$10,000,000+ Invested in the Stock Market! How To Step by Step thru Stocks

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Today I take you through how to get to a point where you have $10,000,000+ invested in the stock market. This is step by step how you do it through stocks. Unfortunately many people think they could never get to a point where they have $10,000,000+ invested into the stock market.

Wrong. Absolutely you can pull this off. People have accomplished 100x harder things. If a person gets their cash flows right, puts in the work for the next 10-20 years, and has the right strategy they can absolutely get to a place where they have $10,000,000+ invested in the stock market.

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Well guys, welcome into today’s video, today’s video is going to be a super in depth one on how you can get to a point where you have 10 million plus dollars invested in the stock market. Okay, we’ll go step by step through this, how you can actually achieve something with this.

And this is gonna be a straight educational video, this isn’t like an entertainment video here for you guys here today. Or, you know, talking about something that’s going on in the current market or something like that.

This is a straight educational, I’m going to change some perspectives on how you can achieve this. And exactly what you should be doing step by step through the process, how you should be thinking, what type of things you should be looking for.

And those sorts of things. These videos aren’t the best for the YouTube algorithm, I’ll be honest, but at the same time, I know a ton of you guys, you know, appreciate this videos, I don’t know, there’s a good chunk of subscribers that love the more educational content.

where I’m going kind of into some different points and how you can achieve some big things out there exactly how you can pull something like this off like 10 million plus dollars in the stock market, which you know.

I know at first can sound like crazy, right as well, what 10 million plus, like, it’s not even possible. Well, we’ll speak about that. Okay, so hope you guys enjoy today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up that helps YouTube channel out in a massive way, lets me know that you guys enjoy a video like this.

That’s even, you know, just straight educational. definitely helps me out in general. Okay. And also, if you want an opportunity to learn directly from me on how to make more money in the stock market, while taking less risk, fill out an application first link in the description down there.

I might even pin it as a pin comment if you’re interested in that we even have one on one coaching in the program for millionaire students now. Okay, already. So let’s start today’s video, I want to start this out. I was really thinking about how do I lay out a video like this, that’s going to be a really important one from an educational standpoint.

So I really just want to start with a very simple question to kind of get you in the right mindset to kind of understand this. Okay. So you have, you know, the stock market and real estate. Let’s just talk about this for a moment. Okay.

Let me ask you a question here. Okay. Do you believe the stock market will be higher or lower in 10 years from now than it is today? Okay, I’m recording this video in 2020. Do you think the Dow 30 s&p 500, NASDAQ will be higher or lower in 10 years from now?

So in 2013, than it is today? Do you think the average real estate price out there for average home in major cities around the United States of America? Do you think they’ll be more expensive or less expensive? Over the course the next 10 years? So in 10 years from now? Okay, next question.

I want to ask you here, I put out $5,000 cash here. Okay. Do you believe that that $5,000 will have more buying power in 10 years from now or less buying power? Do you think that $5,000 is truly going to be worth you know what $5,000 could buy you here today, in 10 years from now?

Like, what is your opinion on that? Okay, I just want you to think about that for a moment. Okay. Now, my personal opinion on this is, obviously I believe the stock market is going to be considerably higher in 10 years from now than it is today.

Where’s the stock market is next month, six months from now 12 months from now, even 24 months from now, who knows? Okay, but I can almost guarantee you, if I had to bet my money one way or another, I would bet that the stock market will probably be up and up considerably 10 years from now than it is today, right?

Real estate prices, or homes going to be cheaper or more expensive in 10 years from now, on average, in big cities, obviously, they’re going to be much more expensive. Okay. And I think every single one of you guys should agree with that.

Okay, the dollar, meanwhile, is $5,000 is going to be worth the same as $5,000. Today in 10 years, no, absolutely not. Okay, with all the money printing out there with the low interest rates, debt, all those sorts of things, there’s no way that that $5,000 is going to be worth more, it’s going to buy me even more in 10 years from now than it does today.

There’s just no way If anything, that $5,000 is actually going to be worth truly like $4,000.10 years from now, okay? Or maybe even it’s worth $3,000.10 years from now, okay? Or maybe it’s even worth only $2,000, truly, 10 years from now, I can tell you that $5,000 is not going to be worth $5,000 in 10 years now, the devaluation of currency of the dollar and all currencies out there.

It’s just going to continue and continue forever and ever and ever, those dollars will continue to be devalued over and over again. Meanwhile, obviously real estate stocks, those sorts of things will become more expensive over time.

This is just the way it works. Okay, that’s what happens when you have a debt system, a system in which you can, you know, print basically unlimited dollars and you can just flood money out there in the market.

It’s what’s happened for the last 100 years it will happen for the next 100 years. Okay? And unless you you know, if you believe something else, then you know, maybe this video is not for you. Okay, but I hope you know 99.99% of you guys, you know believe that truly the dollar will continue to go down in value over time.

terms of buying power and stocks and real estate will go up over time. Okay. One more simple thing I want to get across in this video before we kind of get to the meat of it, okay? Because I know, especially for a lot of people with less than six figures that might be watching this video, I can never have $10 million in stocks, it’s completely unrealistic.

10 million, it’s just no way, okay? So you’re going to tell me you can’t achieve. If you put your head down and really focus on this over the next 1020 years, you’re gonna tell me you can’t achieve $10 million in the stock market.

But some guy that I don’t know, grew up in a household with a single teen mom can become the richest person in the world worth like, I don’t know, $120 billion dollars or whatever, even after his divorce.

They still worth that much, you’re gonna tell me he can achieve that coming from a home like that with a single team mom, and go to you know, worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the future like, and you can’t achieve $10 million in the stock market.

You’re gonna tell me some South African guy can go on to create a car company that’s completely disrupting the entire automobile sector, and changing the way people think about transportation. And the guy can be worth like $80 billion, he can go ahead and achieve that.

But you can cheap 10 million in the stock market, like you’re gonna tell me that, you’re gonna tell me a guy can create the most powerful company arguably in the entire world, from his dorm room, from his dorm room, one guy creates the most powerful company in the world from his dorm room.

And you can achieve $10 million in the stock market over the next 1020 years. Like Come on, guys, you really have to start to open your mind and realize, oh my gosh, like this is this is nothing, okay?

You have to really start to view it as it’s something to be proud of, if you achieve this, but it’s not like this is Earth shaking stuff. Okay, you’re gonna tell me some guy that you know was making, I don’t know, $8.75 an hour, a Walgreens and the photo department could go on to create two massive YouTube channels in the stock market space.

Like just think about all these other things that are going on in the world. And you’ll realize, dude, it is absolutely 100% possible if you put your head down, you grind on this next 1020 years that you can get to a place we have 10 million plus dollars in the stock market.

It says from somebody like myself that where I’ve seen success, and I’ve seen people that have way more success have $10 million in stock market. Let’s put it that way. It sounds silly when you say things like I could never do that. That’s just that’s just crazy.

I could never do that. Just because you haven’t seen anybody around you pull off something like that, which most of us haven’t, doesn’t mean it’s not going on. Okay. Everyday there are people getting way above levels where they have $10 million in stock market. Let’s put it that way. Okay.

This is a great saying from Bill Gates has always said stuck with me. And I want each and every one of you guys watching this video right now to always remember this quote, because it’s one of the realest quotes I’ve ever seen in my life. Okay, most people overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.

It is 100% true. The amount of people I’ll come across that want something where they can get rich tomorrow, man, just get me rich tomorrow. It’s just like, it’s so unrealistic, man, it really is your way overestimate what you can pull off over the next 612 months. Meanwhile, people you know, will look at things and be like, I can’t I can’t do that.

And it’s like, Man, you got the whole next decade, two decades, three decades to play with. You’re gonna tell them you can’t pull off some amazing stuff. You put your head down and grind on this for the next 10 2030 years. Give me a break. Okay, this is absolutely possible.

Okay, so what do we know so far? In this video, one cash has been devalued constantly, right? It’s always nice to have some cash around. Actually always recommend keeping some cash around 10%, even up to 30% of your net worth should always be in cash. I always like having some cash around.

But the fact is, you should have most of your money invested because your cash is being devalued day by day by day and it will continue to get even worse over the next decade or two. Okay, constantly being devalued. Number two stocks go up most of the time the market goes up most of the time. Okay, most years the stock market’s up.

And if you look at any decade, you know, type time horizon stock market up enough, okay. And number 310 million dollars plus in the stock market is absolutely possible. Okay. You know, people have pulled off way more ambitious stuff than let’s say $10 million in stock market.

So get out of that mindset where you’re like, you know, putting yourself into a little category where you’re like, I can’t do that. Give me a break. Absolutely, you can. Okay, now, what do you have to do to actually pull this off? If you want to have $10 million plus in the stock market?

What are the things you need to do the ways you need to think about actually achieving, okay, so number one, this is this is a, this is arguably the biggest key to making all this happen. Okay? Get yourself in a position where you can put money into your stock market account, one to two times each and every month, okay?

You have to get yourself in a position like this. The reason being is if you can do this, you’re always able to take advantage of dips in stocks or the stock market in general. You never ever want to be in a position where you’re watching the stock market go down. We’re in a correction situation, the market or one stock you really love is going down so much in you.

Can’t take advantage of that you never ever want to be in that position. In order to really achieve huge things in the stock market, you have to, you have to get your cash flow, right, you have to be in a position where one to two times each and every month, you got money flooding in your account. And for everybody’s different and for you.

It could be you know, 300 bucks a month is coming in your stockpile account. For some other guy, it could be $3,000 a month, okay? For some other guy, it could be $30,000 a month is coming to his account. And for some other guy could be 300,000 a month, he’s owning his account.

By the way, if you have 300,000 gold in your accounts, each and every month, you’re going to go over 10 million, like you’re probably going to be at 50 100. You know, $250 million, eventually. Okay? But that is so key.

And how do you get your cash flow, right? If you’re watching this, you’re like, I don’t, I’m not in a position where I have, you know, money I can put in one to two times each and every month, okay? God gets cash flow, right?

One, you can get a better job. Okay? That’s simple. Like if you’re not making enough from your job and just you have nothing to do with like, go start looking for a new job. Right now go start applying for higher paying jobs.

Okay, number two option you have Get a side income stream, there’s so many different things you can do freelance work passive income ideas is so many different things, you’ve got to get a side income of some kind, if you’re not going to get a better job, okay.

And if you’re in a position where you don’t have that much money to put in your accounts, and by the way, even if you have some money to put into your accounts, maybe you want more money to put in your accounts, just not not a bad idea to maybe go get a better job or go get a side income of some kind. Or number three, you could cut expenses, right?

Cutting expenses, you know, it depends on the person. There are some people that definitely man, I know some people that they make, you know, 50,000 a month and they got nothing to show for it. They got nothing to invest because they just live a crazy lifestyle, okay?

But it’s one of those three things will allow you to get your cash flow, right? This is so key in this whole scenario. Okay, I want to show you the actual numbers behind why this is so key. It’s not just me kind of like philosophizing and saying this was really important.

Get your cash flow, right? We’re going to go through an example. I’ll show you exactly why it’s so key. Okay. So let’s say we got two guys, okay, guy a, he puts $25,000 in a stock market account, invest in stocks over the next 25 years. And let’s say he gets a 20% return per year, which is something I always aim for, I always aim to get around 20% or more per year, okay.

You know, I think if I’m putting in all this work, all this grind time, all eolis experience in the market, I expect for myself to get 20% or greater a year, okay, especially in these type of markets, where you have interest rates super low, and the stock market obviously performs very well in a super low interest rate environment.

And, you know, is this are the, are these low interest rates going to go away anytime soon? Probably not. Okay, we’re going to be stuck at low interest rates for probably years and years, if not decades. Go in the future. Okay. So we got that guy. And then we have guy B. Okay, he’s got $25,000 in the market, he just put it out. Okay.

But also, he puts another 25,000 in each and every year, for 25 years at the same exact return of 20% per year, on average. Okay. By the way, if you’re wondering, like, why do I try to aim for 20% plus return per year, when in the past year, for example, in the public count, we’ve got 151% return 151% one year rate of return is not always possible for me, okay?

It’s been an amazing past few years for me. But that’s not always possible, we’ve hit crazy amounts of homeruns. And it’s not realistic, folks get 151% return, you’ve got to kind of prep for the fact that you could get into some bad stocks, you could go through a rough market for a period of time.

So that’s why I you know, when I think about the numbers I’m going after, and what I teach, and what I’m trying to get my students to is 20% plus on average per year 151%. I wish I was possible every year. It’s not always realistic. Okay, just want to explain that.

So let’s look at the numbers behind this. The 25k guy, right, who puts 25k in, never puts any more money in and he invests for 25 years gives a 20% return per year, he does amazing, he turns $25,000 into 2.3 mil, almost 2.4 mil Okay, that is absolutely amazing.

Okay, but here’s the thing, we’re not trying to get to a place where we have to mill and market, right, we’re trying to get to a place where we have 10 million plus, like, that’s the point of this video, right? And so watch how these numbers change. The guy that starts out with 25,000, but then puts another 25,000 each and every year and gets his you know, decent returns there.

He’s going to be over four to $5 million. Okay? That is how much the numbers can change if you’re in a position where you have got the cash flow to always put some money in the market each and every month. Okay?

I mean, look at the difference in money. 14 plus mil versus two mil, okay, it’s not even comparable, the guys are not even comparable. This is why it is so key other than obviously you want to buy stocks in the dips, things like that, especially companies you love.

But other than that, it’s so key because the way you will grow will be so much faster if you’re constantly putting money in your accounts every month, or at least you know, once or twice a month. Let’s put it that way. And I can tell you I’ve always lived under my means since 2000. Ate when I was making, you know, $8 or whatever an hour, okay? All the way through today, I always live well under my means. Okay, so whatever I have coming in for money, I’m always living well under my means.

So I can always fun my accounts. So I always have new money to invest. So when the market dips in something bad happens in the market, guess who’s always in a position for me to buy? It’s me, okay, if one of my stocks goes down that I love for that long term, right?

Let’s say one of my stocks goes down 2030 40% over the next month, I’m in a position to buy. And I’ve been in that position ever since I was you know, somebody that hardly made any money, right? All the way through now. Okay. I mean, I could live in this house here.

93 Spanish gate K, instead of the house, I live in 19,000 square feet and Park, my car is an underground garage. Why? I mean, I could afford the downpayment, I could get the financing for that and afford the monthly payment. But why? They were like, what is what what value is gonna bring my life all it’s gonna make us a massive house to clean and me kind of feeling lonely?

Because I’m like, dang, I don’t have enough friends to fill up a 19,000 square foot house? Like, what is the purpose of that? There’s no purpose in that for me, even though I could afford it. Right? I have two Tesla’s in the garage.

Guess what? I could have two bodies in the garage. But what value does that bring? Like? all it’s going to do is take more and more money away from me that I could be investing. Okay, like, well, do I really need that Passive House?

I would much rather invest this money, play my cards, right? And then down the road, I could buy these buildings. Okay, what do I want to buy the buildings? Or do I want to buy that house? If I buy a house, that house is not going to appreciate very much I can tell you that because people with that kind of money that would buy a house like that those are built custom.

Okay, so that house won’t appreciate very much like the average house will. And then I put myself in a position where so much money is going toward that house all the time when it could really be invested in the stock market give me a 20% plus return for me and these individual stocks, right? I want to buy buildings, I don’t want to buy just a 19,000 square foot house. Okay.

And so the way I’ve always thought about my life, when it comes to cash flows, it’s always about how do I increase the next level? Okay, I started out at Einstein bagels as making like, I don’t know, $7.50 an hour, whatever, working Einstein, bagels, and I got a better job opportunity, Walgreens opened up, and I think they started me at like 825, then went up to 875 an hour.

So I was like, Okay, I’m gonna put myself in a better position where I have more money to invest. Okay, from there, I was like, oh, Walgreens is, you know, bump me up that much. Let me go get a job at Kwik Trip, I started making 40 50k a year, okay, and cash flows got better.

And then I got myself in a position where you know, every month, if not twice a month, I was able to put money in my accounts. Okay. From there, I was like Kwik Trip, how much I’m gonna make, there’s gonna be very limited long term.

But if I start my own business, now we’re talking, I can get to other levels of cash flow, okay, take a step back and the short term, but long term is going to benefit me way more. So I start my real estate marketing business.

And then I’m like, Well, I’m starting this real estate marketing business, I’m getting the cash flows going from that. Let me start a side income stream, YouTube, okay, I’m like, I could teach people about different things and money, stocks, things like that.

I didn’t know YouTube was going to become huge, like Internet becoming for me, where I would just drop the real estate marketing business. Even though I built that out. It was just YouTube was too big for me. And so and now I’m on YouTube, right. And now I’m already thinking about the next thing.

Now I’m thinking about hiring like app developers, website developers, and I’m trying to build for the next things, even angel investing, things like that. And so I’m always focused on the next thing, the next thing what’s gonna get me to a place where I have even more cash flows to put into stocks and invest and get more and more and more.

And so that’s just the way my brain thinks. So if you’re thinking out there, like, how do you get to these type of numbers got always be thinking, like, how can I go to the next thing, the next thing, the next thing, and you know, starting at 750 an hour, you know, basically where we’re at today, and the type of projects I’m working on now.

It’s not even comparable, but that’s over a 12 year span member. People tend to weigh overestimate, what they can pull off in a year and weight underestimate, you know, what they can pull off over a decade or so and look, well, you know, we’ve been fortunate enough to pull off over the last, you know, 1012 years, it’s a pretty dramatic change.

Okay. So if number one like did your cash flows, right? If your cash flows aren’t right, Dream on about ever achieving $10 million plus in the stock market, it will not happen, you have to get your cash flow, right first, okay.

Now, let’s talk about the steps through the process, what you should be doing what you should be staying away from ways you should think things like that. Okay. So in your first stage, your zero to $50,000 stage, okay?

This is beginner stage, anytime I see a stock market with less than 50,000. Like you’re still getting up and rolling, okay? And that’s really the way you should be viewing it. Okay? There’s two super important things in this stage.

Okay, these are the most important like, don’t let anybody tell you anything different. These are the two most important things by far. Okay. Number one, get in good habits. Okay. Warren Buffett will tell you the same exact thing.

This isn’t just coming from my mouth is the same exact thing. Warren Buffett will tell you, if you’re getting bad habits early when it comes to business or investing. That will always haunt you, okay? Because you’ll think it’s okay. You just are buying stocks.

You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re not reading the annual reports. You’re not reading the 10 Q’s, you’re not you know, listening to conference calls, literally, you know, looking at the investor presentation, and you’re just buying stocks around. You’re getting in Very bad habits and I can promise you 100% that will come back to bite you long term, okay?

Sometimes that can work short term, just kind of throwing some money out there, but I can promise you long term is not a viable strategy, and it will come back to bite you, you have to get in good habits because those good habits, they carry on all the way I made sure I gotten those good habits, my first couple years of investing.

And now still to this day, what am I doing like a decade plus later, guess who’s still up late at night listening conference calls, reading annual reports, looking at investor presentations, this guy, okay.

All these years later, because I gotten good habits early on, I gotten the right work ethic early on, and it’s paying dividends. Now let’s put it that way. Okay. Number two, know what you’re looking for in the stocks.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for in the stocks and how to value the stocks and the right mindset you should have for the socks. Like, you know, obviously, this is gonna work out for you. As simple as that. Okay.

And that’s a massive, massive thing. Okay, I cover that in financial fortress, it usually takes average student that joins in their one to three months to go through all the curriculum, okay. 123 months is usually how it takes because there are hundreds and hundreds of videos to go through in there.

It’s a lot to go through. But man, once you go through it, do you have everything you ever need, you don’t need it, like, you know, unless you want to learn some other strategies that I don’t teach, which you know, you can do whatever you want, obviously, but that is everything you could ever want to know.

Okay, you want to apply for that first link in the description down there, you got to know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you stand no chance. K to 100k? What are we looking at here? Okay, number one, get a diversified solid portfolio glued together, okay, this is what’s so important in this.

So that first stage, you know, when you’re starting out, and you’re going from, you know, nothing to let’s say, 50k, you know, you’re gonna just be adding a couple stocks here and there, right? if let’s say you got 15,000 in your account, you’re not gonna really have a solid, like, boom, you know, awesome portfolio put together.

You’re just in that beginner stage, you’re just getting up and rolling. But as you start to progress, and you get to 50k, plus, and all the way up to 100k, you should really start building out a portfolio that you’re starting to be proud of, okay, five stocks, seven stocks that are really awesome in diversified industries, that you know very well, you believe in these companies a lot.

This is where you should be going. Like I said, you know how many stocks five to maybe up to eight stocks, I feel like for that amount of money in all in diversified industries. And you should start, you know, kind of having a portfolio that you’re proud of, like you really believe in this portfolio of in the next 510 years, like it’s a dang good portfolio. Okay.

Number two, this is a time we got to hit our first home run, okay, if you haven’t hit a home run yet, you know, in that first stage, which you might not have, because you’re kind of getting up and rolling, you might want some more dividend stocks, some bigger stocks like that, no, we gotta start looking to hit our first home run what I mean by home run.

I’m talking a stock, that’s going to go up 100% plus, over the next, you know, let’s say three to five years, there are always plenty of stocks out there that are the home run type stocks, the type of stocks that go up, you know, well over 100%, if not several 100% in a matter of a few years, okay.

And we’re trying to find our, you know, home run stocks is put that way, okay. And believe me, there’s a lot of them out there, there’s still, even with the market, you know, as much as climbed back over the last few months.

I can tell you there’s going to be I would say there’s probably going to be between 20 and 50 stocks in the stock market. That will be homerun stocks over the next three to five years, meaning they go up 100% plus over the next three to five years 20 to 50.

And I can almost guarantee that and that’s almost despite whatever happens in market, even if the market let’s say stagnated didn’t do a thing for the next three to five years, there will still be 20 to 50 stocks, in my opinion, that will go up 100% plus over the next three to five years, because there’s some companies that just regardless, whatever happens in the market, like.

They’re gonna do amazing. Like they’re just, they’re just, they’re just, you know, the creme de la creme, and they’ll keep outperforming Okay, let’s hit our first home run 100,000 to a million dollars, this is the most key in the whole process, in my opinion, other than obviously, the beginner stage and getting good habits.

This is so key. This is a stage where a lot of people can mess up including myself, I messed up in a big way, kind of back after 2014 moving into 2015 basically what you do like like if I look at myself back then I had about $200,000 in the stock market.

And I took a huge step back because I started trying to rush things Okay, number one and number three go together. No steps back. No taking unnecessary risks. I’m talking margin account where you can get in super heavy on margin and get margin calls, those sorts of things.

Don’t rush this, okay? Don’t Don’t rush us and be like I got 150k I got to get to a million tomorrow. Like Take your time with this. Okay, make sure you’re staying focused. Okay. And once you’ve had some success, which is definitely what I had leading up into that it can allow you to think you can do everything you can get into short term trading and oh my gosh.

I can start playing earnings plays in this and that I’m telling you guys, no steps back during this phase you’ll you’ll you’ll achieve your goals so much faster. If you Don’t get into any bad super speculative stocks, where you get super heavy invest into any of them.

Don’t rush it, just stay cool, stay calm, stay collected, okay? You don’t need to have a million dollars in your account tomorrow, you’re not getting a 10 million tomorrow. Okay? So that’s that’s the first thing.

Okay, second thing, you shouldn’t have multiple homerun stocks at this point, or it would be in in different stocks that will have multiple homerun expansion, okay, never get too invested into one stock or two stocks.

This is so key in the stage. Remember, we talked about no steps back, imagine you put, you know, let’s say you got 200,000. Imagine you put 50% of your portfolio in one stock. Now the 40% another stock.

So you got 90% of your portfolio into stocks and say for instance, man, you’re so you’re like, you’re going to either do great or horrible based upon those two stocks. And if one of those stocks does really bad, if both of those stocks especially do really bad, but if just one of them, like guess what your portfolio is going back, back, back back, and you could even go under 100k.

And now you got to climb all the way back up from that it can be such an ugly situation, guys, do not take steps back, make sure you’re getting a portfolio you love. You know, at this point with this type of money, you should have seven to let’s say 12 stocks now you should own several very diversified companies, some solid companies, some you know.

High growth companies that are those multiple homerun situations, maybe a couple dividend stocks, you should have a such a such a beast portfolio. Now at this point that you’re super proud of this like, like, if you were to if you were to send me your portfolio, which by the way I do portfolio reviews every single week for my actual stock group.

They can actually spend send me their portfolios, I look over and give my opinion. But let’s say you were to send me your portfolio and you’ve got a half mil in the market, I should be a portfolio that I look at.

I’m like, that’s diversified a lot of great companies in there and some real extraordinary home run type stocks that have huge potential over the next 357 years. Okay, that’s what we’re looking at here. This stage is huge. Don’t forget no steps back. Okay.

Don’t rush things. Okay. The final stage in the process, 1 million to 10 million. Okay. Two really, really important things for this step. Okay. The first is don’t forget what got you here. Okay. Too often people awesome, you know, get to that millionaire stage, they got 1 million stocks, 2 million stocks.

And also they started investing completely differently than they did before. And that’s fine. If If all you plan on having is 1 million or $2 million in stocks. fair game. Okay. But if you’re trying to get to a place where you got eight figures in the market, don’t forget what got you here.

Why do you want to start going with a different strategy? Yeah, I mean, that makes no sense. Okay, that makes no sense at all. This is what got you to this place. Don’t start saying Oh, now I want to do this strategy. And that strategy? No. Okay.

Stick with why gotcha here. There’s a reason why you’re even in that position. Okay? If you if you’re, you know, fortunate enough to have a million or 2 million stocks. Okay. Keep in mind, way less than 1% of the population around the world, way less than 1% has a million to $2 million in stocks. Okay.

So if you’re fortunate enough that you were able to grind on this you’re able to get to this stage Don’t forget what got you there. Okay. You I mean, you went through a certain process you looked at stocks a certain way you diversified your portfolio a certain way you know, now’s not the time to often say oh, now I’m going to do this and do that no, okay.

So key and I don’t know what it is about becoming a millionaire when you first become a millionaire A lot of people think all sudden they got to change up everything. Say you had 900k you were doing things a certain way.

Now you have 1.2 mil now you’re gonna change everything it literally doesn’t make sense especially if you got you know bigger goals and things like that. Okay, number two, now you should have the beast portfolio use that 15 to 20 stocks that are just absolute beast you should have several stocks in your portfolio now that are up 100% Plus.

If not up hundreds of percent okay, several stocks you’ve already hit homeruns on several stocks you should be able to hit home runs on you should have at least two stocks that are dividend cash flow machines that remember we talked about having cash flow always coming into your accounts in terms of something from your job or your business or side.

Income streams or something that always have that money. You should have at least two stocks if not three stocks in your portfolio now that are dividend cash flow machines that throw you off a three to 5% yield and you can just invest that money in more stocks, more stocks, more stocks, okay.

You should own some value stocks, maybe a turnaround play or two Okay, you should own one spec stock maybe maybe even two spec stocks if you really want to go to that place. Okay, and you should own just servo stocks that are home run beast companies Okay, keep climbing keep climbing don’t get complacent and don’t think all of a sudden you got to do something different.

Okay, man, there’s a reason you got that much money in stocks. Okay. Next thing I want to chat about here in this video the tax man. Very important. The taxman is always important. Whether you got a small amount of money, large amount of money, anything the tax man, very important.

Okay. Two things to keep in mind when it comes to tax man and kind of thinking about this K. One is try your best to take long term gains. Meaning you’ve when you whenever you sell a stock, you’ve been holding it for at least one year. Why?

Because you’re going to be taxed at maybe a 15 18% rate versus, you know, if you take a huge gain on a stock that could bump up your tax bracket you’re in, what did you have to pay 28% 32%, something like that. Imagine if you have to pay state taxes on that as well. I mean, it can get really, really ugly.

This is why taking long term gains. And this is why the system is really kind of rigged in long term investors, like it’s the system is completely rigged in our favor as long term investors K, the stock market goes up most of time, right?

Cash is constantly being devalued, which means you got to, you know, invest in the stock market. And the taxman is going to take way less from us, as long as we held the stock for at least a year, or receiving dividend money, versus if we’re trying to sell in and out stocks, we’re going to be taxed way heavier. Okay.

So tax men take long term gains. Also, don’t be in a rush to take the P k, don’t be in a rush to take the profit. This happens way too often, people invest in a stock that they love, they love, okay, and they believe in so much for the next 510 years, okay. And all of a sudden, three months after they invested in the stocks gone up 20% 30% 40%.

In Nelson, they want to make a profit and like I take a profit and this is stocks going up a bunch. Maybe I just need to take profit. I went through this as well, in my first five years of investing, hey, there were plenty of times I bought into stocks, and I didn’t let those stocks run.

I got I got like, I don’t wanna say scared. It’s just like, well, it’s gone up 20% 40% 50% I can go up much more, right. And so I take the, you know, short term profit. And next thing, you know, that stock would go up way, way more, because if I was truly buying in a great company, right, that I think is going to double, triple quadruple their value over the next five years, right?

Like it stock goes up 20 or 30%. It didn’t even get close to what I thought that stock will go to. So why do I need to also take the profit. So many times people rush to take the profit. And so it leads them to take short term gains pay a way higher tax rate or wind pay at a way higher tax bracket than just let that stocks run.

Okay, utensil stocks a perfect example for you of a stock that I hope that you don’t want to split adjusted basis. Tesla’s 2000 plus dollars right now, right? Because it did the five to one split.
It’s 400 and something now Okay, so it’s 2000 something on a split adjusted basis. Okay, that’s the one I have, you know, before the split, I had a cost base of like, 227, right. And on a split adjusted basis, it’s like 2000 plus now, okay, so think about this, like I could have taken the profit when I went up 100% 200% and a lot of people did.

But I just understood like this company has way more long term potential than this. So why do I need that stock right now and take a bunch of short term gains and I start paying the tax man he’s gonna take a bunch of my money instead of just letting the stock run and obviously the stocks you know.

I don’t know probably close to 10x Now, since I’ve done that stock, okay, you don’t be in a rush to take the profits guys that will end up costing you more money than you can ever think about Okay, pull this off get your cash flows right think in these terms thinking these steps and you know think about the tax man take the long term gains.

Don’t be in a rush to take the profits things like that. And you have a great opportunity of getting yourself over the next you know, decade two decades getting yourself to a place where you got 10 million plus in the stock market Okay, absolutely is possible and absolutely, you can pull it off but you got to believe it and you got to be willing to grind you know.

No one got to 10 million plus in the stock market by being lazy I can promise you that all right. Hope you guys enjoy it. As always, if you don’t mind smash a thumbs up that helps the YouTube channel out in a massive way.

Lets me know you guys enjoy, you know more educational video rather than entertainment video. And you know, I like doing these videos from time to time as well. Okay. Also, if you want the opportunity to learn directly from me on how to make more money in the stock market while taking less risk.

Felt the application below first link in the description, but even have it as the pinned comment We’ll see. But I know for sure it’ll be the first link in the description allow you fill out an application and we’ll see what happens from there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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