5 Hot Stocks! Stocks to Buy Now or Stocks to Watch?

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Today I am going to share with you 5 stocks that are super hot! Are these stocks to buy now or stocks to watch… i will let you know my opinion in this video! Enjoy!

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Well guys have a pretty cool video planned out for you here today Okay, we’re going to talk about five red hot stocks in the stock market that are just going up like insane right now and for have been for like the past month or so.

And we’re going to talk about are these stocks to buy now what are these more just like stocks to watch? I want to give you my personal opinion on these particular stocks. And by the way, if you have a difference of opinion and let’s say I say some of these stocks are not buys and you think they are buys, let me know in that comment section.

If you agree with me also, let me know in the comment section I would love to hear from you guys on all five of these stocks. I’ll be reading through the comments. Okay, two criterias had to have been met to make this list one is the product or service the company has or the company in general has to be a big name out there.

Okay, number two, it hasn’t the stock has to be in a major uptrend, it had to have made a very, very big move over the past month or so. So hope you guys enjoy this. As always two housekeeping things to get into before we get into the video.

One is we have a massive Memorial Day Sale coming here. I think it starts off in about you know 36 to 48 hours from now, if you want to get on the waiting list for that it’s going to be linked down there.

And there’s a scripture that’s gonna be an amazing deal. Number two, the number we have to beat for this video in terms of the next 24 hours for THUMBS UP 3517 I think we’re going to absolutely obliterate that number in this video.

Okay, without further ado, let’s start getting these guys in stock number one amazings on Amazon stock ticker symbol a and z n stock has been red hot. Okay, this is the first stock of the five, it’s almost 20 $500 a share here today.

It’s at literally an all time high in the history of Amazon stock price. And look at the run it has had my goodness, okay, you go back into March, and Amazon stocks trading 17, you know, 1750, somewhere around there.

And it’s just gotten a boost run all the way to literally today it’s almost 20 $500 a share. And so essentially amazing stock has added hundreds of several 100 billion dollars of market capitalization.

And you know what else is great about that stock chart is man, Jeff beezus must be just, oh, he must be really excited when he sees access just means his wealth just went up probably 10s of billions of dollars more literally just in the past couple months.

Okay, now First off, let me just say I love the Amazon’s business model. Absolutely. 100% I love this company’s business model. Okay. Amazon’s obviously amazon.com the e commerce platform of today in in, you know, over the next 510 years.

I love that Amazon Web Services, the biggest cloud company in the world, Amazon owns it, they are dominant, they have dominant market share in cloud in cloud infrastructure. I love that they own Whole Foods, right?

They own Twitch, they own they have many many other businesses at the end of the day, you can’t hate on their business model. They’re a beast, okay, they there’s a reason this company has a trillion dollar valuation on Okay, absolutely, they own some amazing businesses.

However, with that being said, just because I love the business model, doesn’t mean it’s worth the valuation is trading out and this is where things kind of go left for me when it comes to Amazon. Okay, when it comes to Amazon stock, it should always trade at a premium to where the markets trading.

So let’s say for instance, the the market in general is trading at a trailing p e of 20. Okay, Amazon should usually trade higher than that because it’s Amazon has nice growth and, and it’s an amazing business model with amazing management team and all those sorts of things.

But to be quite frank, it’s trading a little really, really rich and not just compared to the other peers in the market. But compared to itself over time. Okay, look at the trailing P. I mean, it’s never been higher than it is today.

This company, which is you know, if you think about valuation wise that’s a little worrisome. Okay, literally 114 trailing p e on this one, a forward P of 96 You know, this this company for the last several several quarters was trading anywheres from the 40 to 64 p which is still kind of rich.

But there’s a difference between paying let’s say a 44 four p for Amazon and paying a 96.15 Okay, that’s quite high for Amazon against itself and especially if you’re comparing them to any peers out there okay, price to sales ratio also if you’re buying Amazon stock here today, you’re paying the highest price to sales ratio of any time in modern history.

So when I look at a stock like Amazon like Dang, I really like this business model, but I can’t buy it Okay, it’s a no go for me at 20 $500 a share like I said love the business model and they’ll continue to increase profitability and revenues over time Absolutely.

But a so much growth for this business model is already being priced in and you know, when so much growth is already priced in it doesn’t make it that interesting of a stock from a perspective of somebody like myself that was thinking about buying and it’s just like, a lot of that growth has been priced in So no, it’s a no go for me, although it is a red hot stock right now.

Okay, stock number two, five Up here is Shopify ticker symbol this one s h o p shop. I mean does it get better than that? Okay, Shopify, this stocks insane Okay, it’s trading a $778 today $778 to incredible.

We all know Shopify rate, the e commerce stores, let’s say I want to sell holy smokers as a new Joker shirts. Okay? I mean, I could set up a Shopify store in probably about an hour to write on there very easily and be like, Hey, you guys want to buy Holy smokes, this ain’t no joke a T shirts, go down and click the link in the description.

I mean that, you know, that’s just, that’s their business model of being able to build an e commerce store. Very simply in a very quick amount of time. Boom, boom, boom, you’re up and you’re running. Okay, in the moment?

Yes, Shopify really became a huge brand, well known was when Kylie Jenner came out with Kylie Cosmetics. I think that was kind of the real moment in time for Shopify, where it was like, Whoa, like they’ve arrived.

Like they’re huge. And it was right around that time, the stock absolutely started taking off. And the most recent moment was when I was Jeffree. Star, and Shane Dawson did some type of makeup launch.

And, you know, it captivated a ton of the YouTube audience. And they literally broke Shopify, like it was crazy, the numbers they put up. And so Shopify is now really, you know, become like a mainstream thing and look at the stock price.

Let’s look at the stock price here for a moment, the stock has been incredibly hot, I mean, absolutely red hot, you want to talk about a red hot stock, this stock back in April, you can pick shares up for about $350 a share.

And here we are pushing up against 100 bucks now, what a move in, in literally about six or seven weeks span. absolutely incredible. But remember, also, this stocks been red hot for a long time, this was a stock you could pick up for less than 50 bucks, you know, four or five years ago?

I mean, you know, this was a stock that you should trade in the 30s. I remember it looked at it. Oh, I wish I would have bought that. Well, because again, I mean, congrats, if anybody’s been on that ride for all these years with Shopify, congrats to you, man.

Because you’ve made life changing money. That’s all I have to say about that as long as you invested some type of decent amount of money and okay, but with that being said, Shopify hasn’t had a lot of direct competitors. Amazon’s always kind of been like it kind of like an indirect competitor, where they kind of compete, but not directly against each other.

But the FB just launched a product called shops, okay. And essentially, you’re allowed to basically turn your profile into a storefront. And this can happen on ag FB and some of the other platforms they own.

And so if you think about that, this could end up the way I’m looking at this, this could end up being a big Shopify competitor in Shopify has yet to have a major direct competitor. And the more and more I’m looking at this, the more and more I’m thinking this might end up being a direct competition for Shopify, and remember, the.

FB doesn’t necessarily care about making money off these businesses when it comes to like fees or something like that, like maybe a Shopify would, the FB just wants everybody to advertise more, they want those businesses to make money.

So they can go ahead and advertise more and more on the platforms, what happens to AD rates, they go higher, higher, so they’re gonna come at this from a different, you know, competition standpoint against Shopify.

So this should be interesting to see how all this plays out. And man, whenever the FB comes after you just be ready, you got to be ready to fight because those guys fight hard and they know how to win. Okay, just as what you know, happened with snap when, you know, it stole snap stories, like, you know, it’s it’s tough to compete with those guys.

And it’s tough to compete with any of the big tech Amazon stuff to compete with Apple, Google. Okay. But Shopify, I mean, before Shopify is not, you know, FB coming after them, you know, we’ll see what happens with that.

But my main beef with Shopify is one the company is not profitable. It hasn’t been profitable anytime in recent history through the company trades at insane valuations not just to the market. But anytime in recent history.

I mean, the few of you know Shopify has had four p in the past of 300, or 400. That’s really, really, really, really high. Right? Right now it’s trading at a forward P of 10,000. But not just that, we don’t want to just think about profitability.

Especially with the high growth stock like Shopify, think about price to sales ratio. No time in recent history, has Shopify traded anywhere remotely close to a 50 price to sales ratio. I mean, usually the stock trades in the 20 to 30 range, which is still incredibly high on a price to sales ratio level, like that’s ridiculously high.

But when you’re talking about a 50 now 50 price to sales ratio for Shopify, that is, you know, your pricing and so much growth with this stock and this is what I hate about the stock market sometimes you know, sometimes it can just price in so much growth for some of these stocks.

That it’s just it gets up to the ridiculous levels like this companies have to grow for so many years into the future just to begin to try to justify the price it’s at right now a price to sales ratio and and when it comes to Ford P and stuff like that.

So Shopify, hey, I like the I like the innovation. They’re like the company. I don’t like the valuation, you know, the stocks just to read hard for me to even think about touch $778 so it’s a no go for me.

However, you know, anybody that’s involved with Shopify stock, I hope you guys continue to do great. I hope it you know, continues to, you know, remain a red hot stock. It’s just not the one for me.

Okay, stock number three or five is Uber stock. So Uber technologies here today is trading at $34.48. And this stock is hot. Okay, look at Uber. So right around those March lows, Uber hit under $14 a share under $14 a share.

That’s incredible, right. And here today is trading a 34 plus. So well over well over doubled up since those lows hit just about two months ago. Absolutely incredible what Liberty Uber stock has been able to do over the past couple months, the stock price has just been up and up and up.

Now you guys know, I personally owns Uber stock, I own 1000 shares on the public account. And on those particular shares. We’re about $6,824 right now. So I’m about 24 and a half percent. Okay. So when I look at Uber, we know the rideshare business is really bad right now.

Okay, we just know that Uber Eats is amazing right now. So rideshare is bad. It’s not because it’s Ubers fault. It’s not because any competition has hurt them. It’s just flat out like, like, think about it, if businesses are shut down, schools are shut down, like these are this is all the people that are going around, big events are shut down.

This is when people take Ubers okay to go to work to go to school to go to the event, this, this and that. And so rideshares just a mess right now, with that will return over time. And that business was starting to get to some very nice profitability, by the way in the rideshare side, that will come back but right now it’s bad.

Okay. Uber Eats right now. Amazing. Okay, the amount of customers Dave acquired in terms of fast food joints and in terms of full scale restaurants and coming on to the Uber Eats platform that never really considered it, because it’s running around a situation they’ve had to do it.

It’s amazing. The amount of new customers come in Uber Eats the amount of existing customer base that is ordering more and more from Uber Eats, it’s just gone through the roof, the business is amazing, okay, but on the flip side, there’s a massive amount of job cuts.

And so two ways you can look that, well, they’re cutting a ton jobs, maybe they’re going to get to profitability sooner, because they are literally cutting 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of jobs right now, on the flip side, you can look at that and say, Well, you know, maybe the business isn’t that healthy, okay, so you can kind of look at it both ways there.

But we know this business was a business that was burning through cash. So at some point in time, the business probably needed to cut a bunch of jobs, and maybe the ronnie Rona was just the thing to finally do it. Okay.

So when I look at the business overall, I can’t say it’s a buy at 34 or 48. Right now, I can’t say it’s a sell. I’m just I’m in the I’m in the middle, I’m in the kind of like a hold situation, okay, it’s one of those stocks that I feel like if you already own it, you kind of got to hold it.

But if you don’t own it, you can’t really buy it necessarily, because there are so a lot of questions about this, you know, 1000s and 1000s of job cuts, how that’s gonna play out how fast the rideshare market comes back.

Does it come back? You know, in the second half of this year, are we looking more like toward like 2021 the rideshare business starts to come back in a major way. Or we’re looking more like 2022 I think it’s more like 2021 the rideshare business will start to come back but that is a risk right?

So yeah, at the end of the day after this massive run Ubers gone on. I just look at it as a hold. That’s about it there for Uber the Uber Okay, stoked number 450 my gosh, guys, cheap oil is over $1,000 a share over 1000 talk about a red hot stock. Okay. Oh, my goodness.

It’s like you put some habanero sauce on your truck pull a burrito. I mean, oh my goodness. Look at this one. It was under 500 bucks under 500 bucks, like literally just back in March. And now it’s over 1000 it’s doubled up its stock price in a matter of two months for jewboy a ticker symbol CMG you know I don’t think I need to explain to pull this business model with you.

I mean, you know most you guys watching this are probably the millennials and all you guys is just bully right? But he does a burrito balls. Okay? t portly that’s triple a triple A so I love to Paulie you know, I’ll fit in that category.

But I don’t love to put those valuation for P of 104 right now goodness ianno Come on, man. You know, this is a stock that usually trades at a 4pm in the 40s You know, sometimes in the 50s heck sometimes in the 30s which is really really high for a fast food or you know, quick casual name out there it is okay, you pay a 30 4050 that’s already pretty elevated.

For a quick casual play like a like a cheap portly but 104 four p you know come on man like that’s just it’s just too much. Okay, just flat out. I love to pull the I would love to pull the stock but i’m not buying support lay at 104 four p I’m just not doing it.

Price to sales ratio of about five Right now, which is definitely very elevated for for, you know, a company that’s in the the fast food or quick casual space. You know, those numbers are just what turns me off into portly at the end of the day.

And the fact is analysts expect this business to shrink this year. I don’t know if it will shrink for sure or not. But they do expect to shrink next year. Huge, huge expectations 16.8%. But keep in mind, that’s coming off of the year where obviously sales were hurt because the logical outlays were either close for a certain amount of time, or the insides were closed.

So that’s something to take into account that if they were to grow 16 17% next year, keep in mind that’s coming off of a year where revenues Couldn’t you know, potentially been negative, okay, so we’ll see what happens with that. But at the end of the day, she bought a over 1000 bucks, I can’t do it.

Okay, at the end of the day, I’m not paying for P of 100 plus for a company that makes you know, burritos and burrito bowls. I’m just not doing it. Okay. Yeah, I don’t care how good their guacamole is. I’m not paying 1000 plus dollars for that stock.

Okay, stock number five or five that’s a red hot stock is fizzy get dizzy national beverage Corporation Now, you might not know national beverage Corporation until I bust out this picture on your Lacroix.

Okay, I know you guys love to eat AAA and drink Lacroix while you’re doing it. Okay. Lacroix, the biggest player in the sparkling water beverage industry, you know, huge growth over you know, the last number of years as people have tried to move to like alternatives.

Where it’s basically drinks that, you know, might kind of tastes like something but they don’t have any artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors or anything like that. And there’s been a huge movement to that type of stuff.

We know like more and more, especially in the new generation are moving away from soda products or moving away from products that have a ton of sugar in them in products that have a ton of artificial flavors and sweeteners and those sorts of things. And so ultimately, people are moving to more and more water and also products like this sparkling water.

Okay, and Lacroix is the biggest player in that space. The stock has been dang hot. Okay, you go back the stock was 37 $38 a share not that long ago. Now it’s 50 is pushing over 55 came over 55. And you might say well, that’s not too crazy of a move.

But I can tell you for a drink maker for a drink company. That’s a massive move. Okay, in that short amount of time for a drink company to go up that much is massive. No doubt about it. Okay, look at something like a Coca Cola.

Look what Coca Cola stock has done over that same time. It’s like, you know, it hasn’t done anything remotely close to what fizzy get dizzy has done. And the thing with fizzy get dizzy. That’s pretty interesting is it’s not even though the stocks been red hot has gone up quite substantially.

It’s not trading super rich, trailing P of 24, p of 19 and a half. And for the drink category, that’s actually pretty low. Okay, the drink makers, because they’re seen as recession proof companies, they always traded a big premium because of their stability.

Okay, they always do. So the fact is, the market is basically kind of trading in line with where the markets trading, but to drink makers. So which means it shouldn’t trade at a premium. That’s just the way it is okay, for right or wrong.

People look at these type of stocks to drink makers as as safety plays, and they love to own them. Okay. And so they usually they trade a premium and fizzies not trading at a premium. And I think a big reason why is because analysts actually think that this company is going to have its revenues go down in the current quarter in for the year in general.

I don’t agree with that. I think they’re going to be wrong. I think I will be right. Only time will tell. I think revenues are going to actually have grown this past quarter. I think in 2020, for sure. This is something I’m very, very confident about.

I think they will grow revenues in 2020. There’s no doubt in my mind, maybe I’m wrong on this. I do not think so. And I put my money where my mouth is with this stock, I bought a lot of shares a lot of options.

And I’m doing absolutely amazing on them all. And I just think analysts have this one completely wrong. They’re all expecting the company to have shrunk. And I don’t think so I think there’s a very high probability that their revenue will be well over a billion dollars for 2020.

And Only time will tell on this. And so when you look at the balance sheet, cash flowed into the sky $261 billion of cash sitting around no debt. Remember this a small cap company like $2 billion market cap rate.

So the other day when I look at physical dizzy, it’s still a buy. It’s still a buy, in my opinion, even at 55 because of flat out honest truth is, if this company can go from Oh, they were going to shrink to Oh, they’re going to grow.

You know, it’s going to be a pretty exciting story with fizzy dizzy, needless to say, unless I’m completely wrong and they their business does shrink in those sorts of things. I don’t foresee that happening. I think they’re actually going to grow and you know, it’s gonna be a fun time for me with this stock.

And I don’t know when I’ll sell it, I might, I might never sell it or you know, I don’t say never but I could hold this one potentially for many, many years. Because it’s a drink maker and I love the diversification.

It adds to my portfolios I own it and almost every single portfolio I have so definitely love that one and yeah, it’s been hot but I think it’ll be a lot harder over the next year or two.

Okay, just to let you guys know the huge Memorial Day Sale coming for the private group is less than 36 hours away so if you wanted ever join the private group, make sure you take advantage of this deal. Get on the waiting list for that link is going to be down there in the description. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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