My 3 Best Stocks & 3 Worst Stocks In The Stock Market

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Today we take a look at my 3 best stocks and my 3 worst stocks in my public account. The public account is over 1 year old and these are my best and worst stocks in there. Let me know your best and worst stocks in the stock market!

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Well, good day subscribers Hope you guys are having a great day out there. As always today I’m going to go ahead and disclose my three worst stocks and my three best stocks I own in terms of dollar amount these stocks are up or down. And we’re gonna talk a little bit about each of these stocks and what’s going right for some of these stocks and why some of these stocks are down big or up begging, kind of like what Wall Street thinks about these stocks and whatnot.

So hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, these screenshots I’m showing you here today are from my public account, which is available in my private stock market membership group. There are two reasons why I have that public count one is every single trade in that account is documented with screenshots so.

I could literally hire like a professional auditing firm and they could literally audit every single buy order sell order in that account every penny where it’s gone every dividend dollar Where did that dividend money go in what not? And so I think it’s really good thing for like the people in the group to see like how.

I run an account why I’m buying certain stocks and why I’m selling certain stocks. I think that is one of the most valuable things in the world. Like you could talk about, oh, you need to look into this for a stock Oh, you need to look into that. But until you see somebody actually run an account, like that’s so much more valuable to the group member.

So that’s reason number one. Reason number two is in case I ever get sick of doing YouTube videos, Hey, you know what, I can go ahead and start hedge fund because literally that account could get audited in every single trade in the history of that account could be posted in my results and all those sorts of things.

So it’d be the easiest way to like start a hedge fund almost overnight between like my stock market fame on YouTube. And then like with the results, they’re like, if I ever get sick of this stuff, you know what I mean? It’s too sick of wearing big cowboy hats. Hey man, and go start a hedge fund.

So anyways, hope you guys enjoy this. As always make sure you smash the thumbs up button. Let’s start getting into the so I’m the type of person that likes to hear bad news before good news is somebody offers me Hey, man, I got bad news and good news for you want to hear the bad news first.

So we’re gonna look at the negative positions first. Okay, the third worst stock we have in terms of dollar amount loss so far in that account is Tesla stock. Okay, so this is really the lamest stock of all, you know, these six stocks, essentially, this one’s nearly breakeven were down like less than a percent on this one, about $252. Were down on that one cost basis to 2754.

And these shares are trading at 225 86. As of right now, I mean, Tesla is a test is a funny stock right now. Okay. I mean, Tesla, if you guys know is usually like an action stock, meaning there’s like a ton of debate around this stock like bull debate, like you know, the bear saying all their stuff.

And usually there’s a lot of drama around the stock, usually the stock price is moving up huge or down huge at a particular time. And basically after earnings came out, the stock has just been kind of like floundering like to 20 to 40 trended like being really a lame stock lately, there’s really no momentum on either side to like push this stock down to like 52 week lows is really obviously no momentum to push the stock up to 52 week highs.

It’s just kind of hang in there right now. And it’s a very interesting place for Tesla as far as their underlying business, the fundamentals there. I love everything that’s going on with the company, you know, and Wall Street’s very divided on this one. Some people love this stock, some people hate the stock, and that’s Tesla stock for you.

But it’s in a funny place right now, because it’s not usual, that Tesla stock is not all this drama and right now, it’s just not not long trauma therapy. The second worst stock we own is a company named Nordstrom j w n is the ticker symbol on this stock. Okay, the current price of stock is $25.15.

And we’re down nearly 20% on the stock Okay, 19.9% for a $2,312.50 cent loss on the stock as of right now at least that’s what we’re down on that stock. And our cost basis on this one is $31.40 there you know that’s been it has been hammered just because it’s out of favor with Wall Street link is down over 52% from its 52 week high.

But it’s out of favor with Wall Street you had obviously the the trade war and tariffs get potentially worse, you know, about a month ago or so. And you have all those worries, along with a lot of money still flooding out of the retail sector because of worries about you know, these retailers and can they make it and how long can they make it and all those sorts of things.

So you have a lot of worries there and needless to say Wall Street just continued to sell off this stock and it is what it is is a great dividend payer it’s a great company, it’s a company I think is still going to be relevant in future years because they serve really the high end of the market and some of those products on the very very high end You know, some of the Amazon really can’t eat into their business at least as of right now.

So I actually like that stock I’m interested in adding some more shares in the future Okay, big dividend payer there and then the worst stock the absolute worst stock we own is a company named at home ticker symbol home on this one, the current price in the stocks about $5.38 we are down 4000 $383 on this one, okay, as a percentage down less than actually nordstroms down.

Okay, so this one’s down to 17.47%, we own 3850 shares, this one cost basis on this one is $6.52 in this stock has been incredible because literally this stock was like 24 $25 stock, like, you could look at a stock chart to the stock, okay, and literally go back like three, four or five months ago, the stock was trading like 24 $25, like low to mid 20s.

And then it just fell off a cliff and I started getting in this one when it was like in the sevens and then the six isn’t anybody even some more in the fives, then we’ve got our cost basis down on that one to 652. But it still is dropped even more since then. And there’s just a lot of worries around that company will they make it they don’t the best balance sheet in the world, and they report at one bad quarter.

So Wall Street freaked out over that, when I kind of look at this company, they are holding a lot of inventory right now. But a lot of that inventory is already paid. So as they sell that off, it’s obviously a very positive boost to cash flow, that’s a very good thing.

And also, they’re about to go into their two strongest quarters, the fall in winter time is very, very strong for their business. You know, anytime around Christmas Halloween, those type of decorations sell very well for that company, I think will do very well on that stock over time.

But I think this is one of those stocks has a lot of negative drama around it going right now in the short term. Okay, I have a friend that’s looking into potentially buying call options on that, namely short term calls that are dated out three to six months from now, I’ve thought about it as well, but I’m not sure I want to go there with the stock because we already have a pretty decent position in this account.

And we own some shares in a couple of my private accounts as well. So I’m not sure I want to go and buy some short term calls. But if I was to make a move on home, I would buy short term calls over shares personally just for the mere fact that I don’t really want to own any, you know, more outright shares in that stock.

But those are three worst stocks right now for the three best ones. Now it gets fun. Okay. Our third best stock is a company named Facebook ticker symbol FB on this one, Facebook, we are up $11,299.64. And by the way, it’s always nice when your third best position way outweighs basically your three worst positions in total.

Okay, so Facebook, once again up about $11,299 they’re up nearly 20%. On that position, we own 371 shares 153 35 cost basis. And if I think about you know a company that I want to have the most money in possible which Facebook we have more money in Facebook stock than any tech stock, basically in the stock market or any stock in general and stock markets is literally their biggest position.

And if I think about like, you know, one of those type of companies, I usually want it to be something big tech related. So either like a Facebook, or an Apple or Google or Microsoft or Amazon or something like that. And so when I bought a lot of my Facebook shares in the 160s 150s, and some even in the 140s, when I was really like buying really heavy, I’ve just it’s I saw it as the best value in the stock market for big tech.

I thought is more undervalued than something like Google or Amazon or Apple or any other big tech players out there. And so we obviously bought a lot of shares, and I think we’ll do even a lot better in future. I think if it wasn’t for all the worries about regulation, and could the company get broken up, I think the stock would even be up a lot more than it’s already up.

But needless to say, $11,299 we’re doing pretty dang good on that position, I think we’ll do a lot better in the future. Stock number two is good. All delfonics shelf, okay, elfi. So this one, we’re about $13,037 in this particular stock, this is our best percentage gainer in the account 143% were up on this stock.

And we’ve only held it for I don’t know maybe six months or something like that. Current Value on this one is $22,137. We own 1250 shares as of right now 728 cost basis. Now the most interesting thing about elf on the shelf is you see that number we’re up over 13,000 that doesn’t even take into account that we have already cashed in profits on the stock of $11,787.03 just in this account alone.

So needless to say we’re up over five figures on a position in we’ve cashed in profits of over five figures on the stock. So needless to say this is really our shining star of 2019 let’s put it that way this is by far and away our best stock I wish I still held every single share.

I ever bought an elephant I hadn’t sold out any of those profits because the stock is just continued to go up and up and up over time. But needless to say, as of right now even though we’re up 143% I’m just kind of holding those shares there because I believe the company actually has probably some potential more upside and I’m playing I’m just playing with house money.

Now at this point with Elf on a shelf and the business is just continues to be run better and better. Their products are marketed better and better. And I’m just continue to be impressed by the product quality, the price, the vision like the focus from the management team. Everything across the board continues to, you know, impress me on an unbelievable level with Elf on a shelf.

So you know if that one goes into the 20s we might cash out the rest of the shares. We’ll have to see what happens over time there. But needless to say, I’m happy with that one away. And the best stock of them all in terms of the amount of money we’ve made so far is cruzi doozy, good Oh, Cirrus Logic. This one we were up $13,827.02 on as a percent we’re up 38% on this particular position 915 shares and a cost basis of 3960 on this one.

And the most impressive thing about cruzi doozy is that you know a lot of my bullish thesis around Cirrus Logic hasn’t even begun to play out with that particular one. As far as alpha love the bullish thesis ahead for that company has already played around it played out you know, the turnarounds happen so fast.

A lot of you know, things are already baked into the elf numbers. Facebook, you know, some of it has played out, but a lot of us still hasn’t. But if I look at cruzi doozy, most of my bullish thesis around a lot of their growth and future years hasn’t even started to play out. So the fact that we’re you know, 38% of that position up move, you know, 13 almost $14,000 on that position, and a lot of why I’m in that stock hasn’t even begun yet.

That makes me really excited and when you take into account like the fact that Apple numbers are have been really really weak this year in the fact that Cirrus Logic gets most of their business from Apple when you take all those things into account that really excites me about that position.

I think that is a type of position that has the potential keyword has potential to maybe be you know, a three digit gainer for us, meaning that we make over 100% kind of like an elf we’ll have to see what happens as time plays out the company has to execute the company’s always executed on a very high level that’s why.

I have a lot of faith in them but they still got to do it they still got to you don’t get in their products into more and more devices and continue to expand content with Apple like I believe they will do and get more content in Apple as well as Samsung and some of the other big players in the smart devices and whatnot but the management team there is just phenomenal so.

I believe will do even much better in the future like we’ve been doing now. So those are literally my three words and my three best stocks when it comes to the amount of money we have lost or made on them so far. And keep in mind at the end of the day no money is technically lost or may get Intel profits are sold out of or losses are taken.

So although we could be down big in a position doesn’t mean we’ll lose money in the position it just means we’re down as of right now. If we sold that position and if we’re up huge on a position it just means we’re up huge in that position doesn’t mean we’ve taken profits yet but neither say if we were take profits, we got some huge profits but.

I think we’ll get some much bigger ones in the future. So let me know what you guys think about all these stocks discuss in today’s video. We’ll love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always around the stocks you like or don’t like all right, smash that thumbs up button. As always, thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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