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Holy Smokas This Ain’t No Jokas! One of my favorite videos to make is the 3 stocks I buy now videos. So today I am going to talk to you about 2 for sure stocks that I am going to buy and 3 maybe stocks that I might buy. Not only will talk to you about these stocks that I buy now but I will talk to you about exactly why I’m buying these stocks.

Like always do your own research when buying a stock. Do not buy a stock just because I am or anyone else is. Do your own due diligence. I will also tell you how much I am planning on buying of these stocks. I will show you exactly how much of each stock I already own as well.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoy making this video for you guys! Please don’t forget to smash! It is so important to smash! Leave me your opinion on these stocks in the comment section. Do you own any of these stocks? Do you plan on buying any of these stocks? Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Stocks I’m buying now March 2021 edition welcoming guys to my favorite series I do on this channel each and every month if you don’t know me I do long term investments in companies isn’t that some kind of day trades we’re getting into this video I’m going to share with you not just the stocks but why the bullish thesis

I have on these particular stocks I stick to a plan that I call the 90% 90% plan over the next three to five years Okay, I’m looking for the type of stocks and these are the stocks I’m gonna be sharing with you here today that have a 90% plus probability in my opinion is upon all the research

I’ve done on them looking at the valuation everything that have a 90% plus chance of two x’s or more in the next three to five years and I believe these companies have a 90% plus chance of basically not going down 50% plus okay the that’s kind of what I always stick to like it’s all about risk reward I want stocks that can at least double up my money or more than that over the next three to five years and 

I want stocks that are not going to go down like 50% plus let’s put it that way and I could continue to buy these stocks in future months so just because I’m buying these stocks this month doesn’t mean I’ll won’t like buy them in future months I could continue to buy these for many months to go in the future maybe even years to go in the future.

Today I’m gonna share with you guys too for sure stocks like two stocks and I’m for sure buying in March 2021 in three probably stocks so three stocks that is very likely I’m gonna buy them as well so you’re actually going to get five stocks here today rather than three stocks it just doesn’t sound as good to for sure stocks I’m buying plus three probably stocks I’m buying that doesn’t sound as good YouTube dial right.

The goal today as far as smashing, we’ve got to get to 11,000 thumbs up in this video the February edition got to 10,942 thumbs up I think we can take that down in this edition guys. I really think we got it so let’s go forward and yeah, let’s go ahead and reach it. 

I think we can crush that number as far as the private group before I try to apply for that that’s gonna be linked in the description my private stock group it’s also going to be maybe the pinned comment down there. Alright guys, let’s start getting into so first off the market today was up a ton.

I mean, does it have to go up rate the day I’m going to come out with my three stocks like I was coming up with them on the first and sure enough, like the morgue has got to go up like why can you bend down to the market you’ve been going down and I said I gotta pause this video you go up a bunch, man. Sorry, guys, let’s get into this.

Okay, first off up here of the stock. This stock is one of the two for sure buys. Okay, t TCF the tattooed chef, it’s a $21 stock here day $1.7 billion market cap on it. And this is a for sure buy for me in March 2021.

Okay, in the private group, we have a discord chat. And essentially, we have this one category where we just post you know, basically photos of tattoo chef products all over the United States of America and people live all over the place even to live all over the world. That group mean basically we post photos of you know, going to Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target different stores.

And what we’re seeing is distribution getting out there in a massive way in regards to tattooed chef, and I mean, I think we’re like boosting their sales just in the private group man, all of us who have been buying their products left and right, this company is fast growth, okay.

And I mean, really fast growth. They’re expected to grow revenues in 2021 by over 50%. Okay, a really large number. This is not some boring food company. Like I don’t know what conagra foods or, or Heinz or something like that. Okay, this is anything but this is fast growth.

This is a lot of plant based foods is what they sell, for the most part, okay. And they are just a growth beast and will likely continue to be a growth beast for years and years to go in the future. And I love I love companies that are in the food and drink space and are growing fast.

Back in the day, I had a really successful investment in a company named monster. Okay, back then they were called Hanson’s natural beverage. And yeah, I mean, those companies are just really good to see when you can see like, oh, they’re going to get more distribution, these stores that sell through is really strong.

The coming out with more SKUs and things like that. And that’s exactly what I’m seeing with tattoos, Chef, this company now, hey, this news just came out last week, they now have $200 million in cash on their balance sheet. Okay, 200 million. They’re cashed up this guy, they got 200 million cash.

And keep in mind, the market capitalization for this company recently has been trading anywhere from 1.5 billion to 1.7 billion in the US 200 million cash on the balance sheet. Okay? So it means essentially, they just are loaded up to the sky with cash, okay, they’re ready for mass hiring, which they’re going to need to do, okay, they’re going to scale this into a food giant business case, they’re going to need to add a lot more employees, a lot more salespeople, a lot more distribution, people a lot more people in production facilities. 

And there, they have the cash around. They don’t even take out loans or worry about anything like that.

Never mind when the cash flow start coming into this business in a massive way in the profitability increases, things like that, but they’re ready. They’re ready for mass hiring as they need. They’re ready for more production, more factories if necessary. 

For anything. This company is vertically integrated and they’re ready for anything as far Adding any new lines whether it be packaging, whether it be the production, whether it be growing crops, anything like that they’re ready okay.

And they’re ready to scale to become a food giant over the coming years let’s talk about the next few years came this year 2021 they’re focused on more distribution in stores all right and more SK use more skews in stores as well okay skews is just like an individual product. Okay. And this company has geez I think is over 50 skews now.

It’s ridiculous, but they only have like, you know, two to six in most stores. So they’re going to get massive distribution over the coming year as far as more product lines and things like that. You know why? Because these these things sell and they sell really good.

No Matter of fact, they sell usually much better than anything they compete with in their spaces. Okay. So they’re going to get more distribution into more stores Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart target, it’s getting hard to not see tattooed chef now in a Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart target six months ago, you could definitely find some out there.

Now we’re having trouble like going through a Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target any of those type of stores and be like, we can’t find any products of tattoo chef. So by the end of this year, they’ll probably be in every single location, almost every single location.

And a lot of these stores that end up getting likely for six 810 12 skews. And in some of those stores only have like two, like, for instance, a local target kind of by this Arizona house where I’m recording this, they only have two skews right now tattooed chef, at this time next year, they’re probably going to have I would say at least four but probably six or eight skews while the target locations are carrying four to six skews.

That’s probably going to go to eight to 10 skews over time. Sam’s Club Costco, they you know, Costco is don’t have a ton of skews. They have a few right now, Sam’s Club, I’m looking at like six to eight skews and a lot of Sam’s clubs now. And there’s going to be a lot more in the future. Okay. 2022 is all about grocery stores.

So right now, you’re not going to find a lot of tattooed chef as far as the branded products in a ton of big grocery chains yet, okay. They’re really focused on Sam’s Club, Costco, Walmart, Target stores like that first, then they’re going to grocery stores in mass and that should be that should open up in the back half of this year.

But in terms of the numbers being reflected in a major way, should be 2022 management team has talked about this. And yeah, the grocery store sales should be you know, incredible, because where do most people buy their food, you know, grocery stores, okay. So that’s obviously going to be very important.

They have relationships with companies like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s companies like that already, but that’s for their private label stuff. And obviously Trader Joe’s isn’t going to carry tattooed chef because they don’t carry any branded products. Okay. But yeah, big grocery stores, think Kroger, Safeway, you know, Vons, Albertsons, all those big grocery store chains, maybe even grocery store chains, like sprouts in Harris Teeter.

In some of those other ones, I’m trying to think of what that other popular grocery store chain was in, in Charlotte, and in the Carolinas, in general, barely big in Florida. Anyway, think about that one, man, the name escapes me right now. But yeah, think about all those, you’re going to likely see him in all those big grocery store chains.

In 2022 2023. And past, it’s all about skew expansion, it’s all about sell through the product, making sure their brands, you know, in a very good place is all about international expansion. This company’s just, you know, they’re trying to produce everything they can just for the states right now.

And that’s going to be like that for the next couple years. But past 2020, you know, 2023 and pass, they’re going to be able to get to international markets, and expand their brain to more of a worldwide level. And, you know, obviously, the opportunity for this company is much bigger outside of the United States than it is inside the United States. Kay, mass profitability should start pouring in in 2023.

And moving in future years, because the company will have already scaled to some really large volumes at that time in in the food business. That’s where you’re really going to start seeing a lot of cost synergies and you’re going to just start seeing profitability likely increase in a massive way for this company.

Sam galletti is the one that leads this company, his man has been in the food industry longer than I’ve been alive on this earth. Okay. You know, he’s just a man. He knows how to get in with retailers. He knows how to talk to these folks.

He knows a food business inside and out. And then Sarah galletti, his daughter is the creative director at this company. She just does an amazing job just flat out in an amazing job. I mean, some of our products are just really dang good tasting. I remember the pepperoni pizza bowl, which isn’t even a real pepperoni. It’s like their own product.

Oh my gosh, man, that thing is so dang good. I want one right now. Just think about Okay, this company will become a food giant, if we fast forward to 2030, which by the way, they’re going to be considered a food giant way before that in my personal opinion. But if we fast forward to 2030, this company has a good opportunity, at least, to have a market capitalization of 10 to $20 billion.

And that’s what it’s going to be if they’re truly going to become a food giant, because that’s where food giants are valued food giants are valued 10 to $20 billion, some more than 20 billion, but I can definitely see his company getting that place. Right now. The current market capitalization for this company is in the one to $2 billion range. That’s where it’s been trading out for months and months and months. Okay.

So needless to say, when I’m thinking about risk reward, you know, unless I don’t know no one buys tattooed chef anymore and they just can’t I don’t know get any distribution anywhere. Outside of those scenarios, which is very unrealistic, and the company should see massive expansion, a ton of skews and stores, strong sell through brand building into a food giant.

And yeah, this company will be able to, you know, eventually get to a place where they’re able to produce hundreds of millions of dollars in net income on the bottom line. If not, dare I say a billion dollars someday long from now.

Okay, it all comes down to execution. When it comes to stock how many shares do I own so far, I continue to buy so right now I own over half a million dollars in public Oh, wait, wrong stock. That’s wrong. That’s wrong t stock there K to share from the public count, I own $105,000 worth in that account in my main private account, which is obviously bigger than my public account.

I own $349,000 more than that to chef in that account. So you know, 450, over 450,000, hidden close to half a million dollars in the stock. And as far as what can I buy in the stock? I could buy another 100 to $200,000 more worth of the shares, you know, anything under 25? Is it give me anything under 20 is give me give me give me okay? basically like anything under 20. I’m just like screaming give me in under 25. I love this. And obviously even if it goes to 30 or 40 in over the next few years, when you still look at its long term opportunity for this company, it’s it’s rather massive.

It’s not like what they’re doing is unprecedented in the food industry or something like that. We know food giants can command $10 billion $15 billion $20 billion, even more than that valuations over time, I think that’s what this company is going. So that’s why I’m willing to put another 100,000 to $200,000. In this stock.

I love TTC F and I will gladly be a buyer of this stock this month and in future months, as well. Okay, the number two for sure stock up here. And then we’ll get into those three probably buys. Number two, for sure.

stock is Corsair gaming ticker symbol CR s, our course their gaming today is about a $37 stock as a market capitalization of 3.3 billion. And yeah, they make a lot of different gaming and streaming related products. Okay.

And I mean, a lot of them talk about a company with a lot of skews, okay. And they’re in all the big retailers, you really want to be in Best Buy target, obviously on Amazon, things like that. And their products get really good reviews, when you look at their reviews on Best Buy, you look their reviews on Amazon.

I mean, the products sell they sell well. They’re building up a very nice customer bases very loyal for basically creating very good products. And this is really good news for Coursera. Long term. As far as current year goes, analysts have this company growing revenues anywheres, from like 10% to 12% I’ve seen and I think they’re setting up to smash those numbers.

I think this company is going to grow revenue 20% plus this year. I mean, they couldn’t get a lot of product out there. It last year. So although selter is really strong, they couldn’t get enough product out in many of these categories. And it never mind game is just going to continue to build.

I think they’re setting up to blow those numbers out of the water this year. We’ll see obviously, time will tell. But I think they’re going to smash it man. I mean, absolutely smash it. As far as APS goes. I mean, the expectations are so dang low for APS dollar 55 versus $1 60. A year ago, so expect the APS to go down next year, dollar 81 APS is expected.

I think within the next one to two years, they’re going to start doing $2 plus of VPS and the bottom line. So I just don’t agree with the revenue estimates. And I don’t agree with APS estimates, I think the business is going to be a far better grower on the top line. And a far better grower on the bottom line when it comes to net income than any of these analysts are believing. I’m just looking at it. I’m just like, I don’t see whatever they’re seeing.

Who cares just put it that way. Right. You know, I guess they’re thinking maybe everybody’s bought gaming stuff already. So no one’s gonna buy gaming stuff I’m just like no, that’s not the way it’s gonna play out and plus they got they got a channel fills so many items that are out still a ton of these stores. And they don’t even I don’t think they’re calculating the numbers right?

So I’m gonna say okay, for P on the stock is 24 which is way too low in my opinion for a company that has a decade if not multi decade growth opportunity in front of themselves. Well obviously it’s a competitive space with other brands in like this one okay. HP is buying gaming accessory brand hype or x for 425 million. That’s really good news. That came out last week. I thought that was really good news.

That just shows you know how much belief and you know liking there is in the gaming space right now that a big company like HP is buying. It’s also good news because that’s going to mean that company’s gonna like the crash and burn. Okay. Oh gosh. Okay. Yeah, HP boggio. I don’t know about that.

Okay, this sentence says breasts here at The Verge right. HP has been making strides to enter the gaming peripherial space the last several years under the Omen brand, but has not gained much transaction compared to competitors such as Corsair Logitech and or razor and that’s just the truth. Okay. And speaking about Logitech, Logitech, almost 18-billion-dollar company, the way to look at Coursera gaming.

Is there a much smaller cooler version of Logitech in my opinion? I think Coursera over the next 510 years is going to grow into a hardware giant. And I’m hoping even a software giant longer term I think, you know, if I think this company is smart, and I think they realize if they can grow into a software giant, they’re going to be able to command way higher multiples than ever before in court.

Sears made some very, very interesting acquisitions recently, okay, that are really going to maybe put this company with a little more focus in regards to software, software’s where you could get major valuation upgrades, software was what provides a lot of what people feel a safety around a hardware business.

So if I’m looking at this company, long term, I think they have a place I think they have a chance over the next 510 years to get to a place where Logitech SAT, if not bigger, in a really comes down to the software side, if they can successfully build a software business, along with this hardware business.

Oh my gosh, okay. That’s where you talk about game changing type company and you go from a couple billion dollar company to like, you know, 10 billion $20 billion type company, okay. Coursera. I love this company, its founder led gentlemen, you know, co founder 1984.

And he’s just led this company throughout this all his growth. He’s done great job. I love founder led companies. You guys know, I own several of those founder led companies in there in a massive growing market. The gamer market is not slowing down. It’s only going to get bigger and bigger, like it’s a gaming market going to be bigger or smaller in five years than it is today. Massively bigger, obviously.

What about five years after that? massively bigger, okay. And this company is growing skews, I the sum of their skews or, you know, big money? Let’s just put it that way. I mean, it’s, you know, some products they sell or 3000 plus dollars. It’s not like they’re small amounts in remember, remember all that stimulus money that’s about to be sloshed out there, right. 14 $100? Hmm.

Do you think any of that’s gonna end up in Coursers hands? Huh? Okay, think about these types of things I write in long term, obviously, the opportunity is massive in front of this company. I mean, just massive. So I started buying this stock not too long ago.

And so far, I own $75,000 worth of shares in the public account, my main private account on $131,000 worth of shares in net accounts over 200 K so far, having the stock I could buy another $250,000 worth of Coursera shares here about Yeah, I’d say 250,000.

That sounds about good. And under $40 is ideal for the stock. I’m willing to go over that. But yeah, anything under 40 is really what I love in regards to Corsair. Gaming, so super bullish on that company over the long term. And yeah, I hope that the stock price stays under 40 for months and months ago in the future.

I’m not sure it will, but I hope it does, because I would love to just continue to add and add, you know, another quarter mil worth of this stock in there, okay. And that is my own money. It’s not like I run an ETF and you know that I can just invest other people’s money. That’s actually my money. So whenever, you know, I put these type of dollar amounts behind it.

I really believe in these companies be putting the money where my mouth is and things like that. Okay, very, very important there. Okay. Now, let’s get into the three probably stocks up here. Okay, the three stocks that I’m probably going to buy. And the first one up with a bunch is Facebook stock. Okay. Now, I said in the year 2025, I believe Facebook is going to be the biggest company in the world market cap wise, I stand by that.

And right now it looks like they’re longshot, because they’re at a like a $750 billion market cap and you have Apple trade now like 2 trillion Plus, I think Facebook is about to command massively higher multiples in future years is the most disrespect to stock by far and away in the stock market.

I’m going to talk about the two negative things that people really talk about when it comes to Facebook. And we’ll address that and I thought let’s go ahead and address this came. First off the company’s silly cheap, it trades at a Ford P of 22. And keep in mind, they’re likely gonna blow away EP s numbers next year.

So for pa 22 is laughable, literally laughable for the stock. Here’s what’s going on with Facebook, they own Facebook, they own Facebook Messenger, they own Instagram, they own WhatsApp, and Oculus. Their user base continues to increase around the world, ad rates continue to increase around the world. And we’ll continue to what you had to pay five years ago to get in front of people’s face on Facebook, Instagram was a lot less than it is now.

And it’s going to be a whole lot more in five years from now than it is today. Okay, ad rates will continue to rise substantially in future years, the company has over $16 billion in cash, they have rapid growth. I mean, we’re talking about this company should be able to still grow at a 20% plus clip on top line for years to go in the future. super cheap for P of 22.

It’s a joke a joke and keep in mind that real four P is about 19. Okay, in the 18 and 19 range, in my opinion, okay. But there’s something really exciting Okay, that’s about to happen with the five Spark. So in the past, that’s been very disrespected, because it’s been all about, you know, the Facebook platform, and it’s like, oh, what if everybody left Facebook or whatever? 

It’s like, man, why haven’t they left? Okay, you know, when everybody leaves, Instagram, that whole thing, hey, it’s kind of been about that old story around Facebook. But what this is going to turn into is this is going to turn into a virtual world.

Ellie’s story around Oculus in future years. And this is exactly exactly exactly the catalyst Facebook needs in a massive way, okay in the worst way possible. So Oculus is going to turn into a multi billion dollar business over the next few years, rapid rapid growth in VR.

And when I look at this, this is going to turn into an Oculus story in Oculus is going to be talked about in the forefront of Facebook, when you talk about Facebook, solo, Facebook, Instagram platforms like that are going to be the cash cows, the real story is going to be around Oculus, and that is going to end up helping this company command a much higher multiple than it has in previous years, this company should be let me be very clear, this company should be trading at least double the value here today, this company should be treated as one of the best business models ever increasing mankind.

Okay, so one of the most important companies if not the most important company in the tire world, okay. And it should be trading at a forward P of 40 to 50. Without a doubt, and it trades a 20 K, it’s just silly. So as this starts to turn into an Oculus story, you’re going to see a stock that’s going to command a much higher multiple.

And there was a time I used to talk about this all the time in regards to Apple stock back in the day, I used to explain to people, Apple’s going to command a much higher multiple in the future, you know why? Because basically, people were trying to value Apple years ago still as a hardware business, instead of a software business. Okay.

In here today, Facebook is the most disrespect to stock and stock market, certainly in big tech. And that will change. I can promise you that over the next few years. Okay. And that’s why I’m very confident to say out there 2025 This will be the biggest company in the world market capitalization wise. Okay, let’s talk about the two negative things that people always like to bring up in regards to this company.

What is the whole Apple change that’s about to happen, okay. And the same? Well, you know, apples basically going to try to hurt Facebook and small business in their new change. Okay, so right now, if you’re small business, you don’t have the money to advertise on television, you don’t have the money to advertise on, you know, I don’t know, huge commercials and things like that, like your best option for advertising is on things like Facebook and Instagram, right?

Let’s say you sell German Shepherd statues, okay. And you want to get in front of people’s face on Facebook and Instagram that, you know, are into German Shepherds, and you love to sell the statues that you make out of your house or a little factory or something like that.

Well, right now, by far and away, your best bet is essentially to, you know, go on Facebook, Instagram and and target people that have liked German Shepherd photos and things like that in the past, right.

And right now, there’s going to be a big apple change is about to happen where essentially, as a consumer, you can basically say, you know, I don’t want you know, any data tracked or anything like that. And that’s a situation that will hurt Facebook a little bit, but it really hurts the small businesses when you really break it down. Because at the end of the day, if you’re a small business, you still need to advertise, you still need to get the word out.

So Apple is going to make it where, you know, I don’t think this is I think the I don’t think they realize this isn’t going to hurt Facebook as bad. People are just going to need to spend a lot more dang money to advertise on Facebook and Instagram now, because they’re not going to get nearly as much bang for their buck as they did before. But they don’t have other options to go out there to advertise. That’s the thing.

Like, it’s still going to be the best game in town. So you know, Apple in this situation, obviously, apple, their business model, they want everybody to buy stuff on the App Store, right? Because Apple gets a 30% cut every time you buy something on the App Store. And that’s the way they want it right? That’s that called Apple tax. Okay, that 30% Give me that 30%.

And so a platform that’s free like Facebook, Instagram, or any other free stuff out there, right? It’s not, it’s not the best stuff for Apple, they want to make money off that and they can’t make money. So, you know, that’s something really big to think about there. Then let’s talk about the government breakup.

Okay? Let’s talk what if what if, you know, they broke up Facebook, from Instagram, you know, I could make a very strong argument that that could be the best thing ever for Facebook stock, okay, because as of right now, this company trades extremely cheap, this was some super overvalued stock with a foreign P of I don’t know, 125 or something like that, or Ford P of you know, 250, I’d say, Oh, boy, man, that could hurt a pad. But when you’re trading at afford to get 22 or 20, or 18, or 19, or wherever it’s at right, and you’re got rapid growth going behind you.

It could be that you could unlock so much shareholder value. But at the end of the day, is government really going to break up the FB? No, because if you break up FB while you’re not gonna break up Google, and why you’re not gonna break up Apple, and why you’re not gonna break up Amazon in Microsoft and all the other big companies on the come up right now. Okay, if you break up, then you’re going to have to break up everything.

So I don’t see that being the most realistic scenario. And so yeah, those are the two big concerns that hit people all the time. And I’m just like, Yeah, I don’t think there’s big concerns as people make them out to be. And that’s why I went ahead today and I bought another 50 to $1,000 worth of the FBI stock. I think the stock will double up triple up over the next three to five years. 

And as far as you know, going down 50% Yeah, you know, nothing could ever be at 0% but it’s pretty darn close already guys number two of three probably stock up here is Pfizer stock ticker symbol p f e okay pharmaceutical company now when it comes to Pfizer, I mean, this company trades is so dang cheap it’s at a Ford p m 10.

Are you kidding me they’re one of the biggest producers are going to be one of the biggest producers of the ronnie Ronan boxes and they have many other products in the pipeline. And many other products out there today, huge business obviously, CEO says, you know, the pipeline at the company is the strongest it’s ever been at the company. So really in a good spot over the next 510 years is a very simple investment.

There’s not some type of magical thing here with Pfizer, it’s just a dividend beast. And so I just started buying into my dividends only account which is available for my private group see every single move I make in that particular account along with the public count, but I looked at the stock count, it’s like at a 4.66% yield, extremely low forward p super stable business, a profit machine over the coming years.

And you know, this a company should, you know basically bring in $3 or $3 or more than $3 A VPS each year for the next few years. And, you know, that’s like a 50% payout ratio are less than a 50% payout ratio for this company.

So they’re in a really, really good spot, super simple investment, just a beast of a company as a dividend stock. I love it. It’s just like one of those socks, I would you know, I feel like the valuations so low right now, I love just putting money in that stock. 

And basically kind of treating as like, I’d rather have that money you know, let’s say where I put money in a savings account or Pfizer stock I’d much rather have it in Pfizer stock to be completely honest, then have it in a savings account.

Obviously always have some money in savings accounts and checking accounts and things like that, but man, I do view it and I’m like 4.66% Plus, I’m gonna probably get share appreciation on the stock to Ah, now there’s a lot more attractive than my dollars getting devalued time right already guys, I didn’t know the last one up here.

Stock number three, three, and there’s a probably and I’ve added some shares of stock recently it is GG TTF can’t talk about the stock because it is way too small of a market cap on I will you know just yeah, I can’t talk about it. That’s all I’m gonna say as of right now. You know, there will be a day when I can talk about that stock but it’s not today. Okay.

But that is you know very much a potential me buying more shares of that stock in March. So hope you guys enjoy this. As always, let me know if you own any stocks.

If you’re buying any stocks, I would love to hear from you guys in the comment section. As always, don’t forget to smash the thumbs up if you haven’t already. We’re looking for 11,000 that is a goal we’re going to all try to hit in this video.

I think we can do it guys, I really think we can crush 11,000 and if you’re looking to apply from a private stock group that’s gonna be linked in the description also has a pin comment down there, there is somebody that’s felt like you kind of got lucky in the market, you made some money and you don’t really know what you’re doing yet.

And you need to get to a much higher level, we can definitely help you with that. And things like that was split that way and yeah, there’s literally hundreds of videos in the private group to learn from we have you know, basically coaching programs now even in their from six and seven figure coaches. So much more.

It’s ridiculous. So yeah, that’s linked in the description. I’ll have that as a pinned comment. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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