15 Growth stocks I could buy with the $34k in June 2020

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Well folks we all know I sold Uber stock and that raised about $34000! Now the question is what stocks or stock will I buy with that money?! I want to buy a growth stock with that money as I already own plenty of value and dividend stocks.

These 15 stocks I am considering as stocks to buy, but ultimately most will just be stocks to watch. LMK if you think I should buy any of these 15 stocks or if you have better growth stocks to buy in your opinion. I will probably invest the money and buy the stocks in June 2020.

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Well guys, I think by now the stock market community knows that I don’t sell my Uber shares. Okay, I haven’t sold Uber stock and I think everybody knows that. But today’s videos not to talk about Uber stock and why so that I did a full video on financial education to about them.

By the way, I was able to take you know, between the shares I sold here today, as long as shares I sold in the past I was able to take over a $7,000 profit in total in just that one account on Uber technology.

So I’m definitely very thankful for that. And you know, that’s a big part of the game so far we’ve had in the public count this year, we’ve had almost $16,000 in profits taken in that account and you know, over $7,000 came from Uber, so definitely very thankful for Uber. But now, here’s the situation.

I have over $34,000 just sitting around now in the public account so the question is, what should I buy with that money because the proceeds from that were like $34,149 and it had some dividend money just chilling in there like $451 and so here we are today.

I’m looking for a major growth stock to buy major growth stock and I will consider any stock with big growth and innovation at their core Okay, I got to consider them all I got to look into them all in regardless of what.

I thought about these stocks in the past or anything I have to consider all stocks I can’t just say well I thought something negative of the stock in the past so I can’t consider I have to put everything on the table and look and say what is my best case scenario?

I here’s the thing with Uber when I bought Uber I bought into a company that you know I thought had core in its innovation and you know was going to grow massively in the future and I think Uber could potentially still grow into the future but the TAM for that company the total addressable market has gone down so considerably recently and.

I think will continue to go down that it doesn’t make it that exciting so but with this money, I don’t want to buy a value stock I don’t want to buy a dividend stock with this money I have plenty of value stocks already hold they’re doing great for me .

I play in dividend stocks I hold they’re doing great for me Okay, so in this video we’re gonna talk about 15 stocks I must at least consider Okay, and let me know in the comment section be going through the comments.

Let me know if you think of any other you know high growth stocks that are very innovative companies that you think I should consider buying. You know, with the 34,000 plus dollars it’s not like it’s a small amount of money 34,000 Plus is still 34,000 plus and I must consider all stocks that are high growth so let me know if you know of any so.

I hope you guys enjoy this video. As always two housekeeping things to talk about before we get into the video. One is the huge Memorial Day Sale is now officially live in the private group. Okay, you get six months access to the private group, the full becoming master the stock Mark course in stock options mastery, all for less than a new iPhone.

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Okay, once you’re in join us in the private discord chat, okay. And by the way, if you like any of these stocks today that I mentioned, make sure you smash that thumbs up button, as always, okay, let’s get into the stock number 115, that’s a high growth company that.

I got to consider potentially adding more shares up is Tesla stock ticker symbol, this was tsla, it’s $816, the stock has gone up a lot over time, but I’ve got it, I’ve got to at least consider the possibility of putting this 34,000 plus dollars into more.

Tesla shares, okay, and it would be a hard thing for me to do this. The reason being is we’re up so much I know up 259% on a stock I’ve been in for maybe like I don’t know, two years now, we’re up over $80,000 on this position just in the public count, right cost basis up to 2754.

So I will say in regards to Tesla stock, it’s gonna be it would be much of a challenge to get me to pay $816 a share anywhere up here. But on the flip side, remember Tesla’s a stock that I think has the potential to be a $3,000 stock in five years.

So it’s at 800 something but if I think it’s really going to 3000 over the next you know the number of years then I have to at least consider Okay, though another issue I have not just in regards to like the price but if I bought even more Tesla shares, then that would make that position so much larger than all the other positions.

It’s already by far the biggest look at the next closest position in the public account. The next closest biggest position is what the FB and that’s $87,000 compared to $122,000 in Tesla if I buy another 34,000 plus dollars, then we’re talking we’re way over 150k just in Tesla in on an account that’s you know.

A little over half mil that would be pretty dang heavy but I have to consider because this company has a tremendous growth. Look at this company is expected to grow revenues 12% year over year. It might not look like extraordinary numbers, but remember, this is during the Rooney Rona situation okay.

And remember every other automaker you know where their numbers years ago when this year down and down massively, every other automaker out there is probably going to see a 20% to 45% drop in their revenues this year.

Okay 20% to 45% drop. Meanwhile, Tesla, my Tesla has a 12% revenue growth opportunity this year is what analysts believe out there. And who knows, they might even outgrow that. That’s incredible in this environment this year, which by the way, the numbers this year would have been on real if it wasn’t for Ronnie Ronnie.

I mean, we’re talking revenue growth of 40 to 60% is what the numbers would have been if it wasn’t for this Ronnie run a situation Okay, next year expected to get back on track to that big growth. 38% revenue growth is expected for Tesla Meslin 2021 that is a massive, massive number in for those numbers there.

That’s why at least have to consider the possibility of adding more Tesla shares and no 34,000 Okay, let me know what you guys opinion is on that one down there. Okay. Stock number 215. That’s a high growth stock that.

I must consider is square stock ticker symbol, this one is Sq it’s 81 bucks a share here today, current year expected only grow 5%. But remember, that’s because a Roni Rona right. And a lot of these companies aren’t putting up tremendously impressive numbers.

But to me, if you can just grow this year, you’re amazing, okay? Like flat out, if you can grow revenues this year, and you’re not a needs based company, like, you know, foodstore Walmart or something like that.

If you can grow revenues, you are amazing, okay, you are literally amazing if you can grow revenues in 2020. So 5%. But then again, next year, the company is expected to get back on track with a huge growth 32% revenue growth expect in 2021.

And square is a company that should be able to grow at a double digit rate for years to come in the future, at least the next you know, four or five, six, maybe even seven years expected to grow revenues 10 plus percent per year.

And look at the look of the past on this one. Look at the 2017 they do 2.2 billion in revenue, then 2018 3.2 billion this past year, $4.7 billion in total revenue. You know, those numbers are absolutely incredible.

And so square is a stock I have to at least consider if I’m thinking about buying the next innovative company that you know has has innovation at their core and has a lot of growth behind them. Stock number three a we’ll call it three a of 15 is in video and then stock number three B of 15 is AMD, these are stocks I have to at least consider Okay.

I’ll be honest, with these two stocks, I did own Nvidia for a little bit of time I made a profit on it. It was awesome. Okay, AMD and Nvidia aren’t always the companies that come to my head. And I can just understand that I’m on a super high level, especially when it comes to AMD.

I’ve always tried to figure out like the TAM opportunity, which means total addressable market. And that’s always been a challenge for me when it comes to not just Nvidia but AMD as well. Okay, so these stocks are really, really cool stock.

So I will say that okay, and video. And, you know, an extremely innovative company with innovation at their core expected to grow in this year in 19 plus percent revenues next year expect to grow 16 plus percent.

And that’s just amazing, right? I mean, 19% revenue growth in this environment is incredible. 16% expected next year, AMD even stronger growth in Nvidia, okay. 25% plus revenue growth expected this year 20, almost 21% revenue growth expected for AMD stock next year.

So these are two stocks, I have to at least consider if I’m thinking about buying a high growth stock because these two stocks do absolutely have growth, it’s just always been hard for me to wrap my head around the TAM opportunity in front of them.

And how many years in the future, these two companies can grow at a double digit rate. And that’s always been the thing that has, you know, kind of confused me a little bit. So hopefully, I can study up a little bit more on them and understand them on a higher level.

Okay, let’s start number four of 15. In Google McDougal, I have to consider Google make google google make Google’s and amazing competent. Okay, just absolutely amazing. Now this year, because ad rates are down substantially, because basically businesses aren’t advertising the most Why?

Because Ronnie Ron, okay, I think that’s self explanatory. So this year revenues are not going to be impressive 4% growth but once again, any growth this year is impressive. Okay. But they are expect to get back to very nice growth this upcoming year 20% plus revenue growth expected next year.

And we know Google McDougal, they have innovation at their core, they love to disrupt massive industries and they have very solid business model just in general Okay, other you know, outside of that, and they have what I vote as the number one best balance sheet in the world.

Okay, number so you get in a very innovative company here with very solid business model that has the number one balance sheet in my personal opinion in the entire world of any public company. So at the end of the day.

I have to at least consider googling Google stock as a possibility of buying that one. Okay, store number five, a fifth Tune that’s a high growth stock that I have to consider is Spotify technology ticker symbol, this was SP ot spot, okay $190 stock here today.

And I’ve just been a friend of mine, Galileo over there hyper change can’t just talk to him yesterday or yesterday, the day before. And we were chatting, and he was telling me why he was very, very bullish on the stock.

And I can tell you, if galleys, very bullish on stock, and he buys a stock, I respect him a lot. And I got to at least consider it, I got at least you know, say, Hey, man, I got to at least consider this stock, I at least got to be very open minded.

There aren’t that many people out there in the stock market world that I respect on a really high level that if they were to tell me, oh, they’re buying a stock, I’m like, okay, whatever, okay. But Galileo, I got a lot of respect for him.

He’s a very bright mind. And so if he says, he’s buying Spotify stock, I’ve got to at least double, triple quadruple look into it. At the end of the day, I just have to do that. Okay. And I will say, when it comes to Spotify, you know, I don’t like when anybody has to compete with big dogs like Apple Music and whatnot.

I just don’t like that. That’s tough. But, man, this company is growing rapidly. Okay. 31% plus revenue growth expected this year, almost 21% revenue growth expected in the upcoming year. Very nice growth. And they just did a deal.

100 million dollar exclusive deal with Joe Rogan. Okay. And we know how huge Joe Rogan is. Now if they get the ROI on 100 mil or not, we shall see over time, but I can tell you that is an innovative deal there because Joe Rogan is a boost, okay?

And so many people love his content and care about his content, care about his podcast, that you know, a lot of people feel like including Galli, he feels like this is a game changer for Spotify. So I need at least need to consider that one.

Okay, move stock up here. That’s a high growth stock that I have to consider that super innovative. It’s Amazon ticker symbol am ZN I have to consider these guys at stock number six to 10. Okay, look at the revenue growth, current year expect to have 22 plus percent revenue growth.

Don’t be surprised if that number actually beats Okay. Next year, expect to have 17 plus percent revenue growth. Once again, don’t be surprised if that number actually ends up beating next year. And look at the numbers next year expect to do.

400 plus billion in revenues. Okay. You know, we’re looking at a company here with Amazon that’s gonna grow double digit revenues for years to go in the future. Like this isn’t like stopping like they’re going to continue to grow revenues double digit percent per year for years to go in the future.

And so if you think about this company, they’re going to get to a place where eventually they’re doing a trillion dollars plus in revenues, numbers we’ve never seen from any company in the world, and Amazon has a chance to get there within the next you know, before 2030.

Let’s put it that way. Okay. So incredible company. It’s I just have to consider I have to consider it if I’m thinking about a high growth stock as innovation, I have to consider Amazon Shopify. So stock number seven to 15 is Shopify.

I have to consider Shopify, I’ll be completely honest, this one has less than a 1% chance of me actually buying this one. Okay, I’m gonna be completely honest with you, but I at least have to consider it I have to go into every single stock when I’m thinking about adding one.

I have to go in with an open mind. You know, it’s very low probability, but I have to go open minded, they do have nice numbers. Okay, current year expect to have 25 and a half percent revenue growth next year expected the growth is actually expected to accelerate next year, up to 37, maybe 38% revenue growth.

So there’s no doubt this business model is growing. I just always had questions about the valuation especially recently, okay, in regards to Shopify, but they are part of a new exciting project that the FBI is rolling out of FB and ag.

They’re very serious about that pole shops. Okay. And guess what Shopify is actually going to be part of this case. As part of that announcement, the FB said is partnering with Shopify, big commerce whoo channeladvisor.

See commerce, cafe 24 and a few other players okay. Merchants will be able to use these third party platforms to manage their FB shop as well as the ads tied to those shops for example, Shopify said that FB shops allows Shopify merchants to get control over customization in merchandising for their store friends inside FB and i g while managing their products.

Inventory orders and fulfillment directly from within Shopify, okay, so Shopify might end up being the biggest kind of direct beneficiary from FB shops and that’s getting rolled out obviously in IE, G and FB, and you know.

I can tell you that FB when they come after something, they’re not coming to play games, okay, they’re coming to win. Okay, and so if you’re thinking about a company that could potentially disrupt e commerce in a massive way, other than you know, obviously, you know, shop that’s come up, it’s FB, okay, so but Shopify could end up being a very big part of that.

So that’s something to consider. That That could be a whole other growth lever for Shopify long term and I have to consider that stock. And when we’re on the subject FB, I have to consider potentially adding more FB shares.

This is a very high growth stock that has innovation at its core, okay, they will, they will compete, like no one else competes pretty much out there incredible company, disrupting industries, number eight of 15 I have to consider adding more of this.

And another one kind of like a Tesla, my Tesla, where I made a lot of money on the stock already right, we’re up over $30,000 on the FB it’s not like an Tesla massless case, we’re up to 88,000 right, but still 30,053% You know, we’re talking about big numbers there. Okay, and I already have 371 shares, but I got to consider it.

I mean, I really have to consider it. It’s you know, $234 a share here today, but I have to consider the company still gonna grow double digits this year, which is incredible. Considering you know, business, you know, ad rates are down substantially to still grow 10% plus would be just a huge victory.

But the companies expect to get back to that big growth in 2021 expect to have almost 24% revenue growth in 2021 we’re talking big numbers there with the FBI and by the way, the FBI will be able to grow you know, at a 10 to 15% plus clip for least the next five to seven years I think you probably even longer out than that, especially if the FBI g shops ends up working.

But the revenue growth is you know, this company is gonna grow double digits for many many years to go in the future it’s going to continue to be a high growth stock for quite a while and they have a top five balance sheet in the world FB absolutely as a top five balance sheet in my personal opinion in the world.

And so you know what I have to at least consider potentially adding some more f v shares it’s a it’s a pretty easy money stock but Dang, it’s actually still a high growth stock and will continue to be okay. Stock number nine of 15 that’s a high growth stock that I have to consider is the trade desk.

TTD Okay, a $307 talking to have to at least consider this one very impressive revenue growth. So current year the expected to grow 16.6% next year growth is expected to accelerate to about almost 30% this upcoming year and if you don’t just look at what is expected for this company, but looking at its past few years here, okay.

We’re seeing the trade desk has has very nice revenue growth from basically 2017 $308 million of total revenue to then $477 million a total revenue in 2018 to $661 million this past year and revenues for the trade desk.

That is a beast Okay, well over a double up in revenues in a two years span is absolutely incredible. So the trade desk I have to consider this one I know a lot of people have been talking about that one for a while as a high growth stock.

I gotta at least consider Okay, start number 10 of 15. That’s a high growth stock that’s very, very innovative. As a company named the real real ticker symbol is real fun. This one Okay, it’s a $12 stock.

Innovation is a core of this company, and they’re really trying to disrupt the industry that is luxury, good reselling. Okay, luxury good reselling something no one’s really been able to do successfully when it comes to across all the many different brands you have to do if you want to be a major player in that space.

Some have tried to do it just in maybe one category like maybe watches, more shoes is the real real is coming after all the industry. Okay? And when it comes to the real real look at look, look at growth, guys.

It’s incredible. $137 million in revenues this company does in 2017 to $318 million in total revenue. The company does this past year. I mean almost shrivel up. That’s incredible. absolutely incredible.

Now, Ronnie, Rona is unfortunately, obviously disrupting the business very bad. So expect to have revenues actually go down 5% this year, but next year, analysts are expecting the companies at 40% plus revenue growth and by the way, I’m not so convinced the real reals gonna have revenues go down this year.

Analysts are very convinced that I’m not so sure about that. I actually think there’s there’s a possibility that this year the real real could grow revenues KVM and be very clear about that but we’ll see but regardless huge growth expected for that company.

It’s one I have to consider adding okay revolv ticker symbol s was RV Lv you know, I love the Lv because I live in Vegas as a $14.59 cent stock. very innovative company. They’re coming after all this stablishment retailers when it comes to clothing, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, all those players.

That’s who revolves coming after they understand the new age of being in the e commerce space, selling fashion goods, doing it in the right way doing it in a way that consumers love. And using it influencers and influencers in general to promote their website.

Okay, they’ve done a phenomenal job and this is this is one I already own. So in 2375 shares in the public account on top Without I think I own a few 1000 shares on in private accounts as well as revolve you know, so I own this in many different accounts web $6,493 23% gainer on this one.

But I gotta get at least consider possibly adding more shares and actually averaging up on cost basis. I rarely do this but I have to consider Okay, the company’s expected the right around breakeven, I think they’ll grow this year. Okay.

I think they’ll grow revenues this year, even with the Roni Rona situation, but the company’s expect to get back to a very nice revenue growth next year of 18.8%. In you know, all these department stores, the majority of them are going to go under or already going under.

And as those guys more and more go under, guess who this ends up benefiting RV Lv. And so if you’re thinking about a company that will benefit and continue to see a rise of double digit in terms of revenue growth for years and years to go in the future, I think revolv definitely has that type of opportunity.

So it’s one I have to consider potentially averaging up on my shares. I have to consider Okay, step number 12 of 15. Up here is the Zillow group ticker symbol. This one is z $56 stock many you guys have used Zillow before, especially if you’ve ever bought sold a house so you’d love to just kind of keep track of the zestimate on your house you might own or something like that, right.

Tons of people. I mean, people loved it. I heck sometimes I go on Zillow, just messing around just like we’ll look at houses or something like it’s like something to do. Am I the only one that does that? Do any you guys actually do that?

You just go on the Zillow app just like you know you would go on it or something like that. Like sometimes I just do that and go click on houses. Okay. So Zillow, huge growth. This company blew this current year expect to have 36.7% sales growth right.

Next year expected as 67% revenue growth next year for Zillow. That’s huge. Okay. This is might be one of the biggest growth stocks we found in this list. absolutely incredible. And you know, I love Zillow.

Like I said, I use a product all the time and you know, sometimes it’s gone there mess around, I gotta say, you know, with that type of revenue growth, that would be silly not to at least consider potentially buying Zillow stock.

I have to consider it, because those are, those are massive numbers. Okay, absolutely massive numbers, some of the biggest numbers you’re going to find out there, okay. Dropbox, they are a cloud company, I actually have a Dropbox subscription.

And I honestly I share Dropbox stuff all the time. It’s kind of cloud you can put like, I like what I do with it is I put like video messages to the private group or audio messages in the dropbox files, go ahead and share that to them.

Because you know, in discord, you can’t like, share certain things if it’s too much, or whatever. So Dropbox, I love this service. I’ve used it for years, I have nothing but good things to say I’ve been a customer, there’s a thing since 2015 when I started my real estate marketing company, right.

So in terms of DBS, I like it is $21 a share. And it is a company that’s still growing very nice double digit percentage revenue growth expected this year. And don’t be surprised if that number ends up beating with the whole.

Roni Ronan situation more more people working from home, potentially more and more companies, especially if you think about small businesses and midsize businesses more and more potentially adding to something like a Dropbox.

Okay, so don’t be surprised that number of beats, but 13% expected this year 11 and a half percent revenue growth expected next year is a company that absolutely continues to expand the boundaries on what a cloud company can really provide.

They’re trying to do a lot of innovative things. And at the end of the day, Dropbox is just one I have to consider. Okay, store number 14 of 15. Up here is zoom video communications ticker symbol is when z m $171. stock.

Okay. And if you were thinking about the number one beneficiary company, public company of the Roni Ronis situation, it is the one you’re looking at right now, zoom video communications, okay, this is the number one Roni run a company.

I mean, everybody, you know, this is just that stock that it’s just everybody has been trying to get in over the last few months, because everybody’s starting to work from home, right. And some, some businesses are going to continue like this.

Like once, once Ronnie, Ronnie passes, many of these companies, small, mid, and large companies are going to continue to have a basically a feature where their employees can continue to work from home, they don’t have to essentially come into the office.

And if you’re talking like that, then we’re talking zoom is a huge potential beneficiary not just this year, but in years in years to come into the future. Okay, it’s the number one Ronnie run a company and let’s not confuse it, it’s amazing, okay.

And this is part of what’s helping out their massive revenue growth expected in current year, expect to have about 50% revenue growth in current year massive number. And actually, don’t be surprised if they end up actually beating that number, which would be incredible because that’s already a huge number.

Next year, expected to grow revenues by 34.4% is a subscription model, they have a zoom. So So essentially, once they get these customers on, as long as these customers continue to love zoom product, they can continue to use zoom for years and years to come in the future.

And we’re just talking about the enterprise. Once enterprise get used to using a specific service, they usually continue to use that service over and over again for years and years to come in in the future.

That’s just the way that enterprise products are. So, you know, I have to consider the zoom, the zoom, but I will say the one thing that does trouble me when it comes to zoom video communications is my goodness, guys.

I mean, look at this, it was a $21 billion market cap, just like four months ago, and it’s added $28 billion of market capitalization in just the past, you know, three or four months. That’s incredible.

Okay, Ronnie Ron has absolutely helped zoom in a massive way. But has it helped out zoom in a 20 a billion dollar way. That is something I do have questions about, okay, but once again, I have to consider this stock.

Okay, and the last stock up here, stock number 15. A 15 is a company named Upwork ticker symbol, this one is up WKK the company that is phenomenal with getting freelancers for companies and things like that, okay.

Upwork nice strong growth expect to have 12% revenue growth roughly in the current year expect to have almost 14% revenue growth next year strong growth company at the end of the day upwards just a company I have to at least consider it’s a smaller one definitely of the bunch.

But I have to consider this one. Okay, let me know of other high growth companies that are very innovative that you guys think I should go ahead and take a look at and potentially consider when it comes to you know, putting this $34,000 out in the market.

I would love to hear from you guys as always not decision I’m going to rush into I’m going to spend a lot of time over this weekend Memorial Day weekend thinking about researching and you know, talking with also the group members, but what I you know, might potentially buy there okay, by the way, speaking about.

Memorial Day, the huge deal is on it’s live it’ll be the pin comment down there if you want to join us. Once you get in, go ahead and join us in the discord chat. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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