10 Stocks Down 50%+ Are These Stocks To Buy Now?!

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With the stock market falling so much lately, I thought about all the stocks that have been going down lately. I will talk about 10 stocks that have dropped 50%+. These stocks have been beaten down or forgotten in this down trending stock market.

Let me know your opinions of these stocks in the comment section. Maybe you can find a stock in this list that you like and can research on a deeper level. Do you think any of these stocks are a good deal at the current price? Are you looking to buy any of these stocks? Also let me know if there is a stock that you are watching or a stock that you are buying? Enjoy! Do you think any of these stocks are stocks to buy now or just stocks to watch?

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Hey guys, welcome into today’s video, I have an exciting one plan for you guys here today. Okay, we are going to talk about 10 stocks that are down around 50% or more in the past year. I know a lot of you guys love a video like this where we’re talking about some being down stocks there, we just kicked down and completely forgotten about.

That’s what we’re talking about here today. Okay, this does not mean I’m endorsing these stocks or saying these stocks or buy, all I’m trying to point out is these 10 stocks, maybe there’s one or two or maybe three on here that you can look more into and kind of see if it’s worth investing in or not.

And I’ll just kind of tell you a little bit about each one of these companies, we’re not going to go super deep into these companies. I’m just going to kind of give you guys a brief overview, and then you can kind of take it from there. And you know, see if you want to research any of these 10 stocks more. Okay.

And and this is I had to break this one out. Okay, stocks at a 52 week high, you know, a lot of us value investors and and you know, folks that are longer term investors like no, no, we don’t want those stocks at 52.

Week high. But yeah, stock down. 62%. Let me let me see one. Okay, something I just want to say before we get into this, okay, it’s just because the stock is low, doesn’t mean it’s easy money, okay? It’s not the way this works.

Sometimes there are stocks that are low that are great buys, and you can get for a great deal and make a ton of money on over the next 357 years. And sometimes our stocks that they just keep going down, okay, or they never recover, or you get in a stock that’s just stagnates and it never really goes anywhere.

And that’s not a situation you want to be in. Especially if you got your money in a stock for 357 years. Last thing you want to be in a stock that does nothing because I mean, imagine how many stocks will do a lot over the course of that time. Okay, so sometimes you can find some great deals down here.

Sometimes you’re not okay, I just want to point out something funny, before we get in this video. You guys will enjoy this. Okay, I post this in a discord chat right now. Basically, I ordered $18,000 worth the six and seven figure awards. This was a few weeks ago, free pretty much and when the market was at an all time high in our market ever since I ordered those awards.

It’s just been going down and down and down and down. And so oh my gosh, now I got a pallet, literally a pallet of seven figure words in my garage and all the market does is keep going down. Now. It’s in my way, every time I box, it’s like I gotta watch out for tripping on it.

I have six figure awards I got all over the place. I mean, literally all over the place to garage. It just got stacks and stacks them in closets in the office all over the place. Oh man. Well, someday I’ll hopefully be able to give those awards out. But right now, man, we’re just in a downtrending market.

But it does mean for better deals out there. And that is something every long term investor should absolutely love. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up, lets me know you enjoyed a video like this also helps us YouTube channel, massive, massive way.

And I appreciate each and every one of you. And if you didn’t already know we have a ton of free resources linked in the description down there. So if you want to check out any of those resources, go ahead down in the description and those are absolutely free to check out down there. Okay, already guys, let’s get into these 10 stocks first one of the 10 stocks up here.

That’s down around 50% or more is Boeing Corporation ticker symbol b A on this 152. Week high on this one a $386. It’s $151. So needless to say it is down way more than 50%. From its 52. Week higher, right? I mean, 50% would be basically if it was at 300. Right at a 52. Week high. And yeah, it topped out at 386. When it comes to Boeing.

It’s a stock that’s in a horrible space to be right now. Right? I mean, think about this one of the sides of their businesses being a defense contractor. Right? They make a ton of the the fighter jets. Right.

And right now we’re not in any wars, the government’s kind of in a situation where you know, they’re already having a lot of deficits in a major way. Do they want to go order a bunch of very expensive planes right now?

I’m not so sure about that. Okay, so that’s kind of a negative business for them in the short term, right in in short term talking about the next couple years, right? Then you think about their core business, which is obviously airplanes that commercial aircrafts, right.

And this is a business that’s devastated right now, let’s be quite frank, okay. Almost every single airliner company out there is in a situation where they’re worried about just how they make it through this Roni run a mess. Most of these companies are either going out of business or they’re going to have to go through bankruptcy or they’re going to cut it really close.

And maybe they don’t have to quite go bankrupt. But it’s going to be dang close. The last thing, any of those airliner companies right now, I don’t care if you’re talking about Delta, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, any of them okay.

And and then we can talk about the international ones as well. I mean, it doesn’t matter what airline it is. They’re not out there being like, Oh, yeah, let’s go order another 510 billion dollars worth of new airplanes tomorrow, let’s go order another 20 billion? Of course not.

They’re just worried about how the heck do they not go bankrupt right now, that’s what the worry is. So which means essentially, airline orders are going to be very weak for at least the next couple of years if not the next three or four years okay? It’s not like all sudden tomorrow as a you know, switch that’s flipped and all sudden, you know, everybody’s ordering a ton of airplanes.

It’s just not the way it works. And remember Going into this groaning groaning mess, Boeing had issues, the 737 max situation was a huge, horrible thing for the company. And it was just, you know, a negative overall a distraction for the management team something for their customers to worry about more and more fines.

They had to pay to the government fines, they had to pay to families and, you know, different lawsuits, things like that. It was a bad situation. Okay. And so that’s, you know, starting to be cleaned up, at least that’s good news, that they’re making progress there.

There’s a company right now that’s got under $100 billion mark cap. I mean, a couple years ago to think this company would have under $100 billion market cap is it was hard to fathom. Right. But it does right now, a four p on this in the 30. So let’s put it that way.

But who knows, you know, I, we’ll see, we’ll see what type of profitability This company has next year. Remember, most of their businesses are devastated. Right now. That’s just the way it is k market cap. Actually, right now that one was incorrect. This is a real market cap because it updates over the last couple days.

Okay, market cap for Boeing right now. $85 billion. So I mean, if you think about Boeing, that’s a cheap, that’s a cheap valuation, no other way to slice it 85 billion for the entire Boeing Company. I mean, usually one of the best companies in the world, one of the most profitable companies in the world, right.

And 85 billion, it looks like a deal. But you got to just understand, man, this one is gonna go through a tough period for the next several years. It’s not like it’s ending tomorrow and also in their businesses right back. It’s not happening with this one.

However, on the flip side, this company basically has bankruptcy protection from the US government, right? I mean, think about their defense contractor, they’re super important for the defense of the United States, and just overall for the United States.

And so the government, I don’t think they would ever let Boeing go under no matter what. So that’s just quite interesting, when you kind of think about it from from that perspective, and that kind of, you know, I guess gives you a little validation if you’re going to buy the stock, okay.

Now, keep in mind, remember, I said it’s gonna take a while for Boeing to bounce back, right? In 2007, Boeing was a stock that was over $100 a share by 2009, the stock could fall on the $35. Why am I showing you this? Because I’m trying to show you what basically happened in the last recession, okay.

And you can make an argument that the last recession was nothing for the airline companies compared to this recession we’re going through, right, because this is one where travels been shut down, basically, around the world, okay, at least the other one, it was just like, business was slowing, and the whole economy was slowing, and things like that.

And this stock didn’t recover in a big, big way until basically 2013 and pass, that’s when things really got going in a big way. So this is I’m just kind of pointing this out. Because if you think Boeing’s magically going to three or 400, next year.

Slow, your roll may be a little bit it might take quite a bit longer than that we could be looking at a three, four, maybe even five year span, where Boeing stock is, is you know, under $200. We’ll see what happens obviously, valuations can move around. Sometimes people get way too excited about a stock way too early.

But if you think about Boeing’s business and their business model, expect there not to be a huge bounce back in their business for at least probably two to three years. And then things just kind of start getting back on the right track.

So this is one of those if you want to buy it, just understand that this is this is you know, an ultimate long term play. At the end of the day when it comes to Boeing stock a stock number two of 10 up here is winning resorts Wynn resorts is losing resorts right now, obviously global travel, you know, shut down around the world pretty much for the most part right.

Vegas has reopened over the past few months. Macau has been reopening and so travel is slowly starting to pick up but travel is still at a snail’s pace. Let’s be completely honest, but when it comes to Wynn resorts is a stock that was 150 something dollars, that’s 52 week highs $70 has fallen well over 50% from its 52 week high.

If you don’t know Wynn resorts, they operate to unbelievably huge, beautiful properties here in Vegas. These properties offer gaming that’s where they make the most of their money, okay? They offer restaurants, nightclubs, lounges, bars, spas, pools, all those different things, okay, shopping, everything you could possibly imagine Wynn resorts has it in a very high end experience.

So two properties here in Las Vegas, Las Vegas is slowly starting to bounce back, the weekday business is still extremely weak because there’s no conventions, meetings, anything like that, which you know, is what Las Vegas thrives on for that during the week business.

Basically it’s a it’s a friday saturday business on in Las Vegas right now, if you come out on a Friday Saturday, it’s actually pretty busy out here like not busy like it usually would be but it’s actually it’s not like oh, murmur strips a ghost town.

No, it was actually a lot of people walking around a lot of people going shopping to restaurants, things like that. So you know, it’s going to be a slow recovery but you know, Vegas will recover Macau so they have two properties in the old part of Macau kind of like more downtown Macau.

Those properties are usually very profitable properties, beautiful properties in Macau, Macau, you know slowly starting to bounce back. It’s actually even a slower bounce back then Vegas had because of a lot of restrictions China had for people coming into Macau, leaving out in Macau, things like that.

Okay, Wynn palace, that’s their premier property that’s on the Cotai strip. And that’s just kind of like prime real estate, their prime property, their property if you think about what’s going to be the biggest cash cow for this business for the next 10 years. It’s got to be the wind palace property over everything.

Just amazing, amazing property, I think they spent like $4.2 billion on the property, something like that, like one of the most expensive buildings you’ll ever find in the world incredible, okay. And then they have a property called encore Boston Harbor, it’s just outside Boston, in Everett, Massachusetts, you know, great experience.

Obviously, it’s a property that offers things that you can’t get anywhere else in Boston, in terms of the experience, there’s just nothing that even touches it anywhere remotely close to Boston, or the the area surrounding in terms of the room size, you get, on average, the quality of service, everything just across the board.

And so that’s a property that has a lot of just local business at the end of the day, but also a property where when people are traveling a lot to Boston to do work and things like that. People that maybe want to kind of you know, have a little bit of vacation fun, and travel for business the same time they book it somewhere like an encore, and they have a lot of money in general, where do you want to book you’d much rather book in a suite at the Encore and some, you know, a little place in downtown Boston or something like that.

So amazing property that will slowly start to bounce back as well. Okay, Wynn resorts entire company, entire company is valued less than $8 billion right now, less than a billion dollars for the entire company, all those unbelievable properties that unbelievable employee for us over there at Wynn resorts, I mean, you know how profitable those properties are, in any usual times, you’re getting this entire company for less than $8 billion.

Right now, for a PE of around 11. On that, we’ll see what happens with when, as far as wind goes as a stock that i’ve you know, been in and out of for years and years and years now. Okay.

And what I can tell you understand this company on a very high level, price points when it comes to Wynn resorts, okay, under $120 is a good price for when if you you know ever think about, think about buying one stock under 120 is a good price. Okay?

Usually over 120 I don’t buy the stock, if it’s under 120 I’m interested in I might actually buy Okay, under 100 is a great price for Wynn resorts under $80 is an amazing price for when, okay, if you can ever get the shares under 80. It’s amazing deal.

And if it ever goes under $60, which it rarely does only a few times in the past, you know, 1015 years, it has gone under $60 when you can get under $60. It’s silly pricing, it’s just silly pricing. Unfortunately, when the stock fell under 60 back in March, April.

I wasn’t able to buy as many shares as I really wanted to because at that time, there was so much uncertainty I didn’t know like are the properties gonna have to be closed for a year like two years, like no one really knew that the properties were only gonna be closed for maybe like two or three months, which is essentially when ended up happening there.

That was a scary time. So it’s like, if winds got to be closed for a year or two, like this company’s probably gonna go under right. But since they only had to be closed for a couple months, it looks like well obviously they made it through that and they should make it through to the other side.

So when it comes to pricing, just keep that in mind for Wynn resorts. Okay, stock number three or 10. Up here is Cheesecake Factory. There’s a restaurant company 52 week highs $44 and some changes a $27 stock here today, you probably no Cheesecake Factory, they operate some awesome restaurants all over the United States.

And they actually have some some of these cheesecake factories locations, even around the world. Amazing brand does super well okay, on top of the Cheesecake Factory brand, they own what’s called Fox restaurant concept.

And this company essentially just tries out a bunch of different new brands and they see what’s going to work in the market what’s not going to work what can be the next Cheesecake Factory essentially, like what can we potentially open 50 100 maybe hundreds of locations around the United States and maybe the world in the future.

So flower child, the Henry culinary dropped out blonko dough bird bowl of an Ivy, the greenhouse, the arrogant butcher and zinberg are all brands they own but the main one that has come out of this recently is north Italia.

And I can tell you North Italia has In my opinion, close to what the Cheesecake Factory has in terms of being able to have mass market appeal and be able to be successful in most big cities around the United States and around the world.

So I believe in that brand, a lot long term Okay, that is a brand that a lot of people love usually gets very, very good reviews. The entire Cheesecake Factory company right now is selling for $1.26 billion $1.26 billion for the entire thing.

Okay, so needless to say it’s a you know, intriguing valuation, maybe it’s something to look into. Maybe not all right, stock number four of 10 up here is our CL Royal Caribbean Corporation. Okay, Royal Caribbean This is a cruise company 52 week high of 133 $61 stock here today.

It’s down on well over 50% from its 52 week high that obviously the cruise industry has been devastated there’s no doubt about I mean everything travel related is devastated right now the stocks are trading you know a lot of the lowest prices.

I mean, obviously they they hit their low lows around March April, but even now they’re still trading incredibly low compared to where the stocks usually trade out right cruise company. I mean look at their ships. I’m gonna show you guys some pictures their ships.

I mean, I don’t even like to travel. And I’ll be honest every time I see Royal Caribbean’s like ships from like photos, videos Like commercials I’m like, that looks freaking awesome man, I want to I want to go on that myself. I want to take my wife on now and take my kids on that like deck just looks awesome.

I don’t even like to travel at all. But when I see these ships, it makes me literally want to get on because it looks freaking amazing. I mean, look at this. I mean, it’s just, I mean, let’s play some basketball in the middle of the ocean. I mean, this is just amazing. These ships are at that. That’s the best way I can describe it. Epic.

I mean, look at these pictures, guys. Absolutely. Amazing. Okay, this is a business model that will bounce back. Let’s be honest, it will bounce back. 100% it’s just gonna take a while, right? I mean, a lot of people already want to go on cruise.

If they were allowing cruising in the United States, I can tell you there’ll be plenty of people already going cruising. How do I know this? Because I live in Las Vegas. I go down the strip on a Friday, Saturday night. And I see it’s actually busy down there. Okay, so there’s clearly a segment of population that does not care.

They’re not scared at all about getting Ronnie Rona, even though they haven’t gotten a Vax or anything like that. So if we were allowed to actually do cruising United States, I bet you these ships would actually be decently busy, that might not be the best thing. But hey, at the end of the day, like people would be doing it.

So just understand once cruising is allowed again, are these ships going to be 100%? filled? I doubt it. But are they going to be fooled enough to make a profit? More than likely Okay, there’s a lot of people I can’t wait to go on cruise again. $13 billion market cap on this company, you know, likely they’re gonna make it through this mess.

It depends obviously, in a what happens if, you know cruising has to be shut down for all of 2021. I mean, you know, maybe that’s a situation where it doesn’t, so it’s definitely a risk to the stock. But as long as they make it through this whole mess, and cruising starts up again in 2021 in a real way, 2022 is a build year in a massive way get back to scale.

I mean, this is going to be $100 stock, again, CCL, I had to include this one, if I want to put Royal Caribbean on the list, I got to put CCL on this list of stocks that down 50% Plus, right in terms of Carnival Cruise Line CCL.

This is a stock that’s you know valued, the entire company is valued at $12 billion here today, they’ve made a lot of moves as far as issuing debt out there, things like that things that will hurt the business model over the next several years as they do bounce back because they have to pay down a lot of this debt that’s high interest, or try to restructure that debt, things like that.

It’s gonna be it’s gonna be a messy situation for the next few years and Royal Caribbean and CCL, I can tell you that, okay, but the whole company is valued at 12 billion here today, right? The stock has a 52 week high of over $50.

So the stocks down massively, I mean, absolutely massively is a $14 stock here today. But at the end of the day, when it comes to CCL, RCL, and even Norwegian Cruise Lines, all they have to do is make it through this mess, if they can just make it through this mess, you know, the world is theirs over time, they just have to make it through.

So we’ll see what happens with that whole situation. But intriguing stocks, and I had to put those on the list because those stocks have been devastated. And they’re still really low, even though they bounce back off their lows, they’re still really really low.

Okay, if we’re gonna stay in the shipping space and stocks that have been beaten down in the shipping space, then we got to throw out any tea on this list of 10 stocks that are down 50% plus k is a stock that was priced at $8. Plus, just a few months ago was a $3 stock here today.

In terms of nit, you know this is an oil tanker company. Okay, and I gotta say, I mean, the company is making money hand over fist right now. Then the net income for the last quarter was $49 million.

That’s ridiculous. Like this whole company is valued at like $500 million in a three month span. They had net income, we’re not talking revenue, we’re talking top line, we’re talking bottom line of almost 50 million. Like that’s absolutely insane.

The company’s paying out massive dividends right now, like when I say massive, I mean, massive, massive, but we will get to some bad in just a moment when it comes to nit because there’s always two sides of the story. When it comes to lollies being down stocks usually they’re not just beaten down for no reason.

A lot of times people are looking at different things. Okay, so any t by the way, they just ordered two new Suez maxes in South Korea. And so it’s kind of like a bittersweet thing when a company likes like na t orders some new ships essentially because it puts more supply out the markets.

Then you wonder whether they’re gonna be able to get as high of a rates if there’s more supply of ships out there, right? That’s kind of a negative on the positive side. It’s like, hey, the company believes in the business model.

So the order in to new ships if they if they didn’t believe that, you know, the company was going to be in a better place a few years from now than it is today. They wouldn’t be ordering new ships, right. So it’s it’s like a bittersweet thing.

There’s a there’s there’s a negative side, you could take it very negatively or you can take it very positively. And it’s up to you. Okay, but needless to say they got two ships that will be coming in, it looks like the first half of 2022 because ships do take a little while.

Now is another one of those things that we look at the positive we look at the negative Okay, the glass is half full glass is half empty in this whole situation. Okay, ticker market index, the ticker market index as far as how the company has done this entire year.

It’s been amazing. This has been one of the best years for nit in modern history like last like decade, essentially. Okay, but on the negative side, I mean, the prices have just been falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling for the last, you know.

Basically three or four months and that’s why the stock has gone from $8 to $3 in that amount of time because everybody is scared. as heck that na T is going to go from a situation where this year in 2020 they’re making money hand over fist and the profits are pouring in the net income is pouring in, but maybe 2022 is also a year grace and they’re losing money.

And again, if you’re wondering why is this company stock so low and they got, you know, more profitability than the company’s maybe ever had in modern history, it’s because a lot of people are scared of what’s going to happen next year and no one really knows like, maybe next year is a great year for any tea.

Maybe it’s an awful year like no one really knows at this time, you know, last year or even at the beginning of this year, a lot of people thought this was going to be an awful year for any team that’s why a stock was trading at two $3 if you go back you know beginning of this year.

But ended up being one of the best years in modern history for nit so what to see but for any t You know, this is a stock that in terms of how investors look at the stock it’s either the end of the world or it’s a money printer Okay, that’s the bottom line within at super volatile a commodity related business unfortunately.

And so that’s one of those stocks man if you if you time it outright, and you get in at the right time, there’s there’s a lot of money be made here. Remember, this stock went from like two bucks to $8 in a matter of like two or three months. Okay. It also went from you know, eight to three over the past few months as well.

So it’s either money printer stock for you to enter the world. Right now. It’s looking closer to the end of the world type perspective, at least on the stock price. Okay, stock numbers six to 10. Up here is Wells Fargo Corporation ticker symbol WF c is a stock that’s down well over 50% from its 52 week high, which was around 50 to $53.

Right now it is trading pretty dang close to its 52 week low. Obviously, Wells Fargo one of the biggest banks in the world, while people don’t want banking stocks right now, because interest rates are very low, will be low for years to go in the future in terms of Wells Fargo stock price, Okay, the last time you could get the stock price lower than where it’s at.

You got to go back to 2,008k. You got to go back to the Great Recession where everybody was scared by the banks were going to go out of business and those sorts of things. That’s the last time that the stock price was was lower than where it is today. Okay. $22 a share the stock has been devastated.

And when it comes to Wells Fargo, there’s always some drama I found. Okay. Look, I mean, this is the latest thing to happen to Wells Fargo. I mean, that in my opinion, you know, I’ve got a picture here guy looking at himself in the mirror. This is Wells Fargo’s biggest enemy Wells Fargo’s biggest enemy is not JP Morgan Chase, or the online bank startup or Bank of America or US Bank.

No. Okay. Or even interest rates. And j pal. No, Wells, Fargo’s biggest enemy is itself, there’s always some drama here in therefore investors cannot trust, they just can’t trust Wells Fargo. And that’s why the stocks trading at $22 in my opinion, because a lot of people and a lot of funds, just look at that management team.

And they’re like, it’s always something with this company is always something they were running a lot of commercials earlier this year trying to build back their brand. Again, Wells Fargo was doing right. And it was like, Oh, we were gonna build back up our brand. And now you have something like that.

It’s always something with this company, always something, okay. So there’s understand like, this is a company, if they can just learn to go their own way. It’s probably a 40 $50 stock again in the future. But as long as they keep getting in their own way, they’re going to be their biggest enemy.

Okay, so it’s just it’s a hard management team and company to trust for that reason, because it’s always something with these guys. Okay, number seven, or 10 up here, this might be the scariest one on the left. Okay, I was I was afraid to even include this one on less than, you know, a lot of these stocks can be scary.

Let’s be honest. Okay, this, you don’t just get your stock to go down 50% Plus, without being a scary stock, but this one might be the creme de la creme of a scary stock. And that’s on this list. Okay. ACB. Okay, this is an MJ stock number seven to 10. This is a stock that I mean, you go back, we used to be 100 something dollars a share, right?

It’s $5 a share here today 52 week range, just 60 all the way down to five where it is today. Okay. I mean, this is a stock in a company in a more Capri now, by way of about $700 million stock in a company, what you know, are they even around? Do they have to go bankrupt in the next few months?

That’s a big question. Okay. net loss from continuing operations very recently was $1.4 billion. I mean, this company has a market cap of 700 million, like they can’t be taken $1.4 billion losses. Okay. If you want to research this one, be careful. Okay.

That’s all I’m gonna say. And if you’re even thinking about investing in ACB stock, the only thing I say to you is just plan on losing the money, okay, plan on losing the money, maybe they make it through, maybe this could be you know, a huge winner for you.

And and you know, they don’t go bankrupt or something like that. But if you’re actually thinking about buying this stock, I just want to say be careful, okay, this is about as high of a risk stock as you can possibly find out there in the market.

Okay, but I had to put it on there. And if we’re talking about some high risk stocks that are down massively, let’s go ahead and put a nickel on this list of stocks that are down 50% Plus, as well. Okay. nikka look at this corporation.

I mean, it’s it had a 52 week high of almost $94 As a share, it’s $21 here today and that’s just a matter of last few months that has happened. Okay, stock number eight to 10 I mean it’s been devastated in terms of this company you want to see something funny look at this guy’s okay.

I hadn’t yet I was still on Wells Fargo and I was going to type in Nicola. You know nk la into basically the the quote lookup right? And before I can even do it, there’s an article right there for me. The Nicholas scandal proves even GM will do anything to catch up to Tesla.

Oh, man, that’s funny situation. Okay, but anyways, Nikola, while I was trying to take that as I want to see what his market cap was after the big fall here today, and the market cap now is $8 billion for this company. Okay, he continues to fall I mean, the market cap at its peak, I think was around 35 billion roughly or somewhere right around there.

It’s 8 billion here today. I mean, at some point if it fell enough and and this company could prove its tech more I might be interested in buying it I’m still not okay I’m still not interested in buying this one. But I had to put on the list just in case you guys want to look into this one you want to see if there’s anything out there for you.

I don’t want to talk much more about it. I’ve done two videos about Nicola recently on financial education too. So if you’re not gonna check out those you know, if you’re interested in nickel at all, you can check out those videos and kind of do your due diligence from their stock number nine to 10.

Up here is Capri Corporation ticker symbol CP ri Capri Corp is a stock that topped out right around $40 in here today it is $20 a share Capri Corporation they own Versace, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors. I mean brands you probably know even if you don’t own those products, you probably have heard of those companies before.

Okay, market cap right now in this company a $3 billion. Remember you get in Versace, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors for $3 billion. You know, we build a little interesting here but do keep in mind this company has had some struggles even before running Rona. Never mind when running. Running has obviously taken off.

This is a company that’s had some struggles they In my opinion, they overpaid for Versace, I thought that was a weird acquisition. I thought they overpaid for it. So if you’re thinking about that one at all, just keep in mind, you know, there have been some questionable decisions from management team over there in the last stock up here number 10. A 10. und there.

I mean, one more day of falling and it will be down. 50%. Okay. And when it comes to Yelp, I mean, everybody probably knows Yelp, right? I mean, I use it for restaurant reviews all the time, like fun thing about going to a new restaurant, I always check out reviews on it.

Well, how many star ratings does it have? What are the newest, you know, ratings for that restaurant, things like that. I always do that. It’s a company that’s priced at $1.4 billion. And by the way, it’s not like people use Yelp, just for restaurant reviews. Use it for a lot of businesses in general.

I just use it personally, mostly for restaurant reviews. Okay. $1.4 billion market cap for the whole company right now. They’ve done a great job growing over the last several years, top line, and gross profit. I mean, look at gross profit, how it’s increase over the last few years.

Look at our revenues increase the last few years. On the negative side, though, look at net income for common shareholders. I mean, it’s gone down and down and down. So that’s something to look into, like why is the bottom line continuing to fall year after year, while revenue and gross profit continues to climb?

It’s definitely something to look into if you are actually thinking about buying this corporation. Okay. And if you’re wondering how to figure out something like that, you can read the 10 Ks, usually they have basically explanations of our net income fell this year because of blah, blah, blah.

So you can check out 10 Ks, also 10 Q’s that might help you out as well, that usually talks about quarters over quarters for year over year, and also listen to conference calls will help you out there.

Okay, balance sheet company has over half a billion dollars in cash and cash equivalents in short term investments on his balance sheet. It’s a huge number for a company with a $1.43 billion market cap, here’s a I mean, that’s a massive, massive number.

So maybe there’s something there with Yelp, or maybe there isn’t, as with all these stocks on the list, I hope at least one or two of these stocks inspire you to maybe look a little bit more in depth on some of these companies, and see if any of them are a good fit out there. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video.

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