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Holy Smokas this Aint NOOO Jokas! The stock market has crashed in the past four days! Day after day the stock market has lost points. We are also seeing the European markets going down so we should expect the stock market in America to go down as well. So what’s next after this stock market crash?

Hope you enjoy this video where I talk about the stock market going down. And talking about potential deals coming up for you. Leave me a comment on what your opinion is. What are the stocks you are buying now? What are the stocks you are watching now? leave me a comment with any stocks you are interested in.

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Well, guys, what a time to be in the stock market. I must say on Monday the Dow dropped 650 points. It was the worst day since early September. On Tuesday, the Dow dropped 222 points. That is my favorite number. All those twos lined up like that.

222 points. Again Tuesday here today, we knew it was probably going to be bad, right? Because you know why we went ahead and we watch the European markets and what was happening over there. And it was ugly.

The DAX was down over 4% Okay, the CAC was down 3.37%. And usually if it’s that ugly in Europe, it’s going to lead into our next day being pretty ugly Germany’s blue chip DAX index led the sell off down over 4%, while France’s CAC tumbled 3.5%.

After reports that both countries are set to announce fresh lockdown measures, new Roni cases, hospitalizations and deaths have continued to surge across Europe and the United States in recent days, prompting further restriction measures in many countries. no bueno. Okay.

And then it last night, I was keeping you guys up to date as the futures were kind of going. And at first I was covering it, it was down like 400. Right.And then I was posting it was now 500. And then futures were down 600.

And then finally I had to go sleep shortly after the market open. It was like, geez, by that time, it was like 7am here in Vegas. Okay. And look what ended up happening today. The Dow was down nearly 1000 points, okay, down 943 points is where it finished out at down 3.43% just a massive move down. And not just that the Dow over the past four days has dropped around 1900 points. Okay. So all these losses are tacking up.

Let’s put it that way. I mean, you’re talking about almost 2000 points loss in just four trading days. You know, okay, the numbers are starting to add up. Okay, let’s just put it that way, especially if this continues over the next few weeks, or month or so. Okay. The Nasdaq was down 3.73% here today, down over 500 points in the past three trading days.

Massive move down there. Okay. s&p 500. Look at this down 3.53%. That’s around a 200 point loss in just three trading days. Guys, the moves are it’s really starting to up. Let’s put it that way. Okay.

So let’s go ahead and talk about this, what the heck is going on? And where are some opportunities in the market, what stocks are really downtrending that might be offs. And we’ll just talk about all these different things in this video here today.

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So if you want to go and do that, that’s the first link in the description down there. Let’s start getting into this guys. The afternoon will bring quarterly results for many of the world’s largest tech companies.

This is talking about tomorrow, the amazing zahner slash Apple, the FB Google McDougal market caps combining for $5 trillion more than $5 trillion, technically, okay, they’re all reporting tomorrow afternoon.

It’s gonna be crazy. Okay. I mean, absolutely crazy. Get ready, get your seatbelt on, because we don’t know what’s about to happen. Okay. I mean, a lot of these companies will report I think very strong earnings.

But just strong earnings is not enough because a lot of these stocks have climbed a lot. And there’s so much worries about the next few quarters and how things might weaken. Okay, so don’t get caught up into just looking at whatever the numbers they report are because look at Microsoft reported really good numbers.

And I think Microsoft fell today. And yes, I just went ahead and checked on my iPad right now. And literally Microsoft fell 5% today 5% and they be pretty much all their numbers out there. Okay. Hmm.

Okay, so when we wouldn’t while these earnings come out tomorrow, we’ll see what happens with this. But yeah, we’re talking about market caps of over $5 trillion if you combine those four companies, and so we’ll see where the numbers line up and how the market takes those numbers, the guidance and the commentary on those conference calls. It’s gonna be big.

Okay. You obviously have this situation okay.

French President Emmanuel Macron imposes new nationwide lockdown nationwide lockdown as Roni Rhona cases surge. Okay. I mean headlines like that. It’s just not look for the economy. It’s just not a good look for the stock market. Okay. I mean, that’s about a scary of headlines as you’ll possibly see for the stock market in the economy in general. Okay, new nationwide lockdowns all you I mean when you think about that, okay.

What you need to think about is okay, they’re trying to stop the the Roni Rona but also what you need to be thinking as men, a lot of businesses are probably going to go wander okay. mean the government can only help out so much. And sometimes it’s just even whatever the government tries to help out with. It’s just not nearly enough to help outline these businesses.

And it just means likely a lot more unemployment, or a lot more businesses going under. And those sorts of things and financial stress and obviously just like worries from the stock market perspective about earnings and things like that, okay. Well, obviously, we see a headline like this Biden’s pulling lead ads to market fears that there will be no stimulus until 2021. Okay, so essentially, you know, Biden’s gonna likely win. Okay.

I mean, I don’t know who else say other than that Biden’s gonna likely win. And there’s probably not gonna be a stimulus package Intel 2021 I don’t think Trump’s gonna put through a stimulus package, and the Republicans and Democrats are gonna suddenly agree on something Intel basically 2021 so I, you know, what does that mean? Does that mean we get a stimulus package in January, February, March, like, like, what’s the timing? Okay.

And this means we’re probably going to go into holiday season with, you know, a lot of states you know, continue to close things down a little bit, especially at some some places, the the Roni cases have gone crazy, right. And so if you have some more restrictions, maybe some more bankruptcies. Maybe unemployment all sudden starts to take up again, and you have no stimulus and it’s holiday season. I don’t know.

I just it’s a mess. Okay. It’s a mess. It’s not good. And it’s the situation we’re at right now. But yeah, Biden is absolutely leading massively in the polls. Okay. I told you guys, I’ve gone on record on and I’m more than happy to say it once again, Biden’s gonna win this election. He’s probably gonna win and pick okay.

And I thought, you know, some people are like, no, no way. Trump’s gonna win things like that. In respect, okay, you show his hope and think your candidates gonna win. Okay. I will tell you, if Biden loses the election, I will gladly shave my head again. And I absolutely I’ve only shaved my head once in my life. I did earlier this year, right after Ronnie Ronnie started, and I absolutely hated it. Okay, with a passion.

But I will tell you, if I am wrong about this election, and Trump some house pulls out a victory I will shave my head and I’ll probably even put some clips of getting my head shaved, which I absolutely hate in video, okay. 

And I’ll also make a video on the main channel called I was wrong. Okay, so So put me down for that a man of my word, I will absolutely shave my head and I’ll make a video called I was wrong if somehow Trump wins, but that’s more likely not going to happen and the markets accepting that I’m accepting the fact that we won’t likely get stimulus until 2021 at some point.

And as of October, I mean, we’re still in the end of October, right? I mean, that seems like a million years from now. Okay. And I’ll also say, I’ll never look at polls for the rest of my life if somehow Trump was to win this election that you could just you can just like throw polls out for all of eternity because that would be two straight elections.

They were wrong. Okay, well, we’ll give them a pass on the last one, but this one if this one’s wrong, like never look at polls again. Okay, that’s all I got to say. Now, a lot of people are wondering why the stock market fell so dramatically today. And it’s because just everybody moved money out of all the big stocks and moved into the very good food company, which was up 20% here today. Look at this guy Frank.

He says the only green of my 20 stock and four ETF portfolio. Thank you very good pushes. All right, that’s a joke. Okay. I’m just kidding. But by the way, long term holders, and I think we’re gonna be happy with that one long term. We’ll see how it all shakes out. 

But certainly not selling after 20% gain and I hope you know, the the people that are buying in are going to be in this wonderful long term kind of like planets Funny People are like, well, that’s a that’s another PMD man, that’s that’s a PMD play.

t’s like did they learn from the planet situation like we’re up 150 plus percent and we’re not selling like that, you know, people can chase the breadcrumbs man will go after the loaf of bread like you know, every people want to worry about 10% gains they can we’re worried about hundreds of percent gains and 1000s of percent gain so everybody can do all the short term crap they want to do at the end of the day, man, we’re in it for the long term.

Okay, now big tech can big tech save us because the earnings coming out tomorrow from the big dogs all the big dogs reporting tomorrow can they save us Let’s hope not okay, let’s hope not okay, let’s hope these big dogs can’t save us because we’re finally getting some opportunities in the market finally starting to see some weakness look at Tesla so today it was down over 4% Tesla from its highs is down over $100 this year now at this point in time.

So I’m not saying toughs is the best deal in the world certainly not but at the same time if you’re somebody that’s looking for you know to get in the stock and you want to be in this for the next 510 years, you’re a big you know, Tesla believer, 

it’s a lot it’s a lot better to buy Tesla $400 a share than $500 a share right so we’re finally starting to get some weakness in testing my acid look at Dropbox This is a stock that was already a deal anything under $20 a share my opinion is a smoking deal for Dropbox in here today it’s down to $18 and some change Okay.

So this is another stock that I just think is a is a really big opportunity over the next few years that’s trading way cheap and I think that’s a massive off okay, obviously the planet fell yesterday in that that shows yesterday’s price.

I don’t know why it doesn’t update on stock tracker But anyways, that’s yesterday fell 5% today it actually only fell about one percent or so so I was actually surprised it didn’t fall bigger considering the market was down huge but yeah the plan have gotten a little weakness recently right the. 

FB look at the FB today it was down five and a half percent i mean that you know FB down five and a half percent is pretty darn attractive Okay, there’s no other way to put it anytime that B’s under 300 you’re getting a pretty good deal if it’s under 200 you’re getting crazy deal. Okay, just crazy deal.

But anytime the FB is under 300 it’s also a really good deal on a 267 it’s pretty darn attractive. Nevermind if it continues to go down more skyward solutions under 140. Now after 3.67% downward move here day, that’s pretty darn attractive wins under 70 bucks, man anytime you get went under 70. Man, that’s just a thing of beauty. Okay, so I got to say about that. Anytime wins under 70 is just beautiful. Okay, switch.

Look at switch here today that one was down over 3% massive player in the data center space, the servers that a lot of companies have that cannot be on the cloud because you can’t have everything on the cloud, especially for privacy and security reasons and things like that.

 And switch is a huge player in that market. And look at this stock here today. You know, it was down 3% or so. So yeah, there’s there’s definitely opportunity opening up in switch stock. You look at Stitch Fix. Look at this one. Okay. This one’s amazing. I mean, just straight up. Amazing is Stitch Fix. It is so strong.

The stock was up here today. Okay, up. This is one of the strongest stocks in the stock market right now, let me be very clear about this literally one of the strongest stocks in the market, absolutely incredible stitch fixes. I mean, just extraordinary. Look at the stock chart here for Stitch Fix over the last few days, as the Dow has dropped almost 2000 points in the last four trading days. What is Stitch Fix done other than go up and up and up.

That stock is remarkable in something going on underlying with Stitch Fix that I think Wall Street’s catching on to. And maybe it’s a there has been, there’s actually been a pretty big change in stitch fixes business model kind on the do over the last few months around algorithms, and kind of, 

you know, basically showing you some items on the website that you’ll probably like without having to ship them to your house and things like that. I just feel like there’s something big happened at Stitch Fix and Wall Street’s catching on to this.

Because this stock is ridiculously strong right now. I mean, absolutely ridiculous, too strong. somebody knows a lot of stuff. That’s all I’m going to say. And this is a stock I started buying, you know, somewhat recently. 

I haven’t got it built into a big position though. And I’m thinking man, maybe I should have built it a lot bigger than then I have it right now. I might only have 20 to 30 or $40,000 in it right now. Okay, look at slack ticker symbol work.

This one was down almost 5% here today. That one’s obviously you know, it’s struggling at the moment, there’s no other way to put it. That one’s definitely struggling. And definitely some opportunity for folks that believe in slack long term.

We use it for our business and a lot of people do. And obviously the big competitors in that space was actually just one big competitor in that space. Everything else is kind of like nothing, okay, it’s Microsoft and work in that space. 

But yeah, huge move down here day cake, cheesy cake factory down under 30. Okay, when it gets under 30 it gets interesting when it gets under 25 that’s when it’s a really good deal. If you ever get under 20 like I was back when I bought

When did I start buying that one guys it was like four or five months ago or so. I was actually grand that actually ended up kind of, I don’t wanna say talk him into x. No one ever talks me into a stock but he’s actually one that brought that to my attention the way the Cheesecake Factory and man, I was able to get in that one under 20. And we did very, very well with that one.

I took all my profits a little over 30 I think in both my accounts and that was a crazy nice profit in a very short amount of time. But I can tell you if that one falls back under 25 again, whoo, I will gladly pick up some cakey let’s put it that way.

Okay, Phase II get dizzy was down 5% here today as a stock that obviously has climbed a lot. It has over doubled since it was under 40 back in the kind of the the April timeframe somewhere around that. But still, this is a stock that used to be 120 plus dollars a share. So, you know, it’s more opportunities opening there are vlv otherwise known as the revolv.

Okay, they are under 20 again, and that’s very interesting stock, huge long term opportunity, kind of like a Stitch Fix but a different business model online retail at the end of the day selling clothing items, you know, different way they tend to do business but yeah, that one when it gets under 20s interesting.

Elephant a shelf was down 3% here today, a company that benefits massively, basically wouldn’t people want to still buy makeup but they want good makeup for cheaper prices. Okay, that’s elf footlocker. Look at the NFL today, down over 5% a lot of people scared about you know if Roni keeps going crazy. are people gonna want to go to malls, footlocker obviously has a big mall business.

They also have a big ecommerce business that is, you know, just like gone crazy over the past year. But at the same time, people historically just think of footlocker as like, you know, in the mall, and if people are scared to go to the mall, maybe they don’t go to footlocker, okay. That one’s down over 5% De Luca Qualcomm here, day down 3.44%.

Remember, we’re just starting to get into the 5g wave and this is a wave that’s going to last the next 510 years. And I can’t think of another company better positioned in the world to have their business go up substantially then. 

Qualcomm when it comes to 5g, and look at that stock here, day down 3.44%. Okay, I remember I think I bought some shares in that stock, I think they have under 60. And man I bought such a small amount should have been so heavy, is what it is. Look at the big banks here today, Wells Fargo is down over 3%.

So which means that’s a pretty normal day for Wells Fargo stock, JP Morgan, on the other hand down 2.81% that stocks under $100 a share very interesting stock when it goes under $100 a share it is a very interesting stock. For those of you that want a banking name, and maybe want dividends it might be a stock to maybe look into a little bit it is a great it’s the best bank in my opinion.

It’s the only bank I own, I only own a little bit in my dividends only account. I couldn’t make it a much bigger position, especially if it continues to fall. It’s the only banking name I like out there. The only one Okay, is J p. m, and look at this stock. 

You can basically pick it up for the same price it was several years ago. And I mean, we’re a couple months away from 2021. And to get it at this price, you got to go back to like January 2018.

Okay, so yeah, the valuation on GPM if you’re looking for a bank name, very intriguing. Look at a stock like lemonade here day under $50 a share. Wow. Hmm. 

Okay, lemonade is getting interesting. Now it’s in the 40s. And this is a stock that I’m pretty interested in. I think the business model is really intriguing.

I think the valuations really high still even at 49 valuations really high. But I can tell you, if that one continues to drop, I will likely be interested in buying that stock at some point in time because I really liked the management team there. And I really liked the business model and the focus, I think there’s something special about that company. Okay, Capri holdings ticker symbol cpri.

That’s a luxury holding company that holds you know, several different brands out there. 21 bucks here today, down 6%. If that one falls under 20. It gets really, really intriguing valuation wise, okay, Trevor, Milton chocolates, look at this one, whatever. real real, the real real look at this one. Okay, this was an interesting 113 dollars a share, anytime this one gets into those low teens or below.

Whoa, I mean, the real real is a company that I think is just going to have their business continue to go up and up and up over the next decade, I think they’re in a real sweet spot, I think they’re going to carve out a really nice niche they already have. And I think that’s going to continue to go up and up for them.

And I think they got a business model that’s going to be pretty hard to duplicate their brand over the long term. really intriguing stock guys and down 4.4% here day might be a stock to look into a bit. Okay, that’s all I’m gonna say about that Boeing Corporation, look at this one under $150 a share.

Now I’ve been on record several times saying Boeing’s gonna have a very tough next year two, because basically, there’s just not going to be a lot of plane orders going in the airlines are fighting for their lives right now, let’s be very clear in being that the airlines are fighting for the lives. It’s not like they’re going to run out in place a bunch of plane orders.

Like first the airlines have to try to get their business back to somewhat normal over the next 12 to 18 months. Okay, I think it’s closer to 18 months, and it is 12 months. But you know, eventually airline business is going to come back travel will return to somewhat normal levels, it’s going to take one to one and a half years.

Okay. But then after that, they have to start, you know, actually having the cash flows go really, really positive. And the confidence come back in the business model for these companies to the airline companies go and say okay, now we’re gonna start placing plane orders again, so Boeing, you know, this is why I haven’t gotten involved with this company yet.

It’s just I feel like it’s too early days in this one, if this one’s still around 150 or under six months from now. 12 months from now, that’s intriguing to me. But this early, no, okay. We’re too far away from Boeing’s business revival, in my personal opinion, that’s why I’m not touching that one yet. Okay.

But like I said, if it falls a bunch more, or it’s anywhere around this level, six months, 12 months from now, none then we can talk maybe I’ll be a purchaser. Okay, Caterpillar, look at that one here, day down over 4%. caterpillars a kind of a crazy one, right? Because obviously, they benefit massively from construction equipment.

And one side of things you can say, well, maybe construction spendings gonna slow down a lot over the next year or two. I’m talking commercial construction, maybe a residential construction slows down some point time, although it hasn’t. And so you might look at Caterpillar and be like, I don’t know about that one.

But also remember, there could be huge infrastructure bills coming over the next couple years. And we know infrastructure in the US has to be fixed in a massive way. And if there’s a massive infrastructure bill, guess who’s gonna benefit likely as much as anybody from that Caterpillar? Well, okay, so it’s kind of like glass half full glass half empty with Caterpillar over the next couple years, in my opinion, but that is a phenomenal company over the long term.

Look at AMD here today. down over three. percent look at Nvidia here today down 5.75% for Nvidia, okay. When stocks are getting more intriguing, Nvidia, man, I remember I bought that one for 100 something dollars a share, and I sold out for a quick short term profit. Man, that was a bad decision.

You know, anytime I take no take a little short term profit like that usually comes back to bite me because usually the stock goes up way more. And usually everything plays out exactly how I planned it. And look at that one now it’s 500 something dollars a share. Insane. Okay. Google McDougal so stocked as a very interesting valuation one of the most interesting valuations of any stock of the big tech space.

Okay, this one’s down five and a half percent down at $8. a share here today when it comes to Google McDougal. Absolutely. A very fair valuation for Google. Okay. very fair. Let’s put it that way. Okay. Look at Apple down. 4.6%. Here today is a stock that has ran a lot. Okay. So there’s a lofty expectations.

And I think iPhone numbers are going to be incredibly strong over the next few quarters. Obviously, you know, the new iPhone numbers aren’t even gonna be in this quarter. They’re about to report, they will be in the future quarters, but on their lofty expectations around Apple, so we don’t know like, you know, even if they come out with amazing numbers, maybe the stock doesn’t move much. Or maybe it moves down.

Just because expectations have gotten up too high for Apple. We’ll see. Okay, if you look at the two biggest fast food giants in the world, McDonald’s Starbucks. Well, those stocks fell quite a bit today. Okay, McDonald’s down 3.7%. Starbucks down 3.2%. I don’t think there’s any real reason why those stocks were down big other than just the markets were down big in general. So those stocks just kind of moved down with that.

Okay, and so we definitely have a lot of worries about the stock market and the economy over the next three to six months. I think there’s definitely you know, I think it’s definitely right to kind of be worried about things to a certain extent of how things are going to shake out here over the next three, six months.

A lot of that stimulus money has been spent now of that first package and we have possible closures of more businesses and things like that and maybe the economy slows down even more so there’s definitely right for people to worry about the stock market about the economy the next three six months those those those. 

words are justified in my opinion so anyways hope you guys enjoy this as always if you don’t mind smash the thumbs up that helps you to chill out massively also let me know if you you know smash Thumbs up if you want some deals out there.

But that way which we’re getting some more intriguing stuff. Also if you want to start taking stock market investing super serious you want to know my strategies exactly what I look for in stocks, all those sorts of things inside and out apply for the private stock group.

Now allow you to get in the private discord chat, all those sorts of things, get on the call with somebody from my team and see if that’s a good fit for you or not. Okay, that’s first link in the description down there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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