$1,000,000 Stocks Portfolio in 3 Years - 12 Secrets How I did it & YOU CAN TOO

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Well holy smokas guys the public account finally reached 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!! So since my family and I got our home in Arizona and the public account hit 1 Mil, I wanted to do a video that would inspire and also teach you how to get a portfolio to 1 Mil. So today I will giving you some of my top secrets of how I got my portfolio to this milestone and explain to you why it is so important to do these steps.

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Well howdy there folks and welcome into the first YouTube video I’ve ever recorded in the new Arizona house. 

So I am you know super thankful to do this video for you guys in this new house here today in Arizona and I’m super thankful because today is the first time ever the public account just hit $1 million in there to purple Okay, so I that way this is a huge video like this is a big deal on on two different fronts first YouTube video in Arizona house first time we’ve ever hit in closed over a million dollars in the Public Accounts.

So I want to go through today exactly how this has transpired. We’ve done this from you know, built this account from scratch brand new account to over a million dollars in just over three years. 

And so I thought I thought like what are the best kind of secrets I can give away in this video. And let me explain each of these. Because you can emulate something somewhat similar, you might not be able to go from a scratch account to a million dollars in a little over three years.

But can you go from you know, a scratch account to 50,000 and a little over three years or 100,000. Or Heck, maybe you can even do better than this. At the end of the day, I want to kind of give you the secrets behind this, in my opinion, like how this can happen and how it can help you guys out I want to do a value packed video.

So I’m going to give away an immense amount of value absolutely free for you guys, here today, the only thing I ask in return is that you smash that thumbs up button. Okay, I very much appreciate it. That’s all I ask from this video. Okay. 

And during this video, also, we’re going to get into the new set of big dogs I have in the public account now, like there’s three new stocks I’ve added aggressively over the past, you know, let’s say the past few months, and I’ll tell you about those three stocks.

And those are kind of the future of the account. Although a lot of these stocks we’re gonna get into here today, I still hold in there still like the present of the account. But these next three, I feel like these, these other three are going to be the big dogs of the future of this account. Okay, so I hope you guys really enjoy this.

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That was like the pinned comments also linked in the description, if you want to try to apply for my private group also had that as one of the pinned comments down there as well already, guys, so let’s start getting into this all the way across gang. 

So first thing before we get into this, okay, there’s three things you got to like, keep in mind, okay, that column like the holy grail of investing, okay? One is, if you’re going to have a successful stock account, you’ve got to like put money in, right?

Like you’ve got to have money to put in to buy on dips to buy stocks you love. So if you want to grow to a large amount, whether it be six figures, seven figures, like you know, the amount of money you put in important, right time is important. Now, in this circumstance, we haven’t had a lot of time to play with like a little over three years.

And in he investment horizon perspective, that’s a really short amount of time. But usually, if you think about building out a portfolio, usually thinking about building it out over a 510 15 2025 year span. 

This account is still is a baby Actually, this is still a baby accountant. It’s it’s a little over three years old, okay? Like, you know, that’s the best way I can describe it. Like, when you talk about mature stock market portfolios, they’re usually portfolios that are 1015 2025 30 years old, okay? This is a little over three years. Okay?

But time super important, okay. And then the percent return you get on your money, super important. Okay, these are the three everything’s okay, that that’s how you build a successful account. Now, you always pretty much need to have these things to, you know, get an account to a very good place. 

Okay. Well, we’ve been fortunate enough to have although we don’t have much time, right? We’ve had money to put in, okay, and buy a ton of great stocks and build up positions.

And we’ve gotten some ridiculous returns. Okay, as far as the one year rate of return for the public count, this is calculated by Fidelity Investments not calculated by Me, me just thrown out some number. This is by Fidelity Investments, okay. 

The one year rate of return for the public account is 91%. of the even show you screenshots, okay. The s&p 500 is up about 9%, roughly year to date. Okay. So, you know, let’s say we’re crushing the market would be, you know, a little, you know, modest. Let’s just put it that way. Okay.

And then in 2019, we also got a 91% one year rate of return in 2019. Okay, so the last few years have been amazing for me with just like a like a long list of phenomenal stocks. Okay. And so we’ve been fortunate to have the money to put in the account to build the positions and getting ridiculous gains year after year. Okay.

But, I mean, even if you weren’t getting that good return, then you You just need time on your side. But obviously, not everybody has a million years because I mean, a lot of you guys, I see it all the time a lot of you guys look at and you’re like, man, 30 years now 40 years, not 50 years from now, who cares how much money I have, I’m going to be 78 years old if I’m even still alive, right. And so a lot of you guys want to have money in your either 20s. 

But a lot of you guys want to have money in your 30s 40s 50s like when you can actually still enjoy it. And hopefully you’re going to be around to enjoy it. Right? So those are the three amazing things you need in a stock market portfolio. And if you have those three things like the world is yours when it comes to investing. Okay, so let’s start going through these 12 secrets.

I’ll explain all these and then we’ll get into kind of the new three big dogs. Okay, secret number one. I never dreamt about having a million dollars in this account a little over three years. This is so game key. Okay, by the way, look at the shirt I’m wearing. 

This is 12 years old. Okay. And by the way I named buy this shirt. I got to give it to me for free because I volunteered my time. Isn’t that great? Man. That’s what you call a good return on investment right there. I don’t know why that was just like, hit me randomly. secret number one, though.

Never. So Oh, gosh. So many times people get so hyped out over numbers. And they they put these ridiculous numbers out there and they’re like, I’m going to hit a million dollars in my portfolio. I have nothing in my portfolio. 

Now I’m gonna hit 1,000,003 years. Okay. When you say things like that, it sounds ridiculous. Okay, there’s nothing wrong with having confidence in yourself. But there’s a little difference between having confidence and a little delusion. Okay. And I’ll be honest, I would have been, I would have felt I was being delusional.

If I said this account that I was starting a little over three years ago was going to be at a million dollars a day. I’ll be completely honest. Okay. I never expected this $100,000 possibility $200,000 possibility, a million dollars? No, no, I just I never dreamt it. And so one of the good things about not putting a set amount that I expect it is I never put that pressure on myself to make short term decisions.

Because the enemy of building our stock portfolios to really large numbers, the enemy of that is at the end of the day, getting too caught up in short term goals, and making short term decisions to try to reach those short term goals.

Okay, that can destroy an account more than anything, okay, so I never, this was never in the cards, this was never in the plan, all I looked at was I started a private group, you know, probably six months or something like that six, nine months before I started the public account.

And what I found is I was just like, a lot of people like want to see me build out an account, they want to see me actually like putting my money where my mouth is, if I’m going to go out there and ask people to you know, give me money. For my knowledge, it’s a little more powerful if I can show that I actually put my money where my mouth is. And I actually do the things I preach for others to do out there.

And so I said, let me start this public account, we’ll get this up and rolling, everybody’s gonna be able to see every single trade I’ve ever place in there. Every single member has seen, like, literally, it’s documented with screenshots and everything, every single move I’ve ever made every single buyer or seller across the board.

And I was like, this is just gonna be a good learning thing. The fact that it’s at a million dollars now it’s just like, I’ll take it Okay. I’ll take it, it was never in the plans. Okay, step number two, this is really really key. Okay. dips, baby. I have been a big buyer in depth. I always preach you guys always keep some cash around, guess what, I always keep some cash around.

And when I deploy cash, it’s usually right during a dip or after a big dip in the market or individual stocks. So for instance, fall in winter 2018, I was able to build some very nice sized positions because the market was going down the market went from I think, like down 26,000. And like 21,000, like, real quick, like October, November, December, not sure if you guys remember that. It was like 2018. And the market just went down, down down.

And I was able to buy buy buy a lot of really good high quality companies that were just being beaten down. And at that time, everything was just being treated equally. Everybody was hating on every stock. And I got to pick up on a lot of really good deals, okay, random, like the amount of stocks I’ve been able to buy in this portfolio that were random stocks that I loved. And for whatever reason, they came out with a bad earnings and all sudden, it was talking went down 20 30%.

I was like, Oh, I like that stock. Let me look at the valuation. Let me look at the company in depth. I like this one. Let me start buying, like the majority of stocks I’ve gotten in probably in the public count or stocks that went down 1020 if not more percent than that 30% Plus, before I got in very, very key. Okay. And also Roni Ronan’s.

So after everything kind of stabilized, I was looking at things and I was like, okay, what’s gonna happen here, money velocity, and I started seeing things kind of coming back. I was like, Okay, it looks like we’re not going to have like a great depression or something like that. It looks like things are gonna start to bounce back. And I started deploying money deploying money and buying a lot of really good quality companies, right after Ronnie Rona.

So while I mean obviously, we’re still going to run and run it, but I’m talking About the massive dip in the market, which was a scary time to be investing because money velocity just shut off. And it’s like what happens with the economy, what happens to corporate earnings, it was a scary time. But once I kind of saw things are stabilizing, we’re kind of on the upward again, that’s when I start deploying a lot of money and was able to get some really good stock.

So if you want to make a lot of money in the market, always keep some cash around doesn’t mean all your money in cash because that just gets devalued over time. But always keep some cash around, in Don’t be afraid to buy the market when there’s major dips, or when stocks you love for the long term dip big and you love that stock. Okay, whether you own it before or you don’t own in the future. Okay? So that’s first two secrets, secret number three, right? In 2018.

I figured out I’m like, Okay, I’m getting this account up and rolling. If I’m going to build a portfolio, the way I want to build a portfolio the next few years, I need to set up a top three, 

I need to have three really big companies that I love for the next let’s say five years or so. Okay? And so what I want to build those around is companies with amazing balance sheets, the FB Facebook, okay, this was one of the this was the main position I built the account around Facebook’s got a top five balance sheet in the tire world of any company of any company.

And so I said this is a profit beast. it you know, people are going to continue to use Facebook and Instagram and sure enough that has come true over the last few years actually more people using Facebook Instagram.

WhatsApp than ever before, which are all properties owned by Facebook skyworks Solutions one of the best balance sheets of any company you’ll ever find cashflow that usually around a billion dollars cash, no debts. Cirrus Logic cruzi doozy usually like 400 million or so in cash and no debts. And so I said, these are the top three, I want to build my portfolio around.

These are three I feel comfortable with. And that’s exactly what I did. And guess what? those positions got nailed. Remember I talked about that big drop in the market fall and winter time. Go look at the stock price of Facebook.

Sky work solutions and cruzi doozy in around like December of 2018. Okay, and look at their stock prices today. Let’s say about that. And I was fortunate enough to buy buy buy some great companies and built around a top three. Okay. secret number four. I don’t even know if this is a secret.

Okay, tough for my athletes. This stock is my best stock of my life. Okay, there’s no other way of putting it. The gains are ridiculous. I think we’re up 800 900% on a stock, okay. I’ve never gotten that big of a gain on a stock, hey, 

I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of homeruns over time, a lot of stocks that went up 100% Plus, but I can’t ever remember stock I held that went up 800 to 900% or so. Okay, so Tesla, my Tesla, has no day been a beast. And this was not one of those top three.

This was like a fourth or fifth biggest position, I think in the public count when I built this out. But tests I guess what I did. Remember I said about random stocks out by when they did tell. So I bought that stock for like a year straight.

It would dip some I buy 10 shares, 20 shares, 30 shares, whatever just kept adding shares, adding shares here and there when it would have a major dip built into I think my fourth or fifth biggest position in overtime has just gone up so much that it became my biggest position not because I put a lot of money in and I didn’t.

It’s jus because the stock was unreal, amazing. Okay, I took a risk, which tests Am I invested in was more of a risk. And so I took a calculated risk and Tesla and it paid off. Like I can’t really explain and it’s not like I’m the only one that’s prospered from Tesla stock.

I mean, there’s been a lot of people in my private group that got carried to six figure club seven figure club on the back of custom I asked Okay, that’s talks been tremendous to any everybody has been treated well by Tesla stock is such short sellers. That’s it. Okay. So yeah, tell some last love. Thank you Tesla. Okay, step number five, is really important.

Take ELS and move on. I’ve done that successfully two stocks that come to mind that I took elves on me, I lost money in that stock, and I sold for a loss. Okay, two starts to come to mind. 2018 was US Steel. I looked into that company. And they were making money hand over fist at that time. And the valuation I come down, I think to like $20 or so.

And I looked at that company said this is really attractive. And then shortly after a few months, went by maybe a couple quarters were important. And I just realized everything that was really good with us deal was getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse. And I realized I started running numbers and I’m like, and this where I see us still going I think they’re going to start taking losses. When I got in that stock.

They were taking massive profits. And I looked at this one and I was like I think they’re going to start taking losses again, the way I’m starting to run on these numbers out. And I moved on, I cut the I cut ties with it. I lost money. I don’t know if I lost like $3,000 in that stock or whatever.

But I cut it when I cut it in that was the best decision because after that the stock went down like 70% I think like Some insane number, okay, so instead of saying, Oh, I’m gonna you know, I’m just gonna be prideful and and hope it works out. I said, let me take my L and it’s embarrassing and takeouts. But you’re gonna take ellsen stock market, you’re investing in 15 different stocks, there’s gonna be one or two are going to be bad. It’s just like facts.

Like, either it’s going to be because you made a bad decision, or bad luck happened CCL, that’s more of a bad luck situation, what am I going to do, like I invested in that stock rate before a once in 100 year health event happened, it was the worst time to invest in that stock. I sold that stock stock off at like, I think around 16 or so roughly somewhere in there.

And I cut my ties with that company, just because I looked at and I said, Okay, the balance sheet has gotten tremendously worse from when I bought that company, their revenue numbers are going to be awful for years to go. Like even when they come back, they sold off so many shifts and cut down so many lines that you know, the revenue is not going to ever you know, or it’s not gonna be the same anytime soon, if ever, neither is net income is a way worse balance sheet.

Plus, we don’t know what what’s the deal with Ronnie Ronan? How long is this gonna last? And I just looked at that. And I said, I gotta cut it, man. It’s, uh, it was just bad luck. Sometimes you have really good luck. Tesla’s a case of really good luck. Sometimes you’re gonna have really bad luck. CCL is a perfect example a really bad luck, took my house caught them.

And there’s no shame in that game. Because if you’re in the stock, like Warren Buffett sometimes gets in bad stocks and loses a few billion dollars. So everybody’s gonna do it from time to time, he’s gonna swallow your pride and you say, didn’t work out and cut it, cut it before it gets a lot worse. 

Okay, like when it comes in to zero just judged by looking at if the stocks down and you look at the business fundamentals, that’s what it comes down to with x and CCL. I looked at the business fund and then met the business fundamentals. And I said, This isn’t what I invested in man, and I got out of those.

And that’s a decision to be made. If the business fundamentals are great and the stock price going down. You don’t sell usually buy more. Okay, there’s a difference. Sometimes there’s great businesses that the stock price goes down.

That’s when you buy okay. But when the business fundamentals are really bad, and they get worse and worse, that’s when sometimes just to say cut it man cut it before you take a much bigger loss than you ever expected. Okay, secret number Wait a minute, we got to five secrets. Okay, this is a video on the fly.

I’m not I’m gonna edit this out. I’m just gonna keep it okay. So the No, no, no, the fifth secret. Okay. Dividends reinvested. Any dividend money I’ve received in that account. I plug it right back into stocks. I don’t take that out and say let me go pop bottles at the club or something like that. Or let me go buy a new t shirt now just wear the T shirt I’ve been wearing for over 12 years.

Okay, dividends reinvest. Okay, I didn’t count that maybe as a secret because it was such a simple one pay to get a secret number six, tax man. ferry key. Okay. Member all these stocks, I had massive gains on. 

A lot of them I haven’t paid taxes on yet. If I went ahead and sold off all the stocks and had to pay those taxes, we’re going from a million down to like 800k or so net worth. Now, I don’t know what the specific number is maybe 900k. I don’t know, I got a lot of taxes, I have to pay at some point.

But I try to sell as few and far between for short term gains, because I’m in the highest tax bracket. Okay. So if I sell for short term gain, meaning a stock I’ve held for less than a year, I have to pay my super high tax rate. If I hold it for over a year I pay like I don’t know, I think it’s like 19% or something like that capital gains. Very nice.

I’d much rather pay that than the other number. Okay, so I’m not wanting to just get out of stocks, like sometimes it happens. And if I got to take a short term profit, I’ll take it. But ultimately, I usually take long term profits, because, hey, that, you know, especially if I love a company long term, it’s like everything’s geared in my advantage. I’m a long term investor in companies, I love holding companies, ideally for years.

And so if that’s the situation, I pay way less taxes than a guy that’s trying to jump in and out of stocks or something like that. So tax man on my side, thank you. secret number seven, okay, we just spoke about sometimes I do take short, you know, short term W’s. And sometimes I do, usually it’s when a position is not built out, Okay, so let’s say like a stock a lot, I start buying it and I get a position started and it just starts going up up up up.

Next thing you know that stocks up 10% 15% 20% 25% sometimes I’m just like, I’m just getting out of it, I’m just gonna take the profit and get out of this one. Because a lot of times I’ll have another stock that I love a lot more that might be getting beaten down.

And so often I look at a risk, you know, kind of risk reversal and I’m like, okay, that stock just went up 25% I haven’t got my position built to where I want to build it this other stocks down 25% so now we’re getting like. 

What you know 50% difference and this other stock, I might even like a lot better valuation wise business fundamentals and so I go ahead, sell that stock, take that short term w redeploy that money. So sometimes I will take short term gains, but I tried to very few and far between I’m much rather take long term gains.

But with that being said, is a big difference between saying I’ve always got to take long term gains, and sometimes just got to take those short term gains. Okay, before we get to secret eight, let me just see what this video records out. We’re looking at.

Okay, secret number eight home runs. There’s no way this accounts at this at a million dollars right now, even not for the fact that we’ve been able to hit so many homeruns Okay, I’ll show you a screenshot here just of the homeruns we have written down the count Never mind. 

Like how many games we might have taken from some of those stocks or other stocks we might have sold out that were home runs like Tesla, my Tesla, right? You see the game like it’s crazy Elf on the Shelf, right?

The planet up work fizzy get dizzy. cruzi doozy all homeruns Okay, meaning those stocks are up 100% plus 100% plus, okay. So you know, you need a lot of homeruns if you’re going to pull put some amazing numbers. And obviously, if you’re gonna get a 91% return last year 91% return this year. And we’ll we’ll see where it shakes out, we’re still another month left in the year, it could be higher in that it could be lower than that we’ll see.

But if you’re going to pull off those type of returns, you need plenty of homeruns in your account, okay? Because remember, you’re going to make a mistake every once in a while. And so if you’ve been make a mistake, and then come through with the home run, like the mistake was a joke because you just hit a massive home run that, you know, just got your accountant way up. Okay. 

So we’ve been fortunate to just knock a lot of out of the ballpark. And, you know, I’m thankful for that. Okay, secret number nine. I like to always have my money in the best companies possible without being under diversified.

That’s a big buck. Okay, but without being under diversified, because technically, you could have all your money in just one stock, okay? Sometimes that one stocks kind of go bad, okay, I’m just gonna be honest with you. 

Like, sometimes it goes good. And you can make your alias like, I’m a genius. I put all my money in one sock or two stocks, and they’re doing so good. And sometimes I’ve been there, where that one stock, your best stock, your biggest stock flops, nothing goes right. You might have a bad luck situation, the management team might mess it up.

It happens, okay. And if you’re in this for 10 2030 years doing this stock market investing, stock picking like Dude, you’re it’s gonna happen from time to time. Okay, it is what it is. But I always like to have my money in the best stocks possible without being under under diversified. So I try to hold always at least 10 stocks in this account.

Right now, I’m probably somewhere around 15 stocks in the public count, okay, somewhere around 15, roughly, but remember, there’s a million dollars in this account, okay. I don’t want to get to a place where I hold 38 stocks in this account or something like that. The reason being at the end of the day is that’s just way over diversified in my personal opinion.

Like at that point, you might as well start buying s&p 500 index funds or something like that, if you hold 38 stocks, like it’s just insane. And I’ve seen other people’s portfolios where they hold 5055 stocks and like, my goodness, you know, you’re not, you’re not able to invest much in your biggest positions if you hold if you’ve got money spread across 55 different companies, right? So I always like to have money in the best companies possible. secret number 10.

accountability. Okay, this is a big, big secret. Okay. I don’t think I’ve ever revealed this to anyone outside of my private stock group ever before. Okay, this is God’s honest truth. You want to know which stock account I have is my best performance. So I have a few different counts out of the public count, right?

This is the one where everybody in the private group can see every single move I’m making there. I have my main private account. Okay. I have my retirement account, then I have a few other accounts, but like, those are the three main ones. Okay. Guess which one’s the best performing of all those. This one? Public count?

Why is that a lot of times I mirror a lot of the positions 95% of the time. The reason being is, is accountability. I think through things so much deeper, because I know, everybody sees my portfolio in there. And there’s, you know, 2000 3000 members or whatever in there, right? And I know every single time I buy or sell a stock, everybody’s gonna be asking me why I did that. And I better have dang good reasons.

Okay. And so when it comes to that, I have to think everything through like 10 times, okay? Whereas if you hold a private account, you know, you got money in a different account, like a lot of you guys know, you’re not accountable to anybody, right? You could do whatever you want. You can sell all your stocks right now, no one’s asking you questions.

No one’s judging you. But for me, if I go ahead, if I go ahead, so test to start tomorrow, you better believe I’m gonna have 2000 plus DMS from every single person that private groups and what they’re selling at Tesla, what’s going on? I better think that through my way, like I better think that through like for three days straight, okay.

So this allows me to just use my brain and think over and over again. Rather than a situation where I can make decisions based upon emotion, that’s why this is my best account. That’s why this account has done 91% last year and outperformed my other accounts. That’s why this account is outperforming my other accounts this year. But other accounts are doing really well. Like I think my main private account last time I checked was like 80 something percent.

This was at 91. And 100%. I feel like it’s only because of accountability. Because in those other accounts, I can make an emotional decision, and I don’t have to answer to anybody. But my goodness, if I make a decision over here, I better be ready to you know, answer a ton of questions about okay tenability, let me set this timer to record again, already guys, secret number 11. Up here 12 years, okay.

There’s no way I built this account to this probably without being in the market for a good amount of time. Because remember, I’m self taught, I have never had somebody, like be able to run me through a bunch of stuff and be like, well, you need to do this, you need to stay away from that. Don’t do that. I’m self taught 100% I wish I had like myself to teach myself 12 years ago, because my gains would have been way bigger off the jump like I would have been getting like ridiculous gains within my first few years.

Rather than, like 2008 2009 2010 I didn’t really get rolling in a big way until 2011. Like it took me like three years, if not four years to really start getting up and running and know what I’m doing. And never mind that there was other mistakes I made along the way 2015 because I didn’t have anybody to like guide me.

But I’m 100% self taught. And I’m 12 years into this, if I wasn’t 12 years into this, I wouldn’t have gotten these gains, more likely, I just have a lot of experience, I just know how to identify a good business from a bad business, I know how to identify a good management team from a bad management team.

I know how to judge financials. And I’m just like, I’m in a really good place as far as like my investing abilities and kind of knowing which stocks are going to hit which ones are and even with that I still never going to be right 100% of time. But Dang, I’m going to be right probably 90% of the time, if not more 90% of time. And if you’re right 90% of the time, if not more than that, you’re gonna make a whole lot of money in the stock market.

That’s all I have to say about that. And unfortunate to have, you know, a good amount of experience. And the great thing is everything’s cumulative. So all this stuff, I’m getting just better and better and better and better and better. And you know, if another 12 years go by, and I’m fortunate enough to you know, still be here and still, you know, have my faculties and whatnot. You know, I can only imagine where I’ll be at that time with my investing abilities.

So yeah, everything’s cumulative. If you know, the knowledge just continues to build Alright, secret number 12 all gains reinvested very key, I don’t pull out money out of that account and go do something else with it. Every time I take a game, let’s say take a you know, a $50,000 gain on stock, that 50,000 plus the principal I put in that stock is going into the next stock always reinvesting the gains.

That’s how this account got built to a million dollar plus account three years, adding all those things together has produced you know, crazy results results I could have never dreamt about in that particular account came now I told you guys I have three new big dogs here okay, that I’m gonna be riding with for the next several years. Now Tesla you know, Facebook sky works lotto stocks I’m still planning on holding for now and I’m not planning on getting rid of those stocks.

I’m just thinking about the new generation of stocks, I have k, the new generation Dropbox beyond me, Wynn resorts, those are the new generation those three stocks I think are going to be the stocks that if we’re Fast Forward three years from now two three years from now, I think those stocks are going to be huge winners for me. I think I really truly believe that those stocks will be you know, I think they’re gonna be in this category.

Let’s put that way I think all three of those stocks will be homeruns if we fast forward three years from now Time will tell We’ll see. We’ll see. That’s all I’ll say. So hope you guys enjoyed this as always hope you got a ton of value out of it gave a lot I gave out a ton of games video if you don’t mind smash me a thumbs up it helps up youtube channel massively.

That’s all I asked for this video guys. If you want to check out stock club, absolutely free to do that. You will probably love it in there be able to chat stocks with you know 20,000 plus other long term investors in the market.

And other than that, guys, hope you enjoyed this one apply for my private stock group. You can do so down in the description. I might also have that like as a pinned comment maybe the second comment down there something like that think they’re actually doing a deal.

They’re gonna do something for Black Friday around like Black Friday week and the week after if you you know, if you’re able to actually join the group and whatnot. I think they’re doing something like two free lessons with one of our seven figure coaches or something like that our six figure seven figure I don’t want to say too much because

I don’t want to put words in their mouth. I think they’re doing something like that for you guys. So if you’re interested in that, definitely check it out. All right. Thank you for watching and have a great day..

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