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Today I share 10 stocks that are growing super fast. These 10 companies are high growth. Some people would call them growth stocks. maybe even major growth stocks! This should be even better than the 3 stocks Im buying or the 4 stocks I own! Enjoy!

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10 high growth stocks that I am thinking about buying. That’s what we’re talking about here today, guys, I’m gonna give you 10 stocks that are very fast growers, these type of stocks are literally changing the world.

They’re literally changing industries. So I hope you guys really enjoy this day, I hope you learn a lot from it. And I hope you kind of find some companies that maybe you want to look into a little further that maybe you haven’t heard of before.

Now, here’s what I’m thinking about doing. I am thinking about creating a separate account, okay, a separate basically brokerage account, that is just for super fast growing companies.

Okay, just looking at it from the perspective of I want companies that are literally changing the world that are doing huge things that have monster growth going for them, okay, that’s all the this account would be focused on.

And I would turn a blind eye to two core things. Okay, I would turn a blind eye to balance sheet and I would turn a blind eye to P e ratios. And if you know anything about my investing style, I value p e ratios a ton.

I value balance sheets a ton. Okay, so I would kind of turn a blind eye to these two things. All right. So if you don’t already know, basically, in between my wife and I, we have five different investment accounts. All right.

My first one is my main private account, okay, this is a private account, no one knows what’s in there. No one knows what I own in there except me like nothing, family, friends, no one knows what’s in that account. Okay, then I have what’s called a public account.

This public account now has over $100,000 in it. And I do it through Fidelity Investments. In this account, everybody in my stock market membership group gets to see thisaccount, all the trades I’m making.

They’re the shares I have the amount of money I have in them, whether I’m up or down on the position, everything is full disclosure in that public account. Anytime I place a trade in that account.

I update the group immediately, by the way, that group is half off right now for the remainder of July. So make sure you get in there if that’s something that interests you, I also do lessons teaching things.

You have access to two of my courses in there, ton of different things first link down there description half off right now, then I also have a retirement account, okay. And then my wife, she has a regular brokerage account.

And she has a retirement account. Okay, so between us, we have five different investment accounts. And basically, this would be the sixth account. And this would just be focused on high growth, okay.

This would just be focused on high growth, just focus on companies that are literally changing the world and are doing huge things, turn a blind eye to P e ratio, turn a blind eye to balance sheet.

So hope you guys really enjoy this, let me know which of these 10 stocks you think I should buy, I would love to hear your guys’s opinion down there in that comment section. If you guys own any of these stocks, if you have any insight on any of these types of stocks.

I would love to hear from you guys, as always. And let’s get into this already guys, the time has come to reveal these 10 super high growth stocks that are literally changing the world. I hope you guys really enjoy this.

Here are the first initials of all them. Let’s get into each of these. I’m gonna kind of explain all their business models. Okay. The first one here is one, I would say this one is probably one of the five most important companies in the entire world as far as changing the world right now.

And their name is Alibaba, Alibaba, out of China. This company is amazing how many successful businesses is this company has this amazing okay. The first is you got to think about them from a marketplace perspective.

Okay, so picture you go into a farmers market or something a farmers market. It’s like an indoor farmers market. And picture, there’s someone that that built the structure there. And they take a commission off of everything that everybody sells in a farmer’s market, okay.

That is what Alibaba does, but on the online space, so you can sell on Alibaba, and they just take a small commission. But here’s what’s different about Alibaba and what makes Alibaba special.

Alibaba does not compete with the people selling on their services, okay. They do not compete directly with them. They’re not they’re not trying to take information and say, we’re going to try to make money for ourselves based upon that information.

No, they give that information to the their third party sellers and try to help build their businesses. And it just creates a never, I want to say never ending stream of new people coming in.

But there’s always new companies coming in and trying to sell on there. And the big companies all want to sell on Alibaba. It’s a much better company, in my opinion than some something like an Amazon from the perspective of Amazon actually competes with a ton of third party sellers.

You’re watching this on a tripod right now. Okay, there’s a camera on top of this tripod right here. This tripod is in direct competition with Amazon tripods. So the you know, all these sellers that sell tripods in Amazon, right? Amazon goes ahead and says.

Oh, you know what, we’re gonna make our own tripod. We’re gonna have it at this price point, and we’re going to rank it first. So if you type in tripod on Amazon com, the first thing that comes up is an Amazon tripod.

All the other hundreds of companies that make tripods are all at a disadvantage. Amazon is directly competing with the people that sell on their service. And I think it’s kind of a slimy business model Amazon has, but they’ve done a very well, okay, they’ve done very well.

They built it up, but I think it’s not the best business model. Alibaba, on the other hand, says we’re going to be a marketplace. We’re going to help all you guys so as you guys have more success We’re gonna have more success, okay.

Then they also have Taobao, which is like almost like an eBay, almost like an eBay for the Chinese space. You know, what you expect eBay to be in the United States is Taobao is kind of like that. Over there.

They also have AliExpress, which is benefiting huge from the Shopify wave right now. Okay. If you don’t already know people will start Shopify websites, they’ll use Chinese brands and who do they use a use AliExpress.

AliExpress makes money from all those Commission’s all those people selling on Shopify that are doing great business there. They’re all going through AliExpress Okay, AliExpress to make it a fortune, they have Ali pay, which is a huge mobile payment platform.

They have cloud infrastructure that is really going to start building over the next five to 10 years in a massive way those number, this is a business that’s growing at 100%. Plus, there’s so many businesses.

I just touched on the main ones right there, they have so much go for them guys. And these businesses are all pretty much going to a massive scale are already on a massive scale. So you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

And Alibaba is definitely one of the five most important companies in the entire world as far as changing it. Let’s get into number two. Number two stock is a fast growing company.

This company is growing in a major way and they are disrupting several industries right now. They’re disrupting several industries, highly controversial stock. A lot of people love the stock a lot of people hate it starts with a T you may know what it is it is Tesla.

Tesla, this company is is disrupting some some major industries. First off, that’s just you know, they’re they’re disrupting the internal combustion engine, okay, gasoline driven cars, diesel driven cars.

They’re completely disrupted, that they’re going electric, they’re moving us forward into electric car world, okay. The second one is a car world where we are driving to where the car is doing all the work.

They are literally driving and we can surf on our laptops are our look at our phone and watch YouTube videos on our phone or whatever, why the car does a driving force. They’re disrupting in a massive way those two industries and they’re leading the way they’re okay.

Also, they’re, they’re disrupting an industry that no one really talks about. And they’re going to disrupt it in the sense of will we even own cars in the future? Will we even, you know, 10 years from now.

Let’s say, will we actually own cars? Here’s what Tesla could do. Tesla could start in Uber on steroids in the future, okay? Imagine a world where we’re not so interested in cars. But there’s a company that has an Uber like service, that is phenomenal.

That actually happens to make all the cars that have autonomous driving and are electric and have a head tire network. This is what Tesla can be in the future. Okay, they’re disrupting so many things going forward.

It is unbelievable, right? Then on top of that, they are going to disrupt the energy sector with their storage products and their battery products. There’s so much Tesla’s disrupting right now. It’s unbelievable.

The only question for Tesla is, can they get through this little short term clip here without maybe raising some more money so they can be successful, even if they don’t, they’ll probably be able to get through it in the amount of industries.

Tesla is already disrupting, and will continue to disrupt over the next five to 10 years. It’s unbelievable. It’s almost unimaginable, guys. So Tesla is a very fast growing company. They’re growing revenues in a massive way.

It’s a company that, you know, last year did somewhere around $11 billion this year, they should do something around 20. Plus, it is a very fast growing company and will continue to be for several several years out.

There are people that believe this company will bring in in over $100 billion within the next four to five years, over $100 billion in revenue within four to five years. This is a company that has completely changed in the world.

Let’s get into number three, the number three stock is a very fast growing company. And this company is growing an ecosystem that in the business space is almost like what Apple has done in the consumer space. It is absolutely amazing.

And this number three stock is a company named Intuit. They’re very fast growing company all right into it, you might have heard them from TurboTax and some of those products.

But it’s not just that it’s what they can do on the payroll side, okay, for businesses and small businesses, all right. They also have a product named QuickBooks which basically people pay a monthly fee to use QuickBooks, okay? A lot of people pay between somewhere between eight and $15.

To use QuickBooks per month, it’s a recurring revenue stream for the company. And the customer satisfaction on that product is unbelievable, is growing in a massive way. Okay? So basically what they’re doing is Intuit is creating a system of different products that that kind of feed into each other.

Okay? Imagine if you’re doing all your business expenses and all those type of things right on QuickBooks, then you’re much more likely to use intuits tax products okay. And they also have tax products for accountants.

Okay, so now accountants are pushing their clients to use QuickBooks throughout the year. So their their business is a lot easier. Okay, accountants, businesses are a lot easier. And they are expanding this company all around the world and they’re just creating products that feed into the ecosystem.

The same way Apple has done so successfully on the consumer side just intuits doing it on the business side, okay. Small businesses which are a massive amounts millions upon millions of all businesses and midsize businesses all over the world, okay.

All over the world, millions upon millions in this company is a direct beneficiary of all those businesses kind of moving over to, you know, from being out of a shoe box thing about, you know.

Old businesses used to keep all their bills and all their information and shoe boxes and whatnot, and then try to take them their accountant. Now they’re keeping it professional through QuickBooks, okay.

It’s moving things up to the next level. And like I said, this company is not just like a one time fee, like, Oh, you just pay us $99 and you get our product. No, they can make money every single month, 12 to $15 off of all these customers, and you get, you know, imagine millions of customers.

These numbers start to add up, and then straight profitability, okay, and then you just have products, feeding into products and whatnot. So this company into it, very fast growing company, unbelievable company.

They’re creating an ecosystem, very special, the profits are going to explode for this company over the next five to 10 years. And that’s why I made the list. Let’s get into number four, the number four stock is a company that listen to this, in the past seven months.

This company stock is up 107% in a seven month span, okay, seven months span up 107%. This company is called the trade desk. Okay, the trade desk. And what this company does is they provide a platform, basically, for companies that want to advertise on social media.

Whether it be here on YouTube, or wherever it might be okay, and allow these companies to do it in a smarter way than in the past. Okay. Typically, companies would advertise it. And you know, there’s a famous saying in in.

Basically, advertising, right, the the famous saying is, half the ads are working, you do half the ads or not. You just don’t know which ones are working and which ones aren’t. And anybody who’s run a business probably has felt that at some time.

This company is helping with that, okay. And they also help with the auction process in letting companies know whether this is a good auction price, you’re paying for something an add here, or whether you shouldn’t pay for that.

Okay, this company has phenomenal software suite, and they have extremely high customer satisfaction, okay, we’re talking over 95% plus customer satisfaction with their products. Okay.

So generally, as soon as they sign up a big company or midsize company or small company, whoever it might be, they sign up on those companies good chance that company is staying with them long term, okay, they have a very good product.

Companies are smart businesses are smart. If this was a garbage product, you know, that was a new product. This company’s only been around since 2009. By the way, this was a garbage product.

Companies would just get rid of it right away, okay, they would just cut it and be like, okay, we don’t need that anymore. That’s not cutting it for us. 95% plus of customers are staying with them.

You’re probably doing something right when you got those type of numbers. Okay, fast growing company. Like I said, stock is up over 107% in the past seven months. So pretty impressive company.

Definitely one worth looking into. Let’s get into stock number five. Stock number five is probably the lamest growth one on the list. Okay, it’s probably the lamest growth one. However, this company still has phenomenal growth going forward.

Okay, this company still has great growth. It’s been growing for decades now. So it’s phenomenal growth, and is a company named Google McDougal, otherwise known as alphabet. Okay, Google, his company.

The first thing you got to kind of exit out of your mind is you got to stop thinking about the search engine. Okay. The search engine that is Google is not where the growth is that that’s where the profit engine is at.

All right, the profit engine still for Google to this day is the search engine. Alright. But that’s not where you need to think about. There are three other businesses that Google owns, that you really got to think about when you’re thinking about the growth for Google.

Okay, and where the growth is coming from in gonna continue to grow in the future. Okay. The first one is the platform you’re watching this on right now, which is called YouTube. Okay. YouTube, the amount of hours watched every single month just goes up on YouTube.

All right, the amount of viewership over a billion people use YouTube and that number is increasing every single year. All right. Also, the amount of times people watch YouTube is also going up. All right.

You know, for a lot of people like myself, honestly, I watch more YouTube, way more YouTube, for entertainment purposes, educational purposes, anything across the board than I watch TV or anything like that.

And I know a lot of people feel that same way. Okay, especially for the younger demographic. Now, as the younger demographic gets older than that, we got a whole new generation that are also going to be using YouTube in the future.

Okay, so it’s really going to continue to expand and also advertising the ad rates on YouTube are going to go up significantly over the next few years. As more and more advertisers realize how good of a deal YouTube is.

In my personal opinion of anything that you consider social media or any big platform. YouTube has the cheapest ad rates you can possibly get. It is not going to stay that way. Ad rates are going to go up significantly over the next few years on YouTube.

Which is basically to get on an ad, you know, all advertisers have to pay much steeper prices than they pay today, which is going to make Google’s profitability for the YouTube side of their business. Great because YouTube has lost money for Google for a long, long time.

Now it is just starting to get to a place where it’s gonna start making money and it’s going to start making a lot of money for you for the company. Okay, that’s the first one. The second part The business you got to think of is YouTube TV.

Alright, YouTube TV is a direct competitor to anybody in the cable space, okay, anybody in the cable space, it is direct competitor. And it’s an indirect competitor to anything else where you might be spending your time like a Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, video, anything like that.

It’s kind of an indirect competitor, but it’s a direct competitor to anything that is a cable service. All right. And this is going to be a business that really takes off, you can see the way YouTube is spending money to advertise this business.

That they see huge potential here. Okay. That’s the next business. And the last business you got to really think about for the growth going forward for Google is their cloud business.

They have a phenomenal business, a business cloud product, and they have a phenomenal business to very small business or business to consumer. All right, we’re talking about Google Drive. Google Drive is something that’s used by many people that have very small businesses.

Or just regular consumers in general who are looking for a cloud product. All right, they also have huge companies that are signed up for their major cloud products. Okay. So those are the main things you got to kind of think about as far as Google as a growth company.

And they should continue to grow. They’re getting to be such a big company now that it’s, it’s hard to really see the massive growth coming for the company. But those three main products over the next few years are going to continue to provide phenomenal growth for the company.

Let’s get into stock number six. Stock number six is a stock that starts with an S and this company has been a phenomenal grower. I remember it seems like just yesterday, this was like a 20 or $30 stock, and now it’s somewhere around 150.

It starts with an S is a Snapchat. No, it’s not Snapchat, this stock is called Shopify. Okay, Shopify. If you know anything about the drop shipping, business and money people are making, it’s phenomenal.

By the way, if you’re interested in drop shipping after this video, check out my dropshipping for beginners video, I think that should help you out. But Shopify is the direct beneficiary of all this drop shipping business that has really taken off okay.

So in whether it be you you trying to sell a product to somebody let’s think about in this perspective, okay, Facebook is a social media platform that knows way too much information about you, right? They know so much information about you. It’s insane.

They give that information to their marketers, okay? These marketers can take that information and advertise products to you you might be interested in. Okay, so let’s say you are really interested in German Shepherd.

You always post about German Shepherds on Facebook, or one of one of Facebook’s social media, they own a lot of different social medias. You post about German Shepherds all the time, and you like German shepherds and, and the like, okay, great for you.

Okay, so I’m looking to start a Shopify business, and they could strictly target people that like German Shepherds, and guess what they can do when you’re surfing on Facebook or Instagram or whatever you’re on.

Okay, guess what’s going to pop up? Oh, this German Shepherd calendar. Oh, there’s German Shepherd mug, oh, this German Shepherd, whatever, okay, all these different products.

And guess what, you know, there’s, there’s a much higher likelihood you’re gonna actually buy those products because you’re you’re very passionate about that. And you see this and you’re like, Oh, I love German Shepherds. Oh my gosh.

I need to buy this German Shepherd cow calendar. Okay, so that is a beautiful thing. Facebook, by the way, makes a ton of money off that because they’re doing all the ads for that. And these, these Shopify sellers are making money off that and because they’re selling an end product, okay.

By the way, Alibaba is probably making a ton of money off that because a lot of these Shopify people use aliexpress. All right. Also, think about it from the perspective of creators, whether it be on YouTube or any type of social media.

You want to set up a store of some kind, it’s probably good to set up a Shopify store, okay, whether it be a merchandise store anything across the board, it probably makes sense to probably do it on Shopify.

They have very, they have great product, and it’s generally pretty cheap, it’s easy to set up. And so a lot of people end up using Shopify and they collect their their monthly revenue from all those different customers.

And it’s a business that has been losing money might continue to lose business here, or continue to lose profits in the short term. But over the long term, you can see the way this business is going up.

It can probably be a very, very profitable business out into the future guys. So that is why Shopify comes at number six, let’s get into number seven. The number seven stock is a very, very tricky stock. Okay.

This stock looks right now. Like it doesn’t have much growth going for it. Okay, very, if you look at just the numbers on the stock, the revenue numbers, what’s expected from analysts over the remainder of this year and whatnot.

It looks like it’s not a growth stock, it looks like it’s just a lame stock, okay? However, this could be a very big growth stock. The thing with this stock is they grow in lump sums, okay? So one year their businesses here next year.

Their business doubles, okay, it’s that type. It’s a home run type of business, not a single and double type of business and they hit home runs. And this company is literally changing the world.

And they’re a company named Cirrus Logic, okay, this is the only stock I believe on the list that I currently own. But Cirrus Logic is at the forefront of audio voice, anything like that the connected world is in terms of the audio side of it, okay.

So think about you, you talk to your smartphone, the there’s microphones that pick up on that they sell microphones All right, think about you your smartphone or whatever device you know has speakers plays you know music out of it or a voice or something that talks back to you.

All those components Cirrus Logic makes all those okay? Those those components that everything has to go through audio codecs and things. So guess who makes that Cirrus Logic? They’re the most focused company by far and away in the world in focused on on.

The Voice game in the audio game, all right. And we’re moving into a world where we’re almost going to expect everything to talk back to us, okay? I don’t care what you’re pretty much talking to think about, you know.

How many people have Alexa’s in their home now? Okay, Amazon Alexa, or, you know, the new Apple speaker or Google Google Home product or something. Think about that. Think about, you know.

If you talk about 510 years ago, you know who all these people would have all these devices in their homes and they would be talking to them you know about that, that sounds a little crazy that sounds like Jetson Jetsons or something like that.

Cirrus Logic is a direct beneficiary of this whole move that we’re moving into where you expect to talk to everything, and it just responds to you, okay, and it just knows what you’re saying.

I just talked to my camera, stop recording and it stops recording something. This is Canon 80 D, it doesn’t have that ability. But people are literally going to start expecting that into the future. You talk to everything, okay.

And it gives you something back in return, they are at the forefront of that they are literally changing the world in that perspective. As far as like the technology is amazing what they can do. Okay, whether you have your smartphone over there and you say.

Hey, Siri, guess what chip that’s going through Cirrus Logic chips, okay, that ability where the Siri knows that that’s your actual voice talking. That’s that’s amazing stuff guys. That’s amazing stuff. pretty special stuff.

So that’s Cirrus Logic their company changed the world in the audio and voice space. Let’s get into number eight. The number eight growth stock is another stock kind of like Cirrus Logic and there’s respect to that doesn’t show major growth right now.

They do have growth going for the company. Okay, they do have growth going for the company right now. But I think they have a lot bigger growth going forward for this company. Okay.

And this company is named sky work solutions. Okay, Sky works. solutions. And what this company does is they’re a semiconductor company, okay. They’re a semiconductor company.

And if you look at the chip breakdown of any high end Samsung phone or any high end Apple phone or pretty much any smartphone out there, okay, you look at the tear down you can literally type in Apple Apple.

Excuse me, iPhone 10 tear down go look at the chip specs in that what you’re going to see is a massive amount of skyworks solution chips. Okay, go look at the highest end Samsung phone you’re gonna see a bunch of Skywalk solution chips. Okay.

Go look at a high end Huawei phone or any Huawei phone? You’re gonna see sky work solution chips. All right. skyward solutions is a company that is a very consistent company. Okay.

But they’re a company that has proven that they can continue to get more and more content and smartphones. All right. So is there a company that used to only be able to get maybe two to $3 worth of content per phone? All right, means if if you buy an iPhone use.

You know, skyward solution would only make two to $3 off that it’s a company now that on some of the high end smartphones, they’re making 20 bucks, okay? 20 bucks. All right. 20 bucks for every iPhone sold or or, or Samsung sold, or whatnot, this company has been able to.

You know, get a get a ton of content expansion. But here’s the thing that’s going to be going for sky works in the future. Okay. It’s a little thing we call 5g. They’re one of the biggest direct beneficiaries of 5g and the way that’s gonna completely change smartphones.

All right, and just networks in general, they are a company that is going to be able to provide some phenomenal chip solutions out there. Also the fact that we are going into connected world which 5g is going to help Okay, where everything’s connected.

All these different devices are connected guest who’s a beneficiary that sky work solutions, their connectivity chips are phenomenal and some of the best in the world otherwise Apple and Samsung, and all these cuts, customers wouldn’t be using them. Okay.

5g can be a huge benefit as long as they execute which this company has done nothing but execute phenomenally, only they can execute as a company that should be able to grow massively for the next five to 10 years.

Which is why they definitely need it to make the list this next one coming in number nine. Oh, man, this next one is just a growth beast. Stock number nine is an unbelievable company. I mean.

I can make an argument that this company has executed better than anybody out there for the past five years. This company in the past five years, their stock is up 1,600% in a five year span. Yes, you heard me right.

1,600% in a five year span This company has been so well run their execute not on a visionary. And it’s just unbelievable what this company can do in their company named in a video okay, phenomenal, phenomenal growth engine This company has okay.

So think about Nvidia from anything from the perspective of high end gaming, you know that you’re probably using high end Nvidia chips. All right. Think about it from self driving cars, or whether we’re talking infotainment type products, in video chips, okay.

Think about it from the perspective of any that’s going on in our artificial intelligence. Guess who’s the main dog who’s kind of out in front of everybody in artificial intelligence? It is a company named Nvidia, okay.

Think about different cloud products and servers that need to use, you know, different types of chips in video, okay? And video is in the forefront of so many companies, okay? Their GPUs are off are just like unbelievable, okay.

They have gotten out in front of everybody, and the amount of market share they’ve been able to take from competitors, and also just grow into the futures is off the charts, guys in videos and amazing company.

They’re starting to really racking the profits now. And they’re continuing to continue to build out that business that research and development, and Nvidia is in a position. Now, the interesting thing about Nvidia, they’re in a position now.

That as they don’t even have to necessarily out innovate the other players, they just have to stay with the competitors now because they’re already out in front of everybody. So now all they have to do is just maintain and just.

You know, kind of keep things even keel and they will continue to win for the next 10 plus years. Okay, because they’re that far out in front of everybody else in terms of the competition. It’s been amazing what that company has done.

The management there deserves all the credit in the world, I mean, to have a stock perform like that, to have the revenue performed like that the profits coming in the way they are the belief in the company.

The amount of they are changing the world, especially in the artificial intelligence wave. This company’s right at the forefront of them all guys, unbelievable company, nothing but good things to say about it.

Honestly, nothing but good things to say about this company. And let’s get into last one, number 10. Stock number 10 is a phenomenal growth company. Okay, phenomenal growth company.

It’s the only other direct Chinese company on the list. Okay. All these other companies are actually American Corporation. So this other one is a Chinese Corporation. phenomenal growth going for this company.

It’s a company named jd.com. Okay. JD comm they’re much they’re very different business model than than Alibaba, okay, Alibaba, you don’t have a ton of different business lines doing a ton of different things.

And their main business line is their marketplace. All right? So they perform differently because Alibaba is really trying to, they’re trying to help all these sellers. Right. JD comm is more of a direct retailer. Okay, so think about JD comm as what Walmart can kind of represent in the United States.

As far as you know, retail goes JD comm kind of represents that but more on the online side. Okay, we’re Walmart you think about physical retail JD comm think about them as as the online platform.

But they are direct retailer, okay, where they actually running inventory and whatnot. And they have unbelievable supply chain, everything I’ve looked into ever about China and supply chain basically says that JD comm is is out in front of everybody in the supply chain wave.

And so that’s one of the huge competitive advantages now they just had a lot of scale behind them as a direct retailer which JD comm is as a direct retailer once you get scale you get buying power, alright, you get power over different you know.

Third party sellers and whatnot because you can negotiate prices, better prices than other people you know, will will be willing to pay for and whatnot. So pretty, pretty impressive company unbelievable growth that should continue to have unbelievable growth.

Probably, I would say probably my second favorite second or third favorite Chinese play Okay, Alibaba is number one. And then I would say 10 cent might be you know, intense and couldn’t make this list.

Also, even if I had an 11 we want to include another Chinese company could have thrown 10 cent on there. I won’t even get into 10 cent they own so many businesses, and they have so many investments in so many different things.

Unbelievable if you ever looked in 10 cent, it’s crazy. But those are the 10 high growth stocks. Let me know which of these 10 you think I should buy I would love to hear from you guys in the comment section.

I’m looking forward to kind of building out that portfolio it’s going to be a lot of fun. By the way if you want to get in my private stock market membership group the rest of July it is half price guys.

You enter that code half off at checkout It will literally take the half off the price not only in the first month, but every single month after that I can’t wait to see you guys in there’s a lot of fun you get to learn from me and just have a good time.

So thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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