3 Stocks I'm Buying Now! September 2020

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Hey guys, welcome to my favourite series I do on this channel each and every month called three stocks I’m buying now this is the September 2020 edition, happy to have you guys here in this video here day, two very simple things.

Okay, I’m going to tell you the three stocks I’m buying this upcoming month. But more importantly, I’m going to explain why I’m buying the stocks, that’s always a much more important reason than what particular stocks I’m buying because you actually get a lot of context as to why I look into these certain kinds of stocks.

Why I’m excited about these certain kinds of stocks. And anybody who’s watching this, who hasn’t seen this series, before, which most of you guys have seen this series before. I am a long term investor in companies, I’m usually looking out for multi-years out, I’m not just somebody trying to get in these stocks, flip them sell out tomorrow or something like that.

Usually, when I’m buying the stocks, I’m buying for several years of opportunity, and hopefully mass growth in the stock or the dividend or whatever I’m in that stock for so hope you guys enjoy this.

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So what the heck, let’s go ahead and try to set a new record here with the September 2020 edition. It’s not gonna be easy, guys, but I think we might be able to do it. Okay. And before we get to these three stocks, just want to let you know.

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So if you’re looking to scale your stock market count, click that first link down there. Okay, let’s get into the stocks. The first stock up here of the bunch is Dropbox, Okay, number one of three is Dropbox ticker symbol, and this one is d, v. x, okay? Dropbox.

If you don’t know, it’s a cloud in workflow company, this is a stock that’s about $21 a share here today with a market capitalization under $10 billion, a market cap of about 8.7 5 billion to be exact as a stock, I started buying very, very recently.

And I plan to continue to buy the stock, I’ll tell you guys exactly how much I plan to buy the stock a little later in this video. But essentially Dropbox, I’m up to 755 shares in one of my accounts and then another account, I own some shares on 1270 shares.

And that’s what I have in Dropbox. So far, very new position for me, and what I plan to continue to add. So if we go in and look at the company presentation they put out in August, we’re gonna find out a lot about this company, a lot of things why I’m excited about this company, why.

I think it has a lot of growth potential in front of it, why I think this is a type of stock that I can double up or more than double up my money and future, which by the way, if I’m getting involved with the stock, usually I’m looking for at least a double up over the next five years bare minimum. Okay, so if you think about Dropbox.

This is a company that you know, historically has always been about keeping your files in sync, a cloud company, you put files, photos, videos, voice message, you know, video messages, whatever it is, you put them in these files that can go to the cloud, and that can be stored and you can, you know, stored like even like terabytes of data up there, right.

But now they’re even moving into kind of like keeping teams in sync, which is a whole different kind of wave than the company’s been on historically and creating smart workspaces. So companies, whether you’re a small business, midsize, or like an enterprise, a large corporation, right, you have a smart workspace, everybody can kind of seamlessly work together interact.

And it’s just a whole different environment than in what you know, your companies are used to. Let’s just put it that way. And actually a much better way of doing things. They aren’t the only ones doing this.

By the way, there are many companies trying to create these smart workspaces. Microsoft being one of them slacked in another few other companies and Dropbox is trying to be one as well because it’s a big opportunity.

Okay, now when it comes to Dropbox company has 600 million plus registered users, over 550 billion pieces of content have been uploaded to their cloud, okay, over 15 million paying users as of right now and that number is increasing and 80% of the subscribers use.

Dropbox for work which we know of Dropbox can start getting intertwined more and more with workers more and more workers sharing files and things like that, it ends up prompting the whole entire company to start using Dropbox more and more Okay, now in terms of myself, what is my story with Dropbox you know.

I just a stock a just at a buying very recently, but I’ve actually been a Dropbox customer for like five years now. Okay, I started with Dropbox in about 2015 when I was starting out with my real estate marketing company, which is essentially.

I was looking for a way I could store videos, photos, things like that, and I can easily send them in a very easy manner to clients, real estate agents, brokers, whatever, whoever paid me for those jobs and do it in a way that they understood and it was just really like a seamless way.

And so that’s why I signed up for Dropbox. And I’ve been a customer for years ever since. And here to this day, okay, which I’m recording this on August 31, at like 5pm, right? Even to this day, Dropbox is one of the most important apps on the device, I use more than any other, okay, which is my iPad, like, look at that it’s right on the front page.

It’s something I use almost day in and day out for an enormous amount of things. We keep a lot of files on there and just a ton of things in general. For instance, I have a what’s called like a bread crumbs tab, essentially, in the private stock groups discord chat, right.

And like if I like record a, like a voice message, like, you know, I might talk you know, but why I’m going to look into the stock, why I’m going to buy the stock, things like that, want to record a two four minute voice message.

I do it right through the dropbox app, I can do it on my iPad, I could do it on my iPhone, either way it gets uploaded, I share the link right there, everybody can just click on it, listen to whatever I have to say, if I want to do a video.

I can post in there anything across the board, as well as I get a ton of DMS from students and members every single day. And sometimes, you know, I don’t feel like responding with the super long text back to them.

Sometimes let’s record them a voice message or a little video message. I’ll upload to Dropbox real quick Copy Link, it’s like done in a matter of seconds. It’s amazing. The files kept right there, it’s shared so easily.

And it’s just amazing. And so yeah, to this day, I’m still a you know, honestly, I’m more of a loyal Dropbox user now than I’ve ever been. In the past. My journey just started in 2015. Okay. And in terms of Dropbox, they’re trying to build the world’s first smart workspace, which, once again, this is something that a lot of companies are going after.

And when a lot of big companies are going after this, you know, there’s something big there, we’ll have to see who kind of wins this and how everything integrates, and who the biggest players are here. But Dropbox has absolutely thrown their hat in the ring.

And they absolutely want to be a major player here. And when you think about this, right, it’s kinda almost feels like Microsoft versus everybody else, cuz you have so many smaller players out there fighting out, and you have Microsoft, which is a big giant, and they’re trying to be everything, and they don’t really want anybody else to exist, they want to be everything.

And we’re gonna have to see how that all works out is it going to be the bunch of smaller companies that could group together to fight them offer is going to be just trying to amino Microsoft trying to dominate everything, this is going to be really, really intriguing.

Okay, now, the way Dropbox does things, it’s just different, right? If you think about the traditional way, a lot of these companies, these enterprise companies and things like that, the way they operate, they design things for it.

And it spokes are very smart, and they can understand complicated ways of doing things. But that’s not really the best way to do things in today’s environment, okay, where’s Dropbox away, they design everything.

It’s designed for users, okay, that’s what attracted me to Dropbox back in 2015. And why I still use this service as much if not more than ever before when it comes to Dropbox, because it’s just so dang simple, man, I want to do something, it’s just like a button and it’s uploaded, and boom.

I can share it, I can copy the link right away, share it out, it’s like such cake, okay, and so just the way they do things, it’s just, in my opinion, it’s better than a lot of other companies do things on other companies, their user interfaces, just aren’t that great.

Dropbox, I think is you know, top tier when it comes to creating user interfaces, and simplicity, when doing these sorts of jobs, they have an open ecosystem, which I think is a very intelligent decision.

They want to work with everybody across the board, you know, some of these other companies, Microsoft, and some of these others, you know, Google, maybe even a certain extent, a lot of them don’t have that open ecosystems, they might want to work with yours.

But they’re trying to be like, very walled in ecosystems, whereas a company like Dropbox, they’re gonna let everybody in, they want to be everybody’s friend, they want to work well with everybody. And I think that’s going to be in my opinion, long term.

I’m hopeful. And I think that will be a wise decision long term, rather than just being kind of a walled garden situation. And when you think about Dropbox, there’s lots of growth potential real growth potential here, okay.

15 million paying users, that sounds like a massive number. It’s not really there. 350 million potential high value targets that are using Dropbox, but you know, more for like the free service or something like that, right?

Where they’re not actually paying their mind the 600 million plus registered users, and there’ll be a lot more in the future. Okay. So when you think about that 15 million paying user number, that number, you could definitely imagine a day when that goes to 25 million, 30 million 40 million 50 million in the future.

So just a massive massive growth opportunity there. Okay. Now, they also acquired a company very recently called hellosign. Okay, hellosign is a way to basically esign documents which is the whole new wave, okay, the whole you know, the days of you know.

Having to sign physical paperwork in mass is going away, okay, it’s been going away for the last year or two, it will continue to go away throughout 2030. And hopefully by the end of 2030, we don’t have to sign any physical paperwork regardless of where you’re going.

I don’t care if you’re going to the hospital or you’re performing a real estate transaction or you’re buying a car or anything across the board. Everything in my opinion over time is going to basically he sign of documents and hello sign is one The biggest players in there, they’re the, they’re the smaller player to something like a DocuSign.

They’re the smaller player, no doubt. But when you think about DocuSign, DocuSign, the big player in that market, right, they have a 40 plus billion dollar market capitalization on this company, right? 40 plus billion that is huge, enormous market cap, think about Dropbox for a minute, right?

They own a smaller competitor to DocuSign. And you’re getting a beast of a cloud company for under 10 billion, and then you have DocuSign with a 40 billion plus dollar valuation, either DocuSign is really, really overvalued, or Dropbox is really undervalued, you know, it remains to be seen, but I really believe that Dropbox is very, very undervalued asset out there in the market right now.

Okay, talk about competition for a minute ago was talking about competition, right? If you think about Dropbox, they have to beast companies are competing with and one, you know, direct, smaller company to competing with Ray, the direct, smaller competitor, they have his box, okay, but then they have the two beasts they’re competing with, right? Microsoft and Google. Okay.

Those are two bs companies that usually don’t want to compete with however, remember, okay, when it comes to Microsoft, and when it comes to Google, like, how big do you think like this opportunity is for those companies, obviously.

If you’re looking at a scale of what these companies do, where their revenues come from, where their profits will come from, things like that, these are this is a much smaller space. Remember, Dropbox is a company that has a valuation of about $8 billion.

Okay, so this is a, this is a, you know, I don’t want to even call the secondary focus for Microsoft and Google, it might be the fourth focus, or the fifth focus or the seventh focus, because these companies have businesses that are way more enormous.

That are way more impactful to their numbers, and where the companies are going long term. Okay, so yeah, they absolutely are competing at some of these companies. But remember, those companies aren’t fully focused on this, you know, opportunity was Dropbox is fully 100% focused on this.

And they’re going to try to do everything possible to make sure this company not just succeeds this year, next year, but for the next 510 plus years into the future. Okay, financial highlights, this company went from 2017 1.1 billion in revenue to 2019 $1.6 billion in revenue over $1.6 billion in revenues.

This is a company that’s growing, despite the major competition from Microsoft, Google and others, okay, operating income wise, it took a whole level up over the last few years k 2017 16 million operating income last year, up to 170 mil in 2019, over $200 million.

But even more exciting is when I look at operating income for the most recent quarter, they’re the most recent quarter to q2 2019 to q2 20. Right from 40 million to 96 million massive difference k revenue, the left hand chart there also a big increase k from 402 million and to q2 2019 to 467 million this past quarter. Okay, very nice.

But what I love the most about this company, okay, is long term targets for this company is a company that had a little under $400 million in annual free cash flow last year, they’re targeting 1 billion plus dollars within five years.

And I look at that I say this is the type of company has some major, major growth in front of them if they can put up that type of number. Okay, we’re talking about significant when it comes to Dropbox, K.

Also, look at the current year, current year they expect to grow 14.4% revenue growth. Don’t be surprised if they you know, post a number better than that. Let’s just put it that way. Okay. And also next year, they expect to grow double digits again, at about 11%.

I think they’ll grow faster than 11% next year as well. Okay, I think they’ll outperform both those. I think this company has 10% revenue growth plus expected for this company. For as far as I can see, I don’t think it’s slowing down anytime soon.

I think this will be a 10% plus revenue growth beast for at least the next five years, if not for this entire decade. Because remember, Dropbox will continue to attract more and more users, they’ll continue to probably go up on price every once in a while, right, they’ll continue to build out something like hellosign.

They’ll continue to improve their product, make it better, and they’ll probably acquire some companies along the way that will help revenue as well. So you know, when we put all those things together, probably a long runway for growth.

Okay, the balance sheet, as far as balance sheet goes, they got a lot of cash laying around. So think about this as a company and only as a what, eight or $9 billion market cap, they have $1.1 billion in cash sitting around the company and short term investments is definitely a company that’s in a position that if they want to acquire.

You know, some more of a startup company, well, those companies that’s growing like crazy, that’s 50 100 employees right now and get in early days as maybe a game changer. They can absolutely make a move and integrate something like that in enterprise software.

They’re using it when it comes to Dropbox, a smart workspace, all those sorts of things. So very, very excited about that balance sheet. If we look at the forward p e, it’s almost startlingly low for this company.

A 26 four p on Dropbox, it’s just too Dang, just too dang low. Okay, so company that should like I said, I expect this company to grow 10% plus revenues for at least the next five years, if not the next 10 years, the rest of this decade, okay.

And when you think about a 26, Ford p, ah, way too low, okay, way too low. I think this company has massive growth in front of it when it comes to revenue when it comes to net income, and when it comes to where this valuation needs to be over the next several years, and all those reasons make me very excited and why this could be easily a stock that could double my money.

If not more than double my money over the next five years. Needless to say, okay, so I absolutely love Dropbox, I could definitely see myself buying another $50,000 worth to $100,000 worth in the month of September, especially if it remains anywhere close to this price.

It is currently which is around $21 a share. It’s not a stock I’m planning on you know being done buying anytime soon. And honestly, even if it went to 25 to 30, I would still probably continue to buy it.

If it goes over 30 that’s probably when I would pull back and say okay, now just let my whatever I have, I’ll just hold if it goes over 30. But until it gets there, I’m definitely very interesting continuing to add shares across my accounts of this particular stock, which keep my only on the stock in two accounts right now.

So I could definitely add more shares and those accounts and two other accounts as well. Okay, that was the first stock up of the three stock number two of the bunch is a company named Upwork ticker symbol on this one is up, w k, okay?

Oh, pork, this is a stock that $15 a share. This is obviously a freelancing economy, let’s call it that freelancing economy type company, okay, main player in this market. So think about it, that I mean, imagine you have a business imagine as a small business, okay?

Just you, then you yourself and I, okay, that’s, that’s who’s operating that business. And you need a little project done. And you could go on upwork.com type in the type of job title you’re looking for, and what type of job you’re looking to get done, you’re gonna get a massive list of folks come back to you.

You’re going to see into detail exactly what these folks have done in the past, what their skills are, how much you’re looking for those sorts of things. And you can actually talk with them and hire them directly.

All through the transaction can go through everything on Upwork. Super simple, okay. And by the way, it’s not just small businesses that are doing this. It’s also midsize businesses and even enterprise, if you need some freelance work up work is a place to do it.

Okay. market capitalization on Upwork has $1.8 billion, you know, in the stock market, $1.8 billion is not a big company, okay. And when I think about this company’s long term opportunity, if we’re thinking about the 2020, through 2030, opportunity with this company, this is one of those companies that, you know.

I definitely could see you having that 10 billion plus dollar opportunity. As long as this company continues to execute the market, they’re going after so massive, that looking at it at $1.8 billion market cap could really be kind of hilarious if we look at this, and 510 years from now, because of how big the market opportunity is for a company like Upwork.

Okay, now there’s another company that just started buying very recently, I have 825 shares in one of my accounts and another 815 shares in another account. So position I started adding very recently and Yeah, I definitely want to buy more of this one. When it comes to Upwork.

Mission, their mission is to create economic opportunities, so people have better lives. And their vision is to be the number one flexible talent solution in the world. Okay, otherwise known as the freelance economy, number one flexible talent solution in the world, there’s a massive opportunity as companies going after, okay, if we look at revenue revenue, increased 19%, from 2018 2019.

And it’s holding very steady, even in the most recent quarter over quarter okay. 19%, revenue growth from q2 2019, through q2 of 2020. And that’s despite the whole Roni Ronan situation, slowing down a lot of small businesses and midsize businesses in a massive way.

And a lot of those folks that maybe needed some freelance work before maybe not needing as much and they still posted 19% revenue growth, like that’s a very impressive number, okay? But EBIT da is really increasing rapidly for this company now, because it’s starting to really scale. Okay.

If you look at 2018 $3.8 million in EBIT, ah, 7.4 million in 2019, which means essentially this company just doubled up their EBIT Ah, roughly year over year huge Okay. Now, in the most recent quarter over quarter obviously EBIT dot looks messy. Yeah.

As a Roni effect the quarter that happened to a ton of companies out there very short term thing, he but I will get back rolling in the right way very soon. Okay. And when you think about Upwork, it’s just it’s a massive, it’s a massive thing for especially small businesses, midsize businesses, but even big businesses, okay?

Because the average time to hire is usually about a month versus Upwork. It’s like three days, okay. And if you think about I mean, imagine you’re a local business, a small business, and it’s not something where people have to physically be there for Right.

I mean, imagine you’re trying to look around your town, your city. Trying to find the right worker. Also you can go on Upwork. And all sudden the whole world is your is your possibility, you’re gonna hire a person and a whole nother country that might honestly be way cheaper.

And I might end up doing a way better job than that, you know, local Joe down the street or something like that, who really doesn’t know what they’re doing. And you might end up having to pay them way more than those sorts of things. Okay.

And also, there’s meaningful cost savings that go along with this, especially if it’s for any task that you don’t need full time workers for right not every job you need in a company, you need a full time worker for sometimes there’s some things you got a project that needs to be done over the next week or the next month or even next six months.

And you really don’t need to or want to hire out a full time employee, you just need a freelance worker to get that job done. And also not everybody, not all the people in the world want to be employed by a company. A lot of people want to be their own boss set their own schedule.

So if you’re, you know, high skilled professional or a skilled professional in any sense, right, you’ll go on upward schedule, exactly when you want to work and those sorts of things. And you could do a big project for a company over three months, and then take the next three months off if you want, right.

And so that’s kind of the beauty in that business model, they can really benefit in a huge way to the freelancers. And the people that are looking to hire freelancers in a massive way. Okay. And the market they’re going after is enormous.Kay $560 billion, is a global remote work opportunity by 2025.

Online talent platforms could add $2.7 trillion to global GDP, according to McKinsey. Okay. I mean, we’re talking, I mean, at the end of the day, you know, when you look at these type of numbers, it’s just a big opportunity up work it’s going after, and it’s such an advantage as a freelancer to basically put exactly what you’re looking for money wise for a job.

Exactly your work history, your skills, those sorts of things. And if you’re on the hiring side, to be able to see exactly what this person has done their work history, their ratings, their reviews, their availability, you know, the compensation, they’re looking for everything across the board.

It just makes the process so seamless, you can get the whole transaction done rate and up work like a piece of cake, okay. And when it comes up work to have a lot of different product offerings, you have their basic, which is essentially they’ll just take fees, okay, let’s take a 3% of the freelancer billing to client, okay, that’s a 3%.

Let’s call it client fee. And then there’s a freelancer fee of basically 20% for the first $500 10% for the next $9,500 and 5%, for any amount over $10,000, okay, and then they have a plus plan, they have a business plan.

And they even have an enterprise plan, which is a little more customized, that they can customize for you and those sorts of things. So a lot of different product offerings all the way from the person that has a small business, they’re just looking for somebody to hire one time, all the way to the you know, the big huge corporation that’s looking to hire.

You know, freelancers all the time for various projects, the company has three core growth opportunities in the short term, okay, attracting more clients, and bigger clients, enabling more spend per client, and also making more high quality matches.

So you know, if you want to look for somebody, you had that perfect person right at the top for you, you do that by algorithms, Ai, okay. Now in terms of the executive team, a lot of great thinkers on the executive team, obviously, as mean, as an investor.

I’m always looking to the president ceo, and obviously, Hayden Brown is that person and I really liked her. I think she’s got her head on straight. I think she’s the right person to lead this company.

She’s been with the company for eight years now. I think she’s, you know, done a decent job since she took over. I think she’ll do a lot better job in the future as she gets more and more comfortable in this role.

And I think this company will build out to a very large corporation over time under her leadership, okay, balance sheet wise, female manual, you guys know, I love a good balance sheet and absolutely upward has a good balance sheet $146 million in cash and cash equivalents and short term investments, versus only $7 million, actually less than $7 million in long term debt.

That is a thing of beauty. Okay. Now, when it comes up work, the main downside, I mean, obviously, they have competition Fiverr and a few other competitors. I kind of if I think about the long term competition, I think Fiverr and Upwork will constantly those companies that really fight but man, this is such a big market opportunity the both have plenty to go after.

But the other main negative, I guess you can say other than competition, whichever company has competition is the Ford p they have no Ford p and this company, which saying Wall Street basically saying they don’t expect this company to be profitable The next year, in my opinion, in 2021.

This will be a profitable company, I believe. So I really do. I think this will be a profitable company in 2021. When I look at how the business is scaling, when I look at where their revenues are going the gross margin those sorts of things over the next year or so as well as this whole Roni Rona situation.

And I think how this is just going to make more and more companies think about outsourcing talent, as well as you know, hiring remote workers because it’s like all these companies that felt like they had to be everybody had to be in this little office space, right?

All these companies are figuring out they can have remote workers, and oh my gosh, help work is in a perfect position to capitalize on that long term opportunity of these corporations waking up and saying remote workers, we can have these this can work.

This can work for our business model. And that’s amazing. Plus for Upwork. So I actually think the company can be profitable. As soon as his upcoming year, we’ll see that’s nothing that companies promise.

It’s just something when I run the numbers, I’m looking at this company I say, I think they’re actually gonna make a profit on the bottom line next year. Okay, up work love up work, I could easily buy another 25,000 or $50,000 in the stock, maybe more, we’ll see, we’ll see what happens is a lot of it depends on the share price.

I gotta see under $15, around $15 or under that’s ideal for me in relation to buying the stock. It’s just that’s just, you know, just, I can’t see easy money because I can only throw it around for companies like the FB and apple and Berkshire right.

But man, you know, like I said, I can’t call it easy money, but I think this is going to be a very profitable investment for me, as long as I’m buying shares anywhere around $15 or under. I mean, I’m willing to pay all the way up to $20 maybe even $22 a share for this company.

But yeah, 15 and below, that’s where I’m like rubbing my hands. I’m like, ah, I think I’m gonna make a little a few dollars in the stock over time. Okay, now for stock number three, there’s actually four different stocks Okay, these are for maybe stocks.

So these four stocks are all stocks that I will probably buy in the month of September Okay, I’m not going to go super in depth on these companies. I’m just going to tell you, you know, very basic fundamentals around these four, but those two are kind of the main companies I’m focused on buying a port and Dropbox but these other forms are definitely high potential value ads.

Some of these are value plays, growth plays, dividend plays everything across the board, but these are maybes These aren’t for sure. So the first one of the four up here that is a maybe is ticker symbol wb a which is Walgreens boots Alliance.

This one is a bit of a value slash turnaround play with a dividend stock all mixed into one. Okay, that’s the way I really look at Walgreens. Walgreens is a company has a Ford p on it right now.
Let’s set Okay, if you don’t know Walgreens, it’s a pharmacy, okay, massive pharmacy chain, they own obviously international location, but their main bulk of their business is made up of us pharmacies, okay?

Once again, a seven, four p this company’s doing a ton of cost cutting measures over the remainder of this year, and some that will even probably go into 2021, which makes this company ultra profitable.

And it’s a type of stock that is just not respected in the stock market right now. Let’s be honest, the focus on this stock market right now is for growth companies grow stocks, and at Walgreens boots Alliance pharmacy chain, it’s just not, you know.

It’s just not the right stock for this type of market right now, which is why the stock has been being down so heavily in my opinion, as well as it’s been a turnaround candidate. This is a company that should do about $4.69 of VPS in this year, which should be a quote unquote, bad year.

That’s why everybody’s expected this is a bad year for Walgreens and they should still do $4.69 of epcs and then next year, the company should be doing $5.21 of epcs I think that’s very doable for this company. $5 Plus, okay, revenue wise 1.7% revenue growth expected in the current year 2.9% next year, once again.

Those aren’t the type of numbers that gets everybody excited in this market people want 30% plus revenue growth Okay, which is why Walgreens has completely gone off the radar but this is a stock that yields almost 5% right now okay, stock almost yields 5% that is pretty dang close to its 52 week low so $38 stock here day right 52 week range is anywhere from 3665 to 6450.

Right so it’s it’s it’s flirting with its 52 week low essentially it’s a 5% yield are very profitable business model turning around the company which I think will you know, will continue to turn around in 2021 so as.

I look at this one, I say I gotta buy this one this is a perfect type of dividend stock for me, I think I’ll get a nice a capital appreciation evaluation over the next five years from where this company is at now.

And I think I’m gonna make a heck of a lot dividend money and dividend cash flows over the next five years I’ll go ahead and be able to plow into other stocks I like out there whether it’s you know, more dividend stocks, value stocks, or hey maybe some growth stocks maybe some growth valuations start coming down to the back half of this year maybe in 2021.

And guess what that Walgreens position maybe you know, people will appreciate it a little more in their profitability and those sorts of things okay, the market you know, sometimes it’s growth stocks that are hot sometimes it’s dividend stocks sometimes value stocks, it moves around Okay, stock number two a four that is a maybe is ticker symbol p L and h f otherwise known as Planet 13. holdings.

Okay, so stock that right now is $3.51 it’s under a half a billion dollar market cap right now. You know, obviously it’s a very small company compared to most companies I buy out there. I’m looking for this one anything under $3 I can make an argument that I should be buying it even if it’s under $4.

Why because I think this company will ultimately be a $10 plus stock five years from now, and if I think it’s gonna be a $10 plus stock five years from now Hmm, it was 350 still a pretty dang good deal, right?

So you know, I should honestly be buying a little bit my pride Probably gets in my way a little bit when it comes to a hot stock like this, but under $3 is absolutely where I’m looking for this stock and you know it doesn’t go down there. I doubt it.

If it does, I’ll gladly be buying and I already own the stock in four different accounts. I have 10,000 shares I think this one’s a public account that 10,000 shares they’re in my main private account I own 33,000 shares and that one right now that random account I have 6400 shares and then in my retirement account, I have 4500 shares but hey man.

I’m absolutely interested in buying more of this stock especially if it you know has any type of major debt, which you know, to get it to have a major dip you need a massive sell off, and I gotta say the earnings just came out a few hours ago and the July and August numbers were on real Okay.

I might do a video tomorrow or the next day like I might do a video within the next 48 hours on plant 13 By the way, but that’s July and August numbers were crazy crazy good needless to say that they ended up posting So yeah.

I might end up doing a video on that one and yeah, any weakness should be buying that stock as well. Okay, start number three or four that is a maybe for the month of September when it comes to me buying is footlocker ticker symbol.

This one’s FL footlocker, you guys know footlocker, they sell shoes, okay. So where you go, you want to get some nice shoes, okay. And they own a bunch of different companies in relation to the shoe wear category as a very simple 130 dollar stock market cap of 3 billion p e ratio of 16.5.

Right now that this business gets back to major profitability in 2021. I mean, if the stock still $30, that would mean the P will probably go to somewhere around a six to seven range, which is just a ridiculously long way to go. On this particular stock.

There’s a company that has a 2% dividend yield, which they already brought the dividend back, by the way, but yeah, yields about 2%. As of right now, it’s obviously you know, closer to its 52 week low than a 52 week high.

But that really doesn’t have you know, that much to do with me. I’m just looking at this company. I’m like, Dude, this company’s already, like posting amazing earnings, they already had to reinstate the dividend because earnings were so dang strong.

They earn $45 million on the bottom line, 43 cents a share versus 55 cents a share a year ago, and there’s some of their stores were closed for the entire quarter. Some of their stores were partially closed for part of the quarter, and they still report it that type of that type of earnings.

That’s unreal, absolutely unreal from this company. You know, once again, I can’t call this an easy money stock, but is footlocker a lot higher than $30 you know, four or five years from now? I think it’ll be a lot higher.

And yeah, I think they’re gonna continue to up that dividend each and every year for the next several years out. So I am super excited about footlocker stock as basically a valuation play, and a dividend play. Okay.

And when it comes to stock number four, I can’t leak this one quite yet. I can’t can’t leak it quite yet, because I’m still honestly researching this one. I’m done about 90% of the work. But this is a growth stock. I’m super excited about it. But I can’t I can let it out yet.

Okay, but the good news is I might make a video for you guys in the next week or two on the stock especially if I once I fully get done looking into it. If it’s actually a stock I’m interested in buying and those sorts of things.

I barely let out the name in the discord chat within the past 24 hours, I barely get the name out in there, okay, and the breadcrumbs tab. And it’s kind of sketch that this stock already went up 3% here today, and now it’s up another 5% after hours.

I barely leaked the name in there. I didn’t even tell anybody that’s for sure I’m buying it all I said is I’m looking into this company, and it’s already moving up huge. Which means I think there’s people leaking information out of the private group.

Needless to say, because for it to already be moving up like that is pretty weird. There’s absolutely zero news in relation to this company that has come out in the past 24 hours since I leaked information.

I was even looking into that but you know if I like it, and it ends up being a stock I’m interested in buying I’ll do a video for you guys and covered but as of yet I haven’t even bought the stock and you know, it’s still I still have more work to do there.

Okay, already guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind smashing that thumbs up number Our goal is to get to over 5442 thumbs up I think we can beat it. And you know, obviously we’ll do another one of these videos in October.

All right, and if you’re looking to scale your stock market portfolio to six figures, seven figures, eight figures Plus check out the first link in the description down there go in and apply and hopefully you’ll be able to get on a phone call somebody I have my team be able to talk to you about financial fortress.

A product that has helped so many people into six figures, seven figures and beyond first link down there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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