10 Stocks To Buy in Stock Market Crash part 2

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Today I share with you 10 stocks to buy if this stock market correction continues. If we have a second stock market crash i will really buy these stocks heavy! Would you put these stocks into the stocks to buy now category or stocks to watch? LMK!

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Well guys here today we do one of my favorite types of videos to do in which we talk about a whole bunch of individual stocks. These are my favorite videos to do on the YouTube channels. Usually my videos either compromise on one of three subjects.

Talking about the stock market, in general, talking about one individual stock really in depth are talking about a whole bunch of different stocks. And that’s exactly what we’re doing in this video.

This is my favorite type of content to make. We’re talking about 10 stocks, I will be buying in the next stock market crash or if this whole thing continues what’s going on right now, if we have a correction over the next several weeks, several months, some stocks that I’m looking at, and I’m looking and I’m saying, These are the type of stocks.

I want to buy more of, I’m just I need valuations to come down a bit. And that’s pretty much true for all these stocks. Okay. Now, recently, with the stock market being just amazing for pretty much the past, what two and a half months or so, it seems like every day was just going up and up. You know, a lot of people are like, oh, stocks only go up in the market and can’t crash anymore.

That’s a dream. You know, it’s just, you know, Dream on, and then the stock market just flexed on everybody today, literally just flex not everybody. It’s like you guys can say whatever you want, I will do whatever I want.

Okay, when everybody thought, oh man, that the market was gonna go down to 15k or 12k or 10k, or whatever, you know, it just went up like crazy with all that bad news. Now everybody’s saying all the market can’t crash anymore.

All it’s unrealistic, no his dream on and it’s like, down 1800 plus points when the biggest downward days for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in its history here today, not just in terms of a point drop. But also in terms of a percentage drop.

I can tell you, there’s been very few days in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which goes back like 100 plus years, but it’s ever been down seven plus percent. Like this is a massive downward move.

It’s just the biggest flex like I always tell you guys, the stock market is like the ocean. Sometimes it’s real nice and calm, and you just have a good old time, right? Kind of like the stock market’s been lately.

It’s just like the ocean, and then all sudden, you get hit with a massive wave, okay, just like the ocean, the stock market can be a very dangerous place. And it just showed that day it’s like, Hey, wake up, people wake up.

Okay, so I try to balance this list out in terms of some of these stocks, I already own that I want to add more shares of I just need valuations come down a bit. And some of these stocks, I don’t have any position and I try to bounce a list.

So I think four of these stocks, either four or five of these stocks, I actually already have position and I just want to put more money in these stocks, and another, you know, five or six of the stocks.

Basically I don’t have any money in but I really want to build into some nice positions, guys. So hope you enjoy this video. As always make sure to smash that thumbs up button in comment down there in the comment section.

What stocks you want to buy? What stocks would you love to get in? You’re just looking for a cheaper valuation? I would really love to hear from you guys in that comment section. As always, you guys might have the next 10 bagger, you know, we never know.

Okay, let’s start digging into those in the first stock up here is amazings on ticker symbol a MZN. The good old Amazon I call it the amazings on okay. You know, I’ve been wanting to build a position in Amazon for quite a while we know about obviously the retail side of the business massive, which is you know, it’s the future of e commerce as far as the main platform, right?

And it’s now it’s now in it’s the future of the next 10 years. They’ve just kind of won the battle that you know, Walmart used to win, you know, Walmart, you think about traditional, like, you know, retail and being the place where you can get everything that’s Amazon, but Amazon is like you know, Walley world but on steroids.

Okay, so I would love to get in some Amazon, I would love to add a bunch of shares. And I have seen this stock recently, you know, literally just a month or two ago, it was under $2,000 a share. And I should add it I didn’t add I can tell you.

if Amazon stock goes back under 2000, which is very much a possibility. Remember, the stock was just under 2000 like a month or two ago. If it goes under there, I will not miss my opportunity again. Okay, I will not miss my opportunity. If this puppy goes on to 2k I will be buying k y i’m not buying at $2,500 or $2,600. Like it was trading yesterday.

Why am I not doing that? Well, valuation. Okay. It’s trading at the Rich’s valuations. It has an anytime recently, obviously, with the stock like Amazon, you’re going to pay up for it, you’re going to pay a premium versus the rest of the market.

And I’m fully willing to do that. But the fact is Amazon’s trading way richer than any time in its past history. Look at the trailing p it’s so much higher than it’s been any time in the past right? Look at the forward p extremely high compared to any time period in recent memory right?

Usually for p it’s in the 5060 range, which is still very, very high compare the market but I can understand that right now. We’re trading at 104 four p for this one. Okay, price to sales ratio, also the highest at any time in recent history. Okay.

And you know, this is just another one of those reasons why essentially it’s very hard to find some good deals out there because new consumer You know, one of the biggest companies in the world if not the biggest market cap now.

It’s Usually between them an Apple and Microsoft. But you know, it’s trading rich right now let’s just put that way it’s trading very rich even after today’s 3.3% decline. So if this one goes under 2k, amen, that’s all I have to say. And if it was to ever fall under 1800, again, like it was just a couple months ago after they reported earnings.

I’m buying heavy and that one. Okay, that’s amazings on that’s the first couple of the 10. Stock number two of these 10 stocks is Berkshire Hathaway. Now I added some Berkshire Hathaway, an extremely small position, about I think it was a month ago or so.

And I think we’re a little green on it right now. If we are it’s a very small amount, because the amount of money I put into Berkshire Hathaway was a very, very small amount. But we all know Berkshire Hathaway, it’s a conglomerate that owns a ton of businesses. putting money in Berkshire Hathaway is very similar to putting money in the s&p 500.

But it’s just more strategically invested in some very specific businesses where the s&p 500 is just, you know, the rent the most random list of 500 businesses, these are ones that are picked, you know, pretty much by Warren Buffett himself.

Okay, with tons of investments, tons of cash, we’re talking $140 billion, roughly in cash now in Berkshire Hathaway’s balance sheet, that number should go to 150 plus billion over the next few quarters. So it’s an amazing business model.

I would love to get into this one heavier Okay, I could potentially even had here even in the 170s I can see myself adding some Berkshires some more but on the 160s is where I really love Berkshire and we’re thinking about that price point that.

I really love it 160s Okay, it is more of a value stocks you have to be a little more price sensitive to this in terms of you can’t just pay any type of price like you might for growth sock or something like that.

Berkshire is more of a value stock so you got to you know get it when it’s a good value okay and the 160 is really good value but it’s not super rich I mean look at this market capitalization two recent times it’s under Where are usually trades at four Ps completely wrong.

I don’t know what Yahoo Finance has but I can promise you no Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t have 108 forward p on it. That’s absolutely ridiculous. That’s like just a straight up typo like they should make some very nice profits regardless of whatever’s going on in the economy.

On top of that, they end up having to count any stock price gains as profit as well which counts toward Ford P which, you know, obviously stocks have come back roaring including their biggest investment by four which is what Apple stock Okay, so Berkshire Hathaway is actually a pretty interesting value here.

And if it goes any lower over the next few weeks, the next few months, I will be adding more but 160s is really where it starts getting interesting. Okay, let’s talk number two of 10 stuck number three of 10 winning resorts you guys know this is already an investment of mine.

And I would love to buy some more Wynn resorts I can never buy enough Wynn resorts most of the time you know whenever the stocks under $100 I’m just I’m just rubbing my hands I just love it. Okay, anytime when goes under 100 I have to say you know what I have to you know, think about buying this one. It’s a little under 90 right now.

Okay 7060s 50s is when I really really love to load up on shares of winning resorts Okay, now the stock bottomed in the march bottom and bottom to actually like 35 bucks. Okay, I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s going back there to $35 if it is I will be loading the boat.

Okay, let’s put it that way. I don’t think it’s going back there. But is it a possibility the stock will go back to 7060s or 50s? Absolutely. Macau numbers are awful still, Vegas is just opening which is my city I live in right we’re gonna see how all this transpires market capitalization not that expensive right now under $11 billion market cap which is you know.

On traditional basis actually pretty cheap for when okay, but I will say that the four P is very high in this company. Once again, Yahoo Finance they their numbers are all over the place right now normal analysts are updating them, or what the heck’s going on?

I can promise you Wynn resorts does have an 1140 on it. Wynn resorts for P is at least in the 30s if not more than the 30s it might be in the 40s 50s and who knows I have actually some doubts about when even making a profit at all this year is gonna have a lot to do with how travel restrictions go in Macau and how that you know.

When they ever they’ve removed the travel restrictions how that opens back up numbers have been down 90% plus in Macau, despite it being open again, just so many travel restrictions. And so what are the numbers what would they be if the travel restrictions were taken off down?

50% we don’t know. Okay, Vegas, we don’t know how that’s going to really do the Boston property. You know, there’s still a lot up in the air so I have doubts that one will even make a profit of any kind over the course of the next six to 12 months. Let’s put it that way.

Okay, which is why you know, I’m a little pickier with my pricing with Wynn resorts and I would be in most normal economic time. Let’s put it that way. So 70 6050s goes anywhere in there. I will be adding more shares and a lot more shares if it goes really low. Okay.

Stock number 410 is a stock I made money from in the past but don’t have any position in it right now. It’s Nvidia Corporation Nvidia Corporation ticker symbol NVDA a game changing company, one of the best technology companies in the world.

You know, just amazing company artificial intelligence. You Gaming with their ray tracing technology, just amazing, amazing, amazing company, they’re doing a lot of very important things when it comes to self driving cars, they’ll likely be one of the biggest players in that market.

Just a great company. But it’s another one of those that’s trading bricks right now, it really is, especially with all the you know, uncertainty we have out there, it’s trading rich market capitalization, you know, double what it was trading at just a few quarters ago.

Trailing p by far the highest of any time in recent history right forward p, by far the highest of any time in recent history, price to sales ratio, by far the highest of any time in recent history for Nvidia stock. So I love this company, I love the tech.

I love the management team. I love the balance sheet. I love the profitability, I love the focus, I love the way the company is going, don’t let the valuation Okay, this one needs to come down quite a bit for me to start buying it, I will absolutely be interest in the stock.

But honestly, I really needed down about $100 a share, it goes to 50 under 250, then we’re talking Okay, then we’re talking and I can add this one in a big position. Like I said, it was a very small position I had in the past made a little money on it got out of it. And I would love to re enter this one and actually build into a big position.

I just need lower man, the valuation just too high. And this is why you know, this is why it pains me in the stock market right now. Because it’s just you look at so many great companies, and they’re just trading incredibly rich.

I mean, incredibly rich right now, and this is why it’s really hard to find some good deals out there. Okay, number five, a 10 stock is cruzi doozy, so cruzi doozy, a stock I already own. I took a lot of profits in this one in the 70s 80s as it went up and up.

And now it’s continuing to drop. Now it’s 67. And I gotta say when I look at cruzi doozy if this falls under 65, I might actually have to start buying some shares, especially if this was to fall into the 50s again, okay.

I actually might start adding shares a cruisee doozy again, okay, the valuation isn’t very bad right now for cruzi Uzi, the only negative the real negative for Cirrus Logic is really just their their their customer concentration, they get like 80% of their revenues from Apple.

Okay. And that’s obviously award. That’s why cruisey doozy can’t really be like a number one or number two biggest position in any portfolio, but it can absolutely be one of the stocks you own. And I got you know, I might be interested in potentially picking some more up of this company, they have very nice growth ahead.

Forward P is pretty much in line with where they usually trade at. And so cruisey doozy, a major amazing management team, amazing balance sheet, amazing employees. There’s a strong possibility it could pick up some cruisey doozy if it falls under 65 especially if it goes into the 50s By the way, if you didn’t know they actually make audio codecs amplifiers and things like that.

So whenever you if you’re watching this on an iPhone right now, or an iPad, like the the reason you’re hearing my voice right now is because of the audio chips that are in that device made by Guess who’s Cirrus Logic so pretty dang cool.

Things come full circle right? Or we got stuck. Number six attend not a stock I hold right now. Right? Google McDougal. Okay, so Google McDougal, obviously, they’re on the Google platform, you know, Google search, the massive biggest search engine out there most profitable search engine out there, right there.

They own the platform you’re watching this video on right now, which is YouTube. Okay. And, you know, I’m a YouTuber, obviously, that’s one of my, you know, descriptions, I guess you can say YouTuber. I love YouTube.

Like, before I was even ever like, like a YouTuber. I used to go on YouTube all the time, just love YouTube, like pretty much since it came out back in like when I was in high school, it’s just always been amazing, amazing growing business, YouTube will continue to grow for at least next decade, in my opinion.

And on top of that, they obviously own Android, they have a huge cloud business and ton of other, you know, adjacent businesses. So you know, great. Yeah, I mean, what can you say about Google? And also, they have probably the best balance sheet of any public company in the world. And that’s saying a lot because there are a lot of companies that have some amazing balance sheets.

And Google McDougal probably has the best balance sheet of all the amazing Okay, it’s training the rich Okay, trailing p guess what the richest it has in any time in recent history, right? For p by far the highest of any time in recent history.

And rates have fallen for Google McDougal. They fallen for everybody in the advertising space essentially, you know, who knows when they’ll come back they’re going to come back when business advertising comes back.

And in terms of business advertising, we still get to see you know how long that takes to come back. So Google’s not in a huge position of power right now when it comes to AD rates are phenomenal business great management team great balance sheet I love the company would love to own it.

I needed in the 1200s or you know definitely under 1200 that would really be nice. If we can get this under 1200 then I am going to be a very happy camper. Okay, and I will gladly own Google you know, I you guys already know.

I own the FB, right, and the FB and Google combined. I mean, you pretty much got a monopoly advertising industry essentially at the end of the day, and then nevermind, imagine if I bought Amazon as well.

That’s literally like the three companies that like completely dominate the advertising industry like that would be insane so you know I would love to own Google that profitability and that balance sheet and those businesses I would love to own it but at the same time I’m not going to pay you know by far and away the highest valuation anytime recent history Does that make sense?

k store number seven nov 10. Activision Blizzard ticker symbol, oo t v II. There is a video game giant out there okay. I mean you know, if you just think about mobile games, you know, console games, the biggest player you’re the biggest player out there they’re the ones that are doing the biggest numbers Okay, they got the most important franchises pretty much out there.

And so Activision a TVI. I need this one under $60 a share why, once again valuations look at price to sales ratio by far and away the highest of any time in recent history. Look at the forward p by far the highest of any time in recent history.

Look at the market capitalization. Look at the trailing p by far and away the highest of any time in recent history. I really would love to own Activision Blizzard I owned it a while back I think I made a little money on it like short term by the way you still own a company that they ended up buying was called King digital.

It was a major investment of mine it was actually my biggest investment at one particular time that company made Candy Crush Candy Crush soda saga like farm heroes some you know insanely popular mobile games that made money hand over fist they paid huge dividends Activision Blizzard bought them out.

I think that was back in shoot was probably back in 2015 now I mean that’s probably like five years ago was quite a while ago so I made some decent money on King and you know I made some decent money in the past on Activision and I would just I would love to build in a big possession.

I really would but I needed under 60 they can go under there hey you Welcome to the portfolio Activision Blizzard. Okay, start number of turn and I don’t hold this one either this one is square stock ticker symbol Sq on this one, I will love to hold square stock.

So this is this is my opinion. JACK Dorsey’s real, real company, in my opinion. You know, Twitter, obviously, is another jack Dorsey company. But I look at that as like small potatoes compared to the opportunity in front of square.

But at the same time, when I think about square, right, there’s a there’s a company that makes a ton of their revenues and profits from what small businesses and midsize businesses as well. And man, those ones are really the ones that have been hit the worst.

Okay, some of the big, big, big huge companies, right, the Amazons and some of those other big tech, right, they’re doing okay in this whole thing, but it’s actually really the small businesses and midsize businesses that are that are getting hit the worst in this whole Roni run a situation right?

And that is Square’s main market. Okay. And at the end of the day, it’s not just that it’s just not my concern, my concern around that, but also squares valuation. It’s another one that’s trading extremely high. Look at the four p on the stock.

It’s 200 versus, you know, anytime it’s usually trading under 100. Let’s put it that way. Okay. The valuation has just gone absolutely bananas for square stock. It’s another one that man I would love to own it.

I really, really, really would. But I’m not paying and by far and away the highest valuation, the stocks trade at any time in recent history, okay. And this is you know, at the end of the day, it just comes back to so many of the stocks that man they’re attractive stocks or they’re got interesting business models.

They got things you like, but just the valuations on the stocks have gone so insane recently. And this is why this is why we need the stock market lower honestly, because you look out to the market and when you can’t find any deals.

It’s just it’s hard. And that’s exactly what I look at it with square. I’m like I love I would love to buy some square, but Gosh, not paying 200 for p when I usually trades in a 50 to 100 range like it’s just ridiculous.

This is a market for you right now. Okay, cool calm ticker symbol q calm on this one, q c o m, stock number nine attend. I have a very, very small position in this right now. And we’re up quite substantially on this.

I think I got the shares in the 60s range K, like, I don’t remember if it’s 64 or 66. But it was somewhere in the 60s. If I recall, very small position I should have bought way heavier when I bought, you know, unfortunately, I didn’t buy nearly heavy enough.

And now I’m looking in I want to buy more, but I don’t want to buy Port 84 I’m looking you know, back under 70. If I can get this you know, in the 60s, then then we’re talking Okay, Qualcomm’s gonna be a huge player in 5g technology 5g is going to take off over the next few years.

I know you know Ronnie Ron has maybe slowed down things a bit and there’s talk that maybe Apple doesn’t launch their 5g iPhone this year. We’ll see about that. Only time will tell maybe Apple push it back here. There’s some talk about that.

But at the end of the day, if you’re thinking about the one company that probably has the biggest 5g opportunity of any public company is likely Qualcomm in public and private company Qualcomm, they likely have the biggest opportunity to 5g and they’re going to you know be a huge player in 5g Technology.

It looks like and the stocks trading relatively you know in line with kind of were trades in the past but at the same time, you know, I would love this one to be a bit lower as well but you know it’s one of those I could make an argument I should be buying here.

It’s just a little painful to buy this one when I just bought it not that long ago it’s in the 60s but I will say Qualcomm compared to a lot of these other stocks It looks like a much more fair valuation if you’re buying it at four versus some of these other stocks we’ve been looking at because look at the Ford PE it’s very in line with where trades.

Usually at versus some of these other stocks out there that it’s just trading ridiculously higher than they usually trade 4k. That was stock number nine a tenant last one up your stock number 10 of 10 the planet Planet 13 Holdings Okay.

So Planet 13 Holdings I don’t want to go into an in depth video on this one. If you want to check out an in depth video I just put one out on financial education to all about the planet in some two new revelations I had with plan 13 which makes me really understand the stock is a potential 10.

Bagger plus in the future as long as they can execute because there’s some really exciting stuff going on for that stock. Okay, so if you didn’t know essentially I have a second channel is called financial education too. And I post pretty much as many videos on there as I do the main channel. So if you want to know more about that, check that out.

And also guys just so you know, we do have some free resources linked for you down there. If you want to know how to outperform the stock market in 2020. Definitely check out free resources down there. We have a few other ones in the description. All right. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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