4 Stocks $15 or Less that are a Buy Now!

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In this video we do go into 4 stocks that are under $15 and present a great value in this stock market. One of the stocks is HIGHLY expected. One of these stocks is in the cloud business, another in retail, and one that is in freelance business. 

These are stocks that are either overlooked by wall street or have not caught on to yet. Doing this video to show a few stocks that are a good value in this market and that are great long term plays. You know how much I love long term growth plays.

I hope that you guys enjoy this video and are able to research these companies and find one that you love! If you don’t that is fine as well we do not always have to agree! Let me know your opinion about these stocks in the comment section!

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Hey guys, welcome in to today’s exciting video where we’re gonna go into four very attractive stocks that are $15 or under. I know a lot you guys love when we talk about some of these stocks out there not just like Amazon it’s like $3,000 a share, or Google it’s like 15 $100 a share right now a lot of you guys love to talk about some of the smaller market caps.

And there’s some big opportunities in my opinion in these four stocks. Okay, one of the stocks I’m going to share with you in this video here today has insane growth like ridiculous K, like some of the fastest growth you will find in the stock market.

Okay, one of these stocks I’m going to share with you here today is of pure value play, okay, the valuation is just extremely intriguing on this stock. And then two of the stocks are double digit growth companies. So very strong growth companies.

So it’s not like we’re just diving into one certain kind of stock, I sifted the whole stock markets for some, you know, very intriguing plays out there, in my opinion that a $15 or under Okay, all four of these stocks I’m going to share with you here today are in different industries. Okay.

And let me just say it’s not easy to find super attractive stocks that are $15 or under, it’s actually quite a challenge, like do it for yourself, okay, go go try to find some great stocks that are $15 or under, in terms of like stocks that have chance to double, triple quadruple their stock price over the next three, five years. 

It’s going to be difficult. Okay, there aren’t a ton of these.But I think I found four stocks in four different industries that are pretty darn intriguing that have some amazing upside potential in front of them over the coming years in my personal opinion. All right. Hope you guys enjoy this.

As always, if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up button that helps you to chill out in a massive way. And it lets me know you guys appreciate a video like this where I go into some very intriguing stocks that in my opinion, have some pretty nice upside. Okay.

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I might also put it as the pinned comment. Also, we even have one on one coaching now for our millionaire students. So if you’re interested in that, fill in an application and we’ll get back to you. Okay, already, stock number one, a four. This one is pretty darn exciting.

I will say okay, this company is called switch ticker symbol, and this one is S WCH. It’s a $15.32 cent stock as of recording this, okay, the company went public almost three years ago now. Okay. When it went public, it was 20 plus dollars a share.

It’s $15 a share now. Okay. So basically, since this company went public, it’s a blast stock, it hasn’t done anything, it’s okay. But in my personal opinion, from 2021, through 2025, this will be a beast stock. Okay, I think there’s a lot of things changing with this business model for the better.

And I think is going to go from a story of like Wall Street and investors not being very excited about it to everybody starting to be very excited about it over the next several years. Okay. And we’ll go into that in detail in this video. Right? It’s a $3.6 billion market cap, as of right now.

Okay, how did I find the stock to switch stock? Okay, well, I was driving, I live in Las Vegas, as you guys might know. And one day I was driving in Las Vegas, and I saw one of their massive facilities. And I was like, What the heck is that switch? And so I looked in the company and I was like, wow, okay, this is this is pretty darn interesting.

But they build these massive data centers, okay. But to just call it a data center is almost disrespect to scratch, okay? Because this is on a whole other level, okay? These buildings are unbelievable. I mean, you know, if you could make a data center, cool switch has done it, all right.

And these data centers are extremely protected. They’re on a whole other level, you literally you can’t compare other data centers to what switches doing. They’re just, there’s so far in front of everybody. And you know, a lot of people like to throw around that term.

It’s a state of the art man, this is a state of the art blah, blah, blah, if people have done I tell you switch, their facilities are actually state of the art. Okay, they are the creme de la creme, and then there’s everybody else when it comes to the data center business, okay. Their facilities are amazing, the technology, the process, the way they do everything.

Unbelievable, in terms of the folks that are protecting these facilities, these are ex military, for the most part, I think, actually, you have to be ex military to even like get a job working security at one of these amazing data centers that switch has, they’re fully loaded.

I mean, it is pretty crazy, like try to break into a switch facility and you’re going to be in a real life game of war zone. Okay, let’s just put it that way. And you’ll probably be on your way to the Gulag right now. Not everybody understood that joke.

But for my gamers, you know, all you guys shout out because you know exactly what I’m talking about. But yeah, there’s not going to be pretty if you try to get into that place. All right, they have unreal cooling power.

So essentially, when you’re talking about all these servers together, when you’re talking about, you know, this type of data center in all these together, like usually it gets really hot. It’s really hard to manage electricity costs are insane and things like that, but the process they have is so much different than what everybody else is doing.

It’s so much More advanced, that they actually have unreal cooling power, like you could go through a facility. And even with that mass amounts of servers, like it actually be fairly cool in there, like 80 degrees.

Like it’s absolutely amazing. The technology, okay, I told you guys about the protection these facilities, they take things so far. I mean, if you’re a company and you go into this facility, Utah, this facility, I mean, your Chuck’s gonna be absolutely blown away, you’re not even gonna consider anybody else. Look at this. They build their facilities with double roofs. Yes.

You heard me right. Double roofs. That sounds ridiculous. And so extra, I mean, what are they planning for like a meteor to hit the ceiling? I mean, that’s just insane. Okay, that’s how crazy they are about protection, these facilities and their customers and things like that. Because double roof is not cheap.

Okay, that’s absolutely amazing. Here’s basically how a facility goes first, which if you think about protection, Okay, first off on the exterior, there’s like a 900 foot wall. Okay. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but I’m telling you, these walls are huge.

Like, I wouldn’t want to try to scale one of those things. Okay, insane. Okay, then if you get past that, somehow, the cameras will detect you. But if you get past that, somehow, then there’s a massive like, 10 foot or 12 foot high steel fence in front of that, like, like.

I’m talking Real Steel, like, you know, the type of stuff that even if you drove a truck into it, it’d be heartbreaking. Okay. Then from there, you get to the blue line, which is the actual facility, which is obviously protected with, you know, crazy walls and steel and all those sorts of things. Okay.

And then if somehow you get in the facility, then inside there, there’s a whole other sector of essentially, all the servers are caged up, okay, in this massive cage that you need, you know, some crazy keys and combos to even get in there. Okay, then if you get in there, each individual server wall is protected and locked up. Okay.

I mean, the protection and by the way, there’s armed guards, obviously, I spoke about ex military, okay, so the protection you get as a company, in terms of if you’re thinking about somebody going in there and trying to mess with your stuff, which this is very important stuff.

Okay, this is these are we’re talking about a lot of large companies use switch, okay, some of the biggest tech companies in the world use sweat. All right, for a lot of their, you know, basically not cloud data center uses, okay, because some stuff you want in the cloud, some stuff you honestly don’t want on the cloud.

And yeah, their protections crazy, not just that they have what’s called triple redundancy when it comes to electricity, okay, so meaning they could have one power supply go out and they got another one ready, they could have that power supply go out was just completely unrealistic time to go out, and they would have another power supply.

Absolutely amazing. I mean, these places are better protected than probably the White House. Okay. I don’t even know if the White House has triple redundancy when it comes to electricity, okay. And as many walls and barriers you have to go through to get in there, okay.

But not just that, I think my Tesla folks and some of you, environmentalist type people will appreciate this, okay? Switch is among the highest of any class company when it comes to green leadership.

Okay, if you look at the clean company, scoreboard, they’re the only company in the world that scores perfect A’s across the board, even beating out Apple, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, and companies like that. Is that amazing?

Or what I mean, you just think about their business and how much electricity needs to be used for their business. And you would just think automatically, like this wouldn’t be a company is very green, let’s put it that way. In here.

They are the greenest you’ll find out there. 100% on the Clean Energy index. I mean, there’s no one even close to them. It’s absolutely amazing. Okay, so if you’re investing in his company, you know, I think you can at least feel good about that. All right.

Now, let’s start going through some numbers and things like that. Okay, so the company has what’s called four switch primes. And these are their massive kind of data center campuses. Okay. They have Vegas locations, which have several different ones here in Vegas.

Okay, where I live, they have Reno Nevada, massive facilities up there, Michigan, they got this huge like, it’s basically like a pyramid in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and everybody lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you probably know what I’m talking about. Okay.

It says massive, like pyramid facility that basically they retrofitted to actually be a facility for them to use as a data center. Amazing stuff. Okay. And then Atlanta, they’ve had a big bill out in Atlanta over the last few years, as well. Okay, they have 950 plus customers, 36.4% of their revenue comes from customers in their top 10.

Okay, I think that’s rather important, because you would think with a business model like this, you would think just a few customers would represent such a large, like, share of revenue for the company that that might put the company in some financial jeopardy.

If let’s say that company, you know, threatened to switch to somebody else, something like that, obviously, you know, wouldn’t really make sense to switch from switch because the product they offer is usually much better and it’s sometimes actually much more horrible than what anybody else out there can can offer.

Okay, but at the same time, I love the fact that not even half their revenue comes from their top 10 customers. It makes me sleep a lot better at night. If I’m somebody Thinking about investing in his company. It’s just put it that way.

You know, I’m invested in some companies very rarely, but some companies like for instance, Cirrus Logic a semiconductor company, they get 80% of their revenues plus from Apple, it’s a scary stock to be in because man if their relationship everyone bad with Apple, their companies like done overnight switch if what they lost a big customer yet might hurt revenue a little bit, but it’s not like it’s taken down the whole company or something like that, okay.

I have something circled like crazy green there, okay, that circled about 100 times its revenue churn, this is the biggest metric, in my opinion, you can possibly look at, when somebody signs up with switch, they’re staying with switch, only point 2% revenue churn in the latest quarter, that is unbelievably low, okay.

Unbelievably low. That’s, that’s if you think about another thing that can make you sleep well at night as a fact that if people are signing up with this company, they’re staying with this company, and they’re just jumping around jumping to somewhere else.

Okay, when we get down to the financial profile 13.3% revenue growth year over year in this latest quarter, they reported 17.5% adjusted EBIT, da growth 15.8% cash flow yield on invested capital, and you think about their business, they’re holding the servers that are critical to so many large companies and mid sized companies, you know, obviously, around the United States, right?

And so if you’re thinking about who’s going to pay their bills, like, Man, you need to pay the bills to switch because it’s awfully important, right? You don’t want them to turn off the switch. All right, as far as their locations go, they have the ones up in Reno Vegas, the Grand Rapids location, and then several out in Atlanta now.

So they’re trying to cover the whole United States in general, in terms of like regional hubs for their big, you know, huge data center facilities. Alright, history of organic growth. If you look at their revenue, they’ve grown from basically about $207 million of revenue back in 2014 to $462 million dollars of revenue in this past year. 2019.

Right. they’ve posted 16.2% growth year to date. So far, very impressive, right? They have a CAGR of 15.5%. Over the past six years for adjusted EBIT, ah, including 15.9% year to date versus the same time period last year, absolutely amazing. q2 2020.

Total contract value summary. What’s really important here is this line, okay, this shows you average contract term. And what you’re gonna see here is basically the new customers are signing up. They’re signing up for longer, let’s just put it that way. Okay, from 3.9 years, for existing customers to now it’s all the way up to 4.9 years, for new customers.

That’s a good sign. You want to sign longer contracts. If you’re somebody like switch, right you want people to be with you long term is going to help with your churn rate, all those sorts of things.

And I think this is one of the reasons why they have such a low churn rate. In general, they kind of do you know, further up contracts and the fact that they’re pushing a year out further than they usually do, really good sign and a really good sign that customers want to sign up with them for long term periods of time.

Okay. capital expenditures, the company just spent in q2 85 million plus dollars on capital expenditures more build out for the Citadel campus to keep campus the core campus and the pyramid campus, okay, there’s so they’re spending a lot of money still, but this is going to help the company grow a lot in the future.

Okay, they’re gonna have a lot more cabinets in the future, like you look at all you know, when all these are coming online, a lot of them are either the back half of this year, or 2021, or 2022. Okay, so needless to say.

The company is going to continue to grow cabinets and continue to grow space for more and more customers or customers growing with them, which is something switched us very successfully, a customer will sign up with them, maybe have a few cabinet doors and then expand, expand, expand.

That’s phenomenal for switch over all capital expenditures. So far this year, 163 million, they’re spending money like it’s going out of style. They don’t want the cash, okay, 163 million capital expenditures. That’s a lot. Okay. There’s no doubt about that.

And then if we look at their full year 2020 guidance summary they’re guiding for about, you know, I’m expecting revenues about 520 million, if not a little above that, for the company this year, adjusted EBIT, da 261 million, those numbers look pretty nice, right?

Then you see capital expenditures, $340 million of capital expenditures, that’s a lot of money to be spending for a company with revenues of 521 million, right? A lot of money. But here’s a way in my opinion, kind of got to think about this, okay.

You don’t just spend $340 million on capital expenditures in a year, unless you’ve you believe there’s going to be major growth coming for your company over the next 510 years. This is why a company usually decides to spend that much in capital expenditures is not because we’re like just need to spend money No, okay.

It’s usually because you have massive growth in front of you that you see in your business model for the next 510 years. Okay, that’s why you spend all that money in the company just got a bunch more money, okay.

This is literally just in the past week or so, switch announces pricing of $600 million offering of senior notes. So they’re gonna have a bunch more money coming on that balance sheet which is good because they’re continuing.

Spend money quite aggressively because they’re going after a big market opportunity here and they want to be the biggest player sign those contracts and you know, get a lot of happy customers, right?

As everybody’s kind of shifting to more like, you don’t want to have data centers in the office anymore. It just doesn’t make sense like host him at a facility that’s well protected. Well done. The electricity costs really low, all sorts of things have switched to it is there’s going to be way better overall. Okay.

Now on the investor relations page, they actually just did a presentation with Goldman Sachs. I really thought that presentation was good. So anybody that’s interested in the stock more, definitely check out the investor relations page and check out that latest presentation, which was from a day or two ago, okay, so it should have double digit growth for years to go on the future.

Okay, current year the expected to grow 11.7%. Don’t be surprised if that number comes in better than that next year, the company is expected to grow 11.2%. Don’t be surprised if the company grows even better than that next year.

But needless to say, double digit growth should be coming first, which for years and years and years and years to go in the future, okay. That’s why they’re spending all this money and capital expenditures right now. Okay. Now, Rob Roy, okay.

He’s a CEO of this company. And he doesn’t talk much, okay. It’s very rare. You can talk, you hear him talk about anything, basically, in the media and whatnot. So I did a little digging on Rob Roy, okay. Obviously, he’s built this company from the ground up, done a phenomenal job.

And I found out some things okay, so one is unfortunately, his father, you know, jumped off a pontoon boat one time to like, go into a lake didn’t realize the water was like, super, I guess you can say shallow. And unfortunately, he got paralyzed.

And so Rob Roy, at the age of, I think it was like 10 or 12 years old, kind of always had to be there to you know, basically assist his father for a long, long time. And his father ended up starting to go back to like college and do college courses.

And Rob Roy would essentially have to help his father. So he actually got to learn a lot from a very young age, he was like, you know, basically, right there taking college courses with his dad, because he had to assist them.

So quite a, you know, I guess you can say, it’s quite an inspirational story, that, you know, something bad, like that could happen. And then, you know, he steps up and, you know, actually ends up helping take care of his father, you know, a fairly young age, okay, then from reading up about him on in terms of like, people that actually know him and have opinions of them.

Like everybody says, This guy is like the real deal, okay, like he he’s a very smart individual. He has big visions, he knows how to execute on those visions. I mean, you know, that, you know, somebody like this says, You know, I have the highest respect for Rob and his creative ability.

He’s clearly one of the brightest people I’ve ever met. Okay, this gentleman says, as far as I’m concerned, the guy’s a rock star, he’s being an ambassador to the city. I mean, there’s just a lot of people saying a lot of positive things that actually know this guy in real life, although, you know, you can’t just find a bunch of interviews on YouTube.

From him that the latest thing I could really find on YouTube, from him was like, 2008. Okay, so he’s pretty dang secretive. This was put that way. Okay. But yeah, he’s, it looks like he’s got his head on straight.

And it looks like he’s built a very phenomenal company that’s, you know, poised for a lot of future growth. All right, profitability, the company, I think is going to have profitability, absolutely explode from 2021 through 2026.

I think that’s going to be the time period when this company’s gonna go crazy with that bottom line. Okay. I think, you know, as far as their public appearance is kind of open about, let’s get the funding the capital, we need to build out the business. So the business can really take off, and we can go into the opportunity that we’re trying to go into, right, which is massive, right?
Trailing p on this one of 135 looks very rich, right? But when you think about, like, how many facilities they own, and the fact that they have all this recurring revenue, and the churn rate super low, like, you know, yeah, sometimes you got to pay up for a business model like this.

But you look at the four p, it’s 52, which means essentially, profitability is going to start increasing dramatically over the next few years. And I think this company is going to get to a place where they’re crazy profitable, like I’m talking hundreds of millions of dollars profitable over the next few years.

And expanding beyond that, okay, which is going to be a game changer for this business model for the Ford p, all those sorts of things. And I think that will be what like opens investors minds to all sudden, oh, wow.

This is going to become a positive cash flow machine versus right now, obviously, you know, the company’s not super profitable, and they’re spending crazy money on capital expenditures, I think things will shift starting over the next couple years, and all sudden, this is going to go into a cash flow machine, rather than a cash burn machine.

Let’s just call it that right now. Okay, so switch very attractive stock over the long term, in my opinion, it’s one of the most attractive stocks I can find in the market that’s $15 or under right now.

I think over the next five years, we’re going to have you know, 2021 through 2026, I think they’re going to have a you know, a quite a positive, you know, five year span there. Let’s just put it that way. Okay, and maybe even longer term than that.

Alright guys, let’s get into stock number two for up here. This one is another stock that’s $15 or under as they all are Nordstrom j w n is ticker on this one. And this is an easy one for me. Okay, this is not complicated.

Like switch I don’t have to do a million slides for this one like I did switch because a lot of you guys probably never heard of switch before. Nordstrom simple Okay, department store business highly successful. they cater more to like upper middle class slash you know more toward the wealthy class you know.

That’s a lot of their clothing and different you know brands they haven’t and things like that, okay, then they have the Nordstrom Rack brand, which is more like mass appeal, you know more like, you know, still higher end names, but for cheaper prices, maybe they’re out of season, maybe they didn’t sell items like that Nordstrom Rack.

Phenomenal strip mall business, one of the premier names in that space. And online, they’re taking them more and more serious nordstrom.com getting more and more popular. And because of Roni, Rona, this company had to take this more and more serious over time. Okay. But here’s where I think things are really going to get exciting.

I mean, there’s a few things that are exciting for Nordstrom, in my opinion, but obviously 2020 is a devastating year for clothing sales. I mean, you couldn’t think of a worse situation for clothing sales, then the entire economy having to shut down, no one can go to weddings, or to work or to special events or anything like that.

Okay, so all of a sudden, overnight, you take out the whole, like possibility of why a lot of people get new clothes, right, though, you know, a lot of people it’s about getting, you know, whatever, it’s a trending thing and things like that.

But a lot of people they shop based upon events, it’s like, Oh, I got a wedding to go to, oh, I got a you know, Christmas party to go to I got this I got that I got the you know, the concert to go to tonight.

Let me get a new dress, things like that. And that’s just, it’s not existing right now. Okay, so the worst case scenario you could ever think of in the world for clothing sales is going on right now. Okay, which means it’s going to be crazy pent up demand over the next few years for clothes in my personal opinion, okay, I think 2021 2022 will be huge bounce back years for clothing sales.
Okay, I think the start of it will be 2021. But I think 2022 is going to be that year, that’s going to be crazy for clothing sales. And I think you’re just gonna see an upward trend that, you know, I think clothing sales will get to a place where the strongest they’ve been in, you know, possibly decades because of pent up demand will be there.

And just a lot of people will want to shop for close for such a long time that like, Danny, let me go shop for some clothes. Okay, the company’s super cheap. I mean, we’re talking about a Ford P of 10. On this company, we’re talking about a price to sales ratio of point one nine, when the lowest price to sales ratios you will ever find in the stock market right there.

Point one nine for Nordstrom. Holy smokes is is no joke is I think the stocks going back to 30 to $40 a share. I mean, you know, this stocks been $60 in the past, even, you know, over $70 in the past, I’m not sure it goes back there.

But can the stock go to 30? Or 40? I think so, I think there’s no question they’re gonna make it through this whole messy situation with the ronnie road. Okay, and, you know, 2022 2023 I think the stock will get back to a place where $34 outside of a scenario where the entire economy has to shut down again, in an a massive way.

Outside of that scenario. This is going to be a 30 or $40 stock in a few years, in my personal opinion, the profitability return. And I think Wall Street at the end of the day is just making a big mistake there group in Nordstrom in with all these other companies, okay, the group of women with JC Penney’s.

The group of men with Macy’s dillards, their group of men with Kohl’s and all those sorts of things, you can see it I mean, the market cap for Nordstrom is like $2 billion, right? And that’s crazy.
I mean, we’re talking about Nordstrom, and Nordstrom Rack, the online business, everything that you get with that the management team did the whole company song for like 2 billion because Wall Street, just grouping them in with all these other guys. And I think it’s just a mistake.

I think it’s silly that wall street is doing this essentially. Because it I mean, imagine if we did this in every other industries, right? Imagine if we did this with McDonald’s, we said McDonald’s is the same as Wendy’s. No, they’re not the same. Okay? They’re not the same.

Yeah, they might sell some of the similar items. But the numbers these companies put up, they’re not the same the clientele base, things like that. It’s just you can’t you can’t compare them, right. I mean, imagine if we said, well, e commerce is all the same. Amazon is the same as eBay. No cane Amazon is not the same as eBay, they should not be treated equally.

And and the fact that you know, Wall Street wants to go around and basically say, Nordstrom is the same as these other guys in just continue to be down that stock. I just think it’s a mistake. And I think ultimately, the stock will show through outside of law once again, outside of the entire economy having to be shut down for months and months.

Again, outside of that scenario, I think the stock will roar back to you know, 30 $40 a share over the next few years. We’ll see. I just think the valuation is way too compelling on the stock to not at least, you know, pay attention to it or consider it as a value investor.

Okay, so yeah, JW very interesting value play, in my opinion. All right, look, stock up here, number 304. And you guys, you know, we’re talking about a video here $15 under stocks, anybody that’s a loyal viewer of this channel.

You guys know I had to include this next stock we’re about to include Okay, you already know how to put it in there. Your sudden it’s the planet 13 You thought I was gonna go through a video where I talked about companies I’m excited about over the coming years and not put Planet 13 in it that’s $15 or under? Yes.

I’m gonna put this stock in Hear Oh my gosh. Okay, Planet 13 is a $3 stock. This is the cheapest of the bunch in this is the most insane growth of any stock possibly in stock market expected next year, and definitely have anything in this list.

Okay, this is a whole different level of growth we’re talking about in this company. All right, so first off, I think we got to just appreciate that analysts have now gone to a place where they believe plant 13 will grow revenues this year. Think about this for a moment, right. Vegas was closed down for several months plan 13 at a closer and tire store for months, right.

And Las Vegas tourism is down massively in the only store they have currently open is in Las Vegas. And you would think my goodness, like that has to be a disaster for this company. And yet, they’re still going to possibly grow this year.

That in itself is unreal, simply unreal. Okay. But when you look at next year’s numbers, that’s where stuff’s really exciting. Okay. 116.5% growth now analysts have for the company before analysts had this company growing 101%.

Now they just upped their numbers to 116%. year over year growth should happen next year. Okay, you’re talking about I mean, you know, how many companies can you find that growing like that? That’s just crazy. Okay. So there’s a there’s like a trifecta situation. Okay. One is they’re in a massive growth sector, which is the MJ space, right?

I mean, this is just going to be something that takes off in mass over the next decade, as things get more legalized, either by state by state, or on a federal level, who knows, but there’s no doubt like things are, it’s just gonna get more and more legal over time. It’s just like, How fast does it happen?

Does it happen over the next year? Does it happen in the next couple years? Does it happen in the next five years, or 10 years, it’s gonna happen sometime in there, we just don’t know where. But regardless, like massive growth will come for the entire MJ space because more and more states will start to legalize because man, it brings in a lot of tax revenue.

It brings in a lot of jobs. And in a time when unemployment rates are really high, tax revenues are really low for a lot of cities in this big deficit. Guess what you look for you look for ways to generate revenue in taxes in the MJ space can be that Okay, so yeah, things are gonna it’s just a massive growth space for the next decade, if not two decades. Okay.

Number two, plan 13 In my opinion, will be the Cabela’s of m j, their store experience is unparalleled. They are not the little, you know, shop on the corner in some strip mall like these other guys are okay in the MJ space, no plant 13 builds epic stores that you talk about, and you’re like, we’ve got to go there, man, just because it’s a crazy experience.

It’s awesome. Okay, it’s just different in different in a much better way. Okay. Number three, I think they have the possibility to be like a constellation brands, when it comes to the brands this company is fostering and growing.

And yeah, I think they legit have a possibility of that could potentially be even a bigger business for the company long term than the store business, which is saying a lot because the store business will expand all over the United States and, you know, potentially even Canada and whatnot over time.

And that’s going to be big, but literally the brand business could be bigger. Think about constellation brands, they own so many different, you know, beer brands, wine brands, obviously even a vaca brand, right and it’s just a huge company and when I look at plant 13, I could see something like that potentially happening as long as they execute with this the haha gummies brand.

I think that’s going to be highly successful over time, highly successful. dreamland chocolates, okay, I think that has massive potential. And in terms of their flower product is called medicine. This is a this is a product that sells out within days of hitting shelves usually Okay, to kind of give you context of how successful that medicine brand is.

They had to buy basically like an entire, like, cultivation facility, just in mind for the medicine brand. Like Think about that for a moment. They had to buy a huge facility just for that brand. And to cultivate that more so they could increase production.

So imagine where that brand will be five years from now. 10 years from now things like that, like customers absolutely love it. Okay. Yeah, I mean, there’s a lot of positives with the stock Hey, they just won back the dispensary license here in Nevada.

So essentially, they had moved their dispensary license over to the big huge Planet 13 store they’ve said this other store and they just finally won the license back for that so they’ll actually be able to open that store. This one is called the medicine Las Vegas dispensary. Okay.

I mean, people love this store before it had closed unfortunately, a couple years ago because I had to move the license over because it’s not like you can just open and there’s not like there’s an unlimited amount of licenses, there’s a certain amount of licenses people love that store got like a 4.7 for reviews.

I mean, heck, that’s even higher than the 4.5 the actual plant 13 store gets so people love that store. That should be a very profitable store when it opens back up and ramps back up. Okay. And you know.

We have some folks inside the discord chat in my private group that had been posting some phenomenal photos out of essentially the Santa Ana location, which is their next location that should be opening in 2021 posting some really in depth photos of kind of what that property looks like right now.

And I’m super excited for that property because I think that’s going to be a game changer. And that should allow the company to start to distribute Their brands around California because essentially you can produce in Vegas, and then send your brands over to California because you’re crossing state lines.

That’s federally illegal right now, okay, you can’t do that. But if you have a location open, let’s say in California, then you should be able to obviously distribute your brands throughout California that’s really, really big.

So that property should be amazing, I think is about 10 minutes away from Disneyland, if I recall. Okay. And how many public companies can you find out there that will grow revenues? 100% plus in 2021? Okay, how many companies can you find with the type of growth trajectory this company should have over the next 510 years?

I think there’s a real fear questions, right. I mean, obviously, it’s an OTC stock. It’s, it’s, I guess, you could say more of a risk than your average stock out there. But the opportunity here in front of the stock is crazy.

I mean, it’s just absolutely massive look at some of these other companies that are growing, you know, quite rapidly, right, like a zoom company is expected to grow 29.5% revenues next year. Nice. Shopify, super high flying growth stock expect to grow revenues. 31%. Next year, tough.

So my so one of my favorite growth stocks in the entire world, right, expect to grow revenues about 38.9% next year, and you know, plan 13 is going to grow 100 and something percent next year, it’s just question of, do they grow closer to 100%? Next year, or closer to 150%? next year?

That’s the biggest question with this one in general. Okay, our company has a $466 million market cap on it. Right now, the market cap has increased quite dramatically recently, but there’s been so many fundamental changes for the business model for the better that have been announced over the past six to nine months, that.

I think it reflects the fact that this market cap should have gone up that much, because the fact is, everybody thought you know, plant 13 was done. And then this company is going to Ulsan grow in a year when they their business should have been down 30 to 40%, like people were expecting Okay, and no one expected them to grow 100% plus six months ago.

Okay, this company should grow 100% Plus, next year, the whole story would plant 13 has gotten so much more exciting that’s ever been the company has been able to raise a ton of money, they should be able to expand the business expand locations over the next 510 years.

And this should become a cash flow machine down the road. And so $466 million mark cap, you know, this is a company that should be billions of dollars in market cap in the future, obviously, once again, it’s an OTC stock, so it is a little more dangerous.

But my goodness, when you look at the opportunity, as long as the management team executes with, I have no doubt in my mind that this management team will execute on a very high level, as long as they do that the world is theirs in the MJ space for plant 13 in my personal opinion.

I started buying the stock in the $1 range was $1 something a share when I start buying the stock. And I can tell you, even though it’s at three, I’m not even considering selling the stock not even considering it.

Okay, it’s just doesn’t make any sense at all for me to sell a company that $460 million market cap when I think this company has billions of dollars in market cap in front of them over the next 510 years.

It just doesn’t make sense. So yeah, I’m not even considering selling this one. And if you told me I had a double my position tomorrow, I had to either sell all my shares or double my position tomorrow and the stock I’m doubling my position before I sell my shares.

I can tell you that much. Okay, stock number four for up here are these stocks that are $15 or under that are quite intriguing that I think are gonna do very well in the next five plus years is up work. Okay. ticker symbol, and this one is up Wk it’s a $15.26 cent stock here.

Strong growth company, very strong growth company. Is this stock that hasn’t done anything since IPO? Okay. I mean, this company went IPO almost two years ago now. And basically it’s down since IPO.

It’s a freelance economy business, going to be one of the most important companies in this space long term. My opinion it already is. And I think it will continue to be. And so you, when you look at something like this, you see a stock that is down a bunch since IPO, some investors say well, it’s just not a good stock than right. It’s not how it works. Okay, that’s not how it works.

Think about this for a moment, think about Wall Street, think about the guys that really control a lot of money that are going in and out of stocks, right. You know, these gentlemen? I mean, do they really understand the freelance economy?

You know, a hedge fund manager that’s worth $3 billion dollars, does he really get it a mutual fund manager, guys like that, that run these funds? They really get this business model? Because think about it, like what do they see on daily basis?

They have a secretary right? That’s not freelance, right. They have lawyers, that’s not freelance work. They are in an industry where they’re looking at stocks and things like that, you can’t outsource that.

So you can’t just like freelance that right. And so you know, these gentlemen, none of them really have any clue about the freelance economy and how this stuff works and things like that. Maybe they wrote an Uber car or something like that once upon a time.

And so maybe they understand it from that perspective, but not like outsourcing work as like an enterprise or business because it just doesn’t make sense for them. And I think this is kind of like a fundamental flaw and I think this is one of the reasons Wall Street.

Isn’t getting the stock as of yet, but they will Okay, remember Wall Street didn’t get the FB Okay, they didn’t get Facebook stock went down 50% after its IPO went down in $19 a share, I think it actually flows.

I think it was 18 something technically, okay. They didn’t get Facebook. You know why? Because these guys are like, Facebook’s not relevant. I’m not on Facebook. And in john over there, my business partner, he’s not on Facebook, you know, so what are daughters on Facebook or so what our grandkids are on Facebook? You know, it’s irrelevant.

It’s irrelevant, okay? It was irrelevant Intel, all of a sudden, all the people around these guys started also getting on Facebook, right? And it wasn’t just the kids that were on anymore, right about Instagram.

And Instagram was like, Oh, that’s just for the kids, right? And everybody went on Instagram, right? And so all sudden, you know, Wall Street woke up and they’re like, Oh, yeah, this company is really, really important.

And by the way, Wall Street, when it comes to Facebook, I don’t wanna get off topic here. But they’re not even understanding Oculus and how big virtual reality is kind of Facebook’s business model long term. That’s quite interesting.

And that’s something they totally don’t get because, you know, these guys aren’t going around and trying out Oculus products I can tell you that much k they didn’t get tested for the longest time.
They know they thought Tesla was completely irrelevant. The longest time they literally didn’t get it because we’re all these fund managers were these guys that really control the money that’s going in and out of these stocks.

They almost all live in New York City right? Manhattan specifically, you know, how many Tesla’s Do you see driving around over the past few years in Manhattan? I can tell you it’s very few and far between okay.

However else and you go to California, this test was everywhere, right? Even in my city, Las Vegas test was everywhere. Especially if you go to Summerlin, Henderson, Tesla’s everywhere even in just Vegas in general.

Okay, I have two Tesla’s and can tell you in my little gated community here, okay. There’s probably about 30 homes. And I would say five of those homes have tassels, okay, the test is everywhere. But if you were in New York City, you never saw Tesla’s you’re like, oh, Tesla’s irrelevant, okay.

And I just think they’re making a huge mistake that is similar here with Upwork because this is a big business came up work, what is upwards doing what they’ll continue to do over the next 510 years? I think is massive, is a company that doesn’t just work with you know, you might think about like, like freelance economy, it’s just like small companies, right?

No, big companies use Upwork, Microsoft, Airbnb, g bisacodyl. A lot of huge companies use up work for freelance work, even midsize companies, small businesses, even micro sized businesses. So think about if you’re just you know, you’re the only person that works at a company you need somebody do something that you can’t do, you might look for that task to be done on Upwork Okay.

So you think about this is just going to be a space that continues to grow for years and years to go in the future as far as growth 17.6% revenue growth expected this year 14.8% growth expected next year in terms of company I think they have 10% plus revenue growth expect it for years to go in the future in my personal opinion.

I don’t think this company is going to stop their growth anytime soon. And when I look at this business model, I just see you know, confusion let’s just put it that way. The company is valued at $1.83 billion I think that’s ridiculous.

Okay, that Tam opportunity in front of upward over the next decade is so big, it’s hard to explain Okay, and this is arguably going to be one of the biggest companies in this space long term. Okay, you know, who knows who wins at the biggest right is that them as a fiver as somebody else.

But I can tell you up work will likely be one of the biggest players if not the biggest player in this space long term. And the TAM opportunity here is crazy and the market caps 1.8 3 billion and so I think this is a type of company over the next 510 years it has massive upside potential up work very attractive long term.

In my personal opinion as always, don’t just buy stock because I’m buying a stock make sure you do your own research. And you know, maybe you don’t like any stocks, maybe you love these stocks, whatever.

You know, I always kind of do these videos not just to bring stocks to your guys’s attention, but also kind of you know, share the way I look at stocks, the way I value the shocks and how important I think different things are for these companies.

I think my structure and the way I do it is a little different than pretty much anybody else in the world. Okay, so hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind smash the thumbs up that helps the YouTube channel out in a massive way and I do appreciate you were gonna consider that the payment for this video.

Okay, and also if you want to learn directly from me on how to make more money in the stock market by taking less risk, how I run a portfolio, the type of things I look for in stocks, all those sorts of things.

Maybe you even want the opportunity to be coached one on one with a millionaire student of mine. If you want to add that check out the first link in the description I might even put as a pinned comment they’ll allow you to apply to hopefully try to get in the financial fortress project. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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