3 Stocks I'm Buying Now: January 2021

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Holy Smokas guys we are going to kick off 20221 with a video that I LOVE making! 3 Stocks I’m Buying Now!! I will talk to you about the 3 stocks that I am buying now. I will not only tell you about the stocks that I’m buying now but also I will talk to you about the thesis that I have for each stock.

I hope you enjoy this video where I talk to you about three specific stocks that I am planning on investing in. This video takes a lot of research and it usually takes me a long time to prep so I hope you enjoy it and leave me a comment with your opinion.

Do you like these stocks? Are you invested in any of these stocks? If you are, why are you investing in these stocks? If not, why not? Also leave me a comment if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Hey guys welcome to today’s video this is my favorite series I do on this channel each and every month called three stocks on buying now where I’m getting into three stocks that I’m buying in the current month which is January 2021 

Let me be the first to wish you a Happy 2021 depending upon when you’re watching this video okay, two things and two things only I want to do in this video I want to share with you this stocks, okay, what stocks are these that I’m buying? I would love to hear from you guys.

If you feel like these are stocks to buy. If you feel like there’s just stocks to watch, I would love to hear from you guys in the comment section by the way, but I’m gonna share with you what these stocks are. And then mainly the bullish case around the stocks, which is an important part. Okay, that means some people are doing these videos now. And all they’re doing is basically giving out a bunch of tickers.

And it’s just like throwing a ton of ticker symbols out there. And it’s like, what where’s the bullish case on this? I think that’s what makes these videos special. I think that’s what makes this series special is actually getting into like the fundamentals.

Why are you so bullish? Why do you think the stock is going to do great? Otherwise, you’re just speculating. In the end, if you want to actually make money over the long term stock market, you got to be able to formulate a bullish case and make an investment into a company.

Okay, so all I ask in return for this video is Yeah, you guys smash that thumbs up button I appreciated this is a lot of research work goes into these videos each and every month. And all you got to do is just slightly hit that thumbs up button for me.

Maybe I can buy myself another farmer’s market rental app, if I get enough thumbs up or maybe one of these cables. Oh man, those things are good. If you guys haven’t had one of those have those gay women join stock cubs absolutely free to do so that is our free discord chat.

We have about 40,000 members now from all over the world that just talk stocks in there we got categories for all different types of stocks, value, stocks, growth stocks, everything across the board, we want to try to apply from a private stock group you can do so that is linked down there in the description. I will also have that as the pinned comment as well.

If you’re looking to apply for that, or to go let’s start getting into this stock number one of three up here is TTC f is a ticker symbol, this one tattooed chef tape. This is like you know as a stock that’s kind of like in the 20 to $23 range recently about a $1.5 billion market cap. 

So a decent sized company, but not a huge company by any stretch of the imagination. Okay, now you guys know I’m invested in a company called the very good food company right now that that investment for me, that represents insane growth, but it’s more of a speculative company because the company is doing very small revenue numbers compared to something like tattoo chef.

But that one represents like insane growth. I’m also invested in another company called Beyond meat ticker symbol b, y, nd now that’s a big brand name, right? A lot of people know beyond meat, because they’re all over fast food locations and all sorts of things. Okay, so beyond meats, sites, super famous company now in the head, that big brand name, but they still have good growth behind them.

But the way of you tattoo chef is it’s similar to kind of both of those, but it’s like an in between. So it’s already getting well established, like beyond me. But it’s actually got, in my opinion, better growth profile moving forward. And actually beyond me, I believe tattoo chef food company will outgrow beyond meat each and every year for the next 10 years.

So this is why I’ve actually made this my biggest investment in the food industry. It’s just such a perfect balance of risk reward. And you guys know all about the risk reward. Now this company, so they were basically just selling to like Trader Joe’s Whole Foods and some of those companies before under some private label brands. All right.

But a big change happened a few years ago, they started up this own brand called tattooed chef, and sales have taken off since then. Okay, you’re looking at a five year kegger of 63%. And this brand has really taken off this year specifically. Alright, as far as the products they make right now, they’re all frozen food related products as of today.

Now, that’s going to change over time. But as of today, they’re only going after the frozen food category, which is a massive category. Okay, we’re talking about 55 billion plus dollars in frozen retail sales. Just last year, we’re talking about $380 billion market per year on a global basis. All right. So the fact is frozen food sales. This is a incredible opportunity.

And for a company as small as tattoo chef that can grow into a huge player in this market over time. And I absolutely foresee them. I mean, my goodness, the sky is really the limit for this company.

If you look at some of the numbers around this company revenue growth, 68% kegger 640% year over year growth for the tattooed chef brand, look at that. And that’s with no investments in marketing or anything like that, like no ads, none of that stuff, okay. They have 90 million plus in cash, they have 200,000 square feet of manufacturing.

Now they just doubled their capacity in 2020. They’re going to double their capacity again in 2021 to 400,000 square feet. So this company is in massive expansion mode and honestly should be for the next five to 10 years, they should end up with well over a million if not several million square feet of manufacturing over time as far as their manufacturing lines. This company is led by Sam galletti.

This guy’s been in the food industry for like 120 years, okay, you’re getting a veteran that is at the front of this company, and his daughter, Sarah coletti. She’s almost like a superhero. Okay, she’s just, I mean, doing a phenomenal job coming out with products, launching the products, getting them to taste really good.

Like I’ve tried, I don’t know how many five to 10 at least products now from this company. And I haven’t had one thing that I thought was bad yet. Everything’s been either Okay, or actually really good. And so how fast she can innovate and get those products to market is pretty spectacular.

I mean, other companies have huge r&d facilities and can’t get products to market that are actually good tasting in that quick amount of time. Okay. And then as far as the Chief Operating Officer, Stephanie, she owns about 1% of the company, okay. And, you know, she just, I’ve seen her in several different interviews now and things like that.

And she’s just, you know, one of those operators, man, she just runs the business, okay, and get stuff done. And so very happy with the leadership team, Board of Directors already building up very nicely for this company.

I mean, this is such a young company. This is such a new company, the public markets in the already building out a pretty impressive Board of Directors, I can only imagine where the board of directors will be 510 years from now. Okay, that’s a long way to go.

This company is already in big stores, we’re talking Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Costco, they’re already in a lot of those big stores, but they only have a few skews over time, they’re gonna have way more skews in those stores.

Okay, because they sell phenomenal. So you might see their single serve bowls, smoothie bowls, and vegetable blends

. The other man also pizza balls. Oh my gosh, are those things good? Like, I’ve been craving those. I’ve been like going down to Sam’s Club, like hoping they got some more of those like in stock, and they just run out so dang quick, man. But I’ll tell you what, those pizza bowls with the pepperoni on top, oh my gosh. And it’s like their own pepperoni.

They make it I gotta say that stuff is amazing. And they also have their plant powered pizzas. And so you know, this is a company that Oh, my gosh, they have the branding, right? They have the race strategy, they have the product, they have the product execution, and then look at this, okay, look at how many different skews they’ve developed just this year, many of these skews have yet to hit store shelves. Okay.

But basically, what they’re gonna be able to see is out of each of these skews, sell and what retailers should get what skews in the end. And I think it’s a brilliant idea. You want to see what what you know, will stick out there.

I think that’s brilliant 2021, they’re expected to launch 62 skews. Okay, I mean, this company, you know, you can’t find a food company, innovating this fast food ordering company innovating this fast. Like it’s incredible. They’re just, they’re just destroying it. Okay, as far as marketing, they’re going to actually launch their first marketing campaign in 2021. Now, this is a huge deal on several fronts.

One, this is going to bring way more brand awareness to the tattooed chef food brand, right, that people just don’t have. But also, you know, what else is going to bring attention to the stock and the company and people looking at this company, like have never heard of this one, let me look into this a little bit Wall Street’s starting to look into it and things like that. And so I just see, this marketing campaign is being so successful in several different fronts. All right.

Now, they also just recently launched an e commerce site, which essentially, you can buy the products for a little more expensive than what you would pay at, you know, stores for the product and things like that. But I don’t really look at this as like a huge revenue driver long term, I think it’s all about building out the email list for this company over time.

So they can basically contact customers easier, have a more one on one relationship, let them know, when they’re getting into other retailers, letting the customers know, when they got new skews in,and also letting customers maybe try new products. I think that’s a big thing.

So imagine, you know, they launch a new skew. And, you know, before it ever gets to retailers, you know, people got to try and so I think, you know, you have those loyal customers try the products before give feedback.

And then it’s just like, I mean, that’s just beautiful. Okay, so I actually view the e commerce is not necessarily just direct money grab, I think it’s going to be a long term, like the right strategy to hopefully make a lot more money over the long term. Okay.

Now, before the IPO, this company was very limited to Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and they basically had gotten in with some of the brokers there, and they’ve been putting up phenomenal numbers. So you don’t get into those type of retailers. Unless you’re putting up some pretty dang impressive numbers.

They’ve been putting out great numbers. And that was kind of where they’re at. Look at this now. Okay, after this company went public, look at the post transaction, the sales resources and infrastructure off the charts now, okay.

They can go after everybody. Now, every retailer out there, every food store out there, they’re going to be able to go after in 2021 and 2022. They have the infrastructure in place. Now they have the sales resources in place. They’re going to need even more manufacturing lines over time. But everything’s in place now. And that’s beautiful. And they got a team built that can handle this. It’s just a business as scaling very successfully.

And I love the way this is scaling up. Okay, now, they’ve already started to introduce their products within the last 60 days at some of these big retailers. Okay, now as far as the ones I think are going to be the real game changers Kroger now the big Dawgs came to the biggest in the grocery game. They’re not even in Kroger’s. yet.

They’re going to get in Kroger, I would expect that probably the back half of 2021, in my opinion, or maybe the first half of 2022, Albertsons, Safeway, I mean, you’re talking about 1000s of stores their whole foods, you’re not just talking about Whole Foods, but you’re talking about the relationship with Amazon, because Amazon owns Whole Foods.

Okay. So that’s why that is so big. And they’re already in Whole Foods, but only with private label right now. I think these products in whole foods are going to sell like hotcakes. In my opinion, these are perfect.These are like literally, if you think of the perfect retailer could be selling these products, if it is Whole Foods at the end of the day.

Okay? target massive opportunity most targets only carrying like the breakfast bowls right now, I think over time, like that’s a huge expansion opportunity, because we know how serious target is at taking like grocery, and they love to have some of these new differentiated brands that do volume, and this company does volume.

And you look right there, it says we expect significant official New Business Awards that will go into effect in 2021. So you know, this is extremely exciting. This company has so much dang like, room for expansion in different stores that they’re not even in yet. It’s ridiculous. But not just that it’s things like this.

So get this case study by Walmart, they start out with a few skews, they sell so dang good that they get more skews and more skews. And this is a way of view it. I think Walmart over time. I think this company tattoo chef could have 2030 4050 skews over time.

I think they sell that well. And they’re going to do well enough to end up justifying that sort of skews over time. And so it goes from like you only have a few to Olson you have a massive quantity.

And at the end of the day, Walmart’s gonna care about what’s selling and the fact is tattoo chef products sell like hotcakes when they hit the shows. And that’s all that matters. In the end, all that matters is the money. Like, it’s great that this company is seen as like a healthier brand, and a lot of these old school companies and things like that.

But at the end of the day, that’s a big part do you sell do you put up the numbers you do, you’re in Walmart, you’re getting more skews, and they’re gonna kick out the products that aren’t selling because believe me, there are plenty of products at Walmart that don’t move the type of volumes that tattoo chef will move.

And so those ones get ticked down, tattoo chef gets moved in, look at this target success came in target. Our number one skew is organic cable, and it’s outperforms the leading brands number one skew in IRL food in both velocity sales per store in average retail price, that’s like the holy grail of getting more and more products a retailer. 

when you can put up those type of numbers, you’re gonna get more and more space, they’re gonna want not just your current product you have in them, but more products because they’re like, oh, you’re you’re destroying everybody else and your category, we want more you essentially at the day. So target is going to get a lot more skews over time, my opinion, this company is vertically integrated. And that’s amazing.

So they come out with innovative product, you know, Sarah can create something new product, they can design the packaging, do the packaging, plant the products that actually have like massive fields and all those sorts of things, grow the product, and then manufacture it, they do the whole thing. And there aren’t that many businesses that actually are vertically integrated like that.

So that makes this company into a company that can expand so much faster, so much more rapidly than any of their competition in that makes this stock so dang special to me. Okay, just one of the dang reasons. Okay. I mean, you look at my Tesla investment, okay, Tesla was an investment not just on electric vehicles.

But the fact that this was a company that was innovating so much faster than any competition, if you want to call them that Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Toyota doesn’t matter who you throw out their Honda, they were they were innovating so much faster. There’s so many years ahead, and still this data of so many years ahead.

And then the big companies like that, they just get a bigger and bigger lead. And so so much money has like floating a Tesla over the past couple years, because everybody’s just realizing, oh my gosh, these guys have innovated so much faster than everybody else. They are years and years in front of everybody.

And when you’re innovating so much faster than your competition, that the lead for you just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And you’re just an overwhelming opponent to try to compete against and annotate. And so imagine where tests is going to be in five to 10 years. But imagine where tattooed chef will be in five to 10 years.

They’re innovating far faster than any other competition in the traditional food industry. The competition is a joke. I mean, if you think the competition was kind of a joke for teslin in them coming in and tearing stuff up. You haven’t even seen the food industry.

I mean, it’s pretty sad. Like, you know, conagra foods I used to own that stock about a decade ago, 11 1112 years ago or whatever, okay, and it was a solid company. They sold pretty much the same products all the time.

 They did good volumes. It was a dividend paying stock, but at the end of the day, like conagra foods like what did they come out with innovative in the past decade, like seriously, that does any type of volumes. I’m seriously okay and this company has a $17 billion plus market cap on it. Kraft Heinz company. KFC. Okay. 

What is that company like producing last 10 years that was a game changer product for them? Nothing, okay. It’s all the same stuff they’re selling year in and year out.

There’s almost no innovation at a company like that it’s got a $42 billion market cap. Okay, General Mills $35 billion, what has General Mills came out that was game changing in the past 10 years, nothing. It’s all the same stuff they’ve been selling forever and ever and ever. And that’s just their numbers. And that’s fine for those businesses. 

They’re going to get their butts handed to them if they have to compete against tattooed chef and a tattoo chef wants to compete against these companies over time, tattooed chef will win because they will out innovate, they will bring more excitement to their products, they will bring new customers and consumers on because they just like get it.

They know the trends and what people want and their food and things like that. Like not everybody just wants to eat Cheerios every day, like they might have wanted to do 20 years ago, something like that. By the way, I always used to put sugar on lunch here. O

kay. And like I said, there’s nothing wrong with those companies. It’s just over time, they’re going to get out innovated by a company like tattoo chef, because a tattoo chef just innovates so fast, and other companies just don’t aren’t going to have a clue what’s coming.

Okay. And so I think tattoo chef over time will pass up those companies. And you saw the market cap those companies had. Member we’re talking about tattoos chef with a $1.5 billion market cap. Okay. And you saw, I just went through those companies with you.

So imagine what this company can go to over time. Now, as far as guidance for 2021. And beyond for this company, this is coming from the management team. Okay, point 21, they’re expected to revenue of $222 million in 2022, they’re expected to do $300 million of revenue in 2023, they’re expected to do $500 million in revenue. And in 2026, they’re expected to do $1 billion in revenue.

Okay. And those are gross margins they have up there, they basically have a long term outlook of 35% plus gross margins. I think that’s definitely doable. Okay. My numbers differ from management, okay.

Management, I think they want to like sandbag a little bit. It’s smart, you just go public, this company has been public for less than a year, you want to go in there with a little bit lower expectations. So you can beat those expectations. And you look great. versus if you go in there with over expectations, and you don’t hit them, you look really bad.

Okay, what I believe they’re going to hit for numbers over the coming years, I think they’re going to do $250 million in revenue in 21. I think cell three is going to be so strong, I think they’re going to expand skews,I think they’re gonna expand stores, all those sorts of things. I think 250 and I’m being conservative, I feel like I think 250 2022 I think they’re going to do $380 million in revenue.

2022 is going to be the year they hit the major grocery stores big time and they start moving big volumes out of grocery stores. Okay. But as far as the big, big volumes in grocery stores, that’s actually going to be 23 is 22 is really the year they start getting into a lot of those stores. Okay, maybe even the back half 21.

But 23 is actually when they start doing huge volumes $600 million in revenue, I have them doing that year. And then 2025 is the year that I believe this company will cross a billion dollars of revenue, as long as they keep innovating at the pace they are and they keep this brand momentum going, I see no reason why they can’t do a billion dollars in 2025, they’re gonna have the funding for it, they’ll have the cash to buy more facilities to expand the products, there’s just no way I don’t see them doing a billion dollars in 2025, which is going to be absolutely epic.

And if they’re doing a billion dollars, top line in 2025, I think between $100 million,and $200 million can be hitting bottom line that year. So you know, if you’re looking at 2025 earnings, you know, you’re looking at a p right now of let’s say anywheres from 15 to seven somewhere in there. And that’s really how to value incredible growth company like this, you can’t just value it off of like next year or something like that doesn’t make sense for a high growth stock like this K. And so tattooed chef, it’s a $1.5 billion company, that I have a hard time seeing this company not be worth 5 billion to $10 billion long term.

And so I’m buying every share insight I can get right now for this company. Because I am such a big believer in this company over the next 510 years. It’s ridiculous and this could be one of those stocks I don’t ever sell. Just be completely honest. Because when you buy into a great food company or drink company, it’s usually best to just hold them just hold them because over time they will become a dividend cash flow beast for you.

And then that money is just thrown into stocks in the future so it’s very possible that all these shares I’m loading up on tattoo chef I might never sell it to be completely honest even if it was to double from here or triple from here or anything like that.

It’s like who cares in the end k Matter of fact I got so being bullish while I was making this presentation for you guys here today that I went ahead and I just bought another you know 500 shares of tattoo chef what’s making this video literally cuz I’m just so dang excited about that stock in the end. So yeah, I think we’ll do phenomenal with that one long term.

I’m buying that stock in January and I’ll you know, it’s very possible I could buy that stock throughout. 2021 and continue to load up on shares anytime the stock has anywhere near $20. So let’s just put it that way already guys, time for stock number two, a three up here that I am buying actively right now and will continue to in January 2021 is a stock in which listen to this, I’ve put $100,000 into this stock in just the past 30 days, in just the past 30 days, I’ve put $100,000 in the stock because I believe it is such a no brainer stock. It’s not even funny.

Okay, this is the perfect positive storm for this particular stock. I mean, it’s it’s like everything is going to come together for the stock at the perfect time. Okay, it’s the perfect storm, but in a positive way. super low valuation, and I mean, super low, they have a turnaround going on.

So this stock already had two very positive things that were it’s like a beaten down stock, super low valuation turnaround is going on right now. Which, you know, after the turnaround happens, it’s it you know, you know what happens to stocks that you know, have a positive turnaround, right.

But then on top of that this is a biggest thing, they have a huge invisible bullish thing that is about to happen in 2021 in 2022 is going to boost up their business in a massive way. And Wall Street isn’t even looking at this yet. I mean, they’re not even viewing this for a second yet.

It is such a big Mustang. Okay. ticker symbol on this one is wb a Walgreens boots Alliance, alright, like I said, I bought $100,000 of the stock in literally the past like 30 days, okay, which for reference is me adding very aggressively I don’t usually just buy that much worth of shares in that short of a period of time.

But I have to add to this one aggressively, because the shares are extremely discounted. And I think these shares are going to start moving huge in 2021 and 2022. And so I’m like, I need my position built ASAP I can’t mess around and just be like all by a little bit here.

Now I gotta get a belt K, if you don’t know Walgreens, they’re the biggest pharmacy chain in the United States of America. I mean, they’re giant, okay, they also own the boots brand, which is big in Europe, as well as they have this other business called Alliance, which is a pharmaceutical wholesaling division and has actually been talks, you know, not that long ago that amerisourcebergen could actually potentially want to buy their wholesaling division, okay. And keep in mind, Walgreens owns 27% of amerisourcebergen. So it could end up actually making sense and it could benefit Walgreens, you know, several different ways. And mera source might pay $6 billion.

If they were to buy that division, I think Walgreens should maybe take I think they should consider because any day that 6 billion would be so much better spent on Walgreens is pharmacy related business, in my personal opinion. So if I was Walgreens, I would say let’s do this deal, because you’ve got 27% ownership already in the other company. So if they thrive more, you’re going to thrive more anyway. So I think it’s ingenious move and then you get $6 billion on the balance sheet.

And I think that money can be well spent for Walgreens on their on their pharmacy side of their business case. So I think that deals should go through. We’ll see what happens with that. But there was also talks last year that Walgreens boots Alliance could be bought out for $70 billion in the biggest private equity deal, maybe of all time.

Okay. Now, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen, because I actually think the stocks going above that valuation over the next couple of years. Okay, so first thing, let’s talk about all three of these points. Okay, super low valuation, oh, my goodness, does it get lower than this for P of
eight? I mean, think about the type of market we’re in right now. And think about how 99% of stocks are at fair value or you know, overvalued and you hear you have a stock trading at a forward P of eight.

It was one of the safest business models I really view out there. In my personal opinion, I know this business very well. I used to work for Walgreens, I used to be an investor at Walgreens many years ago.

And it’s always been a company that, you know, I think they kind of lost their way for a little bit. And, you know, I really see the turn is kind of happening in 2021 before dividend on the stock of almost 5% 4.75% I get just for holding this stock, just I’m holding my shares and I literally get almost 5% a year, okay.

Now that’s obviously not the main reason I’m in the stock. I’m in it for capital appreciation over time, but it’s nice to be able to get that type of dividend yield. That’s a thing of beauty. But look at this.

Walgreens is a kicked stock and everybody has given up on it. I mean, they’ve kicked it and just kicked it and just forgotten about it. And this stock is the second worst performing stock in the Dow 30 it is dang close between them and polling essentially at the end of the day.

I mean Boeing and Walgreens have been had been battling it out for the worst performing stock Boeing obviously devastated because travel completely devastated in Boeing’s, like, their main business is selling planes.

So it’s like it makes sense. Walgreens is just, you know, unjustifiably beaten down in my personal opinion and people just don’t really know what’s about to happen there but that stocks been hammered.

I’m not sure if you guys have ever heard of the strategy but some people actually implement the strategy. what they’ll do is a buy the number one and number two, like worse performing stocks in the down rate before the new year.

So buy it in like December, January, something like that, and kind of like Place your bet that that stocks could actually You perform really well in the upcoming year. I don’t do that strategy. And I’m not doing that strategy.

I’m buying Walgreens cuz I love that company. But I just know that is a strategy that some people do out there. And I don’t know, some people do it, man, the turnarounds going on for this company right now.

They’ve been cost cutting like crazy. last couple years, they expected to have $1.8 billion in cost reduction by 2022. They’re like they’re on track for that the company has said that. So I mean, we’re talking about the profitability for this business should increase dramatically over the next couple years, regardless of this other thing I’m about to talk about, but just based upon the cost reductions is huge.

But there’s this huge bullish thing that’s about to happen and Wall Street has not picked up on it. They will within the next few months. I can almost guarantee that they will, but they haven’t picked up on it yet.

Okay. Walgreens has begun to administer some of the Roni Rolodexes. Okay. Now, as of right now, they’re actually having their workers actually go to long term care facilities, nursing homes, things like that, and give them out.

But guess what, as soon as around April hits, they’re actually going to be able to start giving out like the vaccines in their stores and in mass, okay, they’re going to be one of the biggest distributors demonsaw CVS, so CVS will benefit from this as well, people, you know, I know there’s gonna be some people probably our CBS shareholders, you guys will benefit as well from this. Okay.

You know, just because you know, Walgreens benefit doesn’t mean CVS gonna lose CVS could do really well with this. Well, CVS and Walgreens will be in my opinion, the two biggest distributors of Roni run of access in the United States of America, okay.

And look at this Kay 80% of the US population is within seven miles of a Walgreens k 80% of the population, which means Walgreens is in such a phenomenal position, when you need your running running backs to go to a Walgreens because it’s dang close by I mean, a lot of you guys tried by, you know, Walgreens probably every single day, right.

And probably several different Walgreens because they practically on every day and corner in the United States of America, okay, so who is going to give out millions to 10s of millions of these shots in 2021 2022, I was also taught that, you know, the Ronnie roenick could kind of change over time.

And we’ve already kind of seen that. And so it could be possible that the Roni Roni, at least for the coming years, could actually become a regular thing, kind of like people get flu shots, okay, so as something really, really big to think about, but because of all these shots, it’s not that that number is just going to help out the company, you know, you make some money on the running round of shots, right? But it’s really that in store sales are going to boom, because of this, okay?

All those people come in your store so much more foot traffic of folks that might have never come to a Walgreens. But hey, they got to go to Walgreens because they want to get their running running backs. Okay.

And next thing you know, you’re in Walgreens, maybe you just get your shot and you go straight out, maybe you stay around you grab a water, grab some Advil, you get a prescription filled. Like there’s so many things for sale at Walgreens, right.

And Walgreens does a phenomenal job of when you actually go in there like selling you many different things like I used to work for the company like they’re there, they’re pretty good at Merchandising, and getting you to buy a bunch of stuff you never even planned on buying essentially at the end of day, okay, impulse buys and those sorts of things.

And so Walgreens is going to end up also becoming more relevant than ever before, because all sudden, you know, maybe you hadn’t gone for Walgreens for years, because that’s not a normal store you go to but all sudden you go there and it’s more on your radar, and it’s more relevant to you.

All these things are phenomenal. If for a beanstalk like this, if you just get your comp store sales to go a few percentage points higher, I mean, we’re not talking about you double your business or something like that. I’m just talking a few percentage points higher, and your stock is already the most beaten down stock pretty much in the entire dow 30.

You’re talking about your stock, boom, okay, booms over time. Now also, the Walgreens always does a phenomenal job with like in store branding and branding other products and telling you about other services, and I bet you they’re gonna do a pretty dang good job of that, when you come to get your running route of access, they’re going to get the word out about Walgreens online delivery, which is a business that has been, you know, had some amazing numbers recently, Walgreens is getting more and more serious when it comes to their app, online delivery, curbside pickup all those sorts of things.

And so Walgreens is like, you know, they’re just like, that’s going to be a huge business for them in the future. And so we are viewing the stock web, I’m buying about a million dollars worth of stock, okay, I’m going to make a million dollars in the stock in my opinion.

And why do I believe that because of all the things I just shared with you. And I also think there’s a very, very low probability that I lose money. So if I put a million dollars in the stock, I think there’s an extremely low probability that that million goes to a half a million or three quarters of a million over the next few years. I think, you know, between the dividends I’m gonna get which almost a 5% yield here.

And then the boom to business that I think the Roney run of axes are going to be I mean, I think there’s it’s almost impossible for me to imagine losing money in the stock over the next few years. It could happen. Maybe I’m wrong on this. I just don’t think I am and I know this industry very well. I know this company very well.

And I know how these things play out. And I have a pretty dang successful track record when it comes to playing turnaround plays. And so like I said, Maybe I’m wrong here. I don’t think I am we’ll see over time we’ll see where Walgreens stock is in a couple years from now we’ll see what type of dividend money I made you know in the stock over the next couple years but yeah, that one I really liked K so those are the two for sure.

Stocks tattooed chef, and WPA those are stocks out of you know, planning for sure buying in January. But now I want to share with you three probably stocks, those three stocks and I’m gonna probably buy in January now. 100% for sure, but they’re probably okay. So first one up here is this one is called MicroStrategy incorporated ticker symbol s one is m s, tr. It’s like a $3.6 billion company.

And I bought this one more of like a speculative play. Okay, so if you don’t know, this company has been buying Bitcoin like crazy, okay, and this is, I don’t know, if you guys got to see my video where I talked about, you know, if Tesla would ever move their cash or some of their cash to Bitcoin and things like that, well, the CEO of that company is the one that talked to Elon Musk on Twitter. And supposedly it might have had another conversation offline and things like that about this, but there’s companies been loading up big bitcoins, okay, and they own over 70,000 Bitcoin now.

All right, and so I bought this stock is just kind of like a spec play, we’re already up 4% on it, we’re up like $2,000 so far, I just put 50,000 and I’m just like, you know, this is more of a spec play for me. But here’s the thing guys, like if Bitcoin continues to go up and up, this stock is going to be a beast. Okay, so that’s what I was looking at this one I’m like, and I feel like they’re gonna buy more and more Bitcoin.

I feel like they’re gonna change the strategy, the business to acquire more Bitcoin and maybe other kryptos over time. And so I think this that, you know, we’ll see what happens with the whole business over time, but I just think this is going to be like a game changing business. I’m like, 50,000 over there, as a spec play. Let’s go, let’s do it.

Okay, because at the end of the day, if Bitcoin continues to beast over the next few years, this stock is going to be an animal the next few years. Okay, so yeah, it’s my it’s my only like, direct exposure and Bitcoin.

And as of today, you know, never know, time can change. But, you know, that was that was I’m pretty excited about, it’s just kind of like a spec play. Okay, so that’s the first probably that I’ll probably buy some more shares of.

The second probably up here is Dropbox ticker symbol DB x, I’ve already bought several $100,000 worth of stock over the past few months, it’s a $22 stock, and I’m gonna probably buy more, I mean, the stock is just too dang cheap. Even though it’s gone up a decent amount, since I bought it still way too cheap. And I need to buy more shares.

I don’t want to look back on this one regret not buying more shares for P of 2425 in this company, and that’s based upon the analyst numbers, which I think the analyst numbers for APS next year actually low.

I think they’re actually too low. I think the company’s gonna report better than actually what analysts expect. But you’re getting the cloud business, which is incredible business, a very profitable business, and a must have business, you get the signing of documents business, you get smart workspace, I’m looking at this company, and it’s just too darn cheap, especially with a great management team they haven’t placed over there. You looking at revenue growth this year expected of about 15%.

Next year, 2021 there expect to do you know, double digits again, we’ll see what the numbers coming out. I think they do 12% Plus, as far as analysts, they believe 10.6%. And, you know, these are just really, really strong numbers for companies for too cheap, $1.2 billion sitting on the balance sheet in cash in cash. I mean, you know, it’s just too darn attractive not to buy right now. It’s just it’s, I’ve got to buy more of the stock in January 2021.

Okay, stock number three, a three up here. That is a probably is Shopify stock ticker symbol shop on this one, this is a company have already bought a decent amount of shares, and I got over $200,000 in the stock as of right now, it’s a pretty new investment for us. So it hasn’t done too much yet. It’s up like 5%, up 9600 bucks. But when it comes to Shopify, I believe Okay, I’ve done a lot of research in this space.

And I truly believe and I’ve seen kind of what’s happened with Shopify over the last five years, I think most e commerce is going to end up running through Shopify by 2030. There’s already a significant portion going right now. But I think by 2030, this, this company is going to run most of the internet’s e commerce. I really do. It’s, it’s going to be crazy. I mean, I can’t, it’s hard for me to see that many businesses going to another platform over time.

I think they’re going to run most e commerce and e commerce as a future like we know this, like e commerce as a now but it also is a future. And so if that’s true, and I really believe that I’ve seen the way Shopify innovates I’ve seen how fastest company is growing, how fast they’re going. I think this company could be a trillion dollar company plus by 2030. I think this is going to be one of the most important tech companies or companies period in the world in 2030. And if that is they’re going to be a trillion Plus, I mean, looking at big tech companies are already trillion $2 trillion.

That’s today. Imagine 10 years from now,you know,a lot of those companies are going to be 5678 $9 trillion companies. Okay? Is it possible to imagine Shopify being trillion dollar company a decade from now? It’s not at all in my opinion, if you’re talking about most of the world’s e commerce is going to run through basically Shopify in some sort of way. And Shopify pays Shopify app, think about how much innovation this company’s going to have happened over the coming years. I mean, it’s just epic.

Okay, so yeah, Shopify love that one as a super long term investment so oh my goodness, guys, this was a beast video to put together tons of research work went into this. I hope you guys enjoyed if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up button. Help a brother out man, I need to try to buy an eyeball with something like that a target next time. So I appreciate you all you got to do is just slightly smash that thumbs up for me.

As always, I appreciate everybody that’s been thumbs up squad, stock hub. If you want to join there’s absolutely free to do so I’ll have that as the pinned comment down there. That’s where you can chat stocks. It’s the best and the biggest discord chat in the entire world of chat stocks with a ton of other investors all over the world who want to apply for my private stock group.

Learn all the strategies on how I make money exactly how I run a portfolio, everything and look forward stocks. Plus so much more. You can check that out as well. I’ll probably be the second pin comment. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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