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Well, guys welcome to my favorite series that I do! 3 stocks I’m Buying Now February 2021 Edition! For those new to the channel, this is a video I do every month to talk to you guys about what 3 stocks I’m buying in a specific month! This is only the second video for this year and time excited to share with you what stocks I’m currently buying.

Today I’m going to share with you 2 stocks that are locked to be bought in the month of February. And I’m going to share with you 3 stocks that I’m not completely convinced I’m going to buy but there is a high chance I do. Like always, please make sure that you are doing your own research and due diligence when buying stocks, but I am going to go in-depth on why exactly I’m buying these stocks.

Hope you enjoy this video today! Definitely took a large amount of time to prepare this video for you guys so don’t forget to smash that like button and share this video with your favorite stock market buddy. Also, leave me a comment with your opinion on these stocks. Do you agree with my thesis? Also, let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Three stocks on buying no February 2021 edition welcoming guys to this video here today from  overcast Vegas yes you are here in this video today I’m gonna get into two stocks that are for sure buys for me during the month of February and then we’re gonna get into three stocks that are probably buys for me Okay, in this video so overall, I’m going to share with you actually five stocks in this video.

Okay, but the most important thing with these videos is not just random ticker symbols I’m throwing at you. I’m going to go into my bullish thesis on why I am bullish on these stocks, the fundamental reasons Okay, so I just want to say thank you for joining me, my hair is slowly coming back after that shave last week.

So you know, it’s taking a while my dad was saying to me other days like, son, keep shaving your head. One day you might shave in your hair might not grow back, Dad, don’t freak me out like that, man. Never forget to smash that’s one of the most important things in life, we need 11,951 smashes to smash the record we set last month.

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There’s like the second pin common down there, something like that. As far as the private stock group goes, coaching is almost felt like four of our seven figure coaches are already booked out for all the 2021. 

So if you’re looking for one on one coaching from one of the seven figure coaches, I would say probably try to book pretty soon as far as the group in general, we’re always taking new members pretty much but as far as the coaches, I have a limited amount of those folks, because there’s a limited amount of people that have had that type of success and have the type of understanding of the market that I need for coaching and those sorts of things.

So yeah, that will be linked down there. First stock up here let’s get into is one I just bought $53,000 worth here today. It is switch stock ticker symbol s a w ch and no, this is not the Nintendo Switch, although that may not be a bad so it’s well okay, but I bought 3000 shares of stock here today. And I’ve been buying the stock over the last few months here and there. Okay.

And I’m really, really bullish on this company. Okay, so as of right now, it’s $185 stock there. Oh, wait, no, that’s not the lesson of stock a switch switches $17 and 86 cent stock is a $4.3 billion market cap here today. Okay. Now yesterday on Instagram.

For those of you that follow me, you got to see that I was posting a bunch of Instagram stories, basically around their facilities and just kind of showing you guys the size of these facilities. I mean, they are massive, and we have several of them here in Vegas, okay. I mean, they’re just absolutely huge.

And I was even showing you some of the new one, they’re actually building right off the 215 that thing is gonna be massive, okay, the facilities are the most amazing data centers you will ever see in your life, the technology that goes into them the way they they run their data centers, the way they construct them is just amazing.

Okay, as far as the type of clients which lands let a midsize and big large corporations Okay, so look at like this is a perfect example from 2019 Switzerland’s FedEx has colocation tenant at Las Vegas campus, okay, they signed a 10 year deal was switched did FedEx Okay, and so you you have a lot of big companies that do deals essentially for basically server space with switch overall in this company. 

It’s definitely a company in this day and age that folks want to work with Greenpeace swift scores highest among any class company. Look at this company, the only one that gets an A across the board, energy transparency, renewable energy, commitment, and setting policy, energy efficiency in mitigation, renewable procurement, and advocacy, all A’s.

Okay. 100% on the Clean Energy index, absolutely. Unbelievable. No other company can even compete. Okay, even the great Apple can’t compete. Okay, as far as switch, they been like that since 2016. 

As well, they’ve been running on 100% renewable energy, which is you know, you might not think that’s big, but it’s huge because a lot of these big corporations are feeling pushed back to try to get their businesses as clean as possible and not polluting and all those sorts of things and get on the renewable energies, okay, as far as their facilities on top of them being 100% renewable and just amazing buildings, okay with walls that are like as big as a Great Wall of China. Okay.

They have security all in these facilities. Okay, the facilities are like, you know, good luck breaking in there. Okay. That’s like worse than breaking into Fort Knox. I mean, it’s absolutely incredible. The security these facilities have, okay, we’re talking like double roofing, okay. I mean, that’s asteroid proof and even if Ilan wants to mess around with all those new satellites.

He’s got up there in space and shoot some lasers down man, even that will be blocked by this cable. It’s absolutely amazing. And then on top of that, in the facilities, they all have the world’s biggest stripper pole right in the middle of okay when you come in absolutely amazing because you never know that means Vegas you never know what’s going to see. 

You know, when I make jokes like that is exactly the reason why I’ll never ever get YouTube trending like years ago jokes like that were okay. Not in 2021 Jeremy, I just, I just can’t help myself kick myself. There’s a history of organic growth with this company. 

That is amazing. Okay, look at the CAG arc, which is a compounded annual growth rate 17.4% over the past few years, amazing, okay. And then 12.3% recently look at adjusted EBIT, da 15.5% kegger over the past several years, 14% recently, okay, this is a growth company, if you look at their customer base, they’re, you know, well diversified in all these different industries, not like they’re just in one industry. 

And like they’re, they’re so like, caught up with that one customer that one industry. So I’m like, it’s not like that at all for switch. And that’s amazing. Okay, and like I said, this is a growth company expect to do about, you know, analyst expects company do 10 to 11%, revenue growth in 2021 for this company, overall.

And as far as a Ford p on this, it’s a trick when it comes this company. Okay, so the Ford p looks expensive. When you first look at it, you’re like, oh, man, 59 four p that’s, that’s pretty. That’s pretty up there, isn’t it? Okay. But here’s why it’s a trick.

Okay. So in terms of their cogs or costs of revenue, okay. They put in their depreciation, amortization of property and equipment, basically for write offs, so they never look truly as profitable as his business really is. Because they’re always putting in a bunch of depreciation in there, okay, which helps on, you know, paying less taxes, and helps with cash flow and those sorts of things.

But I mean, you look at the most recent quarter, made over $35 million in depreciation and amortization in there of property and equipment, okay, that’s a large, large number. And so this makes, you know, the, basically the cost of revenue look like super high, when really, in all reality, it’s not that high. Okay.

Now, everything’s legal by the books, like, this is like how, you know, this is how the system works is how our taxes are done, and those sorts of things. But I can tell you, like, this business is way more profitable than it looks okay.

And so in terms of my full bull thesis around the stock, it’s a way more profitable business than it looks at face value, okay? It’s a needs based business model, like you, you’d need desk, okay, there’s just like, there’s no other way around it if you’re a business, or you could basically have all your own systems and things like that.

And then you’re going to run up huge energy costs, you have obviously security issues and all those sorts of things. Okay, versus you could just have switch handle at all, and you probably actually save a bunch of money, right? Very stable business model, like extremely stable business model long out contracts.

Usually when they’re signing contracts with different clients. It’s three years, five years, seven years, 10 years out, okay, very long term contracts. Very low churn percentage, like usually it’s between point 1% and point 2% churn, what churn is essentially is like a client leaves you like how many your clients are leaving you over time, okay, extremely low churn.

They’re not just expanding their core business, but they’re also expanding into the edge and also even some robots coming in the future like you see some of their security robots that look pretty dang cool, okay, and then also their land and building value should never be understated with this company. 

Like I was just, you know, like I said on Instagram yesterday, and I was posting on Instagram story, like one of their new crazy huge facilities, they’re building here in Vegas, it’s right off the 215 very close to the UFC, like brand new corporate campus and everything like that. And like that piece of land over time is going to be worth crazy money.

And so like just a land value there is really really impressive so switch at the end of the day, it’s a long term hold for me I will likely be buying a lot more of this stock in the month of February obviously I already did including $53,000 here today.

And yeah, that’s just one of those I look to hold for quite a while into the future. Okay, number two stock up here I will be buying in the month of February and then we’ll get into the three probably stocks that I’ll be buying in the month of February 2021 is a W be a Walgreens boots Alliance.

 They have $976,000 of this stock in my main private account and then I have another 18,000 plus in my dividends only account Okay, so I’m writing with about a million dollars roughly in the stock right now Walgreens, I mean, I don’t need to tell you guys about their business model. I mean, I’m pretty sure I don’t even know if you don’t even have to know much about stocks, you know, Walgreens okay. 

And if you live in like Europe, you probably know about the boot sprint right. But this company is making so many ingenious moves right now that are kind of going on the DL because everybody’s so caught up and other stock market stuff right.

GameStop, AMC and all that, you know, Wall Street bet stuff and Robin Hood, like a lot of people aren’t even paying attention but this company is changing the game. So many different things. Walgreens sells majority of Alliance health care pharmacy business to amerisourcebergen in $6.5 billion deal.

This was the most ingenious deal I’ve seen in my time of being in the stock market. And here’s why. Okay, Walgreens has over a 30% own ownership stake in a mirror source and now their stakes can get even bigger. And then Walgreens is going to get it over $6 billion in cash for this deal, which is going to essentially make Walgreens you know, a cash balance to the sky.

It’s amazing as a Walgreens gonna be able to invest in their business like they haven’t been able to do in like decades, essentially. And so this is an ingenious and absolutely ingenious move, one of the most well constructed deals I’ve ever seen in my entire life and this deal will it is the best. I haven’t seen a deal ever like this.

This, like, awesome. Let’s just put it that way. Okay, ever, not one deal I’ve ever seen. That was of two different public companies out there. absolutely incredible. And so that deals supposed to go through at some point here in 2021. Then on top of that, it’s just happened last week. Okay. Roz Brewer is going to take over as a new CEO of Walgreens.

And she’s going to actually start on March 15. And I love this move as well. And in terms of who is this Roz Brewer, okay, this is who she is. Okay. She worked up the ranks at Kimberly Clark for like, over 20 years. Okay.

Then she was a CEO of Sam’s Club. I mean, think about how big of a business that is for Walmart, right? Sam’s clubs owned by Walmart, then she was a coo very recently for the past few years of Starbucks. And she’s on the Amazon Board of Directors, with Jeff Bezos and those folks, okay.

And so when you look at her story, and you look at her talent level, and she’s basically kind of in her business prime right now, when you look at that, I mean, this is an impressive person to be adding a CEO, I think one of the most talented people you could get out there in terms of like, you know, basically, let’s call them like executive climbers out there, where it’s not people that like founded a company, but like people that kind of work their way up, I think is one of the most talented people you can find out there.

Because you just think about the content she has you think about the experience she has, right? You think about like all the different people she comes in contact with. I mean, it’s absolutely incredible. 

Now, as far as Amazon’s board directors, I don’t know if she’ll be able to stay on Amazon’s Board of Directors, after she’s, you know, CEO of Walgreens, because I don’t know, if Amazon, you know, obviously Amazon wants to compete with every single company out there.

I don’t know, you know how that’s gonna work or how much of a threat Amazon sees Walgreens or Walgreens sees Amazon and those sorts of things as far as competing for business over time. So we’ll see what happens there. 

I can tell you if she does stay on Amazon’s Board of Directors, I think that will just show that maybe Amazon’s not as serious about really trying to take out Walgreens as a lot of the short sellers would like to make you believe, essentially, at the end of the day, okay, full bull thesis for me around Walgreens stock. It’s a turnaround company.

It’s been in turnaround mode over the last couple years, the huge cost savings they’ve got out of this business over the past few years. And that’s really going to come to fruition this year in 2021. 

Okay, they’re going to be cash loaded to the sky after this deal closed with a mirror source, which I have no reason to believe that deal wouldn’t close because both companies are you know, like Walgreens is the biggest shareholder of the other company.

And I don’t see the government being a problem there. So that deal should close Walgreens, cash load is going to go to the sky and I think that’s one of the other reasons Roz Brewer wanted to come over because she’s looking at this company. It’s like in full turnaround mode. And then you’re going to have this type of cash to deploy into the business model to really get this company ended up you know, nice growth again.

I mean, it’s beautiful. Okay, the company is getting ready for the next decade of greatness. Essentially delivery, like a doctor’s office in stores are going to roll that up to like 700 stores, the drive thru is going to expand to more things than just like pharmacy over time.

So like you can place an order rate on the new Walgreens app like that, you know, they kind of revamped it recently, it’s a lot better and actually pick up right there through the drive thru if you want or you can get delivered from your house.

I’ve even tried out the product delivered to your house. It worked good. So you know, this company is setting up for the next decade of greatness.

Roni, Rona shots is a huge game changer for this company over the next couple of years because most of their locations can actually you know, basically give out shots and that Walgreens is going to be one of the biggest players in that market is going to drive huge in store traffic, which is going to drive the numbers up big time and make Walgreens more relevant than it’s been at any time in recent history. 

You have Ross Brewer coming in one of the most talented people I find out there and she’s coming into a company as a very undervalued look at the four P of the stock it is laughable, okay, especially in this market where everything’s flying flying high. Okay, this stock is very, very undervalued. It’s a needs based business model.

It’s a dividend beast for me to have seven figures in stock. Okay, let me be very clear about this. The risk reward for me must be insane. I mean, absolutely insane. I don’t just throw around seven figures in a stock or have seven figures in stock unless the risk reward is insane.

Okay. And so the chances I lose 50% or more of my money over the next few years in this talk very, very, very, very, very low, I would say less than a 1% chance then the chances I two x or More of my money in the stock, I would say very, very high, I would say probably 90% plus probability, I will two x or more of my money on the stock over the next few years, web a, in my opinion, will make me a million dollars plus just on stock gains.

And I’m going to likely make 10s of 1000s or hundreds of 1000s of dollars in dividends over the next few years. So I love that stock. And yeah, I will happily buy more of that stock, especially if it goes down at all during the next month or two. Okay, three properties.

That is what we’re getting into next. The first one of these three probably stocks, and I would say this is a high high probability that I will buy this stock this upcoming month and I’ve owned it in the past. I own it currently and I want to buy more of it.

Okay. It’s the FB Facebook a, there’s a company that’s trading at a four P of about 23 right now. And a 2022 for a P e of about 20. k. I mean, this is incredible. I mean, the, you know, Facebook’s always undervalued, but I say right now it’s definitely definitely undervalued.

Okay, family, daily active people. This is this is like individuals that are using at least Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp in a given day. 2.6 billion daily active people, monthly active people 3.3 billion. I mean, we’re talking almost half the world’s population are checking into at least one of their apps each day.

That is incredible. Okay, but what good is it if you just have a ton of people using your app and you don’t make any money? Well, this company makes plenty of money, okay, family, average revenue per person continues to climb $8.62 in the most recent quarter.

So basically, at the end of the day, this company continues to increase the amount of people that use one of their apps, at least every day, and they continue to increase the amount of money they’re making per person on the apps. And I’ve been telling you guys the last couple years since I was buying the stock at $100. Something like this is just going to continue to climb.

Okay, revenue came in over $28 billion in this most recent quarter. Oculus, you know, so basically, it’s not just Oculus, but there’s other revenue by Facebook. And so think about like, Oculus just put it that way, which they own Oculus, a huge VR player. Look at revenue, it went crazy. $885 million. There’s no other time period, they’ve come even close to that. I’m telling you guys that Oculus business, watch out. Okay, watch out.

That’s going to be a sneaky one that’s going to grow into billions and billions of dollars on a yearly basis in the future. Okay. absolutely incredible. Their net income in the most recent quarter. They just reported here a few days ago. $11.2 billion in net income.

Okay, that’s after everything’s taken out of the employee’s taxes, everything okay? They’re still spending big money on capex, like over 15 billion this past year. So they still spend a lot of money as far as this upcoming year, how much do they expect to spend?

They expect to spend 21 to $23 billion on capex in 2021. So that’s definitely a good amount of money. Okay, look at the balance sheet. Oh, my goodness, you gotta be flipping my flapjacks Look at that. 

Okay. I mean, look at that 17 billion plus in cash, marketable securities, think of them as short term investments, over 44 billion over $6 billion in equity investments, which think of that as long term investments, okay, out of those numbers together, you’d like 68 billion plus, in just cash and investments with, you know, like non existent debt for this company, essentially, it is incredible.

If you look at the growth rates, this company, it continues to put up super strong numbers, this upcoming year, analysts expect this company grow almost 25% revenue next year. We’ll see. Okay, like, like 20% ish, somewhere around there. Okay. 

Now you look at APS $10.09. A year ago, expect to do $11.18 APS in 2021. And as far as 2022, expect to jump up to $13.50 of ups came, this company is a beast, there’s no other way putting it. And, you know, there’s all the talk all the time about crude government trying to break up the company. 

Honestly, that would unlock a bunch of shareholder value because this company is significantly significantly undervalued, it likely won’t happen because as soon as you break up Facebook, you got to start breaking up all the other huge tech companies and you end up in one big mess. 

Okay, number two, probably stock up here that I’ll probably purchase more of during the month of February is TTC, f tattooed chef k this is a huge play on plant based food options. Okay, and when I say plant based food options, I’m talking premade like you know in the frozen food aisle and things like that and they’re gonna expand into way more product categories over time $1.6 billion mark cap on it so pretty dang small company in the food sector overall, but my goodness, they have an opportunity to grow.

Okay, so basically in my private stock group, we have a like a private discord chat in there. I have a tab where people can like post pictures when they’re going to different stores around tattooed chef Kay 

And what we’re finding is in Costco, Sam’s Club Target, WalMart, we’re finding more and more distribution, more and more items in these stores more and more of these stores carrying items in like like all sudden, they have two items and they have four items and they have seven items. And we’re finding the sell through is strong like Donkey Kong, okay? 

Extremely strong sell through, like, you know, you just walk around a Sam’s Club for a while and just act like you’re looking at items and really just watch people buy tattoo shop products, okay, it is pretty darn incredible. 

And this company right now is at a stage that beyond meat was, you know, three or four years ago, three or four years ago, no one knew beyond me. Like no one had any clue about that company unless you were super up to date on plant based foods or something like that.

Nowadays totally changed like people that don’t have anything to do with like plant based diets. Oh beyond me, I know beyond meat cane and that’s where this company is going over time. Okay. And when you look at a company like beyond meat ticker symbol, BYD which I am part owner of Okay, beyond me has over $11 billion market cap on my opinion TTC f has a good opportunity of getting to that sort of stage by 2030.

I truly believe they have a great shot of doing it. When I see how fast beyond meat got out there. And its brand name and evaluation. I have, you know, I think t TCF could be just as big as beyond meat down the road. I really truly do when I see how well these products sell the distribution.

I see what you know, Sam galletti and Sarah galletti are doing with that company. I’m pretty darn confident in this one. Okay, if you want a really really like full bullish thesis, I did it like a 20 or 30 minute video just going super in depth on tattooed Chef 45 days ago here on the main channel, okay, it’s a video called, I’m buying this new stock heavy for 2021.

Literally, if you just type that in YouTube, that will be like the first video that comes up for you. Okay, so that’s if you want to really in depth opinion, okay. tdcs. By the way, this is a company that’s trading as far as short percentage of float between like 40 and 70%. Recently, okay. And a lot of people feel like this is going to be another one of those huge, short squeezes coming over time. Okay, I’m not playing this because I believe it will be one of those.

I don’t care Oh, and all about that. Okay. And I honestly, I hope the stock goes down short term, because I would love to buy more and more of the shares. However, I will say that probably not going to happen and watch out shorts. The shorts are once again, being so dang lazy, like they always are. If they just went to the stores and see the distribution and see the sell through of these products, they would realize, let’s not maybe short this company, okay.

I, I mean, you know, it’s usually bad to short a stock, it’s just not the best idea. Okay, but especially not a company that is in like rapid expansion mode right now. And you might say, well, the valuations getting high at 1.6 billion or whatever. This company has incredible expansion opportunity there in every major retailer, you want to be there about to get distribution into most of the main food stores over the next year to watch out for this freight train.

Okay, shorts. You know, that’s all I’m gonna say Watch out, I hope it goes down. I hope it goes down because I would love to buy more. But yeah, if you’re hoping this goes to $15 or something like that, watch out. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Okay, number three, three, probably up here. And let’s get into this one is Dropbox ticker symbol DB X on this one is a $22 stock here today. Its cloud is esigning.

And documents is smart workspace. It’s under a $10 billion market cap. And it’s one of those stocks that’s kind of like disrespected. And a lot of people haven’t been that excited about mainly because it’s not the flashy growth that you get with some of these tech companies where it’s like, oh, this company is growing 50% 40% and so, you know, a lot of times people just kind of throw out the stocks. And I’m looking and I’m like, this is a value play, like to the extreme.

Okay, 10.6% revenue growth expected for this company in 2021. They just cut 11% of their global workforce. They’re right sizing the business right now, which will help out profitability long term. If you see something like that, oh, they cut some employees.

That’s the end of this company or something like that. Think again. Okay, Tessa, guess what? They cut employees in 2018. They cut employees in 2019. And they did that multiple times and one of those years Okay, so just keep that in mind.

Just because you’re right sizing the company does not mean at all like, Oh, it’s Doomsday for them or something like that. Okay, this is something big corporations do all the time to right size of businesses, okay. Dropbox, like the users love Dropbox gets a 4.8 out of five stars on iOS, which is our main one, okay. And a 4.2 out of five on Google.

This is a silly valuation play for P of 22 disrespectful to the highest level, Dropbox bull thesis, competition, they’ve had it for years, and they’ve just grown and grown and grown and grown. All the competition you want to you’d like label out there.

Oh, there’s this company competing against them. What have they done? They’ve just continued to grow year after year after year. Look at the numbers. The proof is in the pudding. Okay. Very good growth.

Still Expect for this company over the coming years it got a beast balance sheet on this company ultra profitable business model free cash flow of 1 billion plus expected in a few years from now and that’s coming from management they expect that okay super low churn in this business model so it’s not like they’re all their customers are leaving them like you know people that are on Dropbox like myself they’ve been using it for five six years whatever like we stay on we love the service we love the product we love it overall, with there’s like no customer concentration there.

So it’s not like they have some customers like there’s 20% of our business Nope, none of that needs based business model a well connected CEO with everybody you need to be connected with and Silicon Valley very low for especially for this sort of company.

The risk reward is unbelievably attractive. It reminds me a lot of Walgreens in terms of one of those stocks that I’m like, What are the chances I’m gonna lose 50% or more of my money on the stock over the next few years extremely low where the chances I’m gonna double my money or more in the stock over the next few years very, very high. Hope you guys enjoy this video.

 As always, don’t forget to smash that is super super important if you’re an investor that’s brand new to the stock market I put out a video 26 days ago that’s going to be super helpful to you is called stock market for beginners 2021 edition, you can just type that in basically YouTube and just like scroll down a little bit in my face will be somewhere right there for you.

Or you can go to the video section here on my YouTube channel and actually watch that video so it goes into like an hour of it you know just super helpful stuff like you know even into a little more advanced stuff for anybody that’s somewhat newer to stock market that should help you out immensely.

Okay, if you’re trying to apply for my private stock group, you can do so down in the description. I also have that as one of the pinned comments. Like I said coaching spots are definitely running out. 

And so yeah, if you’re interested in one on one coaching from any of the seven figure coaches, I would definitely apply and try to get in there as soon as possible if you are allowed in and the best of luck with that. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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