10 Stocks I Will Buy if Stock Market Crash part 2 happens!

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Today I am sharing with you 10 stocks that I will be buying heavy once the stock crash does happen. These are 10 stocks to buy in a stock market crash scenario if they get to these interesting price points. If you don’t think they are stocks to buy at those prices then they at least have to be stocked to watch. Enjoy!

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Well, guys, if you’ve been watching my YouTube channels for the last few days, you know that I’m not the biggest fan of buying stocks in the stock market as of right now.

Okay, you know that, and I’ve even talked about, I believe we’re going to have another stock market crash, I believe we’re going to have another one coming up sometime soon, I believe the market is ranch way too much.

And I believe, you know, not nearly enough of the economic damage has really been tallied up. And we’re gonna start to see that once these economies start to open back up, and we see Whoa, business is still going to be down quite dramatically for possibly, you know, at least one to two years if not three years.

Plus, okay, so I believe another stock market crash is coming in. And I’ve even shared with you guys the levels that I’m planning on buying back into the market and start putting a lot of money into the market you guys.

Know I’m already invest in the market, I have a lot of money invested, but I have a lot of money on the sidelines. And I’m not putting that money in right now.

So you know, I shared that with you as well. But here today we’re talking about if that stock market crash happens, the one I’ve you know, been talking about last couple days.

If that goes ahead, and that happens, what are 10 stocks that I would buy and that’s what we’re getting into today’s video.

Hope you guys really enjoy this one. These are all 10 very different companies not like I just picked a bunch of tech stocks, or a bunch of growth stocks or dividend stocks.

There’s some of everything that some value stocks or some growth stocks, some stocks that I already own some stocks that I don’t own any shares of that I’m looking to get into like I said some growth stocks and value stocks.

Some of these pay dividends, some of them don’t pay dividends. So hope you guys really enjoy this should be an interesting one.

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I hope you really enjoy that as always, okay, let’s get in this guy’s stock number one of these 10 is not like these are in order of like the most important to least important are the ones I like the most to the least or something like that.

But the first stock up here is Nvidia Corporation ticker symbol This one’s n v da. So in video Corporation, they’re in the forefront of so many amazing technologies.

Okay, the ray tracing, which they put into video games recently is such a game changer as it’s such amazing technology.

And Nvidia is just there in the forefront of so many industries are doing some amazing things when it comes to self driving cars.

Artificial Intelligence, in my opinion in video is going to be one of the most important companies probably in the world over the next five or 10 years.

It’s just you know, it’s amazing company with amazing tech and they’re doing some amazing things over there. Okay, market capitalization on this one is $165 billion.

Right now. It’s $291 stock as of right now for PLOS One is about 36 and when when we look at all these four P’s of these companies, keep in mind that landscape is changing fast Okay, we you know.

It’s really hard to forecast some of these companies for Pease because it a lot of it depends on when the economy opens back up, how long it takes unemployment numbers to come down and GDP to get back you know, in a good state and many different various factors.

So keep in mind this is probably the most uncertain time when it comes to these 40s Okay, but you know, 36 roughly four p on the stock.

I think it’s a little bit rich for Nvidia. I love this talk. I think they’re going to grow quite a bit over the next 510 years.

But you know, I will say it’s a little rich, great balance sheet on Nvidia. You can’t argue that okay, in video amazing balance sheet.

Almost $11 billion in total cash on their balance sheet and $2 billion in debt so they could pay off all that debt literally overnight if they want to and still have 8 billion plus just sitting around that balance sheet.

Nevermind you know, as these future profits continue, you know, continue to roar in for the company, you know that numbers it’s going to build and build and build Okay.

So as far as me what I’m looking at when it comes to video stock as far as price points, so if Nvidia drops under 200 which is definitely possible if we get a huge bunch of weakness in the market on market drops, you know, 20% 30% definitely possible to get Nvidia under 100 or not under $200.

If that happens, I will start buying Nvidia I would love to make this into a very nice sized position and if it falls under 200 that’s where a start buying and the big smiley face that’s where I start buying really heavy and that’s if Nvidia falls under $175.

If Nvidia stock falls under $175 I will be buying back So for all these stocks, you’ll see a small smiley face and a big smiley.

The big smile is when I start buying super heavy, so very, very interested in buying a video stock if that one falls and we have some type of big stock market crash, okay, stock number two up here is Apple Corporation ticker symbol, AAPL, she has a no,

I used to be an apple shareholder. And I made a lot of money on Apple stock, and I love Apple stock. But recently, the valuation has gotten very stretched on his company, in my opinion.

Okay, now looking at a company is trading at about a $1.2 trillion market capitalization. Looking at a company is trading at a forward P of 23.

Roughly, once again, these four Ps, we’ll see how it all shakes out, but in my opinion around a 23, four p for Apple, it’s rich, okay, there’s a lot of questions about you know.

What Apple’s going to do this year, and also next year, if the business can even grow, right. I know, they have amazing products and services right there.

Obviously, the App Store amazing the subscriptions model, they continue to build that out the iPhone, business, extremely sticky, iPads, Macs, you know, these type of products have people you know.

Need a new one, they go and get the whatever the newest generation of Apple products, we don’t really need to talk about business model.

We know it’s amazing. But you know, this is a company, I’m not sure it’s going to grow that much over the next let’s say 12 to 24 months, and when they do grow, the growth will probably be somewhat limited.

It’s not like this is a company that all walls when they grow revenues, 20 30% probably not the most realistic for Apple Corporation, right?

But it trades at the highest forward p it’s traded out in a long, long time. And so this is a company I need lower. Okay.

Let’s just be quite frank about that balance sheet, definitely very good balance sheet, okay, well over $200 billion, if you add up their cash and in their investments, over $200 billion, very nice.

But they do have $93 billion in long term debt, which is an all time record. for Apple, they’ve bought back a lot of stock, and they bought back a lot of stock with some very low interest debt over the past few years.

And so that’s added up their long term debt quite substantially. But keep in mind, they could pay that off overnight. And they still have well over $100 billion just laying around on the balance sheet and cash and investments.

But like I said, This company has spent a lot of money on stock buybacks and I mean, a ridiculous amount of money on stock buybacks like look at this chart, guys, look at how much money this company has been, you know, spending on stock buybacks.

They’re the biggest stock buyback buyer out there, out of all public companies, they have been just, you know, throwing money at stock buybacks.

And I can say, in the past, when Apple was in the hundreds, you know, hundreds of dollars, like when I bought it when it was like $145 and whatnot.

And even you know, before I got in the stock when the deal was fallen to like $90 a share $100 a share, I think that was back in like I want to say like 2015 somewhere around there roughly 2016 it definitely made sense for Apple to be buying back their stock very heavy.

I’m not so convinced it makes that much sense. Now, when the company’s you know, trading at the type of valuations it is trading at so they spent a ton of cash flow doing that, right.

And their net income hasn’t gone up that much. So epss look like oh, wow, their ups is going up a lot, mainly because they’ve been buying back so many shares, but their net income, honestly guys hasn’t gone up that much. You will back four years ago, they’re doing $45 billion net income this past year, they do 55, that’s great as a $10 billion increase.

But it’s not like that some type of super impressive number that’s actually really small growth in net income for all those years that passed, and especially if your stock is trading at four P of over 20. Right? So when I look at, you know, Apple’s income statement, I’m like, you know, it’s okay.

It’s okay, it’s clear that they’ve gotten a lot of their growth in ETS strictly from buying back massive, massive amounts of shares. Okay, so in my opinion, apple, I don’t like the valuation here, but if it falls under 200, I will start buying the stock.

I love Apple, the company and I love the stock overall, I just don’t like the valuation right now. And this is for a lot of stocks out there. So Apple under 200 I start buying this, if it falls under 175, which we would need some major weakness in the market, we need the market to go down 20 30% from here, we need the Dow to go down to maybe like 17,000 16,000 or something like that.

If we could have that type of situation Apple could likely fall under 175. And that’s where I would start buying heavy in this particular stock. So I would love to get in that one. But I’m gonna be patient Okay, I’m gonna be patient. I’m not running out to buy apple at $290 a share or whatever, it’s okay.

Stock number three of 10 is winning resorts. Well, right now it’s losing resorts, okay. But Wynn resorts this is a this is actually a stock on like apple and I’m like Nvidia, they actually already have shares and I already have shares of Wynn resorts and I’m looking to add more.

And right now the market capitalization for this company is about seven and a half billion dollars. And if you look back at any recent times for stocks, seven and a half billion dollars is a steel and a half Wynn resorts is 70 to $71. a share is still in the hat and the only way that stock isn’t a steel and a half is basically if you had a once in 100 year event, and the Roni Rhone is a once in 100 year event that is completely decimated the economy.

Has completely decimated the travel industry, Macau business Las Vegas business across the board. So usually at 71 bucks a share I’m running out to buy when stock left and right. It’s a little different in this situation because like I said it’s gonna take a while for these things to recover.

So a 71 that’s interesting, but it’s not that super interesting. Here’s what we’re looking at Macau, which is a main market for witnesses the main market they get their their revenues and profits from right. Macau, there’s about April gross gaming revenues to dip as much as 95% 95 This is a one like this is the type of thing you only get a once in 100 year event, right?

a recession scenario, you’re like, Okay, maybe business dips, 20% 30% Heck, maybe a really, really bad recession, maybe things would dip 40% and that’s kind of what you think about as somebody that’s like an investor Wynn resorts like I am right.

But Gosh, a once in 100 year event, you’re talking about 95% they’re talking about best case scenario businesses down only 80%. That’s rough, that’s gonna take Macau quite a while to get back to where it was. But it could take years. Literally, it could take 2345 years, just from Macau to get back to where it was never mind like future growth, right?

My city, Las Vegas, they have two of the biggest properties here in Las Vegas Cade the winning encore, right. And these properties are obviously shut down right now. And I believe Vegas, I believe we will come back. And I believe we will be strong again. But it’s probably going to be yours.

I’m gonna be honest, guys. I don’t think I just magically, when Vegas opens back up, it’s gonna be like, oh, room room capacity is the same as it was in the restaurants are just as busy in the gaming floors, or in the shows are there everything’s just as busy.

I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I’m gonna be completely honest with you. That’d be awesome. But I don’t think that’s very realistic. Okay, I think it’s going to take at least a couple of years for for Vegas to get back to where it was maybe even three years, maybe even four years.

Okay, it’s gonna take a while. So I think that’s something we got to think about the Boston property encore Boston Harbor, that’s a property they just opened up in 2019. And in 2020, supposed to be the first year with his properties fully open. And they can really like they got a grasp on things.

And it’s like really exciting and whatnot. And when it comes to the Encore property in Boston, gosh, man, you know, I don’t know that property is probably not going to do that. Well, I’ll be honest, especially this year, and maybe even into next year. So when you kind of look at all this, it went a lot lower. Okay.

If one falls under 55, I will buy more shares the stock absolutely will. But if it falls under 40 that’s when I start getting real happy. And that’s when I start flooding money in the stock. But I’m not running out to buy it at 71 $72 a share just because we have a once in 100 year event going on.

And this is this is damaged the economies of these travel industries so much that you know, usually wins wins a steal at 7172 right now I’m like, I’m not I’m not running out to buy it. I need it lower from here because Vegas, it’s gonna take a while for things to get back.

You know, probably years in Macau same exact thing, it’s probably gonna take at least two years, if not four or five years to get back to just where things were never mind growth ahead of that. Okay, so so that’s what I’m looking out for when loved to add some more shares, but I need the stock low.

Okay, stock number four of 10 here is Qualcomm Corporation, ticker symbol QCO. m is a stock I barely just bought a little of like, probably a week or two ago, okay, I just bought a teeny bit it was a starting position in the stock and I would love to add more shares.

The stock right now is $77. a share market capitalization for Qualcomm is about $84 billion right now for piano stocks about 17. But once again, we’ll see where all these things shake out. Who knows that number could be you know, higher than that. Maybe lower than that.

We’ll see if I have to play one side or another. I’d say it’s probably you know, a higher than that. Okay? So when it comes to Qualcomm think of them as a semiconductor company and think of them as probably the biggest player when it comes to mobile chips.

Okay, so if you’re thinking about smartphones or just mobile devices in general, Qualcomm’s the biggest player in that space, okay, is a company when 5g starts take off which 5g will take off, you know, obviously, the Roni Rhona’s slowing down things as far as a process of building up 5g and getting it launched and things like that.

But once 5g does take off, Qualcomm is likely going to be the biggest winner in the space. I’ve spent the last two or three years looking at 5g stocks. And you guys know I’m invest in a company named Skywalk solutions that I think will benefit huge from from 5g, but honestly, there’s not another stock in the stock market that I think will benefit more from 5g technology.

When it comes to revenues and profits. Then Qualcomm Corporation, I think they absolutely will benefit more than anybody. Okay. So this is a company that, you know, this past year, they did, you know, $4.3 billion, almost $4.4 billion in net income over the course the next five years because of 5g and the money they’re going to make from their 5g chips.

Their 5g technology overall, I think they’re going to probably 2x or more that number over the next five years I think over the next five years and to a place where they’re doing $8 billion plus of net income I think that’s where this company’s going but obviously there’s always the risk with a stock like this What if it doesn’t happen? What if things don’t work out?

What if the relationship with Apple go sour? Again, we know they just you know, dropped all litigation against each other and we know Apple has agreed to use them and things like that, but what if you know business relationships went sour? What are the you know, things don’t go the way I thought it was.

That’s always a risk with any of these stocks. There’s always a risk with investing, okay? But in terms of Qualcomm under $65, is where I start buying the stock and that’s where I actually started buying the stock. I bought it very recently, like I said, probably a week, maybe two weeks ago and got a little position started but if this ever drops under 55, which is possible if we did have that stock market crash.

I’m gladly putting a lot of money in the stock is a very good company that is going to benefit huge from 5g Okay, so absolutely interest in that one just need a little bit low. Okay. Stock number five of 10 non tech related is National beverage Corporation ticker symbol fizz Okay, we call this one fizzy get dizzy. Right?

So fizzy get dizzy is a $2.3 billion market cap. The company has $260 million in cash and investments on their balance sheet guys 260 million so they got over 10% of their market capitalization just sitting around in cash and cash equivalents basically. And no no long term debt on this company.

It’s absolutely amazing balance sheet okay, but once again $2.32 billion market capitalization for PE under 19 I think that number is way high. I think their numbers are going to come in in terms of their four p it’s actually going to be way lower than that because I think they’re gonna make way more APS then essentially analysts believe out there I think business is way stronger.

I think sell through is way stronger. I think demand is way stronger than the analyst community have for fears of the company hardly growing I think this year is going to be a very nice growth year for fears Okay, and we’ll see about future years but I think this year is going to be very nice growth here for phys in general okay.

Know when it comes to fizz. They make many different drink products but the main one being Lacroix which is a sparkling water beverage that has you know, kind of taken off over the past few years is not nearly as many people are interested in drinking soda products and now they’re looking for water or other types of water that don’t have you know, artificial flavors in them and things like that.

And that’s where a business model like Lacroix definitely comes in. By the way people ask me what’s my favorite flavor? The Lacroix me favorite or the the key lime. Okay, I love the key lime. That one’s really good. Okay, so in terms of fizzy get dizzy, under $45. I like the stock a lot.

Okay, under 40 as we’re a buy heavily in the stock. And you guys know, I put my money where my mouth is. And guess what Justin, what was at the end, probably like three weeks ago, roughly, the stock was trading under $40. And I put my money where my mouth is and I invested a lot of money in one day, it was like $50,000 actually, I think it was a little over $50,000 I put in that stock.

And that was when it was like, I think on that particular day it was like $38 or so I showed screenshots in that video of what I bought it at and whatnot and we’re doing pretty amazing on it and look at the options we bought some option contracts that day, which I don’t make many option moves.

I’m very, very selective about when I make option moves. It has to be big opportunity. In my goodness, guys, we are doing amazing, the fizzy get dizzy options are up 88% and we’ve owned those option contracts for literally like, I don’t know, two or three weeks now like it’s not a long time.

So we’re at $8,500 I’m definitely loving life with that stock and you know, I’ll gladly buy some more if it falls more. Okay, now this next stock up here this is what I call the wishful thinking stock the stock that I wish I wish it could fall a bunch probably not the most realistic scenario even if we do have a you know, stock market crash but it’s wishful thinking okay, and that is Tesla, my Tesla stock.

Okay, you guys know, if you watch this channel all the time, you guys, you guys know what it is? Okay. I’m a firm believer in this company I bought in as probably less than two years ago. You know, I’ve held through some traumatic, different things that have gone on out there okay.

And I absolutely love Tesla stock and if this one fell huge, you know, I’m ready to buy some more, buy some more. So this stock is number six out of 10 here $745 here today, this is just a public count. This is just one of several different stock market accounts I own Tesla shares and and all of them have really low cost basis Okay.

I bought in at the right time for this company came a cost basis to 27 in the public count and all my other accounts is very low as well. Okay. In that account, we own 150 shares were up $77,650 or 227% for a position I think I’ve been in for like less than two years. It’s done absolutely amazing for us.

And I believe you know, I don’t want to get into my full bullish thesis about tests because I could literally spend like a half an hour just Talking about my football sneezes, and I have a million different videos on the channel talking about it. But this is my my wishful thinking one.

And in order for this stock to go down huge, we need that that stock market crash that I’m talking about could potentially be coming. We need that tap and then we need tests to get into that negativity cycle. Okay, do you guys know the Tesla negativity cycle? This is what it is okay?

Everybody starts saying Tesla has no demand. And imagine if the economy’s super weak, and some CEOs get hurt, then also all it’s like, oh, Tesla has no demand. Tesla has no demand. And it’s like, oh, Tesla’s going BK, man, they’re not gonna make it. Okay.

And that’s like old Tesla, all the competition. This is this is what we call the Tesla negativity cycle. Now, this hasn’t worked recently. And this is why the stock continues to go higher and higher hasn’t worked for shorts, because Tesla demand is through the roof.

The chances of testing on BK are down substantially from where they were a couple, you know, just a year or two ago, basically, because Ilan Musk has raised massive amounts of money and the business model has gotten to a place where now we can start kind of, you know, basically funding itself, they’re starting to make, you know, real profits on the bottom line.

So that’s kind of out of it in the competition. This competition we’ve been hearing about for years is still nowhere to be found. It was like, oh, they’re coming in. It’s like, they still calm okay. So in terms of negativity cycle, it’s non existent at the moment.

But when it comes to test stock, you never know you never really know. Maybe it gets up and rolling again. And maybe the stock can get pushed, pushed down and down and down. It gets in world things. It’s wishful thinking, who knows what will happen with that one’s probably not the most realistic scenario, but if it does, I’ll gladly be a buyer of Tesla stock.

Okay, Texas Roadhouse ticker symbol, t x bar H is a stock number seven of these 10 stocks as a $42 stock here today and Merck capitalization about 3 billion on this four P of about 16 and a half and and once again, those 40s that you know, that one’s probably way off, I think I’m I don’t think there’s any way they’re gonna make the type of epcs that analysts have this upcoming year.

I just don’t think over over the next, you know, four quarters, I just don’t think that’s going to happen. Okay. I think it’s gonna things are gonna be way worse. We know Texas Roadhouse restaurants are closed all over the United States of America, as well as their up and coming, you know, change called Bubba’s 33.

They’re all closed right now. You know, and this is this is a this is obviously a restaurant company that that thrives and does all their business for the most part on people coming in and sitting down at the restaurant. Yes, they have to go outside of their business, but that’s very, very small. Most people go to Texas Roadhouse, they sit down in the restaurant, they order drinks, they order food, and that’s the experience.

That’s awesome. Okay, and usually 42 bucks or whatever, I’m happily buying Texas Roadhouse, but the fact is, with their restaurants being closed and with the fact that when they’re allowed to open back up, I think it’s going to take a while and when I say a while, I think it’s going to take at least one to two, if not three years to ramp, the business model back up to where it was just in 2019.

I think it’s going to take quite a while I don’t think they open back up in the restaurants are jam packed with an hour, two hour wait, like they were, you know, literally just three four months ago, because you know, most Texas Roadhouse, you goes in there, you know, on a Saturday night at six o’clock is shoot, good luck.

Get a table, man, it’s gonna take you at least an hour or two and these restaurants are huge, but I think the business model it’s obviously hurt significantly right now. And I think it’s gonna continue to be hurt for the next year or two and it’s not their fault.

It’s just that there’s going to be a lot of people that are scared of getting the Roni Rona and they’re not necessarily going to want to go to sit down restaurants, especially until a vaccine is out there. Okay, so with that being said, Texas Roadhouse under 33 I’ll start buying the stock that’s that’s a level I’m looking at under 27 that’s where I start buying the stock heavy.

Okay, I’m not running out to buy Texas Roadhouse here today, because I don’t think it is fully factored in how bad things will be for its business model not just now, but over the next few years. Okay, and so under 27 that’s where I start buying heavy under 33 that’s where.

I start nibbling I love that one I love the restaurant chain in general I think they’re going to be a great company in the future and they’ve proven they could be a great company in the past I just think the stocks way overvalued right now considering what’s what’s happening right now and what will continue to happen over the next few years Okay, stock number eight of 10 here is.

Activision Blizzard ticker symbol This one is a t v i if you guys don’t know Activision Blizzard, just think of them as kind of the biggest video game company out there. Right? They own brands like Call of Duty brands like Black Ops, they own brands like candy crush.

All these different huge video game brands that are obviously benefiting massively from people being home right now in for people having a lot of time on their hands right eat ATV is kind of like a Netflix play in that respect where a lot of people are gaming right now they have a lot of extra time on their hands and and they’re doing great they’re their original business model is well positioned for a situation like this right?

Market capitalization on this one’s a battle $50 billion for PNS. One is about 26. Once again, we’ll see where all that shakes out over the next year. I’m not super interested at the current valuation, I can’t say the stock is massively overvalued at Certainly not, but I’m still not that super interested at the current valuation. Okay, I’ll tell you where I’m thinking about buying the stock app.

Okay. So in terms of balance sheet, very good balance sheet on Activision Blizzard, looking at about $5.8 billion in cash and cash equivalents $2.6 billion in debt. Essentially, they could pay off that debt tomorrow and still have well over $3 billion just sitting around and cash and cash equivalents. extremely impressive.

I would love to buy this stock. I used to own this stock A while back, I would love to own it again. But I need the stock under $57. Okay, I need the stock under 57. It goes under 57. I will start buying some shares of Activision Blizzard, if it goes under 50 then I will buy a lot of Activision Blizzard.

Okay, if it was to go under 50, we had a big stock market crash scenario, I’m buying a lot, I’m buying a lot. Okay, stock number nine of 10. I’ve loved this company for a long time in terms of its business model. And I always hate it for its valuation.

And that is Netflix. So this is probably like another dream on situation kind of like a Tesla. The only difference is Tesla actually own the stock. Netflix, I don’t know, Netflix is around $440 here today, will it fall? Probably not. Even if we had a major stock market crash, you know, I think the the loss on stock price would probably be limited, just for the mere fact that you know.

When people are home, they use Netflix and Netflix is is very affordable, especially compared to like traditional cable services. And so if you’re thinking about would you cancel a traditional cable service? Or would you cancel Netflix, you’d probably you know, cancel that $100 a month cable service you ever satellite before you cancel the 12 or $15 Netflix?

So you know it is what it is with Netflix. Yeah, I just don’t like the valuation. You know, I remember looking at this company years and years and years ago when they’re first kind of launching their streaming products. And it was very intriguing to me. But the valuation I mean for pianist went to 66.

And that’s dang high, man. I mean, that’s dang high. Okay. Also, when it comes to Netflix, that’s not the only negative when it comes to valuation. The other the kind of negative with the stock and the reason why I gotta stay on the sidelines, I would love to buy the stock, but I’ll stay in the sun on the balance sheet.

So they do a $5 billion in cash cash equivalents. You might think that’s a really huge number. And it’s it’s a nice number, right? $5 billion. It’s not that much. When you look at the long term debt, look at how much long term debt has risen over the past few years.

Just a couple years ago, they got $6.5 billion in long term debt. Now they’re approaching $15 billion of long term debt on their balance sheet. The company has been debt loading and debt loading, which obviously, you know, from from an investor standpoint that loves great balance sheet companies.

It’s a little worrisome. That’s a lot of debt to add in a very short amount of time. Okay, so here’s my deal Netflix, yes, I would love to buy the stock, but I need Netflix under $300. Based upon the debt, they continue to add to that balance sheet.

And based upon the fact that the valuation is very rich on this company, I would love to own Netflix, but I needed under 300. If it goes into 300 I will probably start nibbling some shares under 250 that’s where I could actually see myself buying a lot of shares.

Okay, so I need that one to go down quite a bit to get to a place where I would you know, gladly start buying it. We’ll see if that happens. It probably won’t. But hey, it’s wishful thinking Okay, last stock up here of these 10 number 10 and 10 is the F ob okay Facebook Corporation $176 a share here today about a half a bout a half a trillion dollar market capitalization on this company for P of 20 and a half once again we’ll see where all that shakes out.

So if we’re thinking about the SP Okay, here’s what’s going on with their business model right now. Ad rates are down Okay, it’s not Facebook’s fault it’s just the fact that you know when businesses are hurting business can’t be open probably gonna spend less money on ads right so that’s going on for the FB.

And that’s also going on for Google and pretty much anybody you know, does advertising space k ad rates are down but usage is up massively like and I mean ridiculously massively like there’s been articles written recently that you know, Facebook’s just trying to keep the lights on at this point in time his usage is so insane right with everybody kind of being home you know.

The FB platform obviously i g WhatsApp you know the messenger the usage is gonna go off the charts in a situation like that. So there’s definitely a probably a lot more ads being shown just you know, if you’re an advertiser, you’re paying a lot less for those ads and I can tell you for me personally.

I it’s not like I’ve added a ton of new followers over the past month or so on it but I can tell you my story views are dramatically higher than they usually are. Why is this well because people just have more time on their hands right now in this whole situation okay.

But then the day that their services are you know, services that are here to stay there are services that most people love in a lot of people that even hate on the surfaces are some of their biggest users was just kind of a funny situation. Okay. But you know, I think they’re, you know, it’s just not amazing company.

There’s no way other way to describe it. One of the best balance sheets, you’ll find any company in the world. We’re talking about 10s of billions of dollars of cash and investments sitting around the balance sheet and virtually no debt. It means literally a top five balance sheet of any public company in the world.

With this is a stock I’m looking divided on because here’s the thing, I am up about 15% on the stock worth $8,494 just in the public count alone, this is not the only account I own, you know, Facebook shares in. But you know, when I look at that, it’s like, dang, I’m already making a lot of money on the stock.

And with a cost base of 153. It’s like, ah, can I pay 176. But at the end of the day, anything under 200 I just love it for the FB, okay, I just look at this stock, anything under 200 is kind of easy money from a long term perspective over the next five years, in my opinion, the sleeping giant of the big tech companies, you always hear about when they’re talking about big tech, you’re you hearing about Apple.

You’re hearing about Google, you’re hearing about Microsoft, you’re hearing about Amazon, and then they brushed the FB off to the side over the past year or so because of all the drama, you know, they were caught up. And I think that the sleeping giant space.

I think this is a company that over the next five years is going to grow into possibly the biggest market capitalization company in the entire world. They’re sleeping giant, and eventually they’re going to wake up and people are going to be like, Whoa, what just happened kind of like this deal we got going on with private group guys.

Make sure you get on that before it ends, it ends April 19. That’s gonna be the pin comment down there. Once again, save yourself 150 bucks, enjoy the private group, learn as much as possible. Join the discord chat. You know, we got all different people in that discord chat, we got people with you know, $5,000 in their portfolio to $5 million, okay, and everywhere in between.

So make sure you enjoy that, you know, learn from the hundreds of videos in there. Make sure you join us for the Monday live stream with me where I just do q&a about stocks about the market in general. That’s an hour long that’s gonna be happening this Monday. So make sure you take advantage of that.

And we do that every single Monday and obviously you get direct access to me so that’d be the pinned comment down there. Can’t wait to see you guys in there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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