4 Secret Jackpot Stocks that Wall Street Can't See Right Now!

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4 jackpot stocks that wall street have no clue about! And no we are not talking about Tesla or amazon or any of the big dogs in the stock market. We are talking about smaller companies.

It is extremely hard to find jackpot stocks in the stock market, especially 4 of these stocks. So I will go thru these stocks and explain to you why exactly I feel like these stocks have massive potential.

Let me know what you think of these stocks in the comment section. Do you agree with my analysis of these stocks? Do you own any of these stocks?

Are you planning on investing in these stocks? Let me know what stocks you think are jackpot stocks that I didn’t mention in the video. I will be reading the comments to see your opinions.

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Hello guys, do I have an exciting video planned for you here today we are talking about four jackpot stocks that wall street can’t even see right now these stocks are not even on their radar. And we’re talking about these stocks having massive potential gains in front of them in my personal opinion in the future years.

Okay, we’re not talking about Tesla, and Amazon and apple and AMD and Google and video and those type of stocks here today. Okay, those are all stocks that are massive. Everybody on Wall Street already knows those. The majority of Wall Street is already in those stocks. It’s just a question of, are they going to keep buying in?

How much more are they going to keep buying them? But everybody knows about those stocks. Hey, those are big dogs. Those are what’s talked about on CNBC and Bloomberg all the time. Okay, not talking about those ones. In this video.

All these stocks today are $5 billion or under market caps way under the radar for most of Wall Street, which are usually looking at 10 billion plus dollar companies. Okay, all these stocks have multi bagger potential over the course of the next nine or 10 years.

I mean, we’re talking multi bagger we’re talking to these stocks can 2x 3x 4x 5x 10x over the next decade okay massive some of these could potentially weigh more than 10x over the next decade in my opinion and finding these types of stocks is tough let me be very honest to find for stocks that I’m confident could be you know stocks that have just massive upside potential like jackpot type

stocks that you know other people might not know about it’s very very tough so I hope you guys appreciate that put in the work to try to find these stocks well mainly for myself but also for you guys hope you enjoy that as always if you don’t mind smash the thumbs up that is the way you can pay me for this video okay little smash that thumbs up also if you guys want to check out stock hub

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Okay, so go and check out that that will be linked in the description I’ll also have it as the pin comment down there Alright guys, let’s start getting into this so first stock of the four stocks that is a jackpot stock you guys know I had to put this one on a you just know it.

Okay, Planet 13 there was no way I was going to make a list of jackpot stocks and not put the planet on it. This is a first dock of these four I don’t know why put five there first dock of these four stocks up here. Okay, the planet represents a rare combination of they have a chance to be the number one major retail location.

So their retail locations, they do the most business of anybody out of that location. Okay, you’re here in Vegas. I think they can expand this city by city around major cities where things are legalized over time.

And I think they will have the number one revenue stream of any location out there when it comes to selling MJ out of those locations, nevermind delivery online, all those different platforms that they’ve been building and building especially since Roni started K.

Massive also, they have a great opportunity to be the number one branded player in MJ items when I say they have a chance I see they have a high probability there’s not another company I know of an MJ space that I think has a better chance to be the number one player in branded products because they are doing an amazing job of this. Okay, dreamland chocolates.

Haha gummies the medicine flower brand is ridiculous. Okay, they had to buy a whole nother facility here in Vegas, essentially, just because medicine flower was selling out so fast. Okay, insane. Their brands. Okay, that is a rare combination.

A rare, they’re not just in the commodity space of just selling the stuff. Kay. They’re making branded products. It’s ingenious. And major retail locations. It’s ingenious, but bring in mass amounts of people bring in the excitement.

Don’t just create a little like location that’s in a strip mall. No, no, no. Okay. Keep in mind legalization is coming more and more over the coming years. Okay. I don’t care if we’re talking about state level, federal level, it’s all coming. Okay. More and more people are open to it than ever before. Okay.

The whole you know, remember when they used to talk about Oh, MJ, it’s the gateway D ROC. Okay, more and more of those people are, you know, leaving us let’s just put it that way. Okay. And more and more open minded people are coming into the space and realizing how is MJ any worse than like alcohol or something like that.

It’s just not okay, more and more people are open to it. And that is a great thing. And not just that less and less people are opposed to it. So against it. I think that’s big. Also states and federal governments need more tax revenue. And how do you get more tax revenue legalized? jack man And believe me, the tax money will start piling in.

You’re getting none of that right now. If your state or federal government think about that, you get none of that. If it’s not legalized, the whole industry is booming, okay, on the DL and you’re getting nothing of that. Now legalize it and you get your percentages.

Okay? And think about this right? You could you could do you know two different things right? You can do what we’ve been doing for the last 50 plus years, right? Where you kept somebody selling a bunch MJ, you put them in jail, you put them in prison, okay?

It costs you $60,000 a year roughly. Okay. $60,000 roughly, to have him in jail, right? 60,000 versus you could just legalize it, you create millions of indirect indirect jobs, right? And you create billions of tax dollars that will go to state level, local level, federal level, what sounds a

little more what it’s what sounds more intelligent, okay, putting those people in jail for you
know, and it costs you 60k or legalize it create millions of jobs that for a product that people want out there direct and indirect, and create billions of tax dollars for yourself? What sounds like a smarter idea. Okay. As simple as that. Okay.

Now, when it comes to the planet 5% revenue growth was expected in this past quarter. Okay, actually, the quarter they’re still gonna report they had a pre report. Okay. 36%, the company came in with revenue growth. 5% was expected for vandalism.

That company came in with 36%. That’s ridiculous. That’s all I can say about that. Read. That’s what I mean. You know, it’s very rare. You see that type of beat on Wall Street, that’s just a beat down in sane. Okay, absolutely. Unbelievable. Planet 13, in my opinion, has a multi billion dollar team in the making, okay, I think these are the type of guys that can build this into a multi billion dollar company.

And I’m very, very confident in the team there, which is very key in this whole scenario, okay, keep in mind, the planet should grow around 100%, if not more than 100% in 2021, between their medicine store open and backup here.

And for Q, then on top of that Santa Ana is opening at some point in 21, we just don’t know when then you add on top of that Vegas returning more to normal, I don’t think Vegas traffic is going to return fully to normal in 21. But I think it’s going to return closer to normal in 21, than it’s been this past year. Phenomenal. Okay.

And keep in mind, the planet could be profitable in 21. Okay, it could very much well be profitable and 21, a lot will depend on how Santa and opens and how fast that location ramps, we don’t know, because this is only that will only be the second major location that planet has opened.

So we don’t know if it’s going to take a month for that location ramp a couple of weeks, if it’s going to be just like, like, you know, crazy busy from the day they open the store, or if it’s going to take three months, six months, nine months, 12 months, we don’t know, time will tell.

And that’s gonna you know, it could be a super profitable year next year, it could be a slight last year, or it could be a slight profit year, anywhere in between.

Now the exciting thing about that Santa Ana location is not just the physical location I’m going to open, which is going to be great for delivery people come to the store, Planet 13 branding, all those things.

That’s not even the biggest part in my opinion. Okay, shipping branded product can start in California once they have a location there. because keep in mind, you can’t ship this stuff over state lines right now, because it’s not federally legal, right.

So it’s not like you can make it in Vegas, ship it over LA, you can’t do that. But once you have the location open and the facility is making the product, all of a sudden you can begin shipping it all over California. And is there a bigger market for MJ than California?

I mean, every market in the entire United States is a massive MJ mark, I could tell you that. Okay, I would say somewhere between 30 to 50% of every single state uses MJ from time to time, okay.

30 to 50%. Now imagine just imagine for a moment, the state of California alone, okay, that is a game changer. A lot of people just looking at as a physical retail location. I’m like, that’s the secondary thing. Okay. The main thing is the branded product expanded all over ca. Oh my gosh, I mean that we’re talking game changing type stuff came the planet is a half a billion dollar market cap as of today,

I believe this company can be five to $10 billion range in 2030. Okay, I believe they truly have that type of ability. If this company executes on as high as a level as they have the past couple years.

And they continue this. Oh my gosh, and they continue to you know, let’s say their stock price continues to roar and they can raise more money so they can expand the business even faster and they keep posting is a phenomenal results, which keep investors happy and attract more and more investors Never mind things are legalized and they can get on a major exchange.

I mean, guys, we are talking about this one is just starting, you know, this one’s just starting in my personal opinion. So, you know, can this be a five to 10 billion plus dollar company in the future? I absolutely. Believe it.

Okay, Planet 13. Is that a stock that’s just as a lockup and look at it in like 2030 Man, I like I put in the filing cabinet. I’m like, Whatever happens, whatever happens if it goes down a bunch of a bunch more. And other than that, it’s just an filing cabinet. And I don’t care if it goes up 300% or 500%.

I’m not selling okay. I’m sure Similar to how I treated Tesla stock in the public count, I bought those 150 shares, which you know now is 750 shares after the split, I put down the filing cabinet said, I don’t care if it goes up 500% or 30% or at 100%. Okay, not selling and now Tesla’s up like 850%, I think plus, for me in that account, cuz I just put in the filing cabinet, I didn’t worry about it, like it will grow, it will grow.

Okay, I have $185,000 Plus, in this stock of my own money, I believe that 185,000 has a pretty good probability of growing at 1.8 million to 3.7 million by 2030. Time will tell the company has executed on a high level if they’re going to achieve that.

But I truly believe that 185,000 a half in the stock today will grow to a 1.8 million to 3.7 million by 2030. And like I said, time will tell obviously there’s risk with the stock as with all stocks, but we’re talking about some jackpot stocks and man, it’s hard to find a bigger jackpot stock than not planet.

Okay, let’s get into stock number two, a four of these jackpot stocks. And that is actually it’s a combo stocks Fiverr and Upwork. Okay, Fiverr and Upwork, freelance economy, these two stocks, have, you know, the future of freelance economy, let’s just put that way the now and the future of freelance economy. Okay.

Fiverr has a $5 billion market cap on it. Well, a little over $5 billion Upwork has a $2 billion market cap and some change on that particular company. Okay, these are two main players in the freelance economy marketplace.

Think about that the two main players in the freelance economy marketplace, this is massive, okay, there’s going to be multi decades of growth ahead, in my opinion, for Upwork. And for fiber, we’re talking multi decade growth. It’s not like this is something that, oh, they’re just gonna have a good next couple years.

No, this is something that’s going to continue to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and the snowball will continue to build and get bigger and bigger over the next decade, if not two decades, three decades in the future. Look at the number of freelancers in the United States alone. How is expected to go up basically from 2017 to 2028.

I mean, look at those numbers, guys. I mean, that’s extreme, that’s just in the United States. Keep in mind Upwork Fiverr, these are going to be these are already international companies and will be more and more international. Okay.

Think about this. These could be the two biggest players and are the two biggest players in the freelance economy. I mean, imagine how big these companies will be 510 years out from now. I mean, my goodness, Kate, never mind, I think it’d be actually ingenious if Fiverr and Upwork merged.

I think they merged, it would be in genius. I think the cost savings would be massive. I think they could have close to a monopoly market share. And I think they should do it soon, in my opinion, before the companies get too big, because the companies get too big.

I don’t think it would ever be allowed to go through essentially, I don’t think a merger would ever get approved. I think these companies should merge ASAP and I think if they merge ASAP, Fiverr and Upwork they create a dominant beast company that will not be stopped and has you know, multi decades of growth ahead of it.

Okay, so you know, I like Upwork better than Fiverr personally just because I like the valuation a little better. I think it’s a little more attractive. I think it’s less risky than Fiverr but at the end of the day,

I feel like you know, it almost makes sense to have one of these stocks in the filing cabinet whether it’s Fiverr or Upwork it really just comes down to which one you believe in more but my goodness if they merged I think they should merge I think these two companies could merge and create a dominant beast marketplace that will that will not be stopped by anybody let’s just put it that way.

Okay, those are the second jackpot stocks three four up here as another combo and this combo is in the apparel industry revolve in Stitch Fix Okay, both of these stocks I believe are jackpot stocks in the making. Okay, keep in mind limitless start out here okay.

apparel sales could be down around 50% this year like the worst year for apparel sales in history let’s just put that way just absolutely the worst case scenario for apparel sales this year okay.

And look at revolve revolves expected to grow this quarter expect to grow next quarter expected to grow current year expect expect to grow huge next year. Okay. But mainly, I’m just focused on this year. Because look at that. I mean, how that’s just crazy. Okay.

The analysts in this industry are expecting, you know, apparel sales to be down clothing sales to be down 50%. And here you have revolv growing in that type of environment. that just speaks volumes to where revolv is going as an online marketplace for clothing. absolutely extraordinary.

Okay, look at Stitch Fix. It’s maybe even more pronounced. Okay, look at Stitch Fix. Revenue just increased 11% in their latest quarter year over year. You gotta be flipping my flapjacks k by 11% increase in revenues in an apparel market. That is awful, right? Know, where most people aren’t going out and doing things and going to events is a like, that’s just nuts.

There’s no other way to put it just nuts an incredibly impressive stitchfix grew their active clients 9% year over year. I mean, think about that the company’s growing revenues and clients and an environment. That’s just the worst case scenario for their industry. So where do you think their industry is going to be?

Where do you think this company is going to be when the industry comes back roaring over the next few years? Absolutely incredible. Okay, I feel like 2010 through 2020 it was like, where, you know, a few people came on and started online shopping. And when I say a few people, I mean the few Okay, so I mean, it wasn’t like everybody, a lot of people still are not shopping online that much.

But I feel like this was kind of the test decade for people like starting to shop, you know, for some clothing items online. Hey, let me get some socks. Hey, let me get some underwear, some t shirts, things like that.

And I think I believe Okay, looking at the trends and where things are evolving that 2020 through 2030 is when the masses are going to start buying the majority of their clothing on line. Okay, the masses

I’m talking about the high majority of people in developed countries, by the end of this decade will be buying the majority of their clothing online, the majority Okay, I buy the majority of my clothing now online, I was just looking at like 10 clothing purchases I’ve had for like the past week or two. Okay.

And what I found is I bought from footlocker online I bought from Nordstrom online. My wife bought from Stitch Fix online I bought from Rovio, I must always buy from a vo, all those transactions were all online for clothing items, okay, just within the past week or two, I buy the majority of my clothing on line now.

And so revolve and Stitch Fix are just in the sweet spot of becoming dominant players in e commerce when it comes to clothing. Obviously, you know, everybody is always worried about Amazon.

Could Amazon do something? I have? I have trouble thinking that Amazon is going to be a dominant player in clothing. I think Amazon will sell clothes. They already sell clothes. Okay, but I think they’ll sell good numbers of clothes. I just think what they sell is going to be basics.

And I think you know people most people don’t just want basics k most people want more advanced stuff revolve Stitch Fix, and those type of players are going to be the game changers. Okay,

so I feel like you know, it’s hard not to own one of those stocks. I actually own both of those stocks actually even bought Stitch Fix recently, as well kept on revolve for a little while and is doing me tremendously. Okay. All right, before we get into stocks for of for here of the jackpot socks, I got to do two honorable mentions.

Okay, because these stocks, I almost made the list, they just didn’t quite make it. Okay. Dropbox has a $20 stock. It’s a 22 Ford p, which is an absolute joke, because this company will grow every year, in my opinion, quite substantially for the next decade. 22 for P is just ridiculous.

The risk reward is unreal for Dropbox, in my personal opinion, like about as attractive of a risk reward, I can find the stock market like if I’m thinking about I put my money in the stock over the next five years. What is the chances that go down? What’s the chances that doubles are more, I’d say super high probability I double or more my money over the next five years in the stock.

And I’d say a 1% or less than a 1% probability I lose money in the stock if my money’s in it over the next five years. So Dropbox massive, I bought six figures plus of this talk in the past two months, which just you know, kind of shows you how much I believe in Dropbox over the next 510 years K to for me to buy six figures plus in two months span. Yeah, then it’s got to be alluded to something there.

Okay, the real real, there’s another company that was an honorable mention, I thought I’m almost including it’s a $15 stock here today, the real real $1.37 billion mark cap, very, very small company, obviously, as most of these are on this list, as a company that is going to have or at least expect to have nearly 40% revenue growth next year.

That’s absolutely extraordinary. Talk about a growth beast of a company, the real real they are the leader in authenticated luxury consignment, okay, that they’re just absolutely the leader in that place. And there’s no one that’s really even close.

They’re going to hire 1600 workers over the next five years and my hometown of Phoenix Arizona that is great to see they just announced a partnership very recently with Gucci. Okay, so yeah, that that’s really big for branding in just you know,

partnering with some of these high end brands and getting them more involved so you know, the real real has real real opportunity in front of it over the next 510 years let’s put that way in that company’s absolute growth burst Okay, alrighty guys let’s get into the last jackpot stock of them all stock number four for what could it be not sure I ever talked about this stock before? Maybe I did.

Maybe I haven’t. I don’t know if I did. It was probably only one time ever okay. Warning, the stock has a sky high valuation. Okay. Absolutely sky high valuation for where the company is at now. You know, versus what they’re doing essentially Okay, where the company is at now versus Evaluation Okay, it’s just dang it SCA K, lemonade stock ticker symbol L M N D.

This is not a stock I bought yet, but man, it is tempting to buy some lemonade stock. Hey, look at this $3.7 billion market cap K. It, you know, yeah, it’s a dang heifer where this company is out, okay. But here’s the thing when eliminate, they are like an infant insurance company. Okay.

And I don’t mean they’re selling insurance for infants. I just mean, they’re like, so early days in their process, but they use an artificial intelligence. They’re using everything online systems to pay out claims within seconds.

And they have a chance to be one of the most important artificial intelligence companies and data related companies that is out there, not just in the insurance industry. I’m talking out there in general. But here’s why this company is a threat to the entire insurance industry.

People love the service. Look at this lemonade has earned 4.9 stars in the app store, and on Google Play. And it’s also topped rated by super money clear surance and others. Extraordinary.

This makes them a massive threat to the entire insurance industry. Because why? The entire insurance industry? People hate them, okay? People really hate the entire insurance industry, not because I mean, people believe they have the money to pay him out.

But a lot of people just believe like, they’re not going to get paid out when they get a claim, like, you know, for anything. And the fact is, people love lemonade service. And they’re a threat to the entire insurance industry.

And look at the size of these companies that are in the space, progressive $60 billion market cap almost right, all state around a $30 billion market cap. Geico supposedly has, I mean, it’s owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

So we never know it’s true valuation. But Geico said to if it was a standalone company have a 50 billion plus dollar valuation easily on that company, if not 60 to 70 billion, right? I mean, we’re talking about these companies and insurance companies, or massive Goliath companies, okay.

And lemonade is gonna come in here and possibly disrupt the entire industry, I mean, the entire industry, these companies expect to grow 20% plus next year, I think they’re going to grow 20% plus a year, though this company executes, I think they’ll grow 20% Plus, every year for like, the next decade, if not more than a decade,

I’m talking 20% every year until like, 2030. And maybe even beyond that, okay, which is kind of speaks volumes about what type of growth this company has ahead. Okay, the lemonade CEO have watched a lot of interviews that he’s done over the past year or two. And I gotta say, I actually liked that guy.

I think he’s, I think he’s brilliant. I’ll be honest, I think he’s brilliant. I think he’s gonna build a beast, let’s just put it that way. I think he’s gonna build a beast, I got a lot of confidence in that guy.

Let me just put it that way. And so eliminate, there’s no question that this company has a very rich valuation. I mean, they’re expected to do 100 something million dollars of revenue next year, it’s got $3.7 billion valuation. So there’s absolutely no question that the valuation makes no sense in the short term.

But But this company could be the insurance giant 1020 years from now. And for that reason, it is a pretty compelling stock because the you know, a market cap of three, 4 billion, and if this company can have a market cap of 30 40 billion in 10 years.

It’s not definitely not a question and couldn’t have a market cap of let’s say, you know, 50 to 100,000,000,015 20 years from now, it’s definitely a possibility and so when you’re coming from a $3 billion market cap, whoo, that’s all we got to say about that.

It’s definitely one got to consider and it is a jackpot stuck in the making. Alright, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up. Make sure you subscribe the channel got notifications on and if you want to check out the sickest new discord chat in the world.

Check it out. It’s going to be the pinned comment down there. absolutely free to use and I hope you guys enjoy that massively. The members are going up faster than Tesla stock price has over the past year. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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