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Today we do my favorite series on the channel called 3 Stocks Im Buying Now! This is the June 2019 edition of 3 stocks I’m buying. Would you consider these 3 stocks to buy now or just 3 stocks to watch? Let me know your opinion in the comments section.

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Putting socks on by June 2019 edition welcoming guys to my favorite series we do on this channel each and every month that dives into three stocks I’m planning on buying in the upcoming month upcoming month being June 2019 and the reasons why I am buying these particular stocks now.

I must say this is the most excited I have been to make one of these videos in months Okay, probably since like January or February This is the most excited I’ve been to actually make one of these videos because they’re actually a lot of good values in the market now things and kind of gotten very fairly priced and going.

Back just like a month or two ago and now we actually have a lot of deals that have opened up they’re actually five or six stocks right now in the stock market I am currently buying okay as in currently adding shares of as of right now five or six stocks and there are actually about 10 to 20 stocks right now that.

I feel are good values if you’re looking at this on a long term basis and that’s usually what we’re trying to judge off of 2345 years down the road not trying to judge off of stock we think we’re just gonna go up big tomorrow or next week or something like that guys, so hope you enjoy this hope you got a lot of value out of it.

As always make sure you follow me on Instagram that should be right up there. I think we’re approaching 40,000 followers on Instagram guys so make sure you follow us on there and let’s get into this already guys first stock up of the three is a brand new stock.

I literally just started buying here today for the first time in my life. And this stock has been absolutely leveled over the past six or seven months and I think I’m getting a pretty good value for it. And that is Nvidia Corporation. Okay, here today Nvidia stock trades for about $147 a share.

Like I said the stock has been absolutely leveled over the past six or seven months All right, they got a huge GPU business right now their GPUs are using many different things. So the here’s kind of the things you should think about. Okay. One is gaming and video at its core is known in the gaming community.

Okay, tons of it, like anybody that’s a gamer, you know, runs PC games or something like that everybody is familiar with invidious products or actually uses invidious products. Okay? So they’re huge in gaming. They’re huge in the data center. So think about everything cloud related like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, all these type of services, you know, that are that are, you know, huge expansions into the data center business.

All these companies are a lot of these companies are actually using invidious products for that build out. Okay, another huge growth category for Nvidia artificial intelligence. Another massive category that continues to grow, we see every almost every single company is trying to brand themselves as an artificial intelligence company, right?

If they’re doing anything AI related, they’re probably using some Nvidia chips to to basically do all the processing for artificial intelligence. Okay, so all these different categories are unbelievable huge growing categories that Nvidia is pretty much the heart of Okay, automotive self driving vehicles, this is a massive, massive market, like in the future, all vehicles are going to be self driving.

All right, now, Tesla’s has their own proprietary chip they’re working on. But if you think about everybody else that’s going to be competing in the automotive space, if they want self driving vehicles, they’re more than likely going to go to Nvidia, they’re probably not going to, you know, form their own team to build out custom chips or something like that.

So think about it like this, essentially, you know, Tesla can be like apple, you don’t have their own thing. Well, every other auto manufacturer out there is more than likely not going to create custom chips. So they’re going to use Nvidia chips. Okay, so that is just a massive, massive opportunity.

And so this is almost like a hedge for my Tesla stock to does, like, let’s say Tesla fails or something like that. Well, you guess what, then Nvidia is gonna just capture a massive market with self driving vehicles in the future. Okay. And then crypto mining, so if you do any type of crypto mining, there’s a good chance you use Nvidia products for doing that.

Okay, so just massive growing categories that continue to grow and, you know, massive growth ahead for this company in the future. In my personal opinion, market cap right now about $90 billion long term, I think this is a company that could be worth a half a trillion dollars, if not more than that on a long term basis.

If you’re looking out 510 years from now, I think they have a lot of growth still ahead of them rather than just you know, what they’ve done in the past. Okay, looking at a company right now with a Ford P of about 21. In my opinion, that’s really low considering they’re there, they’re in a sector right now that is not in the strongest position right there.

We just see, you know, everything in this kind of sectors has been hit right now with everything that’s going on with China and the tariffs and whatnot. So I think this company is very very undervalued considering we’re, we’re in a very weak period right now.

And considering I expect these companies you know, all these different businesses to not get smaller over time, all these opportunities are going to get bigger and bigger for the company over time. So rather than the you know, things that are going to shrink long term, these are things that are going to grow long term from from my understanding of things that if you just look at what the where the markets going overall, okay?

Their CEO is an absolute genius Jensen Hong is unbelievable. He built this company from the Round up. And you know, now it’s a company that has a $90 billion market cap. Like it’s, it’s unbelievable what he’s been able to pull off. And you know how he can kind of see around the corner when a lot of people aren’t seeing kind of what he was seeing.

Okay, now, as far as growth, as far as growth in revenues, or profits, for that matter, you can’t expect anything in the short term pretty much over the next six to 12 months, roughly, no growth should be expected for the stock. And that is honestly why the stock has gone from a $292 stock to basically half the price over the past six or seven months.

Because this company was fast growing, and then all sudden, boom growth pretty much went away overnight, and they went into a decline. So in the short term, there’s gonna be no growth expected in video, at least, you know, when it comes to revenue and profits, but long term, you know it as soon as probably next year, they should be able to get back to like 20% plus growth, assuming you know what, there’s a normal economic environment out there.

Okay, so I love the fact that there’s not much growth right now. Because there’s, that means shares are probably gonna stay around here, or maybe even slide a little bit more, and I’ll get to add a really, really big position this one, okay, sorry about competitors. So they’re kind of like three competitors.

But my opinion, you know, there are only two real competitors, AMD and Xilinx are kind of their two main competitors. Intel I don’t really like Intel’s competitive position. If I look out five years from now, seven years from now, personally when I kind of look at everything, so there are two kind of main competitors, in my opinion, are AMD and Xilinx.

So there’s not like there’s a million competitors in this space, there’s a few competitors. And they, you know, some of them compete directly on different products, some of them compete more indirectly. Okay, you guys know, I love a company with a great balance sheet.

And Nvidia is, you know, the the poster child of a kind of great balance sheet, they have over $5 billion more in cash and investments than they do in debts. And that money should continue to rise in the future as they continue to pour in profits.

And so I love their balance sheet for a company that has around a $90 billion market cap to have over 5 billion plus more dollars in cash and investments is phenomenal. Okay, they just opened up a new headquarter a couple years ago that that project cost hundreds of millions of dollars, like it was a massive headquarters, those things are very expensive.

So the fact that they got that out of the way a couple years ago is great, that will help out for adding new employees in the future and to have a unbelievable campus like that in video one, that’s great, okay. And in the future years, I think this is going to become a dividend be say dues pay a slight dividend now, but it’s a really, really small one.

If I look at you know, the profits, I expect this company to be able to make three years from now five years from now seven years from now, I think this company is going to turn into a dividend beast long term. And so although I’m buying into it now, and it’s kind of like a dividend joke, I think long term is going to become a dividend beast guys.

So in video, I love this company. I think it’s one of the most important companies in literally the entire world. I think they’re kind of the heart of so many of these massive growing opportunities for so many businesses around the world guys, especially a lot of these big businesses.

So I hope you enjoyed this one that’s going to stock number two already guys, stock number two of the three and I think a lot of you guys guess this one, I’ve been buying a pretty heavy the past few months and plan to continue to in the month of June and that is Tesla stock. Okay, right now this company’s about $197 stock came about $197 stock.

Why do I love this company so much? Why do I believe in so much over the coming years? Okay, let me just kind of play this out. They’re the number one player in electric vehicles by a mile. It’s not even really close. If you look at the numbers they’re putting up especially like look at 2018 numbers, United States, Tesla versus all the competition, they’re by far and away the number one player as far as market share goes in electric vehicles.

Okay. electric vehicles is a very fast growing category. It’s gone from like a niche market to now it’s like one to 2% I think within a few years, it can probably be five to 10%, if not 20%. Plus, eventually it’s going to 100%. The question is does it go to 100%? In five years, seven years, 10 years?

How long out does it take for us to go to you know, ice vehicles, like no one buys a new ice vehicle, if you’re buying a nice vehicle, you’re buying it, you know, from basically you know, someone that already owned it or something like that, like a used vehicle. How long does it take us to get there? You know, that’s up for debate, but there’s no question in my mind that 100% of vehicles in the future will be electric vehicles that will be sold new.

Okay, the question is just how many years does it take us to get to that place Okay, so when you’re the number one player in a space like that, it’s a massive growing space, it’s going to continue to grow you know, for basically years and years into the future.

That’s a very, very, you know, positive sign when you look at a stock Okay, the Shanghai Giga factory, which is being built at breakneck speed. Like it’s unbelievable how fast that factories being built. That’s about three to six months away from what.

I look at is about three to six months away from actually going into some production. Okay, that’s how fast his factories being built. It’s unbelievable. I thought there was no chance There was no chance they would have any type of production, you know, basically coming out of that factory in 2019.

And now I could say probably like 99% certain like, there’ll be some production coming out of the Shanghai factory in 2019. It’s crazy, guys. Okay, model three will start selling in mass in China, in my opinion, once that factory is up and running, the economics for buying a model three is going to become so much more attractive in China once that factory is open.

And you don’t have to worry about the shipping fees and tariffs and all those sorts of things from basically, if they’re made Fremont now, and you’re trying to buy it in China, the price on a model three should be a $10,000 difference, if not 20,000 plus, so we’re talking about a massive, massive difference in the amount of money, it’s going to cost a Chinese consumer to buy the model three, once their start, you know, start being made in.

China versus if you’re buying it now. So it also I think there’s gonna be a ton of pent up demand for the model three, once I was going to production is I think a lot of Chinese right now are not going out there and buying model threes. And knowing that three to six, maybe nine months away, they can get one for substantially cheaper price.

So I think there’s gonna be a huge amount of pent up demand in China. So once that factory gets up and running, like look out for the numbers, I cannot wait, okay, model three sales will pick back up in the United States, in my opinion, probably in the back half of this year, and especially going into 2020.

Basically, what has happened is, so many people tried to get the $7,000 tax credit, essentially, you could get from the government. So a lot of people took advantage of that basically in place a ton of orders in the back half of 2018. And that was great for Tesla numbers and model three numbers in the back half of 2018.

But it did take a lot of sales away from basically the first and second quarter. So in my opinion, the back half of this year and moving into 2020, look for model three to start ramping back up and then numbers to get start getting more consistent, rather than just a huge bunch of numbers and then kind of you know, dwindling, and then you know, a bunch of big numbers again, okay, I’m looking for much more consistent model three numbers.

And I think mo three will continue to grow for years into the future. Okay, if you’re looking at an overall basis on how many actually I think they’ll sell more model threes in 2019, than they did in 2018. I think they’ll sell more model threes in 2020, than they did in 2019 and 2021, than they did in 2020. Okay, you know, barring any type of huge economic collapse or something like that, or anything like that.

I think model three sales will continue to increase for years to come in the future. Okay, one to $2 billion, roughly is going to more likely be coming from Fiat Chrysler. So Fiat Chrysler was going to get hit hit with many billions of dollars in fines. So essentially, they’re, they’re able to go ahead and give that money to Tesla.

And Tesla kind of puts their ice vehicles on their fleet. It’s kind of a weird situation. But essentially, you know, Tesla’s going to get free money of roughly a billion to $2 billion. There, it looks like from Fiat Chrysler. So that is great. Like, imagine what you can do with a billion or $2 billion. Imagine what you can, you know, the equipment you can buy.

I mean, the heck, the Shanghai Giga factory isn’t even going to cost a billion dollars, from my understanding that’s gonna cost anywhere from 500 to 700 million, it looks like so 1,000,000,002 billion dollars, that’s a lot of money, we net money, and then the $2.7 billion they raised here just a few weeks ago, that’s going to be able to cover them as far as getting the model y ramped, which is going to be their mass selling SUV.

I think that one’s going to sell amazing possibility it could sell better in some markets, maybe even in the United States better than the model three, it’s very, very possible, okay, they’re going to be able to ramp the semi the semi is going to go into production, more than likely at some point in 2020, the Roadster but that’s going to be more of a niche thing.

Obviously, not everybody has $200,000 or $250,000 for a roadster, okay, and then the China ramp is going to be massive. So they’re going to have all this money coming in now. So they can ramp all these things successfully. That’s, you know, I’ve been talking about, you know, Tesla should raise money for quite a while now.

Because I saw these these things come in. And these projects are very expensive, the tooling for them, the equipment, the factories and whatnot, not cheap things. So, you know, the Tesla is going to be flushed with money now for you know, many quarters and I think they should get back to profitability as well.

Okay, in front of autonomous driving, they, from my understanding their number one player in autonomous driving, if I look at what’s being done in the real world, there’s no other vehicle you can buy in the real world right now. That is anywhere even remotely comparable to what a Tesla can do for you in self driving mode.

It’s pretty unbelievable. There’s like there’s, you can go every single auto manufacturer out there go to Mercedes going BMW, Audi, Ferrari, it doesn’t literally doesn’t matter that the cheap cars, the Fords of the Chevy’s, it doesn’t matter what vehicle maker you’re talking about, no one offers something even remotely close to what Tesla can do as far as self driving for you.

So they’re way out in front of that game as well. Everybody’s playing from catch up there. This is a company that their revenues have over 100x since 2011. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re going to 100x over the next seven or eight years, but just shows you the type of growth with this company. 100x revenues since 2011. Unbelievable.

Okay. Cash Flow their profitability, it has gotten a lot better out of you know of two of the last three quarters than its then it’s pretty much ever been if you kind of look at the company historically. And that’s a promising sign because this is a company that I believe is going to get to a place where they’re going to be massively cashflow positive in the future.

In a very, very profitable business. If you’re looking at more of a long term basis, they’re just kind of like they’re in that stage right now. That awkward Stage Company sometimes goes through where it’s like, oh, we’re profitable. And then it’s like, no, we’re not profitable.

Oh, we’re profitable. We made some money. Oh, we’re cashflow positive. Oh, no, now we’re cashflow negative overcast, they’re in that awkward stage right now where they’re kind of like in between, I think, you know, in my opinion, no question in a few years from now, it’s going to be company as consistently profitable and consistently cashflow positive, if not, you know, positive cash flow of 1,000,000,002 billion dollars a quarter in the future.

Okay. So in my opinion, that’s where the company’s headed. It’s just, they’re in a stage right now, whether they’re kind of skipping around, okay, this is a company that no one really talks about this, okay? It’s a company that has 10 plus years of experience doing electric vehicles.

And this is the only company on the face of the earth, especially if you look at you know, the developed world that has real world experience ramping in mass electric vehicles, no one else has done this. Now, maybe they can do it. But remember making electric vehicles a very different process from making an ice vehicle.

So just because somebody could make great ice vehicles, doesn’t mean they can make a great electric vehicle. It’s like saying a company that makes a great refrigerator can make a great smartphone, they’re not really the same. Okay, yeah, they might do somewhat similar things, but they’re not really the same, doesn’t mean just because a company makes a great computer, they can make a great tablet, okay, we saw a lot of companies that were very successful.

Making computers, you have a lot of trouble actually making a good tablet that you can hold in your hands right there. They’re somewhat similar, but they’re different. Okay, an electric vehicle and an ice vehicle are very different things. Okay. And so this is a company that has 10 plus years of building experience doing this.

And they’re the only company that’s proven they can ramp in mass. Okay, something to think about. No one ever talks about that everybody just has a foregone conclusion that General Motors and Ford and Volkswagen and Fiat and everybody else is just going to be able to make mass amounts of these cars, no problem, it’s going to be really easy for them.

And we’ll see about that. Okay, we’ll see if it’s really that easy. All right. Well, essentially, the competition is playing waves from behind on electric vehicles, mostly companies don’t even have an electric vehicle in the market. Tesla’s have electric vehicles in the market for over a decade.

Now, most of these companies don’t even have them in the market yet. Some have tried to, you know, come in the market and haven’t really had any success. And then if we talk about autonomous driving, then we’re talking about there a million. If you think these these big auto manufacturers are behind with electric vehicles, then look at autonomous driving them we’re talking about they’re way, way, way behind.

So if I’m looking at Tesla, I love this company. I think I’ll do very well on this in coming years. And I want to try to add as many shares as possible here in the short term, and let’s get into the last one, number three. So number three of the bunch, oh, we’re dating the next here, guys, we’re dating an ex, and this one treated us very, very well.

And that is Google winning resorts, Wynn resorts, I just started buying this one. Once again, this one has big upside potential in future years, I think right now is going to be a stock that will continue to be hammered. Okay, there’s a stock right now it’s about $113 a share and let me explain why I’m so excited about this company on a long term basis.

Okay. First off, if you don’t know Wynn resorts, they basically operate integrated massive casino resorts. And they’re focused on the high end, okay, they’re focused on really like the top 10% of income earners, the top 10% of like wealthy individuals out there, they’re not going after the mass market.

For the most part, they’re not going after the guy that’s going to go spend $5 at the slot machine, okay, they’re going after players that are spending $25 a hand on blackjack or $100 a hand or high end players that are spending 10s of 1000s of dollars in a given night, hundreds of 1000s or maybe even gambling through millions of dollars a night.

These are the type of individuals they’re really going after, it’s the more high end play. Okay, so that’s their business. I love that business because it gives you a lot of protection because you’re kind of the creme de la creme. And if anything happens in the economy.

You’re able to bring down your rates on rooms and things like that and maybe give out more comps and still usually be able to be profitable or something close to profitable while a lot of other companies that are on the lower end also have to start taking big losses. Okay, now they operate five different properties as of right now they have the Wynn Las Vegas in the Encore Las Vegas.

Those are those are like interconnected property. So you might kind of think of those as like the same property but they’re actually literally two different properties. They have the Wynn Macau, they have the Encore, Macau very similar situation of Wynn Las Vegas and encore Las Vegas just on a much smaller scale.

And those are more in the old part of Macau. And those are profitable property still this day actually have a remodel going on on the Wynn Macau right now and that should be completed sometime very soon. And they have what I call the last masterpiece steve wynn ever gave and that was when palace Cotai, a 4 billion plus dollar resort massive profit engine for the company.

You know the type of property that I think is one of the most profitable properties resorts in the entire world and I think will continue to be for years and years to come into the future. Okay, Wynn palace. Cotai is an unbelievable property. All right, then, as far as future properties, encore Boston is going to be opening at the end of June or at least is supposed to open it here at the end of June 2019.

That’s a very exciting property me, I think that’s going to do very, very well. I don’t think a lot of people are expecting much out of that property. But if I look at the East Coast, the United States, this is going to be one of the most premier properties resorts you could possibly go it’s right outside of Boston, unbelievable city, you know, Boston is an unbelievable city in itself.

Tons of travelers, you know, always traveling from all over the world to Boston, I think this is a type of property that’s actually going to be a big cash cow for the company. And a lot of folks I don’t think you know, aren’t expecting much from it. And I’m just like, on the East Coast, Atlantic city’s dead.

So if you want to gamble on the East Coast, and you want to high end property, you really don’t have any options. There’s really no really nice options on the East Coast for if you try to get that type of experience of high end restaurants, high end gambling, those sorts of things.

Encore Boston is going to be able to provide that so I think folks you know, that are that love to gamble love to partake in those type of activities are going to fly in from New York City flying from Florida, instead of maybe coming to Vegas, because that might be more unrealistic.

Okay. It’s a very beautiful New York to Boston’s a very short flight. You know, North Carolina, the Boston very short flight, okay, when Las Vegas is supposed to have their convention, they have a new convention space and some more restaurants opening here in 2020.

And then they should be adding an additional hotel tower, if not a few other things on the wind palace property. So they also own some more land in great by wind palace, where they’re supposed to potentially open another beautiful resort tower, something like that.

Okay, but who knows when that’s coming, that might be more like a 2020 to play or 2023. As a little further out, you know, these next two things, and the next two things, okay, market cap on this company of $12 billion, in my opinion, very low for what you’re getting $12 billion market cap.

I’m looking at this company, I’m like, you’re getting all these unbelievable properties, some of the best properties, in literally the world, some of the most profitable resorts in the entire world, for $12 billion, like, in my opinion, is just very, very undervalued.

This balance sheet in the industry, if you really look at their industry, and you look at a lot of their competitors, in my opinion, they have the best balance sheet Las Vegas Sands has a pretty respectable balance sheet for the industry as well. But in my opinion wins actually probably got the best balance sheet in the industry.

Okay, the China worries are all in the short term. Obviously, those you know, the tariff situation, everybody’s worried about that, how could that affect Macau gambling revenues, I think it will negatively affect gambling revenues, at least for the next six to 12 months.

So that’s a short term, you know, thing that is going on for winning stock. And I think that’s why when stock will continue to kind of be dragged down in the short term, which I love because I’m going to be able to add a really big position in this company and get it built back into a position that’s got 10s of 1000s of dollars once again in it, which I would love to do.

If we look at more of a long term basis, Macau will turn back to growth at some point in time in probably pretty good growth long term. You think about 1.3 billion Chinese citizens more and more coming into the middle class. What do people do once they get into the middle class? I’d like to take vacations, if they’re going to take a vacation.

Macau is one of the coolest places you can possibly go on vacation. Okay, so I you know, I love the fact that short term, it’s just you know, everybody’s scared long term, huge opportunity for pa 14. That’s very fair for p in my personal opinion, here’s how I’m looking at this company in good economic times in good economic times.

This should be a company that brings in one to $2 billion of net income consistently, you know, if we look at 2020 and pass in good economic times, in Okay, economic times, you know, not in times that are in a recession, but not times that are like.

Oh, it’s a great economy and just okay times I think there’s a company that can consistently bring in 500 million to $900 million of net income and okay times now, let’s say a massive global recession happens or something like that. They could take losses in the short term, but those things don’t usually last very long.

They get over and we come out of it. Okay. So it’s more of a short short term, you know, hiccup their dividend, they just upped that dividend to $1 per quarter. So, the, you know, I’m not a huge dividend investor, but, you know, when the stock has growth ahead of it, in my opinion, this stock has a lot of growth ahead of it in future years, and pays $1 dividend a quarter.

That’s pretty attractive to me. Very solid management team over there. Yeah, they don’t have the spectacular steve wynn who could hype out a property and use who had these visions for what a great property was. They don’t have that, but they still have a great management team in place that Steve Wynn put it, you know, he assembled a great team around him.

To kind of run the rest of the company, so he could just kind of execute on the visions of building these great properties. All these properties are all Steve Wynn’s properties, though, Las Vegas properties, everything in Macau, the Boston property. All this stuff was designed by Steve Wynn, who’s really the genius as far as building resorts and building these type of, you know, integrated resorts that are just unbelievable off the scale.

Okay, so all those properties are all steve wynn properties. I do worry a little bit about future properties and how those will be designed. I don’t know if they’ll cheap out on things. You know, Steve Wynn would spend the top dollar and everything and the high end clientele notices those sorts of things.

Okay, that’s just the way it is. So we’ll see about future properties, but the cash cows everything that’s current and encore Boston. It’s all things that have been designed in past years. Okay. And the last thing that’s a wild card here is Las Vegas Sands. So I’m not counting on this.

I’m not counting on this with buying these wind shares. But I think there’s a pretty good potential that Las Vegas Sands could be maybe interested in buying Wynn resorts within the next year. And here’s why. If we know you know, when stocks hit here in the short term, you might continue to be hit.

It might be a $90 stock before you know it, who knows what will happen in the short term, but the stock that’s been hit is a stock that will probably continue to be, you know, caught up in this negative drama around China. Obviously, Wynn resorts had a huge situation there with Steve Wynn basically being gone overnight.

And so it’s kind of like Wynn resorts is kind of in the space that it could potentially sell the business I could see it potentially going up for sale. And I think Las Vegas Sands and Sheldon Adelson will be very, very interested Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn were very close back in the day, they competed against each other hard.

But if I look at this, I think it would be the most ingenious acquisition Las Vegas Sands could absolutely pull off financially, they could definitely afford it. And if I’m looking at this, Las Vegas Sands would probably buy him out for anywheres between 150 and $200 a share I think it would be the best move Las Vegas Sands could ever make.

I think they would eliminate a lot of competition Las Vegas Sands competes a lot in the kind of like the mid market, but they do compete a lot on the VIP side. I think one of the smartest, you know, things Las Vegas Sands could do is go ahead and buy Wynn resorts out over the course of the next year, not counting on that.

I think I’m gonna do great in the stock long term no matter what, but I’m just looking at and I’m like, I can see that as a potential thing happening like the sale the Las Vegas Sands, they have the financial capacity to pull that off, they could take out the debt by this company for 16 or $18 billion.

And go ahead and add a bunch more net income to their bottom line and go ahead and pay that debt off in future years guys, so we’ll see what happens there. You know, I love Wynn resorts for long term. I should be continuing to buy that for several months and in the future guys. So I hope you enjoyed this video. As always, make sure you smash that thumbs up button if you enjoy this series every single month. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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