10 Stocks To Buy Heavy in this Stock Market Crash

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Well holy smokas this ain’t no jokas! The stock market lately has been downtrending. A lot of people have been asking if it will continue or not. The fact is that it could easily keep downtrending. 

So what do you do in this situation? Do you sell out of all your stocks and buy back later? Its really hard to time the market so its too risky to time it right before it goes up.

Now that the stock market has weakened is a perfect opportunity to buy the dip! To take advantage of the deals that are appearing! There is a lot of stocks that are amazing companies but the valuation didn’t line up. So in this video I’m going to talk to you about 10 stocks in the stock market right now that should be bought heavy! Like always, please do your own research! Do your own due diligence. Don’t buy a stock just because I buy a stock.

Hope you enjoy this video where I talk about several stocks and I hope that you will see at least one stock that you like and research it! Don’t forget to smash that like button! Leave me your opinion on these stocks in the comment section. Let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Well guys, if you haven’t already noticed the stock market continues to weaken and weaken and weaken in I believe NASDAQ down another 361 points here today tech stocks are selling off heavily Okay, down another 2.7% here today, NASDAQ has now fallen well over 1000 points from the high reach just a few weeks ago.

In this video I want to talk about 10 stocks I’m going to be buying heavily as the stock market continues to downtrend and look at the trajectory of the stock market today. Look at the movement it follows almost a very similar pattern as yesterday in a lot of these days.

Okay, when I went to bed last night futures were looking great, NASDAQ was up big, and then the NASDAQ opens pretty decently and it falls rapidly right from the go. Then it bounces back and then it just falls and falls and falls and it finishes pretty much at the lows of the day. 

And this is happening almost day after day right now look at this chart. Okay, this shows you just a few weeks ago, the NASDAQ was well over 14,000 and now we’re in the 12,900 range so over 1000 points loss in the NASDAQ literally in just a snap of fingers and that’s how fast the market can turn from like it’s grand and everything’s you Ford to us and it’s like whoa what the heck is going on here?

Oh Thomas doc because keep in mind when the NASDAQ goes down that much that fast. That means a lot of stocks just dropped 10 1520 some 30 40% Okay, look at this one CCI v this is the one lucid air Okay, look at this one just in the past few weeks. It dropped from like 55 $60 or so all the way to $24 a share here today in literally a matter of a snap of fingers snap of fingers Okay, and down another almost 13% here today for the CCI v stock.

My goodness. Take a look at rocket Rocket Mortgage rocket companies, whatever you want to call them are Katie. Okay, let’s talk had a great day yesterday was up huge here today, it falls 32 plus percent. Okay, when we’re talking These are small moves like oh, it only felt like one or 2%. You know, this is nothing.

I mean, we’re talking about 13% fallen a 33% 32%. Fall, look at palantir p ltr. Now palantir I am putting some research work into the stock right now, I’m continue to do study work on this company, not the easiest one in the world to understand in terms of what is their true team opportunity there.

I’m doing a lot of work on this one. But look at how much this one’s fallen recently, from, you know, 3536 $37 to $23 in a snap of a fingers in a matter of literally just a few weeks. That’s a dramatic fall for palantir’s talking to them on the stock. So a lot of people are really excited about for the long term, but the valuation got extremely pushed up.

And now here we are trading at $23 k Tesla, my Tesla stock that I own right, this stock has dropped over $200 billion in market cap in less than 30 days. Okay, in less than 30 days, valuation definitely got pushed way up on Tesla.

And you know, I’ve been talking about this when I’m like, Hey, you know, this could potentially you know, make a big, big downward move. A lot of people who kind of brushed it off, I’m like, okay, you know, we’ll see and obviously, you know, it’s lost over $200 billion in less than 30 days on that one.

Neo stock this one at his peak was over $100 billion market cap here today it’s 64 billion look at workhorse stock Hey, another one of those stocks that was riding high and it was you know all about the hype and things like that and hope and things like that. 

And man when you’re writing off hope and hype it’s dangerous cycle. Okay, look at this stock, it was down another seven and a half percent here today. It’s down 60% Plus, in the past 30 days on that one.

And I mean, I could go into stock after stock after stock and show you guys how many stocks are down huge, literally just in the past few weeks. It’s a gauntlet of them and especially anything that’s really had the hype behind it.

Okay, and you got to ask yourself was today the bottom for the NASDAQ in 2021 was today at 12 nine whatever it is today, the bottom? You know, just think about that for a moment. Okay, was today actually the bottom and I say you know, it’s like this mold situation. Okay, I get this mold that keeps like making holes underneath my wall and it’s like, okay, was last night the final night he came to our backyard.

I mean, it could be maybe he just doesn’t want to come there anymore and maybe died or something like that. I would say yeah, he’s probably going to come in dig another hole. Okay, you know, last night probably wasn’t his last night visiting us and digging holes, okay, under the wall. And so just like this fountain continues to downpour, okay.

The downtrend in the stock market could continue and I want to share with you what stocks I’m buying. Okay, So hope you guys enjoy this. As always, never forget to smash it lets me know you guys enjoy videos like this where I talk about different stocks on buying as the market continues to weaken and weaken.

You’re looking to apply for my private stock group that’s going to be linked in the description if you’re looking to actually understand valuations, how to look into these companies, things like that. We can definitely help you with that. That’s what that program is all about. That’s what that group is all about.

And be part of, you know, the discord chat, where, you know, we literally have 1000s of other investors from all over the world talking about different stocks, they’re buying, they’re looking into bull thesis, things like that just kind of you get to a higher level, let’s put it that way. Alright guys, let’s get into these 10 stocks.

First one up here on the bunch is Facebook, easy money the next three years, I don’t care what happens in the nest, I don’t care if the NASDAQ downtrends for the next three years, I don’t care if the NASDAQ doesn’t go anywhere for the next three years, I don’t care the NASDAQ goes up for the next three years, it doesn’t matter in three years from now, Facebook is a much higher stock than it is today.

Bottom line with this company cash flow to the sky, when the most profitable business models ever increasing in mankind, and it’s going to get a whole lot more profitable. people haven’t even seen, you know, if they think they seen the peak of this company’s profitability, you know, as far as ad rates are going to continue to climb on Facebook, Instagram, and all the other platforms they own.

And with a change like Apple made in which essentially, now you can’t get as much data potentially from iOS users, that means advertisers are gonna have to spend even more money to get the same results they were getting before, which means even more money spent on Facebook and Instagram, which means essentially, the ad rates are going to go up even more substantially.

It’s funny, Apple’s thought they would, you know, damage Facebook, and this whole scenario, actually, I think the inverse is going to happen where you know, long term is is actually going to be a huge benefit to Facebook.

And you know, unfortunately the ones that really hurts our small businesses, that’s honestly the truth there. And that’s, that’s really unfortunate. But as far as Facebook, they’ll continue to thrive, where you’re gonna spend your money. If you’re a small business, you don’t have the money to spend on a Superbowl TV commercial or something like that.

Just unrealistic. super cheap valuation is one four P of like 22, which is a silly Oculus business is tearing it up their other revenue from Oculus in other products was up 156% last quarter. Okay, you know, Oculus is the future of virtual reality in just going to be a massive player there. So that’s a stock that I bought some here today.

And when I was like, you know, around where it’s at right now, and yeah, if it continues to go lower, gimme, gimme, gimme, I’ll buy as many shares as possible that would much rather have my money and in that stock than just in a savings account or something like that. Because, like I said, regardless of market, now Puppy’s going up over the next three years came next dark up here, stock number two of these 10 stocks is Walgreens boots Alliance.

This is a there’s a very similar situation of Facebook, I would say Facebook’s my Ultra conviction as far as confident and maybe Walgreens is number two, as far as risk reward goes, there’s another one stocks I look at three years now the stock is much higher than it is today.

It’s a great turnaround play, they have massive in store traffic coming over the next couple years because the Rooney Rule, basically shots that everybody’s gonna have to get Walgreens is going to be one of the biggest givers of those shots out there is going to push up in store traffic to really high levels, we’ll start to see some of this play out even as early as this spring. And then you’ll really start to see it in the summertime.

They’re adding more like Urgent Care slash, you know, like doctor’s offices, to the back of their stores are going to be retrofitting their stores, you got a brilliant CEO incoming, their dividend yield of 4%. Plus, that will be a huge winner for me over the next two, three years, four years, you know, regardless of whatever happens to the market, that’s the type of stocks I want to be in.

That’s one of the that’s the type of stocks I want to be in the type of stocks that regardless of whatever happens in the market, they’re going up because they’re these companies and the valuations are extremely cheap.

Some of these other stocks that people have been buying over the last few months where their valuations were pushed up to the sky, man that you know, that’s dangerous when you’re buying Walgreens at you know, 1012 four P and it’s a huge turnaround plan.

It’s going on who and you’ve got so many bullish things for the short term and long term for this company. That’s where things get really exciting. So I will gladly continue to buy that if the stock market tends to crash. Rocket companies are Katie, the stock obviously fell huge state 32% this is stock I’m keeping an eye on Okay, I think they have some negative things working against them in the short term.

Okay, I feel like refinancing will definitely slow down as this year goes on, mortgages will slow down as this year goes on. And that’s going to lead to a lot of fears around rocket its valuation and things like that. And I think ultimately in the short term, I think the stock could definitely weaken more and more.

And so if it does, and I still have a little more research to do in this company, if it continues to weaken, and there continues to be kind of a negative cycle around all refinancing worries, mortgage worries, things like that. This could very well be a stock I ended up picking up and adding to my portfolio for the long term. It is a very interesting company.

They’re on to some very big things. And I got to say from all the research I’ve done so far, which ones are gonna have to do more, I’m really liking this one. So this is one that you know if it continues to weaken the whole, you know, NASDAQ continues to drop.

This is definitely a stock I could potentially add palantir ticker symbol PL tr is another one. I think the valuation is going to continue to come down in the short term meaning over the next few months. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t okay, but I’m starting to do some real research work in this one in the last couple of weeks.

I’m starting to like what I see do I like the value They shouldn’t say, based upon where this company is at today, things like that. Absolutely not. Do I think this one is just gonna skyrocket to the sky in the short term? Probably not. If anything, I think it will continue to weaken in the short term, if it continues to weaken.

And I look more into this one, and I really like it. This is definitely a stock, I could add data related company, they’re on some very big stuff. I like the CEO there. And so that that’s one that I could potentially add down the road, just, you know, a lot of these stocks, it comes down to valuation. And hey, if we’re in this downdraft in the market, and nexio palantir’s trading in 1918 $17, who Okay.

Then then we’re talking then then the risk reward starts getting into my advantage when that when the valuation was pushing up against, you know, I mean, it was pushing up 60 80 billion or so it’s like, I think it might even been further than that at one point. It’s like, Ah, okay, risk reward. Not that attractive.

But man, a 30 billion. Okay, now you got me, okay. Now, it’s much more interesting. Okay. Speaking about a similar story, Cz IV.Okay, so here’s the thing with cc IV, a lot of people use Yahoo Finance, and some of these other ones for looking at market cap K, it’s not correct for this stock.

The true market capitalization for CCI v right now, is somewhere between 30 and $40 billion. When I first looked into this stock, recently, I was looking at it I was like,well, man, the market caps on a 10 billion. I was like, Oh, this is actually pretty cheap, man. Maybe this is an interesting stock.

And then I really looked into it, how many shares are out there and I realized, oh, Yahoo. finance’s in a lot of these other, you know, websites, they’re basically their market cap, they’re showing not the correct one.

Really, it’s like 30 to 40 billion range right now for this company. Now, keep in mind when I was buying Tesla stock A few years ago, the market capitalization was 30 to 40 billion. Tesla, at that time, had Elan Musk, they’re the best man ever.

When it comes to raising money. They had a massive amount of cars already out there, model three was already released and scaling, okay. And they had multiple factories in this company had already proven a lot when it comes to self driving vehicles. This was just a couple years ago, okay. And that was a 30 40 billion mark cap.

So I look at CCI v. And I’m like, okay, they don’t even really have cars in the market yet. They’re hoping to get to production, but they don’t even have it yet. So this is another one of those I’m looking in the short term like, yeah, this valuation could definitely continue to drop, if the valuation continues to drop.

And keep in mind there have to raise more money and dilute shareholder value, definitely in future years. Because basically, this is company projections, they’re going to need to raise at least I believe it’s $5 billion or more over the next few years. So we’ll have to definitely dilute shareholder value. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

And I could potentially buy this stock, even with knowing that but do I want to buy in a 40 billion 50 billion 60 billion heck recently, I think it was trading as much as like $80 billion. I know, I’m not quite willing to take that risk. But hey, if this one drops in next, he knows trading at a $20 billion valuation 15 billion, let’s say I go see the factory.

And I’m like, Oh, this factory is pretty interesting. And let’s say, you know, they started to produce some cars and things like that, then we start to talk. Okay, but yeah, I mean, you know, some of these valuations have gotten rich, but that’s definitely a stock that could potentially add, okay, stock number six, a 10 is switch stock ticker symbol, s, w, c, h. Okay, so this one fell a lot recently, because of the NASDAQ falling.

But also on top of that, there was a couple customers that move some of their data center related products to the cloud. And that is definitely freaked out the market. So this is one I’m definitely watching. And I’ll be picking up shares if it continues to drop, because there’s just a lot of fear around that one, what if everybody moves all this stuff to the cloud, you can’t move all your stuff to the cloud.

Essentially, if you’re a big company, there’s certain things you don’t want on the cloud, there are certain things from a regulatory standpoint, you can’t move to the cloud, especially in the banking sector, finance sector, and things like that, you have to have your own data center, you know, basically products and things like that. So there’s a lot of them just to switch long term, it’s a misunderstood stock in the market, actually much more profitable than what they look like on face value because of their depreciation.

And that goes against cost of goods sold, it’s a very different way of kind of doing your accounting than a lot of traditional companies. But you know, it’s the way they do it. It’s a way it’s legal, and all sorts of things. But when I look at this stock, I see a stock that has a lot of fear around it right now.

And yeah, it could continue to weaken, if it continues to weaken, I’ll gladly pick up some more shares of that one, their facilities are massive, and they’re very costly to try to build out those sorts of facilities to compete against a company like switch long term and hey, the world’s just getting more and more data.

And when you’re in data center business, you know that there’s a long term bullish thing things can move around quarter to quarter, you can get some hits on on revenue good or bad, but at the end of the day, is this company going to grow over the next 10 years or so or shrink more than likely grow and probably grow substantially?

Okay, let’s talk up here is this one g tech holdings can’t really talk about this one a lot, because it’s such a small market cap. I don’t really want to move the stock or anything like that. But man, this is one I’m really really excited about, you know, high end player in the jack Jackson space earnings coming, you know, word today actually, if I recall today,

I think the earnings are coming, so we’ll see what they report if that one fell a bunch, I would likely add some more shares that one I own 30 What is that 333,333 shares that one right now. So you have a fellow bunch in, let’s say the Companies executing very well and I’m like, Oh, 

This company is doing very well actually and growing like a beast and making moves that I really like which they actually just made a move recently I really liked then that could be a stock I’ll buy more of and yeah, maybe eventually I’ll get to share more information on that company. Number Eight of 10 stock up here is Cirrus Logic cruisey doozy of a $4.5 billion mark cap on this one.

They make audio chips ton of different audio chips according to a ton different companies Apple’s their main customer, they usually get like 80% of their revenue and profits from Apple specifically, that is a risk What if something ever happened bad in their relationship with Apple had a big fight and they didn’t I don’t know do business anymore. It’s not the most realistic possibility.

However, it always is a possibility and something we have to consider. But then of the day, iPhones are selling tremendous we’re in a supercycle for iPhones that’s going to last several years. As far as a 5g supercycle, most people don’t own a 5g iPhone today. And in three years, you know, most people that don’t want an iPhone will own a 5g iPhone. So that’s really bullish for cruisey doozy, they have a new chip coming in some sort of product over the next 12 months or so that’s really exciting.

They can’t talk about the details. Because basically, you can kind of get details especially in relation to Apple around what products coming what what chips are coming in, and things like that. But there’s something exciting coming a cruisee doozy so yeah, that one continues to fall, especially if it was to go into a $4 billion market cap,

I will definitely be buying that one heavy, maybe even if it is if it fell to under $4 billion dollar market cap, I would probably buy either one year out or two year out call options in regards to cruzi doozy maybe rather than just buying the shares straight up that would maybe say, Okay, I could buy $100,000 worth of crew stock.

But what if I just buy 10 or $20,000 worth of call options at maybe, let’s say, you know, let’s say the stock at that time is trading at $70. In maybe I buy something at like a $90 strike or something like that with you know, potential upside of going to $100 Plus, because there’s definitely a high probability the stock goes to 100 plus over the next year or two, based upon you know, the tremendous amount of success the new iPhone generation has should have as well as new chips coming for this one.

And so when I look at all that one, along with the cash balance buildup, potential share buyback, you know, there’s definitely a lot of things to be bullish on there recruiting doozy, so that’s definitely one.
I could you know, I own a little bit of stock right now, but I don’t want a ton and if it falls a bunch, I will likely buy a ton of that stock because the numbers are amazing out of that company and they’ll likely continue to be amazing. It’s my second favorite semiconductor company in the world.

skyworks Solutions is my favorite cruzi doozies number two and the third would probably be Qualcomm which is a small investment of mine while I’m still kicking myself I didn’t buy that one heavier enough when I bought that one thing I bought it and it was either the summer or the fall or something like that.

And it was so dang cheap. And I just I bought it like a baby and I should have been so much of your love Qualcomm. But anyways, yeah cruisey doozy that stock number eight of 10 up their stock number nine to 10 is coarser gaming ticker symbol CR s r, I just bought this stock here today, literally Okay, just bought a bunch more shares.

And I continue to add shares to this as long as the stock continues to weaken, I will add shares three Billy anywhere around the $3 billion range. And especially if it falls a tos if it falls into the $2 billion range, I’m going to be loading the boat on the stock. Okay, so I love this one long term. You know, this is a two $3 billion company has been trading at recently.

And I think this company has a great probability over the next 510 years growing into a 10 billion plus dollar company. No doubt in my mind, they’re going to get more and more into I think like kind of more software related businesses subscription business models and things like that in the future.

They just had a very interesting acquisition. Right now they’re really on the hardware side of the business and my bull thesis is really just about hardware sales, the really, really strong for many, many years ago in the future because gaming is going to continue to grow in my opinion, of course, your brand will continue to grow in that space.

The products are super high quality, they get super high reviews, people you know, I’ve just come across it like people love their products, and then the day and when you have great products and you have a building brand and you know how to maybe use influencers better in the future this is a company that can definitely see being a 5 billion 10 billion plus dollar company in the future.

And today it’s you know 3 billion and so if it falls to the risk reward is just so dang attractive. Nevermind you have the call option of getting them getting more into software longer term. And then if they do that successfully, I mean you’re talking about the valuation you can command is so much higher and on a hardware business evaluation you could command is only so high because like all its hardware you got to sell through all the time.

But when you have more subscription business software business, the valuations you can command for something like a courser gaming are immense, okay. And this is a really cheap stock as it is for p in the low 20s. And yeah, I mean if it was to keep falling, the Ford P is going to go under 20 for the stock and so I will gladly pick up this one.

You know, ask yourself is gaming work going to be a lot bigger, smaller five in 10 years from now than it is today. What about the streaming market? This is where they get their business straight. Gamers, gamers, I think it’s going to be a whole lot bigger in the future here than it is today.

And so yeah, I’ll gladly and continue to buy that stock heavily over future months and that you know, just over the next year in general as long as it continues to be anywhere as in the 20s or 30s, okay and tenten chef TCF is stock 10 of 10 up here, one of my favorite It is my favorite play in the plant based movement. 

As far as you know, nutrition building a brand there things like that I like this talk even more than I like actually beyond meat beyond meats kind of my second favorite very good food companies kind of my third those are my three investments in the space. And I love this stocks so much long term potential.

They’re such a great management team there’s so many things to be bullish on for a long term investor like myself and TCF, I mean they have a true opportunity to grow this company into a 510 $15 billion company over the next 510 years as long as they execute man you know the world is theirs when I look at the branding of these products when I look at the sell through the excitement around this brand that’s just really starting I’m like oh my gosh, a long term option this company’s so big okay.

And by the way TTC if that was one of the stocks I mentioned in three stocks on buying now video that came out a few days ago on the channel so if you didn’t get a chance to see that video, definitely check out that that goes really in depth on a lot of different stocks.

Actually two for sure buys I mentioned that video and three probably buys in that goes much more in depth on those stocks in like a video like this where I kind of just cover a bunch of stocks really quickly. So hope you guys enjoyed this. As always,never forget to smash that helps us out huge in the YouTube channel.

It helps get the word out about videos like this. So I hope you guys enjoy this. As always, if you’re looking to apply for my private stock group and take your investing to the next level, learn a lot more you feel like you got lucky in the market and now you’re looking to start taking things serious when applied on there. They’ll probably be the pinned comment also be linked in the description. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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