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There are the 3 stocks Im buying September 2019 edition where I go into 3 stocks Im planning on buying in the upcoming month. Let me know what you think about these 3 stocks in the comments section, please! I would love to hear some in-depth opinions. Let me know if you think these are 3 stocks to buy now or just 3 stocks to watch! Thanks!

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Three stocks on buying September 2019 edition welcoming guys to my favorite series I do on this channel each and every month where I go into three stocks I’m planning on buying in the upcoming month. The upcoming month this month is September 2019. So hope you guys enjoy this video.

As always, a lot of research work has to go into making these videos each and every month so make sure you smash that thumbs up button. Okay, a great man Graham Steffen once let me know that if you guys smash the thumbs up button, and you leave a comment for the algorithm, it will help the video get more views Okay, not sure if this is accurate or not.

So needless to say if this video gets more than 50,000 views after it’s been out for three weeks than he was right, if it gets less than 50,000 views after three weeks, then he was wrong. Okay, so let’s see if he knows what he’s talking about or not all right.

So anyways, let’s start getting in this guy’s Hope you enjoyed as always already guys, before we get into this first talk, let me just say never buy stocks only because I’m buying stocks, make sure you’re making your own research decisions out there and you’re buying stocks that you actually.

Want to buy if you happen to buy one of my stocks because you believe in that company a lot over time and you fully research it, that’s okay, but don’t just buy a stock because I am okay. So coming here with this first stock is a company named AI robot ticker symbol IR bt on this one. Okay.

Now AI robot makes a few different products. But the main products that you know make up the revenue and profits at the end of the day. It’s the Roomba vacuum cleaners, which all you guys probably know as those you know, little robots that go around your house and vacuum everything up. Okay?

Now here’s what my opinion as the world is going toward robot vacuums. In my opinion, this doesn’t mean the old like stand up like well, you know, old school vacuums that your mom used to, you know, vacuum your house as you were a kid, you know, I don’t think those are necessarily going away.

But if I’m just looking out into the future, I believe most folks will have a robot vacuum cleaner of some kind in their home. Now it doesn’t mean has to be a Roomba vacuum cleaner that’s made by iRobot. They’re just like, there’s a lot of different players in like stand up vacuums that you kind of, you know, push around your house or your apartment or whatever, right?

Just like there’s a lot of players in that there’ll be a lot of players in this space as well. However, iRobot is the number one player in this space, they have the number one brand name and if you’re thinking about a robotic vacuum cleaner, generally the only name you know of is like the Roomba vacuum cleaner in the iRobot.

Okay, so that’s definitely a great thing. If you’re looking at this as a long term thing and a long term play if they’re going to be the number one player in a market where you know, almost everybody’s going to have robotic vacuum cleaners in the future. That’s obviously a very good thing for a company.

Okay, now there’s a company that much of their revenues and profits are made up of, you know, the United States and EU they’re very dominant in those markets. However, Asia, there’s massive growth, and they’ve shown some massive growth in Asia in general, China specifically, okay, when you think about how many people are moving into the middle class in China, and you think about, you know, 1.3 billion.

That’s a massive, massive number you’re going after in a market like that with how many people are making into the middle class. And if you’re thinking about like a Roomba vacuum cleaners, and like AI robots, and like robotic vacuum cleaners in general, generally, the people that buy these are in the middle class, or maybe even a little above the middle class and whatnot.

It’s not like somebody’s going out and spending two or $300 on a Roomba vacuum cleaner. If they’re not doing too well. Let’s put it that way. Okay. So you know, massive growth potential in Asia in general over time. So company has very cash loaded, they’ve always been cash loaded, I follow this company for a long, long time.

They’ve always been cash loaded, always been a company with no debt founder led company call an angle has been the CEO there forever. And, you know, I think he’s a good CEO. Is he the best CEO? Would I rank him number one, I would not. But at the same time, I feel like he’s a good CEO overall.

And I feel like he’s, you know, a good founder of the company. And he’s, you know, help the company get to the place it is at now. Right now, right now, the company is trading at a forward p e of about 19. So I would say that’s maybe slightly rich, but it’s not really rich, when you consider like some of the short term things are going through this year, and next year that.

I was kind of holding back the profitability for this business overall. So I actually think that’s actually not as rich as it might seem, because you guys know I love to buy companies I have for peace, a lot of times under 10. Right. So 19, for me, might seem a little high.

But when I look at all the things that are going on, that’s hurting this business’s profitability in the short term, it actually makes me much more bullish over the long term as far as what this company could bring in down the road for net income. Okay, so you might ask yourself, why is this company off?

50% plus off of its highs, okay. Well, what is the tariff situation so a lot of their products, most of their products are assembled in China, when they come over the United States, they have to pay the tariffs on that. It’s obviously a very negative thing for the company right now because the company that has to pay those tariffs in the end, so that’s something that obviously hurts, you know, net income in a big, big way.

Okay. Also, there’s been a slowdown in economic activity in China. That’s not a good thing when you’re selling you know, robotic vacuum cleaners that many times are 200 plus dollars. That’s US dollar so never mind in China might even board be more right.

So Obviously a slowdown in China is never a good thing for a company that, you know is dependent upon that market for a lot of growth. So that’s something that hurting the business right now. And also, we have kind of like this little, I call it this malaise or this slowdown in like electronics products and like hardware products in general.

And you might say, well, they’re out appliance maker, really, because they’re selling vacuums. But at the same time, they’re robotic vacuums. And they can almost fit into like the electronics phase like you can go to Best Buy store and like look at roombas, right, they’re kind of almost like a cool electronics product in like 2010 to 2017.

We’re kind of like, that was a that was like a golden era for like hardware devices and electronics, right? You think about everybody was getting smartphones for the first time during that time, you know, the original iPhones and the Samsung’s and whatnot, and iPads, and you had the ps4 and you know, the Xbox and you had all these different types of electronics products that were really.

Exciting a lot of people and you know, people are getting a lot of these products. And if I just look at recently, I feel like just over the whole entire electronics space or whatever you want to call it like hardware products. I just feel like this is like Malays over right there right now.

And there’s not a lot of excitement in the innovation that is going on there right now. And so I think that’s just kind of something that hurts as well. Because when you think about that era, there was so much innovation, there’s so many companies doing different things with smartphones and tablets. And then you had the companies like the GoPros, with the wearable cameras like that was this exciting thing.

And you had Fitbit with the wearable watches. And when you had so much excitement over a lot of different products. And I feel like right now, we’re just kind of in this malaise where there’s not a lot of excitement around electronics products in hardware products in general.

So I think those are some kind of negatives a company is going through right now to hurt profitability in the short term. But if I look at this company as a long term play, I’m actually really, really excited about it. So that’s why I will start buying the stock more unlikely in the month of September 2019.

And let’s get into stock number two already guys coming in stock number two is a stock I already have a slight position built but I want to build this position actually much, much bigger. And I really liked this stock overall. And this is a company named national beverage Corporation ticker symbol fizz is on the stock to stock is about $40 a share.

By the way, I don’t think I had I robot stock price up I robots like $61 a share just for reference for you guys out there. But fins about a $40 stock about a $1.9 billion market cap on this company. So pretty small company relative to like, you know, these massive, you know, drink makers out there, you think that somebody like a monster monster has a valuation of somewhere like 40 billion or something like that might even be over.

40 billion now, Coca Cola and Pepsi usually have valuations of 200 billion plus Okay, so if you’re thinking about big drink players, they’re actually a really, really small player when you compare them to the big giants out there. Okay? They have many different products they sell, but the main product is their.

Lacroix product, okay, so it probably is the number one player in sparkling water, okay, and that is a category that’s really taken off over the past five to 10 years, okay, so they’re the number one player in sparkling water products, obviously, that’s a category you really want to be the leader in, okay.

And people are looking for healthy drinks, okay, drinks that don’t have sugar, meaning, you know, drinks that aren’t like, you know, a Gatorade, or a Coca Cola, or Pepsi or something like that, like people are looking for drinks that are non sugar, and they don’t have a bunch of chemicals in them. If you know about a lot of the diet drinks and whatnot, they have a lot of different chemicals in them.

And people are trying to shift away from these sugary products, or these products that you know, didn’t have sugar in them, but they had a bunch of chemicals and whatnot, people are trying to shift away from that. And that’s honestly a trend I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. Okay, if anything is getting stronger, like.

I don’t see us like reverting and all of a sudden, like everybody starts drinking Coca Cola is like crazy. And all of a sudden, like soda sales start going up like crazy or something like that. Like I just don’t see that reverting like the major players in like, like Coca Cola, Pepsi, their goal is to just like have as many people drink their product each year, then they then basically the previous year, they’re not going up, they’re going down.

And if you look at like us market share sales of like, you know, basically soda products that most years they’ve been down over the past decade. And that’s just the way it is. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It’s just the you know, people are looking for different products than they would have in the past.

You know, in the past people wouldn’t mind to drinking you know, a Coca Cola that has 40 grams of sugar in it, or a diet coke that might have some chemicals in it that people don’t like and in the past that just was going all the way it was and things have changed massively.

Okay, so that’s not a trend I see ending anytime soon. They have massive expansion opportunity outside of the United States as a business right now. Very us dominant. If you think about Europe, Asia, different markets like that this company has hardly touched any of those markets. So they have a big, big opportunity to expand internationally over time.

Okay, so a company that has cash loaded and they don’t have any debts, which, you know, you know how I love that great balance sheets, okay, just like we talked about with iRobot. You know, it’s another company, they’re loaded with cash and they don’t have a debt. Okay. I love that.

Okay, I absolutely love that these are the type of companies that are really strong in a recession scenario because they’re in a great position financially to continue to run their business, even if you know things slow down. And by the way, in their business in general is a very recession proof business, like the soft drink business.

It’s just the way it is, like, even if a recession comes, people don’t stop drinking Coca Cola, or they don’t stop drinking Pepsi, they don’t stop drinking Gatorade, they don’t stop drinking, you know, look, right products, like soft drinks are just not something that’s cut back on even in a recession scenario.

So it’s pretty much a recession proof business. I love that as a company that has a Ford p right now is about 15. So in my opinion, that’s way too low. When you’re looking at a lot of the drink makers, I actually haven’t like no growth in front of them. None of them trade in the 20s for a lot of their p e ratios.

15 I think is very, very low for a company that has, in my opinion, good growth potential on a long term basis. Okay. Big dividend payer, basically, every year, usually around November, December, they pay like a one off dividend, I would expect them to pay dividends of some kind this year would probably be a pretty good sized dividend. That’s just what they do most years.

Okay. Now, in terms of this stock, it’s fallen, you know, off a cliff. And, you know, basically I started buying the stock when it was in the 40s. And I plan to continue to even if it goes into the 30s. But you got to keep in mind, this was a stock that you know, a year ago, maybe a little over a year ago was 100 plus dollars a share.

I think at one point, it was like $120 a share. So the stock absolutely fell off a cliff in 2018 going into 2019. And why is that? Well, major competition came in in 2018. Okay, a ton of competitors came into the market, you know, launching different products that are basically sparkling water type products that compete it with Lacroix.

And the main one It looks like that’s going to be the main competitor to them on a longer term basis will probably be bubbly, which is owned by Pepsi. Okay, so you got a big company backing that one. Alright, so it looks like they’ll kind of be.

Lacroix and bubbly will probably be the number one number two players that fight over time. Okay. But basically 2018 was just a year when massive competition came in, because it was such a big growing category, that everybody wants a piece of that pie. So everybody’s trying to come in discounting products, you basically have all the grocery stores launching their own products and things like that.

Like store brand products that are basically sparkling water products. So neither say 2018 is a massive year competition, but I believe this stock has just gotten far, far too cheap. And if you look at all soft drink categories over time, it’s almost like two players, right? You got like.

Coca Cola and you got Pepsi, right? You have monster you have Red Bull, you have bang energy and you have rain energy, right you have gained a raid you have power raid, you have Starbucks coffee of Dunkin Donuts, coffee, like you just go like category by category of like soft drinks and things like that.

And you’ll just find there’s usually two main players. And if I look at this, it’s going to be bubbly. And it’s going to be Lacroix on a longer term basis. I think this company has big, you know, potential opportunity to grow the business over time, or it could be a potential acquisition target that one of the bigger drink makers out there might just want to go ahead and buy them out, maybe, you know.

Buy him out for a big big premium, may the shareholders say hey, they’re gonna buy us for a big premium, let’s go ahead and solve the company. So needless to say I should be buying the stock in the month of September 2019. And let’s get into the last one number three before we get into stock number three.

Let me just invite you to my private stock market group that’s going to be linked down there in the description if you want to check out that more into depth go ahead and click that link down there guys. Already guys coming in and number three is a stock that I have about 260 270 shares and as of today, okay, and.

I want to finally finish getting my position built out in this specific company I’ve had a goal to get 300 shares in this stock and I think this month is going to be the month we go ahead and do that okay, and if you’re a loyal watcher of the channel, you know what it is it is Tesla stock okay. ticker symbol tsla on this one $215 stock market cap about $38 billion on this stock.

Why do I love this one so much? Well, they’re the number one electric vehicle maker in the world Okay, their numbers they have put up and are just incredible, okay incredible numbers his company is doing and they’ve made electric vehicles a reality where it was like talk that maybe electric vehicles could be something whereas now every single automobile manufacturer in the world is like.

100% focused on like, how do we get electric vehicles to scale over the next five years or so? Okay, so the number one player in that market would love you know, players that are the number one players in their markets. Okay. We spoke about iRobot number one player and robotic vacuum cleaners.

We talked about Lacroix number one in terms of like sparkling water beverages. And no you know, Tesla number one player in electric vehicles. I love the number one players Okay, all cars, trucks, SUVs are all going to be electric vehicles by 2030 in terms of like new vehicle sold, like even if I think like five years from now, it’s hard for me to even imagine somebody’s going to like, like imagine this scenario in five years, okay.

Somebody is walking on to like a car lot and they buy an ice vehicle in five years like that is like it’s almost impossible for me to fathom in a five year span. Okay? Never mind. If you’re looking out Like 2030. So essentially, you know, Chevy Ford, you know, obviously, like every player basically that sells vehicles will be probably selling.

100% of vehicles they do sell if they’re still in business at that point in time will be electric vehicles because I just don’t see any way like people are still buying ice vehicles unless it’s like some type of special ice vehicle, like some type of like super sports car or something like that, or somebody like, you know, specifically going out of their way to buy a nice vehicle like outside of that scenario.

I don’t see anybody buying anything other than electric vehicles in the future. Okay, now the model three, you know, people love to compare it to different companies. The model three moment for Tesla was kind of like the iPhone moment for Apple, right? where it was like, okay, we’re going to take this company to whole other levels, right? Apple was like doing their thing. And like, that was cool for them, right?

But then they came out with the iPhone. And that was like a game changer. And for Tesla, the model three has really been a game changer, if you look at like, you know, how the how many vehicles are selling now is because of the model three, like the sales are just off the charts, okay, you look at why their revenue has exploded over the past year or so it is because of the model three.

And you look at all the excitement around Tesla’s brand really has to do with the model three changes the fact that like mass amounts of people are starting to get their hands on a model three, okay, so the model three is kind of like the iPhone moment for the company, if you want to compare.

It to that, but at the same time model y the SUV that’s going to be coming in probably the next 12 months, model y that’s like the another iPhone moment for the company like you think about the type of numbers model y will be able to put up it’s very possible in some markets, including the.

United States of America, model y could actually sell much, much better than the model three, okay, maybe I’m then somewhere like Europe, model three might outsell model y. But if you think about the United States of America, the model y could actually outsell model three. So you think about how many people are getting model threes nowadays, right?

And you’re thinking about, every time you go and drive somewhere, you’re seeing more and more model threes. Like imagine model y, it could actually be like an iPhone moment for the company again, okay. And then you think about Tesla truck that could be like the third iPhone moment for the company, because if they nail the.

Tesla truck, that has a potential to actually be the best selling if you think about the best selling vehicle line in the United States of America. Now let people know this. It’s Ford F series trucks. Okay, so Ford F series trucks are the number one sellers, they sell over a million of those in the United States of America each and every year.

Okay, so imagine if Tesla comes out with a great truck, that brings a lot of excitement. And a lot of people can afford it. Imagine the type of numbers they could put up over time. Okay, so if I’m looking at these three products, you know, and by the way, Tesla has other products, obviously, Model X the Model X, they have maybe you know, other type of luxury vehicles coming in the future, we’ll have to see if that happens.

They obviously have the Tesla semi, the Tesla Roadster, they have a lot of vehicles, right. But if we’re thinking about the things that are going to massively grow the business a lot bigger over the next, you know, five to 10 years. It’s model y is obviously starts with model three, and then it’s model y, which is coming in 2020.

And that’s a Tesla truck, which will probably come in like 2022 or 2023. Okay, now, this is a company that over the past seven years, has won over 100 axed their revenues, okay, that is parabolic ridiculous growth, it’s hard to even fathom that type of growth with a public company, okay, to go over a seven year span to over 100x your revenues is like.

It literally it’s hard to fathom, like, it’s such a ridiculous number to like, wrap your head around to over 100 extra revenues on a seven year span. Now what that creates is, obviously, it means your products are high, you know, like highly in demand, and you’re doing great things out there. And people are really excited about Okay, and that’s great.

But what that also does is it’s almost impossible to be a profitable company when you’re growing that fast, because you’re putting so much money back into the business and it’s just, it’s just such a mess, because you’re growing literally so fast. Okay.

And most companies if you ever see, you know, most public companies that are growing at ridiculous rates, you know, and there are many companies that have ever grown 100x plus in a seven year span, that’s a public company. But if you look at a lot of companies that grow really fast, they’re usually unprofitable companies are just they’re pouring money back into the business, there’s just too much going on there to make profits in the short term.

And usually, it’s just a bigger opportunity that a company says you know, I’m not I’m not going to worry about profits right now, I’m going to worry about a positive income, we’re going to worry about like like where this business is going to be in five or 10 years from now because that’s the bigger opportunity there.

Okay, now, what this also means is there’s going to be more controlled growth in 20 and 20 paths Okay, so this doesn’t mean you know, 2020 in packs, there’s gonna be no growth at Tesla, absolutely, there’s going to be some great growth because model y is going to continue to sell well for a long long time in the future, okay, because model three is gonna sell great for years and years into the future.

Okay, I like like a long, long time in the future model three is going to be a great selling vehicle okay. But then you have model y, which is coming in 2020, which is gonna you know, be some great growth for the company and even more growth for the company in 2021. Then you have the truck coming probably in 2022 or 2020. Three, you have semi coming maybe in 2020 or 2021.

So you have all these great opportunities for the company to continue to expand their business and future years, but I believe it’s going to be in a more controlled manner. Okay. Do I see Tesla over 100 axing revenues over the next seven years? Absolutely not. Okay. But could I see Tesla, maybe five axing revenues or somewhere around that over the next seven years? Absolutely.

And when you’re talking about something like that, that’s still unbelievable growth. That’s still super strong growth, but it is a lot more control. There’s a big difference between five axing growth over a seven year span and 100 plus exit growth over a seven year span.

Okay, so I see some great growth for the company coming in future years, okay, more controlled growth ends up meaning you can more likely actually start to make some money on the bottom line, meaning a positive net income. Okay. I believe as the growth gets more controlled, even though it’s going to be strong growth.

I believe they’ll be able to actually start making some money on the bottom line. Okay. And you have Ilan musk at this company, which is basically there. You know, Elon Musk represents a few things. Elan Musk, to me represents a visionary CEO, there are very few CEOs that, you know, we call a lot of people visionary CEO, but there are very few, there are very few of these, you know, visionary CEOs of public companies out there, okay.

I can maybe think of three to five. And I know of pretty much all the CEOs who are actually visionaries out there. I can think of maybe like three to five truly visionary CEOs. Elon Musk is one of them. Okay, so that’s always a good thing when you’re buying into a company.

Also, when I think about Elan Musk is a man that has unlimited money raising abilities, okay, he could it doesn’t matter if it’s a recession, it doesn’t matter if the business is going through a hard time. It literally doesn’t matter. This man Ilan musk can raise money pretty much no matter what, okay, and I look at Tesla, and it’s a company that has lost money in the past, obviously.

And so I’m thinking even if they don’t get to a point anytime soon, where they’re not where they’re basically not making a positive net income, and they do have to raise money or they have some type of huge ambition, they’re going after they want to raise money. Elan musk just has that ability to raise you know, a billion dollars in a snap of fingers or a few billion dollars.

Which is obviously a thing you want when you’re buying into a company that maybe is losing money and Okay, if you have a CEO that can’t raise money is not good at raising money and the company is losing money, that’s when you can get yourself into a lot a lot of trouble Okay, so.

I love all that about the company and then they have the autonomous you know, taxi network down the road and so many big things as far as that the leader obviously in self driving vehicles, there’s so many things we go into the company we can go into the solar business and the energies either business and you know, ramping that and what they could do there are so many different things we could talk about, we get like.

I literally spend like three hours talking about Tesla stock and all the bullish things going for it but this is the core reason why I’m personally invested in the stock I believe it’s just undervalued as someone that’s going to be the number one player in electric vehicles and for a long long time in the future model three model y and the truck coming you know.

I just look at all this and I’m like is as a stock I’m obviously very excited about guy so anyways, let me know if you own any of these three stocks in that comment section. I want to hear from you guys as always, and you know, let me know if you’re thinking about buying any of these three stocks we discussed in today’s video.

Make sure you smash the thumbs up button. As always, a lot of research always has to go into this particular video right. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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