5 Stocks Crashing Today!

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Today we discuss 5 stocks that are crashing today. All 5 of these stocks are down about 10% or more. These are some of the worst-performing stocks in the stock market today.

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Well Holy smokes guys we have five stocks making some big downward moves here today Okay, these five stocks are crashing here today all making around 10% or bigger moves in the market on a downward note Okay, so I want to draw your guys’s attention these five stocks.

I think it’s always interesting to look at some stocks that are crashing at a particular time because sometimes you can find some diamonds in a rough maybe a stock that hit way too hard maybe you can go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity buy on a big dip and then make a lot of money over coming months or coming years and so.

I think it’s always good to kind of pay attention to what stocks are dropping huge because like I said, sometimes you can find some diamonds in the rough guys so let me know if any of these five stocks you guys like we have some value plays in here we have some stock that actually have some really big growth that are falling huge stakes.

So let me know if you guys like any of these five stocks, I would love to hear from you in the comment section. Make sure you smash the thumbs up button if you enjoy me sharing this with you guys here today. Okay, let’s start getting into this. So the first one up here is united Steel Corporation.

Okay, this one is the least downward mover of these five which is saying a lot. Okay, this one’s down about 9.44% today, ticker symbol is X on this one and US Steel is pretty self explanatory. It’s a steel company. Okay, now US Steel shares tumbled today as the giant steel maker beat Wall Street’s second quarter earnings and revenue expectations but saw profit dwindle from a year earlier.

The Pittsburgh based company reported earnings of $68 million or 39 cents a share. But that’s down from $214 million or $1.20 a share Okay, so needless to say like they’re still profitable company, they still make good money this past quarter like 68 million isn’t something to like sneeze at, but that’s a big downward move from 214 million Okay, adjusted earnings came in at 78 million or 45 cents a share, compared with 262 million or $1.46 a share.

A year earlier, analysts were expecting the company to report about 40 cents so that is a slight beat there about five cents a share. Sales totaled $3.5 billion down from 3.6 billion a year ago which basically what that shows anytime you see a company’s revenue just slightly decrease or stay around break even. But their profit like gets cut in half or more than kind of half in this situation.

Their profits don’t like 70%, maybe even 80% year over year right? When you see a situation like that that’s actually like the worst situation for companies that means they’re they’re doing all this effort, but they’re just not making the money on the bottom line in this situation, guys, as far as what did the CEO have to say?

He said our execution the second quarter was strong. Despite a challenging market conditions you overcame logistics headwinds from severe weather in delivered for our customers exceeding even our own expectations. We also completed several asset revitalization outages across a flat road footprint on time and on budget including upgrades to our mon Valley steel shop.

We expect these investments to enhance operating performance and reliability to provide high quality low cost liquid steel for our future of endless casting and rolling investment. Okay, if you look at US Steel, once again, ticker symbol x, you see a company that has one of the lowest trailing P’s you’ll ever see in the stock market.

Okay, a 2.3 a 2.3 trailing p anytime you get under a 10 that’s considered really low. Anytime you get under a five it’s like what the heck That’s ridiculous. When you see a 2.3 it’s like like, like it’s hard to even fathom a 2.3 trailing p okay. But you look at that for P and it’s about a 14 which is pretty high for actually a steel maker a commodity company like a US Steel.

So this stock is very interesting. If you want to play like a commodity type play it is a commodity related company. You know, I’ve learned over time that commodity stocks are not the best fit for me personally. However, you might feel comfortable in a company like a US Steel that’s a commodity producer.

And there’s always a good saying with like commodity related companies. Okay, always remember this saying and they always say the best time to buy a commodity related business is when the forward p seems super high. Okay. And the worst time to buy a commodity related business is when the forward piece seems super low.

Okay. Always remember that when it comes to these commodity related companies. All right, next one up here stock two of the five that is crashing here today as a company named Arista networks okay ticker symbol, a net All right, the stock is down over $31 a share right now.

The stock is down about 11 and a half percent Arista networks devotes markets and sells cloud networking solutions in the Americas Europe, Middle East Africa and Asia Pacific. If you want to go ahead and read more about the company go ahead and pause the video right now and go ahead and read more in depth about this company.

Okay, the company reported second quarter border net income of 189 million or $2.33 a share, compared with a loss of 155 million or $2.08. a share in the year earlier period, adjusted earnings came in at 244. Revenue rose to 608 million from 519 million. That’s very, very nice growth when a lot of companies are not showing growth right now.

I mean, if you just look at what most companies have reported, a lot of companies are not showing much growth and this company has grown phenomenally bottom line in top line, analysts surveyed by factset had forecast earnings up to 20. Okay, so it means the company beat in revenue of 607 million, so companies slightly beat on revenue as well.

Arista networks expects third quarter revenue of 647 million to 657 million, while analysts had forecast for about 650. So essentially, midpoint for the company is around 650 to 653, somewhere around there. So that’s slightly above what analysts are expecting. So everything looks pretty good. Okay.

On the call Chief Financial Officer, EDA Brennan said, we experienced some softness in demand from our cloud customers in the second quarter. While early indications are for improved demand for these customers in the September period, we believe that second half growth in this business will remain somewhat muted, as compared to prior years.

And that is definitely something that went ahead and scared the market. So if you’re looking for a reason why the stock is down big today, comments like that around softness, in a big business like that, it’s gonna scare a lot of investors base and especially when it’s a company that you know, has a decently high valuation on okay, if we look at the trailing p E is 28.

Look at the four p it’s about 23. So it’s not like it’s a super like cheap stock or something like that. So when you hear some commentary, that’s a little worrisome like that, it’s gonna scare some of the investor base, okay. However, I will say this business has very nice growth, if you look at current year, they’re expected to grow revenues by about 19%, just under 19%. In next year, they’re expected to grow revenues by another 18 and a half percent.

So needless to say, all the company has a bit of a rich valuation, it’s not super rich, when you compare it to the fact that this company is expected to grow 18 plus percent, at least over the next two years. So that’s a very interesting stock. It’s not the best industry for someone like myself, I like more consumer facing companies.

And this is obviously a company that does more business in the enterprise and whatnot. So definitely not one of my favorite companies personally, but it’s very, very intriguing. Okay, let’s get into stock three of the five that is crashing in this one’s called united natural foods ticker symbol u and F II, this one is down almost 14% here today, okay, 13.81%, as.

I’ve taken a screenshot, United natural foods at the end of the day is basically a distribution company of food related products. And specifically, when you’re talking about organic products with especially food products, and some of those sorts of things, think about, you know, doing business with some of the companies like Whole Foods and whatnot, that might sell a lot of organic groceries.

They’re a big distribution company when it comes to those types of products. Okay, now, this stock is down big today, because of what an analyst feels about it essentially, okay, VMO turns negative, the PMO analyst team halves the price on united natural foods stock to $5 a share, okay, and that’s when the average sell side price targets around $10.50.

They also slept with underperform on the stock. So basically, that analysts and the analyst team there, but they believe their stock is going to go considerably lower. That’s an $8 stock right now, they believe it’s going to five, and that’s going to scare some investors out there, they’re going to flood out of that stock.

You know, we’ve seen this time and time again. And these analysts do hold power in the words, they will get investor basis really excited or get them really scared at a particular time. And who knows if they’ll be right on that. But needless to say, their words come out the stocks down 14%.

Okay. Now, if we look at this stock, it seems like it might be a deal, right? food distribution company seems like a pretty safe business model for p under five on this particular stock. And so as of right now, you’re kind of looking at this company. But you’re thinking, What’s the catch here? There’s got to be a catch.

We talked about this in the becoming master the stock Mark courses got to be a catch, right? It’s like too good to be true in the situation, right? And then you go ahead and look at this balance sheet. And oh, my goodness, whoa, Nelly, look at this balance sheet, guys.

Only $37 million in cash, and almost $3 billion in long term debt. Oh, my goodness, guys, that is one of the worst balance sheets in the entire stock market. 30 something million dollars in cash and $3 billion in long term debt on that balance sheet.

And you can see why some investors are not willing to buy those shares, even if they’re down 14% today, and even if they’re a distribution company for organic products and specialty foods and things like that. People are just looking at that and they’re like, why do I want to get involved with the balance sheet like that? Guys, you know it is what it is.

Okay, stock number four of the five that is crashing here today is how it’s hard for me to even talk about this stock on this channel as you guys know, it’s called go broke, skimming Go Pro, okay, g p r o this stock is down 14.41%. And he as you guys know, every time we ever talk about this stock on this channel, we must do a moment of silence.

Well, I think we got a little off topic there guys. But um, like when we have to talk about GoPro on this channel, it makes my brain go a little crazy. Okay, GoPro posted a net loss of $11 million or eight cents a share, compared with a loss of 76 million or 55 cents a share in the year ago period.

So that is obviously a big improvement year over year. After adjusting for stock based compensation. Other factors action camera maker reported a profit of three cents a share after loss of 15 cents a share in a year prior period. Okay, now GoPro did see a 3% rise in revenue to $292 million dollars from $283 million.

But that fell short of expectations as analysts had been modeling for about $302 million. On the top line, the company said that revenue would have gone up 9% excluding the impact from the area of business as of meeting their failed drone business. Okay, which GoPro exited in 2018.

Now GoPro, okay, you know, Action Camera maker, a business that is more focused a business that is doing better than in some previous years when it comes to how much money they’re losing or making on the bottom line. But at the same time, is this really even a stock?

Anybody wants to be involved? What if we look at next year, the companies may be expected to grow like 1%? Okay, he would say that’s not much growth. And you kind of got to think about like, what are the best stocks you could possibly put your money in the stock market? If you’re looking at GoPro does a business model have anything exciting going for it right now?

It really doesn’t at least has as of right now, in 1% growth expected next year, it’s like, is that even worth like? Like, like investing in at that point in time, you know, four p on this one is under 10. So that makes it somewhat attractive, but at the same time, and the business model has no growth? Like why why would we even want to be in that stock at the end of the day, okay, that stock number four of five that is crashing here today.

And the last one is a big one. Okay, square stock ticker symbol, s Q is making a massive downward move here, day over fifth teen percent square stock is down here today. Okay? Now, even after this drop square, still a big big company, okay, market cap of over $29 billion on this company.

It’s not some small market cap like it used to be a few years ago, almost a $30 billion market cap for a PE of over 61 on this business. Obviously rich valuation, needless to say, on square stock. And square if you guys didn’t know basically makes those payment terminals and all those sorts of things that you might go to your local coffee shop or somewhere like that, and you run your transactions through also.

I used to even use it for my business, sometimes in real estate marketing business, if I want to charge somebody directly through my phone or something and swipe their card. And so they have a ton of like small and midsize businesses, even a few large businesses that actually use their payment terminals.

And they also an app called the cash app, which is an app that’s just massive scale, which you can transfer money and whatnot to folks out there right. Now if we go ahead and look at this company, it is a company that did 47 cents of epcs a year ago, they’re expected to 76 cents of epcs in this most recent year.

So that is a big big improvement there. And then if you look at next year, they expect to do $1.12. So remember, we looked at that for p It was like a 61 Well, sometimes some of these stocks that have really big growth can command a higher forward p okay. If we look at revenue current year, this company is expected to grow revenues over 43%.

Okay, that’s strong strong growth there. In next year, the company is expected to grow revenues by about 34 35%. So good good growth behind square stock and you can see why a lot of growth investors like this talk when you’re seeing revenues up 40 plus percent year over year and a potential you know 30 plus percent gain again next year.

That’s going to excite a lot of the growth investors okay. However, once again, the stock is plunging on heavy volume today. All right now the company did announce they are going to sell their caviar business which is basically a food delivery business that does business with a lot of the higher end restaurants and this was a money losing business for them.

They’re going to sell that business for $410 million In cash to doordash Okay, now as far as the company’s earnings that came out last night basically they did beat on earnings and revenue but they missed on gross payment volume okay but they provided a third quarter adjusted profit guidance range that was also below.

Analysts expectations and when you have a growth stock that has a really rich valuation if you have any type of hiccups there is scare some investors out of stock and that’s how you get a stock like this moving down 15 plus percent when you have that rich valuation on it, and you have all the hype behind you.

You got to smash numbers in if you just lightly beat numbers or you’ve missed some metrics, you’re going to get a big stock crash and that’s why the stock is down over 15% here today guys So anyways, let me know if you like any of these stocks in the comment section. I would love to hear from you guys.

As always, by the way we got a 70% off flash sale going on becoming master the stock Mark course as linked down there in the description if this weekend, you want to go ahead and take advantage of that and learn everything I look for in stocks and how to become a successful investor. Definitely check out that and take advantage of the deal if the link is in the description. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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