the next five years, when it comes to Facebook stock, hey, here’s what you have the amount of ads shown on their different platforms is going to go up, the ad rates are going to go up substantially over the coming years. Okay.

Oculus business is going to take off from being a very small business over the past years to being a giant now the shopping and commerce is going to go through the roof of this company and also you know the Facebook if we’re looking at five years from now,

I think Facebook is going to be looked at as one of the most important companies in the world when it comes to Palmer’s going through their platform in shopping in general Okay, in the cash flows the business will produce over the next five years are going to be ridiculous so the company can buy back shares they can buy back at the company, they can do whatever they want. Okay, so when it comes to FB it’s just an easy double from here.

Okay, you know, it’s been an easy double for a while. It’ll have completed that double since I got in which I think my average cost for this company might be like 153 that double is almost completed and gonna double up again easily from there and I still stand by my statement I said in the past, I think this will be the biggest company in the world long term. I stand by that 100%. Okay, number three a fir stock up here.

This is another ad giant. Okay. When I say the other ad giant, I hope you guys know what it is. It’s Google McDougal. This is another company that is going to likely double from here. Okay. You know, this is a company that’s going to the 2 trillion plus dollar club over time when it comes to Google, obviously, you know, they own a lot of different businesses. Okay.

The main you should think about is a Google search their cloud business, YouTube, what you’re watching this on, obviously, right? Android in their hardware business, which they have a ton of different hardware products and that businesses, you know, become a multi billion dollar business for this company. Now, at this point, time came, that’s what you should really be thinking about when you think about Google.

Those are the big dogs, okay. And by the way, YouTube TV huge potential for youtube tv long term, I actually just got YouTube TV, literally in the past like week or so. It’s like 65 bucks a month. I love in so far. Okay, loving it.

Like it’s crazy, because they’re using the algorithms that you use on YouTube for this YouTube TV. And so like, if I ever go on there, it knows what I want to watch. And I’ll be honest, I’m pretty simple guy. Like, I’m either watching like football or I’m watching like, CNBC. So.

But every time I turn the TV and knows, I want to watch like ESPN or like CNBC, needless to say, okay, current year wise company that’s going to grow, you know, double digits, but low double digits because it got hurt, obviously, very bad.

From Ronnie Brown. Okay, but huge reacceleration growth expected next year to 20%. Plus, once again, when it comes to Google McDougal, this is a profit beast $51.92 expected for current year, they’ll likely beat that number in the next year expected to $61 and some change next year. Okay, so serious APS numbers, they have the number one balance sheet in the world with over $132 billion in cash and cash equivalents.

And that number will likely grow to 140 billion plus f this upcoming quarter. So I mean, goodness. I mean, wow, you know, they are the kings of balance sheets, always. You know, it’s been between them and Apple for a long time. Apple had the crown.

I used to always call Apple the best balance sheet company in the world. But But apples moved in number two. Okay. Google McDougal, now is the creme de la creme balance sheet company in the world. Okay, when it comes to Google, they build the best algorithms in the world. Okay. That’s what makes Google so powerful.

The search, okay. That’s what makes youtube so powerful. The algorithms, the algorithm, the the build the best, okay, you can’t think of a company that does it better. The number two probably is maybe Facebook, that’s probably who I would consider Facebook.

And then after that, probably Amazon, okay, the best at this key? And when you’re building algorithms like, like, what is that at the end of the day? It’s artificial intelligence. So you’re looking, I mean, there’s so much talk about artificial intelligence over the past several years, and artificial intelligence is going to be the future, Google’s biggest player in that market.

They’re number one is them. And there’s everybody else. That’s just a flat out honest truth. Okay. So when you bind Google, you’re essentially buying the number one artificial intelligence company in the entire world. And that is worth a few dollars, needless to say, okay, so absolutely amazing. There. Okay.

When you look at Google, it’s at a Ford P of the say about 32. Right now, okay, which seems a little high, because the market trades at what 20 or whatever, but the Google, you’re talking about the number one balance sheet in the world, you’re talking about the most incredible.

Products in the world, you’re talking about the number one artificial intelligence company in the entire world, and you’re talking about platforms that are the most relevant in the world, right? I mean, you know, YouTube’s just gonna continue to be a bigger and bigger beast in the future.

Google Search still does its thing, I still use Google search a million times a day. If you look at a company like Microsoft, for instance, right? Another amazing company. And Microsoft deserves a lot of respect. But they traded for pa 32.

The fact that that companies, you know, trades a little higher than Google’s ridiculous. I mean, at the end, the day Google will far outgrow Microsoft and revenues and net income. And it’s not even going to be close over the next five years.

And I can guarantee you that it’s not even going to be close. Okay. And so when you look at it from that perspective, you just realize Google is another one of those undervalued stocks. So yes, Google is stock number three of five up here that is gonna double up here in the future. Okay. Stock number four or five, get ready for the most controversial one on the list.

Okay, well, maybe it’s between you know, number four, number five, or both controversial for different reasons. Okay. I think those are the three edges did I think those are like, I don’t even think those should be controversial at all.

I think it should be like, everybody should be like, yeah, those stocks are gonna double over the next five years. The other two, I can understand that being controversial and for different reasons. Okay, but number four of five up here is Shopify stock ticker symbol shop. Okay, so this one has a market cap of 128 billion.

This is a smallest company, by far and away that’s on this list, but it’s still a big company. It’s over $100 billion market cap. Okay. But what makes Shopify such a controversial stock versus some of these other stocks is a trailing P and Ford p because people see these numbers and they say that looks like a bubble.

That looks ridiculous. Okay, trailing P of 642 for P of 270. Okay, I can tell you Amazon stock traded at levels way higher than that in the past and look at how Amazon stocks done over the last 1020 years. Okay. So just like keep that in mind real quick. Okay.

Now, when you look at Shopify, here’s the thing with this company, they’re going to be a massive grower for the next decade plus, okay, current here, they’re expected that over 80% revenue growth, okay.

Next year, analysts have this company growing 32% that’s laughable, laughable. I laughed out loud when I saw that number. They’re gonna grow far better than that. Okay. Next year, Shopify is gonna do four to four and a half billion dollars, in my opinion, top line revenues. Okay. So yeah, this company is absolutely a growth monster. Okay.

And this is not a business that’s focused on profitability at all right now in they shouldn’t be, it’s just like Amazon was, you know, focused on profit for a long time. Okay. So people want to look at the current P and Ford P, and they say, No, that’s a bubble.

It’s like, you know, that’s not really the right way to do things is this company focused on profitability, they focus on top line, it’s all about that top line right now, and growing the pie as big as possible for this company and reinvesting every dollar back into the business.

So at the end of the day, you’re gonna hopefully be a trillion dollar company in the future. Okay. 2025. And after, that’s when ETS will boom for this company, the next five years, it’s all about that top line growth, I expect them to have much better ups in future years than they do now.

But it’s not like that’s the center of attention for this company. That’s just like the after product, the real thing is going to be that top line growth year after year after year after year for this company over the next several years. Okay. When you look at Shopify, the company is so much more relevant than it’s ever been any at any time in its history. Okay.

They’re doing big deals everywhere. Every time you look up, they’re doing a big deal with a big company. Okay. Look at Walmart. Now on the Walmart marketplace. You can use Shopify through there. Okay, so many websites are ran by Shopify, but you never even know it, because Shopify doesn’t really put its branding everywhere.

And they have so many different design templates and things like that. But man, I mean, most of time when you’re buying something Shopify is like the run on that. Okay. I was buying something from you know, I was buying some very good food company product the other night ready to buy and some like burgers and stuff like that.

And I went ahead, and I did a little research, and I found out Oh, yeah, this company is using Shopify, to basically have its whole like process go through. Then I found out about Shopify pay, which is a huge growth factor for Shopify, in general. They’re doing deals everywhere. Okay. Shopify, and Facebook and Instagram have done a deal recently, that that’s going to be a huge growth factor.

Like member I talked about how Instagram I see it being is one of the most important platforms for shopping in the future in commerce in general, guess what a lot of that’s going to be on the back of Shopify. Okay.

Shopify is a game changer there. Okay. It’s interesting. When you think about Shopify versus Amazon, it’s interesting because Shopify is kind of looked at as like the good guys. Okay. Shopify is looked upon as like the helpers of businesses, small businesses, and, you know.

Letting people like run their own things and whatnot, Amazon’s this, you know, looked at as the bad guys and the reason Amazon’s looked upon as the bad guys is because of their Amazon basics business, and because of all the data that Amazon collects, so you know, basically, Amazon’s like selling so many commoditize items.

Now on their websites, it’s ridiculous. And guess what you look for something a lot of times they rank right at the top, you type in like double A battery, and boom, it’s right there.

You type in like tripod. And there’s an Amazon basics like tripod right there. And so a lot of lot of sellers look at Amazon, as you know, you can look up the controversies in the past, I mean, it’s consistent all the time. But a lot of these sellers just get mad because they feel like Amazon takes all the data, then they realize, Oh, we can make a bunch of money off this, let’s go ahead and come out with their own product and sell it on there.

And then just you know, it rubs a lot of these sellers the wrong way. And they start looking at this company in a very negative light, where Shopify is kind of looked upon as the good guy, but both have their pluses and minuses at the end of the day, and they don’t directly compete all the time.

They do compete some, you know some ways in some other ways. And as Shopify gets bigger and bigger, they’ll compete more and more, but they’re not like the most direct competitors, okay, but they both have pluses and both have minuses for instance. Okay.

Let me give you an example of, you know, something I might want to sell on Shopify, if I was trying to sell on Shopify versus Amazon. So let’s say I was coming out with a coffee mugs, okay. And I want to start selling coffee mugs in all the descriptions of my videos, okay.

And then like, Holy smoke is it’s a no joke amongst Okay, let’s say I wanted to do that. Would I sell through Amazon? Or would I just set up a Shopify store? I’m just setting up a Shopify store, I get in the Shopify system, I pay them their monthly fee or yearly fee or whatever. And boom, I’m gonna start selling my mugs on there. Okay.

On the flip side, let’s say I was selling just, you know, I was trying to get like, you know, some manufacturer in China or wherever, to basically make me a little pancake flippers or something like that, right? Or a little spatula, right? And I haven’t kind of no brand around to them just trying to sell it.

Am I gonna set up a Shopify store? Or am I gonna just try to list that on Amazon and try to get reviews and ratings and try to rank on Amazon? I’m just gonna do it on Amazon.

Okay, because it’s nothing special there. So there’s different uses why Shopify store makes sense is different uses why Amazon store would make sense. Okay. But the end of the day when I’m reviewing Shopify, and this is kind of the way you got to view some of these growth companies, if you’re ever looking at them is, is this company going to be one of the most important big tech companies a decade from now.

And I gotta say, I’m pretty darn confident that they will be one of the most important companies in the world in a decade from now similar to where, you know, if you look at Amazon 10 years ago, it was like, you know, a lot of people saw them kind of, you know, coming up and growing and growing. And it was like, yeah, there’s something there that Amazon, maybe they could be, you know, a massive company, 10 years from now.

And I feel like that’s Shopify at this moment in time, where they’re just starting to get that respect of, wow, this could be a giant in the future. And I honestly see them as being one of the biggest tech companies in the world in 2030, or just one of the biggest companies in the world. And so if that happens, then go into a trillion dollars, okay, by 2030.

So there’s massive, like, you’re not gonna be one of the biggest tech companies in the world, one of the most important companies in the world not have a trillion dollar valuation in the future. Okay. That’s honestly probably where.

I see Shopify going over time, in an $120 billion market cap. It looks like Wow, that’s really expensive.The stocks gone up a lot. But Dang, when you look at it from a long term perspective, it’s hard not to see a stock going up massively, not just over the next five years, but honestly, over the next 10 years, as well. Okay.

Keep in mind, the company is well capitalized with over $6 billion just in cash, they could raise money easily if they want to no doubt about it.

This is Canada’s prized jewel. Okay, Shopify, it’ll probably be the first company to a trillion dollars in Canada. So to all my Canadian subscribers out there, guys, you got one here. Okay. You got one no doubt about it. Okay.

So congrats, you guys a lot of rumors on if it’s going to be Shopify or ovivo. As far as the first trillion dollar company, and you know, it’s all going to depend on how much more money I spend it over Yo, if they reach a trillion dollars are not kidding. Okay. Shopify, yes.

Number four a five All right, number five, a five up here of the stocks that I believe will double up these big companies. Okay. Is a JP Morgan Okay, ticker symbol jpm.

This is a controversial one because it’s not a super fast growth company like these other ones, okay. It’s mostly around valuation and where I see profit growth going for this company over the next five plus years, okay, I’m not going to you know, talk about the stock for 20 or 30 minutes because guess what, I did that yesterday on financial education too.

So if you want to watch that full video around why I believe this stock is not just going to be a dividend base for the next 510 years, but it’s also going to well over double up over the next five years or so, check out the video I post on financial education too like I said that’s a 2030 minute video goes super in depth in JPMorgan stock and why.

I think I’m gonna make a lot of money with that one hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up it lets me know you guys enjoy a video like this where I’m covering some of the stocks I think are going to double up in the future and also you know appreciate it because it helps in the YouTube algorithm big time.

And also if you want joint stock comm you can do so down in description also have his like the pinned comment if you want to apply for my private stock group, learn how to scale your portfolio. Through my strategy. You can do that as well the financial fortress program that has maybe like the second pin comment. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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