2 Of My Stocks Went Insane Today! | Stocks To Watch September 2019

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2 of my stocks went absolutely beast mode today and I want to talk about why these stocks went crazy. These were two of the best stock in the stock market today. Would you consider these stocks to watch for September 2019 or just stocks to buy? I would love to hear your opinion.

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Hello, this is Jeremy was I know you’re the man. No, you’re the man. Yeah, man. Hey, anyways, I was just calling because two of my stocks are doing tremendous today. Okay. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. What’s that? I’m Tesla stock of course not dude. Don’t be silly. But anyways to my stocks are going crazy today and I just had a crazy idea.

I was wondering Would you mind selling me a Falcon Heavy? Yeah, you know, I’m just I’m thinking I want to get from point A to point B faster. You know what I mean in Falcon Heavy looks like it looks pretty impressive. Yeah. What would that end up costing me? Hold on, hold on, hold on. My accountants on the phone. Hold on. Hold on.

Let me get off real quick. Hello, wb. What’s going on man? Yeah, no, I was just talking to Ilan I was thinking about ordering a Falcon Heavy. You think it should be a little more conservative? More like a private jet type thing? Okay, okay, let me tell him. Hey, Ilan. Hey, cancel the Falcon Heavy order dude.

Yeah, I can’t do that man. My countenance he’s up my ass. He’s like, No, dude. That’s ridiculous. Okay. Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna be a little more conservative. Alright, dude, talk to you. How you Cessna? My name is Jeremy and yeah, I’m doing great things.

Hey, I was just looking and I see you guys have a plane called the Cessna Citation CJ three plus starting around 8 million. Yeah, yeah, I’d like to do a custom order of that. Yeah, to my stocks are going absolutely insane today. Oh, gosh. Feels good to make a lot of money.

I mean, yeah, we’ll just call him me again. Hold on. Just One moment, please. My accountants calling me again. Hey, wb what’s going on man? Yeah, what? The two of my smaller positions so you mean I don’t have like a lot of money invested in those two stocks.

Okay. No, I’ll be more conservative man. All right, let me let me I got them on the other line. Let me get them back. Hey, Cessna you still there? Yeah, unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to do that my accountant says I guess are two of my smaller stocks. Yeah, life can be hard sometimes. So let me call this other company but thank you for your help.

All right. Oh, my damn accountant will let me freakin order anything we call these jokers up and see what’s going on. Hi is a Cirrus hi Cirrus. Oh this is this is Cirrus Logic. Oh cruzi doozy Sorry about that. Let me call these guys. Hi is a seriously jet company. Oh, hi there. I see you have a what’s called a vision jet starts around $2 million.

Yeah, I was just wondering if somebody’s calling me again. It better not beat my accountant. I’m sorry. Hold on. Just a second. Okay. Hey, what’s going on web? Please don’t give me any more bad news. Oh, you’re telling me that we’re barely up on one of those stocks in the other one. We’re still down on dude.

Unreal. Hi, Southwest Airlines I see you guys have something on your website about full sales fare. What is that about? Well, great day subscribers Hope you guys are having a tremendous day as always out there to my stocks are absolutely going beast mode here today. I’m going to talk about these two stocks and why they’re going crazy okay smash the thumbs up button leave a comment.

Subscribe hit the notification bell follow me on Instagram Follow me on Fiverr and grinder in p reinder. Okay, homie, the homie stock is up nearly third team pursuit here today homeys doing a nice big move again and it actually had a pretty nice upward move yesterday. Okay, now why is the home stock making such a big upward move here today of almost 13% Well the truth is no one knows.

And this is just typical home stock being home stock. Okay, this stock makes no sense. It is insanely volatile. And you know, it moves up nearly 13% and I can’t find a lip of why the stock is up so much today. It’s just typical home stock Okay, what is interesting about this one is I just did a video wasn’t even that long ago that we were down like 5000 Yes $5,000 on the stock we’re down nearly 20% in at its lows it even got worse than.

I think we were down like $6,600 or something on the stock like probably just a couple weeks ago. And now we are technically up on the position Okay, it’s not much rock point seven 9% but needless to say like, you know, to be up almost 200 bucks after we were down like over 6000 just a few weeks ago is a massive, massive difference in.

I’ve just kind of you know, like shows you what the stock market is about the stock market is a place where things can get really bad really fast whether we’re talking about the entire market or the you know, just a stock in particular things can get really.

Bad and in a snap of a finger they can completely turn around and they can really become in a position of power and you look at a stock like that and literally like we were down over $6,000 like just a couple of weeks ago into now be positive extra stock record for you.

It’s just crazy sometimes sometimes you know, you have a stock that’s doing unbelievably well and then out of nowhere, that stock just sinks This is the stock market investing Okay, this is why it’s not meant for everybody as far as picking individual stocks because not everybody wants to deal with that volatility that the stock market brings you know being up or down.

1000s or 10s of 1000s or even hundreds of 1000s of dollars on positions not everybody wants that type of lifestyle guys stock number two in this one does have a reason for being up huge today is gold Nordstrom Corporation ticker symbol JWN this one is up 15.86% here today okay up $4.21 a share okay Nordstrom stock is soaring after earnings but analysts aren’t convinced and you know how I feel about these analysts okay.

They just bother me these little analysts they run around, they don’t have any money. They don’t invest hardly any of their own money and they think they just know stuff about stocks and they really don’t just think they just think just sorry, they just frustrate me so bad these analysts. Okay.

So let’s let’s just stay away from talking about what analysts think okay. Nordstrom stock was up 16% after reported better than expected earnings for the second quarter of fiscal 2019, which ended on August 3 nordstroms. adjusted APS came in at about 90 cents, significantly exceeding analysts forecasts of about 75 cents that’s actually a really nice beat there.

However, it’s adjusted EP s fell 5.3% year over year due to lower revenue in contraction in its margins. As we know a lot of the department store businesses have been hit recently by a lot of different factors. Okay, but JW n seems to be holding things better than the others and you know, it’s always good to compete at the high end of the market.

Let’s just put it that way. Okay. nordstroms revenue, including net sales and credit card revenue fell 4.8% to 3.8 7 billion. The company’s second quarter top line lagged analysts expectations of 3.9 3 billion its net sales fell 5.1% to 3.7 8 billion as its full price sales fell 6.5% Okay, sales from companies off price channel fell 1.9% Okay, now a lot of people might look at this and they say okay, well they beat on ETS that’s good.

They beat analysts target on ETF 90 cents versus 75 cents was expected but still year over year, their numbers are getting worse on ETS and revenue. Okay. And so you have a lot of folks that might wonder Wait, wait, why is this stock up nearly 16% on a day when the company just reported earnings down year over year in revenue down year over year? Okay.

Well there are two different reasons why the stock is really up huge day in my personal opinion Okay, this is the first reason okay a challenging start to the quarter the stock performance of its anniversary sale event in worse than expected performance of its off praise business which is Nordstrom Rack dragged on nordstroms revenue the company’s online sales rose 4% in accounted for 30% of its overall business okay, this is the first reason.

I believe the stock is up so big today because investors and this company wants to see the online business increasing Okay, a lot of people have already come to understanding that real retail is really hard right now physical retail in the particular environment we’re in right now dealing with the tariffs and all those sorts of things.

Okay. It has produced a very tough situation for physical retail and then on top of that, you just have malls being hurt in a big way obviously from the Amazon effect and people ordering more online. Okay, so investors want to see online sales increasing, okay, and Nordstrom just grew online sales.

4% so investors obviously like that’s now up to 30% of their total sales come from online and it’s very possible a company like Nordstrom could see 50% plus of their total sales coming from online just in a few years from now. Okay, reason number two basically has to do with the stock price at the end of the day.

Okay. If you look in Nordstrom stock price, it has been an absolute disaster right. This is just showing you a year to date. This is even a one year chart if I take you back to a one year chart, basically the stock you know even after today’s rise is still down 40 to 45% on a one year basis from 52 week highs but just look at the year to date which is what we’re seven months into the year eight months into the year year to date on this stock is absolutely awful.

Okay, now keep in mind year to date on the markets in general are all up the Dow’s up, s&p 500 is up and NASDAQ are all up year to date. And you look at Nordstrom stock there. It’s been an apple Disaster you know this is a stock that was 46 $47 and turn the year in recently this was a stock that was hitting like 25 bucks a share $26 a share Okay, so even at today’s you know, closing price of $30.75.

It is still down massively compared to where it started the year okay. And sometimes in these situations you’d basically have a stock that has been beaten down so much and you know, Nordstrom is a great company Okay, and so this happens with great companies sometimes their stocks get beaten down so much at a particular time either because.

Revenues lagging earnings are lagging or there’s something going on else with the business maybe a competitive threat and so you have a stock just get absolutely hammered you know, a 40% decline a 50% decline some of these stocks 60 70% decline, and when you have a stock like Nordstrom.

That is a great company has a great management team sometimes all they need to do when the stocks have already been beaten down that bad is just not reported disaster quarter and Wall Street takes out as a great thing and that’s why you see a stock like this up nearly 16% today on a quarter when they basically had you know, this is one of the reasons.

I bought the stock because it was it’s just far out, too beaten down in my personal opinion, the business has been too beaten down for like the valuation doesn’t make sense, in my opinion, right now the company is way too undervalued, okay, those stock necessarily, you know.

Deserve to be trading at 60 or 70 bucks like it was a few years ago, absolutely not in my personal opinion, but did this stock You don’t deserve to be trading in the 20s and still even in the 30s know, in my personal opinion, the business is too undervalued at these particular prices.

So that’s why I went ahead and take it you know, I’ve taken a chance on the stock and I think we’ll do good over time and I think we’ll be able to get stock price gains out of the stock But not only that, I think we’re gonna make a lot of dividend money like many of the shares we bought in the stock were yielding at a particular time five to 6% so.

I mean that’s a really really strong just dividend yield in itself now if we can just get a few percentage points of stock price gain a year you know you can see this could be a very strong stock for us between the dividend and hopefully share price appreciation over coming years when Wall Street realize they don’t go out of business or something like that guy so anyways, just want to cover these two stocks.

Let me know if you own either these stocks. I would love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always, and you know, thank you for watching and have a great day. Hey, he flipped my flapjacks.


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