10 Stocks Making Huge Moves This Week!

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Today we discuss 10 stocks making huge moves this week. Some of the stocks crashed while others thrived.

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Damn, I want to bring the top hat back 10 stocks that made absolutely massive moves this week. That’s what we’re talking about here. Today, guys, we’re going to talk about five stocks that made huge upward moves this week.

And what those businesses actually do in five stocks that made huge downward moves, and what those businesses actually do, it’s always an interesting thing to kind of maybe like once a week or once a month, look at stocks that made huge moves upward or downward in that week or in that month.

And the reason being is sometimes you can catch some some stocks that are maybe falling knives that maybe shouldn’t be falling knives. And sometimes you can see some businesses that maybe have went up too much and need to be shorted.

Or you can see some businesses sometimes that maybe there’s a trend changing, they’re in a big favor for that company. And you can hop onto the wave and ride that baby until it goes up to wherever it’s going, guys.

So I hope you guys really enjoyed it. Make sure you follow me on Instagram if you have not already. Alright guys, let’s get into this. The first one’s called signet jewelers. All right, this stock went up 29.7% in the past five days, guys, so many basically meaning.

If you put $10,000 in this, or let’s say you put $100,000 in the stock. You know, the five days ago, basically now you’d have a $30,000 profit but that’s like sick guys. So signet jewelers what I found with this company is they own almost all the main jewelry stores.

You guys will know Okay, in your malls and whatnot and the ones you hear on commercials all the time. They own almost all of them. Kay Jewelers, they own them. Okay, Jared the gallery of diamonds. they own it.

Zales they own it they own almost all the main jewellers out there United States of America guys very interesting business massive move this week nonetheless. The next one up here is carvana which is ticker symbol c v n A.

And this one’s had an amazing year look at the year to date and this one up almost 90% year to date on the five day up over 28% in the last five days all five days were green, unbelievable. carvana.

Together with its subsidiaries operates an e commerce platform for buying used cars in the United States that company purchases recondition, sells and delivers vehicles its platform allow customers to research and identify.

A vehicle inspected using the company’s proprietary 360 degree vehicle imaging technology that is pretty freakin cool. obtain financing, warranty coverage, purchase a vehicle and schedule a delivery or pickup the company was founded in 2012.

Not that long ago and is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Pretty interesting business. I want to know in that comment section Have you guys ever used carvanha? Have you looked on carvanha I would love to know from you guys down there.

Next one up here is vitamin shop. But in the shop last five days, this one is up 31.73% meaning if you put $100,000 in the stock five days ago, you’d now have a 31 almost $32,000 profit just in the past five days.

Vitamin Shoppe through its subsidiaries operates an omni channel specialty retailer in contract manufacturer of nutritional products in the United States and internationally. It operates two segments, retail in manufacturing, okay.

So not only do they have the retail stores that you guys are probably familiar with, that are usually mall based or round malls that maybe sometimes they’re even freestanding, but they also manufacture a ton of different vitamin products in protein supplements and things like that.

So very interesting business model because they can kind of benefit whether somebody is buying, you know, strictly a product vitamin Shoppe makes or as a product maybe some other retailer sells because they’re also a manufacturer of so many different companies products has so interesting business model there.

And I think it’s helpful when you’re, if it were just a retailer, and that’s all they did, right? You know, their business could go away very quickly to someone like an Amazon online, right. But because they also are in the product manufacturing segment.

That’s pretty big for that company, guys. Next one has made a huge upward move this week is Fitbit. last five days. This one is up over 14% Alright, so Fitbit, as you guys probably know, and remember.

This is a company that makes all types of wearable devices that you wear for your health usually Okay, and basically they’ve had a ton of trouble over the past two years, to threeyears since basically Apple Watch came out, you know.

Samsung got in the space, you know, the space just got really crowded, but mainly Apple Watches kind of killed, you know, a ton of momentum that the stock had going for a ton of momentum the company had going for it.

And you know, now it is a let’s see $6 stock. So even after this huge move this week, it’s still a $6 stock guys. The question for Fitbit is can they ever recover and get to a place where they’re growing that business again.

Last one as far as the upward moves and then we’ll look at the downward moves this week is JC Penney’s, this one was up over 18% this week Holy smokes as JC Penney’s pose you guys not know they operate haunted.

Retail stores, they’re completely haunted going, why I was taking those screenshots as a joke. I was thinking, I bet you know how to make JC Penney’s a profitable company. What you do is you tear all the clothing out of there.

You fire the majority of the of the full time staff and what you do is you make all those retail spaces just starting in then to September. We’re all the way through Halloween make them like a sick like haunted house type situation mentioned the whole store like imagine how like epic that would be they got all these retail spaces.

I bet you they would make more money from that in that one month than they make from their entire year all they lose money so they don’t even make money in this business. I bet you that would be good guys good idea there now to the downward movers zine networks ticker symbol ZY me.

So first off this stock is had an amazing year to date looking at year to date up 140%. That’s an unbelievable move. The past five days This one was rough, though, down over 16% in the past five days.

Zine networks is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that engages in the discovery development and commercialization of bio therapeutics for the treatment of cancer in Canada. Okay.

The company’s lead product candidate is z w two five a novel by specific antibody that is in phase one clinical trial for the treatment of breast in gastric cancer guys it’s also developing some other products and whatnot.

Very very interesting stuff there biopharmaceutical companies man those companies you can make a lot of money from you can lose a lot of money from because basically what happens is they’ll have some promising you know, pill or formula or whatnot.

No go into the you know, different phases that it has to get through in order to actually get out to the people Okay, and what happens is sometimes there’s a lot of hope over one of these drugs and the stock will go up a ton and then sometimes these drugs end up not getting to.

Go through or they didn’t work as they were supposed to work and next thing you know those stocks are absolutely killed guy so needless to say biopharmaceutical not a place I usually spend a lot of time it’s just too dangerous flat out guys.

Next one up here is rev group. So rev group This one’s had a rough year today look at this one down over 53% it’s lost half its value this year so far. In the last 10 days alone, this one is down nearly 11% and this is actually a pretty interesting business model a CAD never heard of this company.

It’s pretty interesting. Rev group designs manufactures and distributes specially vehicles the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and internationally. It operates through three segments fire emergency, commercial and recreation.

The Fire and Emergency segment offers a range of fire apparatuses, ambulance products in municipal fire departments, SMS providers and private fleets through dealers. The commercial segment provides transit and shuttle buses, school buses, mobility vans and other specialty vehicles including sweepers and terminal trucks.

The segment sells its products directly as well as through dealers to municipalities, schools, and commercial and industrial customers or recreation segment offers motorized recreational vehicles and luxury buses.

This segment sells through its this segment sells its vehicles through dealer to brand loyal customers and fleet owners. The company also provides aftermarket products and services guys, very, very interesting business model.

I was looking in the business a little more, and they got a seven p on this company a seven, four p that is seven, four p in this company. It’s approaching new levels pretty soon here. So interesting business model and one of those businesses that like when you look out, you know.

10 years from now 20 years from now there’s still going to be a highly relevant business Absolutely. There’s no question about it might be a business to look into there. This is like one of the few businesses I actually found when I was looking into this that I’m like, man.

I might actually want to look into that. Next one up here is d h II group This one has fallen 16% in the past five days d h AI group provides data insights and connection services to professional communities in the United States and internationally.

Basically, they own a ton of different websites that are like want to be I guess you could say LinkedIn and try to you know Connect business owners with people that are looking for jobs and whatnot.

Next one up here is Lee enterprises. All right, Lee enterprises is down over 10% in the past five days this business I never heard of and I gotta tell you this is a miraculous business okay, I want to get if you want to look for businesses advice, go talk to these people. Okay, listen to this.

Lee enterprises incorporate provides local news and information and advertising services primarily in the Midwest, Mountain West and West regions, the United States. It publishes 47 daily newspapers. Yes.

You heard me daily news papers, okay. And point 8 million circulation units, as well as Sunday newspapers with 1.2 million circulation units and 300 weekly newspapers, a newspaper company, okay.

This is a newspaper company, like like, how does this even exist? Look at this here, this company can still afford to pay over a million dollars to several executives, and, you know, 400 plus 1000 to many more executives.

And I actually looked into it and this is a profitable business. Okay. I think they made somewhere around $28 million in profit last year on a newspaper business, if you want to ever search for business advice.

They’ll talk to those folks over there at that company go find their offices and say can you please can I be your intern or something? Because if you can make a profit on a newspaper business like I don’t even know how the hell that is profit, like possible in 2018.

Nevermind you can afford to pay yourself a million plus dollars in a bunch of other executives 400 plus 1000. Like, like, why, like those are freaking business geniuses right there. That’s all I know. Avaya holdings company.

This one’s down around 8% in the past five days. Avaya holdings operates a holding company which through subsidiary develops business collaboration and communication solutions worldwide.

The company is formally known as Sierra holdings. The company was incorporated 2007 and based in Santa Clara, California, on January 19 2017. Avaya holdings Corporation filed a voluntary petition for reorganization under Chapter 11 in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

It is in a joint administration with Avaya. So one of their subsidiaries filed for bankruptcy. That’s always a confusing situation when one of those things happens but it’s always good when it doesn’t take down the parent company. Anyways.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this today. Make sure you follow me on Instagram if you want to. You know, hear me talk about many different subjects that I do on Instagram all the time. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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